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I sat in the room silently, hardly paying any attention to the instructor's lecture on battlefield strategy. I was much too busy being wrapped up in my own thoughts as the lesson droned on while I softly drummed my fingers on my desk. I knew that I should be listening, I knew that I should be taking notes, I knew this lesson was important to my future placement  in the military, as was every lesson, but recent events had claimed my mind and forced me to succumb to the imponderables swarming my brain. Why had a lock-down been taken into effect over the entirety of Aizsargi Base no.12, our base, one week ago? Why were my classmates and I not notified of its cause? It couldn't have been a drill. Or else the date and time of the drill would have been clearly posted on the events bulletin. Perhaps someone made a mistake? No, no one ever makes mistakes here, planning is crucial to the security of Base no.12. So…why?
This is what I hated about being an officer in training. We're like fish in a glass bowl, surrounded by darkness. We are given a designated spot to stay in and are not permitted to stray past the set boundaries. We cannot see anything through the darkness that our superiors keep us in, not even my own brother, Luke, will tell me what I want to know.  We are isolated and kept under a spell of forced ignorance while we are taught in this small, grey room.  I sighed heavily in frustration, this darkness needed to go. I wanted to see. I wanted to see everything, everything that I've been missing. I wanted to be a part of the same world as my big brother, the REAL world.
My eyes narrowed at the next thought that nosed its way into my mind. This dream, it also needed to be gotten rid of, this damn thing that flashed in front of my eyes and replayed itself every time I slept. The first time I dreamt of it, I dismissed it as another product of my convoluted imaginings, but the vision came back, night after night. I've talked to the other Dreamers before and from what I hear, repetition is an obvious sign of urgency, even to somebody of my level; a mere potential psychic, meaning there is no medical evidence of me having any psychic abilities, but there is still the possibility of an ability surfacing. Why should I have to report this anyway? It's not like I'm anything special, Never have been, never will. And yet, I'm dreaming of something that seems dangerously close to a Dreamer's vision.   
A short beep sounded over the intercom, signaling our 30 minute break before classes resumed. The rustling of papers and soft screeching of chairs scooting back could be heard all around me as I continued to stare blankly at my open notebook. Something wasn't right, this dream, I needed to tell Luke as soon as I saw him. He was the only person that would hear me out and keep it a secret.
I gathered my things and wove my way through the rows and columns of desks, making my way toward the main hallway of Training Block C. Glancing down at my wristwatch, it dawned on me that Luke would be leaving for his 16:00 patrol within twenty minutes or so. "Crap", I muttered underneath my breath as I jogged down the familiar hallways. I pushed through the double-door exit and sprinted across the outdoor training area, passing my peers as they clambered up and over the mounds of equipment while the instructors barked orders and timed them. Most of them hardly spared me a glance, others waved at me and I did my best to smile and wave back as I ran toward the barracks where Luke lived for the time being.
Finally I reached the door on the other side and slid the spare key-card Luke had given me in case I needed to talk to him at any time. I caught my breath while I listened to the automatic bolts slide out of place after I had been authorized entry.  The door fully unlocked with a slight hiss and I pulled it the rest of the way open, breaking into a steady jog once more as I retraced the well-known path to Luke's living space. As I rounded the last corner I gasped just before smacking into somebody's chest and falling back onto my butt. I winced from the small burst of pain that came with landing on my tailbone and opened my eyes to a miniature snowstorm of paperwork. 'Oh, no' I thought franticly, not wanting to meet the eyes of whomever I had just inconvenienced. I wasn't even supposed to be in here, what if it was someone important?!? I swallowed the lump in my throat and slowly lifted my gaze to the accusing and none-too-happy stare of Lieutenant Kauffman.
'This is it' I thought 'This is the end of everything. He's gonna kick me out, he's gonna ruin my future; I'm done, fired, dead! I won't even be able to be a janitor in this place by the time he's done with me!'   
"Well, how long are you going to sit there and stare at me with that dumb look on your face?" He growled.
"H-huh?" I stuttered.
He sighed and rolled his eyes at my incompetence "Here", he said, holding out a hand to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet, he then bent down the gather his scattered paperwork.
I then snapped out of my shocked state and kneeled to help him. "I-I'm sorry Aaron, err, I mean lieutenant Kauffman! Please, let me clean this up for you!" He glanced over at me and nodded, standing up while I tucked the papers back into their folders and handed them to him in a neat stack. My mind was screeching in horror at what I had just done. First I had inconvenienced and high-ranking officer and then I called him by his first name. I was lucky to not be running twenty laps around the training yard right now. I trembled as he checked that all the papers were in order, he gave a satisfied nod and looked back to me.
"What are you doing in here Allerdyce? I don't remember you graduating you final training segment, these grounds are off limits to you." He stated monotonously, the accusing look gradually being replaced with curiosity.
"Um, I came to see my brother, Luke. There was something that I wanted to talk to him about…" I trailed off, what should I say next? None of the other officers minded that I came here every once in a while, but the lieutenant was a whole different story. I could get Luke in a lot of trouble for giving me a key to this place.
"You're too late." Kauffman said simply.
"Oh, I see." I said softly, looking down. 'Dammit!'
"Is it something that I should know about?" He inquired, eyes narrowing ever so slightly in effort to see what was so important that I would enter restricted grounds.  
Panic began to rise in my chest and I had to force my breathing to remain steady and calm. I hated this feeling; the sensation of a Reader prying into your mind for information was among the most uncomfortable of feelings. Resistance could make you feel nauseous; I've seen grown men puke after just a few seconds of refusing to have their mind read. My big brother, Luke, being a Reader himself, had taught me a few tricks to set up walls inside my mind, to avoid being read completely. Though effective, these methods of blocking were obvious to a prying Reader, and I could see the realization that I was hiding something in Lieutenant Kauffman's eyes.
"Miss Allerdyce," he began, but still I resisted, "Rylee!"  He voiced my name sternly. The surprise of being addressed so informally by an officer of Kauffman's rank shook me from my concentration, and I knew by the way the frustration on his countenance transformed into realization, that he had seen what I'd been hiding.
"Miss Allerdyce."
"Y-Yes Sir?" The trembling started again.
"Please come with me." He said it softly, but I knew it was an order.
"Yes Sir." I whispered. I hung my head in defeat and followed him out of the barracks, back across the training yard were a few stopped to stare and whisper as they watched the Lieutenant lead me back into Training Block C. At first we took the main hallway but our direction soon changed when he took me down the hall that led to Examination Area of Block C. As we made our way down the hallway, I searched my mind for any possible way of getting out of this situation. I've heard horror stories about Dreamer examinations from the others, and I was in no hurry to be put in such a position. The only possible way that I could get away from this was to run like there was no freaking tomorrow, but there were three things wrong with that plan:
1. Lieutenant Kauffman could no doubtedly run faster than me
2. His suspicion of me would raise and I would be in deep shit
3. Once I was caught, things would be twice as bad as if I hadn't run in the first place
No chance, I was screwed.
If possible, my head hung even lower as the Examination Area came into view. It was a common trait of Blocks B and C. Block A people were just beginning their training, and examination was not required of them. Blocks B and C were more focused on the mental abilities of future Aizsargi troops, especially those with abilities leveled C and above. The Examination Areas serve two purposes; one is to verify the mental well-being of those of us who are gifted with special abilities, and the other is to question Dreamers about their visions.
Anxiety coursed through my veins as Lieutenant Kauffman herded me through the door and pushed me up to the front desk. My breathing began to get deeper and faster as he signed me in. I walked over the small waiting area and sat down in one of the chairs outside the door that led to the long hallway of examination rooms while I struggled to regain composure. This wasn't good, I didn't want to go in and be examined before I could decipher the dream for myself.  Besides, what would they think of me? This dream, it isn't normal. And I can't help but get the feeling that it's connected to the lock-down we had last week. What if I get in trouble for knowing something I shouldn't? It's not my fault! Why do Dreamers have to be treated like this? It's not fair!
All examinations are carried out by level A Readers. There are two consecutive steps to be followed when examining a Dreamer. First the Reader plays therapist, they talk to the Dreamer, ask a few questions, basically getting them to open up their minds. Then they make the Dreamer relive the vision while they scribble down what they see in their heads and erase the dream when their finished with the Dreamer. They don't even care how unpleasant the vision is for Dreamers, they could be screaming, they could be crying. Hell, they could be puking up their guts. It doesn't matter; we're all just slimy little goldfish in a glass bowl to them.
I fixed it! Woot! Okay, I'm damn sure I got the first chapter right this time, THIS is the direction I want to take my story, I'm sure of it!

