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I felt this was important enough to make an article out of. This is something I received through Tumblr and dutifully passed along. I am trying to spread the word about this massive theft case.

Here's the quoted text:

They are stealing artworks from all over DeviantArt and FurAffinity, then posting them as “paintings on canvas” with huge price tags. Please please check to see if anything of your’s has been taken, and file a DMCA with the site’s host.

Please pass this on so we can get this disgusting thing shut down.
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Yes, I've gone and done it again! As if I'm not busy enough with A Call to Conversation anddA Roadtrip articles, I'm bringing you ANOTHER one!  With the launch of the "Undiscovered" browsing option, there are a TON of awesome artworks I've been finding and admiring, and I just have to share them with you guys.

I WILL be taking suggestions for this series, as well, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( =TwilightPoetess ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.


Undiscovered Gems (4)
Including suggestions from RiseandBe!

Dove Portrait by Kojireru
forgotten days by augenweide
Alone by Ideasplayer
Afterglow by precurser
Bonica by mainloop
the liaison by zeruch
Princess Mirage by Kifir
Super Doodle by qliche
*** by Tarasov
beauty, still a WIP by EnfantCache
phoniex and dragon by daxiong
Crows by Gellyh
Blue Heart of Mine by RachaelsWireGarden


I hope you found something here to fall in love with and admire!  Please show your support by +faving or commenting on these beautiful pieces--and don't forget, I'm taking suggestions for pieces to feature in the future!
Day 3 of my newest article series, featuring pieces found browsing "Undiscovered."
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234th feature - Photography – Horror & Macabre

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 1:52 AM

Journal CSS by Jamaal10
CSS best viewed in Firefox

Please visit the list of Maltese Deviants & Clubs

Have you ever wondered if any of your pictures have been ripped and utilised on other websites? If yes then you should sign up for TinEye

Would you be so kind as to visit srawberry-lillas blog?

Llama Evolution by mohammadamiri for a Llama Evolution by mohammadamiri
:points: are more then welcome :)

On the 2nd October 2009 Sortvind posted a news item which I would like to bring to your attention …….. How to make your uploads Stronger

:iconmaltese-deviants:  :iconart-malta:  :iconmaltesedeviants:

Spiral by painting-with-light  Pale by painting-with-light  Golden by painting-with-light  Yellow Crown by painting-with-light

I have decided to dedicate my 234th Journal Feature to Photography – Horror & Macabre

See No Evil II. by Mysantroph  Evil Inside by ajoycew  Just playing around by jmotes  Happy Halloween by hoshiko068  Hide by Kyomaire  A true monster by PirateYuma  Zombie by VickyTico  fairy by jhay0924  murder by chinchillin17  Melezour by Pebekanao  Samara_Morgan by JuliannaMauriello  blind, dumb, deaf by reflectionGod  :thumb270692876:  Chucky by Chlfd  Toiletskull by 3dzoef  A Bloody Night II by BreeSpawn  Angel Is Waiting For You... by Bellastanyer  The lonely ghost by That-Love-Voodoo  shower.... by exelworkz  Where Immortal Souls Reign... by GenerousPunk  Skull with Dreadlocks by Shin280891  :thumb271027702:  It's Spreading.. like a Disease... by xSakuraKurox  :thumb202793254:  hack.slash by Lady-Twiglet  dear venom. by Senju-HiMe  act of insanity . . . . VII by mehmeturgut  Vampire by Rebecca-Roo  Another day by Guirnou  My zombies, vampires and dead things... by artisi  Vampire Alez by KebbaChiin  Falling through... by sapfira  Headless Prayer 01 by captainjimbo  company of strangers by NikytaGaia  what's up, buttercup? by wonderbandalice  Ghosts of Chernobyl by ValentinaKallias  Zombie got me by NinjaDeath  perchance to dream by 13ftfall  Zombie Child by PepeAlain  Here is my heart your pin cushion by tamicooke  Halloween 2011: Zombies by Charmed-n-Captivated  BLACKOUT by tinfoil-rinjii  Zombie FX by MorgueMan138  Welcome home by Pineapplepieprincess  Lost chains by Mupymup  :thumb269516330:  Dead Set by FILWAE  :thumb269047281:  I'll get you... by Cadaver42  Anzombie IV by entropiazero

