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Jordan with a panicked look,tried to see what to do instead of fighting those animals.
He turned to his siblings for anything,”guys now what?!”
“We fight them,that’s what it seems like”,Cierra said but quickly saw the animals charging right at them and yelled out,”Guys run!”
Cierra and the others ran in different directions,causing the animals confused but ran to each person available.
Bethany ran to her right all the way to the other side of the arena to find a large lion galloping at her.
She looked at the Lion and her hands but quickly thought,”Is this real or just a game? I can’t kill this animal! that’s crazy,even for me!”
Bethany shoot a blue laser at the lion,carrying it up and pushed it away from her,falling onto the rocky wall and it tries to stand up from the pain.
Bethany looked back at the creature but decided to check on the others.
She stumbled across Isaac,running from an elephant,he was also in fear of being crushed.
“Isaac,over here!”Bethany cried out.
Isaac heard Bethany and ran to the direction of the sound.
He got to Bethany saying,”Why did you have to run off like that?”
“It was Cierra who said to do that!”Bethany explained.
Isaac tried to make a sound but Bethany blocked him off and used her powers to carry the immense elephant away from them.
“Um Bethany why didn’t you kill it? it’s going to come back and maybe kill us you know”Isaac asked.
Bethany grabbed Isaac’s wrist and ran away from the elephant to where they started and Cierra was there so they thought.
Bethany Stopped to say,”Cierra?”
Isaac spoke,”That’s not cierra,is it?”
“I really don’t know,let’s see”
Bethany thought,”That’s not Cierra,Is it?”
It seems like a short chapter but I like the ending that way :)
:icontheepiclillycasket: wanted me to finish this so ye :D 
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Liz Daioyu, a 20 year old female with beautiful long white hair wearing a black and purple combination outfit with purple tights. Ever since she was little she had been getting into trouble, at first it was spying on boys or girls having tea parties or hanging out but as she grew older and began to watch spy novels and Nancy Drew she got into bigger trouble of the snooping type. Now 20 years old she was known as the local vigilante detective who often went snooping and often got into perilous trouble.

After hearing something on the police beat Liz had wondered over to a quiet neighborhood and towards a small nice looking house which was blocked off by police tape with several officers guarding it all eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.

"Liz." Several of them said with a nod as they allowed the white haired heroine through. Normally they would stop her and tell her to go home, but after she solved a case a few years ago that saved several of the police force's kidnap daughters she had gain a high ranking status and respect in the police force.

Liz had wondered into the home and soon winced at seeing a middle aged woman on the floor being covered up in a white sheet. The little she had seen told her the victim had been strangled by something thin and strong like a wire.

"So what happened?" Liz asked as the investigator came over.  

"Looks like a homicide, someone picked the lock to the backdoor, came in with no shoes on, most likely wearing something like socks or stockings and strangled the victim. No leads right now but we have our suspicions on her closest friend who seem to be visiting the victim often of late." He said reading a note pad over.

"A friend huh?" Liz said looking at the body, pulling back the sheet a little and looking at the body finding something off about it.

"This is a simple case, no need for you Liz." He said as Liz shook her head.

"I'll just poke around, nothing extreme." Liz said putting the sheet back in place.

"That's what you usually say." The detective shook his head as he patted her shoulder as Liz got the info on this close friend and began to check her out.


Liz had found out the friend's name and it was Mary Schreiber, a single woman who worked a simple 9 to 5 job. Liz knew the police had already questioned her and from what she lean she was innocent in dialog but she knew she was hiding something else.

Liz stuck to the shadows, quietly following Mary around and saw her picking up a large amount of dry cleaning and more food than a single person should be buying. After seeing her leave the food market she had entered the mart and talked to the old timer Mark.

"Liz, come in for my daily meat specials?" He asked with a tired chuckle.

"Not today Mark, I like to ask some questions on your recent shopper Mary."

"Mary? Oh come now you don't think she did anything do you?"

"No, of course not. Innocent till proven guilty of course, but would you tell me if what she bought was out of the ordinary?" Liz inquired.

"Well, she did buy more than usual and things she never has bought before. But she said she was having a small get together for her friend's death." He said as Liz remembered the investigator saying she had few to no friends and the deceased’s wake was a week away yet.

"I see, well thanks for the chat." Liz said hurrying out with Mark waving her goodbye.

"I think I need to finally talk to her myself." Liz said heading towards Mary's house as someone watched her from the shadows.