Chapter two is in progress!

Prolougue- [link]
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     "But, I had fallen deeply in love with you. You on the other hand did not"
He was speaking with such hastiness it would be hard for most people to
understand him.  I had become used to his fast paced words and lovely jumbled up
thoughts in the short time I have spent with him.  "or did you?  If so you
can ignore this".  He was so very frantic at this moment in time, more than
usual, but there was something so pure about this moment.  It's hard to say, the
genuine nature of his thoughts had just taken me and I was at a loss for what to
say to him.  He continued in my silence.  "Which is totally fine by me; I don't
have the right to force you into anything".  He wasn't done yet; he had so much
to say and I was trying to understand the meaning of every single word.  

     He spoke to me more, but I couldn't seem to grasp the meaning of
anything.  It seemed like the easy answer could not be the right one; He loved
me. He says I changed him;I made a difference in his life.  How did I do
that?  Did I?  No, that's not possible; I can't even make a difference in the
life of a close relative or friend.  How could I change the life of a near
stranger and furthermore make him love me?  Me!  

     I always felt love passed me by some time ago, like I was supposed to pick
up a prescription labeled "Love" but I lost the doctor's note to pick it
up.  Love was literally in my hands but like the doctors note I lost it.  Love
never found me and I gave up looking for it; it wasn't an easy choice to give
up. I realized that maybe love is an exclusive happiness that only a select few

     Coming back to him from my inner thoughts, he anxiously just looked at
me.  He was waiting for me to tell him I felt it too.  I couldn't bear to look
him in the face.  I'm no liar, but I didn't want him to leave; I'm selfish, I
know.  So, I told him the truth, "I don't want to say I wasn't in love but I
definitely don't want to lie and tell you it was love if I don't know for sure.
All I can tell you with all honesty is that, yes, you are special to me".  He
was not happy with my answer, though he would never say that to me, he was at
least for the moment, content.  I didn't lie.  That was all I knew for sure;
that he is special.  I can't tell you why this stranger is special, I'm scared
to lose him more than my friends and it makes no sense to me.  

     "I want you to be happy and I'll do my best to keep you happy".  That's
what he told me and it was more than I deserved.  He professed his love and I
told him I didn't know.  He was sure what he felt and I was stuck in my own
thoughts over thinking every detail.  What is love?  How do I know if that's
what I'm feeling?  What makes me deserving of such a delightful emotion?  

     My fast paced, mile-a-minute love struck stranger was in complete certainty
of his thoughts and feelings, while I—the collected one, could not think clearly on anything.
:] part one. this is going to be on going. :]

Here's part two's link [link]
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Re: Sierra-004
I have to say I am shocked at your report on the actions of Sierra 004. I have thought about this and I do not believe for one moment he should be spaced each Spartan represents a significant investment on behalf of the UNSC and should be treated as such. I believe I may explain 004's actions by explaining his history I don't need to tell you how secret this is.
In 2510 we screened all the subjects a few stood out but 004 hit the genetic markers perfectly had he not done he would have been discontinued from the Spartan project. Unlike other Spartans 004 lived on the insurrectionalist controlled world of Pariah a rather fitting name I've always thought 004 had been prematurely born and smuggled onto the UNSC world of Iblon where we gained the genetic information. Don't ask me how but ONI tracked him back to Pariah.
With Lt Cmdr Keyes in 2517 whilst inspecting the initial 300 candidates I made a very different visit to 004's world compared with the other candidates accompanied by an ODST Black squad we infiltrated the habitation and intercepted the subject at his home his academic scores were through the roof by far and away the smartest member of the Spartan candidates he was perfect I had to have him. With other Spartans we flash cloned replacements we didn't do the same for 004 he was the first candidate we took.
That night we moved in with the ODST squad it was going well we got into the house and had the child sedated and we ex-filtrating when an insurresctionalist  logging team came upon our pelican in the forest (really who knew they would relocate overnight!) all contacts were KIA at the pelican but one must have radioed back as the settlement soon sprung to life we had just exited the house into the dark streets when the street lighting was thrown on  and towns folk emerged from there houses weapons in hand I have to say there collection of old pistols, shotguns and rifles didn't seem up to much against the ODST squad and some of them fled indoors immediately at the sight of the 8 black armoured  UNSC Marines  forming a very well disciplined all round defence. One man didn't of course and he was quickly gunned down. Something ill never forget 004s father he came outside tears in his eyes he looked straight at me cradling the child over my shoulder, I regretted coming instantly, he didn't shout he whimpered about his son we moved off none dared fire at us then he shouted and the townsfolk realising they outnumbered us 100 to 1 attacked  we fled through the tight streets and found our way to the perimeter by now the child was awake but he stayed quiet he threw me a quizzical look  but held on. The ODST's herded us away from the town and to a large recently ploughed field as we got there two large groups of insurrectionalists were closing in on us the noise of the chain gun on the pelican was so loud I almost cried out it picked us up and 004 became the first Spartan.
During initial training 004 held on to his memories a lot more than the other candidates his higher academic ability toughened him at a very young age unlike the other Spartans he was always very middle of the pack but we assumed, correctly he wasn't trying to be the best unlike all the other candidates. He broke curfew and directly into my office on 5 occasions probably more, 4 times to ask me when he would be going home once I found him asleep under my desk so he may well have slept there more than once. 004 became a big brother character to the group they all looked to him for leadership and CPO Mendez placed him in charge from an early age. He didn't fare well, again we believe due to his own will of not wanting to preferring to be amongst the men and lead from within rather than above. CPO Mendez was brutal with him beasting him for week's but 004 never broke there are veteran ODST's that cant stand what this child went through. Eventually we relented 051, 117 104 and 052 were showing good leadership signs so we let them take charge. Unexpectedly this allowed 004 to shine he leads from within the group brilliantly. When another candidate is leading they turn to him for advice he's yet to be wrong! We've placed him on green team with 051 and 052 (both are probably the closest to him). They often lost out to 117's blue team but something told me green team were more skilled.
Then came the hardest test for the Spartans the augmentations the attrition rates were high but 004 saw something very unexpected. The muscular fibre injections didn't take, every other candidate swelled as it happened 004 didn't it took a double dose to get him to react, theoretically this gives 004 the ability to be up to twice as strong as the other Spartans but this didn't materialise when he was at the training camp his other augmentations all took perfectly especially his nerve enhancements which had one of the highest success rates at 97% only one other Spartan surpassed him. I'd been right his genes were perfect.
Shortly after the Spartans were provided with MJOLNIR Mk IV and they transferred to your command. I have read over the notes I was initially horrified but reading over 004's case notes maybe it was inevitable still the secrecy of the project means you couldn't have known about his history it seems 004 was put in a very tough position any one would have reacted the same he is after all only human. I am concerned about the status of 104 from what I've read that scar will be permanent it seems that 004 is stronger than he lets on being able to cause as much damage as he did I've already begun design work on the Mk V.
The insurrectionalists you sent the team to attack were commanded by 004's parents. Given his memories and upbringing it is hardly surprising he acted the way he did. What I find more interesting is the reaction of the other Spartans, 117 is becoming quite the leader another good choice. My recommendations, get 004 on ice and transferred back to Reach ASAP I'll take charge from there.
Thank you
Dr C Halsey

"ah Deja, what an impossible torture I put these children through I cant imagine what went through Drakes mind when he saw  his parents again" Catherine sighed and lent back in her creaking chair the dark office was lit only by her screen and the holotank of the AI whose figure had evaporated and was currently drifting symbols around her electronic form. " I'm amazed he broke the faceplate, Fred is lucky to be alive, or very unlucky I'm sure Drake would finish the job given the chance given the measures taken to restrain him the double injection certainly did the trick" she shook her head and blinked slowly filling her eyes with tears this poor child she had torn him away from an independent world the only independent world and shed made him a weapon a weapon who had just been ordered to destroy any trace of his own life. She thought back to all the reasons right now it didn't seem worth it at all she put her palm to her forehead and swept her hair back.
"Dr" Deja said through the hidden speakers in the room Catherine didn't answer "Dr I have vetted the letter for sensitive information please review and confirm sending". Catherine looked up at the screen her long explanation of Drake's history had vanished the remaining four  paragraphs didn't make much sense she deleted it all and replaced it with an answer which explained nothing this was always the way ONI liked it.