This weeks random deviations are:
Chibi Inu-inuyashasano by ClubInuyasha  :thumb244139786:  HTF Fitz and Skillet by aohoshi2008  Don't look back in anger by DiSPLAYY  DJ Industries by ArchElite  A065 - Lioness by GlebXXX

Happy new year everyone and hope we all had a great end to 2013! :party:
We saw some amazing photography last year, and want to share some of it here.
Thanks to all our members for participating/submitting photos to us, it keeps the group alive and gives the admins something to do while they're not out fighting crime and slaying dragons.
Hope you enjoy these photos, remember to be generous with your faves, and tell deviants how awesome they are!
Have a great year! :horns: =D :peace:

Victoria by xAmorphousx The Secret Garden by mrxthanh Toby. by InfuzedMedia Ol' Blue. by jxsnyder Old Wooden Canal 1. by jxsnyder Dont make me cry by Balboart Harley Davidson by Vitaloverdose Jasmine Tea by UntamedUnwanted Ghost Town by InfuzedMedia Take me with you - Lynx Cub by Manu34 Barred Owl by CandiceSmithPhoto The new king by Svenimal Whose Ball is it Anyways? by alexgphoto But a fly by adamcroh The Morning After by alexgphoto Audience... by vertatp Braveheart by John-Peter Dewlicious Morning by alexgphoto self-portrait by DianaValkanova How To Catch A Falling Star by NayeliNeria transparency by skygazing unknown by gokturkayan Shattered Water by bravethunda MistyFied 2 by AnneMarks Kendra 2.0 by K2KRNL Boylston by 29cfrun Slightly sepia by Alyssa-Fox Happy Family by AnneMarks 1 by Balboart Four Barriers by ondrejZapletal End of Season by d-beckmann Lake Magellan HDR by abe70280 La Parisienne by Rikitza Port Olimpic - III by Life-For-Sale Sunny in Amsterdam by INVIV0 Broken by Matthias-Haker Through the Vortex by Trichardsen They used to be homes by Awstein Boston Skyline At Night by Andrew-23 Serenity by cdpstudios Emerald Crash by cdpstudios Startrails by DyMHLp A Winter Tale by John-Peter Mexico - Waterfall of the Gods by lux69aeterna A World Of Fragile Things by KatharinaKuebler Northern Lights by Trichardsen Aurora Surprise by torivarn Tampa 2 by Reiep Ignite The Night by Trichardsen Memory of a sad summer by Jareth-Barnowl In Dead and Dying Light by HeadmistressMercedes After the Rain by cheslah Dachstein by focusgallery Quiet by Trichardsen Argentina - Ushuaia by lux69aeterna Falling Into A Thought by Trichardsen Surreal Landscape by Awstein Mosquito Valley by Trichardsen A Burst Of Yellow by Skyangel280 Hidden Cove by MacroMagnificent Little Colorado River by GsanePhotography The Surf by Stuzal The Waters of Larch Mountain by Stuzal If we could cry by Bokehlie Beyond by Level4DotNo Bokehcella by adamcroh Another Sunset v2 by qwstarplayer Arboreal Dance by Metal-Bender Quality Time by PixelBalance Restless sky by Trichardsen Summer sun II by RobinHedberg Block 10 by zoomzoom Untitled 34 by Befmun The Courtyard by SuperSnappz Kalemegdan fortress by Dzodan The Mafra