"Here is your tea." Mary said who was a thin woman with dark brown hair wearing a simple yellow t-shirt with tan jeans and white socks.

"Thank you." Liz said drinking some of the tea. "Hmmm, it's wonderful."

"Thank you, it's my special blend." Mary said sitting down in a chair on Liz's side. "So how may I help you?"

"I wanted to ask about your friend Kat, if that's okay." She asked being sincere.

"Hmm, yes it's fine." Mary said looking sad and troubled.

"Do you know who might have wanted her dead?"

"No one! No one could hate her, it must have just been a robbery gone bad." She said drinking her own cup making Liz more suspicious as nothing was stolen from the victim’s home.

"Yes, no doubt. Do you know of anything you might not have told the police?"

"I told them all I knew, Kat wasn't feeling well because of her job and so I've been trying to make her feel better."

"I see, what of the food you bought of late? I couldn't help but notice you leaving the story today carrying a lot for one person."

"Oh those? I know someone who doesn't get around well and I picked up their groceries for them."

"I see, how kind of you." Liz said finishing her tea. "Well that's all I have to ask, sorry to bother you." She said standing up.

"Oh it's no problem, just be careful out there it isn't safe these days." She said seeing Liz to the door. On her way to the door Liz looked around and saw no traces of someone else living here but did notice a few dirt prints near the basement door.

"Thank you again for everything." Liz said leaving as the door shut behind her.

Liz began to think deeply as she thought things over, Mary's stories weren’t matching up and were all over the place. She was hiding something else and if Liz's gut was right the basement of her house would reveal everything.

"I need to do some snooping tonight." She said as she was about to break into a run to go home but an arm suddenly wrapped around her waist from behind with a chloroform soaked cloth being clamp over her mouth from behind as well. "Mrprmmr!" Liz cried out gasping as she mistakenly started to breath in the drug.

Being chloroformed was something Liz had grown use to but she could never train herself to not breathe it in. Despite her legs growing numb she kicked as hard as she could with her eyes darting all over the street, being day light someone should be around but there was no one as her loud grunts were heard by no one other than her attacker.

Liz felt the cloth tighten over her mouth and nose more, forcing more of the sleeping drug into her system. As her eyes began to droop and her form going limp, she could tell she was being dragged backwards towards the house she left and around the side. That was all she could see before the drug took affect and knocked her out.


"Mphpm?" Liz groan very softly as her vision was blurry and she could barely make out some voices.

"This, this is going too far." A voice Liz thought that belong to Mary.

"Don't worry, it's almost over." Another strange voice said as Liz's blurry vision was covered up as someone in a blurry black clothing placed a dark cloth over Liz's eyes. The soft material over her eyes and the darkness that it brought sent Liz into another slumber.


"Mrrrmrpmhff." Liz groan again waking up from her slumber, she had no idea how much time had passed but her body had woken up long ago from the drug that was used on her and it was sore from the tight rope. Liz squirmed a little to get a feeling for her surroundings and right away she could fell she was in some place stuffy and with the amount of sound her grunts made the room seem to be small.

She was tied up with rope sitting on a wooden chair with rope binding her crossed wrists, running around her arms going below her breasts with more binding her knees and ankles. Something soft filled her mouth as a cloth was wrapped around her mouth and her eyes blindfolding her.

Liz took a deep breath and began to lightly squirm in the ropes to find they were tied by a noob. She had watched many many shibari videos and knew rope escape techniques rather well. She kept taking deep breaths and wiggling her body to work the rope on her chest upward over her breasts, once she did this the rope became loose enough she could move her arms more.

She twisted her wrists about trying to work the rope up further on her skinny arms and once they were up far enough they became rather loose enough she could work them off followed by the rope that was tied around her chest. With her upper body free she removed the black blindfold and purple cloth that was over her mouth and spat out a soaked wash cloth and untied her legs.

"That was annoying." Liz said rubbing her sore wrists as she looked around to see she was right about the room being small and went over to the door and tried the knob lightly to see it locked. "Guess I wait." She said grabbing a coil of rope and waited for her kidnapper to enter.

It didn't take long before a unlock sound could be heard followed by the door opening to see Mary come walking in.

"Alright, time to end this." Mary said walking in and gasp to see the chair empty with Liz standing by the doorway.

