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Google+ Stamp. This is an alternate color version. I couldn't have done it without Gimp's wonderful layer style thingies.

All copyrights go to Google.

Non-color version:
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Business Card (enlarged).
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Posted in Devious Fun because the Resources & Stock Images > Miscellaneous gallery doesn't like gifs.

Feel free to suggest more Social Networking sites! :meow:

Copy the codes below:

<a href="LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO GOOGLE+ PAGE"><img src=""/></a>
<a href="LINK TO LAST.FM PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO TUMBLR PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO TWITTER PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO YOUTUBE PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO ETSY PAGE"><img src=""/></a>
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Free avatars for groups, contact me if you want one of them.
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A Promo journal CSS design for the Office 2010 Public beta launch :)


<div class="box">
text goes here
<div align="center"><div class="thumb">thumbnail links go here</div></div>

And obviously, replace with your name in header part


Compatible with all normal browsers, also internet explorer.


Comments are welcome!

Note: Please do not remove the credits, also those who are blocked by me are not allowed to use this journal.
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Live version here

So decided to release my first CSS journal skin. Although in reality this is my second skin, the first one is much harder to complete, so ill release it later.

Anyway, till november 28th every member can use free journal skins without subscription, so you have a chance to try this skin.

Installation: click install
Go to journal Journal Text tab, and copy this text to content:

<div align="center"><div class="box">
<div class="box6">FEATURES</div>
<div class="box4">
<div align="center"><div class="thumb">:thumb65423035::thumb35268822::thumb110594050:</div></div></div>

And put your own text/thumbnails.

Mood etc is not included, coz i don't like it.
You can't remove the features part, but you can put text instead of thumbnails there.

Issues with Internet Explorer, that's why this skin is beta, I'm just learning css.


comments are welcome

Thanks to Sala91 for recommendation
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:bulletgreen: You need to have a Premium Account or to be a staff member/volunteer to use this :bulletgreen:

I will no longer give support for this skin. If you want to use it, download the zip-file and follow the given instructions (instruction.txt).

For an updated version look here:

Matching Gallery Skin:

Everything you need to know about this, is written in the preview.
Was requested by ~Angel-Yami but i made some more changes than only new colors.

Let me know if you like this new version or not.

And first time with a more detailed instruction.txt. Hope it is use-/helpful.
Oh and at the top thing you can add more than two lines, will expand automatically.


:bulletgreen: If you have any questions read the F.A.Q. or ask me.
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I did just this poster, I would not be a long task, it is way too simple but still cost me vectorize the car. I hope you like.

image of the car before being vectored:
- if you used this image, credit me please.
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Thank you deviantART for my best design year, I have no words, thanks everyone! :horns:
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Taking my inspiration from this years biggest design trend, "Flat" design, here's my entry for this years CalendarProject 

This journal is plug&play but there are a few extra elements that more adventurous skin editors can play with if they so choose. It's designed to work with the WYSIWYG editor for writer so items like lists and headers and anchor links and quotes and thumbs all work seamlessly by using the tools dA provides.

Here are a few extra tidbits I threw in:
• <div class="big"><ol>
<li><span>1.</span><p>List Item Text Goes Here</p></li>
</ol> </div>
• <div class="full top">Full Size Thumbcode Goes Here @ Top Of Journal</div>
• <div class="full">Full Size Thumbcode Goes Here</div>
• <blockquote>When Using The Quote Feature Wrap The Quote Source In An Italic Tag So It <i>Floats To The Right</i></blockquote>

This journal skin is also mobile device friendly.

Live Preview
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