Palace by roman-gp Corbusier II by Malcolm21 Structure by Inside-Montpellier Check In by focusgallery Norway 35, Oslo by CrLT Oporto 7 by Anamartinez-Fotograf Kalmar Cathedral by Mishkin-Rayman Train now approaching by Anime-Reality Tumski Bridge by TomekKarol Gothic Dreams by Estruda Glass, concrete and clouds. by MarioGuti Clarity of the Last Factory by CarlosBecerra kings style apartment by Yanka1207 Church of Doom by Bojkovski Animal Instinct Part 6 by AnneMarks Alone by MarthaTuma raining season (The Road Home) by LevAni11 Arrival by Trichardsen The test of time by HelenBurg Wickerman by Coigach Escape by solcarlusmd Floating by ElenaHelfrecht African sunset by PreslavIliev Jumping in the sunrise by qwstarplayer Be Home Soon by nancy24601 Ghost Railway by Val-Faustino Rhythm Of The Soul by FeminaLamia week 21: dandelion by cloe-patra wind by IlonaShevchishina  Dsc7723 by StorySophia Callous Lovers by ElenaHelfrecht The Beauty and The Beast by AhZombiessWaiting for my love by DeadLightBulbMnimaia When we're young by cazt1811 He Says She's Intoxicating by StorySophia Photoshoot - Ginger winter 11 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai La Genevoise by Rikitza Balancing by RobertRobledo GARAGEDAYS BANDPIC 2013 B by rENEkOESSLERvISUALS #22 by pinkmansbitch Portarying Levi on Petra's Death by ReyNathanael the flower keeper by pholwises JaMakin Dreamz 1 by AnneMarks Evening by TaisiaFlyagina Pride by HeyNay Ryan Key by With-Open-Eyes Tera Phoenix @ Twisted Tuesday by AJHege Soft dreams by SandyManase Sky by Dmaghar Da lacht der Sommer by fholger Old Cambodian man by zaffonato Mirror street by roman-gp Glacier du Geant by Reiep alte-Dampflok2 by ConnysWORLD Frosta -Eyes Front by AndersStangl Silent Melodies by ElenaHelfrecht Vogelinsel by ConnysWORLD Enslaved III by ValeriyaSegal BALTIC SEA by JENU89 men and the sheds by onurrus No Loitering by blepfo Underwater scape by atroy9 Caen's Roofs by moerthammer Come at me, bro by Svenimal Badass Dog by TheScratcher Mute Swan by L-E-photography Raptor beauty by RiphathNomnomnom by AnneMarks waiting for lunch by Cmac13 Two Peas in a Pod by cheslah no need to delphin so deeply... by bloodawni Azure Peacock by aurionPhoG Unicorns in the sunlight by AnneMarks Flying seagull - Norway (11) by LorcanPL This tooth here doc... by Riphath Anthony and the Pink Slipper I by fnqphotographer Christmas time by cazt1811 Zombie by AniqeAnuk Frozen Afternoons by Silvermoonswan Little Eiffel . . . by blackbeamer Colours by ShiroDesign Colors by aliawais Tibetan Juniper Incense by DoraVavrova ~Enchanted Tomorrow~ by Isika River - HDR by GsanePhotography A Belen by Anamartinez-Fotograf End of flight 2 by Vitaloverdose The bridge over the river by roman-gp The hall by roman-gp Brokedown Kenworth. by jxsnyder Chinese Optimus Prime by kdiff3 1004 by vollyy Church by moerthammer
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The Collection