"Indeed, time to end this." Liz said as she worked the rope over Mary's chest and arms from behind tying a very complex chest harness complete with the rope running around her neck and between her legs resting on her crotch with Liz holding onto the ends of the rope that bound her.

"How did you?" Mary asked before wincing as Liz tugged hard on the rope.

"Alright, this is a little something I call the puppet tie, you do as I say and you will be the happiest female on this planet." She said tugging on the left rope making the rope tease her crotch making Mary moan. "Oh the most unhappiest." She said tugging on the other rope making it tighten around her neck making her wince.

"S-Stop!" Mary Pleaded.

"Sure, just tell the truth." Liz demanded to know.

"Please...." Mary begged as Liz tugged on the right rope making her choke a little as the rope grew very tight on her body in a uncomfortable way.

"The truth! Who chloroformed me and what are you hiding? Spit it out!" Liz demanded to know.

"Ahhha, I... ahhahhh." Mary became conflicted, especially when Liz kept teasing her crotch with the rope but the rope over her chest was causing her the most discomfort and was quickly breaking her will. "Kat isn't dead!" She scream out.

"What?" Liz said being caught off guard as Mary slunk to her knees.

"She isn't dead, we faked her death so she could run without being chased."

"Why?" Liz wanted to know.

"Kat... Kat was a nurse at the hospital and she was constantly stressed from it and on top of that she was selected as the personal nurse of the Tri Oh Guns gang putting more pressure on her. She couldn't take it anymore and so we used the experimental human printer technology to make a clone of her that we could make appear that was murdered. Then I would stay behind and throw anyone off her tracks till the body was discovered was a fake." Mary explain.

"The Tri Oh Guns...." Liz said as it was a local area gang that was made up of three powerful gangs and held a controlling interest in many things. Liz herself would have been offed by them had it not been that she rescued some of their people as well as gain blackmail on them which keeps her somewhat safe.

"I'm so sorry." Mary said breaking into a sob which had released the ropes on her body.

"So the food, clothing you been buying for and the one who chloroformed me was-"

"It was me." Another voice said as Liz and Mary turn around to see Kat looking at them clad in a black rain coat in the doorway.

"Kat! Why did you come back? You should be on a train out of town!" Mary cried out.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't do it and leave you here to be caught finally." Kat said tearing up as both women did.

"Alright, that's enough now." The police inspector said walking in.

"Inspector!" Liz said surprised as he walked over to her.

"We heard everything." He said picking up a small wire on Liz's shoulder which he placed earlier in the day.

"A wire? What have I told you about tapping me!" Liz said pouting.

"Don't worry, we got all of our evidence." He said as the policemen arrested both women.

"What will happen to them?"

"They will be put into protection so long as Miss Kat gives us lots of nice details on the Tri Oh Guns." The investigator said smirking.

"I will." Kat said nodding.

"Well I guess this is another case solved." Liz said watching the women being led away.

"You really help us on this one, come on I'll give you a ride home." He said as Liz took the ride. "But first a stop at doughnut man."

"Come on inspector, anymore doughnuts and you'll be out of shape to even get out of your car."

"Oh come now, I'm not that big." He said with a laugh.

Later, both Kat and Mary would confess everything before being put into witness protection and kept safe till they could bring the dangerous Tri Oh Guns to justice.

The end.
Here is my first story on my new OC Liz My Snooping OC: Liz by ED3765 which she shows off her skills on how she gets the mystery solved.

I hope you all enjoy.

As always, read, comment and fav.

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Donatello laid on his carapace, staring at the ceiling. The room was silent other than April’s slow, even breaths. Light began to punch through the curtain as the sun rose higher in the sky. Donnie thought of his brothers, who were probably eating breakfast and wondering where he was. The turtle grabbed his tPhone from the bedside table and sent a brief text to his eldest brother.

Donatello: April called me early this morning, said she was really sick. I’m going to stick around until she’s better, then I’ll be home. Tell Sensei I’ll make up training this evening

He placed the phone back on the night stand and allowed his eyes to fall shut. A few moments later, the phone buzzed.

Leonardo: No problem, Don. Hope she gets better soon. Mikey says to tell her hi

Donnie smiled at his youngest brother just as he heard a small groan from the girl beside him. He turned over on his side to see her moving slightly. Her jaw locked into a yawn and she began to stretch. Donatello laid his head back down onto the pillow and smiled at her.

April’s eyes slowly slid open, looking fully alive and back to their normal blue. The corners of her mouth curled into a sleepy smile.

