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Princess Rabbit by Miabia100

Princess Rabbit   

(China x Reader)



Another Summer series idea; comment below if you’d like me to continue this. Heavily based on the anime Princess Jellyfish if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest it; it is one of my all time favorites.


Sneak peak




“All little girls should be pretty, even if they aren’t.”  











My fingers twitched back in forth, my teeth chattered uncharacteristically, and my feet swiveled against the wooden flooring of my apartment. I pushed my glasses up from the dip of my nose and held tightly to the neck portion of my turtleneck. I was beyond frightened right now, there was a person… standing outside of my door banging like a mad ape! Possibly waking up the entire complex filled to the rim with nun like women! Were they trying to di—


“Don’t be the stupid!” I sighed and rolled my knuckles against the other side of the door. “Open the damn door!” I could feel my fingers stiffen, that was never a good sign. The banging continued on the other side, a raging thing was planning on skinning and decapitating me if I thinned anymore of their patients. I couldn’t though…..their kind…..they scared me beyond anything else in the world, that included Eliza’s yaoi collection, just throwing that out there. That sentence alone scared the crap out of me!


“No! No, I wont! I don’t wanna!” I was afraid, very, very afraid, there was a b-b-b-boy on the other side of the door! “What if Emma found out! She’d stab me in the vagina!” I cried, dramatic tears welling up in my eyes, dirtying my specks and causing possible retina damage to them if I wiped. “Oh! Woe was I! Dear entities save me! Save me! Save me! Destroy this demon in front of me please!” An absurd sigh came from the other end before a below like yell blasted through it.


“That’s just stupid! Just open the damn door, you have my makeup!” I turned and stared at the pristine star shaped plastic pink clutch, which lay on my bedside. It taunted me; I could never own something like that, only princesses could pull it off. I’d look like a children’s coloring book if I even touched the powder. “I need it if I’m going to leave! How do you expect me to get a ride home? I spent the last of my money on that cute rabbit of yours.” I stayed silent for a few moments before slowly backing away from the door only to trip on a rather vibrant coral wig.


“GiGHmM!!” I cried out before turning back to the door, it was semi silent; the constant pacing and the notable banging had ceased….for now. I quietly slipped on my day shoes before hearing yet another grumble, this time, full of fire.


“Don’t make me brake down this door little girl…” The anger in his voice was beginning to bubble over, he was going to explode. “I’m going to count to three…” I paused before rushing to grab my satchel, the worn down leather and ripped name tag glistened under the florescent lights, if I didn’t move now, he’d get to me and I’d turn into stone! I flickered my eyes back in forth in a rather wavered stance, it was now or never!


Yī!” I opened my window, sweating profusely while using all my might to lift the old pan, blushing immensely as I did so. The banging had intensified and the screech of a thousand women blared throughout the complex. I pushed my body through the tiny hole and pillaged my way down in fear of my life and my virgin mind! I’d seen a bare chest without two mounds today! That was such a horrific experience! Just thinking about what he may do next made me almost piss my panties!


“Èr!” I could hear the screeching from the door and the growling evidently grow in lividness as I made the short drop from my bedroom window. “You made me do this….” The banging eventually ended as I made my way across my lawn into my neighbors.


“Sān!” Even from across the street I could hear the noise of wood breaking into a million pieces. I even heard a pissed off yell too. “(f/n)! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!” It seems he has noticed my presences disappearance. I looked from behind the bush I was resting at and stared towards my room, the mans head was looking out from behind it, searching around for me like a hawk, until finally…. “I’M COMING DOWN!” His bright golden eyes met with mine, a dark smirk made its way to his heart shaped face. Anyone, even someone who lived around woman for the majority of their life would have thought he was a girl on onset! This wasn’t fair! I was tricked!


I probably should have just left Biscuit in her cage, but…they were going to put her down! I counted my blessings and ran to the nearest park, holding tightly to my satchel as I did so; this was going to be a long day.


End of sneak peak

Do you think I should make this into a series? Yay or nay? [EXO] Kyungsoo Emoticon 

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-Swearing Ahead-
     "Why did you let yourself get captured?!"
     You glanced at the side, towards the dark grey dirty walls. You could see the dark sticky substance on the walls, the dim lights making them slightly shine. You could detect Romano on the other side, sitting there with a tear-stained face.
     "I made a promise to stop the disappearing countries," you say quietly, but loud enough so only Lovino could hear. "It broke."
     Your hand made it's way towards your pocket, where the paper and pencil laid. The metal of the pocket knife was felt, and you let it rest there. "It doesn't matter about stopping it. At least stop the entire thing," Romano murmured. 
     "Isn't that the same thing?" you say, and heard the Italian growl in frustration. You sighed, and pulled out the paper and pencil. Unfolding the paper, there were creases of where the multiple folding was at, and began to sketch out the pathway you remembered the opposing team lead you through. They are pretty dumb for not checking my pockets. You were blindfolded as they walked you down the hallway, but you at least remembered the turns. 
     The sounds of the scratching pencil was easily heard in the eerie silence. "What the hell are you doing, idiot?" Romano asked, voice echoing off the walls into your cell. 
     "Not so loud!" you hissed. 
     "Tch." You could practically see Lovino rolling his eyes through the wall while leaning on it.
     "I'm drawing out the facility," you answered quietly after a small silence. "It was part of Germany's plan. Someone was going to get captured, draw out the floors, then everyone will break in and escape with the both of us when I send out a distress signal. If I'm in a cell, I'm supposed to break out."
     "And you're not breaking out because?" Romano growled. 
     You laughed nervously. "I don't have a bobby pin. And I don't know how to pick a lock with a pocket knife." An audible noise of slapping was heard, and you assumed Romano had facepalmed. 
     "Ugh. You're an idiot, stupid girl," he complimented dryly. "Give me the knife."
     "Isn't it simple? Slide it under the bars, and make sure it hits the walls opposite of you. It should bounce at an angle and come slide into my cell." You rose your eyebrows in surprise. Lovino was being a smartass right now. You bet you couldn't even think of that idea.
     "Wow Roma. You're smart. And you're usually a bigger cry-" you start, but then was interrupted with a loud 'shut up'.
     "Hurry up already, [Name]!" he whispered harshly. You shut up, and then slid the knife out of your pocket. You made sure it was sheathed and then laid on your stomach so you were able to look under the bars. There was a small opening, which would later on be used to give food to both of you. 
     Sticking your tongue out in concentration, you let your hand wave back and forth for a small moment. You then let go on the third wave, and the small knife flew out of your hands, under the bars. It successfully hit the opposite wall. You saw it ricochet off the grey rock, to the right where you couldn't see. 
     "Merda!" a painful yelp was heard from the other side. 
     "What happened?!" you say worriedly. "Are you okay?"
     Small sniffles were heard, but Romano quickly answered with a few whimpering. "N-no, idiot! I just happen to sit here and let my ass- Of course I'm fucking hurt! You didn't disengage the knife! Now I'm bleeding out here! 
     "It hurts. . ."
     You did an intake of breath, imagining how painful that would be. "I'm so sorry Roma. It must of opened when it hit the wall. I'll treat it once you break both of us out."
     "Quiet!" he hissed.
     "Shut up! Guards!"
     You looked up, and saw that a man was now standing in front of your cell. He wore a smirk, and you knew that it was one of those guys that you met on the hill. "So, you think you could escape huh?" Gulping, you let one hand reach behind your back to the paper and pencil. With slow an unnoticeable movements, you shoved them into your back pocket. 
     "Hey, Number 20," another voice was produced. "The crybaby Italian has a knife in his cell somehow."
     "Go get it. Make sure to give him punishment."
     Your eyes widened, and then quickly narrowed into a look of threatening. "Don't you touch him!" you growled. The oh-so-man named Number 20 just laughed mockingly, then bent down on the other side. 
     "Oh, and what are you going to do? Magic?"
     "Good idea." It was a good thing you asked for England to train you in magic, for that you might be vulnerable with no weapons. But, you sucked at it. Norway taught you an easy spell, and so did the Englishman. One of them was to make a small fire, and another to summon a small cat who understood human language. 
     "Incendio," you murmured, while making a picture of a single flame with your index finger. A small flame erupted on 20's clothes, who's eyes widened and quickly backed away. He began patting at the flame, trying to put it out. Idiot, you thought. Didn't you learn that if you are on fire is to stop, drop, and roll?
     Oh. I wonder if Harry Potter spells work? 
     "Number 20!" the other man shouted, and quickly rushed to his side. You watched with a small smirk as the flames refused to die out, and hoped at the same time that Romano was commencing to open his cell with the knife.  
     "This girl," one of them hissed angrily. 
     The jingle of Romano trying to open the gate was heard, and you made sure that the guards were distracted. Nothing to afraid of, you thought. I-It's just part of the plan. But, just as you thought that, one of them grabbed your shirt at lifted you up, and slammed you against the bars. Ringing was heard, and pain was felt on your forehead.
     "You," 20 said. "Are a pain in the ass!"
     "G-good," you shot back painfully. His eyes narrowed, and then you were once again slammed against the bars. You hissed in pain, and grabbed the man's wrist. His grip only got harder, and it was getting difficult to breath. "D-do you want me to burn you again?" you attempted. "But this time on y-your face?"
     "O-oi! Get your filthy hands of her!"
     You saw a boot hit Number 20's face, and his eyes widening. He was quickly launched away a few feet, and was replaced with Romano bending down in front of you. You could see that he was slightly teary, but was trying to stay strong. "You okay?" he asked, a bit shyly.
     Nodding, he helped you back up, and you scanned the area around the both of you. The man who Romano's was about to be punished from was on the floor, lines of blood on his face. 20 was on the floor, attempting to get back up from Lovino's kick to his face. "What happened to that man you had in front of you?" you asked Romano.
     He shrugged, then held up the knife you slid over to him. A few drops of blood were on it, and was slowly sliding down the metal edge. "Didn't anyone teach you not to mess with the mafia?"
     "God, your so scary sometimes," you murmured. "What should we do now?"
     "I don't know- Escape from here?!" Romano said sarcastically. You rolled your eyes and nodded. Lovino then began to walk off down the hallway, not even knowing where to go. 
     "W-wait! Don't just leave me here, cowards!" 
     You looked back, and saw that the man 20 was reaching out to the both of you, with a sickly grin on his face. Blood was on the side of his face, the place where Romano kicked him. "Come on, kill me!" he shouted.
     Your eyes widened. He. . . wants me to kill him? you thought. "B-but why?!" you exclaimed. "Don't you care about your own life?!"
     "No, I don't. It's how we're programmed," Number 20 said in a monotone voice. "We are made, given a number as our names. Then we are killed. Someone else takes our place.
     "What are you doing?" Romano growled. You turned and saw he had returned back for you. He had an irritated look, but you could also see fear in them. "Let's go. I hate this place."
     "You can't leave." 
     Lovino's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean 'we can't leave'? Of course we can! Watch us!"
     Low laughter came from 20. His hand then gripped his head, and you gulped. Everything's wrong as is, but there something that's not right. "Like I said, you can't escape this place."
     "And why not?" you asked timidly. Was there some kind of password? A lock? Gates?
     "There is a system," 20 said. Romano was about to protest, but you stopped him from yelling. "Remember how I told you that each of us was given a number as a name? Do you know what those numbers mean? Do you?"
     "Who cares about some shitty number?" Lovino growled. "I just want to know how to get out!"
     "The numbers mean an order. Since I'm twenty, the lowest, I'm the weakest boss. The lower numbers are supposed to be killed first, then you have to go up the scale.
     "You just can't kill me, then go and look for the eighteenth boss. You have to go in order. Twenty, to nineteen, to eighteen."
     You rose your eyebrows in confusion. You had to kill the bosses in order, from biggest to lowest? It was kind of confusing. "Okay, we get that we have to kill the bosses. So how do we get out of here?! I don't want to kill anyone!" you exclaim.
     "You can't. You have to kill all of the bosses if you get out of here.
     "And you know what that means? You have to kill every single one of us before you break out. Get your hands stained with our blood, and see the people's dead bodies. 
     "That is the rule. You cannot escape."

     "Did the signal come in yet?" America asked curiously. He looked at Germany, waiting for an answer. The German would always get the same question once in a while. All the remaining countries resumed back to their daily lives, but their routines were horribly messed up.
     "No," Ludwig replied sternly. "I've been saying it for the past few hours, America. The answer is the same until I get notification from Japan."
     America gave a look of disbelief, and then stood up from him bending position. "Don't you have a tracking device in it or something?"
     Ludwig sighed, and looked up. "We had limited space for inside the belt, America. Japan could only fit the notification and location giver. The rest was used for camouflaging it as a normal belt.
     "That means that we can't find her until the signal is given out."


     If you want to escape this facility- No. This game. 
     If you want to escape the game, you need to go to the main facility. 
     Once you get in, you cannot get out. Unless, you follow the rule.
     Kill every boss. There are twenty in all, each of them stronger than the person below them. You have to begin with the highest number, which is the weakest. Number 1 is the strongest out of all of them. 
     You have to go in order. You start off with Number 20, and then proceed to kill Number 19. But, if you go out of order (ex. Kill Number 16 then kill 11), you have to start all over. You will reset to the beginning, right before you killed Number 20. And that means murdering all of them again.
     Each of the bosses will give you a hint to where the next boss is. It could be a riddle, a poem, a word. 
     And then there's the other rule.
     If you die more than 10 times,
     you're officially out of the game. Your entire being will disappear, like all those countries who have already. 

     "Kill. . . Levi?"
     Her own brother? [Name] gritted, and the parchment in her hand got even more crumpled because of her hand that was tightening. She had to assassinate her own brother. 
     And it was assigned by Erwin Smith, the commander. 
     [Name] then stood up, and look up at the walls. What was she going to do now? She didn't sense anyone watching her, but this person could possibly anywhere. Why couldn't they get another person to do it?! she thought angrily. 
     To kill Levi or to watch all of her friends die in the most horrid way. 
     "What do I do, Marco?"
     If I want to save my friends, and not kill Ravi, I guess I have to kill Erwin Smith. Yet, [Name] could tell that the Commander was a good person, and is like a fatherly figure. No, that's just an act. 
     She stood on top of a wall, looking down at the castle beneath her. This was surely the Survey Corps headquarters, and all of the members will surely be inside after the clean up of Trost. The Commander will possibly be in there as well, so [Name] would take this chance and kill him as fast as possible. 
     [Name]'s hands lingered over the grips of her blades and made sure the trigger was working by slightly putting pressure on them. She then checked to make sure the blades weren't dull or easily detachable. After all the small examinations were cleared and fixed, [Name] looked down at the castle one last time before jumping down. 
     The wind flew right through her hair, the strands flowing with the current of air. [Name] then pulled out her handles, and pressed the triggers. Gas shot out from behind, and she propelled forward within a blink of an eye. The cables came out, and hit the nearest building. 
     As quickly as [Name] began, it ended with her feet skidding across the ground. She stumbled a bit, recovering from the small flight. Her cables detached, and returned to the Maneuver Gear. The castle was looming over [Name] now, and she gritted slightly. There was some one watching her. When I kill the Commander, what will happen with the person watching me?
     The answer was simple.
     They probably might kill me. She sighed quietly. Unless, they kill me before I reach him. 
     [Name] walked up the steps that was in front of the large, push-open doors. Boots clicking softly as they hit the hard material, [Name] eventually stopped in front of the doors. 
     It was recently used, and the doors were roughly clean with a thin layer of dust upon the wood and metal. Wait, should I really just walk in and find his room, or sneak around and climb through the window? [Name] thought in confusion. She never broke into someone else's room before. 
     There would be signs of breaking in at the window. And if I walk in normally, he might be in there and question my appearance, [Name] mused. She then decided that the window entry would be the hardest, for that she wouldn't tell which room was which. [Name] pulled the green hood over her face, and made sure that it shadowed her identity. 
     Taking one last look behind her, she saw no one behind her or around. Maybe the Commander was lying about someone watching her? 
     Shrugging it off, she pushed open the doors gently, and slid in.
     Come in, find the Commander. Kill Erwin Smith. 
A Little Earlier; Same Day.
     "Eren Jaeger, yes?"
     The voice was easily heard around the room. It was deep and clear, bouncing off any hard surface. The owner of the said name gulped, and looked up at the man who spoke his name. He was an old man, already grown out grey hair and a beard. His name was Darius Zackly, and he was head of the military. 
     This was the first time Eren had seen him in person, and he was positively nervous. He was being weighed out by the leader of the military, in which would turn out into a personal debate if Eren gets killed or gets to be kept alive. Zackly looked down at the papers, reading the written out words on it. 
     Before Eren could confirm that his name was true, Zackly continued, adjusting his glasses. "You are a soldier, sworn to sacrifice your life for the public good. Is that correct?"
     Eren could feel a bead of sweat running down his face of the pressure and the nervousness. "Yes sir," Eren said, voice slightly quivering. 
     "This is an exceptional situation," Zackly informed. "This tribunal will be held under military- Not civilian or law. The final decision rests entirely in my hands.
     "Your fate will be decided here."
     All the people who decided to attended had their pair of eyes glued onto Zackly. A few of them were witnesses, members of the Survey Corps and Military Police. Eren's fate could be changed within one mistake of any of them. An unnecessary action. 
     The wrists of Eren were held bound by metal cuffs, in which were held down with a metal pole. He could feel the metal digging into his skin, and sweat forming under the metal. This was a situation he never thought he would be in. 
     "Do you have any objections?" Zackly asked. 
     Eren looked down. "No, sir."
     "I appreciate your perception," Zackly complimented, voice holding no surprised or bored voice in it. "I will be direct. As anticipated, concealing your existence has proved impossible. We must make your existence public in some form, or a threat to humanity other than Titans may arise.
     "What I will decide today is which force will have custody of you." Eren gritted again, and his eyes darted around slightly. There was Nile Dok of the Military Police, and then Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps. "I now ask the Military Police for their proposal."
     When that sentence was projected, Dok stood straighter, and his eyes met Zackly's. "I," Dok began, "Nile Dok, Commander of the Military Police, will present my proposal." The Commander of the MP waited a moment before giving out his plan for Eren.
     "After a thorough investigation of Eren Jaeger's body, we believe he should be eliminated immediately." He then glanced at Eren, who stared at him with widened eyes. Dok's eyes then went back towards his papers. "It's certainly true that his Titan power overcame our previous peril.

