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A Knight who says Ni! and the KILLER RABBIT!
(One of the lesser Knights, not the Main Knight. ;) )

This was another quick costume for my brother.
I made the helmet out of a broken bump-cap, fiberglass sheeting, holy BONDO, and poplar wood.
A TUTORIAL for that one is coming, I am proud I put an hour in if for 3 evening and got that!
And the bunny is a grumpy Carroll, who wants to tear a head off.

The robes are my brothers annually used Ring Wraith/Death/Evil thingy black robes.

THE Wolf CAPE is actually still for sale HERE

And in in the line of Monty-Python Terry Gilliam costumes too!
Last year he was a killer skull creature from 'Time Bandits', -[link]
and he's also been 'Death' from Meaning of Life.... [link] The Salmon Mousse!!!

and My parents went as Patsy and Arthur once.. [link]
Well, go to :iconfrocktarts: and look at her gallery for more!
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Part 1- [link]
Part 2- [link]
Part 3- [link]
Part 4- [link]
Part 5- [link]
Part 6
Hopefull you've scuplted and shaped you helmet by now.
And a layer of grey Krylon spay paint, and any inperfections become evident quickly.
Sand them even.
Now sculpt the 114 runes in the helmet, which cna be found here-
Specifically- [link]
If you botch carving them in, just bondo over them, and redo!
Paint our finally with several layer of black krylon spray paint.
Then customise with Folk Wear paints, black, greys, and rusty colors.
Also, cover with a dirty glaze, polish the high point. And make sure you dull the whole piece with a scotch pad.
Add drapes, and enjoy!
And no, there ar eno eye holes. ;)
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Finally!!! Finished the damn drawing!

Ok, for those who know and don't know I will give an insight on this character that I was illustrating for a polish animation [link] , go there for more info if you would like and to participate.

His name's Vord, son of Saud, House Kalyana and he's somewhat a twisted soul doomed to an eternal path towards annihilation of his own self, that commands a dreadful army burning with will of destruction in the world of Raashtram.

Awhile ago I saw this polish animation project, "Mystery of Albesila", that caught my atention and they were looking for help for their project and still are. Moi, doing nothing with my worthless life at the moment decided to give them a helping hand. Why? Well, because I felt this was "actually something worth" to work on! Yes! That's how I felt my dear friends (for those that are actually reading the description for once...)

Anyways, I'm still gona do some more work for them depending on the free time I will have, but more illustrations will be done or at least one more is been done, lol.

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A black and silver war skirt made of leather hardened scales with metal pyramid studs on every last one. Each scale is individually hand molded and attached to the leather backing with a rivet. This piece is just part of a full set of armor I'm currently working on.

Heavy and very sturdy.

It can be worn with the split along the sides or in the middle as pictured.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the set that will be finished fairly soon.

Thanks for looking.
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My second blocked hat in a long time, and I think I'm getting the hang of this shape and style! Wiring the brim is getting easier, but it's totally the whole putting the grossgrain ribbon around the edge that is murder at the moment - getting it straight an even is really difficult!

This hat is the first where I've gotten to use something special - I've had this horrible addiction of buying vintage Victorian jewelry lately, with the intent of putting them on hats and other accessories. I don't believe in ripping them apart - something about them just makes it impossible for me to damage the actual brooch; I feel horrible!

But, they work magnificently on hats! And this one features a vintage pin! I believe it is brass, with a glass stone in the middle. The glass is a little cloudy, but it still looks fabulous on the hat itself, and brightens everything up!

I'm no antique historian or anything like that, but the clasp is indicative of all the Victorian brooches I've seen, which is what leads me to believe it is at least Edwardian, if not Victorian (the motif seems more Edwardian ^___^) No matter what, it looks fantastic on this hat, and that's what matters most!

(copied/pasted, sorry!) Well! You thought you were done with me after the horns kick, right, and I'd just go back to costumes and cosplay and that be that? Ha!~

I wanted to block some hats in the same style as the miniature Victorian hat I made for my wedding. Hand sewing the silk on top of the buckram base was a horrible pain, and I had purchased some wool for my mother a while ago... and *poof* There we go! Blocking hats!

It wasn't quite as simple as just block it - we had to make the block first, for which I am eternally grateful to ~kellin for doing in his sculpture class one day! Then, the wool felt is blocked over the hat with steam and heat, which was a load of fun to burn yourself with a garment steamer, let me tell you. Stiffened with hat sizing, the brim is wired and then covered in a blocked milliner's gorssgrain ribbon (which is why it's not all puckery and icky!)

Decorating this was so much fun ~ I think I gained +1 levels in beading just doing this hat, because I suck at it. I normally don't enjoy that sort of work, but it was fun (and stressful) to pick out just the right accents for the hat, and then sew them on!

Available on my Etsy store here, if you are interested~

Or you can check out my Etsy storefront here, for more goodies!

2008 Samantha Lemieux - Taeliac Studio -
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I dreamed about Lara last night with no reason...
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Heavy patchwork winter coat...
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Here I am again, I bet you are sick of lookin' at this fellow.
This is a nice shot of the undergard, WITHOUT the over apron.
And I am not wearing my biking gloves either. ;)
The overfrock can be easily seen in this example- [link]
And I am authenitcally not wearing my head in that shot. ;)

Wanna make this?
Underfrock- [link]
Accesories and tim [link]
Gaunlets- [link]
Sword- [link]
The Helmet- [link]
Helmet drapes- [link]
Pendant - [link]
Some of those are in multiple chapters, follow numbered links for the next chapter posted at the start of each description. THanks!
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My Halloween costuming excursion 2008, for more info, check out the great people at :iconmysteryofalbesila:
Website- [link]
Or more specifically- [link]

Full costume here- [link]

Headshot HERE

Thanks for them letting more has permission to costume the Character Vord.
And of course, special thanks to :iconfrocktarts: for doing much of the sewing and frockery. ;)
And my mum for some of the leather works.

And check out their Youtube profile- [link]

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