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[LYTTW] Prologue
"They aren’t family of mine if they threaten to leave me to the wolves. If they were family, I wouldn’t consider leaving them behind, either, but if I had moral principles, I wouldn’t have thought about it at all, to begin with. So that’s why I left them to fend for themselves."
♠ Death, Murder
♠ There will be a lot of cursing.
♠ The story will mostly be published on Tumblr
Left  You  To  The  Wolves
P r o l o g u e
     I will never forget the day where I sentenced my mentor to death.
     Sure, I can go off saying how it started from a harmless mistake, but that doesn’t change anything about the matter asides for being a technicality. What stayed with me to this day, was that Captain Frost p
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On the way back from that experience with Jake's sister, and now two boys wanted to just get home. But on the way home…… “Alix you okay?. You been quiet after that conversation with my sister back there.” “Of course I'm  quiet your sister just thought I was a girl.” Alix saying stopping behind jake. Jake walked towards Alix just to trip over a branch and fall into Alix, scaring him so much that his wings ripped through his sweater vest., After this the two boys stared at each other both blush faced and motionless., They got up, “I'm so so sorry Alix I swear that was an accident.” Jake went on. “It's okay it's not your fault. It's that damn branch.” Alix said jokingly “I just need to get a new shirt that's all.” “so forgive and forget.” “ya forgive and forget.” So the two boys went home for getting about that day.
End of chapter 8.  
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On the Edge: Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Nineteen- Insufficiency
Deadpool, now just a few yards away from the vampires, fired the laser. “Eat shit, vamps! Wake up from your delusion!” he shouted. Under the extremely bright light, they instantly vaporized. “This feels GOOD! Let’s go now!” he shouted.
“You seemed to forget one thing— the Abominable Snowman, or at least a failed experiment version of it,” said Becka, “You might want to take that out.” “Oh, fuck it. Or you want to shoot it?” Deadpool asked. “Oh shut it, you two,” I said, “take the Snowman out, and we’ll be out here in a few moments. I’ve got the destinations right.”
Della was still on the phone. “Алекс, куда направилась ракета-перехв&
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