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Chef Exorcist ep. 2
Chef Exorcist ep.2
Scene 01: Early morning, inside Kyle's cafe
E&K: *Enter the cafe
Jessie. *Appears* Morning boss, morning Emily. I have tidied up the cafe!
Kyle: Thanks Jessie! Emily, eat whatever you like, and light up a candle for Jessie.
Emily: Okie dokie!
Kyle: I better start baking some doughnuts! *Walks into kitchen
Emily: Oooh! Kyle's chocolate doughnuts are the best, Jessie, you ought to try one if there are spares!
Jessie: I'll have to borrow your body again for that!
Emily: No problem at all! *Smiles and pats belly*
Emily: *Lights up candle for Jessie and eats croissant
Scene 02: Morning, inside Kyle's cafe
Kyle: Alright! Let's start the day! *Carries doughnuts into counter
Emily: *Opens the front door* Welcome to Spirit Cafe!
/Customers lines up at the counter
Scene 03: Noon, inside Kyle's cafe
Emily: *Flips the "OPEN" sign and closes the door
Kyle: Wow! What a busy morning!
Emily: I'm so tired~
Jessie: Same here~I want to eat!
Kyle: Okay~Let me cook for you two...*Returns
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The Untitled Film
         Open on a shot of A sitting on his bed, from behind. The
         room is blank, completely undecorated. only the bed is
         visible. A's semi-short, dark hair is unkempt and shaggy.
         His cloths, casual dress, but all wrinkled and ruffled. his
         shirt is untucked. there's black a tie lying behind him on
         the bed.
         Slowly, A lifts both his arms reaching to his head.
                                                CUT TO A'S WORK.
         We see a shot of A's face, illumin
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