     "However, now his existence threatens to spark a civil war. So we ask him to die for humanity's sake, leaving behind all the information he can."
     Before Eren could have a say in the proposal, a man interrupted. He had the look of fear, a trembling finger pointing at Eren. "He is an invasive pest! He has deceived the walls that embody God's wisdom! He must be killed at once!"
     A priest. He was a wallist, to be exact. People who think the three walls that surround humanity were a gift from the gods. They were ignored during the past years, but a sudden spike in their believers had them gain power. 
     "Priest Nick!" Zackly said warning. The wallist looked at him for a moment, before nodding and silencing himself. Zackly then looked back into the crowd, his eyes mostly directed at the Survey Corps. "We'll hear the Survey Corps's proposal next."
     Erwin's eyes met the Leader's, with a serious look in his eyes. "I, thirteenth Commander of the Survey Corps Erwin Smith, will present my proposal. 
     "We would welcome Eren as an official member of our forces, and use his power to retake Wall Maria. That is all."
Present; Same Day
     In the end, Eren was successfully handed over to the Survey Corps, where he would serve to help humanity for the greater good. If he were to go out of control, Levi would be given approval to kill him. 
     God, how big is this fucking castle?! [Name] thought in frustration. She had been walking around for quite a while, looking left and right for the correct room. She didn't even bother to open the doors, for that there might be something private going on. So, [Name] would just listen to what's happening on the other side and the results would come in.
     She couldn't ask where Erwin's room was, or that would be suspicious.
     [Name] would have to dive out of sight from time to time so that she wouldn't get caught by the members of the Survey Corps. However, [Name] managed to steal on of the jackets with the Wings of Freedom insignia on it. She had already put it on, so she didn't have to hide anymore.
     Did I see this door already? [Name] stared at the door in front of her in uncertainty. There were scratch marks in the wood, indicating that it was an old door but was still usable. She leaned in and tried to listen for anything, but with no avail. Fuck!
     "Hey, what are you doing here?"
     [Name] turned around and saw that there was a member of the Survey Corps behind her, staring at her in confusion and suspicion. She gulped before fully turning around. "I-I'm sorry," she said, trying to make her voice a little higher and more nervous.=. "I-I just can't seem to find the Commander's room."
     The member's eyebrows rose. "Oh? What for?"
     "W-well, I was informed by a Captain to give this letter to him." [Name] took out the note that informed her to kill the Commander. She hoped that the man wouldn't ask to read it. "It's k-kind of personal. . ."
     The soldier nodded in understanding. His hand then rose, a finger pointing down at the hall. "Just over there, the door at the end. It should say Commander's Quarters on the door. Commander Erwin's not in at the moment, but he should return soon."
     [Name] nodded in thanks. "Thank you!" She then began to walk down the hall. 
     That's strange though. Why hasn't the person trailing be showed up yet? Unless that soldier was him. . . 
     No, it couldn't. Why would he direct me towards the Commander's office? Erwin shouldn't want to kill himself after all. 
     [Name], clouded in her thoughts, accidentally ran into the door. Her face collided in the door, and she instantly recoiled back. Her hand went to her face, and the sound of groaning came out. "Dumb ass door," [Name] hissed. 
     Recovering from the pain, she then opened the door by the handle. A small breeze hit her face as it slowly swung open, cooling the pain on her face. 
     The room was fairly bigger than the others, with a shelf in the corner and a desk at the end of the room, vertical to the door. A set of papers was on the desk, with a quill by it's side. A bed was pushed against the wall, the sheets kept clean and folded neatly. 

     "Good, not here yet." [Name] then began to look around the room, searching for the best place to hide. If there was even a hiding spot. She gritted, seeing that there was no place beside under the bed. If she hid there, she would have to stay under there until Erwin goes to sleep. Does he even go to sleep?!
     Where is he?
     How fucking long does a Commander need to go to the fucking bathroom?
     Is he constipated?
     The sun's setting! [Name] growled in frustration for the umpteenth time. How long had she been here? Her patience thinned out, and she was on the verge of punching a wall. She was leaning against the wall, waiting for the blonde commander to come in. 
     He must be sh-
     "Thanks, Mike." 
     Erwin looked at Mike Zacharius, who was standing beside him. The man gave a nod at the commander before turning around and walking away. Erwin sighed in exhaustion as he listened to the footsteps fade away. It was a long day, and the upcoming days will be longer. Plans for the next expedition, getting the formations out. . .
     The Commander stared at his door, where Commander's Quarters was spelled out on a small, metal plate. He then reached out for the handle, and turned it. Erwin hesitated for a moment, before walking inside his room. 
     Everything was in order. No tampering was seen within his spot. After examining his place, Erwin closed the door softly with a push of his hand.
     "I've been waiting for you, Commander Erwin."
     Erwin's eyes widened slightly, and he turned where the voice resonated from. There, on his left side was a hooded person with the Wings of Freedom jacket. They were fully decked out, Maneuver Gear and uniform. 
     [Name] glared at Erwin with nervousness and hatred. He was the one that issued the assignment, the one who didn't want Levi's existence. "Tch." This was only the second time she had seen Erwin in person, first being when she was caught in front of Eren's cell. 
     A sweaty hand withdrew a blade from the Maneuver Gear, shaking the metal slightly. Was she ready to do this? Why do you want to kill my brother?
     Can I kill one of the commanders of the Survey Corps? I already have punishment for killing a person once. I-I'll just get into more trouble.
     Her hands trembled more, and [Name] gulped. He's standing right in front of me. . . It was supposed to be easy. Erwin walks in, she goes in for the kill. Move you feet, dammit! Just get this over with!
     "Aren't you going to kill me?"
     [Name]'s eyes widened, and her [e/c] eyes trailed back up to the blue eyes of Erwin. They looked straight at her with such seriousness, no guiltiness or dread. "Aren't you afraid?" [Name] asked, attempting to keep her voice still and different. 
     "No." There was no falter in his voice. "Everyone has to die someday, right?
     "I've killed off many people recklessly, hoping for mankind to take one step further into victory against the Titans. I knew I would get my payment someday."
     [Name]'s grip loosened slightly around the handgrip, but tightened again. Just run with the sword up, [Name]. Simple as hell. Her hand slightly rose higher, the tip barely pointed at the commander. "W-why do you want to kill him?" she asked. 
     Erwin rose an eyebrow, and shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about."
     "Don't lie to me!" In a flash, [Name]'s hand rose to behind her head, and quickly did a downwards motion. She discarded the blade as she did, and it flew out of it's adjustments. The metal flew towards Erwin. He watched unflinchingly as the blade flew past his face, hitting the wall. [Name] gave out an expression of shock at her action, and at the thin red line forming on the Commander's cheek.
     Oh shit. . . 
     "That was a warning," she said, trying to forget what she had just done. Do I really have to bravery to stab him? 
     "You hesitated."
     Goddammit! Does he want a death wish or something?! "I'm going to ask you one more time," [Name] said, more dangerously. "Why do you want to kill Levi?"
     "Levi?" Erwin repeated. "Why I want to kill him?"
     "Yes! No need to repeat my shit, Commander Eyebrows!" 
     "Eyebrows?" It seemed to [Name] that Erwin chuckled a little at her own little mess up. "I guess so. However, why would I kill of humanity's greatest soldier? Killing Levi would be a great loss for humanity."
     "You said that he was a nuisance. A corporal that doesn't follow your orders. Levi tried to kill you before, right? Isn't that why you want him dead? To return the favor of his attempt?" [Name] let her hand lower by half an inch, and her other hand reached into her pocket, fishing for the note. "That's what you said in the note."
     "I don't remember asking someone to give a note to a cadet." 
     "A cadet?" Had he found out already? "Stop pulling jokes, ass! Why would I be a cadet? They would be an idiot for coming here!" [Name] had speak as if she was in the Corps. Her cover was slowly being revealed by her careless mistakes within her sentences. 
     "Your cloak. It has no Wings of Freedom of it, for one," Erwin pointed out. "And, you have your hood up. It's makes you look suspicious, [Name]."
     The girl's eyes widened, and her hand tightened around her grip. [Name] then moved to withdraw another blade. The metal gleamed within the remaining light, and Erwin's reflection could be seen in it. "Who the hell is [Name]?!" She was sinking in shit now. Her confidence in his assassination was disappearing. 
     Erwin took this opportunity to walk forward towards her, and [Name] just took a step back. "I know you don't want to hurt me, [Name]. Just drop the sword."
     "H-how do you know?"
     "You are a great soldier. One of few to survive Trost. And, that look. . . reminds me of the time when your brother tried to kill me."
     "How do you know?! Answer dammit!" With a quivering hand, [Name] managed to raise her arm so that the edge of her single sword was on the left side of Erwin's neck. 
     "Mike, a friend of mine, told me you were here." 
     "So tomorrow, we're going to discuss the-" Erwin began as he stopped a few feet in front of his door, but was cut off by his accompanying partner Mike.
     "There's someone inside your room, Erwin," he declared quietly so only both of them could hear. Mike sniffed again, making sure that there was the familiar smell of cadet coming from behind the door. "A cadet."       
     "Interesting. Why would a cadet be inside my room?" 
     "Who knows? I thought I should notify you about it, just in case it was unplanned." Mike then looked around for a few seconds. "Ah, I have to check up on my squad." 
     "I never requested to meet up with a cadet," Erwin said under his breath. He then looked back up at Mike, giving him an acknowledging nod. "Thanks, Mike."
     "And unplanned it was. I don't remember writing a letter to a cadet recently. May I see the paper?" Erwin requested. [Name] had to fight the urge to give it to him. The commander looked so trusting. His eyes gave out no signs of betrayal, or trickery. 
     "Fuck you and your eyebrows."
     "That's not the first time I heard that. I see why you don't want me to see it though," Erwin tried to reason. "But, I want to help. Who knows what will happen to you in the future with the possible upcoming casualties."
     "You better be happy I'm not a stubborn shit like Ravi." [Name] reluctantly turned the parchment around so that the sprawled ink faced the blonde. She had to move her hand slightly higher because of her height. "Actually, don't tell him I said that.
     "If you don't kill him, that is," she added darkly. Erwin hummed a little, and his eyes began to move across the paper, reading every word on it. One of his eyebrows rose slightly as he did. 
     "That's not my handwriting."
     "W-what? You better not be shitting around!"
     "I don't write like this. In fact, we don't use this kind of paper and ink around here. And if I actually wrote this and assigned someone to follow you, they would of have restricted you and turned you in. 
     "Like I said, killing of Levi would be a great loss for us. I would never think of killing him."
     [Name] looked at Erwin in disbelief. "Then that means. . ."
     "Exactly. You've been going after the wrong person."
Sorry for the long wait! School has been being a block lately, and Tumblr kind of got in the way. . . along with a few other games I have been playing.

I'll try to upload more often!

Apologies for the chapter being shorter that the previous ones, I just wanted to get this out asap. 

Hope you enjoy!

Attack on Titan belongs to Hajime Isayama. 
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Cap1 : ¿Y que si no puedo olvidarte?

La brisa que recorría mi cuerpo, y que entraba por la ventana en un descuido mio por haberla dejado abierta, comenzaba a helarme cada pelo de mi cuerpo se erizaba del frío, fruncí el ceño, me acurruque mas, con la intención de reconciliar el sueño, un agudo sonido se empezaba a oír, pero yo ni cuenta me daba, tire de los futones de mi cama entre sus frazadas, comencé a abrazarme a ellas, para así entrar en calor, es mas a quien se le ocurría dejar la ventana abierta en pleno otoño, solo a mi, murmure algo inentendible al oír una voz me sumergí mas a fondo, hasta volver a tocar un sueño.


Estaba soleado, no había rincón por donde no se filtraran los rayos de aquel atardecer, me encontré sentada en un sillón, mirando un punto ciego de la casa en la que me encontraba, era como un trance del que fui sacada al oír unas incesantes e alegres risas, sonreí ampliamente, y salí corriendo sin descuido cruzando por todas las habitaciones, hasta darme paso al patio trasero, allí se encontraban ellos, bueno solo uno..., algo me tomo de los hombros con fuerza eh hizo que me asustara, me sobresalte y voltee.

- ¡Buu! - me dijo un niño, que enseguida comenzó a reírse por mi rostro de asustada, un niño de cabellera rubia e orbes azules zafiros que vestía con una sudadera blanca, jeans negros junto con unas converse negras, me expresión cambio al instante de enojo, hice pucheros y me lance contra el niño de 13 años, los dos caímos.

- Eres un idiota Jeffrey! - le regañe, mientras inflaba los mofletes del enojo.

- Hey...tranquila [Tn] JAJAJAJAHAHA, solo era una broma - dijo de forma divertida, mientras volvía a reír como un loco, en eso el primer niño que vi jugar en el patio, se acerca a nosotros, me levante de Jeff, y salude al otro niño con un abrazo.

- Liuuuuu!.. - decía con alegría, mientras lo abrazaba, este correspondió mi abrazo de inmediato.

- Hola [Tn] - dijo con mensura y afecto, nos separamos y Jeff nos estaba viendo mientras se reposaba aun en el césped, me acerque a el y le tendió la mano.

- Te levantaras, o que tonto? - reí bajito, este tomo mi mano e antes de que hubiera podido tirar de ella para levantarlo, no mas me jalo a el para caer en el suelo - ay - me queje.

- JAJAJAJAHAHAHA , ahora estamos a mano - sonrió triunfante.

- Claro que no! - rezongue enojada, cruzándome de brazos.

- Ya dejen de pelear ustedes dos - recito aquel niño castaño de orbes verdes esmeraldas - los que se pelean se aman - volvió a decir.

- Y terminan en la cama - termino la frase Jeff, mientras me veía de forma picara, yo me ruborice, estos dos siempre conseguían ponerme incomoda..era un habito suyo..o que?.

- ¿¡Q-q-que!? de decir tonterías...s-so-somos PRIMOS! - reproche molesta, asentando cada silaba en especial la ultima que la grite, estos solo rieron a carcajadas....genial...seguro estaba roja como un tomate.

- Como sea, vamos a jugar un juego - retomo la palabra Jeff, me tomo de la mano y jalo de ella, al tiempo que ambos nos levantábamos.

- Oh..oh...a-a ..¡¡¡LAS ESCONDIDAS!!! - grito feliz Liu, nos pusimos de acuerdo y comenzamos a jugar, a Jeff le toco contar por ser el mas grande..Liu y yo teníamos 12 años..los tres asistíamos a la misma escuela, solo que en grados diferentes, aun teniendo la misma edad que Liu por mi parte.

Corrí a esconderme dentro de la casa de los Woods, siempre venia de visita para estar con mis primos, es decir tenia amigas y todo, pero me gustaba mas pasar el rato con ellos..eran como mis hermanos o mis mejores amigos en verdad, recorrí la casa entera buscando un escondite Liu se había escondido en el cuarto de sus padres, y yo me estaba quedando sin opciones, de repente me tope con una puerta por abajo de las escaleras de madera de caoba, me dio curiosidad pero recordé lo que mi madre siempre me decía "La curiosidad mato al gato", eso pensé hasta que escuche un "¡¡¡LISTOS O NO, HAYA VOY!!!", no otra vez y me adentre a esa puerta, la cerré por detrás de mi y al parecer daba a un sótano, me asuste un poco por que estaba algo oscuro, comencé a tocar las paredes buscando una luz, la encontré y encendió el iluminaba mucho ya estaba muy gastado pero me fue suficiente.

