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Whiii...lo dibujé hace como cuatro meses, y recién vine a pintarlo n_nU Que floja yo
Por alguna razón, siempre dibujo a Omnimon sin un ojo owo me gusta como se ve, pero es la primera vez que lo hago sangrando. Tenía la duda de si ponerle la sangre roja o azul o_o porque...que yo sepa, omnimon no tiene sangre o_O si es máquina...creía que el azul le quedaba (de hecho, varios me dijeron que lo dejara azul) pero muy terca yo le puse rojo -w- aunque me gustaban ambos!
Ojalá les guste :3
(que extraño, en español le digo omnimon y en ingles le digo omegamon xDD estas chicas del deviant me lo tienen pegado ¬w¬ )

Translation -w-
I made this pic something like four months ago...and i just painted it! ^^U
I like to draw omegamon only with one eye owo i think he looks very good >w< but it's the firts time y made it bleeding xwx. I didn't know if use blue or red o_o i don't think omegamon have blood...and red o_o he's a machine ¿?¿? i leave it red anyway -w-
hope you like it! ^^
question: is "then your end" or "later your end"??? o_o
my english is dieing everyday xDD
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This is a Digimon fanart request I did last year for Rouxy. It depicts her anime self, with Taichi, Agumon, and her Digimon a violet Lilymon.

Rouxy © Rouxy
Digimon © Toei Animation
Art © Jodi S.
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Ok! I had nothing better to do, and I had seen other people do this to. So I wanted to.
This be most of my Digimon stuff. I'm missing a few things though. Had a Digimon Towel and a Bunch of little figures but I can't find them at the moment. And I used to have a few Digimon Coloring books, but mom got rid of them.

I have these sticker things on my window, but they're not in the picture.
I have the complete Digimon Season one box set
The Digimon Movie (both on DVD and video)
2 Digimon Blankets
2 folders
1 manga
1 comic book thing
1 shirt
1 Puzzle (used to have a second won but mom got rid of it)
3 plushies (one I made)
3 Games (Digimon World 4, Digimon World Dusk, and Digimon World Championship
1 note book
15 stickers (pluse a sticker sheet that is inside on of the game cases)
1 Digimon Valentines day card (lost the others)
2 Digimon Birthday party cups
1 little keychain book thing
6 Digimon pens
2 Digimon Penciles
A Bunch of Digimon Cards (not going to count)
30 Digimon figures
3 Digivolving figures
3 Really tiny figures
A Digivice
a little hollow plastic digivice thing
A D-tector thing (i think that's what its' called)
And a few random other little things.

=33 I Love Digimon <33 lol
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Now that's red...
I recently had a dream about Sangloupmon. After that, I found out that there is not much fanart about Sangloupmon. And since that bloodwolf is one of my favorite Digimon... So...
Sangloupmon, howling a bloodred moon, with red and black background plus red star-like thingies. Yesh. I also made the pic a little more red that it was before as a finishing.
I think this turned out great. :3 Gotta draw Samgloupmon again sometime...
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Murmur... = *Growlgrowl*?

Terriermon from Digimon Tamers. Very cute.
I have my own style to draw animal kinda ofs X3

Do not use, edit, rip or copy without my permission
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I've got a little challenge for you.

If you've ever played some monster collecting/raising/battling game such as Digimon or Pokemon, then I can almost bet that you've imagined yourself alongside your favorite/most formidable partner in them.

As you see with me, my most prominent monster games/shows happen to be Digimon and Pokemon, and so drew this to reinforce that.

As a Pokemon trainer, my favorite Pokemon is Quilava, so I drew and dressed myself up in appropriate Trainer apparel with my Quilava.

As a Digimon Tamer, my favorite Digimon happens to be Mihiramon, one of the 12 Devas. (and Leormon really evolves into Lynxmon, no, I didn't make it that way in my head, REALLY.) Therefore my Digimon partner is Leormon.

The monster you choose can be from anything of this like (Spectrobes, Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, etc.) but it can only be one monster as a partner--in any form.
And there's no limit as to how many versions of yourself you put in the picture. There is also no rules to say how professional it is. (Look at mine, seriously, it just was a sketch and only recently did I decide to attempt to spread a plague)

Enough of that.

Trainer-me has the expression of "My scarf is red from the blood of my enemies" and Leormon looks mighty handsome to me.

Quilava comes from Pokemon, and belongs to...Game Freak I believe.
Leormon comes from Digimon and belongs to Bandai, Toei Animation.

Look. A watermark.
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VMyotismon: Would Redvegiemon count as a vegetable?

RVegiemon: Let's not find out... T_T

lol SAI makes me draw fun things. Or maybe I make SAI draw fun things.

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Deleted and resubmited, because I had to fix a few details.

For :iconlovemimi:'s contest, I'm a tamer, Digiomn OC contest.
It sounded like fun so I thought I'd enter, even though I'm kind of late. -___-
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*everyone else flies off to beat up the D-Reaper*

Kazu: ...what are we supposed to do?

Guardromon: ...fight gallantly?

Kazu: COOL!

Guardromon: Fear not Ryo, the calvary cometh!

Kazu: We'll save you Ryo! Then you can save US!!!

<< The rest of the series >>
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Omegamon from Digimon.

I really like this guy, his design is totally bad-ass.

Is a great addition to my gallery.
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