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As etsy is a recommendation, recently "houseoftheredmug " opened March 17, 2017 and the Shop Team "ReuseaBle" had 6 team members, and now 9 members. A team member sent me her photograph of her light fixture craft from transformed reuseable plastic milk jugs which are astonishing. Back in Canada, I often walked down the lane behind the Return Depot to view the graffiti and enjoy the used and abandoned train tracks. During my last spring in Canada 2016, I gathered up many empty milk jugs dumped along the lane to bring with me to claim along with the empties I was returning that day. The familiar Return Depot staff member said no deposit is payable but that I could leave the empty plastic milk jugs for recycling. Disappointed I agreed but felt that there is some value somewhere to the jugs. The empty milk jugs are craft supplies with potential sales value to the craftsman.  Maulo
Happy Victoria Day
May 22, 2017
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Nome: Toni Campanòn
Vero nome: Antonio Battacchi
Età: sull'ordine dei trent'anni; comunque variabile, a seconda delle necessità della storia
Altezza: 1,89 m
Peso: 88 Kg
Professione: contadino
Residenza: Graspariòl, paesino di un'imprecisata campagna veneta, periodo storico variabile
Descrizione fisica: alto, magro ma robusto, mani e piedi assai larghi. Capelli corti marroni con un lungo ciuffo, occhi marroni. Camicia a quadroni colorati, cappotto, cappello di paglia, pantaloni jeans e stivali
Personalità: solitamente tranquillo, lavoratore, ma testardo e a volte impulsivo. Giocherellone, allegro, socievole e generoso, amante della natura, tradizionalista
Biografia: Toni Campanòn è il classico esempio di contadino veneto di come li si poteva trovare durante gli anni '50, ma le sue avventure possono spaziare anche ai giorni nostri. Il posto migliore dove trovarlo durante il giorno è nella sua vigna, e se non è lì è sul campo, mentre
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Experiments in Story
Life is a series of defining moments, with a lot of other boring stuff in between, mixed up in an order that doesn't seem to make much sense. A story is just the series of defining moments.
It took me a series of unusual events combined with chronic illness over a period of 17 months to realize how much I like stories. I have consumed my fair share of stories in books and television, and I have collected my fair share of stories in life. Here is a picture of me in a hospital bed in Kenya after vomiting blood, but before having to work on a farm to get a ride to the airport to escape.

There were times over these past 17 months when watching television was the most active thing I could do. I couldn't walk all the way across the room without having to stop and take a break
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Name: Toni Campanòn
Real name: Antonio Battacchi
English version: Anthony “Tony” Bell
Age: undefined, 30's; depends on the necessity of the story
Height: 6' 2'' (1,89 m)
Weight: 194 lb (88 Kg)
Profession: farmer
Place of residence: Graspariòl, undefined Venetian countryside, hystorical period may vary
Physical description: tall, slender but well built, quite large hands and feet. Short brown hair with a long bang, brown eyes. Shirt with coloured square patterns, coat, straw hat, jeans and boots
Personality: usually calm, hard worker, but stubborn and sometimes impulsive. Joking, happy, socializing and generous, nature loving, traditionalist
Biography: Tony is the classic example of a Venetian farmer of the 50's, but his adventures can happen in modern days too. The best place where you can find him during the day is in his vineyard, if not there he's in his camp, while in the evening he likes to go to the tavern playing cards and drinking red wine. Tony is an exce
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