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        The full moon was still out and smoke could be seen far in the distance where the party had been. The smoke represented hot summer colors that were consuming the air below. The house is quiet even after putting the master to bed. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of small drops of rain falling on the roof and windows.

        Standing on the porch, Sebastian waited for Ramona to return to the mansion. The air is heavy with the smell burning flesh. Why should he start to care so much for her? They were two races that shouldn't be together even in the time when the world ends. These feeling that had been building up inside of him were not the feelings of jealousy or hatred but the feeling of wanting. He wanted something he could not have.

        Since he couldn't have it, he might as well destroy it. When Ramona came back, he said to himself that he would kill her but quickly by stabbing her in the heart like he had plan since the beginning.

        The day he had met Ramona was just like today. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder rumbled with it. Upon the lit up sky, Sebastian could see a person limping towards the mansion. This person looked tired and worn out. Her clothes were ripped and hair was  wet. Her pale skin practically glowed under the night's full moon and blood dripped from one of her shoulders.

        Limping a little farther until she was close to the mansion did she notice Sebastian waiting for her. His face was as stiff as a stone and his eyes glowed with boiling anger. Eyes blurry, Ramona fell forward almost hitting the ground until she felt a pair of arms grab her. Everything went dark before she saw the worry in his eyes.

        The world was black. The sound of snickering could be heard all around Ramona. It was sickening. There was nothing to be seen where she was. Ramona couldn't even see her hands. The air was thick and muggy. Every breath took effort and every step felt like lifting a three hundred pound rock. It was cold and Ramona was actually frightened. This was like the time when that person had come. That person was cruel, evil, revolting, malicious, hateful, harmful, and most of all selfish. Ramona was beginning to hear that person's last words to her before leaving to find him.

        "You cannot protect the ones you love without paying the cost for loving someone. Death will follow you soon enough and I will laugh at it when it happens….

        With a startling jolt, Ramona woke up to find herself in her room but there was something out of place in it. The broad figure standing in the corner in her room stood still and tensed. His eyes glowed bloody red in the dark.

        "To think that you survived with this sort of injury sort of surprises me." Sebastian chuckled to himself but there was something deep in his eyes that he was hiding from Ramona. Ramona only blinked a few seconds before asking him a question.

        "How long have I been out?" She asked. A long paused was taken and it made Ramona shiver.

        "Five days…" Sebastian whispered giving a grieving sigh.

        "You know. It's been harder without you here to help." Sebastian moved his hand through his hair. Sebastian seemed odder than his usual self to Ramona. His expression was so cold but it felt as though there was something that he wanted from her.

        "Spit it out Sebastian. What do you want to ask me?" Ramona said. Sebastian looked just a little surprised and smiled. Ramona's eyes lit up when he smiled at her. (fake)Coughing Ramona said, "I can't promise you that I'll answer your question though."

        "Well of course you wouldn't do it just like that." Sebastian started to walk towards the bed, climbing on it and…. Lying down. Ramona had though he was going to do something to her and had tensed up, ready to slit his throat. Like a therapist, Ramona listened to Sebastian's thoughts. He talked about how all the other servants were worried about her and weren't doing anything to help and how Ciel had told him to watch over Ramona. Then came the question.

        "Ramona, what happened at the party after Ciel and I left. There was something monstrous there but I couldn't… Figure it out while watching the young master and trying to prepare for your…. Uhm, return." Sebastian said his last words wisely trying not to make it sound like he had worried about her because he obviously didn't.

        "…Do you trust me?" Ramona asked him, looking in the other direction, waiting for his response. Another long pause came after that. The sun was starting to rise and Sebastian had many things to do now that Ramona was awake. It's not like this was a hard question but she was a guardian angel sworn to protect the young masters life. She's reliable but she wasn't…. Trustworthy.

        Bluntly he said, "No." Once the words were out of his mouth, Ramona turned to look at him with cool steady eyes.

        "Then I cannot tell you a thing. If you cannot trust me, how can I trust you?"

        Three days had passed since then. Ramona was back on her feet and doing what was required of her everyday to serve the Phantomhive residence and protect the young master. Ciel had been quite relieved to hear that Ramona was better. He shouldn't lose such a valuable and reliable person just yet.

        Ciel had been really busy this week due to children coming to visit the toy factory. Sebastian was already preparing him t go check out his company. Sebastian putting on the young master's shoes spoke up with determination.

        "I'm going to bring Ramona with me to the company." Sebastian suddenly stopped tying the young master's shoe and his face was stiff but then he smiled and went back to tying it.

        "If that's what you wish for, young master."  Sebastian whispered. After finishing up with the master he went to the kitchen to prepare for tonight's dessert for dinner. Walking in, he found himself staring at Ramona who was already putting the top crust of a cherry pie.

        Ramona looked up to see who had entered the kitchen. When she saw the demon she turned around quickly and put the pie in the oven.

        "I've already made tonight's dessert and now I'll be dusting the guest bedrooms after I clean up in here." Ramona said. Cleaning up the kitchen, Sebastian just watched her in…anticipation, as if something were going to happen any moment now.

        Ramona kept dodging Sebastian's eyes because she knew that her cheeks would turn pink but her eyes would glare at him. How could he not trust her! She's a guardian angel and they always keep their promise. Sebastian knows that Ramona wouldn't do anything to Ciel and would protect him with her life but befriending one of them (more like loving) would screw his already long but patient life.

        Finishing up cleaning the kitchen, Ramona got up patted her maid outfit to get the flour off and walked towards the door where Sebastian still looked at her. Keeping her head low she past him but while doing so a gulf of her scent passed through Sebastian's nose. She smelled so good and intoxicating.

        Before Ramona knew it, Sebastian had grabbed her writs and had pulled her into a deep embrace. Not daring to look up to show her feelings, she tried to loosen his grip on her so she could get away him. Not letting go, Sebastian pulled her out of the hallway into the kitchen so the others wouldn't see them. Ramona still fought on trying to not let her feelings get in the way of her job.

        "Ramona", Sebastian said in a smooth velvety voice. Just the sound of his voice like this made Ramona stop struggling and made her heart rate rise. Staying in that position, they just let both of their emotions flood back into one another. Sebastian gently moved Ramona's chin up so he could see her face. It was bright with color and something else... Sebastian gave into temptation and lowered down to kiss her beautiful pink lips. Ramona kept her eyes closed, ready to feel his lips touch hers. Before that could happen though. Ramona sensed those things racing towards the mansion right towards Ciel's office.

        Snapping out of her trance she pushed Sebastian away and raced towards where Ciel was. Her heart was humming but those monsters were closing in. Reaching Ciel's door, Ramona kicked it open. Ciel shocked out of his mind got up from his chair and started to yell at Ramona for her attitude and for kicking down the door.  Ramona had no time for scolding and grabbed the young master by the waist and put him on her shoulder. She started to hear the glass windows break and without any hesitation ran out of the office and towards her room. Reaching her destination she sprinted in and put the young master on her bed and opened her dressers door to find her special weapon for times like these. Before she could pull it out she heard the wailing cries of those monsters being destroyed.

        Ramona stood still and looked into her dressers mirror. A small drop of sweat could be seen on her forehead running down to her chin. Ramona's eyes were changing into a different color, a bright glowing red. Ciel looking back at her in the mirror and saw this new transformation.

        Quickly, Ramona put both of her hands to her eyes and walked straight over to where Ciel sat and plopped down on the bed. Trying to calm herself she said,

        "To think that I'm so rattled up just because of a few of Shadows." The air in the room was becoming more constricting. With each minute passing by and no monsters attacking the manor Ciel knew that Sebastian had stopped whatever had tried to attack him but why was Ramona so upset at this?

        Before he could say anything, footsteps could be heard in the hallway coming closer to Ramona's door. Ramona, tensing up again, still held her hands to her eyes but waited for that dark figure to appear at her door and ask for entrance.

        As expected the footsteps had stopped right at her door. She steadily and calmly stood up from the bed and looked directly into Sebastian's eyes where she held his gaze. His eyes weren't a bright red but blood could be seen on his uniform and splattered on his face. Smiling he bowed in front of her.

        "May I come in?" he asked.

        "No." Ramona said. Ciel being the only one confused just watched the atmosphere build up even more.

        "Why not?" Sebastian questioned her keeping his eyes on the ground.

        "Because you're a demon." Ramona said flatly looking down at the somewhat agitated demon then looking at Ciel. Ciel was obviously confused. With a heavy sigh, she curtsied to the young master; bowing her head low in submission and said she was sorry.

        Trying to take everything in, Ciel forgave her and went to the door where Sebastian was waiting for him.

        "Took you long enough." Ciel grunted. Sebastian, putting on a fake smile and apologized. Ciel looked down the hallway and as expected, all traces of a fight were gone except for the blood on Sebastian.

        Ramona was enraged. Her eyes were glowing a deep bitter red. She wasn't mad at Sebastian but supposedly she was mad at herself. She wasn't prepared for an attack like that and instead of killing them off herself and saving Ciel, she saved Ciel but now owed that disturbed and disgusting demon!

        Dusting off the shelves in the main library and putting books back where they belonged, Ramona couldn't help but take her rage out on her chores.

        Mew, Ramona heard a small voice come from behind her. Sitting on the piano's stool was a black cat with yellow eyes. It stared at her for a moment then looked away and started grooming itself. Ramona feeling more relaxed after seeing the cute night black cat gave a small smile.

        On the way to the main library, Sebastian remembered when Ramona had said because you're a demon and couldn't get it off his mind now. Those words had struck him in an unlikely sickening way. Just because he was a demon, he couldn't enter her room. She had put barrier signs around the walls and such that would only allow those she accepted into her room.

        Because of their races, they couldn't be together. No, they weren't suppose to be together. They were already breaking the rules but Sebastian was tempted by this guardian angel. She was so fascinating and different from the others. In the end, would she get in the way of him and Ciel though?

        Deep in thought, Sebastian reached the library and quietly opened the door to see Ramona dusting the shelves. With sudden horror, Sebastian saw his cat, Isabel jump onto the pianos stool! And just when he was about to pick her up, it was too late she mewed one of her glorious mews! The world felt like it was coming to an end! If the young master heard of him keeping cats in the mansion, he would for sure be scolded and betold ordered not to play, talk to, or get near cats ever again.

        Watching in terrible horror, he saw Ramona turn around and gaze at the cat with hard eyes. But when the cat didn't run away and just looked up at her expectantly, Ramona's mood changed. She wasn't as tense. Giving a small smile, Sebastian watched as she put down the duster, sat on the piano stool, and petted Isabel. Isabel's purr was so magnificent; it made Sebastian's heart flutter.

        Still hiding, Sebastian listened to Ramona's conversation with Isabel.

        "You know it's all because of that demon that I'm in this terrible mood. I was about to save Ciel and kill the Shadows but he had to butt in and now I'm in debt to him." Ramona started to rub under Isabel's chin and her purr grew even louder. Ramona's shoulders relaxed even more and her smile grew wider.

        "If only that demon trusted me, then I could trust him back maybe…" Ramona longed for him to trust her and Sebastian could tell. Would Sebastian be able to forget their differences and trust her? Was she trustable? Making up his mind, Sebastian smiled and walked into the room.

        Ramona having all of those feelings rushed back into her, grabbed the cat and kept it in her arms. The cat didn't seem to mind and purred even more.

        "Good evening, Ramona." Sebastian said affectionately.

        "Good evening, Sebastian." Ramona said a little bitter. Meeting eye to eye Ramona knew Sebastian had something to say. Not hesitating any longer Sebastian said, "Will you tell me the truth?"

         Ramona a little confused looked up at him with questioning eyes.

        "What do you mean?" Ramona asked. The cat started to struggle in her arms. Letting her go, the cat ran off somewhere else in the library.

        "About those things you call Shadows and about you coming to the Phantomhive residence." Sebastian was losing his patience. Whenever it came to Ramona, his patience always thinned quicker than when he talked to others. Ramona aggravated spit her next words out.

        "And why should I?" Sebastian giving a warm smile walked closer to Ramona and said his next words in a cheerful whisper.

Because I trust you
I finally had time to write a chapter for my story. I'm sorry it took me so long! Only 14 more days of school then its summer!

Next I'll be working on Chapter 2 of The Huntress then I'll be working on a Commission I promised to do. ^^

Word Count: 2,633


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- Doa (Wabisabi)

Commissions are open!

Next Chapter: Chapter 8 - The Truth
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Goodnight, Girl Ghost
By Schofield Alan

Three tornadoes came through one after the other, swiftly erasing the livelihoods of the men and women of Northern Alabama.  Six schools and over one thousand houses lie crumpled in their wake, hallowed of life and happiness, wrecked in the wet heat.  Nature's a bully.  Every school within a seventy-mile radius suddenly got crowded.

