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"Hrrpmrpm!" A dark haired pro female soccer player grunted out as she wore a bright green and black combination soccer uniform and she was carried into safe house by two goons who had the audacity to kidnap her during a live game. Despite being on the field along with all the other teams, security and the thousands of fans they somehow made off with her which the action was witness by millions.

"And there you go." A slim short guy said as his tall partner bound the female known as Amber to a chair with rope as more bound her wrists, knees and ankles. A thick knotted white cloth kept her gagged as she was secured into the simple wooden chair. "Good job Josh, now for part two of our plan."

"I still don't know about this Nick, will this really work?" He asked over Amber's grunted struggles as Nick pulled himself up to a computer which had a kickstarter new funding page on it.

"Of course Josh, you got to stay up to date with kidnappings and ransoms and what better way to ransom a famous soccer player than to start a kickstarter fund for the world to pay her ransom!" He said as he held up his camera and took a picture of Amber making her blush somewhat as he uploaded it to the kickstarter page and began to set the fund and type out his demands.

"Mrpmrrmmr!" Amber protested under her gag finding the idea completely ridiculous and absurd.

"And, posted." He said leaning back in his chair demanding $100,000 dollars for her safe release and the kickstarter had a few days to reach it's goal. "Now we just wait and safely get our money." Nick said confident.  

"I hope this works." Josh said as Amber still protested the crazy idea despite it being underway.


Some time had passed and Amber was growing worried, she was given a view of the webpage and there was a large picture of her all tied up and restrain. Under the picture was a warning that if the kickstarter wasn't funded she would be given some new cement shoes and given a special dip in the nearby lake.

When she had viewed it the funding was twenty-five percent at the funding goal but that was some time ago and now she was unable to view it and her kidnappers had finally walked back into the room grinning.

"Alright, time is up. Lets see how much we got." He said as the kickstarter page promised a speedy release if the amount went over required amount.

As he sat down though he looked at the page and shook his head tsking. He took a deep breath and sighed looking at Amber.

"Bad news soccer gal, your kickstarer ransom didn't hit it's funding goal. Guess it's time for those new pair of shoes." He said nodding to Josh who went to fetch a bag of cement.

"Nrnrprmrpm!" Amber cried out squirming in her chair as Josh came back with a large bucket and the bag.

"So I guess this was a failure?"

"Not at all Josh my man, once we make an example of her the next funding we do will meet it's goal." Nick assured him as Amber began to cry a little before there was a sudden banging noise at the door and soon the door was broken down and police rushed the room.

"What the!" Both men said as they were pinned to the floor and soon arrested.

"How the hell did you find this place?" Nick asked confused.

"Your kickstarter profile of course, you had had filled out the address of this place and everything." The officer said making Nick mad.

"JOSH! You lunkhead! You weren’t supposed to fill that out!"

"But they said it was required!"

"Then you should have used a fake address!" Nick shouted more as they were taken away.

"You alright?" The officer asked freeing Amber.

"I am now, thanks." She said rubbing her wrists as curiosity filled her and she checked out the webpage and gasp.

The quarter amount of the funding she saw before was all that it got, slightly more than what she first saw but wasn't very much angering her.

"Some fans I have." She pouted as she had the page deleted and then went with the police to file a report on this mess.

The end.
So the other day while I was looking through the newspaper comic section I saw this very cleaver comic:…

So I decided to make a short damsel version of it, hope you all enjoy :)

As always, read, comment and fav.

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Roleplaying Tips and Etiquette

Hello, my name is Bombia and I have been roleplaying for about thirteen years. Over those years, I have learned many things and I would like to pass on some knowledge to other roleplayers who are newer to it or would like some tips.

First off, let me talk about some etiquette tips.


Noting a person as part of a roleplay request:

What I find annoying and irritable is if someone just notes me with a "Hello." and nothing else. If noting a person for a roleplay, please tell them why you are noting them. That way the person who you are sending the Note to knows why you are noting them and the process is smoother.

Ending a roleplay

If you no longer wish to do a roleplay, please note the person and let them know that you do not wish to continue and if possible providing them with feedback as to why. That way you do not leave the person longing and waiting for a roleplay. It gets very annoying and rude. In some cases, it can lower someone's self-esteem.

Trying to push someone into something they are uncomfortable with.

Don't, don't, don't do that! If someone says they are not comfortable with something in a roleplay (Such as furries or a fetish.), do not try to push them into doing that. You will make them uncomfortable and you can guarantee that they will not roleplay with you again. Listen to your roleplay partner, and respect them.

Don't spam them with notes asking if they got your response.

Let's face it, life is unpredictable and busy. You don't know what will happen. One day you can have a very slow day where not much happens, the next you could be run off your feet. People do get busy, and people have lives outside of the Internet.
They have other commitments to attend to.

If you do not get a response after a few hours, please don't note the person asking if they got your previous note. That is pushy and rude. Please wait three days to ask if they got it. Each person is different, and they might ask for less/more time.