Sat Sep 14, 2013, 11:29 PM

A collection of recent favorites. Please considering viewing these amazing galleries further and giving them all the attention they deserve. :dalove:

If you'd like, feel free to  +fav  this journal, in order for the artists to get more exposure. Happy Viewing! :aww:

Eye by Lillian-BannDeeper and deeper by Dark-Raptordisappointed by AlicjaRodzikSpring View by ifsantag My heart belongs to you by xOronarCake by ClefairyKid Take Off by arsta07Watching You by BokehLightInquietude by pavocristo 07:13 | Bread and Wine by OlivierAccartNothing Personal by LarsVanDeGoor Blooming Spring by nhuthanhlandscape I by labiryntfoggy afternoon by SteeeffiiiNightmares To Life by Katrina-B-SGolden tiger eye - stone painting by AlviaAlcedoColdness by SteeeffiiiJellyfish by TemperTempest.:: Little Robin ::. by Whimsical-Dreams

islands by werol__ n __ by EYELIGHTZONECevizkoltuk by uurthegreatCross necklaces by honeypunkC minor by werol
Grapple | City Concept by RyomaNinja<da:thumb id="363691802"/>Liaoning by blayrdFragile by aoao2Stilt walker by Dark-Raptor 
BubbleFrog by thrumyeyePeek-a-boo by ColinHuttonPhotoThe Beginning by FlabnBoneI eat Flesh by darkSoul4LifeLorelei by werol Mori by jadesweetboxPoem of umbrellas by Pyr0skyB-W Stripes by amrodelHi..Look At Me..!!! by djusahypno frog by shade-pl
Poppy Field by newcastlemaleTimeless by SoulofNovemberThe Chase by starrynightxxiMorning grass by TriinErgAn Hule by synconi
Frog by byrciaBreath by cloudmilkSpikes by TriinErgJust dance by youngmoonsWaiting for Rain by alexgphotoLatex Stock by KaylaDavionPastel colored barrel by mercurycode Blue Simone by RiemeaThe Watcher by JensSeethalerLeaping Fox Pendant by Gatobob
The Windhover - WP by PhotosbykevDragon rider by foolEye 4 -update- by Togusa76Danger Days by LuxDani Forest-Shadow by Fuz-Caforio-Art
Via Ferrata Eterna by JamesRushforthAnything Can Turn Into Love by photofreak3852013_12 by nathieCc8b1731CC by Photosbykev Their Moment by zoomzoom
Phoenix by privilegium<da:thumb id="398714257"/> Miles Adrift by LyrebirdBlue If you were a sailboat by FairyLady19007 Fanad Light by mibreit 

Robin Red Breast by helloheath 100TC: Innocence by xHideFromTheSunx HEARTBREAKER by lora-zombie Lion by dangaranartJackalopes and wolf by hontor
Solar Tiger by TsaoShin Little bird, Little bird... by Meaghz Fly by lora-zombie  JUNCTION by Anj3lla <da:thumb id="399333387"/>

Autumn Blues by Vint26 The Chase by Fuz-Caforio-Art  Blown Away by FramedByNature  Fai-fo by Socnau     <da:thumb id="398676188"/>   fawn by chazstity  Babyrhinoflat by thedoberman MOLESKINE DOODLES: The King's Awakening by kerbyrosanes Zingela by Fuz-Caforio-Art aquamarine freak by agnes-cecile    

A wolf in the shape of a girl by WolfSkullJackDon't mess up with Leon by AllerleiBeyond the time with them... by RadekDemjan Silly Bean by Whimsydogstudio Tarot : ACE OF WANDS by leptailurus-serval The safe place by XeniaChowaniec 

Naga queen by SARYTHLost in Space by erezmaromUrsus by RhynnDamsel in Wonderland by thrumyeyeCloud Fans SML V02A7371 by FireflyPhotosAustHolding on... by jbeau3d

Manifest-destiny-2-web-72 by Shinolahead21.3 by absentiaeRaining II by diegoideflemon by lucastomaszewski<da:thumb id="395086268"/>The Chamburger by AquaSixio

Anja Fischer II by Hart-WorxMolens Van Orshoven II by EvilienFractured Worlds by InebriantiaSunrise... by AdamMajchrzakMajestic Tides by jbeau3dRescue mission by xbastex
Maggie by ShelleyVPhotoSubmarine world by germanluiCrow by AlanpaintsOne Wish by eidolicEye of the Tiger by Purple20
Ink Grus grus by Myrntai Maned Wolf and Cubs by Steph-Laberis


A few of my own works

Twig by rainylakeFresh Fruit by rainylakeFloat by rainylakeOn Love and Strength by rainylakei want to sail away from here by rainylake 
Grey Eyes by rainylakeWindow by rainylakeEurasian Eagle-Owl by rainylakePeacock by rainylake 

Thanks for viewing :heart:

Coding by SimplySilent
Giant collection of art! Come on in and browse around :heart:
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It's been a while since my last "News and Feature" Entry... so the feature is quite a bit larger than it's been the last times. Unfortunately I've deleted some of the notifications from my inbox, sooo, when you think I've missed something drop me a line and I'll make sure to feature it next time! Promise! No need to be shy! :)
Anyway, here's a selection of great things I've found in my inbox. Don't miss these showcases, projects and contests! They all really deserve attention! I hope you're all having a great time! 

#SixWordStories: Monthly ShowcaseA type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.
In our feature articles, we will be showcasing six word stories submitted to Freestyle folder.
Six word story by empyrealblaze :thumb392171149: Faceless Days by NikkitheNinja Desillusionment by sacredZinja Explosion II by CheroshSeiphar *Growth* by Delice1941 My Friends by Birdkiller Halo by BeaneBandit Soprano by Konnono Child bride by freakysomeone The Common Fear by FaithlessRurouni Blue's Snooze by cerealnovels Human Nature by Seilf Pitfall by Bamboo-Warrior :thumb396
A creature in my house - contest #9This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.
-Mum, can I invite the neighbour from the top floor for a tea? He's cute.
-Darling, we live alone on the top floor and there's just the roof above us.

