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Another pic of some fantasy crossover fusions between dragonball bleach one piece and naruto,
the other being

went for some various combinations of different forms, because just base forms would of meant lots of repetition of costume elements.

let me know which are you favourites :)

(and i you dont approve of fantasy fusions then just dont comment, its just a bit of fun and doesnt hurt anyone)
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Is finally frinsh everyone ive completed the jump characters. Its took me realty long to do it about 3 days and 2 hours to frinsh last with goku but man ive felt great to get used to draw them. Plus also just fix up with two chrarcters ichigo and naruto on PS even the done it coloring digial paint like how artist do.This idea ive got was the inspired by Bengus also known as CRMK one of my fav artist in the world in how this is realty base on the saturn japan cover MSH game, my background looks realty fantasic of making so paint bright to the shonenjump characters. Hope you like it everyone and ill keep drawing so long..:D (Big Grin) 

The jump characters ive used with the artwork.:) (Smile) 

Jotaro Kujo(JOJO Bizarre Adventure)
Seiya(Saint Seiya)
Kurosaki Ichigo(Bleach)
Naruto Uzumaki(Naruto)
Himura Kenshin(Rurouni Kenshin)
Medaka Kurokami(Medaka Box)
Toriko san(Toriko)
Monkey D Luffy(One Piece)

Done This in Photoshop CS5 Used with Bamboo Pad.Wink/Razz 
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A fight between my favoit main anime characters and i really dont know who would win, I`m thinking Goku. well anyways the fighters are Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, Natsu, Inuyasha, and Edward.
Tell me who you think would win.
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La meilleur Fusion Crossover :

Ken shiro

Mode Super Saiyan Gear Kyubi

Best Fusion - pouvoir Multi-clonage

Oc créé par moi , vmjml1er 2011
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Oh yeah !!!... Here I leave a drawing made by me in which I combine in some way to big of Shonen mangakas ... Tite Kubo Ichigo's great ... Eichiro Oda Luffy's incredible ... Son Goku from Akira Toriyama master of masters... and finally my favorite! Our beloved Naruto Masashi Kishimoto and impressive...!!!

I hope you like it friends!
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Son Goku vs Monkey D. Luffy

Itchigo urosaki vs Roronoa Zoro

Yusuke Urasmeshi vs Naruto
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I'm making Series called The vs.
i am also new here :P.
The VS Series is not only going to be fighting but there will be a understandable and interesting storyline.
I have named it the Vs because i like 2 vs 2 or 1 on 1 battles the most.
So i tend to make them more than huge group battling but be prepared for group battled in later episodes.
The idea (not very original i guess) is Sonic's planet has been sapped of its energy and they are chasing the criminal that travels dimensions this is where they meet other character's from other games.
So sonic vs Megaman ideas.
and Megaman vs Goku.
and so on, and so on....

I'm also looking for a custom sprite artist...
If you have good sprite making skills and interested in having a character in the Series then PM me.
Also the custom sprite maker will be asked to make 2 custom sprite sheets. but if they want to make there own custom character be in the Series they can give me that sheet also.
I have been learning to make sprites for 3 months and i still suck :P.
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Okay this one was a biggy. the prize picture for :iconprimallord680: bit of a big request for the prize, but i didnt specify a size/limit to them XO

well he wanted a pic of various greek gods vs various anime/manga chars. i was like "whu?" but i really had fun researching everyone and designing the gods. tried to stick true to the ancient greek art with a bit of my spin on them.
this is drawn on A4 paper, so had to squeeze it all in. but im proud of the result. took me about ooooooooooh 10 hours total and is the reason there's been no Ryak-lo pages for the last couple of days Lmao.

here's the match ups. some of em i came up with, some PL680 came up with. had to leave a couple of chars off that he requested coz i was inking already when he changed his mind on some. so tough hhaha :P
01. Zeus – Goku (i doubt even a God can stop the leetist fanboys crying about Goku destroying planets)
02. Hera – Masane Amaha
03. Poseidon – Naruto (the sea vs the hurricane!)
04. Hades – Ichigo (shinigami vs the lord of the underlord)
05. Ares – Kodo (rage fueld yudakin vs the god of war)
06. Athena – Yoh Asakura
07. Hermes – Allen Walker
08. Aphrodite – Sailor Moon
09. Artemis – Inuyasha
10. Apollo – Sora
11. Hephaetus – Edward Elric (Blacksmith vs alchemist!)
12. Hercules – Luffy (raaaw strength)
13. Maka - Thanatos

due to the size of the pic i was gunna leave it black and white but i figured what the hell, and started to colour it and time got away from me. ironed out a few colouring techniques in the process. and good practice for some of the effects such as the kamehameha and background etc that ill probably end up using for big ryak-lo pics in the future anyhoo i digress. pleased with the results :D
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a pic i'd pencilled out aaaages ago and just never got around to inking. so i decided to ink it and throw some quick colour on to it.
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Second part of :iconmatrix2006: well,it should've been the third but i lost the psd of the second part while i was working,so it was canceled,anyway,the ultimate battle of naruto VS goku,so who will win? it's up to you guys to decide :D
Download for fullsize :D

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
DBZ (c) Akira Toriyama
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