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Spiritual & Occult

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The Angels (story fragment)
   In the midst of midnight, the abandoned town has a magnified aura of dread surrounding it. Although it is desolate and has not encountered a single visitor for centuries, whispers can still be heard through the paper walls of the empty houses, which are wrecked and ravaged like old, cardboard boxes. The town’s history has been buried beneath the new city that has popped up south, and now its once thriving existence is virtually unknown by all; ‘it’s a good thing,’ say the elders.
   The subtle sound of rushing footsteps and wing-beats penetrates the thick blanket of silence. There is a sickening chill, the atmosphere dipping below zero, and only getting worse when the visitors arrive. It is as though they carry winter with them, the cold curling its bony fingers around the darkness; now, the night is deeper than ever. An ominous song is heard, oozing dangerously from the lips of one of the strangers— soon, the others join in, and a c
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