Is it a nice house elf? Or the annoying one stealing just a single sock from a pair? Or its cousins, living in the wardrobe and biting holes in your coats. Or something worse, disturbing or gruesome... Does it live in your room, in the kitchen, or somewhere else in your house? What is it?
This Autumn, in this contest your task is to present us that creature from your house. Inside - no gardens. Unless the garden is inside. And it doesn't have to be your house, could be the one you dream about. Heading back to the creature itself - you may consider it an invader from your point of view, but perhaps it lived there a long time before you were born... or it follows you wherever you move in. Good if it's a harmless on
DeviantART ComplimentsJoin me for the launch of a new community project! :la: Recommend A Friend Project: Startup InformationHey all. Welcome to the Recommend A Friend Project. This journal's purpose will be to describe this little project, and to tell you information about signing up. Please be sure to read all the following information carefully in order for things to run smoothly. If you'd like to spread word about this project or even just favorite this journal so it reaches a larger audience, it would be most appreciated!
The Idea
Basically, I noticed a part of my profile seemed a little blank, so I decided to create a custom box on my page dedicated to featuring deviants of all talents weekly :aww:. The box will feature a recommended friend, and the deviant that recommended them. It will also include a tidbit about the recommended friend, including why you should check them out :la: Each duo will be up for a week, and at the end of the month, I will collect all of the features and create one big journal feature, with everyone that participated that month.
How to get Involved
  AWW IIWho are Angel without Wings?
That are those fellow deviants:
who more or less regularly feature other deviants
who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments
who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get
who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed
who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help
who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular base
who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than
who give fair and helpful critiques (weather official or not)
or what else helpful, kind, supporting they might do
You can read all about it HERE
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink
Every fortnight 3 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by me and my fellow Gangstas of love (in alphabetical order):
*ANGELICA-LILY *<a class="u" href="">

Withdrawal by LAlight Love touches you still by TheDewdropFairy Spring 2013 06 by RichardGeorgeDavis 2013-03 by Koworu Fruktose by SchwarzWieEbenholZ Fitting In by pengirl389265Building Bridges by ThemTrees Little one by Kriloner Blue eyes by Gallynette 135. by Bulinko Flower by YuvalPlg A world of colours by matthieu-parmentier Shooting Stars by PiecesOfAnsley White Rose by kernelcat 18.04 by Somebody--else Shake those feathers by FreyaPhotos Flower descended to us from space by diamondriri Warmth by ryuhack Bright by Redanshy 87.P.affinis by Bulinko Summer, please don't go! by dashakern Silhouette by LeonsFilmreviews Purple pulsatilla by AngiWallace COSMOS I by fionafoto Rambur's forktail - Ischnura ramburii by ColinHuttonPhoto Distant Dreams by LDRPhotography Waiting for the sun to wake by AnneMarks Head in the clouds. by dragonfly-oli Untitled by lisans Startoucher by Oer-Wout Sactified by AndrewShoemaker Calluna vulgaris by mkizielewicz Flint coast by AStoKoVictoria Crowned Pigeon by Chaotic-Chelly Untitled by FrancoBorsiWildLife Nature Hunt #1 by okinawarikenata Reflection On The Beach by JackButcherPhoto summer day by MioethV Pink Blossom by FreyaPhotos Cosmic Love by DorotejaC Going home after work by LostCrown The Clouds, They Speak in Whispers by Necro-Panther Their Moment by zoomzoom Black Sea by White-square Tegernsee II by SigfodrInto the blue. by MauiMelle 888 by JuliannaRembrandt Beautiful sunrise by Peace-June Evening Dance by Jemiyah Protector by Jemiyah September Winds by suezn Red plumbago 3 by FrancescaDelfino

 :heart: Kat
(and sorry to those I couldn't inform about their work being featured...unfortunately the system thinks I'm spamming, I surely will give it another try later)
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A feature of some of my recent favorites and amazing art I've found :heart:

salti of you,
such a beautiful mess, intertwined and overrun.
your arms, copper lips, citrus,
a lovin' with a twist.
my summer away at space pirate camp,
i took to howling with you the first thunder of june;
flesh, storms,
the hunt for human brains,
     Maybe Zombies Just Want To Hug?
       - 6 lies to tell yourself if shipwrecked.
i can't explain the feelings i get.
   blue dream before i sleep:
   the soul cupping rice (glass figurines, lamp light eyes).
my fear is milk two sugars.
       drink drink drink
       beneath it all,
               floral growth, silver spoons,
               fox teeth,
           losing my spine, strange preoccupations with skin,
Stay Awake"If you stay awake
you might learn something, student."
"But dreams give me hope."