Me coloque detrás de unas cajas, y comencé a reír por lo bajo al ver la sombra de Jeff pasar la puerta, seguro ganaría, sonreí divertidamente y después mi atención se fue a las cajas la cuales usaba para esconderme, y mas por que nunca recordé que hubiera un sótano en esta casa..y es que siempre venia aquí..por que mis padres trabajaban e apenas podía estar en casa conmigo..comencé a tener frío, al encontrar este
lugar era ya frío, me abrace a mi misma buscando calor pero di cuenta que mis dientes titubeaban como castañuelas y mi cuerpo temblaba no volví a pensarlo dos veces y busque en las cajas algo que me resguardara del frío, pero solo encontré varias fotos viejas, las empece a ver
y se trataban de mi, Liu y Jeff, jeje cuando eramos pequeños, sus fotos de bebes veía...pero no encontré ninguna de mi cuando era una recién nacida tal vez estaban en mi casa eso pensé...las cajas estaban llenas de recuerdos...que lindo..pero por que podrían estas cosas aquí abajo? encontré unas fotos mías pero eran de cuando tenia solo 7 años...que raro.

De repente mi cabeza comenzó a dolerme..y mucho, empecé a marearme, y mis parpados quería cerrarse..acaso estaba cansada? lo creo..algo dentro de mi me dolió demasiado, sentía algo que me apuñalaba el asuste, estaba temblando mas de lo usual, mi piel se puso pálida..
e un grito se agudizo en mi mente, lleve mis manos a mis oídos para no escucharlo mas pero me fue inútil, parecía una el grito de una niña..pero que? no pude aguantar mas este dolor..era atroz y grite con todo el aire que me daba los pulmones, grite y comencé a llorar, mi vista se empezó a oscurecer al tiempo que veía como abrían la puerta de un portazo, eran Jeff y Liu..que se acercaron a mi.

- ¡¡¡[Tn]!!! - grito Jeff, Liu comenzó a sollozar cargaron hasta afuera, me sentía débil ya ni me movía -¡¡¿¿Que te pasa [Tn]??!!.. ¡LIU LLAMA A EMERGENCIAS! - volvió a gritar Jeff, Liu obedeció me dio una ultima mirada y lo perdí de mi vista, me sentía fría, temblaba y sentía que iba a morir.- por favor...quédate con nosotros...¿¡¡¡[Tn]!!!?, no nos dejes....n-no me dejes - esas tristes palabras fueron las únicas que recuerdo y los orbes azules de Jeff que comenzaban
a rebalsar lagrimas.

- ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿[Tn]????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

Desde esos días, semanas, meses e años..ya no recuerdo mi infancia...perdí 4 años de mi vida, vida que dependía de un conector en el hospital...todos esos años pase hospitalizada, apenas en la primera semana estuve bien, y me venían a visitar todos siempre..hasta que caí en un coma de sueño, y no volví a despertar, en esa etapa de mi vida, se corrió el peligro de que muriera o de que nunca despertara, hasta iban a apagar todo y dejarme morir..pero mi familia nunca perdió las las hubieran perdido yo no estaría aquí hoy en día...pero un dolor que me mató por dentro fue saber que el día en que desperté mis tíos y primos...Jeff y Liu..todos murieron, ni siquiera pude despedirme..y la verdad en todos esos años, nunca lograron saber lo que me paso..

5 años después..

-...¡¡¡JEFF, LIU!!! - desperté de golpe, cayendo de mi cama, a parar a la alfombra de mi cuarto, cubrí mi rostro en mis manos al darme cuenta que fue solo un sueño..casi siempre soñaba con el mismo suceso, mas que un sueño era un recuerdo..y el ultimo que tuve de mis primos, me senté en el suelo y apoye mi barbilla en mis rodillas, e cubrí mi rostro con mis brazos, comencé a llorar..siempre que pasaba eso me dolía, nunca logre superarlo, mis padres me dijeron que habían muerto mientras yo estaba en coma, por un asalto en su casa..pero algo extraño fue que nunca encontraron el cuerpo de mi primo Jeffrey..aveces soñaba con que el podría ser el único que aun sigue con vida..y otras veces me burlo de mi misma por creer en esa estupidez, un viento frío me saco de mis pensamientos, me levante y cerré la ventana, mire mi reloj eran las 07:30am...tenia que ir a la escuela de la mala gana tenia que asistir como mi ultimo año era obligatorio, para mi suerte me hospedo en una casa que tiene el colegio a solo
5 cuadras..suspire.

Me llamo [Tn]..y tengo 17 años, vivo en Estados Unidos..Washington, donde el clima es árido, frío e húmedo..casi parece que el verano se extinguió en estas tierras..bien..mis padres son Amelia y Jake..y siempre viven del trabajo, casi nunca estaban conmigo en casa..y menos cuando mas los necesitaba, pero no podía culparlos ellos me daban todo lo que tengo, y me acostumbre a cuidar de mi misma.

- Ahhg, ¡bien!..a vestirse - me dije para mi misma, me encamine a mi closet, saque unos jeans de mezclilla grises, unas borce azules junto con una blusa azul y mi buso
negro con el nombre de una de mis bandas favoritas "nirvana", me vestí sacándome mi piyama que lo lance al cesto de ropa para lavar, me puse mi ropa..luego me fui a mi escritorio, imprimí unas hojas sobre una tarea de historia, las puse en mi mochila negra, junto con mis libros e útiles, agarre mi celular, y mi mp3..con los auriculares, baje rápidamente por las escaleras, hasta la cocina tomo rápido un zumo de naranja, y me traje un chocolate, que pensaba comer en el camino..
me puse el aparato para oír música mientras corría hacia el colegio..escuchaba "Bulls in the Bronx de Pierce the Veil" otra de mis bandas favoritas.

Fije mi celular para ver la hora..eran las 07:50, que bien no llegaría tarde nunca mas por quedarse dormida, en la entrada vi que se encontraba jezabel y alex, apresure el paso hasta ellas pase un vistazo rápido por mi colegio, se trataba de una escuela privada, mis padres son ese tipo de personas que buscan lo mejor para mis hijos, para mi suerte no debía usar uniforme se encabezaba en seis pisos, los campos delanteros como los de atrás, con las grandes enrejadas al frente...mire a mis amigas y las salude.

- ¡Hey [Tn]! como estas amiga? - me saludo alex, por así decirlo de las tres era la mas ruda y valiente, una chica de cabellera castaña e orbes miel, que vestía unos jeans celestes, tenis..una blusa junto con una campera que siempre llevaba sin cierre, derepente alguien se me salto encima..era Jezz.

- ¡[Tn]!..Buenos días jeje - me saludo esta vez Jezz, ella era la optimista e linda chica del colegio, de melena rubia y orbes negros, que siempre vestía a la moda, jeans de mezclilla
con botas cafés de tacón, y llevaba un largo abrigo blanco que le tocaba las rodillas..yo no era muy especial que digamos de las consideraba mas la extraña, nunca hable
de mi pasado con ellas y no pensaba hacerlo, odiaba que la gente me tuviera lastima, yo solo soy una chica de cabellera oscura e orbes oscuros que aveces hasta yo me asustaba por
que suelo tenerlos, no con frecuencia pero con la claridad se me aclaran mucho..como hoy por ejemplo.

- Holas chicas - sonreí desganada mente, estas me miraron con el ceño fruncido y hablaron.

- Valla...nunca dejas de sorprenderme por tus raros y lindos ojos - me dijo Alex, en el momento que me tomaba las mejillas acercándome a su cara.

- Oye!..estas violando mi espacio personal(? jaja - reí y la empuje, tome mi celular y vi en el lente de este que si se me habían tornado claros.

- Ya, pero enserio si que son curiosos y lindos..hasta podrías atrapar algún chico con ellos - termino de decirme Alex, giñandome un ojo.

- ¡Cl-claro que No!..lo ultimo que quedría es tener novio! - rezongue media molesta, cruzándome de brazos mientras alex se reía.

- Apoyo a [Tn], los chicos de hoy en día son unos cerdos, lo que a las chicas nos falta de falda a ellos les falta de cerebro - afirmo divertida Jezz.

- Habla por ti misma, cuando me viste usar falda a mi? Jaja - rió alex.

- Jajajajjajajaja, ustedes si que están mamadas - me burle, aveces me alegraba pasar el día e clases con ellas, conseguían olvidarme de mis problemas.

- Así?..hablando de mamados - dijo Jezz, inclinando la cabeza, para que miráramos al costado..Alex y yo sin cuidado miramos fijamente al grupo de chicos a nuestro lado.

- ¡Oigan! miren con disimulo..y no claro giran la cabeza como el exorcista - nos regaño, aparte de buena, también era buena en regañarnos como una mamá.

Ambas reímos y le dijimos al unisonó- Ya tranquila Mamá- acentuando mas la ultima palabras, mientras seguíamos a carcajadas, hasta que se hicieron presentes tres chicos de aquel grupo, eran Alan, Noah y Lió, siempre estaban con nosotras y mas para molestarnos.

- Hola bellezas, que cuentan? - dijo Alan, con cierto tinte seductivo en su voz, que nos hacia reír, este poso su brazo sobre el hombro de Alex y la miro picaramente, ella se lo corrió instintivamente, lo tomo del mismo brazo y se lo llevo hasta la espalda.

- Hola Alan, tan imbécil como siempre, no? - contesto molesta, al momento de liberarlo de su agarre que le hizo daño, mientras se quejaba del dolor en el suelo los otros dijeron.

- Que tal chicas?, y vamos Alex dale una oportunidad a Alan - comento Lió siempre divertido, Alex solo le dedico una mirada furtiva y se callaron, Noah vino conmigo y me saludo con un abrazo al que yo correspondí, el era mi mejor amigo.

-Como estas [Tn]?, te extrañe, no deberías faltar mas a clases sabes? - me dedico una sonrisa, e antes que de pudiera decir algo la campana sonó, todos entramos a las dejaron atrás, y antes de que pudiera pasar por la entrada sentí un agudo y lastimoso dolor en mi cabeza, lleve mis manos a la cabeza, y comencé a desesperarme...otra vez? puede ser...nadie se dio cuenta, mas no podía entrar así a clases, todos se preocuparían, y si no voy igual...pero no quedaba de otra, salí corriendo perdiéndome en la gruesa capa de niebla que comenzaba a cubrir las calles desde esta mañana, no llegaba a ver bien, pero sabia a donde ir.
Las fuertes ráfagas de viento desasieron la cola de caballo que llevaba, dejando mi cabellera al viento, el dolor no cesaba y me frustraba mas con ello, después de caminar unas calles
Al cementerio de mi vecindario, no era muy bueno mas rejas estaba oxidadas, por lo que era fácil infiltrarse allí, la zona parecía un bosque, pero con los ataúdes y las lapidas allí
cambiaban mucho su perspectiva, "Descansen en Paz" valla nombre para este lugar, ni un alma se veía rondar por allí, estaba con mi antebrazo cubriéndome el rostro del viento..
y caminando como podía, la tierra era seca y mas bien toda aquella flora era muerta, junto con el asfixiante hedor a muerto, me adentre mas a la zona de pobres almas enterradas bajo tierra, llegue hasta unos arboles con los pasos débiles, me repose en estos y caí rendida, no solo eran un cementerio sino también la entrada a un bosque, del que se decía que jamas salían al entrar, nunca le reste importancia a esas cosas, no era capaz de creer en lo "sobrenatural" aunque nunca juzgaba a nada ni nadie de mala manera, no sin saber o conocerlo antes.

Estaba a punto de quedarme dormida después de que el hiriente dolor de cabeza desapareciera, hasta que unos ladridos me sacaron de mi nube del sueño, entre cerré los ojos para ver de que se trataba...un perro?...acaso esta escavando en la tierra y gracias a el ahí este horrible olor, vi una figura que caminaba en cuatro patas e corría hacia mi, su agitada respiración se hacia cada vez mas audible con cada paso, junto con su divertida lengua que yacía fuera de su hocico, en ese instante algo callo hacia mi, me fije en mis piernas y era un hueso..¿quien es el idiota que disfruta jugar con su mascota en un cementerio?..el can se me lanzo encima, comenzó a lamerme la cara e olfatearme, me daba cosquillas, hasta que tomo el hueso entre sus...colmillos?, lo vi de frente y...ese perro no era normal, parecía que se le iban a salir los orbes grandes e amarillos, que se bordeaban con negro, su pelaje era exento medio cobrizo y negro, hasta su estomago que se iba aclarando, era bastante grande, pero lo que mas me impresiono fue...fu-fue..s-su...¡¡¿Sonrisa?!!..apenas si me llegue a asustar..
pero este volvió a lamer mi mejilla, dándome un cosquilleo...era muy confiado...hasta con los extraños?..empujo su "juguete" a mi mano,...quería que se lo lanzara, moví mis levante y empece a correr con el can feliz a mi lado, que movía la cola sin cesar...esto me resultaba extraño..mas como era aquel cachorro, dirán que estaba loca, pero no me importo por mucho.. le lance el "juguete" por detrás de una arboleda, y sin mas corrió hacia quede callada en ese momento solo pensaba.

¿que le sucedió a ese pobre cachorro?..¿donde esta el maldito dueñ creo que ese hueso haya caído a mi regazo por casualidad..o si?..

Comencé a fijar mi vista a todos los lados, pero la neblina era bastante espesa, no podía ver mucho, estaba retrocediendo hasta que me tope con algo, voltee y era justo por lo que vine desde un principio, me agache a la altura de la tumba, de mi mochila saque dos rosas blancas, y las coloque sobre el bulto de tierra seco, que yacía al lado de la tumba que decía "Liu".

- H-hola Liu, perdón por no venir volví a sentir mal sabes? - hice una pequeña pausa como si esperara a que me contestaran, mis pupilas de dilataron, sabia que en cualquier momento rompería en llanto - Bueno, como disculpa te traje una rosa blanca p-para Jeff, que esta contigo...y-y-yo..lo-los e-extraño tanto - un cálido lagrimal paso por mi mejilla..lleve mis manos a mi cabello y empece a desornenarmelo, me sentía fatal, no quería llorar otra vez...algún día tenia que levante de golpe cuando escuche los ladridos del can cerca de mi, me pare con la intención de verlo a mi lado, pero me lo encontré sentado fijo mirándome desde la entrada de aquel bosque, le hice una seña para que viniera, pero no respondió solo se quedo allí mirá cola comenzó a moverse rápidamente,..estaba feliz?..fue cuando me sentí observada pero no por el perro, me di cuenta que no me miraba a mi.. voltee lentamente, e a unos pasos de mi una figura se escondía entre la niebla, me estremecí mas al ver como avanzaba dejando ver a un chico encapuchado, de sudadera blanca, jeans negros e converse negras medias desgastadas, apenas veía la mitad de su rostro, pude notar lo nívea que era su piel tan pálida, su buso estaba manchado con un liquido carmí loca no puede ser...pero lo que me causo pavor en el, fue como en su rostro tenia las mejillas cortadas.

Una sonrisa tallada..todos los pelos de mi cuerpo se erizaron y no por escuchar un trueno o por las ráfagas heladas del no al ver como empezaba a sacar de su sudadera, un objeto platinado..
u-u-un ...cuchillo?!!

- ¡¿Q-q-quien e-eres?! - dije con un hilo de voz, y un nudo en mi garganta.

- ... -

- ¡¡¡Oye!!! - se me escapo un grito, lleve mis manos a mi boca, y de repente vuelvo a sentirme mareada y mi vista se nublaba..mierda.

- Go To Sleep - ...
Bueeenooooo :3 Maratón 1/4
Esto va a pedido de :iconlucecita-grim:
Espero les guste...
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A sleek black car sped through the rain down town, ignoring red lights and stop signs. No one could see through the tinted windows, but there was an air of urgency in the actions of the driver, and many people screeched to a stop or pulled off to the side to let the strange black car pass by.

The pattering of rain on the windshield should have calmed her, but her worrying was making her stomach churn and she felt absolutely sick. She was trembling, hardly noticeable, but it was definitely not characteristic of her.

After a few more minutes of driving, she pulled the car into someones driveway and ran out of the car to the front door, knocking loudly. She waited impatiently by the door, getting soaked by the freezing rain because she hadnt brought a coat.

There were footsteps inside and then the door opened, a tall grey wolf with green eyes standing in the doorway. He gave her a slightly confused look. Whitefire?

The white cat darted inside before he could say anything and shut the door. She was wet and sick and worried and her mind was reeling. Mauriz, I need your help.