Dale pushed against the crowd to get to the drinking fountain.  He thought he could handle a baggie of the spicy chips his dad likes, but he was dreadfully wrong.  The hallway circulated like a clotted artery.  Dale's red yes pixilated his vision with their moisture.  Yelling, cussing, laughing, lockers slamming, everyone making out or fighting, but no one ever moving.  Dale's whole face was smoldering.  He ducked and shoved hard through the denim jungles to the fountain.


He threw the chips in the garbage.  He would tell his dad that they were all right, but they weren't his favorite.  His dad would know the truth right away and laugh.  

Dale slipped into the current that ran past the cafeteria.  Chicken patty day.  Very decent.  The kids from the tornado schools sat together.  Dale didn't really like the kids he sat with.  They made fun of his racing shirts and his big front teeth and the haircut his mom gave him; buzzed with bangs and longer in the back.  But he'd rather stick to the kids he was used to than be isolated.  There was something stupid and primal about it, but whatever.

Fourth grade sucked so far.  Cursive was pointless, division was hard, and Dale liked history, but most of the time, Dale got the feeling the teacher didn't really know what she was talking about.  First, second, and third grade had been this way too.  

Dale was eating lunch when he looked up to find a girl in the rafters.  She looked like a spider up there, all legs and a camera.  He saw it flash.  The spider girl looked at him then ducked out through a skylight window.  That was weird.

"HEY!"  Dale was shuffling his way out of the cafeteria with the loud, fighting, kissing masses when he heard someone yell this behind him.  A hand touched a special place on his shoulder- it made him feel good, which in turn, made him uneasy.  Dale spun around to face the spider girl.  

"Let me show you something!" she yelled over the static.  She pulled him into a nearby door, a kitchen pantry, where a couple high-schoolers were making out, unfazed.  

"Ew.  What?" said Dale, annoyance masking his uncool curiosity.  She held up the camera and Dale looked at the screen.  The cafeteria photo.  "So? he asked.  

"Look!" she said although Dale already was, "You're the only one looking at me."  Dale easily spotted himself well-lit under a skylight in the center of the picture.  He thought he looked cool with that suspicious detective cop look on his face.  "Isn't that cool?"

"I guess so.  How's you get up there?"

"Climbed a ladder thing outside.  I've been working on my candid's.  All I usually get are shots of popular girls giving me weird looks.  I'm not very sneaky."

Dale considered the girl's arbor height, her legs sticking miles out of her shorts, which she probably outgrew two years ago.  "No kidding," he said.  She giggled.

"Do you like the way you look here?"

"I guess, whatever."

"Can I take more pictures of you?"

"… I don't know."  Dale noticed how close his hand hung to the girl's bare legs and became nervous, which was also uncool.

"No one else wants to.  All the girls think they're so freaking pretty, but will they let me take their picture?  NO.  It don't make sense.  I know they think I'm weird, but I never spazz out or hurt no one."

"Maybe they don't want their pictures taken because the really don't think they're pretty.  They just act like it."  Dale looked at everything around them except her eyes, which were burning brilliant holes through him; Powdered cheese, powdered sauce, powdered gravy, powdered marinara, powdered eggs, powdered milk… all nothing without water.  Water must be pretty important for things like lunchtime.  

"But they are pretty," she protested.


"And you!  Look at you in this shot!  You look like a freaking super-hero!  Please let me take your picture, my portfolio needs model work or I'll never go pro!"

"I ain't no model!"

"It's just what they call it.  Please, just meet me after school?"

The pantry door flung open.  "OUT!" yelled the lunch lady.

They were walking a trail in a wooded area behind the school.  "What's your name anyway?" asked Dale.

"Velma," she mumbled.

"Wilma???"  Dale scrunched his nose.

"Velma," Velma said, loud and robotic, "It's my grandma's name."

"Yikes.  Do you have a middle name?" asked Dale.

"No.  My parents said if they gave me a middle name, I wouldn't go by Velma.  They're right too."

"That kind of sucks."

"Shut up, I know.  What's your name?"  Velma checked the camera battery.

"Dale.  After Dale Earnheart."


"Are you kidding me!?  He's like the John Cena of racecar driving!"

"Was he in that movie?" Velma tested the light.


The two arrived at a clearing where an awesome ramp was set up next to an awesome bike.

"Awesome!" said Dale.

"Oh good, you ride then?"

"UH.  Yeah!"  Dale mounted the awesome bike and began to pedal full blast into the woods-

"Wait!" called Velma.  Dale spun around by hammering the back brake.  Dust floated behind him, naturally filtering the sunlight.  "When you hit the ramp, close your eyes."

"What?  Why?"

Velma pointed to herself, "Photographerrrrrr," then to Dale, "Suuubjeeeect.  Just do it!"  And Dale did.  He pedaled fast and hard so his legs burned then hit the ramp going 270, a trickle of fire rippled behind him.  Dale pulled up on the handlebars for maximum vertical and closed his eyes.  At one point before positive G's became negative G's, he felt himself hit zero.  For a split-second in the breezy darkness, Dale was absolutely nothing.  And it felt crazy good.

"Lemme see the picture," Dale demanded, dropping the awesome bike.

"No!  Sorry.  I don't like to let the subjects see themselves.  They see something random they don't like about their expression and try to change it, and it always makes them look like tards."

"Fine.  This is dumb anyway.  Whatever," Dale turned his back-

"Wait, ok!  Ok.  Just this once, you can see, but just this one time.  Until we're done.  Deal?"  Dale ran over to see.  It was remarkable.  He looked like a warrior angel.  

"Oh my God you look amazing!"  Velma's eyes widened, marveling.  Dale just stared and smiled.  Velma had just given him something.  She had made him awesome.  And Dale liked being awesome.

"Where else should we go to take pictures?" Dale asked.

"I don't know.  I planned on this taking longer.  I never nail it on the first shot."

"Wanna do more in the school?"

"I'm bored with the school…" Velma gasped, "Wait!  You're a refugee aren't you?"

Dale didn't know what that was.  "No!"

"Yes you are, you're a kid from one of those tornado schools, your school was wrecked right?  You HAVE to take me there!"

"We're not allowed."

"Ok, if anyone tells us not to, we'll just do some shots around it, ok?  Please!  We have to, it would be totally freaking amazing!"  Velma's enthusiasm felt good.  It made Dale see her differently.  She was prettier.  To ride to his old school with the pretty girl who made him awesome… Dale said sure.  

After the hot part of the summer, the cicadas would leave their shells behind.  That's what the tornadoes had done; left behind giant crumbled shells.  Dale rode his bike right in through the main entrance.  No one was there.  He slowed his rocketing to a soulful saunter.  

"That pile is where the stage was, where we did the Christmas junk," said Dale, "I got a solo in Christmas Don't Be Late last year."

"Aww, could you sing for me, Dale?" Velma chirped.

"No.  This is the sixth grade hallway, what grade are you in?"


"Then this is where you would be.  Right here."  Dale parked the bike and sat on a dust-coated desk.

"And how do you know that?" Velma clicked on the camera.

"I just do," he said.  Velma walked behind the teacher's desk.  The window adjacent had been shattered and debris was strewn across the desk's surface.  Velma pulled a drawer open to find a confiscated music player.  She threw it to Dale.  Dale put the headphones in and hit play.  Velma started shooting.  The music was loud and had too many cusses in it.  He tore the headphones off and launched the device at the overturned TV at the front of the room.  It made a sharp, satisfying pop.  Dale ran to stand atop the TV and yelled, "I have defeated technology!"

Velma burst with laughter, "You are so freaking weird."  She reached in another drawer and pulled out a small glass bottle of what they knew to be alcohol.  "The teachers at your school had problems!" she said through the sock and hilarity.

"Throw it!" Dale dared.

"Uh, better idea.  Come here.  Sit here.  Turn.  Good!  Now throw your feet up on the desk.  Good!  This looks good.  Now take a drink, Detective Dale!"  The dust's non-committed meandering grained the sparse setting sunlight.  The shredded tatters of drywall had turned everything gray.  Desk.  Brown, glass bottle.  Yeah.  This looked like a scene from a Detective movie.

Dale got a drop passed his lips, igniting his throat and lungs with cough.  "Dear LLLORD!"  It tasted like sour fire and he wondered briefly if someone could die just by the taste of something.  He handed the stuff to Velma who smelled the damp lip.

"Smells like polish remover."  She took a sip and just began to cry.  "UGHHH!  That's so freaking gross!"

Dale cleared his throat and said still choking, "If it's so gross, why do grownups drink it all the time?"

Velma chucked the bottle onto the broken TV and music player.  "Grownups do a lot of things they hate just for the sake of doing them."

They found some bags of chips in the cafeteria and snacked, but the lava and fish taste stilled burned on their breaths.  "We gotta find something to drink," said Dale.

"Well, the pluming's all been shut off.  Do you have vending machines?  I bet the teachers lounge does," Velma said, tossing Dale a loaf of break.  

Dale opened and took a bite.  "Yeah.  That's by the art room."  Dale's eyes sparked.  He jumped up on the bike and yelled, "Come on!"  Velma jumped onto the back pegs and put her hands on that special place on Dales shoulders.  The two careened down a hallway swerving the chunks of failed architecture on the grainy tiles.  Then they skidded to a stop.  

"So…" Dale began, hesitating to enter, "Just real quick- and I don't care what the answer is, I just wanna know… Are you like… a ghost?"

Velma's eyebrows scrunched into the middle of her forehead.  "Wow.  Really?  Are you seriously asking me this?"

"Well because my parents watch a lot of movies and whenever two people go into a strange place where nobody's around, one person'll die or disappear or something.  Then the other person would talk to someone about it and find out the person who disappeared had been dead for a hundred years or something.  Ya know?"  Dale shrugged practically and leaned on the art room doorway.

A smile swelled across Velma's face.  "Dale, for all I know, you're the ghost!"

Dale popped his head forward, "What?"

"Sure!  I mean like, the ghost never knows they're a ghost.  You could have died right here in this school!  In the freaking tornado."

"Well then maybe we're both ghosts."  Dale looked at the ground for things to kick.

"That's it!" Velma reached out and grabbed Dale's arm, "Let's both be ghosts together!  Just for tonight at least."

Dale stared into her eyes, her smile and felt his awesomeness throb like a wad of lightning in his chest.  "Sure," he said, "I'll be a ghost with you."

"Good!" Velma put her hand back down at her side.  "What are we doing at the art room?"

Dale suddenly realized where they were and resumed his train of thought and although he was now a ghost, he was somehow nervous.  "Oh.  Yeah, ok… um.  Well when the tornadoes hit, they brought with them these um… creatures like from space?"

"Aliens?" Velma's face remained studious and attentive to Dale's relief.

"Yeah!  Yeah.  And they turned everything this gray color, see it's everywhere.  And they did that because they're gray too so they blend in and also- this is the important part- color kills them.  If they touch color, they die."

"Paint!" Velma realized, "We have to get paint- tons of it!"  They ran into the art room- their arsenal- to prep for battle.  They filled what remained of the little clay jars with paint.  They poured yellow and orange into buckets, Dale had found a mop, Velma pulled a chair out.  "Sit for a second."  Dale did.  Velma dipped her thumb in a red and began to decorate his face for war.  Green arrows, blue lightning bolts, yellow flames.  She turned Dale's face into a medieval apocalypse.  Then she handed Dale the paint and he turned her face into a fluorescent garden.  Smiling she said, "You look like a freaking beast!"

"Shh!"  Dale's eyes narrowed… "They're here."

"It's time, Dale.  You're a warrior ghost.  Now color them dead!"  Yelling this, Velma bolted up and ran behind the teacher's desk.  Dale roared a battle cry and kicked the mop up into his ghost paws.  He jammed the weapon down into the yellow bucket, then the orange.  The graybeasts lunged from their ceiling crawl.  Dale smashed one with an overhead hammer swing, then swung the orange mallet up and across diagonally, color-slicing a screeching graybeast in half.  Dale delivered a crushing sidekick to one as it lunged foolishly forward and brought the mop down upon its head, exploding it.  With each swing, orange and yellow comets soared across the room, leaving their dripping trails to commemorate their journeys. Velma, while photographing the mayhem would yell, "Right!" "Left!" "Behind you!"  

Once the immediate close combat threats were neutralized, Dale switched his focus to long-range assaults. Dale urgently surveyed the room then yelled, "Watch out!"   He launched the mop like a battleaxe at the wall behind Velma, cutting through two graybeasts before pulverizing the beast set to pounce on Velma.  


"There are too many of them!" Dale cried now weaponless.  

"No there's not!  Think of something!"

And Dale did.  He flung his shirt off and dunked it in the buckets.  He jumped up on top of a desk and flailed the paint-drenched shirt around over his head then side to side in a figure 8 pattern.  The paint bulleted around the room, through the vulnerable skin of the graybeasts, lit by the strobe of Velma's camera flash.  Dale felt like a human grenade and he was.  An awesome grenade.

