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Screenplays & Teleplays

Day 2
Day 2
The young priestess and her mother wonder around and give prayer to the old,sick and the lonely people how needed the shine of hope.
The young priestess mother pray to them in giving them hope for this festival. But, when the young priestess praying to them, it ain't a momentarily benefit. But bring joy to there life in a divine protection. Her mother wasn't happy with it, so she made her daughter to walk to the market to get food and not ruin her day of faith. As the priestess walk around the market, she see the orc and elf pushing a  cannon through the market and was going to  the plains
Out side the village. With Catherine being too curious to just leave them be. When her mother went to pray miracle to a group of people, she said, "mother i am going to get some potion for our church, I will be back ok?"
Her mother replied. "Sure don't be last out there i need to give you something back home". Catherine thank her mother and ran to the direction of the orc and elf.
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Silver hawk in Sonic and all stars racing gold
Silver Hawk Appear in Sonic and all stars racing gold 
First Appearance Darius (1987) 
Company Taito,Square Enix Europe,Warner Bros interactive entertainment 
Vehicles Red Silver Hawk car,Red Silver Hawk Jet,Red Silver Hawk Boat
All Stars Moves - Silver Hawk Ship Attack First Voice Word Say WARNING!!!! A Huge Battleship Silver Hawk Ship Attack is Approaching Fast then Silver Hawk ship attack on the Opponent 
Silver Hawk All Stars Theme - WARNING!!!!/Captain Neo from Darius (1987) Composers by Richard Jacques,Hisayoshi Ogura
Race Course - Silver Hawk Forces/Sun/Earth from Darius II,
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The Butcher's Sketch - stage sketch :iconsavagescribe:SavageScribe 0 0
Miles From Tomorrowland-Memories Of The Collistos
Act 1: intro
The episode begins with Miles, Loretta, and Merc looking into a holographic box. There, they see a galactech book containing many memorie pictures of the places they travelled, Loretta beginning to remember it all, so does Miles, they begin to talk of the good old millenniums.
Act 2: the flashbacks
Flashback 1: Journey To The Frozen Planet
Flashback 2: S2E11
Flashback 3: S1E13
Flashback 4: Space Mission: Mars
Flashback 5: When Loretta points the picture of the planet of the plants, she told Miles and one turned her uspidedown, Miles asked her how did she manage to escape, then the screen flashbacks to S1E07.
Loretta has something to say to the plant, like saying one of the nicest words about…, after the talk she kissed the plant with disgusted, which makes it release her, then she flew onto her blast board to tell Miles. It then flashbacks to them, they we're amazed.
Flashback 6: The Gelatich Fair
Flashback 7: Captain Miles
Act 3: Ending
As Miles, and Loretta were ab
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