The wolf gave her a concerned look. You dont look well…” he said, and picked her up, carrying her to the couch.

Put me down! she hissed unhappily. I cant st-

Whitefire, the wolf cut her off. You are soaking wet and you look like youre going to keel over. Tell me whats wrong while you warm up, alright? He set her down on the couch and threw a blanket over her before going to the kitchen.

Frowning, Whitefire shoved the blanket off and folded her arms. Hmph. She glared at him as he walked away. This is much more important than me, Mauriz! I need you to help me find Tarilamor.

What?! The wolfs voice sounded loudly from the kitchen and he came quickly back around the corner, a warm drink in his hand. He shoved his face near hers. Are you crazy? Im not just going to tell you where his home is! Hed kill me if he found out! he almost snarled, and handed her the cup.

She shrugged and sipped on the warm drink as he turned away from her and folded his arms, closing his eyes for a moment as he growled to himself. Well, you better hurry and tell me. If you dont, Diamn will probably die and and Ill be depressed and hate myself for the rest of my life.

Mauriz turned, his eyes flashing. Diamn? Some idiotic guy, Im guessing.

No! she hissed, laying her ears back. She set the cup on the coffee table and stood up. My adopted son!

The wolfs eyes narrowed. Your what? he growled angrily. Am I supposed to believe that? Like you would ever care about someone other than yourself, Whitefire!

She set her jaw. Fine. Im an egocentric, narcissistic, vain, inconsiderate person, who would never care about anyone else. Her orange eyes grew dark in anger.

Get out. The wolf growled threateningly.

If you dont believe me, theres someone else who knows Im telling the truth. There was a deep frown on her face, and her eyes narrowed angrily.

And who the hell would that be. A drunk? Mauriz snarled. I. Dont. Believe you.

Their faces were hardly an inch away from each other now as they both snarled dangerously.

Im not going to just tell you where Tarilamors hideout is. Hes my boss! If he ever found out-

Whitefire interrupted him. He doesnt have to find out! Mauriz, tell me. Tarilamor kidnapped him from me and I dont know what to do. Her face flashed worry for barely a second before returning to anger again.

Mauriz huffed in irritation, growling as he thought to himself for a moment. Who is this other person who knows?

Ralone Bolshakov.

Maurizs green eyes widened slowly. You mean the scientist?

The white cat nodded.

He was silent for a few moments before slowly smiling. Really? Why would you expect me to believe that, Whitefire? Are you two dating or something? He shook his head, unwilling to believe her.

Whitefire frowned. For your information, yes, we are dating, and I would like you to have a bit more trust in me, Mauriz. Im not the liar you think I am.

The wolfs eyes darkened. Prove it.

The story of a freelance thief and mercenary who slowly begins to find and weed out a strange and complicated mess of plans and tricks to kill her. 

writing, characters (c) me
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Date Joined: 25-9-13
Current Funds: 5 St



Species: Lillipup
Nature: Mild
Characteristic: Highly curious
Gender: Male       Age: 17
Ability: Pick Up

Strength: 2                 Agility: 2
Intelligence: 4            Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 2/10
Type Bonus: Normal -> Charisma  

Ice Fang


-Free Accesory Voulcher
----Description: A item that allows the purchase of a Template Accesory completely free in Chantelle's shop.

-Item 2

-Item 3


Species: Spearow
Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Likes to fight
Gender: Male            Age: 16
Ability: Keen Eye

Strength: 3                Agility: 2
Intelligence: 3           Charisma: 1

Total Points Left: 3/10
Type Bonus: Flying -> Agility

Fury Attack
Aerial Ace


-Free Accesory Voulcher
----Description: A item that allows the purchase of a Template Accesory completely free in Chantelle's shop.

-Complete Accesory Customization Voulcher
----Description: A item that allows

-Item 3

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

As it was usual in the city of Andalusst,the day of its citiziens began early in the morning,as the activity of the city increased with the arrival of the first rays of sunlight,as the
numerous habitants of Andalusst awoke and began to go out of their houses to attend and prepare the opening of their shops and business,or simply to go out,to the large and extense main streets of the city and enjoy the intense activity and hustle that was one of the characteristic featured of this city,as  that the morning advanced,the streets began to floood with authentic currents of Pokémon that walked across the streets,some looking for
some of the diverse and disparate goods that the different shops and stalls that could be found scattered in many points of the city,with special frequence in meeting points as squares,while others simply walked across the city,enjoying the morning and the intense activity that accompanied it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
In the center of all that movement and continuous hustle,two Pokemon treated to break through  the croewded streets of the city:a little Lillipup,with his ears perked up and moving continuously,listening the slightest sounds of the street,and his noise smelling all the diversas scents that mixed in the bustling street,pertaining to the different Pokemon that transited the avenue,and of the different fruits and other goods that were exposed in the stalls
that occupied the sides of the street. At his side advanced,with step nervous but constant,that  he alternated ocasionally with fast and short jumps,shortly after suffering some stumble,as the claws of the little bird weren´t prepared for that kind of movement. In fact,it was a locomotion method rather inusual for a bird,or for any Flying Type,specially in that situation,as the most logical option would been to fly over the roofs and the crowd of the long avenue,exactly as many of these chose to do,while the Spearow aparently preferred to have his claws in solid land,although that supposed to have to maneuver in the suffocating cloud of passers that occupied the avenue. As they walked through the crowded avenue,the Lillipup,Morse,looked curiously at the sides of the street,where the stralls and other establishments,noticing that the quantity of goods exposed at that improvised shops was notoriously less than the other days,and the cause of that shortage could be found in the sky,as the habitualy clear blue sky was being covered,slowly but constantly,by dark clouds that menaced with drop their charge over the bustling city. Morse understood the caution of the traders that guarded their goods,as he though that everyone sane would try to protect the exotic and valious products that were sold in Andalusst of anything that could perjudicar the mercancía that was its main fuente de sustento. However,he found that the sky over Andalusst in that morning,with the beautiful contraste that formed the tonalidades of gray and other dark colours of the clouds that hovered over the city in plena reconstrucción. frente a the big and alargada streak of clear blue sky that se abría paso across the cover of clouds,bringing light and calidez to the morning in the city,was a sight worth of being portrayed.

The duo continued walking untiringly through the long street,the two Pokemon couldn´t help but felt surprised ante the fast and busy rythm that the transit and other activities in the city always mantained,and it was even more surprising taking into account the recent events that had shaked the city. It was almost impossible to believe that,only a few days ago,Andalusst was under the attack of a giant golem,that suddenly woke up in the city and,for unknown reasons,began to destroy its surroundings and to attack innocent citiziens. Fortunately,the collaboration of the three guilds of Andalusst acheved in leading it away of the city and to calming it down,and now,it worked to reconstruct the city and coexisted peacefully with the rest of habitants of the city. And Morse and Lancelot were two of the Pokemon that helped to stop the golem,and they earned a place in the Explorers Guild by doing that selfless action: that was the main reason of their long walk across the city,as they wanted to see by themselves the general quarter of the guild that they joined. And it seemed that they have just arrived to it. They have just stopped in front of a building of a considerable size,but without any ornaments or decorative elements that would make the Explorers Guild Hall a llamative building. However,the entry en forma de arco and the doors abiertas de par en par,that gave the building of the Explorers a very reconfortante and welcoming appearance,as it seemed to invite to enter to anyone that wanted to,independientemente of them forming part of the guild or not. That specially reconfortaba Morse and Lancelot,as they weren't native to Andalusst,and finding a place that seemed to be so open and welcoming was a relief for the two,as finding a place so homely helped  them to feel less stranger to a big and bustling city like Andalusst.

They stayed momentarily in front of the building,seeing the traffic of Pokemon of the more diverse species,shapes and sizes that entered and left constantly the general quarter of the Explorers. Although the traffic of Pokemon that entered or left the buiding continously was considerably minor than the traffic of Pokemon that walked by the street,it wasn't a negligible number,specially when compared to the inmense quantity of Pokemon that walked across the street. As Morse and Lancelot were to enter inside the builiding,Lancelot began to smooth and to groom the feathers of his right wing,and successively,began to repeat the same action in the left wing,doing that in both wings alternatively. The strange action was a nervous habit of Lancelot,and a funny view since the point of view of Morse,as Lancelot aamoothed and touched so carefully each wing,as he feared that his wings would fall out of his body. Although that habit was really funny for Morse,the smile that was outlining in his his face disappeared brusquely when he saw the scar that left without feathers a little part of his left wing, appearently a insignificant detail,that was the cause of all the flight problems that Lancelot had since he hurt his wing accidentaly a an early age,and that had impedido Lancelot to desenvelop all his flight capacities,and now,incluso when he was supposed to had desenveloped all his flight capacities,he still had serious problems to fly properly:he couldn´t fly at high altitudes,nor during a prolonged time,as trying to fly at high altitudes or during many time caused him pain in the left wing,and tired him greatly,until the point of the most complete exhaustion. Morse,por su parte,cursed,and at the same time,thanked the  that scar,the last not without remorse,as although it caused a lot of hard times to Lancelot,if it wouldn´t be for that scar,they wouldn´t never met.

“Calm down,Lancelot.” Morse says to his partner,in a reassuring voice,trying to dissipate the fear of nervous thoughs that could be rounding the mind of the Spearow. “We are now part of this guild. Those are our partners,and I have the feeling that the Hall is going to be like our second home. There is no reason to be scared.” Morse continued,as he tried to calm down his partner,pointing first to the continuous traffic of Pokemon that entered and left the Hall,and after to the building in front of them. The reaction of Lancelot was,first an startled jump that interrupted his grooming,and after that,he looked rather nervously to his partner,before nodding to show agreement to his partner.

Lancelot,somewhat more relaxed than before,began to advance,with dubitativo paso to the open entrance of the Hall,and his partner  joined him in his walk towards the entrance of the building,but before entering in the Explorers Guild Hall,the svelte figure of a Servine that,brief moments before,was leaning relaxedly against one of the walls nearby to the
Hall entrance,walked towards them at fast paso,and greeted them with a nod. Although the Servine seemed friendly and posibly was one of the members of the Explorers,the red glow that gave off her eyes,shadowed by her hat,resulted somewhat disturbing for Morse and Lancelot. However,they waited still while the Servine came closer to them,as they considered that was an opportunity to meet new people,and to familiarize with the city and its habitants,as,having arrived only a few days before the attack of the giant,they didn't know   the major part of the city.
The Servine that had come closer to the two now seemed to grow a little wary of Morse and Lancelot,just as the Lillipup and the Spearow began to feel about the strange Servine,that looked at them  with her ruby eyes.

"Hey... New, are you?" The tone of the voice of the Servine sounded kind to the ars of Morse and Lancelot,but as cautious as her actitude towards them at that moment. "Hmm, stupid question. 'Course you are, I saw you sign in. Admittedly I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so how about exchanging names to start things off? You first."
Seeing that the Servine simply seemed interested in them,although the reasons of her interest escaped them,and assuming that the Servine was one of the members of the Explorers,Morse let his mistrust over the Servine to fade. Lancelot,on his behalf,continued a bit tense,but he didn't seem to suspect of the Servine nor be particularly hostil towards her,as the little bird  looked at her,with his head tilded to a side,a gesture that in him denoted curiosity.
“Well,my name is Morse.” He said politely to the Servine,before pointing with a gesto of his head to Lancelot. “And he is my partner,Lancelot.” When his was mentioned,he inclined his head as a  greeting. Lancelot seemed to had abandoned his supicions and wariness towards the Explorer Servine,and at that moment,he seemed as curious as his partner about the Servine that so suddenly had apptoached them,and the feeling seemed to be reciprocal,as the tone of the Servine when she answered sounded more relaxed than the last time she spoke.
"Ahh, that's great. Yeah, when you said your name just then, it had that... that "zing". It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. I'm what you'd call a Guild Assistant, which makes me your Serperior."

The ears of Morse perked up to show his surprise when Teresa mentioned her rango within the guild,as he didn´t expect to meet someone of the superior members of the guild so soon,tan sólo at the next day of their official registration as members of the guild. At the time,seeing himself in front of a superior,Lancelot took the iniative talk:
”Nice to meet you,miss Teresa,its an  pleasure to serve in this guild with you.”  
He said as he bowed his head,and,after saying that,closed his beak with brusqueness,as he used to do. Although Teresa seemed to be surprised by this display of respect and politeness,Morse wasn´t surprised eat all,as he knew that,despite the silent actitude of his partner and his habit of speak only when he had something to say,Lancelot was able to be an a excelent speaker,if he wanted to be. However,that display of respect seemed to be quite amusing at the eyes of the Servine,as she began to giggle.
"You know, you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes."

After Teresa made that reassuring affirmation,Morse and Lancelot felt more relaxed with her presence,as they felt like the weight of the mannerisms and protocol that its supposed to maintain in front of a superior leave their shoulders. They thanked greatly the friendly actitude  that she expressed towards them,and the next gesture of Teresa,extending one of the long vines that,until that moment,she kept hidden, as a handshake only increased that feeling of camarederie and familiariity that seemed to be characteristic of the Explorers Guild,at which Morse responded rather timidly,still somewhat intimidated by the presence of the Servine,extending one of his paws and shaking the vine of the Servine with nervous air,after what she withdrawed her vine to its original position. Then,Teresa seemed to find the perfect topic to restart the conversation:
"So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or...?"

With that question,Teresa seemed to catch the attention of Morse,as him se apresuró to answer,that time with more enthusiasm than before:
“Yes,yes!We are outsiders of the town:in fact,we arrived to Andalusst just a few days before the attack of the statue,from a little village located at the...the...” At contrast with the enthusiasm that he had showed moments ago,at that moment he began tohesitate,visibly doubtful,as his  partner seemed to be unable to help him. “At the north of here,I think.” He finally said. “It is very difficult to inside the fog,so we can't give you a proper answer.” He said,before answering to the other question that the Servine posed him. “As for what purpose bring us to this bustling city... Its probable that you have heard many times before:we found Andalusst by chance. We didn't know  that it existed. Before finding this city,we were traveling across the lands of the north,when we got trapped in the fog,and wandered until we avistamos the beacon of light that guided us to Andalusst.” He said,finishing his tale,while Lancelot nodded vigoroously,with the intention of reaffirming the veracidad of the story told by Morse,and the answer of Teresa arrived fastly.
"Cool, cool... Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I didn't get a chance to check your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly."

Morse answered quickly,smiling slightly while he did so. He didn't smile only by the mixture of joy and pride that it produced the mention of the name of his team,sino también by the simple joy of maintaining a pointless conversation with someone. Although Morse loved to talk with other Pokémon,he hadn't the opportunity of talking with many of the habitants of Andalusst,so he thanked the attention that Teresa was giving them. Lancelot,although that didn't take part with  frequency in the conversation,felt much more comfortable with the  company of the Servine that he was been moments ago,and followed closely the conversation.
“The name of our team is:”Cardinal Winds”We chosed that name after arriving to Andalusst. We find it quite appropiate for an  Explorer team.” After saying the name of their team,Teresa smiled
alegremente,although it was difficult to discern her opinion about the name of their team.  
"There's that "zing" again. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party." Morse and Lancelot nodded to show their agreement with her last affirmation.  
"Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious..."

After that question,the ears of Morse moved nervously in all directions  as he medited the answer that he was going to give. He considered that topic as a very essential question that deserved a proper reflexion before answer. However,Morse didn't use much time in thinking his answer before answering the question that posed the Servine. “Since I can remember,I have shown a big curiosity by the world that surrounded me: I always wanted to know more about how the world worked and continued alive. I know that,with that preferences,the Researchers could seem the most appropiate guild for me to join,but I always thought that the best form to study the world its to explore it,to discover new places,and new frontiers... Being at the first line,for saying it some way. Also I always wanted to travel and see the world,and the thought of being able to do that at the time I help other Pokemon making their lives better. I think it makes this guild perfect for me.” In the moment that Morse finished to exponer his motives to join the Explorers,Lancelot decided to explain his own motivations himself,advancing a step forward as he opened his beak to express the causes that had conducted him to joining the Explorers:
“My main motivee for joining the Explorers,is that I think that the Explorers Guild and myself have a similar ideology and a moral code,arriving to coincide at some points.” He began,pausing during a brief moment to take air,before continuing talking: “I simply can't stand to see any good Pokemon suffering by any motive,and less when its another who is causing that suffering. I have that wish,of being able of helping anothers in need. Also,I have a curiosity for another cultures and ideologies,and,as Morse,I always wanted to travel and see the world. Because              
that,I think that this is the guild that best suits me.” With that phrase,Lancelot finished his explanation,but as he opened the beak to add something more,Teresa se hastened to speak again:
"...Because ultimately, the people come first, yeah? There's lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!"

Morse and Lancelot guarded silence as Teresa seemed to be suddenly lost in her thoughts,swaying her tail from side to side,before formulate her next quetion,this time with a hint of prepotency:
"N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think."