"Yes!" Velma cheered over the war cries, "You're doing it!  Come on, this way!"  Velma covered her head, grabbed the mop and ran out into the hallway.  Dale followed, slaying the graybeasts in his path.  "In here!"  Velma pushed Dale into another room.  The teacher's lounge.  A chunk from the ceiling exposed the night.  Seeing this, Dale said, "I have to get on the roof to see if more are coming!"

"What?  Dale, that's insane- what roof?  It's just junks for plaster, you'll fall!"  Velma whapped a beast across the face.

"I'll be fine, trust me!"  Dale kicked himself up the debris and through the hole.  Seconds later, he came crashing back through the ceiling onto the couch.  He coughed and said, "See?  I'm fine.  That's the last of them I think … except… I thought I saw one on the roof, did he fall through with me?"

A tense moment passed before Velma yelled, "DUCK!"  Dale slammed back onto the couch, as Velma launched the mop over his head.  It struck glass with a great shatter.  Dale looked up to see a vending machine, wrecked wide open.

"You got him."  The two drank lukewarm grape pop and ate plastic-wrapped pastries on the roof-covered couch.  It was a decadent victory feast under full-fledged moonlight.  

A monstrous cough broke their elation.  It came from the adjoining lounge.  Velma and Dale froze solid as an old man shuffled into the room and collapsed on an easy chair across from them.  In his one hand he held a brown, glass bottle (similar to the one from before) and in the other hand and orange bottle with a white cap.  He had a muddled, gray beard and a bald head with dirty, charcoal puffs on the sides.  His eyes were so sunken, they might have been open or closed or might not have been at all.  He had that polish remover tinge with a sewer-y twist, and he looked like a rotting onion.

"Huh," he grumbled, only the slightest bit surprised by the paint.  His eyes revealed themselves as red and black smears, which wheeled across the room, up to the ceiling, and down to where it had fallen- where Dale and Velma were sitting.  "Do I know you?" the old man managed with a tongue he could hardly feel.

"Um.  Mr. McCaffrey?"  Dale knew this man as a teacher.  A tie-wearing, clean-shaven, bright-eyed sage.  But those traits were worn off leaving this cicada shell.  "I went to this school-"

"That's right!" McCaffrey pointed, "Dave!"


"Dale.  Mr. Dale, that's right, I'll be damned," said Mr. McCaffrey with great, daunting breaths, "But I don't know you.  Who are you?"

"I'm… my name's Velma, I go to North Alab-"

"Velma?  I'll be damned that's my mother's name." McCaffrey drank the last of the bottle and put it beside him on the floor.  He twisted the cap off a pill bottle in the opposite hand, but found it empty.  "Well then.  Velma.  Dale.  What're ya doing here- if you are here?"

"We're…" Dale began, fearing pending trouble contingent on this response.  

"Being ghosts," Velma finished, "We're being ghosts and taking pictures."

"Being ghosts huh?" McCaffrey forced a chuckle.

"Yeah," confirmed Dale, "Do you wanna be a ghost with us, Mr. McCaffrey?"

Mr. McCaffrey settled back in his chair smiling.  "Oh," he lit a cigarette, "I never got the time to be a ghost.  See, my mother died when I was six and my dad was a drunk so I took care of my baby sisters and the house.  Went to work.  No, that time was taken from me, just like everything-" he slammed a fist into the armrest, scaring his audience, "Everything was taken from me!  Cancer took my mom.  Another man took my wife.  Twisters took my home.  My job.  Hell of a thing., being in the… the path of the tornado." McCaffrey chuckled out some sick-smelling smoke.  "But, I suppose I'm tired of being taken from now.  I'd no time to be a ghost."

Velma swallowed and said, "But what about now?"

"Now?" McCaffrey growled, "It's too late now- oh!" his face flushed with fear.  His eyes tear-brightened.  "Oh I see.  You're here to take me.  Is that it?  … Yeah.  I suppose it's … about time." McCaffrey lifted his eyes to the hole in the roof and whispered, "Ah, the stars are out," then the brightness faded from his eyes like headlights on a car driving too far into the night.

"Mr. McCaffrey?" said Dale.  He looked at Velma who had a hand over her mouth and eyes horribly wide.  It was the look in Velma's eyes that assured Dale that Mr. McCaffrey had not just nodded off.  "Is he dead?"

Velma calmed her eyes, wiped her face, and breathed deeply.

"I never knew no one who died," said Dale, fascinated and sad, "Should we say something?  You know?"

Velma did not look away from McCaffrey as she popped the lid off a jar of blue paint.  They painted a river under McCaffrey's eyes and yellow dots starred his eyelids.  Hearts with wings and birds flew down his head, across his brow.  Velma unbuttoned the stained, plaid shirt and pressed a yellow handprint onto his heart.  Dale pressed his small, orange hand on top of it.  After Velma snapped a photo, the two straddled the bike and rode away in silence from the vibrant catacomb.  

"Where are we going?" Velma finally whispered.

"You'll see."  Dale rode on easily until they came to two doors.  One said boys, the other said girls.  Dale went through the boys door.  Velma walked toward the girls door, then stopped and decided to follow Dale into the boys.  It was a locker room, with the lockers toppled here and there slowing their walk.  Dale opened the door to the pool.

The water as still as the night sky, which was reflected on its surface from a trailer-sized opening in the roof.  The kind stars gave the grim view solace.  The night breeze was warm, but shirtless Dale began to shiver.

"It's beautiful," Velma aimed and clicker her camera, then looked back at chilly Dale, "Are you cold?"

"No," Dale lied.  Being cold is uncool.

"Let's make a fire!" Velma whispered with a hop.  Dale smiled and held up McCaffrey's lighter.  "You're a freaking genius!"  Velma hopped three more times and the two began to gather the pieces of school that didn't land in the water.  The debris had mostly filled the shallow end of the pool, causing the deep end to overfill.  They piled the kindling by the shoreline.  The burnable material was bountiful and soon, the altar had surpassed Dale's stomach height.  It burned easily.  As Dale fed the fire, Velma created a nest out of clean gym towels.  They slouched in the bleach-y folds and confronted exhaustion.

"Do you think your Mom and Dad are worried?" Dale asked.

"What's there to worry about," said Velma, "I'm already dead."  Dale whipped his head around to see Velma failing to contain a broad smile.

He shook his head and smiled too.  "Whatever.  My parents watch Seinfeld around this time, you seen that show?"


"It's stupid, but I like watching it."  Velma held the camera out in front of their faces and shot.  "Dah!"  Dale rubbed his eyes.

"Sorry, bright," said Velma, "Do you wanna look at the pictures now?"

"No.  You said I can't look at them 'til we're done.  I don't wanna be done."

Velma rested her head on Dale's shoulder, "Me neither.  Hey.  Do you think ghosts can hold each other?  Or would they just go through each other like the wind?"

Awesome Dale scratched his head, "I think it's like water," he said, "Like when you pour water into water, they're made of the same stuff so it would be just like one full glass of water.  It's too bad ghosts can't have guns.  A ghost with a gun would be unstoppable.  They should make a movie like that.  Hmm."

A silent moment passed in reverence of itself.  The stars steadfast in their gaze, water calm in its solace, fire wild by nature.  The two in the towel nest reveled in the harmony.

"I'm going to sleep now," said Dale, "Goodnight, ghost girl."

Velma brushed a finger over his forehead and said, "Goodnight, ghost boy," but she didn't go to sleep just then.  She sat staring at the fire and thinking about water..
This is about how essential an imagination is to being human. There are a lot of open ends here, intended for you to use your imagination and consider all the possibilities. Discuss and enjoy.
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SasoDei – Beauty and the Beast

Part 2

Deidara pushed open the giant wooden door, entering the large dark fortress. Gargoyles and other stone creatures seemed to watch each move he made with their solid, yet fierce, eyes. "Gee…I wonder who lives here…Maybe if I wander around aimlessly I'll somehow find my way to wherever my father is…" Deidara gave a sigh and started up the flight of stairs. "Hello? Anyone here, un?" The blonde looked around, grabbing hold of a silver candleholder which was burning brightly. "Dad!! Where are you, un?!"

"DEIDARA?! ABOUT TIME YOU COME TO RESCUE ME!!" The blonde rolled his eyes and followed the sound of the voice. Deidara emerged in a cold, dark, dungeon.

"…This is so cliché, I bet that some old witch lives here or some undead knight…" The blonde placed the silver candleholder on the floor next to the cell. "You in there, Dad?"

"DAMN WELL I'M IN HERE!! NOW GET ME OUT!!" The door rattled as Onoki kicked against it. "OW!! MY BACK!!" Deidara gave a sigh, trying to think of a way to get him out of their.

"Maybe I could use that candle to burn the door down…" Deidara frowned at the silver candleholder. "Na, that would take too long…Well, I guess you're stuck in there forever, Dad, un." There was a shriek of rage from behind the door. "Chill, Onoki, I'm just messing." Deidara stood up. "I'll go home, get the axe, and then come back here. Be right-"

There was a loud crash next to him and Deidara jumped to the right in fright, looking to his left. A flash of metal retreated into the darkness, out of the blonde's sight. What the hell was that?

"Leave now." Deidara blinked as he saw a large shadow looming in the darkness. He was unable to make out what it was, but its voice was very deep and raspy.

"Okay, don't have to tell me twice, un." Deidara waved his hands in submission. "I'll just take my father and we'll be out of your hair…Or fur…Or whatever it is you have considering I can't see you…" The blonde's eyes widened slightly as something sharp and shiny was pointed threatening at his neck. It was the thing from before. "Is that a scorpion tail, un?" The blonde took hold of the metal weapon, moving it away from his neck and beginning to examine it. "That's so cool!!" The tail flicked out of his hands, back into the darkness.

"You've got some nerve, princess, but that won't be enough to save your father. You see, he is my prisoner, and I'd rather he rot in there than leave me." Deidara opened his mouth to tell the creature that he was actually a boy, but he was shut up as the cold scorpion tail caressed his cheek dangerously. "But why don't we make a trade? You stay here with me forever, and your father may go."

Deidara frowned, trying to think of what to do. "YEAH!! LET'S DO THAT!! YOU HAVE MY 'DAUGHTER' AND LET ME GO!!" The blonde glared at the door. Gee, thanks Dad.

Deidara looked back at the figure. "…Can you step into the light?" The scorpion tail disappeared into the dark again, as the shadow took an almost hesitant step forward. The light from the silver candlestick holder's candles shone upon the creature's frightening form. Deidara's eyes widened as a Beast was revealed. It had a pair of cold, bloodshot eyes, and weird spikes coming out of the top of its head like furry horns. The Beast walked on four legs, each ending in ghastly brown animal paws. It wore a normal pair of clothes, though somewhat tattered at the hems. It also wore a long, billowing black cape which was patterned with red and white clouds. Behind the Beast arched the scorpion tail threateningly. The lower half of the creature's face was hidden by a coarse black bandana, and its body was covered in a layer of long brown fur. Deidara blinked at it. "Well, I wasn't expecting a Beast, un. Consider myself surprised." The blonde grinned at the creature, holding a hand out. "My name is Deidara. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, monsieur, and I must say what a dashing castle you own."

"Cut it out, Brat, I don't care what your name is. You're my prisoner now." Deidara clicked his fingers in dismay, giving a slight curse under his breath. The beast's tail flew forward, crashing against the door (which turned out to have actually been unlocked anyway). It swung open, revealing the figure of Onoki from behind. The creature grabbed the old man, and pushed the blonde into the cell instead, locking it behind him. The creature ran through the castle with the old man, racing out the front. Sai quickly hid from the Beast behind a gargoyle statue. It threw Onoki into the old carriage, slamming the door behind him. "Take this old man to the village!!" The carriage shuddered, going onto its wheel-less legs and began walking towards the wanted destination. The Beast turned and walked back inside his castle.

"Hey, Beastie, why don't you fucking offer our guest a nicer room?" The creature looked to his left, to see his two most loyal servants running towards him. The silver candleholder and a clock, better known as Hidan and Itachi respectively. They reached their master and halted.

"I personally agree with Hidan, Sire." The clock rubbed its tired eyes, giving a yawn. "Considering that they will be staying with us for a fairly long time." Itachi looked over at Hidan, who gave a nod so vigorous that it put out his head candle's flame.

"…Very well." The Beast started up the steps, taking hold of the candleholder to guide his way through the dark.


Deidara looked around as the door unexpectedly opened. "Huh?" The Beast stood in the doorway. The blonde grinned at him. "Hello Mr Beast. I must say that this dungeon is very roomy and comfortable. Cheers on keeping it so clean, I mean just look at those magnificent cobwebs. So beautiful, un~"

"Would you like to continue being sarcastic, or would you rather have a nicer room, Brat? You're already getting on my nerves, and you haven't even been here five minutes." Deidara grinned at the Beast.

