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AHHHHHH SWEET BA-JEBUS ITS DONE!!! -dies- i don't think ill ever fill out a meme this huge ever again X____X

~ NORMAL: is normal

~ TIMELESS RIVER: lol mickey gloves!! 8D

~ OLYMPUS COLISEUM: medusa!! i personally love gorgons CB

~ AGRABAH: ksadfhalkdhf she looks like one of those green ghosts from Casper the friendly ghost :|

~ ATLANTICA: personally, i hate this one. the hands came out all weird >A<;;;

~ HALLOWEEN TOWN: okay now this one is my favorite!! meet pookie, eternal's plant monster. call him cute or get nom'd

~ NEVERLAND: eh.....


~ PORT ROYAL: another eh...

~ SPACE PARANOIDS: hahaaaa yeah >A<;;


~ LAND OF THE DRAGONS: hahaaa this is where the half-assery began 0x0

~ BEAST'S CASTLE: of COURSE she's a potted plant...

~ DEEP JUNGLE: well considering the fact that eternal controls plants and her room is LITERALLY a jungle, i figured she'd pwn in this world and be like, a shaman or somethin'


EDIT: oh my stars and garters, how did this get over 3000 views??! thanks guys! TTwTT
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for people who wanted it in black and white.

free to use, please don't remove credit and don't repost or use for anyhting else besides your wallpaper on your desktop.

not as frilly as the other one but i think its kinda cool 8D
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...i got bored....

please do not use please
EDIT: i edited the avatar so you don't see the black lines when i move up and down c:
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so a friend of mine saw a zebra doodle i did in my math binder and she was like, "dude, that's awesome, i'll pay you if you draw that for me." and im like "lol k. C:"

colored in prismacolor colored pencils.
color restored and splatters done in GIMP.

image is (C) to me Alex LOng
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okay soooo at my high school, im doing this project where i paint the picture above on a blank wall. there are other murals like ones of whales jumping out of water fountains and giant cells covering the entrance of one of the biology classrooms. my mural is at the end of one of the science hallways. i start finishing the previous sketches tomorrow after school. :D -excited- (the girls who started the painting weren't doing much so i guess i replaced them >o>;;; )

so i scanned my idea in the computer and colored it in GIMP to get a general idea of the color scheme i'll be using. :iconimhappyplz:

image is (C) to me Alex Long
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:sing: lol more wallpapers!! :^D
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EDIT EDIT EDIT REALLY IMPORTANT EDIT: I have redesigned Cassandra's outfit, and until I get off my lazy arse and make a new ref with her team Please refer to the updated reference here ---->>>> [link]

woah im cutting it pretty close for this application hahaaa... 8D;;;
Soo i decided to enter Cassandra in this group, but i changed up her design and whatnot.


Name: Cassandra Evans
Age: 21
Hometown: Mossdeep City, Hoenn
Personality: Cassandra is pretty tough and eccentric, and she tends to come off as pretty cold to people she meets. Usually, on a good day you can find her happily chatting away or training. She's a huge health nut, and she strives to keep herself and her team in perfect condition. She's also a huge nerd in some aspects, which leads her to be sort of a smart-ass. Cassandra perfers to dress up alot; one will rarely see her in what she deems as "drabby" clothing. Cassandra perfers contesting over battling, but if one challenges her to a battle, it'll be hard for her to refuse.
(PS- if she looks familiar to you then good for you! Cassandra's first appearance was made in another group called #Regal-Exhibition

History: Cassandra was born and raised in Mossdeep City in Hoenn. She had always admired the champion of Hoenn, Steven, and aspired to be just like him. When she was 10, she set out on her journey to be a pokemon master so she could battle all 8 gym leaders and meet her idol Steven. Cassandra managed to get all 8 badges in Hoenn, at the age of 15. At that time, she discovered the flair of contests and fell in love. Cassandra ditched her trainer title, and took up the title of Coordinator. Cassandra trained in Hoenn for years and managed to make it to the Grand Festival, however she only made it to the semi finals. Devastated, she hid away secretly training for a few years, and emerged when word got to her about a new tournament on an island neraby....

Pokemon #1:
Name: Nina
Species: Dragonair
Sex: Female
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Jolly
Hold Item: none
Battle style: Being a more contest-orientated pokemon, Nina perfers to use special moves instead or physical attacks. She also relies on moves that affect the opponent, such as paralysis and burns. Up close, she'll try to ram the opponent with her horn, or wrap them with her tail. Ramming doesn't always work however, because she'll be more likely to miss.
Athletic stat: Speed
Contest stat: Cute
Other info: Nina is quite a sweetheart, and she has a tendency to coil around Cassandra like a humongo snake. (Cassandra is totally used to this) She has the ability (like most dragonairs) to make mild changes in the weather. So far, she can make it slightly brighter out, or make it rain lightly.

Pokemon #2:
Name: Musa
Species: Tropius
Sex: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Naughty
Hold Item: none
Battle style: Musa relies heavily on the weather conditions of the battle (see; ability) When its sunny out, he's incredibly quick and is more likely to fight on the ground. This makes it pretty obvious that one of his moves is indeed sunny day. However, if there are no specific conditions, he'll take the battle to the sky and attack from above.
Athletic stat: Power
Contest stat: Cool
Other info: Musa can be sort of a jerk, espically when somebody tries to reach for his fruit, he'll just strech out his neck super long so they have no chance at all of getting it, unless Cassandra yells at him about it. He only really listens to Cassandra, good luck trying to get him to do something for you if you're not her.

Pokemon #3:
Name: Rinzler
Species: Bronzong
Sex: none
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Relaxed
Hold Item: none
Battle style: Rinzler is slow. Like slower than Musa slow. However, his defense is incredibly high, so he can definitely take a hit. Being a psychic type, he mostly uses special moves, and one of his techniques is to try and confuse his opponent. Up close, he'll try to boost his defense until he can draw back to deal more special attacks.
Athletic stat: Stamina
Contest stat: Tough
Other info: Rinzler is actually super-old, he was actually owned by Cassandra's great-grandfather. Therefore, there is a bit of rust growing on Rinzler. Rinzler has been passed down from generation to generation, and with each new trainer, he becomes harder to train, however he's a great asset to any team once trained.
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not their exact words but i hope you get the idea....

has anyone else ran into these trainers at the battle frontier???

pokemon is (C) to nintendo

image is (C) to me

EDIT: YES, MY EMPOLEON IS NAMED LEON. and my luxray is named Ray and my staraptor is named Raptor. IM CREATIVE DAMMIT.
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okay so i really didn't have time[cough]iblewitofffortoolong[cough] to draw individual pictures so here's this one big mess :|

to make it clear:

the people on this tree are my TRUE friends who talk to me and whom i've known for a very long time. so please don't give me all that 'well i see i'm not you're friend' or 'WTF HOW COME IM NOT UP HERE???!' crap.


okay but anyway; happy holidays guys! have a merry christmas and a happy new year! 8D
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art request from ~EMOcatBLOOD

i had found out that all of his feet [paws whatever] were uneven so i threw in a lame-ass rock to make it look like his feet are supposed to be uneven 8D;;;
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