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Tue Feb 11, 2014, 3:18 AM

Hiya! :iconhakasenyanniplz:

 I want to do something crazy! 

I decided to draw 6 chibi  characters

of your OC.

I will choose ( random ) 6 people (I use ).

How to win?
1. You have to be watching me
2. Fav this journal entry.
3. Comment to put a link with your OC (please only pictures)

The raffle will close 15.02.2014

Who won


Ginger by DanaDani

< avatar >

:iconxtora: 3, 
Navy [OC Reference] vol.2 by xTora

:iconbarn-swallow: 1,
Dragon-eyed by barn-swallow

 :iconyoko-touko: 7,
Saeko by Yoko-Touko

 :icondaeyoon: 6,
MORDA 2 by Daeyoon

Congratulations to the winners!!:iconokie2plz:

Now just give me some time to do your chibi

Skin by *firstfear
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RAFFLE RAFFLE TIME 2 hours left !!

Thu Feb 6, 2014, 3:33 AM

Okies, so i decided to make super-ultra-mega RAFFLEEEEE <3333

What you can win (they're 3 winners)

- one chibi to knee from me(fullcolored)

- custom adopt/ either normal one or of my original species

- full chibi from me(fullcolored)

* fave this journal
* watch me(as this is a "thank you" to all of them )
*  comment that you would like to join  <3 (i'll give you a number after that)

I'll use random number generator to choose the winners c:

END DATE  14.2.2014

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Demon adopt giveaway- CLOSED- THE WINNER ISSSS....

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 24, 2014, 8:54 AM

Hello so as you may know(or may not) I've sumbitted this adopt while ago and deleted it
the reason why is because I've wanted to make a raffle !!!

*this is for my watchers only,

new watchers will meet with my love Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] 
*add this journal to your favourites Favorites Icon 3D 

*comment with your favourite ice-cream flavour ! Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi (Spying with ice cream) [V1]  

*and that's all !!! Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1] 

DEMONEKz by kiolerhere's adopt that you can win ! 

The winner is

Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: :drumroll: Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] 


I use this site --- >…
New Canvas by kioler

Congratulations clap clap 

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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 14, 2014, 3:45 PM
Heeeeey guys! I'm on DA one wlole year! It's time for a CONTEST! 

Jo by Yoko-Touko

Contest organized by Yoko-Touko and SEJRA. Theme is our 
upcoming webcomic: "Stowarzyszenie Koszmarów" in english
"The Association of Nightmares" 
All you need to draw is our three main characters. 

Contest ends at 
30th September! 

-Everyone can join.You dont need to watch me.
But you have to write a journal with a link to the contest. 
- We accept all types of drawings: (traditional, digital, mixed media etc.)
- It have to be half or full body. No Headshots or bust.
- We dont accept skethes, WIP's, lineasts unfinisfed drawings etc.
- You can draw every situation (fight, shopping, even a beach art)
- When you finish mention us or send to me or SEJRA a note. 

.: PLOT OF THE COMIC :.:bulletblack:

Everyone is afraid about somefhing, right?
Everyone has a nightmares.

This is the story, about another universe. Big town where all people's nightmares exist. And they are very powerful matherfuckers. Some guys decided to create an organization of peoples who can fight them.
But The 
Nightmares are not stupid and they created an organization too.
Fortunately good guys found the way to traped all those suckers in some kind of prision.
Peoples live like that for thousand years until someone set all the nightmares free. 
I know i know my english sucks ;-; sorry :I


Hekto Ref by Yoko-Touko
Weapon: GUNS 
Character: Always grumpy and sleepy, sassy, perverted, funny, informed, 
strong and lazy, has a bad temper. He can focus only on something very very important.
Hobbys: Watching Movies/TV shows/Animes, Shooting, Listening to music, writing stories and fanfiction. 
His Nightmares: Fish with legs, and Seraphins.. you know like that… this is so freackin' scary, Isn't it?
Other: He loves CocaCola, he really really loves CocaCola remember that. 

Maria Ref by Yoko-Touko
Weapon: Two knifes 
Character: Loyal, distrustfull, friendly, funny, jelous, determined, hardworking, strong and she has a bad temper too.
Hobbys: Listening to music especially metal and rock. Playing on instruments. Boxsing. 
Her Nightmares: CATS yup normal sweet cats.
Other: She loves to chew gum.