Re: Sierra-004
Do not space Sierra 004 he represents a huge investment of UNSC Time and resources. He is to be taken off active duty restrained (heavily) and put on ice for transfer back to SWORD facility on Reach return Spartan ASAP.
ONI Section 3

moments later the A.I. Reviewed and sent the transmission. Catherine stood up turning off the screen she pressed the button for opening the door, the light in the hallway made her squint. She headed out to the canteen to get a coffee, she was getting a Spartan back hopefully she'd have more luck with him this time around.
The Prologue of the Halo fan fic I'm writing it was initially based on a 4 player game and was to be a tiny story starring me and my friends but me being me I fleshed out the characters and keeping the names (you might notice Drake in the text lol) Ive spawned a new Halo-Verse story which I like to think is very good. within the prologue is an introduction to one of the 4 main characters. Hope you enjoy!
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A searing pain in my stomach woke me, my eyes fluttered open and I instantly saw my captor, or at least my captor's helper. A short, tubby, bald man removed a hot iron bar from the skin of my bare stomach, a wicked grin on his face, "Never thought I would get you here," he wheezed and then broke into an insane laughter, "The Queen's Shadow, my little plaything, MINE!"
'Great another lunatic,' I thought over the pounding of my head, "Where's my butler?"
"Oh your little demon pet is, oh should I say, busy?" the man said, then presses the red hot bar against my skin again.
I screamed as the metal made contact, I could feel the skin peel away as he yanked the bar away, "The things you do to the poor souls you trap down here will be child's play when I get my hand on your tubby neck," I growled.
The man laughed, "No one ever leaves this place alive my little shadow child."
I smiled before swinging a free leg and knocking him on to his fat ass. I smiled as he struggled to get up, even as he regain his footing and brought the metal bar down on my rib cage cracking several in the process, the smile remained.
Hours passed until the tubby man finally decided to call it a night and leave. My death pale skin was now again covered in my own dark red blood. The injuries that I had sustained ached and stung, but my mind paid no attention to that fact, I was use to pain. My body, even though in the eyes of most adults was nothing more than a child, was coved in scars and burns.
After awhile I passed out.
I woke on my own terms this time; I was still hanging by my wrists, though I could no longer feel them.  As I looked around the dim filthy room I noticed a thin scrawny looking man standing in the corner; he was hunched over a silver tray filling a long needle with a silver liquid.  He then turned and looked at me in the dim light of the torch I notice his eyes were yellow green and he seemed to move around using his feet to feel in front of him.  As the move closer I could tell when he was; a grim reaper.  He moved toward me the needle glinting in the dim light; his eyes are sad, he moved my dirty hair away from my neck before inserting the needle.  "What are you doing," I asked
"I'm making the pain go away," he answered, "Please try to remain still."
He gently slid the needle into my skin I felt a warm sensation flow through my body.  The dull ache that was throbbing throughout my body slowly began to fade away.  He looked at me and smiled, "My name is Richard S. Scales and I know where they took your demon.  Help me and I can help you."
"Once I'd trusted grim reaper and they ended up facing death himself why should I trust you?" I asked.
"As much as I hate demons I want to get out of this hellhole.  I'm a grim reaper without his glasses how can I mislead you."
"You have me there and it's not like I'm in a situation to say no to anyone willing to help," I replied.
"The medication I gave you will numb any other injury you have.  My master is coming down to torture you himself tomorrow, the medication should last until I return to clean up your new injuries, there I will administer more of the medication along with give you an escape route.  All I ask in return is it you take be with you," he said.
I nodded my head and he began to clean the wounds I had sustained, after he was finished he unchained my wrists lowering me down slowly than chaining me to the wall once again.  He then left, glancing back before he disappeared into the dark.  I sat in the dirt and waited for asleep to overcome me, by the time it did I could hear that my torturers returning.

The short tubby man roughly woke me with a kick in the chest "Wake up shadow girl," he said then kicked me again, "My masters coming down to see you today he's gonna some fun with you."
"Do you think I care?" I replied back.
My remark back made him hit me across the face.  I saw stars for a few minutes then regain my vision I glared at him with a deadly look on my face "I will enjoy killing you," I replied with a smile on my face.
He kicked me again and again; I felt one of my ribs crack.  My eyes widened in pain, but I refused to give him any satisfaction of seeing me in pain.  He laughed and then walked to the table that was nearby.  He grabbed one of the tools that he kept there, and then turned to face me again.  He had a smile on his face that chilled me to the bone, but once again I gave them no satisfaction of seeing me in fear or pain.  Though long metal rod came down on my ribs and chest again, again and again I did not cry out nor did I ask for mercy.  He continued this until I blacked out.
When I woke a different man was in the room, he looked somewhat familiar, but his named I could not remember.  He was sitting on a chair sneering at me; my one showing eye glared at him until he looked away.  He laughed and leaned back grabbing a drink now sitting on the table; he took along drink, and then looked at me again. "The Queens shadow, do you know how long I've been looking for you?  Ever since you ran my father out of business and ended his life, I have devoted my life to finding you and making you suffer." He got up and walked toward me, that's when I noticed a long silver knife in his hand, in a long elegant handle and a blue gemstone that rested on top.
"That's mine, how did you find it?" I glared at him, the knife was special to me I had hidden away; I never wanted anyone to find it, not until that day.
The man laughed at me "Ignorant child, those foolish enough to get in my way always disappear in the end, you'll be no different."
I glared at him, I wanted to yell at him, but I forced myself to remain silent I would give this man nothing for him to use against me.  If there was one thing I've learned it is that Phantomhive's are extremely stubborn.  His green eyes lowered to mine they look cruel, unforgiving, "I will break you like all the others and then maybe I'll kill you."
I up at him and laugh, "You really are a fool you know that right?"
"What!  You're laughing at me?  You are in no situation to do that; what type of a foolish child are you?"
"One who knows what she's doing," I said, and with that I saw a Richard plunge a rusty steel rod through the back of the man's body.
He gasp for breath his eyes growing wide, blood ran from his mouth, and with his final breath he looked at me and smiled, "Let the darkness engulf you, and send your soul the hell."
After Richard unchained me I knelt by the man's dead body and whispered into his ear, "It's already there."
Well here it is :squee:
Comments welcome
Cover by the wonderful :iconaaronyuki-xd:
Tell me what you think please
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London had seen its fair share of pain and suffering, so I wasn't surprised that the city was already up and running with only a few reminders of the fire that burn across this fair city. 'The Queen was somehow still alive and once I get settled that will be my first task,' I thought as I neared my destination. The familiar sign of The Undertaker came into view, and I slowed my horse. I came to a stop and got off, smiling at the sign and then went in. The small place smelled of death and a weak tea, "Undertaker are you here?" I called.
"Ohhh a customer," a very annoying and familiar voice sang, "Awe it's not dead."
"Grell what are you doing here! Where is the Undertaker," I demanded.
"I could ask you the same thing, aren't you suppose to be dead or something?" Grell said.
"You're the Grim Reaper shouldn't you know," I said, his eyes flashed and narrowed.
"For a little girl you do have a rude mouth," He sneered.
"Never had a mother to teach me right from wrong," I replied, "Now you are wasting my time I need to talk to the Undertaker,"
"Fine, I buried him in salt again," Grell said, motioning to a large vase with the undertakers head sticking out of it.
"Hello Beth, what brings you here," he said in his normal insane voice.
"I need your help, I want to summon the demon my little brother called Sebastian Michaelis, I require his services," I said.
"YOU WANT TO BRING BACK SEBASTY! WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY SO?" Grell yelled, grabbing my arms and swinging me around.
"Put me down….NOW" I yelled.
He stopped and set me down, "Can you really bring him back? He doesn't make deals that often."
"One thing I saw while I watched him was he cared for my brother, more then he would ever confess to and knowing that he had been tricked and the real murderers are still out there will hit him hard and hopefully he will agree to a contract," I said.
"What do you mean he was tricked, and how was that even possible," Grell asked.
"The real murderers used the fallen angels need to purify to trick Ciel, Sebastian, everyone into thinking that she was the real killer, but I was there that night of the first fire, I watched my parents death and then my home being burned to the ground and my brothers happiness torn away, I dragged his body out of the fire only to watch him get tricked into death, and that is why I no longer hide in the shadows, I am done watching, it is my turn to play the Queen's Guard Dog and snuff out all who have caused my family pain and disgrace." I told them, "Can you help me or not."
"Yes I can, but I will have to mark and kill you first, Sebastian has gone back to his realm, and the only way to contact him is by giving you his symbol and then killing you, it will only take an hour for me to prepare and get ready, you can be dead by noon," Undertaker said, smiling.
"Fine do what you have to, Grell and I will wait here," I said, and he got up.
"I love the feeling of the water being pulled out of my body" He said then went into the back room.
"Grell, I will be needing you help in the near future and I know how you like Sebastian, if you help me when I ask you can have him for a day," I offered the reaper sitting next to me.
"Not only do I get to watch you die today I get to have a day with my darling Sebastian, are you trying to kill me, of course dear, I'll do anything you ask of me," he said.
"Anything Grell, don't lie to me."
"Ok, almost anything."
"Good, looks like I got myself one more pawn for the game I have yet to begin playing," I said.
"So how does it feel?" Grell asked.
"Excuse me?"
"To know that you are going to die in the next hour," Grell said, a wicked smile on his face, "I don't know normally get to ask that question."
"I don't really care; if I can't get Sebastian to sign a contract with me then I will finally leave this world, and all its sorrow."
"You know that you are giving up your chance of eternal peace and rest, your soul will be his."
"When the creature that has my brother soul has mine I will be at peace."
"And they call me insane, oh well your mind is set, and at least I get to watch you die. I hope it's bloody," Grell said smiling.
I looked at him, 'So do I,' I thought, 'I am done with this world and the only reason I would ever come back would be to rid it of the lying bastards that walk upon it.'