Morse tilted his head with curiosity as he observed,not without being a bit confused,the slight change of actitude of the Servine. Ante the slight surprise of Morse,Lancelot decided to answer Teresa first,not without a glimpse of irritation in his voice,caused by the sudden vanity of the Servine: “Well,I haven't the best flight,but in the distances that I am able to go over without stopping for recovering,I am very fast. I am very good in the flight of short distances. I am able to feel slight changes in the direction and strength of the wind,too. But,above all,I believe that I can say that I am brave,and I think that its my best talent,if it can be said that way.”  As he finished speaking,Lancelot stepped back and did a gesture with the head to his partner,encouraging silently his partner to speak,thing that he did when he noticed the gesture:
“I suppose I can say that my curiosity is the best talent that I own. My curiosity have always helped me in many situations,to learn more and to continue always forward. At least I can say that it never got me into any dangerous situation...” Before he could continue speaking,Morse was cut by Teresa,that began to speak hurriedly,as she had realized of something extraordinary and couldn't wait to share her discovery with them.
"I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got. 'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh, well you get what you give, or something. Whatever, it's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come to see me if you need any help."

Lancelot tilted his head compassionately when Teresa began to fumble with her words,  knowing very well how it that feel,specially when you were talking to strangers,as it was very embarrasing. As Teresa despedía them with that encouraging and friendly words,Lancelot and Morse thanked her by her company,and Lancelot did again a bow with his head. It seemed that it wasn't going to be any way to make Lancelot to stop doing his signals of respect in front of their superiors,despite the words of the Servine. They observed the Servine go away during a moment before continuing their own way,as Morse comented his partner:
“I am glad that we can be part of this Guild. Everyone here seems so friendly and approachable... And we have the opportunity to do what we like more.”
“Yes,that is true.” Lancelot sighed as mode of answer to his partner. “I have no doubt that,if we stay into this guild,we will have many surprises.” Due to the neutral tone of the Lancelot while he was saying that words,it was impossible to discern if he see that as positive or negative,so his partner only could nod in agreement as they continued their way to the Explorers Guild.
This is my team for the PMD-U group.They are explorers.

Mission Log:
Mission 1:The Attack of the Giant:link


Nature:Mild/Highly Curious
Ice Fang:Morse bites his opponent with his teeth covered with ice.
Dig:Morse digs and gets quickly underground,he uses this movement to get closer or farther of his opponents,or for do a surprise attack,He also uses for recover buried objects.
Bite:A fast bite to his opponent,is weaker than Ice Fang.
Protect:Morse creates a barrier around him to protect himself of the attacks.He also can surround his partners with the barrier,but it tires Morse faster.

Strenght:The strenght it isn't the strong point of Morse,he isn't very strong due to his small size.Morse,is,although very resistant and he doesn't tires he can resist a long time in battle,or doing a physic effort. This is due mainly to had passed part of his life exploring the north lands walking.
Agility:Morse it isn't very fast and he can't run at very high speeds,but he is very agile and have good reflex,what is useful to him to avoid attacks.His reflex are due to the sensitive fur of his face,that allow him to sense little movements.
Intelligence:Very curious by nature,his constant desire of learning and discover more things had did that Morse have knowledge of some things about the nature and the environment,like the Pokémon species that live in different zones.He also learn very fast.
Charisma:With his kind and gentle acctitude,Morse usually get along with almost all he meet.

History:Morse hatched in an extensive and exuberant plains fulled with grass,plants,lakes of pure water and 
fertile land where the most important commercial activity was the agriculture,in a little village were his parents,retired explorers(independents of the Explorers Guild of Andalusst)went to raise Morse.
As Morse grew in the little village,his curiosity about the world and the mechanical things grew with him,and 
was something that allowed him to learn many things. He usually walked and explored around the village,and was on one of his walkings when he found Lancelot,hurt in a wing because he tried to fly of his nest without being ready.Morse brought him to his village to he could be healed,and since that moment they became very good friends. Morse decided some years after leave his village to see the world and discover and learn new things,and Lancelot went with him.They explored a part of the north lands meeeting many Pokémon there, and after that Morse and Lancelot became curious about what was at the south and travelled in a ship built by them,that was one of their dreams. They eventually left the ship in a coast and finished arriving to the city of Andalusst.
Personality:Very curious about the things that surround him,intelligent,kind and gentle. Morse has an innate curiosity by almost everything that surrounds him,specially by the mechanical things and the nature.The curiosity of Morse had brought him to learn many things and to be able to learn very fast.The other big interest of Morse is almost everything that works with mechannical parts,being able to learn very fast how work that things. Morse is very kind and gentle,and his wish of be able to help others and doing the correct rivals with his curiosity and his wish to learn and discover new things,and in fact,he'll happily share what he know with others. 
His ability Pick Up adress him to found strange things very often,that he'll collect or try to found his owner.

Nature: Brave/Likes to fight

Peck:Lancelot gets near of his opponent and hits with his strong beak.It uses it to try to break hard things.
Fury Attack:Lancelot hits his opponent with a fast scuccesion of pecks. Its usually used after Aerial Ace.
Aerial Ace:Lancelot flies high and after swoops down to hit his opponent.He usually uses it at the start of the battles for get close to his opponent,but it tires him,so he usually only use it one or two times for battle.This move always hits its target.
Tailwind:A move very useful for Lancelot,due to his little resistance in flight.It creates an airstream that adress Lancelot to fly higher,faster and during more time,although is difficult to him to keep the airstream for a long time.

Strenght: Lancelot isn't physically strong,as he concentrates more in his agilty on movements,and base his battle strategy in the number of hits and his agility to compensate that.
Agility: Lancelot it isn't all the agile that can be expected of him,being a bird.That is due to a wound in the reverse of the wing that doesn't allow him to fly properly,so he have less resistance in flight and acrobatic 
capacity than other birds. Despite that,he is very agile in ground.
Intelligence: Despite his practical mind,Lancelot is more clever that he appears and he can understand very fast explications and differents situations,and knows how to react.He isn't a deep thinker,but he has his moments.
Charisma: By his serious and silencious behavior,Lancelot doesn't seems very friendly,and his habit of only talk when he has something to say doesn't help him much.Although,that appearance will disappear if others talk to him,as he actually likes the company of others.

History:Lancelot was born in the same big plains that Morse was raised,but unlike him,he didn't live in the village,he lived in a nest in a big tree near of the village where Morse lived.Although they never met in a long time.Lancelot was the youngest of his family and had three big brothers.Despite being the youngest,Lancelot soon highlighted as the bravest of the four,and he began to transmit this to his brothers.
That served them when they flew by first time,and following the tradition of the family,they left their nest to look for a new home.After the last brother that remained in the nest left their home,Lancelot was so impatient that jumped of his nest when his parents were out without being prepared,crashing with the floor and being hurt in a wing.Lancelot thought that nobody is going to notice that he was there before being rescued by Morse.Since that moment they became very good friends and Lancelot accompanied Morse on his journeys,as he also has curiosity about the world,arriving to Andalusst with him.

Personality:Lancelot is brave,loyal and impulsive.He accompanied Morse when he left his village,because he was curious too about the outside world,specifically about the differents cultures and ways of thinking of others.He has a very strong ideals and is very attached to his own way of thinking,but that doesn't mean that he isn't open to new ideas,because that he respects other Pokémon that have strong ideals.He wants to help good Pokémon. He also have a strong sense of justice that brings him to want to stop the Pokémon
that are cruel with others or steal for their own benefit.
Lancelot have a kind of sixth sense that adress him to know the strenght,temperathure and direction of the winds with just move his feathers.Lancelot a cicatrized wound in the reverse of his wing,that doesn't adress him to fly properly. He is very annoyed by that,and he is working with Morse to overcome it,although yet resent of his wound in the long flights.

Old App:link

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.
My characters belong to me.
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Cap3 : ¡No puedes deshacerte de mi!

Aquel manto negro de la noche, aun recaía en los hombros de [Tn] y Ray, junto con la tenue luz de una luna llena que ocupaba e iluminaba aquella oscura velada..sin compañía de estrellas que la ayuden, [Tn] era cargada en las espaldas del joven Ray, cruzando la desolada calle para llegar a la casa del joven, el chico caminaba con tranquilidad y una feliz sonrisa, mientras que la chica iba reposada en su espalda, abrazándolo por el cuello, y con su cabeza acostada en el hombro de su amigo cerraba sus ojos con delicadeza, el cansancio y el sueño le habían ganado..pero aun así las facciones calmas y bellas de [Tn] se transformaron en miedo fruncía su ceño con rudeza, sus ojos titubeaban si abrirse o no, sus cejas se alzaban sobre su frente con preocupación, su nariz la arrugaba con fuerza..y sus labios temblaban junto con sus dientes que funcionaban como castañuelas, por las heladas brisas del otoño..todo era paz y tranquilidad para el joven, pero para la

Sentía claramente un mirada sobre ella, no podía ser su imaginación ni una alucinación..sabia muy bien que la observaban desde algún punto alto, entre las sombras de la noche unos ojos que la veían con recelo y malicia, se asomaban por los alrededores asustando a [Tn], que empezó a abrazar con mas fuerza al joven que la llevaba, sabia que no lo mal
pensaba ni, sabia con claridad que el quien la admiraba desde la alejanía con seguro una sonrisa que perseveraba de perversidad y enojo....era Jeff.

La caminata fue corta para el joven, pero una eternidad para la joven..que empezaba a despegar el rostro del hombro de su amigo, separo uno de sus brazos para frotar sus ojos y ver con claridad la entrada de Ray, quien buscaba sus llaves, era una bella casa a las afueras, parecida a la suya un tejado negro con dos pirámides, unas ventanas en la zona superior, se notaba que tenia dos pisos, unos ventanales en la planta baja con las cortinas de seda blancas que impedían ver el interior, habían pasado por una pequeña cerca de madera antes de pisar el jardín delantero, delante de estos había una gran puerta de caoba negra, la casa era como una dicha mansión solo que un poco mas pequeña, el joven se encorvo un poco mientras tomaba las lleves de sus bolsillos para que su amiga no se cayera, este abrió la puerta, todo estaba a oscuras, cerro la puerta detrás de estos, y se prendieron las luces automáticamente una sala muy acogedora por lo que se veía a la vista de la joven, paredes blancas y limpias, techo negro, piso de madera, desde la entrada se veían las escaleras aun lado pegadas a la pared a su costado estaba un sofá café oscuro pegado a la pared, delante de este un plasma enorme, una alfombra en medio blanca de peluche, y mas allá se veía la cocina que se encontraba juntada a la sala a la vista de todos.

Narras vos:
Raymon con un rápido movimiento, del que ni yo me capte me volvió a coger en brazos quitándome de su espalda, y me llevo hasta el sofá recostándome lentamente, luego de eso se encamino al baño que estaba antes de llegar a la cocina, yo me quede viendo todo el lugar como una boba, hasta que mi vista fue a una mesita de luz que se hallaba al lado del sofá, gatee sobre este y vi en la mesadita unas fotos de la familia de Ray con el, una lampara de vidrio, unas hojas que tome.

Siempre era así de curiosa, no importa cuantas veces me digan no toque, no vallas, no hagas esto y esto o no mires siempre hacia lo opuesto era demasiado curiosa, empecé a leerlos detenidamente y vi que era tarea de..¡¿la universidad?! cierto me había olvidado que Ray es mas grande que yo, obvio que estaría en la universidad ¿cuantos años tendrá ahora?leí un poco mas y vi que se trataban de medicina, cuidados sobre el cuerpo humano..etc..así que Raymon quiere ser doctor?escuche a Ray acercarse y rápidamente deje los papeles en su lugar y me volví a acomodar como me dejo, vi que venía con un botiquín de auxilios se sentó junto a mi, yo estaba estirada sobre el sofá, no podía arrodillarme ni nada por mi tobillo torcido.

- Ven [Tn]..traje un poco de hielo para que no se inflame tu tobillo, te lo atare con unas vendas..¿esta bien? - se acerco mas a mi, yo me sonroje por ello, el me miraba a los ojos..sacudí un poco mi cabeza y asentí, en el momento que veía a Ray poner una pequeña bolsa con hielo en mi tobillo y la rodeaba con vendajes en el, me estremecí al sentir el frío, pero después me calme y deje que terminara.. - Caíste muy mal, no?..sigues siendo distraída [Tn] jeje - se burlo un poco riendo por lo bajo.

- ¡Cla-claro que no, Raymon! - me queje, e hice pucheros sin darme cuenta, Ray me vio después de terminar con el vendaje y acerco su palma a mi mejilla, la cual empezó a sobresalte y me sonroje aun mas.

- Si lo eres y también sigues actuando como una niña jeje, aunque debo admitir que cambiaste de alguna forma tu personalidad y te convertiste en toda una chica, eres hermosa [Tn] - recito con dulzura y cariño en su voz, fue tanto mi impacto que mis mejillas me ardían de lo rojas que estaban, provocando que el se ríe, aparte su mano y dije.

- Gra-gracias?...ahhgg he cambiado Ray, ya no soy esa niña pequeña que se asusta de todo y que necesita que la protejan - rezongue cruzándome de brazos, admito que aun tenia ciertos hábitos infantiles pero así era yo.

- Ah?..¿enserio?..pues lo siento, pero para mi siempre seras mi hermanita cual siempre cuidare ante todo - arremato diciéndome, mientras volvía su atención al botiquín, corrí mi cara no quería que me viera así, intente calmarme mi corazón me golpeaba el pecho muy fuerte.

- ¡N-n-no necesitas hacerlo..ya he crecido! - le replique nerviosa y a la vez molesta, el no me respondió solo arqueo una ceja y sonrió, después me tomo del brazo despacio, he paso por este un algodón ya húmedo por alcohol, empecé a quedarme un poco ardía pero me las aguante como pude, hizo lo mismo con el otro, saco unas 6 curitas y me puso dos en un brazo y cuatro en el otro, dependiendo donde tuviera las cortadas, vi como su vista se clavo en mis desnudas piernas, me sonroje Ray miraba minuciosamente mis moretones que era solo unos 2 o 3 nada grave, dejo mis piernas para verme a la veía un poco nervioso y yo lo miraba confundida, hasta que hablo.

- [Tn]......¿tienes heridas debajo de tu camiseta..verdad? - me dijo algo serio pero a la vez nervioso, yo me quede en silencio mientras asimilaba lo que acabo de decir, cuando lo comprendí me sobre salte y me sonroje otra vez.

- ¡¿Q-q-qué?!...pu-pues...s-si, ¡p-pero! son nada graves, estaré bien - conteste mas nerviosa que el, forzando una sonrisa fingida, Raymon me vio algo serio y con cara de incrédulo..el sabia cuando mentía.

Raymon suspiro y me dijo - Si las tienes...a mi no me engañas - acabo de decir, me puso nerviosa y el lo notó - Tranquila [Tn] solo quiero curarte, ¿me dejarías? puedes confiar en mi, nunca te haría algo que no quisieras te lo prometo - termino de decirme, con esa sonrisa tan sincera y esos ojos verdes, que demostraban preocupación y cariño me sonroje, y pensé por un momento.

No quería que preguntara que me paso, no sabría que decirle...¡Estúpida! ¡¿que mierda haces?! ¡Deberías decirle, que hay un enfermo en tu casa, que casi te viola y te mata!..¡Dilo! ordeno mi mente, pero algo en mi decía que no debía, sentí miedo de que Jeff llegara a lastimar a Raymon por mi culpa, por abrir la boca..unas palabras resonaron como eco en mi mente"No pienso matarte, claro mientras te comportes"osea que si hacia algo indebido para el, me matarí puedo decirle nada a Raymon por su diré nada de esto, no a él derepente otro recuerdo apareció en mi cabeza, cuando me besaba con Jeff, me sonroje el solo recordarlo y mi corazón se acelero mas que con bien recuerdo le seguí el beso, no debí hacerlo..¡Idiota!..y ¡¿por que carajos se alza conmigo?!. Seguro hay pendejas mucho mejores que yo, mas buenas y todo, yo solo soy delgada, una ojos raros, cabellera larga, y bueno tengo pecho, tampoco diré que soy plana ¡Ja!, pero si es por eso..¡¿por que no mejor se va a revolcar con prostitutas?!..aunque...¡¿como rayos sabe mi nombre?!. Bien, eran muchas preguntas..que sabia que no tendrían respuestas mas que preguntandocelo cara a cara..pero no era momento, la verdad ahora lo menos que quería era volver a verlo volví de mis pensamientos y le dije a Ray.