“Hi,” she said quietly.

“Hi,” Donnie replied in a near whisper.

The pair remained facing one another silently for a few moments. April began to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

“Feeling better?” Donnie asked.

Still drowsy, she wordlessly replied with a nod and grumbly mm-hmm.

“Do you feel like you could eat something?” he asked.

April’s eyes flew open and she nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, definitely.”

Donatello began to sit up and climb out from under the blanket. April began to do the same, but he stopped her.

“Just stay there. I’ll bring you breakfast in bed. How does that sound?” he suggested.

She smiled, but shook her head. “You don’t need to do that for me, Donnie. I feel so much better now.”

Donatello walked around the bed to April and pulled her covers back over her. “No, really. Let me do this for you.”

April  frowned a bit. “Are you sure, Don?”

“Yes,” he said through a chuckle.

Soon the apartment was filled with the smell of bacon. April’s stomach growled as she sat up in her bed, happily anticipating a good breakfast. Donnie appeared in her doorway with a large tray. He sat on April’s side of the bed and handed her a tall glass of orange juice.

“I attempted an omelette, but it just turned into scrambled eggs. Mikey is a much better cook than I am. Oh, and I almost forgot: Mikey says hi,” Donnie remarked as he laid the tray across April’s lap and removed a plate for himself.

She chuckled at him. “Scrambled eggs are my favorite anyway. And you can tell Mikey that I said ‘hi’ too.” She took a bite of toast and tapped the open bed beside her. “Join me?”

The turtle grinned. “Certainly.”

Just as Donnie sat back on the bed, he asked, “So where did that headache come from? Do you get them often?”

April took a sip of her orange juice. “I actually used to get migraines like that all the time when I was a kid. I don’t really know when or why they happen. Just something I have to deal with every now and then,” she explained.

Donatello furrowed his brow and looked at her. “That’s miserable though. Isn’t there anything you can do to prevent them?”

She shook her head. “I never know when they’ll happen. I just have to take medicine as quickly as I can and tough it out.”

The turtle munched on a strip of bacon. “That’s awful, April. I’m glad you called me.”

“Yeah, me too,” April said. “It’s good to know you’re only a few minutes away when I need you. And I definitely needed you this morning.” She stole a glance out of the corner of her eye, making her blush slightly.

“Thank you, Donnie,” she said quietly, keeping her eyes on her breakfast. “You just being here has meant a lot.”

Although she refused to make eye contact with him, she could feel his eyes burning into her. Donatello truly was special, especially to her. He never failed her, never let her down, never disappointed her.

The turtle chuckled. “You should know by now that all you need to do is say three words: Get here now.”

April laughed, and they smiled at each other. A surge of guts came over her and she quickly leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek before filling her mouth with orange juice again.

She saw Donnie’s face light up with blush and an uncontrollable smile spread across his face. His voice cracked a little when he spoke.

“So, are you going to try to make it into school for the rest of the day?” he asked.

April scrunched up her face in thought and checked her clock. “Well, I’ve already missed English class, and trigonometry is almost over now. I guess I could try to make it in. I still don’t feet like I’m back at one-hundred percent, though.”

“Well, then,” Donnie started. “Maybe you should just play hookie for the rest of the day. No harm in missing one day, right?”

April began to smile. “As long as we can move this little game of hookie to the lair.”

The turtle beamed and took her empty plate and glass. “As long as you think you feel well enough, I’d be happy to have you there.”

“If I’m going to miss school, I might as well spend it with you guys. Let me text Casey about the homework and get cleaned up, then we’ll go.” April climbed out of bed a stretched a little before wobbling and sitting back down.

“You okay?” Donnie asked.

She rubbed her temples for a moment. “Yeah, just a little light-headed from the medicine.”

Donnie placed the tray of dishes on the bed and knelt in front of April. “Just take it nice and easy, alright?”

She nodded and tried to stand again with Donnie holding her elbow to support her. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. “I think I’m good now. Thanks, Don.”

The turtle took the tray of dishes into the kitchen as April fired a text message to Casey.

April: Hey Casey, I’m sick today. Can you bring my homework over to the lair sometime this evening?

She walked down the hallway to the bathroom and placed her tPhone on the counter next to the sink. April began to brush her teeth, but let out a loud blech!

“You okay, April?” Donatello called down the hallway.