The hour went by slowly, as I half guessed it would. The Undertaker returned, his normal smile upon his face, "This way, if you please, it's all ready."
I nodded and followed him into the back room, "Undress and lay upon the table there, Grell, you'll be wanting to help hold her down, the first part hurts the most."  The Undertaker chuckled, once I had laid down.
Grell smiled and pined my arms down, "Make it fast, I want to watch her blood drain from her body."
"Just hold her still, now Beth there is no going back once this happens, you do know that right?" the  Undertaker asked, I caught a glimpse of his yellow and green eyes,
"You're getting soft in your old age…Reaper," I laughed.
"How does she know that?" Grell asked.
"I know many things; living in the shadows has its – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as the Undertaker pressed a brand on the side of my rib cage, "STOP PLEASE IT HURTS……AHHHHHHHHHHH!"
"I warned you that the first part hurts the most," The Undertaker laughed, a sudden pain erupted in my chest, "the next part ends too soon for your body to tell what happened"
My vision began to blur, I looked at the dagger that now protruded out of chest, I looked up at Grell who was grinning like a mad man, 'So we meet at last ….Death'…..
Well Chapter 2
Beth goes to The Undertaker to help her summon Sebastian.

My story takes place in an AU after the death of Ciel and the burning of London, ^^

I own nothing but Beth

Comment please ^^
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SasoDei – Beauty and the Beast

Part 5

Deidara was in the garden, walking Sai around. "I still don't know why we don't just leave, Dei." The blonde didn't react in anyway, seeming to have dazed off while thinking. Sai gave a snort and nudged Deidara, causing him to come back to reality. The blonde looked around at him and patted the horse's snout.

"I like it here, un." The blonde smiled gently and continued to walk the horse around the snow laden garden.

Sasori watched Deidara from the main balcony. His eyes slid to the bandage on his right arm, and then back at the blonde. "…I've…Never felt this way about anyone before…"

Hidan blinked at the Beast. "What? Hey, you've managed to fall in love with Blondie!!" The candleholder chuckled. "I told you that if that was possible, then it is also possible for Blondie to fall for you, Beastie!!"

Sasori gave a snort, looking at his two servants. "I don't love him…I just…I want to do something special for him…But what?"

Itachi gave a cough, closing his eyes. "Flowers, chocolates…Promises you don't intend to keep…"

"Oi Oi Oi!!" The candleholder moved in front of the clock. "No way!! It has to be something fucking special!!"

Sasori frowned. "Wait…" He gave a faint smile behind the new bandana. "I have an idea."


"Close your eyes Brat." Sasori and Deidara stopped in front of a large pair of doors that the blonde hadn't seen before. "I have a surprise."

Deidara frowned suspiciously at the Beast. "Are you going to rape me or something like that?" Sasori gave him an unamused look, and the blonde gave a sigh. "M'kay, eyes are officially closed."

Sasori waved a paw in front of the blonde's face to make sure that he really had them closed. Satisfied by Deidara's lack of reaction he opened the doors, leading the blind blonde into the room. "Keep your eyes closed for a few more seconds." Sasori moved to open up the two large curtains, causing sunlight to stream into the room. "Okay, open." Deidara did as he was told, and gaped as he looked around. He was in a library which was filled with so many books that his heart skipped a beat. The blonde turned in a circle a few times, rubbing his eyes to make sure that he wasn't day dreaming. "Do you like it?"

The blonde turned to Sasori, eyes wide with gratitude. "I LOVE IT, UN!!"

The Beast was taken a back, but then gave a happy nod. "Then it's yours." Deidara gave a joyful exclamation, flinging his arms around Sasori. "Ah, please no hugs…" The Beast pushed the blonde away.

Deidara laughed. "Awww, you're shy, un!!" The blonde suddenly shuddered. "Hang on…I sense…A song!! HIDAN!!"

The music stopped. "SORRY!! FORGOT!!"


Sasori and Deidara were outside in the snowy garden. The blonde was feeding seed to the birds. He got an idea, putting a pile in the Beast's hands. Sasori frowned at the blonde, who motioned for him to offer the seed to the birds. He crouched down, offering it to the birds. They jumped away from him. Sasori gave a gentle growl and moved forward, again offering it to the birds. Deidara took some of the seed, creating a small trail from the birds to Sasori's paws. A small blue bird ate some of the seeds, and then flew onto the Beast's paws to eat from the pile. Sasori gave a smile and Deidara chuckled gently running off to hide behind a tree. He looked back after a few seconds to see Sasori covered in birds, looking confused. The blonde smirked wide and leaned down, making a snow ball. He jumped out from behind the tree, throwing it at the Beast.

It hit him on the face, causing the birds to fly away. Sasori blinked and looked over at the culprit. "You're going to pay for that, Brat!!" The Beast used his scorpion tail to scoop up a large blob of snow, flinging it at Deidara. It hit, causing the blonde to topple over. Deidara got back up, laughing.

"Oh yeah, un? Take this!!" Deidara kicked the tree, and then stood smugly. Sasori stared at the blonde, waiting for something to happen.

Nothing. "Is that-" Sasori was suddenly buried under a tonne of snow which had fallen from the tree branches above. Deidara fell onto the snow, rolling around in laughter. The blonde quickly stood, skipped inside still laughing, before Sasori had the chance to get revenge on him.


Deidara sat down in front of the fireplace, patting the floor, wanting Sasori to sit down next to him. The Beast gave a small snort, but a few seconds later sat beside the blonde. "Sasori…I would like a second chance, un…" Deidara smiled at the Beast. "Would you like to have dinner with me?"

Sasori blinked at the blonde. "…Dinner? With me? Of course, Dei!!" The Beast coughed, looking away. "I mean…It's not like I have anything better to do, Brat…"

Deidara laughed. "You're so bashful, un." The blonde leaned against the Beast's warm furry shoulder, opening the book he held. Deidara began to read aloud.

Itachi, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan and Kisame watched them from the hallway. "Anyone could break the spell any fucking day now!!" Hidan cheered, putting an arm around the feather duster. "We'll soon be human again!!" Music began to play, but was quickly cut short. "Whoops…Forgot about Blondie's dislike of singing…"

Kakuzu gave a sigh. "Would you please leave me alone already?"

Hidan chuckled seductively. "Why would you want me to do that, Kuzu-Kun?"

The feather duster growled and hit the candle with his handle, using the opportunity to storm off. Hidan sneered. "What the fuck is his problem?"

"Hidan, would you please stop messing around?" The candleholder shrugged and shook his head.


Sasori sat in a tub, having a bath. The coat hanger known as Zetsu was busily at work washing him. "I hate bathing…"

Zetsu gave a snort. "Well I hate bathing you. So we're all even, aren't we?"