- E-esta bien Ray ¡Pero! ¡Júrame que no preguntaras que me paso! - le suplique y ordene, con el ceño fruncido, no quería meter a Raymon en mis problemas menos a el, el me vio sorprendido y algo asustado, seguramente temía que fuera grave, pero no mas el asintió, yo suspire aliviada sabia que me cumpliría, el es muy confiable y nunca me falló, voltee para darle mi espalda, me estremecí al sentir sus manos subiendo mi camiseta, cerré con fuerza mis ojos esperando no oír un grito de terror o algo así..sentí el frío aire recorrer mi espalda, y también como los vendajes cubiertos de sangre se retiraban pasando también por mi abdomen que eleve mis brazos para que la tuviera mas fácil, cuando sentí el frío fresco de la casa abrazar mi desnuda espalda, se me erizaron todos los pelos de mi cuerpo, estaba nerviosa y sentía miedo también por el estado de mi espalda un silencio sepulcral reino en la sala, nadie dijo nada, apenas nuestras respiraciones eran audibles hasta que sentí un tremendo ardor recorrer mi espalda, y pasar sobre todo por las heridas, era Ray que pasaba alcohol y pervinox sobre mi espalda..repasaba mas de tres capaz con los líquidos, temí que hubiera visto algo mal, por el hecho de que me repasaba muy en las marcas, hasta sentir como delineo una..llegue a pensar que algo estaba escrito, una "M" sentí en el comienzo de la pasada con el algodón, me estremecí Ray continuo por unos minutos mas y esta vez de ponerme vendajes
sugirió que seria mejor ponerme gazas, y eso fue lo que hizo las coloco en fila y las encinto..suspire aliviada..el saber que Raymon no se halla alarmado por nada, significa que tal vez no fue nada.

- Ya termine [Tn]...¿tienes otra herida mas? - dijo con seriedad sin ninguna emoción, me angustie un poco por ello..hasta que recordé el corte sobre mi vientre.

- S-si..¿me podrías pasar una bandita, por favor? - le dije, esperando oír respuesta de su parte, la que nunca llego y solo vi su mano con la curita en esta, la tome y me subí un poco la playera, la pegue cerca de mi ombligo y ya terminamos me voltee para ver a Ray, ya no sentía tanto dolor en mi espalda le sonreí ampliamente feliz, el solo mantuvo su mirada me importo mucho y me acerque y lo abrase fuertemente en el momento que le susurre en el oído - Te lo agradezco Ray - apenas sus manos se posaron en mi cintura, devolviendome el abrazo de forma desganada y apagada fue cuando me preocupe, me separe de el tome su rostro entre mis manos para que me viera a la cara, me lanzo una mirada seria y apagada - ¿que sucede? - le dije con miedo y preocupación.

- N-nada, estoy feliz de que estés bien - dijo en forma de susurro, con una sonrisa apagada..antes de que pudiera decirle algo mas, el me abrazo con fuerza..pegando mis manos contra su pecho, quede inmóvil..Ray tomaba mi cabeza haciendo que me apoyara contra su pecho, mientras me rodeaba la espalda con su brazo libre - [Tn]..... te quiero mucho, siempre voy a estar contigo - volvió a decirme susurrándome, pero esta vez pude notar cierto miedo y preocupación en su voz..algo lo puso nervioso¿pero que?¿sera por que vio algo malo en las heridas de mi espalda? me acalle, no quise hacer mas preguntas por hoy estaba cansada y mucho que sin darme cuenta caí en las garras del sueño, en los brazos de Raymon.


- ¡¡¡[Tn]!!!...¡¡¡[Tn]!!! ¡Ven! - gritaba con fuerza, desesperado..aquel niño de cabellera castaña e orbes verdes esmeraldas...Liu.

Corrí por las calles hasta el asustada, gritándole "¡Ya voy Liu!" ..Liu estaba llorando, se le notaba en sus mejillas la humedad de sus lagrimas..pero ¿por que Liu lloraba?, vi que se encontraba en la parada del auto bus para ir al colegio..yo llegaba tarde, me había quedado dormida, y cuando me encaminaba, me halle a Liu gritando por mi, a que viniera rápido..y eso hice, había un gran roble al lado de la parada al final de la calle, vi como Liu fue hasta allí y se agachaba mirando algo por detrás del roble, desde mi posición no veía nada solo el gran árbol y a Liu..¡¿Hablando?! algo paso, ¿alguien estará allí?, mi respiración resultaba agitaba y mi corazón latía como loco, comencé a trotar al ya estar a unos pasos de Liu quien se levanto y fue hacia mi, mirándome con tristeza y miedo, yo pare delante de é dijo nada solo se quedo allí viéndome..las palabras no parecían salir de su garganta, me angustie por encamine detrás del árbol, Liu me seguía hasta que mis ojos se cristalizaron y cubrí mi boca con mis manos para ahogar un grito de terror, y mis orbes rompieron en llanto, allí estaba...

- ¡¡¡Jeff!!! - grite asustada, me arroje a la acera para verlo de frente, Jeff era quien estaba detrás del roble y por quien Liu aterre al verlo, sus ropas estaban todas sucias y rotas, vi varios rasguños en sus brazos..y su jeans roto en la zona de su rodilla izquierda, dejando ver un gran raspón y el como sangraba, Jeff miraba al suelo, yo lo llamaba y nada, entonces lo tome del rostro con delicadeza para que me viera a los ojos, parecía medio adormecido..pero despertó en el instante que me vio verlo a los ojos mientras lo tomaba de las mejillas, llore alterada y muy preocupada vi como le sangraba el labio inferior, y había un moretón en su ojo derecho que lo obligaba a entre cerrarlo, y una cortada en la zona baja de su rostro muy cerca de su cuello, Jeff me sonrió débilmente, empecé a acariciar sus mejillas mientras rompía en llanto..oí como Liu sollozaba asustado a mis espaldas.

- Jeff..q-quien..¿quien te hizo esto? - logre decir, con un hilo de voz entre el incesante llanto, Jeff no me respondió solo se me quedo viendo, no comprendía lo que expresaban sus ojos en ese momento, lo mire fijamente esperando ver alguna respuesta o entenderlo..pero nada, voltee a ver a Liu para que me dijera, el me vio a los ojos entre sus lagrimas.

- Fu-fueron...randy...y los otros - confeso Liu cabizbajo.

- ¡¡CÁLLATE LIU!! - grito con enojo Jeff, me asusto por un momento, volví mi vista a el y le dije.

- ..¿por que?....¡¡¿Por Qué Jeff?!! ves el daño que te hacen esos ves como nos lastimas a mi y a Liu, ¡Nos Duele Verte Así! - grite entre el llanto, con angustia y tristeza,Jeff volvió a verme sorprendido por lo que dije un silencio reino, hasta que oí unas carcajadas de burlas, de los animales que dañaron a Jeff, en la otra cuadra viéndonos, me levante rápidamente - ¡¡¡¡Yo No Lo Tolerare..Prefiero Que Sea A Mi A Quien Golpeen En Lugar De Ustedes!!!! - grite furiosa, y corrí hasta ellos, sin esperar respuesta de ninguno de mis primos.

Randy se reía a carcajadas, burlándose de Jeff, mientras sus acompañantes le seguí me vio venir y me abalance sobre el primero, ambos caímos al suelo me senté sobre el, mientras este me veía sorprendido hasta que le arremendí una trompada en el rostro, una tras sentía control por mi misma no sabia lo que hacia, pero no me detendría por nada del mundo, lo cachetee repetidas veces, hasta que vi como le empezó a salir sangre del labio y la nariz, perdí el control de lo que hacia y lo que iba a hacer en ese momento, lo deje débil y pose mis manos sobre su cuello con la intención de estrujarlo, pero me detuvieron sus seguidores, uno me tomo del brazo jalandome hacia el, llevo mis brazos hacia atrás me había tomado de espaldas,¡Me atraparon!, vi como Randy empezaba a recuperarse, este se levanto rengo sobándose la sangre de su rostro clavo su vista en mi con la intención de intimidarme, pero yo se la arremate con furia e ira en mis ojos, este se acerco a donde me tenían a su merced.

- ¡¡¿¿Que mierda te crees perra al golpearme??!!..Acaso el maricón de Woods, no puede librar sus propias peleas que te envió a ti, preciosa - dijo al principio con furia en su voz, que después se torno en una mas sensual, mientras había enredado uno de sus dedos en las puntos de mi cabello, me vio fijamente con una sonrisa, yo lo vi asqueada.

- ¡No Hables Así De Jeff, Y No Me Toques! - le conteste con rabia y enojo, en el momento que le escupía directo en el ojo, Randy maldicio se refregó el ojo con fuerza y para cuando volvió a mirarme fue con ira, alzo su mano y me dio una fuerte cachetada que termino lanzándome al suelo, apenas si logre gemir del dolor tirada en el suelo, me toque la mejilla sabia que estaba roja y me empezó a arder, su séquito de seguidores me rodearon y Randy se puso en frente de mi, jure ver como en un momento estaba dispuesto a patearme, hasta que vi como alguien se le abalanzo encima me senté en la acera reposandome en mis codos me sorprendí al ver a Jeff sobre Randy, mirándolo con odio e ira.

- ¡¡¡¡¡¡HIJO DE PUTA, TE VAS A ARREPENTIR DE HABERLA GOLPEADO, PERRA DE MIERDA!!!!!! - grito colerico Jeff, comenzo a golpearlo a piñas en el rostro, Randy lo empujo y se aparto para ponerse de pie, cuando volteeo recibio otra trompada por parte de Jeff, haciendo que este caíga..Jeff fue hasta el y empezó a patearle el estomago, la espalda, cada vez que intentaba levantarse Jeff volvía a golpearlo, hasta que llego un punto en el que mi primo ya no lo dejo ni descansar, y lo golpeaba brutal y salvajemente..Jeff lo tomo del cuello de su remera para levantarlo, fue cuando empezó a ahorcarlo y saco de su sudadera blanca un..¡¡¿¿¿Cuchillo???!! río como un desquiciado, y empezó a apuñalar a Randy repetidas veces, sacaba el filo de su pecho y volvía a enterarlo, haciendo que Randy se ahogara con su sangre, Jeff termino con este en el momento que le paso la cuchilla por el cuello y se lo corto, Randy calló muerto, y Jeff volteo a ver a los seguidores de Randy con una mirada
siniestra y furtiva, estos cagados del miedo quisieron escapar..pero Jeff fue mas rápido tomando una piedra e lanzandosela a uno de estos que callo del dolor, y por el otro Jeff se le subió encima, el pendejo cayó de pecho a tierra y Jeff estaba sobre el, empezó a enterrar su navaja en la nuca del muchacho y siguió abriéndole toda la columna, dejando ver sus huesos y carne el chico había pegado un grito desgarrados en el proceso, y Jeff solo seguí y se bañaba en su sangre..que al terminar con su columna vertebral lo había matado, todo a mi alrededor se torno oscuro, el día se había oscurecido toda la atmósfera se teñía en rojo sangre y resonaban con fuerza las carcajadas de Jeff, mi rostro fue salpicado con sangre al estar cerca del otro pendejo del cual Jeff termino atravesándole el cráneo con su cuchillo, los tiro en la calle y el ahí estaba riendo como un enfermo sobre los cadáveres de los chico que alguna vez lo molestaba empecé a llorar, no lo reconocía, Jeff fijo su vista en mi y yo aterrada grite.


- ¡¡¡JEEEEEEEEEEEFF!!! - grite con desespero, respiraba con dificultad y mi corazón latía desbocadamente, vi a mi alrededor..todo resulto ser un sueño, me encontraba en una habitación de paredes azules, con muebles, un escritorio, el closet sillones una pequeña televisión, unos ventanales a mis espaldas y una cama matrimonial en la que me hallaba sentada, dentro de sus sabanas y futones azules y blancos, cubrí mi boca entre mis manos, mis ojos grisáceos se cristalizaron de la impresión y el miedo, comencé a sollozar amargamente..lleve mis rodillas a mi pecho y las abracé empecé a llorar desconsoladoramente, todo lo que vi, fue un mal sueño una..¡Una Pesadilla!..todo había empezado como un recuerdo, lo recordaba bien como hubieron alguna vez unos niños en el barrio que nos molestaban y Jeff nos defendía a costa de su bienestar, salía siempre mal herido..pero todo cambio esta vez hubo un final retorcido y siniestro..¡Jeff no es capaz de eso! ¡¿Que mierda estoy pensando?! Liu y Jeff solo eran victimas de los maltratos de esos mal nacidos..mejor me olvido de esto, no fue nada normal para mi, estaba asustada e horrorizada..nunca lo pensé así y ni siquiera pude reconocer a Jeff en ese estado.

Abandone aquellos pensamientos, para empezar a ver la habitación en la que me encontraba, separe mis rodillas estirando las piernas, con la derecha aun el vendaje en el tobillo lleve mi mano izquierda a mi pecho, mi pulso seguía acelerado fue en ese entonces que vi la camiseta que llevaba, ¡No era la mía, llevaba una de chico! era bien larga funcionaba como un vestido, aquella playera celeste con un diseño un poco melancólico y decoroso deje salir una pequeña risa al ver que el diseño se trataba de las tortugas ninjas, me le quede viendo con una sonrisa risueña, me recordaba cuando lo salía ver por puro aburrimiento con mis primos, mi sonrisa se desvaneció me sobe las lagrimas que querían escapar de mis ojos, después me altere un poco..¿cu-¡¿cuando me puse esta camiseta?! n-no me digas que.

En ese instante alguien abre la puerta una puerta que se hallaba aun lado del closet, en la entrada se dejo ver ¡Raymon! sonroje levemente,e abrí mis ojos a mas no poder,estaba vestido con una camisa blanca con tres botones en el cuello desabrochados, un camperón de jeans con capucha,unos jeans de mezclilla azules junto con unas converse negras, como siempre con su cabellera castaña con reflejos rubios algo despeinada, y esos orbes verdes pálidos que aun me hipnotizaban, el me vio y me dedico una cálida sonrisa y se sentó en el borde de la cama yo parecía un gatito asustado ya que en el momento que se sentó me coji las piernas e apoye mi mentón en las rodillas.

- Buenos días [Tn]...¿paso algo?, juraria que te oí gritar - me dijo con una feliz sonrisa y algo preocupado, yo lo mire de arriba para abajo con el ceño frucído.

- Raymon...tu me cambiaste ¿verdad? - le conteste, ignorando su pregunta, con una mirada acusadora pero con cierto sonrojo en mis mejillas, el me vio sorprendido y después rió.

-, ¿por que? - dijo con naturalidad, acercandose a mi.

- ¡¿Como que.."por que"..?!, ¡idiota!..¡ya no soy una niña, para que me estés cambiando! - le recrimine, un poco enojada cruzándome de brazos y clavando mi vista en la pared.

- Jajajaja, ya, ya..Lo siento, no sabia que te molestarías, te la quite porque, la tenias embarrada de sangre y la puse a lavar, no te preocupes - volvió a decirme, con una divertida sonrisa, se sentó a mi lado y se me quedo viendo, poniéndome nerviosa.

- ¡Aun así!..eres un tonto jaja, encima...¿las tortugas ninja, enserio? - dije, mientras le enseñaba el diseño de la camiseta, arqueando una ceja con una sonrisa picara.

- P-pues..jeje, ¿que tiene de malo?..tu puedes actuar como una niñita, y ¿yo que? - recito divertido, al escuchar como me llamo le di un pequeño golpe en el hombro, y Ray solo se río de mi, al verme haciendo pucheros - Jajaja, okey, te espero abajo, vamos a desayudar algo - me dice con tal afecto que me pone roja, su simple actitud tan amable y cálida ahora recuerdo por que me enamore de el, Ray se levanto e antes de que se encaminara a la puerta, me revolvió mi cabello suavemente junto con una pequeña risa de su parte, le sonreí y después Ray desapareció por la puerta.

Me quede viendo el marco de la puerta abierta por un rato, sacudí mi cabeza y lleve mis manos a mis mejillas, estaban coloradas mierda seguro que por eso se río de mi, me pare lentamente de la cama, recordé lo de mi tobillo y camine despacio entre brinquitos hacia abajo, abandone su cuarto y un atrayente y delicioso aroma atrajo mi nariz, parecían ser hot cakes con dulce de leche, mi estomago rujió y apure un poco el paso, pasando por todo el pasillo hasta llegar al comienzo de las escaleras, me puse indecisa en si debía bajar o llamar a Ray para que me ayude..pero resultaba ser que mi orgullo era hablo primero, pero antes de que siquiera tocara el primer escalón unos brazos me sobre salte por ello pero al ver a Raymon me calme..ahora que lo asimilaba un poco el siempre fue mas alto que yo, pues obvio, me llevaba medio cuerpo cuando tenia 12 años pero ahora yo le llegaba hasta el cuello, me sorprendí al verlo otra vez, el me miro fijamente y sonrió divertido, sin despegar sus orbes verdes de los míos comenzó a bajar las escaleras.