DON'T. Do not do that. Massively overpowered characters are not fun for the other person. Your character having no weaknesses and all strength is not fair. Create a balance between strengths and weaknesses, so it is fair. People become frustrated if your character can never be hurt or beaten.

Taking control of another person's character.

That is frowned upon because the character is not yours to control. Unless the person gave you exclusive permission to do so, do not control their character. Sometimes you may have to write a snippet where their character does an action, but seek permission first.


Practice both male and female characters/dominant and submissive.

Quite often, I get asked to play the male character and/or the dominant character. That is often attributed to people saying that they cannot play males or the dominant character well. Do you know how to conquer that? You practice. You practice, practice, and practice some more. The only way to become better is to practice. If you constantly ask for someone to play the male and/or dominant character and you insist on playing the female, then you will be limiting the amount of people willing to roleplay with you.

When noting someone

What makes things go smoother and go along faster is when you note someone, you include the following information:

-What you are interested in roleplaying.
-Any characters you have that you think would suit the roleplay with links to pictures of them/character biographies, if you have those available.
-What you are and are not comfortable with in a roleplay.
-Any preferences you may have.
-Any ideas you have.


I would highly recommend writing up character biography of your characters and submitting them to your page. Tha eliminates the need to describe your character to every new person that you roleplay with. Please be descriptive and as clear as possible with your information so the person gets know your character through the biography and can decide if that character will suit.

Become familiar with the following terms

- First person:

When a roleplay is written in first person, it is written like this:

I looked at her and shook my head, clicking my tongue. "You do know that is a bad habit, right?" </i>

- Third person:

When a roleplay is written in third person, it is written like this:

Harriet looked to the sky and sighed. "Another gloomy day today. Just what I need."
Michael shook his head at her with a grin. "Cheer up!"

- Paragraph style

Paragraph style is when you roleplay with at least a paragraph in your reply. A paragraph is at least four sentences. Below is an example:

Maxwell was on the move, the anthropomorphic bounty hunter a swift runner. He could morph into a fox for even an even swifter travel but he needed his hands for the capture. He was in hot pursuit of the demon who had killed several townspeople and he was closing the gap fast. His black clothes helped him blend into the dark of the night. "I am coming for you, demon. You will soon pay for this." He muttered to himself, readying his net.

- Script style

Script style is written how you would read a script for a play, television show, etc. Actions are put into asterisks. Here is an example:

Maxwell: I am not sure if that is a good idea. Do you have proof? *He frowns, twiddling his thumbs.*
Juliet: Yes! He hurt me! *Tears run down her face and she shakes.*

- Past tense

Past tense refers to things that have already happened. For example, something that happened yesterday.

He frowned, looking at her face. His eyes closed as he pondered the implications.

- Present tense

Present tense refers to things that are happening right at the present moment in time. For example:

He frowns, looking at her face. His eyes close as he ponders the implications.


A roleplay is the merging of two people's thought and ideas into one story. There is nothing worse than one person being forced to do all the thinking. Both roleplayers should think of ideas and come to a consensus. Let your thoughts be heard.


Well, those are my tips and proposed etiquette. Whatever you roleplay is your choice. Have fun with it. Happy roleplaying!

-Bombia, 2014
I have been roleplaying for many years, so I have written this in the hopes to help others.
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Dillios: We prepare for a match made in hell...that was horrible. Are you guys SERIOUS? One line is all I get, and it is always the shittiest pun!

Roy: When it comes to hellish beings we have a fight between good and evil in our hands.

Ivan: With Hellboy, the witty fireproof demon.

Roy: And Scorpion, the Hellfire ninja of Mortal Kombat.

Ivan: He's Roy and I'm Ivan, and it is our job to analyze these two warriors weapons, powers and skills to see who would win, in a Death Battle.


Known As: Anung Un Rama, Red, Big Red
Weight: 396 lbs.
Debut Appearance: Dime Press #4 (1993)

</b>Roy: Hellboy has quite the past.

Ivan: He was summoned by Nazi Cultist's lead by Grigori Rasputin, who claimed Anung Un Rama or Hellboy would destroy the world.

Roy: That really did not go as planned as he was summoned in a different area than expected, and adopted by Trevor Bruttenholm, who named him Hellboy.

Ivan: Hellboy matured at a rapid growth, despite his age, and was given the title of being human by the United Nations.

Roy: The U.S government than appointed Hellboy as a member of the BPRD, along with Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, and Roger, all of them having some type of superhuman abilities.

Ivan: Hellboy and his companions became the main defense against Supernatural Beings.

Roy: Despite his adolescent mind, Hellboy had the body of a full-grown man, and he slowly gained more experience traveling around the world, hunting down supernatural beings.

Ivan: I like this guy.