"This water is too cold…"

"Oh don't be a fucking Pussy!!" Hidan jumped about and twirled in a circle. "Tonight is the night we've all be waiting for!! When the time is right, just tell him how you feel!!"

"I don't know…" Sasori gave a sigh, getting out of the bath.

"Oi!!" Hidan waved his handles frantically. "Just look!!" He pointed at the wilting rose. "You don't have time to be timid!!"

The Beast gave a growl. "But what if he doesn't have the same feelings for me as I do for him?!"

Hidan gave a sigh. "You think too much. Tonight will go off without a hitch!! Just wait and see!!"


Sasori stood on the stairway, waiting for Deidara to come down and join him. He wore a blue tuxedo type outfit, even though he hadn't wanted to. What if the blonde had changed his mind? What if he would be a Beast forever? What if-…His thoughts were silenced when he caught sight of Deidara slowly descending the stairs. Sasori stared at the beautiful figure.

Deidara wore a golden dress which suited his blonde hair perfectly. The Beast looked the boy up and down, his eyes glancing over each perfect feature in turn. Deidara finally reached him, frowning. "I swear, Tobi has more dresses in him that the Library has books, un." The blonde shrugged and then gave a smile, locking arms with Sasori. "You look nice, Danna."

"You look beautiful…Ah…Brat." The Beast looked away, causing Deidara to chuckle as they descended down the last flight of stairs together.


The pair sat at each end of the elongated table, eating with the soft sound of music in the background (Deidara had specifically told them not to have any singing, so he had nothing to worry about). The blonde finished his soup and stood up, making his way to the other end of the table where Sasori sat. "Danna, would you like to dance with me, un?"

The Beast blinked at him. "No, I ca-"

"DANCE WITH HIM!!" Sasori gave a sigh and a nod, standing up. They linked arms again as they walked to the ballroom. Konan was about to start singing when Deidara shot her a look, making her shut up.

The blonde and the Beast stopped in the middle of the dance floor. Deidara took Sasori's left paw in his right hand, and rested the Beast's other paw around his waist. The blonde smirked up at Sasori, sliding the Beast's paw further down. Sasori realised the blonde's intentions and snatched his hand away. Deidara chuckled, taking hold of Sasori's paw once more. "Relax, Danna, I'm only joking." Sasori rolled his eyes and placed his paw around the blonde's waist again, keeping it there this time. They both began to glide and spin around the dance floor slowly. Sasori was a little worried at first, but quickly got the hang of it. They danced around the room without a care in the world. The pair looked deep into each others eyes as they spun, seeming to be completely hypnotized. The moment was ruined when Deidara suddenly tripped over the hem of his dress, falling face flat onto the floor. Sasori quickly helped he blonde back onto his feet. "I'm alright, un." The blonde grinned at the Beast, and both laughed in amusement. "I think I've had enough dancing for one night."


Sasori and Deidara sat out of the main balcony, looking up at the winking stars. "Deidara…" The blonde looked at the Beast, who scooted closer to him. "You…Like it here, right?"

Deidara blinked at him, and then smiled. "Yes, it's beautiful, un." The blonde looked back at the dark forest and stars, a sad expression.

Sasori noticed this and gave a frown. "What's wrong?"

"…It's just…" A soft smile rose on Deidara's lips. "I would like to see my father just one more time…To make sure he's alright…"

The Beast nodded solemnly, but then suddenly brightened up. "I know." He got to his feet, offering a paw for Deidara to take. "I have a surprise. Come on, it's in the West Wing." They held hands like teenage sweethearts as they walked.

"But I thought I wasn't allowed in the West Wing, un." The blonde gave Sasori a sly smirk.

"Since when have you obeyed my rules before?" Deidara shrugged and laughed, continuing to walk.


"Here," Sasori held an object out to the blonde, "it's a Magic Mirror. It will allow you to see anything you want."

"Oh that's perfect!!" Deidara took the object and held it up. "Show me my father…Please, un." The surface buzzed and then showed Onoki, travelling through the woods. He gave a spluttering cough and collapsed. Deidara's eyes widened. "He's sick!!" The blonde looked around frantically, hopping from foot to foot. "I need to save him!!"

"…You're free to go…" Deidara stopped panicking and stared at Sasori.

"…What?" Sasori gave a sigh.

"You're no longer my Prisoner…" Deidara frowned and held the mirror back out to the Beast, but he simply pushed it back. "Keep it…" Sasori ran a paw through Deidara's golden locks. "So you can look back here anytime you want…And remember…"

"Thank you so much for understanding, Danna…" The blonde put a hand against Sasori's face, stroking him gently and almost tenderly. "…Thank you, un…" Deidara turned and hurried out the room to get changed.

Sasori turned back, resting his paws on the pedestal as he watched the withering rose. The door suddenly reopened, though Sasori could tell who it was.

"This is fucking perfect!! The curse will be broken any minute now!!" Hidan laughed. "Didn't think you had it in ya, Beastie!! Where is Blondie then?"

"…I let him go…" The Beast didn't look back as he spoke, simply watching as another petal fell from his rose.


"…I wouldn't have wanted to find a girl…" The Beast straightened up and moved to the window.


Sasori watched as Deidara hopped onto the white horse, bolting out of the large iron gates which belonged to his domain. The Beast rested a paw against the cold glass, giving a sad and lost expression. "Because…I love him…"
I woke, my body felt peaceful, I was dead. 'So this is what peace feels like,' I thought, 'I almost with that the demon won't come for me…'
"Why have you called upon me," a sad voice called.
"You must be Sebastian," I answered.
"How do you know me by that name?" the voice demanded.
"You served Ciel Phantomhive as his butler; you protected him until the end. I have come to tell you that he was tricked; our parents' real killers are still alive, the angel lied to you and him he died for nothing, you contract was not finished," I said.
A pair of purplish red eyes appeared in front of me, "That would explain it," Sebastian said.
"Explain what."
"That day I took him to the island of death but I was unable to take his soul, but my mark is gone from his eye."
"He believed that you had killed the one he was after, there for he thinks the contract was finished."
"I still have his soul; I have kept it safe, what is it you want, other than to tell me that I failed in upholding my contract."
"I have called you to make an offer, my soul, if you help me find and kill the real murderers of my parents."  
"No, I don't want you soul, I want something else, if what you said is true then young Ciel's body is still out there somewhere and I  have his soul, I will help you only if I can get my young master back and apologize, for breaking our contract."
"That's it, and once that happens?"
"Our contract will be finished, and I will leave."
"What about Ciel, If you can really bring him back won't he want you to take his soul. My brother keeps his word, and you not taking it will upset him."  
"I already have taken his soul so therefore that part of our agreement is done."
"Very well, Sebastian Michaelis, will you agree to work and serve me until we find my brothers body and the real murderers," I asked.
"Of course….Mistress."
Short chapter
sorry about that....
umm ya the Contract has been made....
The next chapter will be called Her Butler: Caught

Again i don't own anything other then Beth
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You Might Be a Band Geek If….

