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Posted in Devious Fun because the Resources & Stock Images > Miscellaneous gallery doesn't like gifs.

Feel free to suggest more Social Networking sites! :meow:

Copy the codes below:

<a href="LINK TO FACEBOOK PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO GOOGLE+ PAGE"><img src=""/></a>
<a href="LINK TO LAST.FM PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO TUMBLR PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO TWITTER PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO YOUTUBE PAGE"><img src=""/></a>

<a href="LINK TO ETSY PAGE"><img src=""/></a>
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Google+ Stamp. This is an alternate color version. I couldn't have done it without Gimp's wonderful layer style thingies.

All copyrights go to Google.

Non-color version:
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A Promo journal CSS design for the Office 2010 Public beta launch :)


<div class="box">
text goes here
<div align="center"><div class="thumb">thumbnail links go here</div></div>

And obviously, replace with your name in header part


Compatible with all normal browsers, also internet explorer.


Comments are welcome!

Note: Please do not remove the credits, also those who are blocked by me are not allowed to use this journal.
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:bulletgreen: You need to have a Premium Account or to be a staff member/volunteer to use this :bulletgreen:

I will no longer give support for this skin. If you want to use it, download the zip-file and follow the given instructions (instruction.txt).

For an updated version look here:

Matching Gallery Skin:

Everything you need to know about this, is written in the preview.
Was requested by ~Angel-Yami but i made some more changes than only new colors.

Let me know if you like this new version or not.

And first time with a more detailed instruction.txt. Hope it is use-/helpful.
Oh and at the top thing you can add more than two lines, will expand automatically.


:bulletgreen: If you have any questions read the F.A.Q. or ask me.
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It's free for premium members only!


For small title just write:
<div wytiwyg="1" class="h3"> any thing </div>

Commissions are open


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My workstation :) Update 6/29/2014

Computer Specs :

Intel Core2Quad Q6600 rev.G0 Stock
Asus Maximus Formula 775 ( flashed; Rampage )
5GB Hynix Memory
WesternDigital Blue  500GB+1000GB 16MB
Gainward Nvidia GTX 260 GoldenSample 216 Shaders
Supreme FXII
Zalman K400G Keyboard , X7 Mouse Pad, Thermaltake Optical Mouse
Samsung Combo-Drive
Thermaltake Toughpower 600W
CPU Thermaltake BigWater 780 CL-W0186
Zalman Tower Case
2xDell 20" LCD (Dual-Display)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit OEM

Sound System Specs:

Panasonic AV Receiver SA-HR45 Multi CH Surround ( DTS , Dolby PL II ) 24BIT Optical Connected
2x Jamo Floorstanding Speaker
1xSony Subwoofer


Lenovo Thinkpad T400 , Centrino2 vPro, 4gb DDr3 , 120GB SSD HyperX , LED Display

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A simple journal skin finally complete.
If you want to use the list items like the 'mood, reading, etc.' section, I recommend choosing 'on top of entry'.
<h1>Your text here </h1> - for the headlines in Black. It's set to uppercase by default
<h3>Your text here </h3> - for the subhead in Red.
<h4>Your text here </h4> - for the red text in Italics.
<hr> for the divider.
for the thumbs, just paste the thumbcode i.e. :thumbXXXXXXXXX: in the journal. I haven't specified any special feature section in the CSS part.
Links to the Facebook and Twitter icons can be changed by clicking 'Edit Skin'. Under the 'Skin Header'box, replace the current links with yours.
Comments and :+fav:s are welcome.

Hope you like it!

Live view [link]

Thank you ~4nt1p0p, *3rdeye88 and `GillianIvy for helping me improve this journal skin with your valuable feedback/suggestion.
A special thanks to ^ladygagz for the "CSS - Did you know?" articles/tutorials and to `ginkgografix for the "Code Basics"
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just to change my deviant ID ^^

it's me eh XD

vector in photoshop CS5

bus from [link]
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Second skin made for bradleysays   Journal Skin January :squee: :eager: :iconcheerplz:

This time I picked the prompt Morning and took inspiration and colors from sunrise photography. 
Rest is pretty minimal and pastel, which happen to be two prompts, too, but the reason for the mild colors is mainly to create a contrast to me previous skin (Welcome to the future!).
So, something relaxing this time.