Poetry,you’re a
temperamental bitch
that moans when I go.
You compare
to happiness.
You creep
from throats
& bones
like some
hungry monster.
But Poetry,
was invented
for you.
You awoke
a rhythm
between my
that still
You’re either a
vital organ,
or blood.
However, Poetry,
are you cheaper
than the women
in the empty spaces
of my life-
or the secrets
I write
between my thighs?
I am Fifty Shades
of girl.
Why should I feed you?
Do you know
what to do
with my body
when you are merely
ink stained fingers
soaked in passing
& the fevers
within burning stars?
I didn’t think so.
Tea with AliceDaydreaming on the sweetened grass,
I patiently wait for the seeds to sprout.
Ribbons of blue fall fast from the heavens,
tickling me with their comical tails.
Umbrellas of bland and beige shiver themselves dry,
splashing everything around me with surprising flecks of exuberant paint.
Garish beads multiply and disseminates;
colouring in the spaces my eyes brush.
Soundless formless forms shimmer to solid shapes,
imprisoning me within a witches ring.
Warping, morphing reptiles are birthed from the haze,
their opaque eyes penetrating through mine accusingly.
Incomprehensible nonsense spurs from their flapping jaws;
bombarding me with befuddling demands.
Loyally humbling their prickling backs;
they ostensibly summon their emerald-scaled liege.
Laughter as chilling as white noise flitters from the regal vertebrate,
his nitrogen breath crystallising my flesh to stone.
Erratic heartbeats of panic echo from me;
a war drum that vibrates my anxiety erringly.
Nameless names are repeated in questi

intensity. by Ameliey
A Place Of Memory by RockstarVanityShiny Steampunk Tribal earrings in golden tone by Verope
Spreader bar ballet by johntisburyThe writer by 4steex
Penguins by DelinleaQuilling dreams by UsoKei
Rainbow Statement Necklace by Natalie526Shiny Steampunk Tribal earrings in golden tone by Verope
Freezing time by AmelieyTreble by NitTataTag 64 by SilverInkblot
Signs of a hard life by Linealonhoiden
Self Existence by DarebrotherEndless by zoomzoomFireworks 3 by DaXXe

Amazing art & awesome artists :heart:
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Apparel Collection: Top Hat

Fri Nov 30, 2012, 3:03 PM

Top Hat
Victorian Steampunk Inspiration

Making art from multiple sources of inspiration allows you an opportunity for
different avenues of thought to converge and spin into genres you’ve never
before tried. Mixing it up and treading on new ground creates entire new worlds
of unexplored subject matters and themes for you to build your masterpiece

Steampunk is a fun sub-genre of science fiction that mixes many ideas together, including Victorian Era style, steam-powered machinery, retro-future civilization, and great attention to technical detail. The result is a truly wonderful mash-up
that’s popular for artists and writers alike. 

This piece was spawned from a series of other works I had done in many different medias. Skulls have interested me greatly throughout my life, and the subject matter has always been prevalent in my artwork. One of my favorite pieces is on the belt buckle I wear daily that I made in a jewelry class years ago. It has very special meaning on many levels, and the skull design has inspired many offshoots. 

Being an avid attendee of the super art-centric festival Burning Man, I find myself doing a load of public art for different installations. A friend of mine -- who loves Steampunk and wears dresses in the fitting attire daily -- asked me to make a mural for his booth to welcome newcomers to the volunteer resource tent at Burning Man, and he wanted it to have some serious style.

It was important for the piece to look industrial and classy. We talked about the various symbols that epitomized Steampunk, and he kept visualizing old razor knifes and ball-peen hammers from the Victorian age.