Adi Ref by Yoko-Touko
Weapon: EVERYTHING He still didn't decide.
Character: childish, shy,sweet, innocent, annoying, inquisitive, nice, lazy, pervert, crazy, timid and funny. 
Hobby: Watching cartoons, playing on computer, drawing. And pissing Hektor off. 
His Nightmares: Feets, storm, womens, Chicken without head. <-- You now this one from "Courage"

Hektor/Maria - Really good friends, She have a little crush on him but she don't want to confess that. 
Maria/Adrian - Better don't leave them without Hektor, they could pissed of eachother to death. 
Adrian/Hektor - Good friends ONLY FRIENDS. Adrian likes to annoy him very much. And acting GAY front of him.

SK- Adrian by d-v-bHektor by Yoko-ToukoSK- Hektor xd by d-v-bSK-laff by d-v-bSK- Stuuupid! by d-v-bSK= Group icon by Yoko-ToukoSk  by Yoko-Touko


First place:
200Blue Points
3x Fullbody from Yoko-Touko
2x Fullbody from SEJRA
1x Fullbody from xTora
and one pony from Etosama <-- You know, everyone's OC have to be draw as a pony once.

Second place:
150Blue Points
2x Fullbody from Yoko-Touko
1x Fullbody and 1x Halfbody from SEJRA
1x Halfbody from xTora

Thrid place:
100Blue Points
1x Fullbody and 1x Chibi Yoko-Touko
1x Halfbody from SEJRA 
1x Chibi from xTora 


Now somenthing not important to my polish dudes: 

Jeśli jest ktoś chętny do doładowania czegoś od siebie do nagród to mówić! 

Jeśli są jakieś błędy w angliszu to powiedzcie, bo wiecie jak to ze mną jest (pewnie jest ich mnóstwo) 
Sara nie mogłam cię złapać na FB więc wstawiam Info bez ciebie, wstaw też u siebie xD

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Greetings and Welcome to Everyone!


:iconpumpkinplz: HAPPY HALLOWEEN & AUTUMN BLESSINGS TO ALL! :iconpumpkinplz:

This is one of our Special "Thank You" Edition News Articles from Unframed-Nature :iconunframed-nature: .

While you are ALL welcomed to be here, as I always mention in each News Article for our Group, I apologize that it is front and center on my "Private" Profile Page, where I am very used to posting other types of Journal subjects, simply because I don't see this type of News [or lots of other types of News, for that matter] as being similar enough to merge into the same location with our Journals. To me, Journals and News are really not the same thing at all. :hmm:

I'd really rather reserve my Journal LOCATION here for other things... and not use this space here, which for me is more personal, for Group stuff, and other subjects which would seem more like news, and also that do need more bandwidth.

But our Group is not a SuperGroup... and so as of right now, I really do not know what to do about the issue. :hmm:
[Taking on becoming a SuperGroup, especially as technically a Co-Founder, is a project in and of itself. sigh...... ]


This is to give a very SPECIAL Thanks to our wonderful and talented Voters at Unframed-Nature who vote in our Monthly TOP SUBMISSIONS activity, which we have been doing for a year and half now! :boogie:

For the purposes of THIS Article here, the Members and Administrators featured below had VOTED in the following:


:note: Please NOTE, that for:

... that we had an Administrators' Choice Month
And believe me, I DO thank ALL the Administrators who VOTED for TOP SUBMISSIONS in the Month of September! :aww: :rose:

:note: Also NOTE that for OCTOBER... we are back to MEMBERSHIP VOTING so hope to see you again for that very soon... please check the Group for a new Blog concerning this, because it will be out soon, since we are nearing that voting time again!

So, thank you to the VOTERS of July's and August's TOP SUBMISSIONS!
Some of those featured voted in BOTH MONTHS! :rose: :rose:

We do know it takes time and effort to go through our Month's HUGE folder of very fabulous and excellent work, and we truly applaud your help and commitment to our Group!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Without Further Ado, Here's the Feature of Your Own Beautiful Work!

I know in the past I've shared more work for each Artist than this, considering what you've each done, but without the support of the location of what USED to be where NEWS was KEPT, I can't do it anymore since it is now having to be kept here as a "Journal" where bandwidth is too short for what a lot of us try to do.