"Awww, you've been counting how long I've been here? That's so sweet, un~" The creature snarled and slammed the door. "Hey!!" Deidara stood up and ran over to the door, pawing at it primitively. "I was just kidding!! Take a joke why don't you, un?" There was silence from behind the door, but slowly creaked open again. "Thank you~"

Deidara put his hands behind his head in a carefree act and began to follow behind the Beast. They walked in silence, until the candlestick could barely take it anymore. "Psst, Beastie, say something for fucking Jashin's sake!!"

The creature frowned and gave a cough. "So, your name is Deidara? I would expect a name like 'Belle' or something cliché like that."

"I hate to break this to you, un, but I'm actually a guy." The Beast suddenly stopped, causing the blonde to halt as well.

"What did you just say?" He turned around, shooting Deidara a deathly glare. The boy gave a shrug and a yawn.

"I thought that my voice might give it away…But apparently not." The blonde grinned at the creature. "So do you have a name, un?"

The Beast scowled at him, giving a growl. "What do you MEAN you're a guy?" In answer, the blonde patted his chest to show that he had no breasts. The Beast gave a louder snarl, looking away from Deidara. "Well that's just swell…A cross-dresser…"

"I'm still not hearing a name, un, Mr Beast." The blonde looked around as they began to walk again. Gargoyles, monsters, dragons, beasts, wolves, every vicious creature Deidara had ever read about was set in stone around him.

"My name, Brat?" The Beast gave a snort as they walked up and pair of steps. "It's Sasori."

"M'kay, nice to meet you, Sasori." They continued in silence, until they reached a large set of white doors.

"This is your room." Sasori opened the door for the blonde. Deidara walked inside the room, taking a look around. "The palace is now your home. You're free to go anywhere, just stay away from the West Wing."

Deidara turned, raising an eyebrow at the Beast. "What's in the West Wing, un?"

"IT'S FORBIDDEN!!" The blonde saw the gleam of silver fangs as the bandana fluttered upwards for a second at the outburst. Sasori gave a vicious growl, looking away from Deidara. "You will join me for dinner…" He looked back at the blonde, glaring hard. "THAT WASN'T A REQUEST!!"

The door was slammed and Deidara walked over to the large bed, sitting down on the soft fabric. "Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the pet-bed, un." He gave a sigh and flopped down onto his back. "…Now I have to live here alone with a Beast, life is just fucking swell…" There came a soft tap at his door. "What is it now, un?!" He sat up as the door opened.

A tray wheeled into the room of its own accord, halting in front of the blonde. On the surface of it sat a white teapot with a blue lip, and a small blue teacup. Much to Deidara's shock, the pot and cup had faces on them. "Hello, Dei-Chan!!" The blonde stared as the pot talked. "My name is Konan, and-"

"GAH!!" Deidara abruptly got to his feet, stumbling away from the talking inanimate objects. He crashed against the wardrobe, which gave a cry at being hit.

"Owww!!" The wardrobe shook itself, and Deidara noticed for the first time that at the top of it sat a face. It only had one eye, however, on the right side of its countenance. "What was that for, Sempai? Tobi didn't do anything wrong!!"

Deidara blinked at the wardrobe, looked back at the porcelain glasses, and then back at wardrobe. "…Okay, un, I'm ready to go back into the dungeon. Au Revoir~" The blonde made a move to go to the door, but was stopped by the tea pot.

"Stop, Dear, there is nothing to be afraid of." The pot gave him a sweet porcelain smile. "Now take a seat, Dei-Chan, and we'll serve you a nice glass of tea." The blonde gave a slow nod and sat down, partly traumatized. "As I was saying, my name is Konan. This here," she(?) pointed her spout at the teacup next to her, "is Kisame, and that's," the pot pointed to the wardrobe, "Tobi."

"Hello Sempai!!" The wardrobe waved at the blonde using one of its drawers. "Tobi is a Good Boy!!"

"…" Deidara frowned. "Don't you mean 'Tobi is a Good Wardrobe', un?"

There was suddenly silence in the room. "…Tobi…Tobi is a Good…" Much to Deidara's shock, the closet began to heavily cry. "BUT TOBI WANTS TO BE A GOOD BOY!!!"

The blonde blinked in shock and quickly waved his hands at the wardrobe. "Wait, un!! I was only kidding!! Tobi is a Good Boy; Tobi is a VERY Good BOY!!" A few seconds went by and the closet abruptly stopped crying, giving a sniffle. "Phew…" Deidara picked up the blue teacup which was now full of tea, frowning at it. "…I'm thirsty…You don't mind if I…"

The cup grinned up at him from its small face. "Go right ahead!! I'm a cup, what else are you supposed to do?" Deidara gave a slight shrug and took a sip of the drink. The cup laughed. "Careful!! You're tickling me!!" The blonde finished off the tea, suddenly feeling calmer. He placed the cup back down on the tray, giving a slight sigh.

"Thank you, Konan and Kisame…" The blonde gave them a polite smile. "You've really cheered me up, un."

"Oh!! Oh, Sempai!! What's Sempai going to wear to dinner? Can Tobi help decide?" The wardrobe opened up it's door. Somehow he(?) managed to pull a dress out of it using the corner of his right door, holding it out to the blonde. "Here you go, Sempai!!"

Deidara gave a sigh, pushing the dress away from him. "Look, un…I'm not going to Dinner…" They all stared at him as if he were crazy. "What? I mean, come on? What is the worst that he could do if I reject him? Kill me? He would be doing me a favour. I'd rather be dead than live here…Ah…No offence, un…" He gave them a sheepish grin.

There was suddenly a coughing noise at the door, and they all looked to see a clock standing there. It coughed into its gold handle/hand(?), giving a slight bow. "Dinner is served."


Sasori was pacing by the fireplace, angered at how late the damn Brat was. "This is completely ridiculous!! What is taking him so long?!"

Hidan gave a shrug. "Just calm down, Beastie, I'm sure that Blondie will arrive soon…Have you thought that maybe he will be the one to break the spell?"

The Beast gave a sneering growl, stopping his endless pace to glare at the candleholder. "Of course I have!! But that was before I realised that he wasn't a girl. There is as much chance that I will fall for a boy, than that he will fall for a Beast!!"

Hidan laughed. "Then I guess that is a good thing!! Besides, that Enchantress never specified what gender this other person had to be, so it's all a'okay!!" He grinned wide and blew out his left candle. "Besides, what is the difference anyway? It's not like you're going to get any anyway in that form. Fall for the blonde, break the spell, and then ditch him for some bimbo with huge breasts!!"

Sasori opened his mouth to counter, but was silenced when the door creaked open. Both Hidan and the Beast looked over to see Itachi standing there…Alone. "Sire…There is a slight problem…"
=3 Dei is a pretty sarcastic character
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"FUCK!" Aisling shouted, dropping her coffee cup into the sink. The cup broke and coffee splattered all over her and the sink.
"What is it?! Are you okay?" Jeep asked, rushing into the kitchen. He looked concerned.
"I'm okay, I'm okay." She stared at the calender over the sink. "Was just looking at the date today... It's Valentines day.... Damnit." She told him, staring at the 14 circled with a red heart.
"Valentines day?" Jeep asked curiously. "Whats that?"
Aisling sighed irritably. "Its a stupid day humans made up so they could show affection to one another. They get all lovey-dovey and give each other candy and other crap. I'm not going to school today." She told him, walking out of the kitchen and walking up the stairs.
"Why not?" Jeep questioned, following her.
"My school goes overboard today. No one has to go to class and they spend all day trading cards and candy and doing stupid stuff." Aisling had arrived at her room and threw open her door. She threw her coat on the ground and flopped into her unmade bed. Jeep flopped down next to her and she snuggled up next to him. 
"Well, that doesn't sound so bad. Why do you hate it so much?" Jeep inquired, wrapping an arm around her.
"You don't need a special day to tell someone you love them, Jeep." She replied.
"Aisling, do you love me?" Jeep asked after a few moments of silence.
Aisling looked up at him, surprised. That was completely out of the blue. He'd asked her many questions before, buy never any like that one. She thought for a moment, until she reached a conclusion.
"I do love you, Jeep." She answered, cheeks flushing.
"Good, 'cause I love you too."
Aisling reached up and planted a kiss on his forehead. She snuggled back down, nuzzling his neck. "Think I'm gonna get some rest." She closed her eyes.

~ ~ ~

Jeep was a little bored.
It'd been hours since Aisling had fallen asleep. She'd ended up curled up at the far corner of her bed. Jeep wanted to move closer to her (she looked cold), but he didn't want to wake her up. So he just lay there, waiting for her to get up.
Someone knocked on the door downstairs, drawing Jeep's attention.
Carefully, worried he might disturb Aisling, he got out of the bed and headed downstairs.
Sure enough, someone was knocking at the front door. Curious, he decided to answer.
"Hello?" He said, throwing the door wide open to a horrified little girl. She screamed, then turned and ran away.

~ ~ ~

The screaming is what woke Aisling.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She heard Jeep cry from downstairs.
"Downstairs..." She looked over at the empty space where Jeep had been.
Aisling sat straight up, threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. "Whats wrong?! What's wrong?!" Aisling exclaimed, thundering down the stairs.  
"Someone was at the door knocking and you were asleep so I answered it and that was a little a little human girl there and she started screaming and I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!!" Jeep cried all in one breath. He was frantic, wings twitching.
"Its fine, Jeep, its fine." Aisling said, rushing to the door. She threw it open to see a sobbing girl scout and her mother walking up the driveway. Aisling shut the door behind her and walked across the porch.
"I'm sorry to bother you, Miss, buy my daughter is convinced Batman answered your door." The mother explained apologetically.
"No mommy! Not Batman! A bat-man!" The little girl cried, tugging at her mothers pant leg.
The mother shushed the little girl. "I'm really sorry..." She apologized again.
"Oh no, it's okay. Batman's not here. Or Superman, or Spiderman, or Iron Man. Not even Aquaman." Aisling smiled at the little girl, who gave her a sour look.
"Not Batman! A bat-man!" She screeched at her.
"Thats enough!" The mother said firmly, grabbing her hand. She gave Aisling one last apologetic look before turning to leave. Aisling turned to go back inside.
"I'm never having kids!" She exclaimed as she locked the door behind her.

~ ~ ~

Aisling had almost drifted back to sleep on the couch when someone knocked at her door again. The rumbling of an engine outside alerted her as to who it was.
"You're not pulling any shit today." Aisling murmered, grabbing the gun from where she'd stashed it (under the sink). Aisling threw open the door (again), gun pointed at-
"Geez." Chase muttered. "Who were you expecting?" 
Aisling lowered her gun and pointed at the big blue truck at the end of her driveway. "What do you think?"
Chase shook his head and sighed. "I come in peace, I promise."
Aisling relaxed a little. "Good. I don't want to have to shoot you."
"You won't." Chase laughed. "Anyhow... Didn't see you at school today." He told her, raising an eyebrow.
It was Aisling's turn to sigh. "Our school goes overboard today. And I wasn't in the mood to deal with people."
"Well..." Chase began, holding out a large, square purple box and small bunch of purple daisies. "As a friend, I give you these. I know no one has gotten you anything over the last few years.... And I thought I would."
"Thanks, Chase." Aisling half-smiles took the gifts. She gave him a hug.
"You're welcome." Chase hugged her back and let go. Putting a hand on her shoulder, looked her sqaure in the eye, and said "I'm not exactly sure what's going on between you and Kane, but I'm staying out of it. I don't want to have to pick sides."
"Thats fine by me." Aisling told him. "I wouldn't have asked you to."

I love this chapter.

Chase is a nice guy ~ He does that for all his lady friends. :D

'Aisling and Jeep', Aisling, and Chase belong to me.
Jeep belongs to :iconkanda-panda-luv:
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A searing pain in my stomach woke me, my eyes fluttered open and I instantly saw my captor, or at least my captor's helper. A short, tubby, bald man removed a hot iron bar from the skin of my bare stomach, a wicked grin on his face, "Never thought I would get you here," he wheezed and then broke into an insane laughter, "The Queen's Shadow, my little plaything, MINE!"
'Great another lunatic,' I thought over the pounding of my head, "Where's my butler?"
"Oh your little demon pet is, oh should I say, busy?" the man said, then presses the red hot bar against my skin again.
I screamed as the metal made contact, I could feel the skin peel away as he yanked the bar away, "The things you do to the poor souls you trap down here will be child's play when I get my hand on your tubby neck," I growled.
The man laughed, "No one ever leaves this place alive my little shadow child."
I smiled before swinging a free leg and knocking him on to his fat ass. I smiled as he struggled to get up, even as he regain his footing and brought the metal bar down on my rib cage cracking several in the process, the smile remained.
Hours passed until the tubby man finally decided to call it a night and leave. My death pale skin was now again covered in my own dark red blood. The injuries that I had sustained ached and stung, but my mind paid no attention to that fact, I was use to pain. My body, even though in the eyes of most adults was nothing more than a child, was coved in scars and burns.
After awhile I passed out.
I woke on my own terms this time; I was still hanging by my wrists, though I could no longer feel them.  As I looked around the dim filthy room I noticed a thin scrawny looking man standing in the corner; he was hunched over a silver tray filling a long needle with a silver liquid.  He then turned and looked at me in the dim light of the torch I notice his eyes were yellow green and he seemed to move around using his feet to feel in front of him.  As the move closer I could tell when he was; a grim reaper.  He moved toward me the needle glinting in the dim light; his eyes are sad, he moved my dirty hair away from my neck before inserting the needle.  "What are you doing," I asked
"I'm making the pain go away," he answered, "Please try to remain still."
He gently slid the needle into my skin I felt a warm sensation flow through my body.  The dull ache that was throbbing throughout my body slowly began to fade away.  He looked at me and smiled, "My name is Richard S. Scales and I know where they took your demon.  Help me and I can help you."
"Once I'd trusted grim reaper and they ended up facing death himself why should I trust you?" I asked.
"As much as I hate demons I want to get out of this hellhole.  I'm a grim reaper without his glasses how can I mislead you."
"You have me there and it's not like I'm in a situation to say no to anyone willing to help," I replied.
"The medication I gave you will numb any other injury you have.  My master is coming down to torture you himself tomorrow, the medication should last until I return to clean up your new injuries, there I will administer more of the medication along with give you an escape route.  All I ask in return is it you take be with you," he said.
I nodded my head and he began to clean the wounds I had sustained, after he was finished he unchained my wrists lowering me down slowly than chaining me to the wall once again.  He then left, glancing back before he disappeared into the dark.  I sat in the dirt and waited for asleep to overcome me, by the time it did I could hear that my torturers returning.