She laughed a little. “Yeah I’m fine! Orange juice and toothpaste make a horrible combination!” she shouted back to the turtle. She finished brushing her teeth and spit, just as her tPhone buzzed.

Donnie appeared in the doorway as April brushed her hair.

“Can you read me Casey’s text?” she asked.

Donatello grabbed her phone and leaned his shell against the door frame.

“Um...” Donnie started. “He doesn’t seem too happy.”

April furrowed her brow. “What did he say?”

Donnie read the text aloud. “He said, ‘Oh, so you’re sick enough to skip school, but not enough to skip hanging out with Donnie Boy?’”

April pulled her hair into her signature low ponytail and rolled her eyes, scoffing. “Whatever. He’ll get over it. And he had better still bring me my homework. Let me throw on something other than pajamas and we’ll go.”

She squeezed past Donnie and walked back down the hall to her bedroom. As she was about to shut the door, the turtle stopped her.

“Do you want me to text him back?” he asked.

April pursed her lips, thinking for a moment. A sly smile spread across her face and she grabbed her phone. She quickly texted Casey, then handed it back to Donatello. “There, let’s see what snarky reply he has for that.”

The door shut and Donnie looked back at the tPhone, reading the text she had sent.

April: Just bring me my homework, Casey. And jealousy is the ugliest trait :)
A second chapter to a story that was originally an Apritello one-shot. Third chapter coming soon as well. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!
Chapter 1:…
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“So you guys are fallen gods?” Aubree asked

“Correct.” Ariel nodded

“and your fathers want to start a war with each other for the throne?”

“Correct again!” Demi squealed

“And you three want to battle hundreds of thousands of gods and goddesses to stop the war?”

“YUP!” Demi and Ariel yelled

“oh god” Aubree rubbed her head, she looked outside to see Greyson standing there, “What is he waiting for?”

“AH YES!” Demi said, “Well you see there are gods and goddesses for almost everything. He is waiting for the north wind Ally”

“North wind?”

“yes.” Ariel said, “The four are sisters, North, south, east and west winds.”

“South wind has joined my father.” Demi told her
“West has joined mine” Ariel said

“and east has joined Greyson's father” Demi frowned

“And North?” Aubree asked

“AH well she is said to be neutral...but I think she is really on our side...” Ariel said, “I'm not sure why he is waiting for her though....”

Aubree sat back, “So this war must have torn apart the sisters huh?”

“Ah your a fast thinker” Demi frowned, “This war has torn many of us apart...I don't understand why our fathers want everyone in it”

“Power” Aubree said bluntly, “its obvious”

Ally suddenly appeared, “I could be in deep shit for this.”

“Then you shouldn't have answered my message.” Greyson glared

“SO your staying at a human's cliché of you” Ally said

“shut up” Greyson looked at her, “Tell me what I want to know”

“Right down to business huh?” Ally said, “WELL I could only find ONE goddess”

“Why just one!?” Greyson glared

“because I can't go snooping around the world. Those are my sister's territories. Your just lucky I found this one” Ally huffed, “Selena. She is in Italy.”

Greyson walked in, “we go to Italy in a week”

“Wait WHAT!?” Ariel stood up, “Why!?”

“Selena..” Grey said

“wait WHAT!?” Demi glared, “what the hell are we going to do with her?”

“we are going to get her to join us”

Aubree smirked, “so you know you can't do it alone”

Greyson glared at Aubree, and Ariel stepped up, “Greyson we are in this together. You can't leave us in the damn dark”

“Fine.” Greyson sighed, “If we recruit people we might stand a chance.”

“That’s suicide” Ariel said

“Look. We can't recruit parents Like Hera, and Ares, And Apollo and Demeter. BUT we can get the children who think like us, who are neutral or on a side because there parents.”

“There are barely any of us to begin with.” Demi shot back

“We have to try! We have to save humans!”

“This is all for humans?” Aubree asked

“yes.” Greyson said

“I want to help” Aubree told him

“What can you do?” Greyson asked

“I don't know. But I want to try,”  Aubree stepped up to Grey, “If there is something you can't do. Maybe I can”

“Its not a bad Idea...” Ariel said, “and on top of that...we are gods...I'm sure our human interactions and human ways suck.”

“She could be help” Demi said

Greyson growled, “Fine.”

“good you see it my way.” Aubree grabbed Demi, “now you can sleep in my room.”