Has defeated countless supernatural beings, like werewolves and vampires
Went up against the seemingly unstoppable Golden Army and defeated their leader,Nuada(movie)
Defeated the vampire Vladimir Giurescu
Defeated the witch Baba Yaga on various occasions
Defeated Nazi Agent, Karl Kroenen

Roy: Hellboy has defeated many foes, and almost always comes out on top.

Ivan: It seems like no matter what you are, be a vampire, werewolf, or witch, Hellboy will kick your ass.

Roy: Hellboy is a determined fighter, and few can match him.

Ivan: He defeated the undead vampire, Vladimir Giurescu, and the Russian witch, Baba Yaga on multiple occasions.

Roy: He combated the seemingly indestructible Golden Army, while defeating their leader Nuada.

Ivan: He has also defeated intelligent foes like Nazi Agent Karl Kroenen, who utilizes blades and gadgets.

Capable Hand to Hand Combatant
Knowledge in all types of Folklore and Mythology
Trained Swordsman and Marksman

Roy: Hellboy possesses a decent knowledge of unarmed combat, being capable using his raw power to his advantage.

Ivan: Hellboy is not stupid, as he has a knowledge of most mythological beings, and creatures from folklore.

Roy: Hellboy wields many handguns, and he even used Excalibur, which made him ruler of England.

Ivan: Get the guy a Bald Eagle, I want him ruling here!

Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Resilience
Decelerated Aging
Healing Factor
Innate Multilingualism
Enhanced Sight
Thermal Resistance
Anung Un Rama Form: Grants Superhuman Reflexes, enhanced strength and speed along with Superhuman Durability

Roy: Hellboy possesses insane strength, being capable to lift about five tons.

Ivan: Another power he has is his resilience. Hellboy can dish out the pain, and at the same time take it back. He has been beaten on many occasions, only to merely shrug it off with minor wounds.

Roy: While this is not important to the fight, Hellboy's body looks older than what his age truly is.

Ivan: We went into detail before, that Hellboy is younger than he looks, and he has appeared to stop aging.

Roy: He can master ancient languages easily and-

Ivan: Hey Cypher from the X-Men, other people have multilingualism and can do other cool shit, so SUCK IT!!!!

Roy: Ahem.

Ivan: He had it coming.

Roy: Hellboy has been shown to have a good eyesight, being capable of seeing things farther than the average human.

Ivan: That can help with being able to detect an oncoming attack.

Roy: Hellboy is also immune to fire, as he cannot get hurt or feel no pain from it.

Right Hand of Doom
Multiple Charms and Knick-Knacks
Rocket Pack
A Large Pistol called the Good Samaritan

Ivan: The Right Arm of Doom, a.k.a the badass red sledgehammer.

Roy: The Right Arm of Doom is fast enough to catch a fly, making it capable of catching weapons, due to it feeling no pain.

Ivan: It also is invulnerable, making it almost impossible to get hurt.

Roy: Hellboy is also equipped with many charms used to ward away demons and monsters.

Ivan: He used a Rocket Pack, which mostly fails, but it could still be used as an explosive.

Roy: Hellboy briefly wielded Excalibur, but we are allowing him to use everything in his arsenal, so Hellboy may use the British sword.

Ivan: He also wields the dysfunctional pistol, The Good Samaritan, which seemingly has a limitless supply of bullets meant to take out the Supernatural.

Can be hurt and possibly killed by Holy Weapons
Many spells and projectile attacks can affect him
While Hellboy is agile and quick, Scorpion edges him out
Gets Angered Easily
Many of his gadgets and weapons screw up

Roy: Hellboy does come with a few weaknesses.

Ivan: He is powerful, but not invincible.

Roy: Hellboy can be harmed by certain Holy Weapons, and certain projectile attacks and spells.

Ivan: Hellboy can still be killed if he was overwhelmed.

Roy: He also has a bad temper, mainly because of his dysfunctional weaponry.

Ivan: Hellboy is an agile fighter, but Scorpion takes the speed advantage in the fight.

Roy: If Hellboy uses his strength and weaponry to the advantage, we could see him steal the win.


Known As: Hanzo Hasashi
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210 lbs.
Debut Appearance:Mortal Kombat(1992)

Ivan: Scorpion has a dark past.

Roy: His father did not wish his son to be an assassin, forbidding a young Hanzo Hasashi from joining the Shirai Ryu.

Ivan: Scorpion got older, and he joined in order to give his family a comfortable life.

Roy: However, his life was destroyed and he lost everything, including his wife and child.

Ivan: Now, Scorpion is a pissed off anti-hero, resurrected and ready to seek revenge.

Roy: Scorpion is not as evil as people perceive him to be. He remains very neutral and only sides with evil if their is a promise to bring his family back or avenge them.

Ivan: Like a Hellfire Batman.

Killed Sub-Zero, the ninja who killed his family
Defeated Onaga the Dragon King with power from the Elder God's
Fight's monks, ninjas, sorcerers, gods, and an actor and almost always wins
Constantly comes back from Hell

Roy: Scorpion is an impressive fighter. He has defeated Sub-Zero, and even Onaga the Dragon King.