Fall Serenity by Brian-B-PhotographyFall Reflections 4 by Brian-B-PhotographyPink and Gold by Brian-B-Photography


:thumb261556830:another colorful sunset by WolfieDeviant:thumb58260854:

Goldie in the grass 2 by CattereiaRed points by CattereiaRing of pollen by Cattereia

Nice Encounter at Sunset by JocelyneRLittle Kitty so Curious by JocelyneRPeaceful River at Dusk by JocelyneR

golden autumn by Ingelorehanging by Ingeloreautumn beauties by Ingelore

Autumn. by silenttragedy37:thumb266055218::thumb139666329:

House in the big House by philippeLMedusa by philippeLFog on the morning beach by philippeL

Blossoms In the Sky by KarameelSo In Love by KarameelPink as Me by Karameel

Green Grasshopper by ausrejurkeYour Favourite Drink by ausrejurkeLight of Hope by ausrejurke

Neighbors Flower by coffeenoirZaboo Outside by coffeenoirI Forgot by coffeenoir

:thumb261281055::thumb261280375:Content by Aldistar

Wild Autumn Whine by Villa-ChinchillaPleading Eyes by Villa-ChinchillaSplish Splash by Villa-Chinchilla

happy bday MagicnaAnavi by Twins72friendship by Twins72snoopy by Twins72

The Silver Bulb Room by GypsyHDee by GypsyHBroken Engagement by GypsyH

Pastel by sesam-is-openShine by sesam-is-openPoetry Of A Color by sesam-is-open

roof of flowers by MarvinDiehldeer guard by MarvinDiehlTiefland by MarvinDiehl

Thanksgiving by WendyMitchellDandelions by WendyMitchellYoung great tits by WendyMitchell

Take me home_2 by DietrichVonSchwarz:thumb266101795:Bears-4 by DietrichVonSchwarz

RR005 by SeptemberGirl84Jem - WonderGirl by SeptemberGirl84Burning Lake by SeptemberGirl84

Daisy closeup by ratofthelabNevermore by ratofthelabShadowcat by ratofthelab


:iconautumnplz: Autumn Contest: Feelings of Fall :iconautumnplz:
Presented by the Group :iconunframed-nature:
It Began: Monday, October 17th, 2011
Ends: Monday, November 21st, 2011 at Midnight PST
This is a lovely Contest about the Feelings that this lovely season can bring.
For Details, Please Read HERE:…


:iconpinkribbonplz: THINK PINK VI CONTEST :iconpinkribbonplz:
I'm promoting the annual "Think Pink" Contest by JunkbyJen
It started: OCT. 8th
*ENDS: Saturday, December 3rd 11:59 EST
This is a great contest for a great cause!
For Details, Please Read HERE:…

Stamp: Breast Cancer Awareness by FantasyStockAvatarsBreast Cancer Awareness Stamp by pillze69Pink Ribbon FTW by someth1ngw1ckedPink ribbon by BlueRavenAngel
  • Mood: Compassion
  • Listening to: halloween movie theme song...
  • Drinking: gatorade
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commissions info

Sat Apr 28, 2012, 12:25 PM

status:   <da:thumb id="297973979"/>

I only accept payments in USD through paypal!
Please send the payment with the fee, you can calculate it using
(enter the price under the first box)


b/w sketch:
500x500: $4
sketch samples by pap6r

simple cg:
headshot: $15 ★ bust: $20 ★ waistup: $40 
thighup: $50 ★ fullbody: n/a
V by naseu commission: shaish by pap6r commission: shmoopiedumplings by pap6r

full cg:
headshot: $23 ★ bust: $28 ★ waistup: $50 
thighup: $60 ★ fullbody: $85
morgiana by naseu Super High School Level Despair by naseu alice's pastel wonderland by naseu

chibi (samples are quite old):
pokemon trainer by pap6r sailor boy by pap6r


full anthro, baldness, mecha, 18+


anything else, but as you can tell I'm best with girls/girly guys and lighter colours!

simple cloudy bg like = +$2 to the base price!


1) Note me with the title "commission"
2) I'll accept, and add you to the list. I'll only offer wips for the chibis & full cgs! So for the other styles, please be as detailed as possible about your character when ordering!!
3) I'll note you my paypal address, and you will send me the payment w/ fees
4) I'll send you the picture when I'm done


Paypal Email:
Style: (simple sketch headshot/full cg waistup/etc.)
Eye Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Hair Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Skin Colour: (no need to fill out if b&w)
Other: (personality, age, important info, etc. )
Total Price:

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Travel Documents pt.1

Thu Dec 5, 2013, 8:04 PM

Get it? I'm travels? :P

This seemed a fairly easy way to keep those of you that are interested up to speed with things in China while not filling up the inboxes of everyone else! haha 

So Sunday morning, after arriving the previous night from 4 consecutive gigs in other states, I made it to at the tiny airport in my home city of Shreveport LA to find that (of course) it was overbooked! This was a wonderful start to my already convoluted journey to my final destination – Chengdu, Sichuan, China – that involved 4 flights, 4 bus rides, and countless taxis and subway exchanges. 