“Sleep?” Demi asked following Aubree upstairs

“Do you think gather all the children will help?” Ariel asked

“yes.” Greyson said
CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPTER 222222222222222222222222222
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Capítulos 29 y 30 los últimos.  :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  ocho y once páginas por capítulo :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:


Finalmente se termina esta historia. Con momentos lindos, con momentos tensos y con momentos tristes.  Una historia que escribí con gusto y con mucho sentimiento. Como comenté hace tiempo esta historia fue en todo diferente a la primera que escribí. Espero les haya gustado.


Quiero agradecerles a todos mis lectores por seguir esta historia. Es gracias a ustedes que tuve las ganas de escribir y de seguir adelante al ver sus comentarios. Les agradezco por que siendo la mayoría de nosotros (me incluyo) admiradores de Phinbella aceptaron con alegría esta historia que no siguió ese camino. En verdad muchas gracias.


Agradezco a Naty :iconnatyspnf: por la hermosa portada que realizó para este Fan Fic. El trabajo fue hermoso amiga y se que también fue una parte muy importante para que todos conocieran y apreciaran la historia.


Agradezco especialmente a mis amigos :icondafne11: :icondani-611: :iconisabellita3: :iconjamiisol2000: :iconphinbella092398: :iconallfan12895: :iconkarinita123: :iconjoakobernal: :iconjimena1: :iconphinbella-es-lo-mas: por todos sus cometarios de apoyo y sus buenos deseos que me animaron a seguir escribiendo y por estar comentando constantemente.


Esta historia finalmente acabó, y he de decir que extrañaré escribirla. Muchas gracias por leer, y realmente estoy casi queriendo llorar así que mejor ya no escribo más, pero realmente gracias por su apoyo.

Capítulos de inicio:

Capítulos anteriores:



La ilustración de portada fue elaborado por :iconnatyspnf:
Ilustración de portada

Phineas, Isabella, Ferb, Baljeet, Buford, Vivian, Linda, Lawrence, chicas exploradoras (c) Povenmire and Marsh

Historia, Carlos, Marla y personajes nuevos (c) :icontemcginnis: César


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Only 2 chapters left!!! :3
Thanks to :iconlostwonder60: and :iconbloody-vampire-fox: for the use of your characters!
Hope you enjoy, tell me what you think!!!
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English translation by Lyona-dono

The gathering in the holds kept remembering Oz how much he was late about the meal he had to cook for a horde of hungry sailors after a hard day of boarding. From the lack of luck the resources were rarer and rarer in the kitchen as long as the days passed. Numerous rumors were circulating on board about the princess, about how she kept trying to escape and that they needed to lock her up, the young man absolutely did not know if they were true, he rarely went out from behind his stoves but was glad that the small blond was here to help him in his chores although all of this did not really looked like it made her happy and her clumsiness was not helping to wash the deck with a mop, she kept sliding and falling while smashing against the planks.
Today fortunately her service had been over for a few years, she had gone to rest in the captain's cabin where she now lived with him. She ended up falling asleep while waiting the time for diner.
The cruel lack of ingredients discomforted Oz, around twenty men were waiting to be served but he had nothing to feed a few ones and there was no way he would do some favoritism, they would have to tighten their belt, even if it meant eating only a few mouthfuls.

“So, is this meal coming ?! We've been waiting for more than an hour.”
“Forgive me but we have, like, a problem... I'm going to have a talk with the captain about it... You can eat what's on the table, but do it slowly with the doses, okay...”
“Well hurry up because we can't wait anymore !”

All that remained was only vegetables, some of them had gotten the brownish color of the mold during the crossing of those last days. It was impossible for the ship to go back to Reveil that quickly, the case of the cabaret had almost made them caught once and for all, but if they did nothing to gain food they would die from hunger here in a few days.
The blond one made a step forward holding a tray where each meal was put under silver lids that he put on the tables of the refectory of the hold while hearing several blames with complains of all sort. Despite of that the meal was swallowed in a phenomenal speed, very fast... A lot too fast, there did not remain the mere crumb for the captain, who would make a big deal about it, luckily, Oz was in very good terms with him and saw him more like his best friend than his boss, a few situations between those tow could even make one believe the opposite. He stood up on his stool while wiping a cracked plate then slid into the cabin.

