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Chapter 2: Playground Days
Charlie and Carman are walking along the sidewalk together. Today is day one of their summer vacation, and they're on their way to their old elementary school: Adams Elementary. They have not returned to their old elementary school in many years, and much has changed around the area. Across the street from the school, there use to be a wooded area with a massive pine tree that the two would play on when they were younger. Now, where that wooded area once stood, the stands a dollar store, which is usually busy on the weekends. The school's playground also use to be more vivid and colourful, but it has since had its colours faded out from years of sun, snow, and rain. The blacktop was also faded out, and there were bald spots in the playground's gravel, exposing the bare dirt.
"Well, here we are!" Charlie began, we haven't been here in some time. Ready to relive our best memories?". "Totally!" Carman responded. The two walked over to the entrance, only to see that it was taped off with y
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Finding Skylar - Resident Evil [Leon] (Ch 10)
**Two Years Later**
Since it had been two years now that Skylar returned Umbrella was finally down and Wesker was dead, Ever since Chris and Piers were told what Umbrella and Albert Wesker did to Skylar Wolfe they made sure to chase him down and make him pay for what they did to Skylar.
The facility that Skylar and Alice were kept in was destroyed nothing was left of it only a crater that a huge bomb, just like how Raccoon City had went. Nothing was left of that place and Skylar was rather okay with it since she knew Umbrella or anyone who wanted to have the virus couldn't get their hands on it anymore.
Alice had left to go find the friends she made when she escaped Raccoon City with, this left Skylar to stay with Leon and Helena...but Leon and Skylar didn't expect something horrible to happen. At some point Helena was M.I.A but days later she returned safely.
Of course happy Skylar spent some time with the women, but unknowing to her the next day things would go to hell..
**The Next D
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