The short tubby man roughly woke me with a kick in the chest "Wake up shadow girl," he said then kicked me again, "My masters coming down to see you today he's gonna some fun with you."
"Do you think I care?" I replied back.
My remark back made him hit me across the face.  I saw stars for a few minutes then regain my vision I glared at him with a deadly look on my face "I will enjoy killing you," I replied with a smile on my face.
He kicked me again and again; I felt one of my ribs crack.  My eyes widened in pain, but I refused to give him any satisfaction of seeing me in pain.  He laughed and then walked to the table that was nearby.  He grabbed one of the tools that he kept there, and then turned to face me again.  He had a smile on his face that chilled me to the bone, but once again I gave them no satisfaction of seeing me in fear or pain.  Though long metal rod came down on my ribs and chest again, again and again I did not cry out nor did I ask for mercy.  He continued this until I blacked out.
When I woke a different man was in the room, he looked somewhat familiar, but his named I could not remember.  He was sitting on a chair sneering at me; my one showing eye glared at him until he looked away.  He laughed and leaned back grabbing a drink now sitting on the table; he took along drink, and then looked at me again. "The Queens shadow, do you know how long I've been looking for you?  Ever since you ran my father out of business and ended his life, I have devoted my life to finding you and making you suffer." He got up and walked toward me, that's when I noticed a long silver knife in his hand, in a long elegant handle and a blue gemstone that rested on top.
"That's mine, how did you find it?" I glared at him, the knife was special to me I had hidden away; I never wanted anyone to find it, not until that day.
The man laughed at me "Ignorant child, those foolish enough to get in my way always disappear in the end, you'll be no different."
I glared at him, I wanted to yell at him, but I forced myself to remain silent I would give this man nothing for him to use against me.  If there was one thing I've learned it is that Phantomhive's are extremely stubborn.  His green eyes lowered to mine they look cruel, unforgiving, "I will break you like all the others and then maybe I'll kill you."
I up at him and laugh, "You really are a fool you know that right?"
"What!  You're laughing at me?  You are in no situation to do that; what type of a foolish child are you?"
"One who knows what she's doing," I said, and with that I saw a Richard plunge a rusty steel rod through the back of the man's body.
He gasp for breath his eyes growing wide, blood ran from his mouth, and with his final breath he looked at me and smiled, "Let the darkness engulf you, and send your soul the hell."
After Richard unchained me I knelt by the man's dead body and whispered into his ear, "It's already there."
Well here it is :squee:
Comments welcome
Cover by the wonderful :iconaaronyuki-xd:
Tell me what you think please
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Dear Nikki,
I know that when you read this you'll be standing on that bridge. A cigarette between your fingers, spinning your lip bar around with your tongue and teeth. And you'll be hoping you'll get through this.
You will.
I wish I could tell you how. I wish I could guide you and give you strength but I can't. This is something you need to go through. At the end you'll know what needs to be done. It may take you up until a month before you become me, but you'll know, and you will be happy again.

P.s Stay away from him.
A letter to me a year ago, i wish i could have recieved it.


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It had been about 20 minutes since Michael left, I felt so bad for him. Jake was unfair, so unfair.
I had been crying ever since we turned up. The tears wont stop running, I dont know where I am at.
Jake thinks Im a filthy whore and Michael...well god knows what he thinks of me now.
I was sat on my own at the back of the bus, Andy had tried to talk to me but I couldnt say anything.
They were all sat outside drinking.

I just sat there, peering out of the window, sobbing.

"I saw the way you were looking at Michael, what the hell are you playing at Courtney? You're supposed
to be with Jake and you were looking up that idiot" Sammi came in, angrily.

This wasnt like her.

"Why does everyone think so low of him? Whats he ever done to you guys, huh? HE LOOKED AFTER ME WHEN

"Courtney, he was angry! He didnt know what to do!" Sammi was defending Jake.


She sighed and walked away.

"Unpredictable huh?" I looked up and saw Jake stood in the doorway.

"At least I came back for you... because I was going to propose last night. least until these jerks came in and ruined it all" Jake cried.

I looked him in the eye, my eyes were flooding with tears.

"None of that even matters anymore Jake. Im a filthy cheater remember."

"So you admit it then?" Jake snarled.

"WHAT? Jake the fact that you even think Im like that just shows how little you know me"

I've never cried so much in my life.

"Why cant you just tell the truth Courtney? I saw the way he was with you, SOMETHING HAPPENED"

I cowered in the corner of the sofa. My heart was pounding. 50% Fear 50% Anger.


"Well I dont believe you Courtney" Jake snapped.

I belted out a scream.


That shut him up.

"Why dont you believe me?" I cried.

"Look at you Courtney, you're covered in blood and cuts, you stink of alcohol, you're a mess.
I dont doubt for one minute that he did that to you, you're just too naive" Jake sighed.

"I was paraletic Jake. You fucked off somewhere so I went to drown my sorrows. Yeah i had too much,
but i didnt care at the time, I wanted all of this to just go feel weightless, nothing.."

"So you clearly cant say that he DIDNT do this to you then can you?" Jake snapped.

I cried.

"Ive been here for nearly an hour, the only one here that cares is Andy, everyone else has just screamed
and shouted at me, including you. Not once have you hugged me and told me you're glad Im back, its just
'YOU STUPID THIS' and 'YOU STUPID THAT' Im just a burden to all of you, Ive done nothing but bring you all


"Hey guys, I think their arguing again, sounds pretty intense in there" Ash nodded to the bus window.

Ash looked at me,

"Jake's been drinking right?" I asked.

"Yeah, on and off all night, why?" CC replied.

"Im just worried about Courtney thats all, she wont speak to me, I think shes scared. Jake is the only
one here she tells things to and now he's treating her like that. Im scared for her because if she cant
come to me, then she will have nobody to go to. The last time she got depressed like this I nearly lost her
to alcohol and drugs. I cant go through that again." I broke down.

"I..I didnt know that Andy, she'll be okay. We are all here, we can keep an eye on her" Ash hugged me.

"I hope you're right Ash...she's my priority, i cant let her go..."

Here we learn more about Courtneys past, whilst learning more about Jakes dark side.

What do you want to happen?
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SasoDei – Beauty and the Beast

Part 6

"He WHAT?!" Itachi, Konan, Kisame, and Kakuzu were staring at Hidan as if he were insane.

Hidan nodded vigorously. "Indeed!! And he was so CLOSE!!" He gave a sniffle.

Konan gave a sad sigh. "Poor Sasori, after all this time he finally learnt how to love…" They all nodded in gloom. "Hey…Wait a second…Where's Kisame?"


Deidara and Sai were racing through the forest, searching for Onoki. "Dad!! Dad!! I know that you've passed out, but I'm somewhat hopeful that you will answer me!!" …

"Are you insane?" Sai gave him an odd look, which the blonde only shrugged at. It was difficult to see, considering that it was a new moon, but the blonde's eyes were adjusted to the dark by now.

"Huh?" Deidara's eyes caught onto a collapsed figure. "Dad!!" He jumped off of the white horse, running towards the unconscious Onoki.


"Ngh…" The old man's eyes opened to see Deidara smiling at him gently. "Deidara?"

"Hey Dad, how are you feeling?" Onoki sat up, pulling the wet rag from his forehead.

"I'm alright…Wait…Deidara!!" The man gave a joyful expression, bringing the blonde into a bone crushing hug. "OH, BY JOY!! YOU ESCAPED FROM THAT BEAST!!!"

Deidara coughed, prying his father's arms from around him. "He isn't a Beast…He's…He's changed, un…"

Onoki gave a loud cackle. "Changed? Oh you sound just like your mother!!" He laughed again, giving a sigh at the end. "Good to have ya back, son…I hope you don't hold it against me for kinda trading places with you…" Onoki blinked at Deidara. "HEY!! MY HAIR RIBBON!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT IT BACK FOR ME!! YOU'RE THE BEST SON EVER!!" The old man grabbed it, pulling it from the blonde's hair. Deidara's locks once more fell down.

He gave a sigh. "Yeah you're all right…"

"HEY!! GIVE THAT BACK TO DEIDARA!!" The blonde looked to see a familiar cup jump out of his bag. Kisame.

The old man glared at it while tying the ribbon back in his own hair. "Make me, ya little whippersnapper!!"

Deidara quickly picked up the teacup. "Now, now, now, no fighting." The blonde was disrupted when he heard a knock at the door. He sighed and placed Kisame back down, going to answer it.

He opened the wooden door, surprised to see a woman that he didn't know standing there. She had murky blonde hair, a large set of breasts, and a smirk. The grin fell suddenly after she saw Deidara. "Huh? Sorry Miss, but does a boy named Deidara live here?"

The blonde gave a sigh. "I'm Deidara."

The lady gave him an unamused expression. "I'm sorry; I can't take you serious with your hair like that." She handed the blonde a new hair band. Deidara sighed, retying his normal messy ponytail. "…Good enough. Now, my name is Tsunade from the Maison Des Lunes. I'm here to take your father away."

Deidara shrugged. "Okay, un, guess it can't be helped. Go ahe-" He was cut off when Sakura suddenly appeared next to him.

"You know, Dei, I could do something about this…" She grinned at him. "All you'd have to do is marry me."

Deidara scoffed. "No thanks, you can have my dad inst-" The blonde fel Onoki place his hand threateningly on his shoulder. "…I mean…My father isn't crazy!!"

Sakura sneered. "Oh yeah? Onoki, why don't you tell us about the Beast!!"

Onoki let go of the blonde, running onto the porch. "IT WAS HUGE!! WITH RAZOR SHARP FANGS!! THE THING WAS THE SIZE OF A MOUNTAIN!!" The villagers which had appeared with the commotion began to laugh and mock him.

"Wait!!" Deidara stepped forward. "I can prove that there a Beast!!" The blonde pulled out the Magic Mirror, whispering to it gently. He spun it around, showing it to everyone else. The figure of Sasori filled the image, giving a loud roar. Everyone gasped in terror except for Sakura.

One of the women stepped forward. "I-Is it dangerous?"

Deidara shook his head franticly. "No!! He's kind, and gentle, and…"

Sakura snorted. "If I didn't know better, I would think that you had feelings for that Monster!!" She snatched the mirror from the blonde. "The Beast will make off with your children!! He'll make off with them in the night!! Forget about the old man, I say we kill the Beast!!"

The villagers began to start a song. "We're not safe until he's dead; he'll come stalking us at night, set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite!! He'll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free!!"

Sakura lit a torch and jumped up onto the back of a black horse. "So it's time to take some action, boys, it's time to follow me!!" They all grabbed pitchforks, spades and flaming torches. "Through the mist, through the woods, through the darkness and the shadows!! It's a nightmare but it's one exciting ride!! Say a prayer, then we're there, at the drawbridge of a castle, and there's something truly terrible inside~ It's a Beast!! He's got fangs, razor sharp ones!! Massive paws, killer claws for the feast!! Hear him roar, see him foam, but we're not coming home til he's dead- Good and Dead!! KILL THE BEAST!!"

Deidara groaned. "Not ANOTHER song, un!! I mean…I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS!!"

Sakura cackled loudly. "TRY AND STOP US!!" Several of the villagers pushed the blonde and Onoki into the cellar, locking the doors behind them.

Deidara sighed. "Why? Why must they always break out into song when I'm around?" He gave a sigh. "This is all my fault, I have to go back and warn him!!"