Ivan: Onaga is one of the strongest warriors in Mortal Kombat.

Roy: He has countless fierce opponents,-

Ivan: And an actor...

Roy: And he is one of the most powerful fighters out of them all.

Ivan: Not to mention he can never be permanently killed. He always comes back from hell to fight another day.

Roy: Even with three losses, he is back for more.

Master in Hapkido, Moi Fah and Pi Gua and Ninjutsu
Expert Swordsman
Expert Axeman
Capable of using other weapons

Roy: Scorpion is a master in various martial arts, including Ninjutsu.

Ivan: Along with Pi Gua, a Bajiquan based style that involves strikes.

Roy: Along with Moi Fah, and Hapkido, which involves strikes and joint locks.

Ivan: Scorpion is a master in multiple types of weaponry, including Sword's, axes, and chains.

Roy: He is a master of other types of weaponry including Short Sword's.

Powers and Moveset
Control's Hellfire and souls
Can Open Portals
Can Summon Demonic Entities
-Spear: Scorpion throws his chain and Kunai, yelling "GET OVER HERE!"
-Hellfire Punch: Scorpion teleports from behind and delivers a fiery punch
-Leg Takedown: Scorpion sweeps his opponent in a scissor lock
-Air Throw: Scorpion grabs his opponent in midair and sends him/her to the ground
Firebreath: Kinda Obvious. Scorpion let's out a breath of fire
Flaming Backflip Kick: Scorpion does a backflip kick, followed by a trail of fire
Hellfire: Scorpion summons Hellfire to burn his opponents from underneath their feet
Inner Flames: Scorpion surrounds himself with fire, protecting him from any attack
Scorpion Sting: X-Ray move where Scorpion teleports behind his opponent and sends a punch to the groin, followed by a teleport punch to the face, cracking the skull,and a stomp to the chest
Mortal Kombat X X-Ray move: Scorpion sends a flying knee to his opponents face, he then sends to spears to his opponents face and chest, followed by pulling it back, sending his opponent straight to the ground
Toasty: Scorpion takes off his mask and set's his opponent's body on fire
Spear Slice: Scorpion slits his opponents, throat before cutting their hip, sending their torso to the ground.
Annihilation: Scorpion transports his foe to a place where members of the dead Shirai Ryu take apart his opponent
Hand From Hell: Scorpion sends up a giant hand through a portal, crushing his foe.
Scorpion Sting: Scorpion turns into a giant scorpion to tear his opponent apart with his tail
Spear Shot: Scorpion sends a spear shot, and tugs until his opponent's head comes off
Spine Rip: Borrowed from Sub-Zero, Scorpion tears his opponents head off, with a spine attached
Hellish Dismemberment: Scorpion rips off his opponents arm and fire's off a leg. He finishes by snappjng his opponent's neck
Lava Pool:  Scorpion drags his opponent straight into a pool of lava, and throws the body out, which is now a skeleton
Split Decisions: Scorpion slices his opponent's torso, and then the head, before kicking the body, sending his opponent into three pieces
Nether Gates: Scorpion opens a portal, while stabbing his opponent with his chained kunai. He proceeds to wrap it around there neck before kicking them through the portal. His opponent returns as a suspended chunk of meat.
Unnamed Mortal Kombat X Fatality: Scorpion sends a ball of fire through his opponents stomach, exposing the dangling heart before cutting their face off, and kicking their brain out of their head.

Roy: You know what, they can read the moveset.

Ivan: Oh I'm not covering that one!

Chained Kunai
Smaller Sword

Ivan: Scorpion possesses a nice arsenal of weaponry.

Roy: His main weapon is a katana, along with his chained kunai, or spear.

Ivan: His more western Longsword and chained kunai serve as his long range attacks.

Roy: While his axe and Katana are a more close ranged oriented weapons.

Ivan: He also possesses a smaller Ninja Sword, which can work at close range.

Has been beaten before
His fire attacks cannot work on Hellboy
Not as strong as Hellboy

Roy: Scorpion does have a few weaknesses.

Ivan: He has been beaten and killed before, and one of his strongest attacks, Hellfire won't work on Hellboy.

Roy: He also lacks Hellboy's physical strength.

Ivan: On a side note, Scorpion does not have a good record on Death Battle.

Roy: He has suffered three losses, which is Loser Tier.

Ivan: Can Scorpion break the streak? Find out when the Death Battle comes out!
I'm on a roll with making these. As usual I do not own Hellboy or Scorpion. Stay tuned for the Death Battle. 
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Ticci Toby By Kamik91-d70jgls by BENSultimatefangirl

The next day you woke up, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and looked around your living room. You smiled, remember the entire day you had with Toby yesterday. You sat up and went up to your room to change your clothes. Once you changed, you walked into the kitchen and made pancakes. Problem was you had your window open and Toby had just arrived. "Hey, do i smell pancakes (Y/N)?" Toby asked poking his head up to the window. You giggled. Toby climbed through your window into the kitchen. "Yep, that's pancakes you smell." You smiled as you continued to make pancakes.