“Gil', you're here ?”
“Quite, Eva's sleeping for now, if you knew how she looked like before you came, it was so cute... E... Eh... No, nothing ! Well anyway, what did you want ?”
“I'm sorry but the crew ate everything, normally you were supposed to have priority but they couldn't help anymore and started to menace me... So I wonder if you could let me go to Reveil in small boat with a few coins, I could buy enough for you two and for the meals of the week.”
“I'm not sure it's a good idea, I trust you a lot and I know you won't deceive me, but I distrust the nocturnal patrols that'd been settled recently, it's rather hard for a pirate to walk around, especially when you've been seen in the tavern, but well I think I'm the one who made the most impression, as the captain. Anyways we still have our civilian outfits, here.”

The captain put a hand in the old varnished chest of drawers before getting out of it an outfit that looked quite chic and elegant compared with what the young cabin boy was currently wearing, namely an old yellowish shirt with a waistcoat and ripped trousers. He handed him next a purse in leather full of golden coins he just put out of his pocket.

“I think that'll do just fine, thanks Gilbert ! I'll try it once I'll be on the beach, besides, would you like to eat a meal in particular ?”
“I don't care at all, well bring a few strawberries if you find some, this stupid brat keeps annoying me with that and I kill myself out telling her we don't have ones, I just hope it'll calm her down once and for all.”
“Seeing the season I strongly doubt we could find that in town, I'll do some research from a few shopping ships, here's a day that starts well...”

The small little boat only waiting for Oz had been lowered on the water by Fang and two of his assistants who were informed by Gilbert Nightray a few moments earlier. The tiny boat was surrounded by the salty stretch while being linked to the Royal Revenge by a few ropes. Simple, small and discrete, its only defect was that the machine was working with a pair of wooden paddles and that the boy was not the biggest sporty one on board.
After half an hour of paddling to reach the small island of Reveil, Oz almost got carried away by tiredness, but he held on somehow until the hull of the small boat bumped onto the beach of fine sand. No guard in the horizon it was the perfect moment to put on his new outfit and remain incognito.
The main streets were lined with shops of all sorts, being the reason for the fame of the capital, a lot of very rare items or foods were made and cultivated in the region, but it was not enough to resolve the crisis that descended upon the Vessalius' country. The tourists were less and less important, especially because two of the near countries were at war with eachother, putting everything to fire and the sword, so it was not the good moment to visit other lands and it only weakened the other cities.
No strawberry in the horizon, but the young man with golden locks had found enough to considerably compensate, a great stock of fowl with a few bags of vegetables, luckily one of the merchants helped him to carry the whole to the small boat. He thanked him while making his payment; He was about to go back to the small boat when someone obviously in a hurry bumped into him, the collision was so great that he dropped one of his bags.

“P... Please forgive me...”
“It's nothing my dear, it happens to everyone !”
“I'll help you to brin... E... EVA ?! I can't believe my eyes it's really you ?!”
“W... What...? What're you talking about exactly ?”

On the same moment a young girl with a male cut of hair owning a case of a sword on her waist hurried to shake the other person while reproaching him a lot of things. She was soaked to the skin.

“Kuro you're an idiot of the worst kind ! I understand I had a spider on my head but it's not a reason to push me in the fountain crying out loud, I almost had a heart attack, you were better off running away !”
“G... Gilda... S... Sorry... Look, I found the princess !”
“I... I can't believe it... It's you, Eva ?! Let me guess, you gave them a sound trashing and you sneaked out with a male outfit to go unnoticed and savings to be able to live until the guards find you ?”
“You're being mistaken I'm n...”
“The poor thing, she doesn't know what she's saying anymore, those pirates must have traumatized you, you have no idea how much everyone was worry, it's time to go back to the castle, we spent the whole last night looking for some track of the ship, but from what a lot of passer-by told us, they raised anchor and vanished in the fog. Gilda kept yelling at me because I was depressed because of your absence, but there is good reason to it, they could have really hurt you ! Goodness you're so skinny... The meals should have been rather rare there, you'll tell us everything once at home.”
“... Wait !”
“It's okay I will help her to climb on the horse !”
“It comes at bad times, a creep stole it when I was running after you, mister I-scream-in-an-extremely-manly-way... AND IT'S YOUR FAULT !!”
“P...  Please excuse me... I... Wait, why didn't you run after the stealer instead of trying to give me a sound trashing ?”
“... Forget it, we have enough to pay a carriage, especially if we're saying we're with the princess.”