It comes with a lot of styled HTML, info on that further down :)

This Skin is free to use and you don't need permission to use it!

You do need a Premium Membership though to use journal skins in general :) (Smile)

HTML options

Default classes:



If you want to add an actual quote and credit the source, you can do so by adding a <i>-class at the end of the <blockquote>:




Unordered List:


Custom Classes:

<div class="button"><a href="[URL]">[LINK TITLE]</a></div>

Thumb feature:
<div class="feat">:thumb…: :thumb…: :thumb…:</div>

Also works with :bigthumb…: and <da:deviation id="[deviation number]">

<da:deviation id="[DEVIATION NUMBER]"> is the code for deviations that have been dropped via the Add Media option in writer. [deviation number] is the number also used for thumbs of deviations. You can see the code when you drop a deviation while in Rich Editing Mode and then switch to HTML Editing Mode.

All deviations are styled, whether they are contained in the <div class="feat">…</div> or not. This class merely centers them; you could achieve the same by using <div align="center">…</div> in HTML Editing Mode or selecting the thumbs and using the Rich Editing Mode buttons to center the text in writer. 

Full width image with hover text
<div class="full-width-image"><a href="[URL]"><img src="[IMAGE URL]"></a><i>[HOVER TEXT]</i></div>

This is a more advanced option to display images. You will have an image link in a custom div-class with the option to add a hover text element. 

Whatever you want to be written on hover will be added into the <i>…</i> element; this can be anything you want, the deviation title and username or anything else. 
The image does not even need to be a deviation and it does not have to be linked either; so for example you could put in an image for a tutorial and upon hovering the element further information will be displayed over the image. 
If you don't want any text on hover, just leave out <i>…</i>.

Half width images with hover text
<div class="half-width-image"><div class="hwi"><a href="[URL]"><img src="[IMAGE URL]"></a><i>[HOVER TEXT]</i></div><div class="hwi"><a href="[URL]"><img src="[IMAGE URL]"></a><i>[HOVER TEXT]</i></div></div>

This is a bit more advanced than the one before. In this div-class you will be able to see a square parts of the embedded images, not the full image. And the image links will be displayed without any margins between them.
I highlighted the code for one element. It works the same way as the full width images with hover text. The only difference is, that it is contained in another div-class. 
You can add as many hwi-classes in a half-width-image-class as you like, common sense suggests an even number ;) (Wink)

2-column element
<div class="columns"><span>[TEXT]</span><span[TEXT]</span></div>

The 2 columns will both be of the same height, the one of the longer element.



<div class="links"><a href="#">[LINK]</a><a href="#">[LINK]</a><a href="#">[LINK]</a></div>

You will find this by default in the footer, to enter in your own links. Replace # with the URL and [LINK] with the link title. Add in as many as you want, from 1 to 5 is what I would suggest, depending on the link title lengths. 

If you don't want this option on the top of your journal, simply delete it from the header and it's gone. 

Hope you like it :heart: :peace:

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Say it with flowers! Flower is power, yellow is cool! (Gult er kult <-- yellow is cool in Norwegian, it ryhmes and everything!)

No more "hate art", use beauty (and jark) to bring your message forward ;P

350 layers in photoshop. 120 yellow 50x50's made especially for this piece. I might use them on something else another time, saved them all. Took me about 6 hours (oh please, I need more RAM!), 2 of them in the car. That's dedication for ya ;P But I'm not that dedicated that I'm canceling my vacation for a piece of devious "fun".

Enjoy! Fav's are much appreciated. Let jark know that we won't forget him and what he stands for!


(Ok, I'll get some sleep now)
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