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The Zanatorian Striker tank I was gonna have a lot of these machines wizzing around the board shooting enemy units from a distance. But thats impossible now... or is it!!!
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:new: Gorkamorka campaign over, new bases will most likely be built straight after or along side my mechanicus cult army after I finish uni.

A Gorkamorka campaign is being held at my local club, it is a very old Games Workshop game from the early 90s which features gangs of orks, grots and humans fighting it out for pieces of scrap on a desert world.

I choose to play with a Digga mob (feral humans that worship the orks) because it would give me an excellent chance to convert a large group of feral humans. Which would allow me to see how a mob of them looked and decide wheather or not to continue with my plan for feral human themed ork army.

What do you think, should I build them up into a large 40k army?

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I don't know why, but the stickers on the hull turned out horrible compared to the stickers on the turret.

This is Baneblade 961743, Dauntless. The first Super Heavy Tank to serve with the 13th. She has taken lots of damage over the years, but never lost a structure point, being the only vehicle that has never been rebuilt from a burned out hull, only new weapons fitted to a battle scared warrior.

The vehicle is in the hands of some highly skilled mechanics due to the resentment towards the tech-priest by Inquisitor Sanchez. To represent that, this vehicle is painted with a crisp, clean look. Boys and their toys.

"This is my Greater Good" Painted on the barrel.
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Well after creating the first mock model for my 'Zanatorian Iron Guard Robot' [link] I noticed flaws in the model.

The 2 main ones were...
1. The Goofy Eyes which have now been replaced with much more robotic looking eyes plus the color has been changed.
2. The Legs. Having 30 models in the same stance would be a real problem and the original legs could be re-positioned very well, so I replaced the top half with those from a Necron Warrior stopping each model from being in the same pose, I've yet to try a running or walking pose yet.

It's made from the following components...
Main Body - Old Epic Knight
Upper Legs - Necron Warrior Legs
Left Arm - Shortened Necron Gauss Blaster
Right Arm - Shortened Necron Guass Blaster with two Necron feet either side to create a claw like weapon.
Head - Cadian Helmet with the tip of a Tau Pulse Rifle.

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Converted Ork Trukk made from various kits like the old Gorka Morka vehicles, a Panzer II frame, bitz and pieces lying around and yes that is a Nebelwerfer on top ;)
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with the last two submissions being more big carrier like ships, we now have a speeder kind of design. probably suited for planetary transport. not necessarily suited for interplanetary flight even if possible.

a little more than 30mins. had to think more detailed about shapes. was fun. :)
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A tribute to [link]
Cholera and Ultralisk dog FIGHTING! (crabs)
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Finally done with this project, and what a project it was. This is by far the most difficult model I have made yet. Maybe I will add textures one day, but it wont be for quite a while. [Full size= 2560*2048]
I know that the text in the middle is hard to read (unless you download the image), so I will post it below:
Dynamic Tracked Tank (DTT)

Role: All terrain, high-speed interceptor

[A r m a m e n t]:

Twin 20mm Vulcan Gatling Guns
-Rate of Fire: 6000 rounds per minute
-Range: <2000 feet
-Role: The Vulcan cannons are very effective
in destroying both heavy and light armor
at close range. Because of the guns' high
rate of fire (combined 12000rpm) they
are typically fired in short bursts.

Twin Rocket-powered Harpoon Guns
-Rate of Fire: 13sec reset time
-Range: <2300 feet
-Role: Each harpoon is made from a super-strong
titanium alloy that, in conjuncture with
the small, shape charge in the nose, allow
the harpoon to pierce even the hardest
materials. The harpoon can be fired into
enemy targets to draw them in and simplify
aiming. Alternatively, the harpoons can be
fired into the ground to perform high-speed
turns. The entire weapon is reusable.

Double-Barreled 40mm Grenade Launcher
-Rate of Fire: 80 rounds per minute
-Range <2.8 miles
-Role: This weapon is mostly used for long-range
bombardment. the rate of fire allows for
a "rain of grenades" effect to be sustained
for long periods of time. Each barrel can
be loaded with different types of charges,
including armor-piercing, incendiary, napalm,
and fragmentation rounds. The grenades can be
thrown up to 3.5 miles away, but at these
distances, accuracy is compromised.

[T e c h n o l o g y]:
The DTT sports a number of features to assist it in the field. On
the right side of the chassis, there is a small parabolic dish. This
Dish is used to locally jam all radar, effectively cloaking the vehicle
and any nearby friendly from the electronic eye. The antennas on the
left side of the chassis are used for communications- the shorter one
used for terrestrial communication and the longer one is used for
satellite uplink. The hull its self is made of a material that reflects
radar and also masks heat. The shell is semi-permeable, allowing the
exhaust to be vented evenly, avoiding heat blooms.

[T r a c k s]:
Each joint in the tread legs is powered by individual high-torque
electric motors. One tread has enough to support the weight of the
entire tank on its own. The dynamic driving base allows for a level
of freedom never before imagined. The treads can be used for
everything from positioning the vehicle at a certain angle, to
performing half walk/half drive to get over obstacles.
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Crazy vehicle made in lightwave. ;P
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And the rough Wacom concepts continue. Another tank, this one made by Germane (futuristic political bloc inspired by Germany but not descended from it (history is fragmented and therefore strange things like this occur) and retrofitted with parts by the fictional consortium/political bloc Vulne (the name we gave the studio. Pro added for Production). It was clearly inspired by a German WWII Jagdpanzer 38 (T) Hetzer. This one's a little more pimped out but still a fairly quick rough. More to come :)

Digital Wacom illustration
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