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Part one of my holiday animations for dA. This week we're focusing on Hanukkah :)

Happy Hanukkah everyone! :boogie:

Music and animation by me as always. I had real fun doing the sound effects on this one as well :thumbsup:

If you want to find out more about this celebration, there is an informative site here: [link]
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I resubmit to alter minor stuff....
Finally up....
but its a very big file of 4MB....
even if u think 4MB is no big deal, my flash lasted only for like 2 to 3mins depending on how u play it....which is a BIG, if a 4MB flash, should last for 8mins or so, but my 4MB flash lasted only bout 2mins....

all because of this frame by frame thing... Can anyone who do frame by frame animations, tell me how to compress ur movie file size cause this is too ridiculous for such a short animation with such a big file size, there are no songs in it ecxcept for a loop midi wave file and effects only, Every thing is done frame by frame.

and yah...please click the DL arrow button if u dont want to see anything weird happening in this flash, cause from my experience, button scripts will tend to go crazy if the flash is watch within the DA interface.....its best u DL it......

and yes...its a 18+ mature animation due to explict blood and gore and violence....most at the last scene actually...;)
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My very first flash-animation. This is just a small test. Just checking how my e-mot would look in flash. Maybe I'm going to make something "bigger" from this... Dunno.

Tip: Try to imagine some grooving beat playing in the background and you'll know what this fella's doing. Like this.

I'm embarassed. It made it to the front page. Darn.
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I think everyone who's got a TI-83 (or similar) knows this game :)
I love it and played it a lot, so one of my first flash-projects was this remake.
It's finished since a few months, but I had to overwork it - and here it is!

Simple shoot-em-up, but still quite entertaining and not too easy!
If you survive you can enter the online highscores.
Are you good enough to do it?

:bulletgreen: 10 different types of enemys
:bulletgreen: 3 different types of level bosses
:bulletgreen: 10 levels with 2-4 sub-levels filled with heavy action
:bulletgreen: 9 different flying formations
:bulletgreen: 5 different weapon types
:bulletgreen: about 450 enemys!
:bulletgreen: online highscore!

Note: "Upgrade" shortens your weapons delay (on fire-key-holding)

"Download" or "Full view" to play!

Thanks for 1k pageviews, btw :D

Good luck, pilot!
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First of all I'd like to apologize to everybody that added my last two images to their fav's and never got a thank you from me. I accidentally deleted all my messages :-/

This is the splash I did for depthCORE's 17'th pack "freestyle". The image is by gavinwm>> [link] and the audio is by crunch>> [link]
The animation is by me, so it's kinda like a three way collab ;)

Comments and :+fav: +fav's are appreciated.

Check out the new pack and the new awsome dC layout here >> [link]
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-- I'm aware of the music issue - being too short - that's to do with a slower playback rate of the frames in a browser, and also the text issue - where some goes off screen - which is due to me using a Mac only font. --

Alrighty, this is my major motion design assignment for this semester.

The brief was we had to choose either a band, product or movie promo, or a short poem to animate. I went the stupid idea and chose a movie promo based around my own movie. And here is the end result.

The movie is based loosely in the future. It's a perfect world, a utopia, free of disease, hungry, poverty, crime. On the surface, anyway. A young boy discovers his mother was found dead, through an accident. Through some further investigation, however, he learns that she was murdered by the Government. Consequently he stumbles upon a brutal discriminating past of genocide and a bunch of revolutionists, and becomes an integral part of the uprising.

Most of that you can't tell from this. Because of time restraints I didn't get to put in the amount of detail I originally wanted (which was an absurd amount considering) but I'm relatively happy with the result.

:bulletred: Details:

Created entirely in Flash 8. Music created using GarageBand. Photo references taken by me, with the gracious support of Gemma and my brother, Aaron, with the exception of two stock images obtained from

Huge thanks to Gemma for the overwhelming patience and feedback through my hours and hours of time-strained frustration. I love you! :love:

Inspired by the visual stylings of Renaissance.

Also, try and spot which bits I did first. And the fantastic Nokia 6288 buildings :slow:

Enjoy guys. :slow:
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This evolved out of Six weird experiments after *jam02 saw it :D
There are 7 types of enemys, so I hope you'll be busy for some time :)
I think there might come an update with an online highscore...

OK, for those who didn't get it, here are the complete INSTRUCTIONS ^^
- Your'e the brownish circle, you control it with your mouse
- don't get hit by the black dots moving towards you!
- collect the rotating green thingys to charge up your weapon...the circle gets darker the more you collect. click with the left mouse button to launch an explosion which destroys the black dots which crash into it.
- collect the rotating blue thingys to get a shield. your circle will turn blue to indicate that you are invulnerable; but carefull, it will get lighter and lighter until the shield is gone.
- in the top right corner there are 3 counters. the top one is just for the time you survive. the second one is for the dots you killed. the third one (with the black border around) is your complete score (timescore+killscore)

Click download or fullview to play

EDIT: theres something wrong atm...the menu should go away when playing...fixing that atm
EDIT: fixed
EDIT: Now with online highscore! thanks to ~creaturecorp for the help!
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Aeduo™ was concieved in late 2004 as a generative audio development tool.

Serving as essentially a sound generation applet using soothing synthesis, creative melodies and visual direction, it provides the user with an easy to use tool for being creative with a variety of sound development. The user is presented with primarily three channels of sound creation, when one of these is triggered by using either the mouse, keyboard or customised controller, a sound is generated from the library bank of sound randomly. Some of the audio is played twice, some is mixed with another sound and some is just straight forward noise.

The user can also choose to generate all three bursts simultaneously to create a unity of random audio, a whole new composition is generated by the samples. Each channel has specific types of sound that it will produce, the first one is an ambient mix of digital synthesis and presents the user with some background elegance and tunage. The second controls a few melodies, drums and basic beats fused with some effects and the third is random samples and pure effects just for fun. The ‘RDM.UNITY’ button can be activated to take three elements from each channel at the same time and they will be played together no matter what else is going on.

The result is a completely interactive way of composing and generating music and harmonic sound authorship.

I made the sounds in cubase and sonar, and imported them to flash, ignore the preloader nothing special (and pixelated font) lol...

Broadband users should be fine, dial up go and make a cup of tea or something ;)
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*Typhin was searching for a game he played once but couldn't find it, so I recreated it :)
It's a classical 2-Player-1-PC-Game.
As you can see there are two "spaceships" - Player 1 and Player 2^^
So get someone else to your PC and duel him!
The concept is simple: choose direction and speed by clicking with the mouse and your ship will fire!
But: the bullets get attracted by the "planets" (those big gray round dots^^), so it won't be that easy to hit - and be carefull to not hit yourself!
After you shot there'll be a slightly lighter bar to indicate where your last shot went to.

I don't like the "hop" when the camera's changing, but oh time to fix that at the moment^^

Have fun! :D

Download or Full View to play of course!
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a friend asked me whether i could make a cool model with less than 70'000 polygons to test out his self-made graphic engine and so i made this robotic scorpion . . .

i'm working now on a wp . . . coming soon!

comment if you like . . .
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