You made two plates of pancakes. One for you and one for Toby. You handed Toby his plate and he started eating immediately. You giggled. You've never met someone that likes pancakes so much. You started eating yours and soon you and Toby finished them. You went into the living room and sat on the couch. "Wanna watch a movie, Toby?" You asked. "Sure." Toby replied sitting next to you. You put on a good horror movie. 

As you and Toby watched the movie you closed your eyes when a scary part came. Toby glanced over at you and chuckled. You opened your eyes once the scene was over and without thinking, scooted closer to Toby. Toby chuckled again. "Scared, (Y/N)?" He asked. "No, i just didn't like that part of the movie." You protested, crossing your arms. Toby Laughed. "Sure. okay, (Y/N)." Toby said as you continued to watch the movie.

Once the movie ended you smiled. "Well, what now?"  You asked. Toby shrugged and stood up. You sighed and stood up as well. "Well, I guess we can go on another walk." You said. Toby nodded. Toby grabbed your hand as you walked out the door. As you walked out the door, you're friend ran up.

"HI, (Y/N)!" She said. "Um, hi Jenna..." You replied. "Hey, who's the boy?" Your friend asked teasingly, and nudged you. You blushed. "His name's Toby..." You replied. Your friend giggled. "Oh is it just me, or are there little hearts floating around?" She asked. You blushed darker. "I-IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" You snapped. Jenna just laughed. "If it wasn't like that, you wouldn't have such a tempered reaction." She said. "She has a point there, (Y/N)." Toby said. 

"It's just that I hate her teasing me every time she sees me with a boy!" You said. "Oh no, this boys different. Isn't he?" Jenna asked. "No!" You replied. "He's just a really close friend, and that's it! nothing more!" You yelled, and for some reason, Toby felt a bit heartbroken. "For now." Jenna said smiling, and walked off.

You growled at Jenna, then looked at Toby. Since his goggles were resting on his head, you could see the hurt expression on his face. "Toby?" You asked. "Are you okay?" Toby didn't answer. "I'm sorry..." You said, hugging Toby. "I just lost my temper. Please don't be mad at me..." Toby hugged  you back. "I'm not mad at you." "But why do you look so hurt?" You asked. "We are just close friends, right?" You asked. "Well....." Toby replied, but said nothing else. "Well what?" You asked looking up at Toby. "Um...n-nothing..." Toby replied. You gave a puzzled look.

Toby took your hand again and started walking with you. You didn't know why, but every time he held your hand, you blushed. As you walked you told Toby all about yourself, and what you liked, and what you did in spare time. Toby listened carefully at everything you said, interested to know more about you.

Once you finished telling Toby about yourself you asked, "What was it like for you before you became a creepypasta?" Toby was silent for a few seconds. "I don't really know." He replied. "I can't really remember my past." He said. He twitched. You thought that his tics and twitches were cute, but didn't know why.

As it got dark, Toby looked to the side. "I gotta go, (Y/N). I'll walk you home first though." You smiled as Toby walked you home for the night. "Do you HAVE to go?" You asked. "Um, I kinda have to get back to see if Slender has any missions for me." Toby replied. "But i'll see you tomarrow." With that, Toby ran off into the woods.

You sighed as you walked into your house. "Why do i get so upset everytime he leaves?" You asked yourself. Sighing you sat on the couch watching movies till you fell asleep.
here's the next part. I have a lot of spare time on my hands, so i'm uploading stories frequently. gotta do something with all the spare time.
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I waved his sign away and rushed to the door.

He was adamant.

Breakfast!! He pointed to the sign, giving me the 'firm' look.

"No time, Yasusu," I said, loudly. "I'm already late enough as it is!"

He walked in front of me to block the door. Oh, great.

I waited impatiently as he hastily scrabbled on his stupidly large notebook. He then turned it around and patted it with his finger, forcing me to look despite my annoyance at having to read in order to communicate with him.

What are you talking about? You're forty minutes early!

"I'm late from being there early!" I snapped.

Yasusu shook his head and pointed to the kitchen.


He flipped to the previous page of his notebook and showed it to me.


I wasn't going to win in this. He wasn't very stubborn to begin with, so I knew I had to obey this much when he readily repeated the same word and/or statement several times in a row. He beamed cheerily and darted to the kitchen, the plates clacking and clinging as he brought them together.

I yawned and walked over to the chair, sitting on it tiredly. Please just get this over with.
I watched as he happily assembled the ingredients together. I could smell the omelette as it sizzled in the pan, the mixture of raw vegetables tossed inside for flavor. My stomach growled.

Geez, can't remember the last time I really ate anything.

I yawned again.