- ¡O-oye!Raymón, vamos a terminar trolleados en el suelo¡Mira por donde vas! - le grite molesta y rodee su cuello con mis brazos, abrazándolo con fuerza, mientras yo era quien miraba por donde pisaba.

- Jajaja, tranquila [Tn]..ademas me quede a esperarte por que, no quería que terminaras cayendo de las escaleras otra vez - contesto con cierto aire de juego para el, si, aveces hasta Ray podía actuar como un niño.

- ¡JA!...tonto, ¿cuantos años tienes?..aveces tu eres el niñato - bufe, volviéndolo a ver mientras le sacaba la lengua.

- Ja Ja..muy chistosa, y tengo 21..Problem? - volvió a arrematar mis palabras, con la mirada ganadora de siempre, cuando llegamos a la sala no me soltó en ni un momento hasta que llegamos a la cocina y me sentó, al frente de una mesa de madera ovalada con los utensilios para desayudar unos platos, cubiertos, vasos una jarra de jugo de naranja por su lado vi unas tostadas y su mermelada favorita de fresa, junto con un café, y por mi lado me sirvió una montaña de hot cakes el zumo de naranja, y le echo encima el dulce de leche a mi torre, relamí mis labios tome los cubiertos, el se sentó en frente de mi, y yo ataque mi plato tenia mucha hambre.

Nos encontrábamos en medio del desayuno tranquilos, ojee el reloj y eran las 06:55 am. ,entre risas y bromas no la pasamos con una que otra charla amena, sacado diversos temas triviales para hablar...volvía a sonreír cá quería volver a lo que sucedió ayer o lo que paso con ese extraño sueño Raymon y yo volvíamos a hablar de muchas de las tonterías que solíamos hacer cuando nos conocimos, mientras cada tanto el le daba otro sorbo a su café y yo le hincaba el diente a mis hot cake's, toda la conversación serena pareció cambiar de rumbo cuando Ray menciono que hoy no iría al instituto por mis heridas, yo le rezongue quería ver a mis amigas, seguro estarían preocupadas por el hecho de que me las saltee ayer, pero Ray se negó y me gano diciéndome que ya había avisado a mi preceptor que faltaría por temas personales, aveces Ray era como mi segundo padre o mas bien el hermano mayor que nunca
tuve termine aceptando reasignada después de todo siempre me era una molestia seguir asistiendo a clases y sobre Alex y Jezabel ya les mandaría mensajes después, seguimos lo que quedaba de nuestros desayunos esta vez en silencio dejando escucharse el LSD que estaba en la sala apuntado al canal de noticias y claramente se escucho algo como"volvió a atacar, y esta vez el FBI piensa usar medidas desesperadas para todos los medios, ya que en solo la noche de ayer cerca de las 04:15 de la madrugada 5 personas se encontraron muertas" ,me estremecí al oír eso y me agarro la curiosidad, termine de desayunar deje mi plato en el lavavajillas, y corrí como pude hasta llegar al sofá, sentándome y llegando justo para la escena cuando habían mostrado algunos cuerpos muertos, me asquee por completo, Raymon se acerco a mi con la misma curiosidad y nos quedamos oyendo a la reportera del momento.

- Las autoridades federales del gobierno, aclararon que no se rendirían hasta dar con el famoso asesino en una noche donde se presentaba con tranquilidad, la noche del jueves 20/03, entre las 4 o 5 de la madrugada, se cambio al haber hallado 3 cuerpos mutilados y 2 aparentemente violadas y brutalmente apuñaladas - al escuchar esos sucesos me horroricé por completo quien seria tan animal como para hacer eso "¡¿famoso asesino?!" ¿de que habla?, Ray parecía compartir los mismos pensamientos con ver su rostro con una expresión de temor - se lograron identificar a 2 victimas de la horrible masacre, una de las jóvenes violadas fue Paola Valtes de 17 años, y Kevin Quintana de 18 años fue uno de los mutilados, ambos iban al instituto Juliat Rose 91°..nadie puede asimilar nada hasta entonces, y los otros 3 cuerpos siguen sin ser reconocidos, volvemos después de un corte - termino de argumentar la reportera, la piel se me erizo apenas oí "ambos iban al instituto Juliat Rose 91°"..e-ese..¡ese es el instituto al que yo voy!...mierda. Raymon se levanto del sofá, y apago el televisor, se veía la preocupación y el temor en sus facciones me preocupe por ello.

- Ray...¿estas bi.. - pero antes de que pudiera terminar fui interrumpida por Ray, quien me tomo de los hombros con fuerza.

- ¡[Tn]!..¡¿ese no es el colegio al que tu vas?! - alzo apenas la vos, se le veía alterado y un poco temeroso, asentí con la cabeza y su pavor creció. Me solté de sus brazos rápidamente y lo abrace con fuerza, no quería verlo así el me correspondió el brazo al instante, no voy a negar que me sentía asustada por los echos, pero no quería ver a Ray así separe un poco de él para decirle.

- me va a pasar nada tonto..jeje - dije con serenidad y cariño, eso pareció calmarlo al ver como me brindaba una aliviada sonrisa.

- Esta bien, confiare con ello [Tn]..perdón si soy algo sobre protector para ti..pero eres como mi hermanita menor, y te quiero demasiado - me dijo con afecto al momento que acariciaba mi mejilla, me sonroje por sus palabras, siempre tan tierno y cuando menos me lo esperaba siempre terminaba atrapándome con sus palabras iba a responder, pero mi teléfono que se hallaba en la mesita de luz me gano, con un zumbido y de timbre una de mis canciones favoritas " Fast times At Clairemont High", ambos reímos por lo bajito y me separe de Ray para tomar mi que era Alex y atendí.

Llamada por Celular entre Vos y Alex :

_ ¡¡¡[Tn!!! :@
_ Tranquila, perdon..por lo de ayer es que me senti mal..perdon. ^^'
_ ¡No te justifica ni un pito, nena!..¡¡Nos asustaste a todos!!. :@
_ Jajaja, ya lo siento, cuando quieran se los recompenso.. -v-
_ Que te parece HOY! 7w7
_ ¿qué?..hoy no puedo, veras no puedo ir al colegio por temas personales.. u.u
_ ¡¿Qu- :O
_ Y no se te ocurra prenguntarme por que no te dire NADA! :@
_ Bueno..pero no te creas, voy a hacer que me escupas toda la sopa [Tn] e.e
_ Jajaja si claro.. -w-
_ importa..pero ne!..hoy no tenemos clases amor, por lo tanto te veremos en tu casa dentro de una hora! >:D
_ ¡¿Por que no hay clases?! >:O
_ Por que dicen que asesinaron a dos pendejos que iban a nuestra escuela :)
_ mata tu preocupación Alex, en verdad ¬¬
_ Que tiene? importa un bledo, quisiera saber quien lo hiso y felicitarlo :D
_ ¡¡¿¿QUE??!! D:
_ Sip, violo y mato a la puta de todo el colegio JAJAJA, es mi idol y yo su Fan ahora :'3
_ Estas en pedo! D:<
_ eh?
_ Jajaja, no importa con Jezz vamos a pasar el fin de semana largo, en la ex-casa de mis tíos en el bosque..y vos vas a venir por que nos la debes -w-
_ Ahhgg..esta bien, pero te aviso que estoy con Ray, veré como le hago para salir- susurrando. :$
_ Bien, te pasamos a buscar dentro de una hora..Bye :'D
Seguimos con la Maratón 3/4 :'D
Ya casi la termino jeje ^^
Espero les siga gustando uwu :heart:
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Jake and Amy watch a black and white film. In the film they see Hitler addressing crowds. It's just like the footage they've seen in history class and on TV, but then something different happens. Hitler steps to the side, and Viktoria walks out onto the platform and begins addressing the crowd. The black and white film is silent. They stand there with the mouths agape until Amy breaks the silence.
"You're shitting me..."
Jake looks at her for a moment. She isn't normally so blunt. of course he can't blame her. His attention goes back to the film. Smith stands behind the projector. The light flickering off his one eye as he glares at the image. In the film Viktoria steps over the balcony railing and hovers above the crowd.
"She can fly?" Jake asks rhetorically. Smith chooses to answer anyway while stopping the projector. "Apparently. Probably her telekinesis, but more important is what she's managed to do while she here." Smith walks over to the projection screen. He pulls down a map of the earth. All of the map besides a few isolated areas are covered red.
"Shes managed to take over the world." Smith states bluntly
"How-" Jake begins to ask.
"You saw in the video she was with Hitler. She convinced people that she was a god and gained control over the Nazi empire. Using her knowledge of the future and brain power, she tactically gained control of the Axis and Allied powers. Effectively wiping out all major resistance. Only small groups like this one remain." He gestures to the room. Jake and Amy look around and see about 10 other men. Dressed in various tattered war clothes brandishing any number of various military weapons and gear.
"Meet Dick, Rogers, Peirce, and Luke" Smith walks through the room and pats each man on the shoulder when he says their names. "All of these guys have joined our fight. And now that you two are here I'm sure you'll help to."
"Whats our first move?" Jake asks.
"Well, we're gonna storm the castle so to speak." Rogers explains. He yanks a sheet off of an easel with a chalkboard that has a plan drawn on it. Jake and Amy take a look at it.
"Okay so we have a plan to get in...But how do we get back?" Jake asks.
"As you can see here-" Luke whips another sheet off of another chalkboard. "We're working on it."
"You guys like whipping sheets off of stuff." Jake points out.
"The chalkboards don't flip over." Smith explains.
"Ahh" Jake nods. Amy studies the escape plan chalkboard. Closely.
"I got it!" She exclaims. Everybody crowds around her to see whats up. "Okay, so in here somewhere is that time portal we came through right..." She points at the board "if we can set the temperal displacement to the moment before she came through, we can jump in beat her up and stop this timeline from ever existing in the first place. Or at least get back to our own timeline in the universe." She explains matter-of-factly.
"And how did you figure that out?" Jake asks.
"Do all those episode of Doctor Who you watched with me ring a bell?" She says in a sarcastic tone.
"Honestly, I was never paying attention." Jake replies somewhat hesitantly. Amy replies with a death stare. One of the guys behind Jake makes a whipping pantamime and sound effect.
"Look, if we're gonna do this, we more people and a lot of guns." Jake addresses smith.
"We got that covered." Smith whips another sheet off of a crate. It's filled with guns.
Back Viktoria super evil lair...
"An den dhey gonna come, and beats you because yous is da badguy." Snowball tells Viktoria. Snowball is still in captivity. Viktoria sit in a large chair smoking a cigar (it looks about the size of a cigarette compared to her) and having her boots polished.

"Good and evil are simply matters of opinion. I hoped my serum would've fixed your speech. No matter. When your friends show up I'll be sure to kill them slowly."
Snowball grumbles at her. She starts to jerk in her confines. Viktoria's attention is drawn to Trina. Clearly older, dressed in proper uniform with cropped pixie hair and a scar upon her cheek. She speaks in Russian with her mistress. Snowball doesn't understand and continue to wriggle in her confines. Suddenly one of her hands pops out. She is surprised and stops moving. Her eyes move to her hand and then back to Viktoria. For the first time in her life, she makes an intelligent decision and shoves her hand back into the restraint before Viktoria notices. She decides to wait until the right moment, until Jake and Amy show up. Then, Supa Hero time.
Well, here's an update finally.
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    Mephiles took his mother's hand as they walked through the woods. She smiled at her baby boy, he was so grown up now.
He led her to his house where he had grown up.
"Miss Vanilla," He called as they entered the house.
"Mephiles?" She asked confused, "What are you doing back so soon?"
"What's going on? Where is everyone?"
"The king saw Blaze kissing Shadow. So he arrested Shadow and the others are trying to save him before the execution."
The boy's face filled with anger, "I swear if he hurts my friend I'll...."
Vanilla put her hands on his shoulders, "Calm down Mephi."
"Calm down? My best friend is about to be murdered, I can't calm down!"
His mother put her arm around his shoulders, "Honey, if you're so upset you can't do anything to help.
He nodded and took a deep breath.
"Come on, let's go to the castle. I'll help."
Mephiles gave a nod and the three ran out.
    "Daddy stop!" Blaze shouted as they ran in the room.
He looked up. Blaze was standing with her hands clenched at her sides, Silver stood to her left, his hand in Rouge's, Sally and Smoke stood to her right.
"What is the meaning of bringing these heathens in the castle?" He asked.
"They're my friends," She said firmly.
His mouth made a straight line.
"Please sir," Smoke said timidly, "Let my brother go."
"Why should I?"
"He's always been there for me. He's my only family and mama asked him to take care of me before she died."
Shadow watched them, hoping the king would spare him.
"I'm afraid I can't do that."
"W-Why not?" Smoke asked sniffling.
"He kissed my daughter."
"But daddy," Blaze said, "I kissed him first."
He watched her.
"I love him from deep within my heart. He and his friends showed me what life really is."
"They're orphans," He scoffed.
She folded her arms, "They're my family."

    Just then, the door burst open. In the doorway, stood Mephiles and his mother, miss Vanilla behind them. "Wait!" Mephiles shouted.
The king looked at the intruders, "What?"
"Let him go."
"Wait a minute, you're the boy who tried to attack my daughter."
"What? No I didn't."
"Yes you did. Prince Silver saw you."
"Um, Your highness," Silver said sheepishly, "I kind of made that up."
He raised his brow, "Excuse me?"
Silver looked at the floor, "I lied. Mephiles would never hurt anyone."
"Your highness I beg you," Mephiles pleaded, "Let him go."
Mephiles' mother stepped forward, "With all due respect your highness, please listen to them. He does not deserve death."
"You told me that these two boys are a public menace," The king said gesturing to Shadow and Mephiles.
"I just said that because my life was threatened. Mephiles is my son," She said placing her hand on Meph's shoulder.
As she said this the king's face became surprised, "I am sorry for the way I treated you young prince."
Mephiles nodded, "All is forgiven sire."
"Daddy please let Shadow go," Blaze begged.
"I cannot my princess. You know the law," With that he motioned for the executioner to continue.
"No!" Smoke cried, and tried to run to Shadow. But the guards held him back. "Shadow!" He sobbed.
"Don't cry Smoke," Shadow said, "You'll be ok."
"B-But what will I do without you? We're family."
"They're your family too Smoke," He said as he nodded towards the orphans, "They'll take care of you."
Smoke nodded with tear filled eyes, "I love you Shadow."
He smiled, "Love you too Smoke." Shadow smiled at his friends, he was afraid but realized he couldn't do anything. The king was going to take him away from his friends, his family. He waved, "Goodbye."

    "No!" Blaze got between them.
"Now Blaze, I've had just about enough of this," The king said firmly.
"If you kill him you'll have to kill me too!" She cried with tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Blaze you can't do this. Keeping him alive will put the whole kingdom at risk."
"Why?!" She shouted, "Why is everyone against him?!"
"He'll kill us!" The king shouted angrily.
Blaze had never heard her father shout before. She stopped surprised, "How do you know?" She asked much calmer.
"Because it happened before," He said sadly, "I made friends with a red-eyed boy. My father wanted to execute him, but I convinced him to keep him alive. But after that, he got angry and went berserk, killing those close to me," He clenched his fists, "Never again will I let that happen."
Shadow gently touched Blaze's arm, "Let him kill me Blaze."
"I don't ever want anything to happen to you or my family. If there's even the smallest chance of me hurting anyone, I'm better off dead."
"But Shadow...."
"I won't hurt you."
she kissed his lips, "I love you Shadow."
"Love you too," He smiled.

    Right before the axe was lowered the king was lowered the king raised his hand, "Wait."
They all looked at him.
"Blaze, do you truly love this boy?"
She nodded, "With all my heart."
He turned to Shadow, "And you would give your life for your family?"
"Yes sire."
He thought a while, "Release him," He said finally.
Shadow was untied and the orphans pulled him into a hug. Including Silver, Sally, and Blaze.
"I'm so glad you're ok Shadow," Smoke said hugging his waist.
"I'm not," A voice growled. Scourge was standing in the doorway, "I want him dead, so I'll take care of it myself."
Mephiles got between the two and Scourge's foot caught his stomach, ripped the bandages off, and his wound open. Mephiles cried out.
Can I possibly drag this out any more? We'll see. I hope you enjoy it.

Shadow the hedgehog, Blaze the cat, Mephiles the dark, and Silver the hedgehog(c)SEGA

Scourge and Sally(c)Archie Comics

Smoke and Mephiles' mother Stephanie(c)Me:D
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Cap4 : ¡Pensar en Tí no es Divertido!

