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Photo by Elvis Thompson
Shoot date was January 2006

I made this costume just for fun. I grew up on reading Chinese myth novels, and am a big fan of Chinese and Hong Kong Martial Art movies and TV shows. The women always look so beautiful, feminine yet could kick ass in a second! And their outfits were always so glam.
This shoot was inspired by all of the above... I even tried to do my make up based on the movies I've seen.
You can see the rest of the photos here:[link]
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Me as Mulan from Walt Disney
in her wedding Hanfu (thanks a lot for correcting my mistake, guys!!!)
Location: Congress Hall Leipzig / Germany
Convention: LBM 09
Pic taken by ~Hinali
edited by me

thanks a lot for this wonderful picture !
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I was looking through my galleries for Halloween costume ideas and remembered that I made this PVC Kimono 5 years ago!
I was invited to perform at a goth industrial club in Atlanta on New Year's Eve and the theme was Asian for the night. I had a ton of black PVC vinyl and red brocade at home so I designed and made this Kimono. The underbust corset replacing a traditional Obi was also already around, so I altered it and added the tassles and strings.

This is a simple but cute outfit that I have used for multiple promotions and events. At least 4 different models have worn this at one point. I love kimono sleeves and their double function as giant pockets.

Photos by Robert Matta
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Photo by Brian Boling [link]

Shoot date October 26th 2008

I made a Heavy Metal/Luis Royo inspired fantasy costume for a river shoot with Kevin Stewart and Brian Boling. We were channeling the Greek War Goddess Enyo.
In Atlanta in late October it was already freezing and I braved waist deep water this skin bearing outfit lol.

I really like this portrait Brian snapped at the end... maybe I look so pissed because I was frozen and ready to change XD?

The collar was made by Brian also, while I hand crafted the accessories like the hair pieces and gauntlets.
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"I want so much more than they've got plaaaanned!" etc etc.

XD!! Finally took pictures of this costume. It's been finished for months and months but I never had the opportunity to take pictures ^_^!! I wore this to the So-Cal cosplay gathering, and on the way home we drove past this field of yellow flowers and I squealed for Kyle to stop the car so that I could dash out of it and run up the field dramatic-Belle style. It was fun ^-^!!!

More to come soon on my site! [link]

Costume: By me
Hair: by me
Modeled: by me

Photos: Kyle Johnsen
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:bulletyellow:FULL VIEW PLZ:bulletyellow:

I have finally a new costume! I'm so happy! ;o;
I dressed as Belle and took photos on Saturday. My cousin ~Jess30 took me and my friend Cinda to the place of the photoshoot. She brought her cool camera and snapped many photos. Cinda also took many photos! I have lots of photos to look at. x-x

I feel so proud of this dress. ;_; It was such, but such a pleasure to dress as Belle. She's my favorite Disney princess and it was my first Disney costume. Everyone who saw me in the street liked my dress and that made me feel truly happy. ♥

I didn't used wig this time, because me and Belle have both chestnut brown hair, so i was scared to style my own hair in the exact day of the photoshoot, but everything ended up looking good. I felt so relieved and happy with the result. The back part of my hair was done by my friend Cinda. It was impossible for me to do it alone correctly. ;__;

There's so many pictures of this photoshoot that i like! It's going to be hard to pick more. x___X

Hope you enjoy my costume everyone~!! ;O; :heart:

Model - Me *AngelicHeart

Costume - Me *AngelicHeart while assisted and guided by my sewing teacher. ♥

Photography - My cousin ~Jess30! :hug:
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This is a picture of my Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast.

The costume was made by me, the hair was styled by me, and the person in the photo is me.

Before my skirt was all blahh and weird looking at the bottom because I'm too tall and the petticoat I wore was too short X_X; so I did some altering of the petticoat and I think it came out looking a little better this time. Also I decided to corset myself so that I could have a little "umph" up top!

Costume Specs:

-yellow satin-back polyester shantung
-yellow satin acetate (bodice)
-wonderflex (hair accessory!)
-brown contact lenses
-gloves were hand dyed to match (kinda got them the right color!)

Photography was done by Kyle Johnsen from Photoshoot was in Balboa Park, San Diego.
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I finally got around to making a photo collage of this pair of wings I made for a customer at the beginning of the year.
The customer specifically asked for this shape, and of course the color. I sized the wings to him (over 6 foot tall) and they span well over 7 feet.
I also had to devise a harness system that was comfortable as well as easy to conceal, and the wings fold over each other for easy transportation and shipping. You can also easily put them back together ready for wear in a minute.

The box I shipped them in weighed only 8 pounds, and the cardboard alone is more than 1 pound. However, the box was bigger than me and I got many funny looks when I went into the store to send them.

I take limited commissions on these oversized wings, and shipping within the US is under $100, and to Canada is only $150. Please check out my wing commission page [link] if you're interested. Slots do fill up so give me at least two months notice in advance.
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I made a Jasmine costume in order to go to disney's princess and pirates party (and get harassed by staff the entire time because my friends and I looked "too official")

****You are allowed to wear costumes to the park during this themed event. it is a costume party.

The fabric is my favorite part.. it has a netting layer over it with SPARKLES heehee.. so I leave them everywhere I go basically. I LOVE sparkling!
I'm really happy with my earrings and (albeit ghetto) necklace, and I LOVE the flower.

I do want to remake the head gem to make it larger and I want to actually style the wig (I just styled it when I put it on my head and it was a total rush job so it sucks!

Expect more photos!

Yes, I edited this photo and used smart blur on it to give it a kind of cartoony look!
Check out this beautiful rendition of this photo by vshjaar!
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This is just one of the many Princess Aurora photos that I shot with Indigoverse last weekend. Indigo is an amazingly talented photographer and super sweet guy!

Costume: Made by me
Model: Leah
Makeup: *Lillyxandra
Photography: *Indigo76
Wig: Styled by me.

Thanks everyone! I hope you like this, and the rest of the shoot :)

EDIT: I am now available for custom bridal gowns and cosplay costumes! Please send me a note if you are interested in a price quote. Bear in mind the costumes that I make are the highest quality I can provide, and I am only one person with bills to pay, so my prices are not low.
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