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For Windows Vista Basic

[v1.9] UPDATE Oct 20, 07
fixed the start button image
new BreadcrumbBar hot text color

include: 4 font type
Segoe UI

original theme for XP by lassekongo83
XP theme download to here
thanks to lassekongo83 for giving me permission


Visual Style selection tool for Windows Vista 32bit
StyleSelector(freeware) Website English
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Maxclear V3.5 theme created by Sonicexcess. Release date 05.09.2007

This is a 2nd update to my Maxclear V3 theme. I have made quite a lot more changes to this update from V3.1
and have also now changed a lot more within windows. Namely, back/forward buttons and also moving the
information bar to the top of the window to get the top shell look.
I have also created a brand new basic theme this time. I am immensely proud of my new basic theme and I am
planning at some point when I have time, to create an Aero theme based on it.
I hope people like this updated theme as much as I do and enjoy using it.

***In the Pack***

1. Theme/Visual style
2. Back/Forward Buttons for Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer
3. 10 different colour shellstyles to choose from
4. shell32.dll to change information bar in explorer to the top for Top Shellstyle
5. Sidebar Skins
6. Uxtheme patch to enable Themes in Vista

Included are both the 32 and 64 bit files needed.
There is also 2 versions of the Visual style, the first with normal address bars, the second with V3.5 clear address bars.

Finally if you like my work then please leave me a nice comment on Deviantart.
If you would like to modify my work in any way and release the modified version, please
contact me first and credit me in your release as a lot of my time and effort has gone into creating this
and it would be nice to know people appreciate it.

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It's done ! Firefox/ (Due to time constraints I won't be updating this for 2.0)
Visual style for windows here ---> [link]

For those that encouraged me to complete this thanks for all patiance and your kind words :)

How to use this,

- Unzip the download
-open firefox
-go to the top and select "tools" and then "themes"
-go back to the unzipped morestyle 4 firefox
-Drag the morestyle.jar into the opened "themes" window

To install the .extensions (all in one sidebar.xpi and compact menu.xpi)

-Same as for theme instal but select extensions instead of themes, simple .

I am 90% happy with the final result , but there are some stuff I was unable to figure out.

1- the close button on tabmix is only active (hotspot) at the top about 25%
2- don't know how to add highlight to extensions and themes sellected.
3- the highlight for tabs in options is off center
4- search box for stumble apon extension inherited the right cap of address field.
5- if you have more than a gazillion tabs open the tabs look funky.

If you spot anything else amiss a screenshot and or description would be appreciated :)
If you know a solution you would save me sleepless nights :D

Thanks to:

Rich for beta testing , your feedback was superb buddy ---> [link]
Stefanka for allowing me to use his shadows for the button background.---> [link]
Orpal for some .css stuff and being 1 of the good guys ---> [link]

Thanks for the download, enjoy regards

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Gloow Visual Style. Works best with a dark wallpaper (with the same colors as the one in the screenshot.)

Wallpaper: [link]
Foobar setup is FooKUPO (included in Kupo XP Dark.)
Icons: [link]

Any questions or problems with my Visual Styles? See my FAQ first!


- Included a small mod by [link]
1. taskbar & buttons
2. fonts & font colors for some things
3. programs menu
4. some content margins
5. start menu panel
6. turnoff/logoff hot colors
and some more small things.

Quick update:
- Made another style for those who have their taskbar at the top.
Comments disabled by owner.
Port of of Overlay [link] by ALAS

GTK, Emerald, Wp (Not Mine all credits to the makers), Conkyrc, svg prototype.

I hope you like it.

{Firefox 3 don't rend correctly the tab, but this not a big problem... Maybe I'll release a firefox theme.}
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Visual Style .e
for a fitting wallpaper look at the previous work in my gallery
hope you enjoy


Dedicated to my good friend ~bl00m


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Install it with obconf.
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A port of the popular Mire v2 suite for Windows with 5 colour schemes, blue, lime, orange, pink and grey.
Requires Murrine and Pixmap engines.

Packages includes:
Firefox Css fix

INSTALL individually, not with the theme manager. Decided to rename MurrinaMire v2 to Mire v2 for easy installation so remove any old MurrinaMirev2 themes in your directory if you have any.

I also made a fluxbox theme at [link]

Version 1.1: emerald themes now included

Version 1.2: As requested, xfwm themes are now included.
This is a complete package with gtk themes, metacity themes, emerald themes and xfwm themes all in 3 colors.

Version 1.3: fixed pixels problem when shaded in xfwm

Version 1.4: Pixmap scrollbars added.

Version 2.0: Added colours, Pink and Grey.
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Ok I can't wait anymore. I was going to submit this when the winamp was done but i can't wait. The title fits this visual style perfectly. Simple in yet stylish. It includes 6 different colors, and with FrostedFlames massive winamp color pack I'm sure you can find one to match.Temporarily of course, The winamp to match should be done soon. Enjoy! ;) Comments and criticism greatly appreasheated.
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R.Label mini suite, TT, Litestep, Miranda IM, Visual Style is the Axonkolor modified by me for the CAMMM [link].

Stay tuned for more skins.

PS. Some skins work in windows seven others do not, I do not know what they are because I have windows xp. I am in need of someone to fix it.
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