The juicer buzzed after various fruits were sliced, diced, and then gathered inside it. He placed the smoothie next to the omelette, after making precisely sure that the fork and the knife and the spoon were organized in the perfect order in his mind.

I glanced at the time. Fifteen minutes had past.

I immediately grabbed the fork to dive in when he just as hastily inserted a note between me and the food.


I slumped. "I can't."

Scribble. Yes you can. Take your time.

He handed me the organic ketchup and then turned around to prepare his own meal. I was done before he had the chance to sit down.

His violet eyes softened with disappointment, and I knew full well that he was hoping to enjoy a nice breakfast together, for once.

"Got to go," I told him. "Time is money."

Yasusu smiled vaguely, and reached over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"No time," I said nervously. I successfully evaded him and then darted out the door, closing it without giving him the chance to pull out the I love you page.


"You got the reports ready?"

"Yeah, hold on." I was unable to hold a small smile as I read the message on my screen.

"What are you looking at?" My coworker perked a brow as she craned over to see what I was doing.

"Oh, nothing," I murmured, replying back.

"Ohhh," she rolled her eyes. "You're talking to the boss again, aren't you?"

I blushed a little. "Err, yes, but it's... professional."

"Surrre it is," my coworker said sarcastically, "I'm sure it's completely professional to use cute smiley faces and the compliments every time you speak to each other." She paused for a moment, and then perked a brow at me. "Hey... aren't you married?"

"Not really," I huffed, rolling my eyes slightly. "Trust me. What I have is barely a marriage."

She frowned. "Airiri-"

"I got your reports. Don't judge me." My voice dropped to my typical low, quiet, authoritative tone as I gave her the stack of stapled letters. "It's my life."

"Mmmhm." She shook her head at me and then picked up the report, leaving me alone. Finally.



Manager: That's good. I'm glad you got to eat something. You've been working really hard lately. You're really one of my hardest working employees.

Airiri: I only work hard for you.

Manager: You flatter me. But I don't want you to overwork yourself. It would be a shame if you got sick over this company.

Manager: It isn't worth it :(

Airiri: I want to assure you, sir, that you have nothing to worry about. Besides, it is worth it. Believe me.

Manager: We're very lucky to have you. :)

I rested my cheek in my hand and fingered the screen longingly.

Airiri: Thank you, sir.

Manager: I mean it.

Airiri:: I know, sir.

My fingers trembled as I typed the next few words on the screen.

Airiri: Sir?

Manager: Yes, Airiri?

Airiri:: I want to see you....

Manager: Absolutely. We can schedule an appointment.

Manager: Is this about a raise, or a problem you want to set straight?

Manager: Perhaps make a suggestion? You do realize that you're free to tell me here, right? :)

Airiri: No.

Manager: ?

Airiri: Alone. Just the two of us... please.

Manager: .Airiri.

Airiri: I know, it's stupid. But I don't... I'm not happy in my life. I feel miserable and tired and I think I...

I could feel my whole body shaking. I pressed enter before the sentence was even finished, desperately hoping he would get the connotation behind it.

I was so exhausted, and was tempted to fall asleep on the conversation, even going as far as making it the excuse as to why I was... acting in such a manner towards him.

Fifteen minutes passed. He didn't reply.

Manager has logged off.

I'm going to get fired.

Five more minutes past while I anxiously typed up an email of apology, begging him to understand that I had overworked that evening, before quickly redoing the sentence to explain that I had 'a little too much to drink' when I was speaking to him or some sort of excuse when my door knocked.

I looked up from laptop, vision blurry.

Yasusu stood at the door, blinking innocently at me.

I sighed, slouching back. "What do you want?"

Yasusu timidly stepped inside and then handed me the notebook.

It's Us Time tomorrow.

"Really?" I groaned. "It's tomorrow?"

He nodded, taking the notebook back.

'Us Time' was the boundary I had set for our relationship shortly after Pururu was born.

One day out of the month I would spend time with him, fulfilling whatever needs a couple needed to fulfill, and get that stuff out of the way to keep him happy. It usually required a day off from work, much to my utter annoyance.

Occasionally I found ways to push the date further or simply not do it that month, but usually he was pretty persistent with keeping it consistent.

"Please. Another day?"

He shook his head.


He pointed at his notebook, pleadingly.

I didn't want to. I really, really didn't want to.


He smiled and flipped to another page. I glared at him and then squinted my eyes to read it.

What do you want to do tomorrow?

I didn't bother reading the rest. "Does it matter? Let's just do what we do every other month. Just let me sleep in and we'll... I don't know. Watch TV and then make dinner with wine and go back to sleep together. Is that fine with you?"

It was obvious by the look on his face that it wasn't fine at all, but he forced a smile and then wrote something on his notebook. I glanced down at the screen, reread my excuse, and then sent it, looking back up when he gently patted my shoulder with his finger.

Whatever's fine with you, beautiful.