1. You refer to your instrument as “My precious” or “My baby”
2. All your conversations start as “Yesterday in band…”
3. You yell at the music on the radio for being “Out of tune”
4. You keep a metronome handy in your back pocket
5. People listen to Imperium while waiting for you to answer your phone
6. A whole section can be missing from your band
7. … And you can sing their part
8. …in tune
9. You know what a Wind Staff is
10. …And threaten to use it on someone
11. …daily
12. All of your friends have either a reed or a mouthpiece
13. You know what a “Pancake Key” is
14. …and enjoy pressing it
15. You conduct the radio
16. You’ve composed a version of your favorite video game music for your instrument
17. You accidentally empty your spit valve onto someone’s foot
18. …And try to explain how it’s “Only 30% spit!”
19. You randomly [in public] start fingering your part for your concert music
20. … And all of your friends do the same thing
21. …until you have a whole band of imaginary instruments
22. All of your Mad Libs include the words “Spit Valve, Reed, Baton…”
23. You can think of personal experiences to add to this list
24. You come 45 minutes early to school
25. …so you can practice in the band room
26. Anyone who isn’t in band doesn’t understand ANY of your jokes
27. You have TRIED to date outside of the band
28. … but failed miserably
29. … so everyone in band just passes around the cute trumpet player
30. You take turns with everyone else in band to guess what died in the tuba
31. …and somehow you always win
32. You always argue how you’re late
33. … for being early
34. … cause when your early, you’re on time
35. …and when your on time, you’re late
36. …and when you’re late…
37. you’re in TROUBLE
38. You have A LOT of time on your hands
39. … and you spend it making lists like these
40. You skip whatever class you don’t want to go to, to go to band
41. You scoff at people in chorus, saying how singing isn’t a talent
42. You have your band music on your ipod/mp3
43. Your band shirt/shirts are your favorites
44. You know that the band exam is the easiest test you will ever take
45. You know the phrase “Just one more time…” is a LIE
46. Your “non-band” friends have to yell at you to stop singing showtunes
47. Your instrument has a name
48. …Your case has a name
49. … your friends know the names
50. Your band director has LOTS of nicknames
51. …but no one has the courage to call he/she that name
52. You have to say “It’s a band thing” MANY times a day
53. Cork grease starts to taste kinda like ChapStick
54. … so you tried it
55. … and liked it
56. You know the pitch of your school bell
57. … and when it held out for too long
58. You are laughing at this list
59. … ‘Cause you know it’s true
60. You spend your time reading lists like these
61. … ALL of your time
62. You’ll comment and add some of your own
63. …And you’ll still laugh about it later
64.  youve been able to teach your science partner all your concert music just by singing it so much
65. ....and how to play them
66. ....on most of the instruments
67. Your teacher tells you to stop talking
68. ...but you complain your only humming your band music
69. ...and that's not talking
70. You've seen your Drum major wear his marching shoes to a school dance
71. …and been jealous because you had to wear heels
72. You've worn your band uniform to a dance.
73. You wear your bowtie constantly
74. …and usually end up with it as a hair accessory
75. …which angers your band director
76. …which amuses the band and chaperones
77. you have come to realize all band directors are CRAZY
78. …and that they may pass information on you
79. …and plot against you
80. …and that no baton is safe in his hands
81. …EVER
82. You’ve been caught in the spray of your friends spit valve when they forget to clean it
83. No matter what people say, NO BAND DIRECTOR IS EVER “COOL”
84. …but still pretend he is so he doesn’t complain
85. …but you still talk about him behind his back
86. …and enjoy it
87. You’ve played “Spin The Piccolo”
88. Or you even know what it is…
89. …And got to kiss the cute trumpet boy
90. …and sadly the tuba boy
91. …and almost the flute chick nobody likes
92. …but was saved by the hot string base player (coughcoughWILLcoughcough)
93. You have been hit in the head with a flying piece of baton
94. …and still have the mark to prove it
95. You are currently a member of the White Collared Penguin Mafia
96. …and still don’t remember how you got in
97. … Or how to get out
98. You have been threatened to be blown away by a bazooka
99. …by your band director
100. …while he was holding a bassoon on his shoulder
101. You’re a bassoonist and have been asked if you have rabies
102. …and know they’re calling you a baboon
103. You know the german word for bassoon
104. …and love saying it
105. …and love telling that its faggot
106. You call the flutist ‘fruity’
107. you love to blow your faggot!
108. …you laughed at the last one
109. …because you know its true
110. Walkin’ and Talkin’ is your ringtone
111. You have been thrown into the wall by the bass clarinet
112. …with their whole body
113. You know every word to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’
114. At 11:30 at night, you have nothing better to do than make lists like this
115. …with your best friend
116. …and a ceramic heater
117. …’cause you’re in TN and its FREEZING
118. …even though the Floridian doesn’t think so
119. …but the other Floridian that moved to TN was a pansy
120. …just kidding, she’s a Rose
121. …You LOL’d at this
122. …’cause you know Rose
123. You’re afraid to sit on the band carpet
124. …because you know who’s emptied their spit valve there
125. …and you laugh at the unfortunate newbies
126. …who don’t know about it yet
127. You can recite the whole Beethoven movie (the musician people WORK W/ ME!)
128. …because you’ve seen it so many times
129. You looked back at # 121 and 122 and wondered what it had to do with band
130. …and actually pondered it
131. You wake up at 4 in the morning just for band camp
132. …and you got used to it
133. You think guitar hero is stupid and unrealistic
134. …and think they should make ‘Concert Band’ or ‘Classic Hero’ instead
135. You’ve left band with a half moon imprint on your forehead
136. … because you leaned on your trombone mouthpiece
137. …and fell asleep during the band director’s lecture
138. You take ‘Band Geek’ as a compliment
139. …and even wanted it as your band t-shirts
140. …but you stupid ------- band director said no
141. ….you understand that ----- is one of his forbidden nicknames never to be said
142. At one point your band director looked like a Unabomber
143. …and you enjoy this picture very VERY much
144. …and love the newbies faces when they see it
145. …and love the fact that now he’s bald
146. Your iPod is your life support
147. …and you cry when it dies
148. You’ve given nicknames to the other music programs
149. …like orcha-dorks
150. …and you tell them that you can kick brass/kiss your brass
151. …you love their faces when you say this
152. You wish you had aim
153. …so you could hit people with you trombone slide
154. …and pie your band director and not miss
155. …and never let it go
156. You like the thought of #154
157. …and have given the idea to him as a fundraiser
158. You know every band fundraiser is either cookies or candles
159. …and that no one will ever do it : )
160. …unless it’s that one drummer who has no life
161. …even in the band
162. … which is REALLY saying something
163. You think farting in your instrument is both insulting and amusing
164. …but you still felt bad for the instrument
165. …and have considered trying it
166. …but saw the effect on the first instrument
167. …and decided to save your ‘Baby’
168. You can hear any mosquito ringtone from a mile away
169. …and can name its pitch
170. You can be called flat
171. …and not know that they didn’t mean to adjust your instrument
172. …cause its your boobs! (courtesy of Sandy Roy)
173. You have a strange obsession with FLOAM
174. …and have been floam’D
175. …and clam’D
176. …and are wondering what this has to do with band
177. You have been shoved inside of a tuba
178. …1:to find out what died in it once for all
179. …2:just for fun
180. Everything you do MUST be connected to band
181. …including baking cookies
182. You are ashamed that you don’t know what a ‘melophone’ is
183. You just read this because it had the word "Band" in it
184. You realize that our keywords have NOTHING to do with this deviation : )







(although some pride was hurt)

(but we don't care about them)
Haha took Mandi and I like.... 2 hours to continue this!
we added from 62 and on...
Here's the original
Come on all you fellow bandos, give us fresh ideas!

L8R PEEPZ! ~Mandi
I like bananas. ♥Rose♥ aka. Pansy

(just kidding!)
Oh, btw thanks for everyone who gave fresh ideas for this continuation!
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SasoDei – Spring Awakening – Chapter 7

The Word of Your Body Reprise

Deidara was so nervous. Dammit, that Phantom wasn't going to show…No!! They were!! The blonde scratched the back of his head and look at himself in the mirror. The uniform which was to be his costume looked alright on him. He didn't bother to change his hair in anyway, and no way was he wearing makeup (aside from some eyeliner).

"That's a nice costume, Dei." The blonde recognised the voice and turned around giving a smile.

"Hello Konan. How do I look?"

"I'd give you the Pedo-Bear Seal of Approval!!" Deidara blinked at her in confusion. "…It's a joke…You look fine."

"Thanks, un…I think."

"You're welcome." She laughed gently. "So, who are you going to sing this duet with?"

Deidara gave a shrug. "Not sure, un. I just hope that they'll be here tonight…"

"Hey, if they don't then you could always just change the song into a solo."

He smiled at her. "Thanks Konan."

"No problem. Now I have to go, it's Akatsuki's turn to sing."

"Oh…Shit mine is after yours…"

Both of them made their way to the sides of the stage where the rest of Akatsuki were waiting for the cue to go onstage.

Deidara watched as the signal was given and they all went on stage to sing their song Stick to the Statue Quo from High School Musical.

"…I still say it isn't a musical, un…" Deidara gave a sigh and began thinking over the lyrics to his own song in his head to make sure that he knew the words.


Shit, his turn. He was just waiting for the signal…There it was. "Well, here goes nothing…"

Deidara walked onto the lightless stage, getting into position. He sat on the floor, facing the audience and slightly turned to his right. The lights came up and bells began to chime.

