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Zootopia stories: we change Of bodies? part 2
"The fight between Nick and Judy continues"
Judy: Look here Nick, I will not stand here watching you do nothing, besides talking bad about me
Nick: Okay Judy, you have the best life of all
Judy: Do not make me laugh, My life is not so good
Nick: Really? The first officer rabbit, the first female rabbit police, everyone is your friends, parents who acheitao you no matter what you do and for the other rabbits you are very beautiful
Judy: Nicholas P. Wilde, my life is not so good, my parents are afraid of most of the things I do, having 200 brothers and 200 sisters is not nice when I was little, it was not easy to hold them all, I am the First officer even rabbits and are solitary la ZPD only have wolves, bears, elephants and etc I am the only one there and if I am so beautiful so why I am not married and have children. All I ever wanted was to be born a fox.
Nick: And you think that there are no foxes too, we suffer, we suffer prejudice, to society nois we are thieves, liars, treacherous
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Artist Meets Tomboy
      Another day another subject to draw, my life is full of influences in my art, from the simple to the abstract.  Human, animal, object, environment, it didn’t matter to me.  I occupied my spare time in between classes by drawing these things that have got my interest.  It wasn’t until sometime later that I started hearing rumors of a regularly scheduled rumble in the derelict basketball court, the administrators cite lack of interest in the old sport to keep it maintained.  Though they locked it off, a few of us manage to sneak in and watch the unsanctioned challenges that go on, among other things.  
      Lately some of the guys hold a fight tournament every Monday and Friday.  It didn’t interest me until I caught wind of a rising star in the arena who took on Rad Thad in the finals and won.  The next tourney day, I thought to spend my study period in the derelict courtyard, watching the fight in
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The Lost Dragonborn 36
He still marveled at it. The Great Hall. Stories always found their way to him when he was a child, regardless that he was born amongst Dunmer. His light blue eyes did their daily scan of the room, taking in everything again. He couldn't believe he was here, amongst the great heroes, instead of nestled to the cold heart of the Dread Father. Perhaps even Sithis had turned his back on an assassin who so readily would sacrifice his pride to save both wife and child? He didn't mind too much, not today at least. Whispers had crawled their way back into the Hall. Shor had gone, leaving them express orders to stay their hand when it came to Alduin. And it seemed the dragon had returned once more, the great doors shut against the mysterious fog that the dragon seemed to bring with him. Arnan stood from his perch by the mead dispensers. He longed to be outside rather than trapped amongst the heroes who remained in the room. There were still a few, mostly the new heroes, dead and embol
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Eiris Falls in Love.....Again
    His human, well elf was the worst matchmaker, and now Eiris had been forced out for what the creature called a date with his intended. The tokota was apparently named Kahlua and according to his person she was lovely. But it was still dumb, tokota’s didn’t do dates and besides he knew his one true love. This wouldn’t change anything. He planned to hate every second and get out of there as fast as possible, it would be disappointing for Kahlua to miss out on a handsome young man like him but she would understand, they normally did, they normally sobbed with sadness when he wandered away. It was not giggles.
    As he emerged into the park the picnic blanket was already laid out, a huge basket of food sat to one side, cushions were heaped for their comfort and a lone candle burned in a glass jar. It was….nice. Eiris had been freshly washed and brushed, his long yeti floof had been clipped back away from his eyes to preve
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