They were not wrong and had the chance to find quite quickly a carriage driven by a few guards who recognized their “princess” at first glance, one of them even left the vehicle to let her his seat, that he judged as the most comfortable one. Oz could not resign himself to explain who he really was, from fear to find himself locked up and hanged, his only regret was the provisions which stayed in the small boat, he should find a way to contact the captain, but how ? They would realize his absence in the kitchen anyway after a few hours...
He only had to play along until the ship would reach Sablier, but it was still necessary that they understood where he was kept.
The small black haired girl being called Gilda kept harassing him with questions without even letting him the time to answer, and was explaining that if she had been her, she would have found a way to throw the provisions in the see to starve the crew, and this way they would have to return to the coast then she would have taken advantage of this occasion to knock a few of them out and run away.

“Excuse me... Hm... Gilda...? I'm a bit tired for now, I experienced a lot of ordeals and I'm exhausted..”
“Oh, sorry, I understand very well, still if you had done like me;;.”
“Gilda, let her alone please, you don't realize what she endured, I just hope they did not hurt her too much...”
“No don't worry I was well treated, well I was cooperating, I guess it was the best thing to do, I was a bit scared but well it's normal, a lot of them were friendly.”
“My word you were hit on your head, pirates have nothing friendly, they can only destroy and not create.”
“Hey ! It's totally false I'd let you know, brat, I'm only saying what I saw !”
“... It's not like you to call me brat, Eva, but well, I'll pass, since it's what your majesty is asking for, I'll shut up.”
“E... Eva... G... Gilda... Don't argue ! What matters is that she's alive and this ordeal was not too difficult both physically and psychologically.”
“Don't worry, it's okay I said.”

The carriage reached the castle at the end of the afternoon, after long hours of talking with Kuro and Gilda, not talking about the headache caused by the constant neigh of the horses, Oz was not on his best form, he was also starting to have a serious need to eat. He was leaded into Eva's room after reassuring a great number of servants who ran towards him like ants attracted by sugar. Kuro managed to free the pirate from the constriction he was bearing then hanged him out a dress randomly.

“Here, Eva, I'm really sorry for everything that happened earlier, at least you can have an idea of how was life in the castle without you.”
“I realize it, don't worry, those people have a good heart, they were very welcoming, it's a pity I'm so exhausted... W... Wait... I seriously have to wear that ?”
“Of course ! You liked a lot this purple dress.”
“H... Hm... You'll find that strange, but it's been so long I haven't wore dresses that I totally forgot how you put them on..”
“Put on your corset first, don't worry, I won't look you know...I... I'm not a pervert !”
“I don't doubt it, but I must admit this stuff looks a bit like a tool for torture...”

Oz suddenly felt suffocated by the corset a lot too tight that he discretely stuffed with some lingerie but dropped the whole thing inadvertently at the moment when the noble turned around.

“... Y... You're not the princess ! W... Who are you ?!”…

I just love Oz and Kuro's meeting...XDD

Pandora heart characters (c) Jun Mochizuki
Lightberry characters & story (c) :iconlyona-dono::iconraventhalia:
Original text (c) RavenThalia
Translation (c) Lyona-dono
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  A 14 year old girl named Phobia was scared of everything. She is scared of bugs, she is scared of the dark, she is scared of people, she is scared of everything.

She goes to a special school and the hospital everyday. Nobody has found a cure for her.   The only thing she isn't scared of is the forest or anything related to the forest.

The forest is her happy place. She was never scared of it. The beautiful grass, the wonderful trees, the sweet smelling flowers and the harmless birds. Her home was basically the forest. She didn't live with her parents, just her happy place.

One day after she went to her school, she went to the happy place. She was lying down on the grass, smelling the sweet flowers, until she felt a sharp pain in her finger. A snake had bitten her. She screamed as loud as she can and tried to run, but, the snake had bitten her on foot too. She fell right on the ground, screaming for help. Her parents lived right by the forest, so they heard her scream. Her mom came running to her and grabbed her hand. Phobia tried to break the grasped of her mom's hand, but her mom grabbed her hand harder and harder.

A few hours later, Phobia woke up in a hospital bed, and the doctors were sewing her hand. Phobia started to scream and cry, trying to get away from the doctors. Her mom and the doctors held her down, and gave her a pill to fall asleep.

When she was out of the hospital, Phobia was screaming and crying because she was in the car with her mom. Her mom finally decided to keep her in the house, no matter how scared she was.  
I wanted to make a series, so I made one!
Chapter 1
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