I brought with me some Victorian photos to have a visual resource handy, and I also showed him some skull ideas I’d been working on from my sketchbook. To top it all off (literally), he asked if I would include one of his own hats in the piece as homage to the style.

The installation went beautifully. I used white paint straight on the 3-by-8-foot
surface, and the negative line-work really came out dramatically at this size. Here he is posing in front the final piece.

Fast forward a year or so, and I am still inspired by the subject matter. Since I maintained ownership of the image, even though I gave him the original painting, I could use the image again however I wanted. 

From this large painting, I took a good photo and brought it into the digital space. The line-work was very simple, but even with the addition of some ornamental gears and geometry nestling in the skull, it was lacking something. Maintaining the three values, I added a good amount of texture and detail through the center of the composition, making the visual story all about the top hat and the skull. It was a fun idea and quite a challenge to interpret from metal belt buckle to large mural to clothing design.

We chose a fitting color scheme and sent the piece off for printing. Thankfully, we work locally, because when it was time for a press check (to proof the work before mass production), I was able to see that my original visual decisions on the screen were not reading quite right when translated to silk-screened print. I broke out the laptop and made the changes needed to fix the problem.

Check it out in the deviantART T-Shirts & Gear Shop. Click here.

The finished design turned out to look really great when worn by a real person. I
learned a great deal in the process on this one, for sure. I hope you enjoy the journey this design took on the road to completion!

Read about past projects that inspired Forest Stearns to make "Top Hat!"
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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 9:18 AM

I haven't done a feature in so long!

 Boa constrictor by rilibkointo the abyss by CaradelNeilRollover by hennateaTIGERS III by fionafoto

    Panorama Of Ondic by roblfc1892
  ATLANTIS by sarahlouisejohnson  Su Schu I by Hart-Worx   The Beacon by LaurenCalaway   Anna by Hart-Worx  _Emelie II. by Bloddroppe

April by chaoticfireflies

        Sunrise II by eyesweb1It's Not Polite to Stare 2831 by AforApertureTree Rain by eyesweb1Cute and fuzzy by Wolfling01Segla Wall by TobiasRichter

Atlantic Puffin by FForns

BIG EYE by ELKAPLHorned Crab by OddersnudeOn Expedition by darkSoul4LifeLeopard by Riham-Darwish
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Harvest by zoomzoom
<da:thumb id="395807678"/>Morning yoga II by realityDreamHeathland bee by MaaykeKlaverHabronattus orbus by ColinHuttonPhoto
<da:thumb id="361943313"/>Golden Eagle 11-05-2013 by Lenore49A Helping Hand by ChikrataSher Khan by MorningIrbis

Maria by Anna1AnnaEcho by ShadyBluesOtter focus. by StormyyWolfBig Cat by RHCheng
Color Dust II by artviveslidia

Face to face by ElenaDudinaGood Fishing- Bald Eagle number 2 by ChuckRondeau#DoWhatYouWant by MartaxrodriguezLittle kitten by MisterSev7n

I'm dangerous by Victorior

Sumatran Tiger by PeteLathamRust by DeniseSodenToo Many Teeth by robbobertSlither by tleach0608
Emerald Tree Boa by DeathByAnArrowShe's come back by EltasiaLesser Flamingo III by moem-photographyLife's Closing In by WishmasterAlchemist
Mia by Hart-Worx
Alenka by xxboneWind of change by Diana-NeegeRebellious Beauty 1. by arazugurBeauty Margarita II by MissHeroinxalice! by DamianKarkoszka
Uranium 235 by aarontyree

Snoopy by DaisyreeBPenguin by L-E-photographyfollow the light by GeoArcusAhhhh Chinchillas by breanna-rae
Waiting for the princess by AimishBoyPelikan 2 by AStoKoOn the way to grow by phalalcrocoraxHypnosis by achillesbeast

Marakele Aardvark by LinRuPhotography
Tiger by Arkus83Creme II by Arkus83Canine sunset by WordupIkaika Profile by jenniferstuber
Ocean Breeze by jenniferstuberEntwine by FlabnBoneBlackish by MichaelthienGrey Little Bunny by breanna-rae

Meditation by TammyPhotography

Standing Out by ChikrataLittle Smile by jenniferstuberJames Dean by tassaneeJerroh by jenniferstuber