La brisa fresca de la tarde resulto ser algo arrasador, moviendo cada árbol y planta que pueda y levantando la tierra o removiendo la basura del vecindario, el sol aun no estaba cerca de ponerse a dormir por el ocaso, apenas si se había acercado a la frontera para luego de unas horas ocultarse y dejar entrar a la noche de ese otoño. Después de la llamada de Alex, quien me vendría a buscar con Jezz dentro de menos de una hora, no falto decir que Ray me había echo un interrogatorio para saber que sucedía, de alguna forma tenia que convencerlo de que me deje ir con mis amigas por el fin de semana largo de 4 días a la cabaña de los tíos de Alex en el bosque, después de todo mi mente quería olvidar los acontecimientos de la noche Jeff.

No fue nada fácil la verdad, Raymon aveces se comporta como mi padre, o como todo un hermano mayor sobre protector, pero lo quiero mucho por ello, se preocupa por mi y todo, hasta aveces mas de lo necesario...en fin, la cuestión es que logre convencerlo..¡Pero!..hubo una condición..mierda..que el vendría con nosotras, no podía discutirlo creo que era la única forma de que me dejara ir, y me dijo que hablo con mis padres ellos dijeron que vendrían el domingo a verme, y hoy era viernes por lo que tendría que volver antes con Ray. Mis pensamientos y nuestra conversación se vieron interrumpidos cuando escuchamos por las afueras del vecindario a dos chicas reírse y hablar, de inmediato supe que eran Alex y Jezz, y algo mas que recordé es que ellas irían a buscarme a ¡Mi Casa!..mierda, salí hasta la entrada de la casa de Ray y les grite que me encontraba aquí, para mi suerte la casa de Raymon estaba enfrente de la mía, y después recordé lo que Je- ¡Aahhg, Olvídalo (Tn)!..pero no se me paso por alto el desastre que había causado rompiendo los cristales de mi balcón, cuando Alex y Jezz me vieron, se encaminaron hasta mi y yo corrí para dentro. Ray me seguía con la mirada confundido y se fue a atender a mis amigas.

Yo subí hasta su cuarto a las apuradas, y justo en ese instante mi tobillo volvía a dolerme, me mordí el labio inferior para ahogar un grito, me acerque a brinquitos hacia la mesa de noche de Ray tome mi celular, busque en mis contactos y encontré uno que decía "Luis repar." era el sinónimo que ese tipo reparaba todo en mi casa, lo llame me atendió al instante como amigo de mis padres me llevaba bien con el, le conté que necesitaba que cambiara los cristales de mi balcón y que no dijera nada de esto a mis padres, el solo asintió sin mas que decir, y corte la llamada, suspire aliviada y de repente me sobre salte al escuchar los gritos de mis amigas que me buscaban.

Baje a las apuradas y termine tropezándome a la mitad de los peldaños de la escalera, esperaba darme la cara contra el piso pero resulto que termine cayendo en los brazos de Ray, quien me miraba divertido con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja, me sonroje, y mas por que mis amigas me veían desde el sofá.

- Que te dije (Tn) puedes correr, estas forzando a tu tobillo que esta lastimado niña - me regaño mientras seguía en sus brazos, pegando sus orbes verdes pálidos en los míos.

- o-o..¡Oye! ya entendí..perdón, no volverá a pasar "Papá" - termine contestando divertida, acentuando cada palabra y en especial la ultima con la que hice comillas con mis dedos.

- Muy graciosa, tienes visitas - volvió a decir, fomentando una risa falsa, en el momento que señalaba para la sala, donde Alex y Jezz estaban sentadas en el sofá, Alex me veía de manera picara, y Jezz parecía hipnotizada viendo a Ray, creo que le gusto..

Ray me bajo con cuidado, y me encamine despacio hasta la sala, recién me acordaba que seguía con la gran camiseta de Raymon, con el logó de las tortugas ninja. Jezz se me abalanzo abrazándome, y Alex comenzó a burlarse de mi, charlamos por un rato y les conté que si Ray no venía no me dejaría ir, Alex acepto sin problemas y Jezz estaba saltando de la alegría por ello, ambas la vimos y enseguida supimos que le había gustado Raymón, no dimos mas vueltas a el asunto, vi como Jezz traía consigo una maleta con ruedas, fue cuando recordé que tendría que traer ropa, ciertamente la idea me dio escalofríos, pero no decidí perder mas tiempo, no quise levantar sospechas de nada pero aun así Raymón insistió en acompañarme, el se quedo en la sala, y yo subí a mi cuarto la puerta, estaba arreglada y los muebles en su lugar como los cristales de mi balcón, ¡Wow, Luis si que es increíble! busque en mi closet y saque varias prendas, las guarde en una maleta de mano y partimos ese mismo día.

Ray nos llevaba en su auto que parecía un ferrar de cuatro asientos negro, todo el viaje nos la pasamos conversando y mis amigas conociendo a Ray, yo iba en el asiento del copiloto y Alex y Jezz atrás, cuando llegamos a los bosques tomando los corta fuegos de la zona, nos encontramos con la hermosa vista de una cabaña a no tan lejana distancia y un bello y cristalino lago, el ambiente resulto ser mas cálido por estas tierras, Alex había señalado precisamente aquella cabaña que era la de sus tíos, todos nos entusiasmamos, ya frente hermosa casa de madera, dos pisos y grandes ventanales, Ray estaciono el auto a un lado junto unos arboles, todos saltamos del vehículo para entrar en la casa, casi todo estaba construido con madera, y solo algunos muebles resaltaban lo contrario.

Apenas se abrían las puertas podías sentir el ligero aroma de la madera, que era adornada con un perfume de limón, los techos y paredes hasta los pisos todo de madera como el exterior, la cocina y la sala estaban unidas, había un gran sofá en forma de media luna en el centro con una mesada enfrente y un LSD pegado a la pared, Alex nos enseño a cada uno sus habitaciones que por su suerte eran cuatro para cada uno, deje mi maleta sobre las sabanas blancas de mi cama, mi alcoba se componía de una cama contra la pared de una plaza, un closet enfrente de esta dos ventanales a los costados y unos sillones, y enchufes de luz, y un baño privado, Alex nos dio a todos 30min. antes de la primera actividad que seria explotar el bosque, no pensé mas y me metí al baño para relajarme con una ducha, las heridas en mi cuerpo me ardían ciertamente, pero solo las ignoraba, había dejado que el agua tibia recorriera por todo mi cuerpo, cuando termine me encamine a mi maleta y saque unas prendas unos jeans negros e ajustados, junto unas vans negras, una blusa de tirantes turquesa y una sudadera blanca. Termine de alistarme, baje y todos estaban listo y se dio comienzo a la excursión.
Habíamos acabado de recorrer los alrededores, y llegamos a la cabaña agotados a las 20:54pm. el manto negro de la noche ya había caído para entonces, pero aun así en toda la excursión no estuve tranquila, me sentía observada, perseguida, y como pisaban mis talones por detrás, pero cada vez que volteaba no encontraba nada fuera de lo sentía rara por ser la única con ese presentimientos, fue entonces en que pensé en Jeff. Maldecía eso, se supone que este viaje me ayudaría a olvidarlo..¡Pero No, Tengo que Recordarlo!..cuando llegamos a la cabaña para el anochecer apenas si solté un hondo suspiro de alivio, era como si en todo el viaje hubiera contenido el aire por los nervios, y ahora que estaba en la cabaña tomaba una gran bocanada de aire para reprimirlo.

- 23:56pm - Estábamos listos para descansar, después de haber cenado, fui directo a mi cuarto subiendo los peldaños de las escaleras con desgano y flojera, llegue a mi cuarto, me puse del closet una camiseta gris que decía "I <3 Sleep" junto con unos cortos negros, me encontraba descalza y antes de que pudiera ir a mi cama, Alex apareció de un portazo a la puerta y me tomo del brazo, arrastrándome junto con Jezz, nos metió en su cuarto y grito.

- ¡Piyamada! - grito alegre, Jezz y yo nos vimos una a la otra en el suelo, con miedo..cuando Alex decía "Piyamada" lo resumía en una noche de terror, para que termináramos cagadas del miedo, por su maldita obsesión a..pos, por lo que recuerdo "Creepypastas" la primera vez que la oí hablar de eso, fue en nuestra primera piyamada, hace tiempo nos había contado de un tal...un..¡¿Como mierda se llamaba?!..¡Aahgg! pos, no lo recuerdo pero dio miedo, y Jezz no pudo dormir durante tres noches.

- Alex...¡¡¿ACASO NO TE BASTO CON HABERNOS TRAUMADO ANTES CON...AAHGG, COMO SEA QUE SE LLAMARA?!! - grite exaltada, al momento de ponerme de pie frente a Alex, Jezz solo se había quedado en el suelo, abrazando sus piernas y mesiendoce de un lado a otro, Alex río ante mi enfado y por como estaba Jezz.

- JAJA, ¿Te refieres a Slenderman?...tranquila, los Creepys no son solo de monstruos...este que les contare son de chicos.... - dijo divertida y a alavés con picardía, con ello yo me extrañe, y Jezz nos miro dejando de mecerse con un poco de alivio en sus ojos, hasta que Alex completo la frase - qué se volvieron Asesinos - termino de hablar, estallando en carcajadas al ver a Jezz otra vez en su misma posición, y a mi de regaña dientes con ella

- ¡ALEX! - cuestione...pero lo claro es que no pudimos escapar ante su "piyamada", y terminamos cediendo obligadas.
Nos sentamos en los miles de sabanas que se encontraban regadas en el suelo, yo de indio y Jezz que se escondía debajo de los futones, con Alex que apago las luces y tenia una linterna en mano alumbrando su rostro, ella nos contó de ciertos "Seguidores" que tenia ese demonio Slenderman, los Proxys...unos chicos de una antigua compañía apodada Marble Honest, su historia era relativamente una leyenda urbana..algo aun no explicado y solo teniendo miles de teorías, sus nombres reales solían ser Tim y Brian...pero ahora eran conocidos como Masky y Hoodie. Alex de forma soñadora confeso que le encantaría ir algún día a lo que fue de la compañía Marble Honest.

- 02:23am - se acabo la dichosa "Piyamada" de Alex, Jezz apenas si había logrado dormir, compartíamos las frazadas y sabanas del suelo, junto con un amplio colchón, yo me había quedado dormida al instante viendo hacia el gran ventanal del cuarto de Alex, dejándome apreciar el oscuro cielo nocturno de la noche.
- 04:36am - me desperté por un extraño sonido, provenía de las afueras de la casa y se escucho con claridad para mi que estaba cerca de la ventana, un poco molesta me levante para ver que animalito estaría haciendo crujir las hojas de los arboles, apenas si me había asomado vi como se escurría una figura entre los arboles hasta desaparecer de mi vista, me quede impactada y solo esa simple figura fue la que me quito el sueño, durante el resto de la noche.
-07:45am- volví a levantarme, mi insomnio resulto ser mas fuerte que el sueño...todo por lo que había visto antes, me levante y desenrollare mi cuerpo de los futones y los brazos de Jezz, que estaban sobre mi cuello..Al parecer Alex en verdad la traumo..mierda..salí de allí me encamine desganadamente a mi recamara fui al tocador, me lave un poco  la cara con agua fría que me despavílo mas, me peine mi larga cabellera, y salí, fui a mi closet donde ya había conseguido guardar todas mis prendas, me puse una blusa de tirantes negra, jeans blancos, mis vans negras y una chaqueta de cuero marrón, ate mi cabellera en una coleta..fui hasta a bajo a paso lento por los peldaños de la escalera, llegue a la sala y pase por esta por la cocina tome lo primero que vi, una manzana verde, y deje la cabaña para ver el amanecer en el bosque, comencé a alejarme de la casa con paso seguro, pero ciertamente el sentido común trataba de decirme algo...pero solo lo ignore, me aventure en el bosque por el sendero marcado, hasta ver como los rayos del sol ya se filtraban por los adentros mas oscuros del bosque.

Un escalofrío recorrió por mi columna vertebral, helandome los bellos del cuerpo..volvía a sentir aquella horrible sensación de que me observaban me..¡Me Seguían!..pare en seco en medio del sendero, me quede estática por un momento, hasta que me arme de valor y vi de reojo sobre mi hombro..algo..una figura se dibujaba en lo que parecía el comienzo del sendero donde antes había pasado, parecía una persona, y esa misma, abrí mis ojos como platos cuando lo veo correr hacia mi, e aunque estuviera lejos logre ver cierto elemento que era alumbrado por los rayos del sol..¡¿Un Cuchillo?!..¡¡¿Jeff?!! fue lo primero que pensé, pero este vestía con un camperón anaranjado, jeans negros, de cabellera castaña y llevaba una mascara blanca, no lo pensé y quise proponerme a correr, pero antes de siquiera poder moverme otra figura también me aguardaba en el otro extremo corriendo hacia mi, pero esta venía encapuchada con una sudadera color mostaza.

Me altere, y me propuse a correr por mi costado, pero ya a solo diez pasos de esta carrera algo me tomo del brazo, el miedo me había invadido por completo, y mi corazón latía desbocadamente, voltee pero este ya se encontraba estampandome contra un árbol, apenas si del impacto largue un grito ahogado, por el dolor que aun presentaba en mi espalda..las marcas..entrecerré los ojos y pude ver a otro chico pero este llevaba unos googles amarillos y cargaba dos hachas en su espalda, me tenía comprimiendo me de un hombro para que no me despegara del árbol, los otros ya se había acercado a paso calmo, del miedo mis palabras fueron mudas, hasta cuando quería gritar por ayuda, solo me quede en silencio escuchando ciertos murmullos entre estos, se miraron entre si y luego el que me tenía me vio a los ojos, mientras el encapuchado retrocedía y el de la mascara avanzaba..ciertamente era iguales a las descripciones de Alex..cuando hablo de unos tales "Proxys" ..¿Masky...y Hoodie?..pero y el tercero ¿quien es?, mis pensamientos se vieron interrumpidos cuando el que yo creo que es Masky alzaba su cuchillo para enterrarmelo en el cuello.

Pero...justo antes algo salto de un de los pinos del bosque, y tumbo a Masky y a Hoodie, con facilidad, yo me había quedado atónita, y al parecer el chico que me tenía también, por lo menos hasta que vimos al "quien" los derribo..avanzaba con tranquilidad hasta nosotros..esa sudadera..blanca.

- ¡¡JEFF!! - no pude evitar gritar aquel nombre, con tal inconsciencia que hasta yo me sorprendí, este enseguida levanto la vista y sonrío con mas amplitud, el chico de los googles se separo de mi y desenfundo sus hachas contra Jeff, y este no tardo en acercarse al tipo y mostrar su cuchillo..empezaron una pelea de la cual no veía un próximo ganador, pero el miedo me carcomía por dentro viendo como peleaban, hasta el punto de ver como Jeff le había enterrado su cuchillo en el hombro del sujeto y este ni grito..¡¿Qué?! pensaba ver nada mas y salí despavorida del lugar, respiraba con dificultad.
Hasta que llegue a un claro, donde el amanecer se veía con mas claridad, y yo veía todo a mi alrededor asustada, hasta que mis ojos se clavaron en una figura que estaba quieta entre los matorrales de los arboles donde termina el descampado, "mirándome" fijamente, en verdad no reconocí ningún rastro facial en su ¡¿Rostro?!, iba a correr hasta que escuche un grito desaforado y a la vez tarde en pensar que era de Jeff..y como la culpa había caído sobre mi de forma brusca, lo había abandonado sabiendo que si el no aparecía seguramente ya estaría muerta, no tarde en escuchar otro grito peor este sonó diferente..tal vez era el otro chico, ¡¿que carajo, algo los esta atacando?!, voltee con la intención de volver a ver esa figura en el descampado..pero ya no estaba, corrí de la zona hasta que llegue a donde había acabo de huir, lo primero que vi fue a Jeff posado contra un árbol, con su sudadera destrozada que dejaba ver parte de su torso que fue arañado por unas garras feroces, que casi gritaba por esa imagen al ver a Jeff desangrándose e apenas viéndome, mientras veía a esos extraños chicos alejarse débilmente.

- me había quedado pasmada viendo otra figura alejarse con rapidez en cuatro patas, como un mismo animal pero mas grande que eso mismo, fue un silencio que termino siendo roto por la voz de Jeff - ¿Qué haces aquí nena?..deberías irte, el bosque esta lleno de infelices como esos - me dijo con esa ronca y fría voz, volví mi vista a el y lo mire con indiferencia, en claro debo decir que deje de sentirme observada desde que apareció Jeff, ya que aun con los tipos que me atacaron sentía algo mas que me observaba..¿seria esa figura que vi en el descampado?

- Te llevare a mi voy a dejarte en este estado.....Jeff -
Yyyy con Este capi, Terminamos el Maratón 4/4
Todo a pedido de la tierna de :iconlucecita-grim: :heart:
Baaayy~ :heart:
Nos Leemos Pronto ;'3
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