Onoki snorted. "You do that!! I'm sick off all this. Send me a letter at least once a month after your happy ending and I'll be content."

"But how are we going to get out of here, un? It's not like-" The door suddenly smashed open. There was a loud explosion and everything turned dusty. Deidara coughed, and waited for the dust to settle. Onoki's rock crushing machine had smashed open the door. Kisame jumped onto Deidara's head, grinning widely. "…" The blonde suddenly flung his arms in the air, giving a cheer. "ART IS A BANG, UN!!" There was silence at his outburst. "…Okay, I'm going already, come on Kisame."


Sakura cackled. "We'll rid the village of this Beast, who's with me?" The mob cheered, and continued to sing.

"Light your torch, mount your horse!!"

The pinkette continued in the lead "Then make a Shakespeare reference!!"

"We're counting on this weirdo to lead the way!! Through the mist, through the wood, where within a haunted castle something's lurking that you don't see every day!! It's a Beast!! A Beast!! We don't like what we don't understand, in fact it scares us, and this monster is mysterious at least!! Bring your guns; bring your knives, save your children and your wives!! We'll save our village and our lives, we'll kill the Beast!!"

Sakura turned around, barking orders at the followers. "Cut down a tree, and make it a bloody big one!! Grab whatever booty you can find, but remember, the Beast is MINE!! CHA!!"

The crowed cheered. "Hearts ablaze, banners high; we go marching into battle, unafraid although the danger just increased. Raise the flag, sing the song!! Here we come, we're fifty strong, and fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong!! LET'S KILL THE BEAST!! KILL THE BEAST!! KILL THE BEAST!! KILL THE BEAST!!!"


"Damn, and we were so fucking close!!" Hidan gave an exasperated sigh.

"We shouldn't have given our hopes up." Itachi gave a shrug. "Maybe it would have been better if Deidara hadn't had come at all."

"I hear something!! Maybe it's him!!" Konan jumped over to the window, looking out. She gave a loud gasp. Hidan and Itachi quickly made their way next to her to see what she was looking at.


Itachi gave a sigh. "Konan, you go tell Sire about these recent events. Hidan, go round up as many of us as you are able in the time given. We need to prepare for-" The clock looked around to see that his two friends had already disappeared. "…War."


"SASORI!!" Konan bounded into the Beast's room, where he had been since the blonde left, watching the petals of his dying rose fall soundlessly. "THERE ARE INVADERS!! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!"

Sasori didn't even look back at his old friend as he sadly watched his wilting flower. "…Nothing…Just let them come…"

Konan gave a cry, quickly disappearing back out the door to join in the fight.


The servants of the castle were currently trying to stop the door from getting shoved open. "THIS ISN'T FUCKING WORKING!!" Hidan frowned, and then gave an exclamation. "OI!! I'VE GOT IT!!"


The door finally flung open, causing the villagers to give a cheer. They cautiously walked inside, Sakura first and Ino second. The blonde girl gulped as she looked around at the still objects. "…Sakura, this place gives me the CREEPS!! I wanna go home!!"

The pinkette slapped the girl. "Shut up!!" She picked up a silver candlestick holder.

Much to her shock, the object suddenly screamed "CHARGE!!!"

Before all of their eyes, the knick knacks and items burst into life. Sakura threw the candleholder quickly, but a few seconds after hitting the floor it quickly stood back up to fight along side its friends. The pinkette quickly ran up the stairs without being noticed.

The villagers began to fight with the objects, easily getting beaten. Zetsu was beating up two people at once, Konan was pouring boiling tea on several people, Hidan was setting people on fire, Itachi had disappeared and Kakuzu was whacking men in the head with his handle. There was a loud cry as Tobi appeared at the top of the stairs. "TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!!" He jumped down and landed on several people.

A man suddenly had Hidan backed against a wall, holding a burning torch at the candlestick holder. His wax candles were beginning to melt with the extreme heat and Hidan didn't know what to do. Itachi appeared at the top of the stairs, spinning a pair of scissors in his handles. "No one ever listens to me…" He slid down the staircase railing, launching himself at the man threatening his friend. He pointed the scissors forwards, jamming them into the male's backside. He screeched in pain, letting the torch fly from his hand, running off home. Itachi clapped his hands together. "Why thank you, Itachi, what a valiant act. Oh that is just fine, Hidan, no need to thank me. Well-"

"Seriously Itachi, quit fucking talking to yourself and get fighting!!" The candlestick holder quickly bounded off.

The clock gave a sigh of annoyance. "You're welcome, Hidan." He went off to go look for a new weapon.

Konan smiled down at Ino from the shelf where she had positioned her self. "You look like you could use some tea!!"

Ino blinked at the pot. "Tea?" She smiled widely. "Why thaaaaank YOU!!!"

"Here you go!!" Konan tipped forward, unleashing a load of boiling tea onto the blonde girl. "TAKE THAT YOU SCURVY SCUM!!" Ino screamed and began to run in circles aimlessly.

Kakuzu was currently having the feathers pulled out of him by some over grown dolt. It was Hidan's turn to save the day this time!! He positioned himself at the man's rear, and concentrated. The flame on his head burst into a huge fire, burning the poor man. He cried, releasing Kakuzu and flying into the air. Hidan caught the feather duster, giving him a charming smile. "Ahem, I think a Hero deserves a kiss~"

Kakuzu whacked the candlestick with his handle, escaping his grip. "I didn't need rescuing." He marched off to rejoin in the bout. Hidan cursed under his breath and continuing in the fight as well.


Sakura was searching through each door for the Beast. If she couldn't have Deidara, then like hell she'd let some monster have him!!

Eventually the pinkette kicked open a pair of strong double doors, revealing a messy room. Her eyes caught onto the large, towering figure which had its back turned to her. She raised her bow, arrow aimed at the Thing. It turned its head around to look at her sadly, but then looked away once more.

Sakura growled and released the string. The arrow shot forward, digging into the Beast's shoulder. It gave a loud roar in pain, its bandana flying off from around its mouth. A jaw full of sharp silver teeth was revealed from beneath. Sakura gave a wide smirk, running forward into the room. She kicked the Beast through the window. It rolled upon a protrusion of stone. The pinkette followed it out into the now pouring rain.

The Beast didn't make a move to fight back, seeming to have given up. "What's wrong, Beast?!" Sakura laughed. "Too kind and gentle to fight back?! STAND UP!!" She ditched the bow, grabbing onto a long outstretched gargoyle neck. She wrenched it from the wall, smirking sinisterly at the monster.

"SASORI!!" The Beast's eyes widened and he looked to the castle entrance. Deidara stood there on the back of his white horse.

"BRAT- I mean, DEI!!" Sasori brightened up. He had come back!!

"HANG ON!!" The blonde flicked on the reins. "HURRY, SAI!!" The horse whinnied and bolted towards the large entrance.

Sasori turned to Sakura as she brought the stone gargoyle down to hit him. He grabbed onto it, wrestling with the surprisingly strong girl. They both lost balance, falling off of the protrusion. They slid down a roof, onto a long ledge. Sasori quickly hid amongst the statues. The pinkette cackled insanely. "Were you in LOVE?! You thought that Dei would actually choose a monster like YOU, when he had someone like me the entire time?!" She unknowingly walked pass Sasori.

The Beast gave a roar, lunging at the girl. She quickly slammed the stone weapon against him, causing Sasori to go back a few metres. "TIME TO DIE- Oh wait, they changed the line…Ahem…DEI IS MINE!!" Sakura lifted up the gargoyle neck again, ready to bring it down in a deadly strike.
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“You are juvenile and presssumptious, Sssarmuel. However, I deem you sssuitable. “You know the plan. Fulfil it prior to the morning sssun.”
"Of course, Master.”
“Do not disssappoint me, mortal.”
“Of course, Master. I wouldn’t dare think of it.”

As Miysha Spears struggles with memories, silence and a crippled arm, new arrival Lea Surivel seeks out answers. William Sasori's new boyfriend, Ethan Zane, gets messages he doens't understand a word of. Mammom\n Cerbex uses his magic more and more, seeking answers. Alex Collati uses more suitable means to achieve the same end.
Meanwhile, a secret enemy is rising, plotting his vengence on the world for his troubled youth. He serves a greater, darker foe, but is not without his own abilities.
Despite several members of the group - including Miysha, the deserter - recieve more warnings.
The question is, do they heed them?

That's right, folks! The second AFUDA story is up, not two months after the first!
Every character (except Ryume's brother) gets used, or at lest meantioned, in this one.

Thanks again to all of the people who contributed a character, you are truly at the top of my 'acknowledgements' list.

(c) Kristie Read/*deathisheaven 2010
You may not mention any of these characters without the permission of me or their creators. The race AFUDA is completely my own, any similarities between characters, plot or races are purely coincidental.
Preview image is Lea Surivel's eye, stock: [link] by ~absense-stock
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Warning: This story may make you want to buy pet fish

By AkatsukiMemberWoolfy
Words total- 6,222
Pairings- SasoDei, PeinKona, KakuHida, ItaKisa, TobiZet

SasoDei – The Goldfish

Part 1 of 2

Sasori sat on the park bench, outwardly stoic, inwardly miserable. He watched the water surface of the manmade lake, searching for a glimmer of gold. The redhead thought about the events of the past few days, and how he had ended up losing the boy he had fallen in love with. "What have I done?"

"Not sure," the redhead looked up as a person sat down next to him on the bench, "but whatever it is that you've done seems to have made you rather miserable." A stranger sat down next to the redhead, giving him an equally stoic expression. "I'm Itachi Uchiha, by the way."

"Sasori." They both sat in silence, with the usual sounds of the park playing in the background. "Well, you're right about being miserable." He gave a sigh and leaned back on the bench.

Itachi leaned back as well, watching the water surface as it slowly rippled. "It's getting rather late, don't you think?" Both of them looked up at the sky at the same time. The blue had been repainted a brilliant gold, dappled with the occasional cloud and a smouldering, sinking, sun. Sasori gave a slight shrug and looked back at the water, preferring the reflection of the sky rather than the original picture. "It's rather tranquil…"

"I just left a relationship, so I'm not really in any mood to flirt or to be hit on." He gave a shrug and leaned forward once more. "Sorry."

The raven haired man blinked at him slowly, "Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you, nor am I flirting." Itachi gestured at a man who was on the opposite shore of the lake. He appeared to be feeding the ducks. "I'm here with my boyfriend, we come to the park nearly everyday. We noticed that you had been here for the past three days. You're here when we arrive and still here when we go…" He looked back at the sky. "So you've just left a relationship? Is that why you're here?"

Sasori gave a sigh, still watching the surface of the water for any sign of gold. "Sort of. I'd tell you the entire story, but I'm certain that you wouldn't believe me…" The redhead shuffled on the seat uncomfortably.

Itachi shrugged, "You'd be surprised at what I'd believe and about what I wouldn't. I have time to spare anyway, Kisame, my boyfriend over there, seems rather preoccupied with feeding the ducks anyway."

"Well, whatever has happened to you is nothing like what's happened to me…Fine, I'll tell you the story…But I have to warn you that afterwards you're going to think I'm insane and it's a very long tale…" He looked over at the raven.

The male closed his eyes and gave a slight hum, "Stop making excuses, and do tell." Sasori gave a sigh, and began to tell the raven his story which had officially started around fifteen years ago.


Sasori first saw the goldfish known as Deidara when he was only five years old. His grandmother, Chiyo, had given it to him as a birthday present, telling him that it had been given to her by her grandfather when she was five years old as well. Chiyo told the small redhead that it was called Deidara, and he'd been in their family for centuries. His mother didn't believe the old woman, but she still helped look after Sasori's pet. His father on the other hand had known the fish, Deidara, while growing up, and was always trying to convince Sasori's mother that it was older than even he was. The redhead didn't understand how something so small and fragile could be older than papa, let alone his granny.

He remembered that he used to stare at it as a child, and the fish would stare right back at him. For years, Deidara was his only friend, and Sasori's mother constantly threatened to give the fish away if he didn't make some 'real' companions. Every time she told Sasori this, his papa would sit down with him and Deidara, telling the redhead that she hadn't meant it.

Sasori still had Deidara when he was thirteen, after his father had died due to a failed surgery on his heart. He'd had Deidara when he was fifteen, following his mother's suicide; even though it had seemed that she'd been coping well. Sasori had still kept the goldfish when he was eighteen. The redhead had been living with his granny, but she had kicked him out when Sasori had confessed that he was gay. Chiyo almost took Deidara away from him, considering that he wouldn't have any children to pass him down to when he got old, but Sasori had managed to keep him.

So Sasori had had the goldfish, Deidara, for fifteen years…until the incident. The now twenty year old lived in an apartment alone, and made his living by working in a pet shop. Sasori had grown into a handsome young man with stunning red hair. He still liked just sitting down with his friend's bowl in front of him as they both watched each other. Sasori found it comforting, and accepting. Deidara didn't care if he were gay, all he cared about was getting fed and having a clean bowl to swim about it. Sasori often talked to his small friend, knowing that he wouldn't get an answer, but it was still a comforting act.