Please be here…

"The bells, un…" Deidara gave a smile as he started to act. "So peaceful…Sometimes I sit here, listening…And think about my future as a country pastor…My red cheeked wife…Children give me their hands when I go out walking, un…" The surprisingly large audience laughed at his act. Good, it was supposed to be a bit of a comic relief song anyway. A few seconds of silence ticked by. Come on, Phantom, it's your cue…Nothing… "Well-"

"You CAN'T be SERIOUS!!" Deidara felt his body go cold. The phantom…He looked to his left to see a familiar figure enter the stage…Sasori…Sasori was the Phantom? The audience laughed at the tone the red head spoke with. "It's all a lie…" Sasori sat down close to the blonde. "The content faces of the jury are simply an act to hide their jealousy…"

"J-Jealousy…" The blonde gulped. He was playing a naïve character, after all.

Sasori gave a subtle scoot closer to the blonde (which the audience noticed and laughed at). "Ernst, there are three ways a man can go in the world. He can let the Status Quo defeat him, like Moritz…He can rock the boat and get expelled, like Melchior…Or he can wait, and let the system work for him…Like me…" Sasori scooted closer to the blonde, giving a smirk. "You know, life is like a pail of Milk…Some men sweat, churning that milk into butter, like Gail…Some fret, and spill their milk…Then they cry all night about it, like Otto…But me…Well…" Here is comes… Sasori gave a seductive smirk at the blonde. "I'm like a Pussy Cat…I just skim off…The Cream…" The audience burst out into hysterical laughter at the innuendo.

Deidara pretended to be shy about it. "Wha-Well-Bu-P-P-P-Pussycat..." Music began to play. "Hanschen…"

Much to the audience's amusement, out of no where, Sasori pulled a microphone from inside his vest. He gave the blonde a smug expression and sung. "Come cream away the bliss…" the audience laughed. "Travel the world within my lips…Fondle the pearl of your distant dreams…" Sasori stood up and began to slowly circle the blonde. "Haven't you heard the word, of your Body? Ow, you're gonna be wounded, Ow you're gonna be my wound. Oh, you're gonna bruise two…" Sasori crouched down in front of Deidara once more, so close. "Oh, I'm gonna be your bruise."

Much to the audience's shock, Sasori leaned in and pressed his lips to Deidara's. They cried out, some in joy, some in shock, some in horror.

The kiss was quick and they pulled apart.

Deidara gave a shocked gasp. "Oh God~"

The red head smirked. "Mmmm, I know!!" The audience laughed at the arrogance of Sasori's character. "When we look back, thirty years from now, tonight will seem unbelievably…Beautiful…"

"A-And…In the meantime?"

The audience laughed again at the shock of the blonde's character. Sasori raised an eyebrow at Deidara. "Why not?"

They were both still for two seconds, before Deidara (much to the audiences shock once more) flung his arms around the red head. They pressed their lips together in a passionate kiss, tongues duelling for everyone to see. They seemed to get more desperate, Sasori grabbing onto the blonde's leg tightly. The audience was completely shocked, some cheering, some cursing loudly. After 10 full seconds off kissing, they had to pull apart so Deidara didn't miss his cue. "O-On my way here this afternoon, I thought perhaps we'd only…T-Talk…"

Sasori raised an eyebrow at him. "So are you sorry we-"

"No, I…" The blonde gave the red head a tender and true expression. "I love you, Sasori, as I have never loved anyone…" No one seemed to notice the name mix up.

Sasori gave the blonde a gentle smile. "And so you should."

The audience laughed again as Deidara swiped the microphone away from the red head, using it to sing. "Oh, I'm gonna be wounded, oh, I'm gonna be your wound~" Sasori grabbed onto the microphone, pulling it and the blonde closer so they would share the mic.

They began to sing in unison. "Oh, I'm gonna bruise you." For comedy, Deidara gave the red head a worried look at that line, which made the audience members who notice it laugh. "Oh, you're gonna be my bruise. Oh, you're gonna be wounded, oh, you're gonna be my bruise. Oh, you're gonna bruise to, oh, I'm gonna be your bruise."

They kissed again as the lights went out. Both were forced to stop the kiss before the lights came up again. They quickly got to their feet just in time for the lights to brighten up the stage. Sasori and Deidara connected hands and gave a low bow to the crowd. They were met with applause, cheers, and a few standing ovations.


Sasori quickly talked before the lights went off, using the microphone to get the audience's attention. "I would like to invite my good friend Pein to the stage." The audience's cheers died down as they waited to see what would happen next.

A confused Pein walked on stage. "Sasori? What-"

Deidara smiled at the audience. "Pein here is going to be singing the song 'I am the One Reprise' from the musical Next to Normal. Give it up for Pein!!"

Before Akatsuki's leader could reject the offer, Sasori had already handed him the microphone and the couple had already gotten off the stage. The music to the song began to play and Pein had no choice but to sing.

"…I am the one who loved you…I am the one who stayed…I am the one, and you walked away…I am the one who waited, and now you act like you just don't give a damn…Like you never knew who I am…"

The audience was shocked when a second figure appeared on the stage, seeming to have formed out of thin air. They slowly walked to the front of the stage, singing while Pein repeated the words 'Who I am' over and over. Tobi. "I am the one who knows you, I am the one you fear, I am the one who's always been here. I am the one who hears you, I know you told her that I'm not worth a damn…But I know you know who I am."

Pein gave a scowl. "Nope…"

Tobi frowned over at Pein. "I know you know who I am."

"Can't you just leave me alone?"

Tobi stomped his foot down. "I know you know who I am."

"Why didn't you go with her?!"

Tobi shook his head. "'Cause I'm holding on!!"

"Let me go."

"And I won't let go!!"

"Let me go!!"

Both turned so they were facing each other and began to sing in unison. "Yeah I want you to know!! I am the one who held you, I am the one who cried, I am the one, who watched while you died!! Yeah yeah yeah, I am the one who loved you; I tried pretending that I don't give a damn…"

Tobi gave a sad expression. "But you've always known who I am…"

Pein dropped his mic, an equally solemn expression. "…Madara…Tobi…"

The raven haired ghost gave him a gentle smile. "Hi Leader-Sama…"

They both moved together into the middle of the stage, giving the other a final embrace. The lights went out, and when they came back on, Pein was the only one standing their. He gave a low bow, and the audience cheered.

Goodbye Tobi.


"So explain Danna…"

Sasori gave a shrug, putting his arm around the blonde's waist. It was Thursday, and the lovers sat in the empty auditorium. All of the lights were turned off, as they had been when they got there.

"Where do I start?"

"Are you the Phantom, un?"

"…Sort of, I was the one who sung along with you the first time you came in here. I was in here almost every morning to listen to you talking. I had taken Hidan's headband in sport and put it on the stage, hoping that you would then suspect Hidan of being the Phantom. Instead you used it as a blindfold. Tobi wanted me to help you, but I was reluctant. He was the one who kissed you. I was a bit angry over it so I stormed out while you were still blindfolded. Does that answer the question?"

"Yeah…Okay, now where were you yesterday?"

"At home. I took the day off, but I decided to see the show so I came in the audience. While there, who would pop up in the seat next to mine but Tobi? He explained to me that yesterday was his fault, and-"

"Aww, you listen to Tobi but not me, un?" Deidara pouted.

"…So anyway, he told me it was his fault and wanted me to go up and sing with you. He convinced me into doing it eventually. Pein and Tobi used to be best friends. I talked around the Akatsuki group, and it turns out that they could all see Tobi as well. Only Pein refused to say he did see him. So I figured that Pein was just denying it, probably not wanting to reopen old wounds." Sasori gave a shrug. "That was the only thing keeping Tobi here. So now he is where ever people go after they die, when they aren't ghosts."

"…Where do you think they go, un?"

"Not sure…But you remember that statue? I reckon that he will look like that." They both chuckled gently.

"Yeah yeah, un, and he'll be an evil ninja." They laughed again and Sasori pressed their lips together. They held that position for several seconds before pulling apart.


"Deidara…The majority of Akatsuki have all agreed that…We want you to join us…And when I say majority, I mean everyone." The blonde smiled widely at Pein.

"Thanks, un…I'd be happy to join!!"

-x- Eight years later

Deidara looked down as the music began to play, singing gently. "Go, look at me, just go…Don't say anything, just go. I can't even walk across the room unassisted. So go, go away, there's nothing left to say. You won't have to walk and hold my elbow, hell no, just go." Sasori frowned and sat on the bed next to him, running a hand up his arm. The blonde flinched away from the touch. "Don't…Please don't touch my skin, because up to now I've been very strong…And so heroic, you wouldn't recognise me. Go, go good bye, 'cause if you make me cry, then I'll probably have to kill you." He scooted away from the red head as the audience laughed. "I will you, no, just go."

