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Great that i found some time to make something for DA .. ( still busy with one project)

Example of making cloth for your interfaces or web layouts...
I know maybe it sucks but i hope you will find something interesting :P

1.Basic form using marque tool (for example)
2.Draw a pattern using pencil tool
3.Using any grunge brushes (and eraser) make your pattern look grunjie (lol my english sux)
4.Group all and make the form like in pikture using warp tool .
5.Apply silk texture and some pattern to your cloth.
6.Add some dirt with grunge brushes (black and white).
7.make the cloth look crappy (i am first time using liquify filter for doing that so it might suck..
8.Add more shadows and some dirt.
9.Finish with colours shadows and apply logo.
10.Finishing touches with shadows, colours and logo.

I am not explaining all the details (maybe this example is not for begginers ) but i will answer all yours questions in comments :)

Sorry for my english ;)
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edit--> it was brought to my attention that I had uploaded an uncorrected tutorial. sorry for all the spelling errors- i'm a bit dyslexic and flip many of my words around. so here's the spell-checked version :)

many of you have asked me for a tutorial so i've finally put together a step by step of my process. it's not much and is very simple but maybe it'll help a little :)

oh, and by the way, if you ever commission me to do a character design, this is an example of the screen caps you would be getting every step of the way.
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to see the finished go here -->[link]

I'll admit... I'm terrible at explaining but hopefully you can see what I did. The colors I had selected for this are for aged bones and for a dark setting but feel free to use your own colors.
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Final Result

This is a tutorial to show my 'lazy' way of colouring digital pictures. My other technique is a little more complicated and is used more for painting lineless portraits now.

This one is a lot nicer than the others....but it took aaalooot more time ;_;

I'm sorry if the way I word/explains things is wonky, it makes sense to me :shrug: also, there might be grammatical errors because I flattened everything before I editted it...whoopsie ^^;

Hope this helps, I'd love to see the results if anyone uses this! :D
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*Full view to see Tutorial*

Here is some simple means to building your own methods to creating that real flowing hair. These are just some simple tricks to get you started the rest you will build on to it by playing around with diffrent methods.
Do enjoy and please let me know what you think and as always I love to see what my tuts do for you so feel free to leave me a link :blowkiss:
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another monster huge tutorial... but I've got screen shots and illustrations so hopefully it won't be too much information overload!

I'm not much of a writer or a graphic designer, so I'm always open for suggestions when it comes to making tutorials. Feel free to let me know if you found this useful/totally incomprehensible/whatever.

edit 12/18/08: Wow, thanks for the DD on this! Texture detailing is just a little thing, but I love doing it, so I'm happy to share what I've learned with you all :)
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Made in Photoshop 7.0

I don't expect this to be's more of a 'in the making'.

I learned one thing from tutoring one of my professors art classes...that it's one thing to have strong knowledge of a subject...but another to be able to share that knowledge. and that is where we find talented teachers! O_o;

but a couple people have poked and proded me about my technique because of my timeframe. So I did incremental saves of this last one for them...and I thought, it wouldn't hurt to share it on DA now would it?

If you pick anything up from this I'll be glad to have helped ^^

credits to Metal Elvis for making music that fueled me through its production.

see finished post here [link]
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Warning: HUGE file!

This tutorial is made for Photoshop CS3, but I'm sure it will work for the newer versions, and also with the older versions. :]

And again: I'm sorry for my bad English! It's not my first language, so I'm sure this tutorial is filled with mistakes. :'D

If you have any questions, please send me a comment or a note, and I'll try to solve your problem(s). :) Please keep in mind that I don't know everything.

Also, this tutorial is made for tablets with PEN PRESSURE. If you don't have a tablet, this tutorial might still be useful, but I highly recommend a tablet for this one. :'D

Click here to see the finished work:

Tutorial + Lucifer (OC) *Kiulani

I hope you like it, *Dakita! :love:
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Here's the promised Making Of
i hope it's helpful (and my english understandable hehe ^^)

russian translation from meofka: [link]

The [link] of the finished image
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Вот. Решила сделать небольшой урок по изготовлению париков. Для иностранцев тут по картинке тоже всё достаточно понятно.
Для наших - кое-что уточню.

Я сама узнала об этой технике с сайта, но там были всякие примочки вроде наложения слоёв с разной прозрачностью, всякие разные кисти тоже с наложениями, какие-то фокусы... Я это плохо запоминаю, а по сему решила - мне это не к чему. Я приложила свои знания по иконописи (да, и такие тоже) и поняла, что с помощью простой круглой кисти можно нарисовать любые волосы.
Кол-во слоёв можно дозировать. Как вам удобнее. Сдесь я всё делала вообще на одном. Но на сложных причёсках или со скрученными локонами - без слоёв не обойтись.

1. Красим подоснову - чуть меньше размером, чем предполагаемый паричок. Тон - средний.
2. Прокладываем черновые волнистости. Пока везде работаем пушистой кистью. Прозрачность можно менять пользовательски.
3. Делаем основные штрихи внутренних теней. как бы между локонами.
4-5. Светлым цветом рисуем более тонкие волнистости+ в каждой волнистости делаем по две внутри. Там, где это приемлемо.
6. Широкой мягкой кистью наводим общие тени от верха до низа. А так же кое-где по вертикали. Тут можно заблокировать слой, чтобы не нарисовать лишнее.
7. Углубляем вертикальные тени и снова добавляем ещё более светлые волосистости.
8. Наводим беспорядок. Тонкой кистью рисуем не попавшие в общую причёску волосы для придания живости. и вообще заканчиваем.

9. Для гурманов. Ставим почти белые блики тонкой твёрдой кистью и добавляем мягкой пушистой редкие пятна света на этих бликах.

Вот так. это общий вариант. Если есть с чего срисовать причёску - можно заделать разметавшиеся локоны или сложносочинённую укладку. Можно что-то подтирать стёркой. Главное - набирать массу волос постепенно, мягко. и лишь в конце дать резкость. Нужно так же следить за живописностью - волосы должны быть вписаны в среду и принять рефлексы, а также зависеть от света - резкий он или мягкий.

Буду рада, если чем-то помогла. :)
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