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I HATED him as a kid. I still remember how he sent chills down my spine whenever I saw the film. I did this for halloween but I update it now; I guess that... I'm a bit late. Anyways, enjoy! And yes, I do realize that blanket could look better, haha!
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-Once he was told: "The answer your searching for is in your own head"
And beacuse of that, he spent many years wondering about where did the smoke of his smoking pipe go.-

Duh, it's so slow when you work digitally, even if you scan your lineart.
I tried many things on here. One was perspective (wise persons might notice I tried to make it look a bit from above) and the other one, working with photoshop. Today I've remembered that I've forgot many things about it.
Anyway it looks nice, doesn't it? No need to asnwer, I'll do it for you; Yes, it does.

PD: I forgot where the textures came from, but if you serach for texture flower, texture and wooden textire they might appear.
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Sooooo....I love Shingeki no Kyojin. If you don't know it, I definitely recommend checking it out, it's worth it! These are the three main characters of the show, Eren Yaeger, Armin Arlert and Mikasa Ackermann. Hope you like it!

Characters (c) Hajime Isayama
Art (c) Roido-kun
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This is one of my Halloween-Projects which wasn't finished in time.
Experimenting with markers black permanent marker, White pigmented ink marker and Grey copic-matker) on older acrylic painting of mine.
Some more to come.Aww 

tell me, what you think about it
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Ethan, Cyrus, Nale.

Well, I guess this is what you could call a Tribute.
I think it was like half a year ago that I did find :iconrynnay: dA page. I did love her material so much that I tried to draw those characters. I did epically fail, since I did know nothing about drawing.
But, somehow, following her comics* did get me into drawing. And after half a year of practice, now I'm able to draw -more or less- her characters.
I know I didn't use the true colors for the eyes, especially in Nale's case, but I wanted to use the colors, that, for me, reflected their personalities.
Oh, and the way they're positiooned isn't random; it's more or less their heights. Cyrus is pretty short (:

*About the comics; she did take them off her gallery some time ago, so don't bother looking for them. They were great, but they did take away some seriousness from the characters development. I'm sure she had her reasons to erase them, but still, I'd like to look again at some of those :S

Btw, Nale rocks. My favorite by far.

PS: You may already have noticed, but my english is crappy. Sorry.
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Ramphastos brevis, the Choco toucan, likes his fruit!

Ink, gouache, watercolor. Small painting for a show this November.
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This is a gift for :iconmaiarcita: who had her Birthday last week.
Happy Birthday my dear! I hope you had a great day.:tighthug:

Model and dust brush purchased from Depositphotos
Feathers from :iconcristoferwaitzh: (no longer in the gallery)

Rest is painted

Other work from my gallery

All the artwork from my gallery is copyright, you may not modify, reproduce, copy, edit or publish my artwork without my written permission.
LevanaTempest(Aka Claudia v K) - All Rights Reserved
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Another version of my Bauer inspired drawing.
I used this lovely photograph as a reference. charger8
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Media: Kuretake no 30 with Signa white Gel Pen on Strathmore tonal grey paper.

Size: 9x12in

Notes: Gold texture was placed (reflective and doesn't scan well), but there's gold paint where the G is.
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I've deleted much of the description text now. Sorry for spamming you with so much text, guys. ^^;
Originally, the description was translated into german, too.

That's my entry to a contest on Deviantart opened up by :icono0oseenao0o:. (respectively on the group "Delicious-Fanarts")

The illustrated character belongs to her and is called Aiko.
If you'd like to get more informations about her and the other OCs of Seena, you can find them here:
delicious-fanarts.deviantart.c… <-- Attention: This Website is in german only!

The reason why I've drawn her in a wedding dress is because of her background story.
Aiko has been abandoned at the altar as she was going to marry someone and she never really coped with that.
I wanted to capture this scene in a picture as I felt endless pity for her. :'(
I tried to imagine how it would feel like being abandoned by someone who I love and who I would like to share my whole life with.
After that I also tried to apply this feeling to paper.
The bridegroom really must have been a f***ing bastard to let down such a beautiful bride. :disbelief:

It was my intention to make her appearance a little bit "ghostly" to symbolize that her heart and her feelings "died" on this day. The same goes for the white lights around her symbolizing snowflakes and (inner) coldness.
Oh and by the way: I didn't include her cattail deliberately because it is hidden behind her wedding dress.
In my opinion it would have looked odd and misplaced if you could see the cattail here. :iconohdearplz:)

Originally, I wanted to hold off on uploading this picture and wait till I've made a few more images so that I could upload more pictures at once. But well, after a few days I got too impatient. ^^;

It surprised me that this artwork didn't make so much trouble. By my standards it was even going extremely well and quick.
And what surprises me the most is that this contest is already the second one on which I'm very early with my contest entry.
Usually I leave everything to the last minute. ^^;

Perhaps I'll do another artwork for this contest (because the OCs of Seena are very inspiring and interesting for me. :iconloveloveplz:)
But only if I'll have the time for a second one. First I'll have to finish all the other artworks on my to-do-list. ^^;

:bulletred: water colours (partially Schmincke, partially cheap water colours from the super market :cough:)
:bulletorange: Faber Castell soft pastels
:bulletyellow: Polychromos coloured pencils
:bulletgreen: Copic Opaque White

:bulletred: Character (c) by :icono0oseenao0o:
:bulletorange: Artwork (c) by me
:bulletyellow: Drawing Reference used for the background: austriaangloalliance.deviantar… (c) by :iconaustriaangloalliance:
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