Sasori shook his head. "Sometimes you're a doozy, sometimes when you talk, I get so damn woozy, or so crazy."

Deidara laughed and smirked at Sasori. "I'm only a little crazy!!"

The red head moved closer to the blonde. "Go ahead and use me. Make a pass and I will save your ass." He put an arm around the blonde.

Deidara tried to pull away but Sasori wouldn't let him. "Go, look at me just go."

"I'm not going nowhere."

"Just go!!"

"And someone will hold you, later on."

"I cant even walk across the room unassisted, so go!! Go goodbye, 'cause if you make me cry…"

"Later on…"

"Then I'll probably have to kill you…" Deidara tapped Sasori on the hand, causing the red head to smirk.

"Then I'll probably have to kill you…" He tapped Deidara's hand as well.

Deidara frowned. "I will you know, just go…"

Sasori smiled at him gently, pulling him to his chest. "No…"

Deidara gave a warm smile as well and cuddled up to the red head's chest. "…No…"

Sasori chuckled gently. "Shmo."

The audience laughed as the lights turned down. Sasori and Deidara helped to move the set around for the next scene.

The other members of the cast patted them on the back to signify a job well done. They smiled at their co-workers and moved back stage. "Phew, un…I had trouble keeping character tonight." Deidara laughed.

Sasori kissed him on the forehead. "I think you did a good job, Brat."

"I vaguely remember you once telling me that you couldn't call me 'Brat' for the rest of our lives." Deidara smirked at the red head.

"Maybe I was lying, Brat." Sasori kissed the blonde on the lips. "Fine then. I think you did a good job, Love." Deidara smiled at him and pressed their lips together again in a passionate kiss. The twenty-four year old Broadway actors chuckled as they pulled apart. "I love you, Dei."

"That's more like it, un." Deidara chuckled and nuzzled the red head's neck. "I love you too, bastard."

"Awww." Sasori frowned. "Why you gotta be so cruel, Brat?"

"I'm just teasing, un." The blonde kissed the red head gently on the lips. "I love you, Danna."

"…" Sasori smirked at the blonde. "And so you should."

Not all people who like Musicals are Gay.
Just some of them are.
The End


Songs Sung/Mentioned-

Word of Your Body Reprise – Spring Awakening (A song about love (homosexuality))

I am the One Reprise – Next to Normal (A father singing to the ghost of his son)

Just Go – A New Brain
The end =D

The Word of Your Body Reprise- [link]

The Word of Your Body Reprise Scene- [link]

I am the One Reprise- [link]

Just Go- [link]
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"Mistress, please it's time to wake up now," a voice said. It sounded distant, like someone was calling me from a different world, "Come on death doesn't have you yet."
I opened my eyes slowly, the world slowly coming back into few. There was a still a sharp pain in my side and chest. I sat up breathing hard, my body was stained with blood but there was no wound or dagger.  "Sebastian?" I called. I felt a hand help me sit up, "My clothes please."
"Yes Mistress," he answered, "Are these yours Mistress?"
I looked at my clothing I had worn for so many years, "Yes."
"Does my Mistress not own any proper clothing?"
"Yes Mistress?"
"Shut up and help me dress before I catch a cold." I ordered.
"Yes Mistress," He replied.
He slipped my shirt over my head and frowned, "Something wrong Sebastian?" I asked.
"No Mistress, but might I suggest a bath when we return home?" he asked.
I chuckled and nodded, "Very well, But don't think you're getting the chance to put me in a dress, that is the one thing I won't allow."
"Very well, at least you will be clean."  He still had a frown upon his face, but he finished dressing me without another word.
I slid off the table, my vision slightly spinning, I gripped Sebastian's coat for support as I fought to remain standing, "Thank you Undertaker, I owe you, and I will repay you one day, Grell, my offer still stands, you can think about it until that day comes," I said.
"Anytime young lady, maybe next time you won't be so lucky and I can finally fit you for one of me coffins," the Undertaker laughed.
"Now Sebastian, we are staying at the manor here in London until the estate is rebuilt," I told him.
Sebastian nodded and gave a slight bow to the other too, then helped me outside. "I don't see a carriage for my Mistress, would you like me to call one for you?"
"No, there is my horse, she is all we need for now," I answered and began to walk toward Thunder. A few steps later I fell to the ground.
"Mistress," Sebastian exclaim. I was suddenly off the ground and cradled in his arms.
"I fine really I am; the Undertaker must have gotten a little over zealous when it came to killing me." I said with a faint smile.
"Why did you go to them for help, if I might ask," Sebastian asked.
"I knew no one else would kill me in order to bring a demon here, it's really simple to think about it," I answered.
Sebastian set me on the horse's back the leapt on behind, my head had started to throb and my eyes grew tired, "Rest yourself you Mistress, I will have you home shortly," Sebastian said.
I leaned back against his chest and watched the city pass by, "Sebastian? How can you be warm yet you heart doesn't" beat," I asked.
"Hmm, well I never really thought about that, I guess it would be part of my disguise, a normal human isn't as cold as death, so if I want to blend in then, I need to appear human on the outside," he answered.
I glanced up at him, a hint of a smile played on my face, "I'm the queen's new guard dog you know, it's going to be harder to find Ciel while I have work to do."
"Mistress might I ask you something?"
"Go ahead."
"How is it you know of me, Grell, the Undertaker, yet I have never heard you be mention?"
"I am known as the Queen's Shadow. I lived in the dark and shadows, it is my job to take care of any problem that the queen didn't want to give to Ciel, or if she wants a problem to remain a secret then it is my job to do so. I live my life in the shadows never to be seen except by those who are anger the queen and those who must be exterminated. You are the only one who has ever caught a glimpse of me."
"Really when was that?"
"When you first started to work for Ciel, I caught a vase that was almost broken, when Mey-Rin ran into the pillar, you noticed me as I slipped back into the shadows, no one has ever seen me before, I thought for sure I was caught, but you never came looking."
"I thought I had seen something, a rat maybe. Besides I had more important things to do then to go looking for a shadow."
"That's what everyone says, and that's why I am the best for the job, I don't exist, not even my parents, wanted to recognize the fact that I was alive, I shouldn't be, conceived and born outside of marriage. I am the child that shouldn't exist, so of course the queen took advantage of that."
"Are you saying that you don't enjoy the life you live?"
"Yes and no, yes I enjoy the job I do, I never had a problem with that, but I would have liked to have known my little brother. One night when he was seven, he heard me leaving; he came running down the stairs, holding his favorite stuffed bunny. He had been waiting up late at night trying to find the secret person who could beat his father at chess, I honestly didn't understand why. Anyway I hid myself, and watched as he looked for me, do you know who badly I wanted to go over to him?"
    Sebastian remained quiet, "It's like a curse you know, the one thing you want in the world will never be yours no matter how hard you try to get it."
We remained silent for the rest of the trip, "I wouldn't have expected that the manor here would have remained standing, not after the fire," Sebastian said as we stopped in front of the large manor.
"Pluto wouldn't have dared burn this place, it had your scent and even though the angel had control of him he was still loyal to you," I replied smiling.
"Hmm, so that mongrel was of some use then." Sebastian's face wore a slight frown again.
I laughed and slipped off the horse, "He's more useful then you give him credit," I let out a loud whistle and a few seconds later Pluto came running around the corner.
He ran past me and leapt onto Sebastian, "How is this thing still alive!"
"You should know that pure bullets can't kill a demon hound, I found him after the fires went out and brought him here and helped him heal," I replied, "You're in charge of him for now."
"Is that an order Mistress," his spat out.
"Yes it is," I replied smiling, "I know how you hate dogs, but I need Pluto, so you're just going to have to deal with it. Now I'm going inside to rest don't disturbed me until I call."
I went inside and headed up to the room I was staying in and shut the door, sighing, I went over to the mirror and looked at my right eye. The purple pentacle stared back at me, I stared at it for a while thinking, eventually I laid down on the bed and drifted off to sleep.
Chapter 4 of my fanfiction Her Butler
Sebastian is back and so is Pluto^^ i hated how they killed him so i brought him back just to piss Sebby off ^^

I own nothing but Beth^^

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