"Deidara, I have some friends coming over to hangout today." The fish watched him quietly, "Yeah, I actually do have some friends besides you…They'll be over in about an hour or so." Deidara looked away from Sasori, swimming in a small circle around his bowl. "One of them is my boss, Konan," oddly, the goldfish paused mid swim, "and the other is my friend, Hidan, who is also my co-worker." Deidara spun around and swam close to the glass, looking up at the redhead. It watched him with a rather intelligent look for a goldfish, causing Sasori to lean back slightly. "What's that, Brat?" Yeah, he had taken to referring to his pet as 'Brat' on occasions. The goldfish swam away from the glass, darting around the tank. Sasori frowned, having never seen his fish react like that before. Much to his sudden shock, Deidara stopped moving altogether. Sasori watched as he floated to the top of the bowl, appearing to have finally bit the dust. The redhead blinked at the fish, raising an eyebrow. "Okay, Brat, don't mess around." Deidara continued to float upside down, blank expression on his face. Sasori frowned in annoyance and dipped his hands into the bowl, carefully taking hold of the fish to try and scare him back to life.

The creature's body shifted oddly against his skin in an unnatural way, and the redhead instinctively retracted his hand from the water. Deidara was still clenched in his hand, but not for long. The small pet he had known for the majority of his life disappeared in a flash of light. A cold, wet hand now rested in his own with their fingers tightly laced together. Sasori was about to speak, when a pair of lips pressed against his own, followed by a tongue entering Sasori's mouth. The redhead stared into a pair of half lidded azure eyes, which shut gently as the stranger deepened the kiss. Sasori came to his senses, managing to push the blue eyed stranger away from his mouth. The soaking 'boy' (easy to tell considering he was naked) took a gasp of oxygen in trying to regulate his breathing. It seemed rather difficult for him to do so. Sasori was confused beyond words. Why the hell was there a soaking wet, naked, boy sitting in his lap? Sasori looked him up and down, not really caring about modesty. The boy was rather slim, with pale skin and long blonde hair (which was soaking wet like the rest of him). Sasori was about to say something, when the boy cut him off. "Tean xat (Thank you), tean xat, tean xat!!" He flung his free arm (the other was still holding onto the redhead's hand tightly) around Sasori's neck and hugged him, repeated the two words over and over. "Xat quato bo coreni howl zuung E'ato wirde eg teat idio ishf bow qui, un!! (You have no idea how long I've been in that stupid fish bowl for, un!!)."

Sasori gave a growl, pushing the blonde away from him, though he wouldn't let go of his hand for some reason. "Okay, Brat, who the hell are you, and how did you get into my house?"

The boy blinked at him, giving the redhead an eerily familiar look. "Rt'zo keh, Danna, Deidara. (It's me, Danna, Deidara.)" Sasori frowned at him, and the blonde gave a sigh. "E fied teat tero borri chaie, un. (I knew that this would happen, un.)" The boy pointed to himself, rather obviously stating, "Deidara."

Sasori frowned at the blonde, giving a sneer, "Oh come on, I'm not stupid. That's impossible." Deidara frowned back at him, and then moved a bit to the side so Sasori could see the fishless bowl. The redhead's eyes widened and he tried to get up, though the blonde didn't let him. Sasori shot him a glare, "Dammit Brat, my fish is somewhere on the floor, dying from being out of water." Deidara gave a sigh, knowing that there was only one thing to do in this situation. He let go of Sasori's hand and immediately disappeared. The redhead stared and looked down, seeing that his fish now lay in his lap. It was jumping around slightly, and Sasori quickly grabbed onto Deidara. There was another flash, and the fish once more changed back into the blonde boy. Deidara kissed Sasori again, slipping his tongue into the redhead's mouth. He pulled away, smiling happily at Sasori, knowing that he had finally proved his identity. The redhead looked down at his hand, which was once more entangled with the blonde's fingers. "You really are Deidara…" The boy nodded, "And if you aren't touching human skin…Then you turn back into a fish?" Sasori frowned at the blonde as Deidara quickly nodded. "Well that doesn't describe why you had to kiss me…Twice." Sasori glared at the blonde once more.

Deidara blinked at the redhead, "E mop ya dtoe xent human talliwor kep'n serbbe zua kebo lungs trot true ya bishor. (I need to have either human saliva of blood so my lungs are able to breathe)." He shrugged slightly as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Sasori frowned at him, "Can't you speak English? I have no idea what you just said." The blonde looked at Sasori, and shook his head, saying something else in his odd language. The redhead sighed in defeat, "Fine then, get off of me and I'll get you a towel." Deidara looked at him with his big blue eyes, "Don't worry, you can come too so that you won't turn back into a goldfish." The blonde nodded and stood. Sasori got up as well and begun to walk to the wardrobe, with the blonde slowly following behind him. Deidara looked at his feet as he walked, having not been able to traipse in centuries. The redhead opened the door and pulled out a towel, turning back to the blonde. "Here."

Deidara took it with his free hand, "Tean xat, Danna, un." He stood there with the towel, trying to remember what he was supposed to do with it. Sasori gave a sigh and sat down on the floor, Deidara following his example. The redhead pulled his shoe off and pressed his now bare foot against the blonde's ankle. He pried their hands apart and, due to the contact of Sasori's foot against him, Deidara stayed in human form. With that, the redhead wrapped the towel around the blonde's shoulders, gently rubbing the material against his skin to dry it. Deidara sighed gently and crawled into Sasori's lap, keeping his ankle connected with the redhead's foot. He snuggled up against the warm figure, and Sasori gave a sigh of annoyance. Well, in a way he had known the blonde for fifteen years, and the redhead really couldn't care about much. Deidara buried his face against Sasori's neck as the redhead continued to dry him.

Sasori's eyes widened when he heard the doorbell go off. Oh dammit, he'd forgotten about Konan and Hidan. Deidara continued to nuzzle his neck, and the redhead sighed. How the hell would he explain a missing goldfish and a naked blonde? Sasori thought for a few seconds before it hit him. "Deidara, I'm sorry but you've gotta be a fish, just for a few more hours." The blonde pulled away from his neck and looked up at him, shaking his head distastefully. "Come on, Brat, it'll just be for, like, two hours. That should be nothing compared to how ever long you've been a fish for." The blonde once more shook his head, "You don't give me a choice, then." Without warning, Sasori pushed Deidara away from him. As soon as physical contract was lost, Deidara changed back into the goldfish he had been before. Sasori gave a sigh of relief as he saw the small little pet jumping around on the oversized towel. The door bell rang again, and the redhead quickly remembered his hurry. He picked the goldfish up using the towel so as to not physically touch him, carrying the small creature back to the table where his bowl still sat. Sasori dropped Deidara into the water, and the goldfish swam to the opposite side, away from him. "I'm sorry."

He quickly made his way to the front door of his apartment, opening it up to reveal his two friends. The first was his boss, Konan. She was a girl with shoulder length blue hair always decorated with an origami rose. The second was Hidan, a man with slicked back silver hair and a habit for swearing. The girl was the first to talk, pulling the redhead into a hug. "Sasori!! I was worried; you were taking so long to answer the door!!"

"Sorry, I was held up by something." He hugged her back and then she pulled away, smiling. Sasori let both of his friends inside, closing the door behind them.

"This place is pretty sweet, ay Saso?" Hidan looked around, giving an accepting whistle. Sasori thanked him for the complement and led his two friends to the kitchen area.

Konan caught sight of the fish bowl, making her way over to it. "So this is the goldfish you keep telling us about?" Sasori nodded, Hidan and him following behind the bluenette. Deidara was currently staring at Konan, but he then looked at the albino as well. "How old did you say he was?"

"Not sure. I've had him ever since I was five, and my grandmother, Chiyo, said that she got him when she was five." Sasori gave a slight shrug, and Konan asked him what its name was. "Deidara."

The room was silent. Both Hidan and Konan straightened up, surprised expression. The bluenette was the first to speak, "Sasori, get that boy out of there!!"

The redhead was taken aback, and told them that he didn't know what they were talking about. Hidan and Konan both crossed their arms, giving him an unimpressed expression. "Seriously, Sasori, get Blondie the fuck out of there!!"

The redhead gave a sigh and did as he was told, scooping the goldfish out of the bowl. Two seconds later and there was a flash of light, the fish turning into the blonde. Sasori was pushed onto the floor and a pair of lips pressed against his own, Deidara's tongue entering his mouth. A few seconds later, the blonde pulled away and slapped the redhead across the face. "Atrno xat ATOT cro teat topoor, un!! (Don't you DARE do that again, un!!)"


Itachi opened his eyes, cutting the redhead off. "How did your friends know that the fish was a person in less than a minute, while it took you fifteen years to find out?"

Sasori blinked at the raven, and gave a shrug. "Well, you'll find out soon if you just let me continue."

"Okay then," Itachi closed his eyes once more, "please do." Sasori rolled his muddy brown orbs and continued.


"Deidara!!" Konan grabbed onto the boy, pulling him into a hug. Sasori sighed and got back up, walking off to get a towel.

"Konan!! Hidan!! E'm zua chayp ya shrop xat!! (I'm so happy to see you!!)" He pulled away from Konan (holding onto her wrist so as to not change back) and pulled the albino into a hug as well.

Sasori came back to the group with a towel, and a few questions. "Okay, now tell me what the hell is happening." Deidara pulled away from the hug (though kept hold of Konan's hand), saying something in his odd language. "And why can't I understand a word that he's saying?"

Konan looked at the redhead, frowning slightly. "It's weird that you of all people…I mean, Hidan and I have known you for so long…" She looked between Deidara and Sasori, still frowning. "Oh!! I think I got it…Catch!!" She pushed the blonde away from her and Hidan, towards Sasori.

Deidara turned back into a goldfish, flying through the air until Sasori quickly caught him. The blonde changed back, grabbing hold of the redhead's wrist and pressing their lips together. Sasori wasn't at all surprised when he felt a tongue slip into his mouth. A few seconds later and the blonde pulled away, glaring at Konan. "Tra jan hell, un?! (What the hell, un?!)"

"Quiet, Brat," Sasori glared at the blonde, putting a towel over his shoulders and looked to Konan. "Okay, so why does he keep kissing me after he changes into human form?"

Deidara said something in his language to the bluenette, and she gave a nod. "He needs either human blood or saliva to be able to make his lungs work." The blonde said something else, "And you just happen to be the closest around when he needs it."

Sasori rolled his eyes, "Okay then, how come you all know each other and can understand what the hell he's saying?" Konan shared looks with Hidan and Deidara, as if talking without words. They all nodded and the bluenette looked to the redhead.

"You see…Deidara, Hidan and I are from a time long before yours. We were brought up in a large castle, Deidara as the prince, Hidan as a slave and my self as a chamber maid. We all became friends at a young age, and one day we were out in the garden having a walk. A plague had been going through the kingdoms, and it was headed for our own. Deidara's parents went to a warlock for help, and he decided that to save our people, a spell needed to be cast. Everyone was told to stay in the area of the kingdom, and then he turned us all into animals which would never die. I became a blue jay, Hidan became a field mouse, while Deidara became a goldfish. We panicked at seeing our friend like that, but I managed to carry him to the river. Neither of us knew how strong the currents really were, and Deidara quickly got swept away. I flew alongside the river and Hidan ran on foot…Well, paw…both following it for miles until we lost sight of Deidara. It was many weeks later that we finally returned home, only to find that everyone else had already gone…The whole kingdom had disappeared and we never saw any of the people ever again…Hidan and I have been travelling for centuries, searching for our friend…Recently, however, we both found out how to break the spell…"  She smiled gently at Deidara, "We thought that we'd never see you again…"

Deidara said something in his language, rather urgently. Konan was silent for a few seconds, but she spoke back to him in the same language. Sasori watched as they both got into a discussion, not using a single term which the redhead understood. Hidan came up to the redhead, taking hold of Deidara's wrist. "Can you go get some clothes for Blondie, here? I'm fucking sick of looking at him naked." The redhead gave a nod, tired of the conversation which he couldn't work out, and went to find some garments which would fit.


Deidara looked down at the clothes which he now wore. "Wow, E quatonr renn cloith eg teeyem, un. (Wow, I haven't worn clothes in ages, un.) Tean xat, Danna." He gave Sasori a hug, still holding onto his hand tightly.

"Awww!! He calls you Danna, that's just so cute~" Konan gave a happy sigh and she smiled at them. Sasori asked her what 'Danna' meant, "It means Master." She decided not to tell him that it also meant 'Husband', at least not yet. The redhead gave a slight nod and asked how she had managed to cure the spell. "True love, of course."

Sasori raised an eyebrow at her, "Are you serious?" Konan nodded, "Fine then, you go help him find his 'True Love', I have nothing to do with this."