Well I rescheduled first leg of the trip within enough time to make my second flight out of Atlanta, GA without messing up any of my other flights...miraculous! 

After a quick (and I mean very quick) layover, I boarded my first ever double-decker flight!  

Untitled by tubbums32

The routing of these flights, by the way, made absolutely NO sense whatsoever lol I went from Shreveport, EAST to Atlanta, just to fly WEST over the entire continental United States and the Pacific Ocean, to get to Tokyo and hop a comparatively tiny 4 hour flight to Hong Kong! Oh well...whatever works works! 

As mentioned in the description of, I was traveling with my keyboard (which weighs more than me), my suitcase with clothes for essentially a YEAR, my backpack, my camera, and the ever-so-convenient keyboard stand – perfect for snagging everything in it's path when you're in a rush! lol although I'm certainly glad that none of it was lost in transit, because I wouldn't be able to make it without any of them, no matter how annoying they may be! :P

Untitled by tubbums32

Upon arrival at the "hotel," whose reservation was switched twice at the last minute, it was apparent that luxury and spaciousness weren't exactly its strong suits (featured here with my 72-key keyboard as a size reference). Though I'm hardly what you could call a diva lol so no worries! Again, I'm just thankful I found the place at all! Again, reference the description of for that tasty story. 

I was essentially dropped in one of the most crowded areas of HK with no instructions, no cell reception, no GPS, no way of knowing which building of  conglomerate businesses contained my hotel (nor on which floor!), and on top of all this, I got to lug all of this lovely equipment upstream of the masses of people, none of which had the slightest clue where this seemingly imaginary hotel was. I finally was able to find a Chinese couple my age who was incredibly helpful, using their phone to take me to the correct building, asking the non-english speaking man in the front which floor to drop me, and even helping me take my stuff up the few stairs leading to the elevators! What a godsend, right??

Untitled by tubbums32

It was also rather fortunate that I had packed  all the appropriate power adapters for China outlets. However, it wasn't of much help that the outlets in Hong Kong weren't the same! haha ah well...I made it work somehow until I was able to locate additional converters (how am I still alive???) 

Untitled by tubbums32

There will be more to come, but there's no sense in cramming a book into one post! Hope you enjoy this method of documenting things. It seems to work pretty well I suppose, so you can expect more of these in the weeks to come :D

By request, here is a small panoramic of that same nightscape from Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong:

Untitled by tubbums32

Read more of my Travel Documents below:
Part 1:
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…

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If you don't care: stop reading.
If you would come to my funeral: favorite this.
If you miss me: comment a heart.
If you're not scared: Re-post and see who your "Real friends" are.
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Icon and Chibi Commish

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 22, 2014, 6:47 PM

Free Button: Commissions Open by MimruFree Button: Commissions Open by MimruFree Button: Commissions Open by MimruFree Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

:3 This lady is accepting Icon commish and chibi commish :heart:Clap Clap Clap Clap 

1. No nudity
2. No animal ( anthros/ etc is allowed )
3. Only accepting points Points Points 
4. I'm taking slots, so first come first serve
5. Pay  half the price of the commish first then when finish pay the other half.
6. Full refund if I don't do your commish 
7. Give ref or examples plz :L
8. Fanart & OC allowed

There will be 4 slots to begin with.. =.= some times I'll add on... o.o still saving up my Points for premium membership ;a;

Purple Square Bullet Slots

purple heart bullet Taken by :iconvaleriachan:
purple heart bullet Taken by :iconpixel--neko:
purple heart bullet Taken by :iconhyun-sama:
purple heart bullet open

Icons styles:
1.C: ASHannemarie by Purin-Sama 

2.:C: Hamasakimisui by Purin-Sama
3.C:FunkyDreamer by Purin-Sama

4.-blinks- by Purin-Sama 

price ( with animation ):
 1 & 3 - 14 Points 
 2- 16 Points 
 4- 22 Points 
Without animation subtract 4 Points 

Chibi examples :

style 1: Fem!America by Purin-Sama
style 2:
OC New by Purin-Sama
style 3: :AT:Pina by Purin-Sama

Prices (all full body)
1- 32 Points 
2- 36 Points 
3- 30 Points 

  • Listening to: words
  • Reading: fanfiction
  • Watching: screen
  • Playing: none
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: air
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