He managed to quickly kiss my forehead, and I closed my eyes, enduring it.

For a neat freak with an obsession with germs he seemed to really enjoy touching my usually disorganized self, especially after work when I was more vulnerable. He gave me a gleeful grin, and then softened affectionately, running his fingers against my disheveled short hair. He leaned his face a little closer to mine. I could feel his breath near my mouth-

"Enough. I'm working."

Yasusu drew back. He scribbled something on his notebook and turned it to show it to me, but I didn't feel like reading it.

"Leave me alone, Yasusu. Please just let me finish!"

He quietly closed it, his pitiful demeanor returning to him. His eyes dropped to the floor and he nodded, respecting my order, and left.

My boss never replied that night.



I pulled my laptop closer to me and opened it up as soon as I heard the indicator for new mail, searching for it immediately, despite the fact that I had just woken up.

My heart fluttered as I saw that it was a response to mine from my boss.


It's fine. It's happened to the best of us, yeah? ;)

Just please enjoy yourself on your day off. You deserve it!

I rolled my eyes in aggravation. So much for sneaking off, then. Yasusu has a stupid habit of telling my workplace when I'm taking a day to relax so that I didn't have to do it.

I glanced at the time, unamused that it was almost noon.

I was still so tired.

I heard another knock at my door.

So it begins...

"Come in, Yasusu."

He pushed the door with his back, carrying a tray of pancakes, eggs, fruit, juice, and coffee.

He tends to spoil me to ridiculous lengths. My every wish was, quite literally, his command. He even went as far as giving me my own separate room to work in, though it quickly became my own bedroom, away from his. It was only on 'Us Time' when we actually shared a bed.

I flicked away the Good morning beautiful! card and set to eating my breakfast. I was at least grateful that he decided to eat on his own time instead of forcing us to eat it together.

He probably already ate anyway; he had his own schedule and all, being somewhat OCD.

Large purple eyes glittered with happiness as they watched me eat.

It was absolutely annoying how much he worshipped the ground he walked on, when I had to take care of him.


See, Yasusu's father was the original manager of the enormous corporation I worked at currently. Through my hard working skills I managed to gain his trust and eventual interest- he pulled me aside and asked if I was interested in a marriage arrangement with his son.

There were the typical meetings, yes, and even 'dates' (if you can call them that) when I decided to accept the proposal.

It was stupid of me, really. I had just assumed he was shy.

I never gathered that he was mute. Completely unable to speak.

I need... voices. I'm not very vocal on my own. If I have to talk, I like steady conversations with me and the other person, not talk-read-talk-read.

His father called me one last time, shortly after I had found out that I was pregnant with Yasusu's daughter.

I remember it clearly:

"Please take care of my son."

In my opinion he was babied a little too much, but something about his eyes, the tremor in his voice, the weakness in his body, that told me to nod and promise him that I would.

I had reasoned, I'll take care of him, but I never promised I'd love him.

His father died a few days after that conversation, and someone new took his place- the manager.

While at first I was angry that I had to go through all that bullfrog with his son and then not be promoted, I was eventually drawn by the charismatic way that the new manager treated me, praised me, comforted me when I had my worser days. We never saw each other sure (he told me that he was always busy to come down to the office), but we were in constant contact via email and instant messaging.

However, with the fact that he told me quite sternly that he was married despite the fact that he had obvious feelings for me, combined with the promise to Yasusu's father, combined with Yasusu, I could not bring myself to tell Yasusu my feelings on the matter.

I wanted to leave him.

Yet, I couldn't tell him, because I knew he'd let me go.


The day went on as planned- boring, as usual, and unenjoyable. Yasusu tried, but I couldn't get over how negligent I sounded speaking to my boss the night before. It was so embarrassing and unbecoming, and I couldn't bear to think what he thought of me now. It got me a bit moody, to which Yasusu left me alone for a little while.

He came back shortly after though, with pie.

I could tell he just made it. It smelled heavenly and warm.

"I'm going to get fat with all this food you're feeding me," I said dryly.

He perked up at the chance to 'speak' and wrote something down on his notebook.

With the way you work, I greatly doubt it!

"You wouldn't know. I'm always sitting down at the computer."

Scribble. Perhaps, but I can still see you overwork yourself, sweetheart. He tapped his head. All that food goes up there. That's why you're so dizzy when you get home.

"Let's talk about something else," I sighed. I watched him thoughtfully pull away a slice from the pie, plop it on a plate and hand it over to me.

Scrabble. What do you think of having another baby?

I choked on the pie, the hot filling burning my throat as it slid down the wrong tubes. It took me a few seconds to cough and gag, Yasusu patting my back and then leaving to get me a cup of water.

"Absolutely not!" I snapped. "Are you out of your mind?!"

I've been thinking about it a lot... I think it might help.

"Help what?"

We're financially stable... he wrote, And... I can take care of it, like I did with Pururu. Please?


