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Shopping time. Anurae pretty much has unlimited money. Or at least everyone's probably scared of her and gives her stuff. Soooo I guess she can buy what she wants. I'm glad it's getting colder out so I have an excuse to draw her in her Nellko fur jacket again. I should probably make a lot of jackets for her. Also neat look a rare shot of Cteno in pants.
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Anime/manga, Disney, or Chibi Style Pencil Portrait Commission Info (Please read very carefully. Serious customers only please.):

Only style of commissions I'm currently open to. Send a single person selfie style (just below the shoulders to the top of the head) photo reference, and the style you are interested seeing it in, to my email, and I'll send you back a price when a spot becomes available. Commission rate begins at fifteen dollars for just a digital file version selfie style sketch. Extra fees will apply to have the pencil drawing sent USPS (depending on where you live), and/or how much of the body is included in the photo.

Type of emails/photos that will get ignored/thrown out:

-Missing a photo
-Asking repeatedly if I'll accept yours
-Not including "I want this in Disney style" or "I want this in Chibi style"
-That want me to agree to a deadline ("Must be done for a birthday, anniversary, live event...")
-Photos of couples or groups (One sketch per person)
-Extreme close ups
-NSFL(Not Safe For Life)/gore photos
-Blurry, small, bland, or complicated photos
-Person interacting with medium to large objects
-Person interacting with other people
-More than one pet
-Sent as DA note
-Offering DA points
-Art Trades
-Not relating at all to portraits
-Offers to work on your commercial projects
-Requests for free work

Please view the portrait gallery,…, to give you a general idea what I will accepted.

Sorry for the all the rules/litmus test. It simply makes my life a whole lot easier to focus on drawing for my customers and not having to email people back and forth all day with these details. If you did follow everything, do not be offended if I don't get back to you! I may be with other customers, the photo just doesn't inspire me, working on other bigger projects, family stuff... These portraits are not a high priority with me.
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Lily - Bullet [Right] - F2U! 
(Remake of Deep Sea Girl)
Where am I going, and what am I doing? 
Suddenly a ray of light shot past me. 
I might be able to reach it if I reach out my hand, 
but it was swept away by the waves and out of my sight.

Tda Deep Sea Girl by kooooi
Render (Blender) by BakachanLove

All right reserved. Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit or use it in any way. Thank you. 

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Of course, butthugs are good at any time of day. :v

This one is my half of an art trade with :iconjaypisces: (a great artist that you should go check out right now if you don't already know of them) of their girls Aisha and Kai. I think the dialogue is descriptive enough of what's going on here so I don't need to explain. =w=

Their half of this trade can be found here:
Summer Booties! by JayPisces

I think I'm going to faint with all of these butts everywhere. =w=''
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Max(Front), Valerie (Right) Kat (center) Arisis (up)

OC from :iconbabybokchoyjr: and his friends, for an old tabletop RPG called Rifts
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Watercolor commission for :iconwatsoncrumley:

Hope you like it :hug:


:shamrock: Link to my…
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"And since Keit appeared with his smile, the next days or should I say, this last days of living in this house were better." 
"Until that night came... that night in which my life was going to have a big change." 


Cherry Pau/Paulie: What was that?

Keit: I think that was the sound of glass breaking. 

Cherry Pau/Paulie: I already noticed... and... why are you like this? 

Keit: You know ... I'm getting bored and I'm magical. 

Prev: --->
Next: ---> coming soon :'3
cover --->

Mi Facebook  -> ...
Mi instagram -->
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She has enough pride in her curves to be able to share some with all the girls who may be in need of it ! For people who didn't notice it in my VN related upload, her name is Leona.

This drawing is the third and last one from the "Unhappy plump girl" series, alongside "Cheeky plump girl", reminders :

Cheeky plump girl by PixIveo Unhappy plump girl by PixIveo 
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:bulletblue: I kinda just gave up on titles if y'all haven't nocied by now :I

Bulletblue: Tools used:
Copic sketch B12 / B14 and R24
prismacolor premier pen ( red 05 ) and a blue sharpie pen for the lines
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