But that was my tree by Lion-RedmichThe Turtle by manaphotoDingle Peninsula by WithabixTurquoise water by Kiara-Vestigium
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Lost in Nordreisa by torivarn

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Firstly, a huge thank you to SanguineEpitaph for organising deviantART Staff Appreciation Week and inspiring Indae and I to start this project. :heart:


Without further ado, we’d like to announce the winners of our Contest. :eager:

First Place
DXD ICON by FireGemini
Dedicated to dxd, made by FireGemini
This entry stood out because of it's fantastic use of the template, and a great depiction of dxd's icon and deviantID. :leetcrab:

Second Place
Ikue - Staff Appreciation by litecrush
Dedicated to Ikue, made by litecrush
We liked that this entry was nicely personalised and dedicated to Ikue. The colours and design are also very appealing. c:

The People's Favourite
dASAW Project by nikkittie
Dedicated to fourteenthstar, made by nikkittie
Overall a brilliant entry. The awesome colours and grunge style appealed to many. <3
For the full results of the people's favourite, see this journal:…

Congratulations all! :hooray:

However, this was first and foremost a project, aiming to make a compilation to show our appreciation for the deviantART staff. Thanks to the fantastic array of project entries we received, we have been able to put together this deviation as a thank you from all of us:

A Compilation for the dA Staff by death-wishes

We’d now like to share with you a collection of comments about the deviantART Staff, and to feature some deviations made by the Staff themselves. :heart:

"The dA staff are the gears behind the scenes, keeping things running smoothly even when dArama abounds. Their dedication to the site is kinda the basis of what the larger community is built on. Basically, they rock lots." - SparklyDest

Happy 9th birthdAy by damphyr Red Bull Creation by beautifulyuki Saturdays by spyed

"The $taff is truly amazing! I appreciate what they do for the community and for deviantART :heart: They work hard to make our experience here at dA magical!" - Quolia

TheFancyNarwhal Sticker Set II by aunjuli Happy Birthday deviantART by makepictures Turn on the Red Light by Moonbeam13

"I MEASURE AWESOME IN MOONBEAMS. The highest moonbeam something can be is 13."- Athos-of-Light

Getaway Snack 2 by danlev Poison Ivy by megturney Clay Fella by LaurenKitsune

The Staff have allowed us to flourish as a community into what we are today - yes, this is cheesy but without them we wouldn't have the welcoming atmosphere that we do at dA.” - Phlum

My gallery needs more cats by Ayame-Kenoshi DeviantART Logo Icon by TheRyanFord :eagerpee: by Ikue

"The Staff at Deviantart are some of the most helpful and amazing people! Without them or this site I probably wouldn't be confident at art! Reading some of their journals always makes me smile too! :)" - King-Char

Black Ink - U2 by starvingartist Bergamot Art Show by codenamepanther Soft City SoundOnce upon a time
You and I
Became the smoke in a saxophone song
In a starry still-wet city
In a moment
That didn't quite happen
So much as it was imagined
I sleep and imagine it again

dA is like a city already, a big one, and the staff members try their best to keep it running and organized, and taking care of a community like this gotta be a lot of work. So, for all that work: THANK YOU, dA's STAFF! :XD:” - FlamerXMagofire

Right of way by fourteenthstar Raccoons! by 20after4 :thumb245141332:

We'd like to say a huge thank you to the deviantART Staff for making dA the wonderful place it is today. :dalove:

As part of deviantART Staff Appreciation Week, StaffAppreciation has organized interviews with our staff members so that we can get to know them a little bit better!

August 8th - Interview with Moonbeam13:…
August 9th - Interview with damphyr:…
August 10th - Interview with aunjuli:…
August 11th - Interview with Ayame-Kenoshi:…
August 12th - Interview with TheRyanFord:…

: FREE : dASAW Journal Skin by SanguineEpitaph Special dASAW Journal Skin by SanguineEpitaph dASAW avatar by EastSideSunsets

But deviantART Staff Appreciation Week isn’t over yet! So head over to StaffAppreciation to participate in some of the brilliant projects and contests that are being hosted there. :dalove:

Thank you. :heart:

- death-wishes Aka Indae and conniekidd
dASAW Stamp by EastSideSunsets If you love it fave it by Ravenswd dA Staff Appreciation Week by ClefairyKid
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