The bluenette frowned at him, but then gave a smirk. "Oh, no, it's your job to fix the curse; he's your goldfish after all."

Sasori blinked at her, and then gave a sneer. "Well, he isn't my goldfish anymore. Where the hell am I supposed to find his True Love, anyway? I don't think everyone would be likely to fall in love with someone who can't even speak their language, and who turns into a fish if he isn't touching someone." Deidara said something which, as per usual, Sasori didn't understand.

Konan smiled at him knowingly, "Well I found my True Love, and believe me, I was just as bad as Deidara is now. I couldn't even understand English. At least Deidara can understand what you're saying, even if you don't know what he's saying. I met this boy called Pein a few years ago. He was fifteen at the time, and I was sixteen…In human years anyway, considering that we don't age while we're in animal form, so that also means Deidara is still only nineteen- I'm getting carried away. So, I met this boy called Pein after this storm during which I had sprained one of my wings. Hidan tried to help, but he wasn't able to. But then Pein came along and found me. He wrapped me in his shirt without touching me with his hands and took me home. Pein nursed my wing back to health, all the while he was careful not to touch me…It was as if he already knew what I was…He fixed my wing over a couple of months, and I fell in love with him. By that time he had turned sixteen as well. The day he was going to set me free, Pein finally touched my feathers with his skin. I turned into a girl, immediately kissing and embracing him. He fell in love at first sight, and with his help we broke the spell. I had lost Hidan, but I found him three years later when I was nineteen." She looked over at the albino, silently wanting him to continue the story.

"Oh," Hidan grinned at them, "well, I was a fucking mouse. Better than a goldfish, but not as adequate as a fucking blue jay. Anyway, I lost her for a few years. Unlike them both, I knew how to speak English and the language of our kingdom. I was found by a gang, which is where I picked up a few fucking bad habits from, and met one of the members from it. He always wore black gloves, so it was a while before he found out who I was. Anyway, the guys name was Kakuzu, and he brought me almost fucking everywhere…Except the bathroom, much to my chagrin." He grinned at the others, letting them know that it was a joke. None laughed, causing the albino to sigh. "Any-fucking-way, one day he was asleep, and I already knew I'd fallen in love with him. So I crawled up to his face and touched his skin, immediately turning human. When I kissed him, Kuzu woke up and hit me a few times. But I explained my predicament to him, and he became fucking interested. We tried to fix the curse, but nothing worked until I actually told him that I loved him, and then…" He grinned widely, "After a night of hot, sweaty sex, bingo, I was all cured. Screw True Love, I say that the cure is sex!!"

Konan shot him an appalled expression, "Sex wasn't the cure; True Love was." Hidan burst out laughing, pointing at the bluenette.

"Okay then. So the spell broke for you before you had sex?" Konan was absolutely silent for once. "Exa-fucking-actly!! Fine then, I shall admit that True Love plays a part, because Kuzu and I are still going at it like rabbits, but it's consummating that love that's the real cure!!" He chuckled to himself and gave a half mock bow for his story telling. "Eventually, Konan and I met up again. We decided to both work at the pet shop, thinking that if we were not going to give up on finding Deidara then that would be the best occupation for sure."

Konan broke in at that point, "A year later, an eighteen year old Sasori came in wanting a job. Isn't it just a bit too much of a coincidence that you're Deidara's owner, though?" Sasori opened his mouth to speak but was cut off, "No way, this was fate!! It's your job to find Deidara's True Love."

Deidara blinked at the girl, "Als Konan, Danna ro kebo Ralle Deserey, un. (But Konan, Danna is my True Love.)" The bluenette smiled at him and gave a nod.

"That's right Deidara, Sasori's going to help you find your True Love." She thought for a few seconds before adding, "E fiod, gan hand hem sim ages ya triir eg deserey wibo xat. (I know, just give him some time to fall in love with you.)" The blonde gave a pout but didn't say anything.

The redhead gave a sigh, "I never signed up for this." Both Hidan and Konan stood up, "Hey, you're not going, are you?"

The bluenette smiled at Sasori kindly, "Of course, Pein is waiting for me." She patted the blonde boy on the head, "Good to see you, Deidara," she looked back at the redhead, "call me if you have any problems. You can have a few days off, Sasori, until you find Deidara's true love. Bye!!"

"I have a problem right now, and it's called Deidara." The blonde gave Sasori a solemn expression, tightening his grip of Sasori's hand reassuringly.

"See ya, Saso, see ya Blondie!!" Hidan waved goodbye and then exited the room, Konan following behind him. Sasori heard the door close behind the two of them, and he gave a sigh.

"Well, this is just great." He rubbed his temples with his one free hand, giving another sigh. Sasori heard a certain blonde give a yawn, and the redhead looked at him. "You're tired?" Deidara quickly shook his head, but Sasori knew that it was a lie. He looked to the clock, surprised to see that it was an hour past midnight. "I didn't realise how late it was…Fine then, come on, unless you want to sleep in the bowl again, I recommend you come along." The blonde gave a quick nod and stood. Sasori got up from his chair and walked to the bedroom, giving a yawn himself. The redhead pulled his shirt off, placing it neatly on the back of a study chair which sat at a desk in his room. Deidara gave him an odd look, and Sasori gave a sigh. "You don't stay human if you touch clothing, right?" The blonde nodded, "Well if we both don't have our shirts on, then there should be less chance of you turning back into a fish. If you were to change while I was asleep, then I could roll over and squish you." Deidara gave a quick nod and struggled with taking his own shirt off one handed, Sasori having to help him in the end. "God, we might as well be handcuffed together." He sighed and crawled into his bed, waiting for the blonde to join him. Deidara struggled, not used to the softness of a mattress; nor the art of crawling with one hand. The blonde finally reached the redhead, lying down on the comfortable bed. He wrapped his arms around Sasori and nuzzled his face into the redhead's neck. The twenty year old gave an annoyed sigh as he pulled the blankets over them both. "Why do I have to baby-sit this Brat?" Sasori put his arms around Deidara, holding him close. "Why couldn't Chiyo have given me a pet rock instead of a goldfish?" He opened his mouth to continue his list of complaints, but was stopped by a slight snoring. Sasori frowned when he noticed that Deidara had managed to fall asleep already. "…Is that even possible?" The redhead then remembered that the blonde probably hadn't slept in a bed for a damn long time. He raised his eyebrows slightly and pressed Deidara a bit more tightly against his chest, "Damn Brat." Sasori fell asleep half an hour later, holding onto the blonde the whole time while he slept.


The next day-

"Okay, Brat," both Sasori and Deidara sat at the kitchen table, both eating a bowl of cereal. The blonde seemed overly excited to be eating something other than fish food. "Today you're going to learn to speak English, okay?" Deidara blinked at the redhead, and then gave a happy nod. "Okay, repeat after me. The cat crept up behind the goose, but then away it flew." The blonde repeated the word 'Flew' in English. "The rat was jealous of a moose who loved a kangaroo."

Deidara frowned at him, "Roo?" Sasori gave a sigh and a nod.

"The cat and rat gave up and found a flat in Timbuktu. And now, review, reread the whole way through."

The blonde frowned in memory and listed off the main words with his fingers on one hand, "Cat, goose, rat, moose, kangaroo, Timbuktu." Sasori asked him if he understood, "Yes I do." Deidara smiled, speaking with an odd and heavy accent.

The redhead sighed, though clearly brightened up slightly, "Good for you. Now repeat after me. How do you do?"

"How do you do?"

"Lovely and you?"

"Lovely and you, un?"

"Won't you sit down?"

"Won't you sit down?"

"Don't mind if I do."

"Don't mind if I do, un."

Sasori took a breath of oxygen, "The weather would be perfect if it weren't quite so hot."

Deidara blinked at him, scowling with distaste, "Hot."

The redhead frowned slightly, "I fear we're out of sandwiches, that butler should be shot."

He grinned rather menacingly, banging his fist on the table, "SHOT!!"

Sasori smiled faintly, "But won't you stay the night, we're having dinner on the yacht?" Deidara repeated the last word indifferently, "Now ready or not, show me what you've got."

The blonde frowned, trying to remember something he had long forgotten, "Bow deep, kiss hand, pull chair, look bland, pour the tea, pass the jam…" Sasori asked him if they were clear, "Yes Danna, un."


"Okay," Itachi opened his eyes, "do you get all of your English lessons from musicals? I mean, 'Bat Boy'?"

Sasori gave a shrug, "I didn't have much time to make up my own rhymes on the first day, but for later lessons I made up my own poems."

"Well, if you insist." Itachi closed his eyes, "Please continue." The redhead nodded and complied.


"Now repeat what I said before about the animals." Deidara was silent, having already forgotten, causing the redhead to sigh. "Well you still have the memory of a goldfish…"

The blonde frowned at Sasori, "Cat crept up upon the moose, but then away to Timbuktu. The rat was in love with a roo who got a goose. The roo and Timbuktu gave away a butler…who got shot, un…" Deidara whimpered to himself and looked away from the redhead, "Sozno, Danna… (Sorry, Danna)"

"From the top. The Cat crept up behind the goose, but then away it flew. The rat was jealous of a moose who loved a kangaroo. The cat and rat gave up and found a flat in Timbuktu. And now, review, reread the whole way through." He looked at the blonde, who still wouldn't face him again. "Come on, Deidara, just try." Deidara shook his head, causing Sasori to give a sigh, "Say it in your language then."

The blonde was quiet for a few seconds before he turned to the redhead, "Jan Cat stall beara jan goose, als janti atran rt urp, un. Jan rat bazo zeloss rof a moose ran desered a kangaroo. Jan cat axo rat jacio ceru axo looku a roun eg Timbuktu."

"Understand?" Deidara gave a quick nod. "Good, then say it in English now."

"The Cat crept up behind the goose, but away then it flew. The rat was jealous of a moose who loved a kangaroo. The cat and rat gave up, finding a flat in Timbuktu, un." He looked at Sasori, knowing that he hadn't gotten it perfect. Much to his surprise, the redhead didn't tell him off.

"Getting there," he shrugged his shoulders, "now tell me something about your self in English."

Deidara frowned in thought, trying to string a sentence together. "My name is Deidara…I am…nineteen years old and…Art is fleeting…" The blonde gave the redhead a proud expression, surprised when Sasori sneered at him.

"What was that last part? Art isn't fleeting, art is eternal, Brat." Deidara blinked at him as Sasori gave a sigh, "It was probably just an accident. Okay, so the line is 'Art is Eternal'. Say it."

Deidara blinked at him again, shaking his head. "Art is…Fleeting. Not Eternal." Sasori sneered again, "But it is, Danna, Art is Fleeting, un."

"Yeah right." The redhead purposely let go of the blonde's hand, Deidara immediately changing back into a goldfish. Sasori gave a yawn; putting a hand over his mouth as his other hand touched his old pet. Deidara changed back at the contact, instinctively pressing his lips against Sasori's, only to find the redhead's hand in the way. "Admit that art is Eternal, and I'll let you breathe." Sasori was amused by the fact that Deidara still wore the clothes he'd been given, even after the change. He then realised that the clothes had disappeared when the blonde became a fish. Sasori concluded that when Deidara changed, the clothes changed with him. The blonde glared at Sasori and pulled away, still holding the redhead's other hand. Sasori watched him, noting how his chest no longer rose and fell. He really couldn't breathe. Half a minute went by, before the toll of not breathing began to affect Deidara. His eyes fluttered somewhat, and the blonde's head lolled slightly on his shoulders. Deidara glared at him, and pulled Sasori's hand which he held onto close to him, suddenly biting down on the redhead's skin. Sasori hissed as he felt Deidara's teeth dig into him, and Sasori tried to pull his hand away without much success. "Hey, stop it!!" Deidara's teeth finally let go of the red head's hand, a drop of blood still on his lips. Sasori noticed that the blonde's chest was rising and falling as oxygen filled his starved lungs. He then recalled what Konan had told him, about blood being a second choice to saliva, and he mentally told himself off for forgetting. Sasori looked at his arm to see a bite mark which was bleeding faintly, wrinkling his nose slightly. "Dammit, Brat, that hurt."

Deidara gave a slight frown, "Sozno Danna." He pulled Sasori's arm close to him, the redhead keeping a cautious watch on his actions. Deidara brought his face down to the wound, gently cleaning the rest of the blood away with his tongue.

Sasori let him, considering it was partly his fault anyway, though mostly the blonde's. After cleaning the wound, Deidara gently kissed the broken skin and then nuzzled his cheek against it. He looked up at the redhead with sad eyes, continuing to rub his skin against the bite mark. Sasori gave a sigh, "Fine then, I forgive you; stop putting on such an act."

Deidara smiled up at him, kissing the wound a few more times which happily saying 'E deserey xat, Danna' (I love you, Danna) over and over. Sasori rolled his eyes, not understanding what the blonde was really saying.

"Okay, Brat, you can stop that." Deidara did as he was told, and the redhead gave a sigh, "Now repeat after me."

End of Part 1
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