Okay, okay. Sorry for asking. Then, Please take deep breaths, sweetie. It's nothing to get worked out over.

I couldn't get over the fact that he tried to avoid my question. "Yasusu, answer me."


"What did you think that a baby 'might help'? Were you instigating our marriage? That a baby would help it?"

Yasusu winced. Bulls-eye. He blinked at me meekly, and then cut his eyes away, teeth sinking his bottom lip.

"I just... no, it won't, okay? But sure, I won't blame you for trying."

Yasusu awkwardly concentrated on the floor, bent down, and picked up a book from off under the sofa. Grisly Beard. I only really recognized it by the picture that it was one of the ones that he used to read to Pururu when she was small. Ah. So that's where it came from.

"...I'm sorry for yelling."

He gazed up at me and gave me a small smile.

"I'm just tired."

Scribble. I know you are, baby. You know you don't have to work anymore?

"I do," I told him, exasperated. "The company needs me."

Yasusu frowned. Airiri, it'll be fine on its own-

"You don't know anything," I said, my voice falling again. "You've never had to professionally work a day in your life."

How do you know that?

"Please. I'm the only one that WORKS!"

Please don't yell.

"Why not? It's obvious I'm not saying it LOUD ENOUGH for you!! I WORK. Get that through your thick skull!"

His hands trembled as he wrote down something in his notebook. Please stop yelling! I work too, okay? Big deal.

"Like what? Cleaning and cooking? Disinfecting the carpet for the eightieth time this week, making cute little desserts, writing little love letters to me every day?"

Trying to be a husband! A good one! For you, Airiri! His eyes were angry and despairing at the same time, begging me to understand. I'm trying so hard, you have no idea!

"You know what a real husband does, Yasusu?" I smirked at him, clenching my fists, "He. Works. He does what I frogging do. And here you are, telling me that a frogging BABY would save our pathetic excuse for a marriage?! Don't force me into both roles of husband and wife, Yasusu. You wouldn't know how to run a business if you had a full idiot's guide to it. So don't judge me, okay?!"

Yasusu opened his mouth, and I laughed at him. Why? Why did he even frogging bother? He couldn't talk.

"You're nothing but a coward, Yasusu. Afraid of the stupid little things that don't even hurt you. You're hardly a husband at all. So don't frogging give me that you're 'trying so hard'. Because you aren't. And frankly your excuses are really, really irritating me, especially right now."

I expected him to reach for his notebook, but he had laid it flat on the table.

He stared at me for a moment, taking in my words. He blinked several times more, eyes wet, but tears not forming. Suddenly, he furrowed his brows, his eyes glowing with fury. He stood up and then, out of nowhere, stretched out and moved his arms up and formed his hands oddly, making them gracefully slide in and out in strange and fluid motions.

Sign language.

He only ever used sign language when he was angry.

It was like a foreigner falling back to his native tongue because he was too emotional to execute his words in the language I was used to. It was overwhelming, almost... frightening.

For some reason there was just more violent passion to this. It made the whole room feel loud and quiet at the same time, deafening in the absence of sound.

"Stop!" I screamed, covering my ears. "Just stop!! I don't understand you!"

He didn't. He continued the madness, furiously zipping his hands in and out, glaring at me. The urgency, the speed, the ferocity in which he signaled gave the exact feeling of someone who was yelling, unable to contain their frustration and annoyance. Finally, he stopped, and he sat down, catching his head in his hands.


I felt something wet and warm fall down my face in drops.

"This just isn't going to work," I whispered.

I looked up to make eye contact with Yasusu, but he was gone. Before I could wonder where he was at I had to involuntarily cringe as he uncharacteristically slammed the door from his room. I peered over his book, and I frowned slightly, unsure what to think of the message he had left.

Pay attention.



I decided to take you up on your offer after all.

My wife is going to meet someone tomorrow night; why don't you visit me at the Triple Star Inn?

We can talk.

Hope to see you there ;)


"Airiri? Are you free to work tonight?"

I made a grin. "Nope. Got a hot date."

"Ooh!" my coworker chirped. "Good for you! I'm glad that you and your hubby are finally getting some alone time. That's really nice."

"Yeah..." I laughed weakly and then rolled my eyes when she was out of sight. My husband was not who I had in mind, you silly woman.

I hoped I looked good.


Manager: Is it still on tonight? :)

Airiri: Absolutely!

Manager: Excited to meet you.

Airiri: Me too. ^_~


The room was going to be on the very top floor, fancy, first class. I felt my heart racing eagerly and fearfully at the prospect that this was really happening.



Yasusu didn't leave his room last night, nor did he answer the phone. I had to leave a message, telling him to have dinner without me (as usual) and not to expect me home until quite possibly the following morning. I had made the excuse that it was a conference meeting that was keeping me up 'so late', but I still couldn't bring myself to admit that I was cheating on him.

I don't know.

I felt awful for last night, I did. But he is just so intolerable sometimes.

I sighed, folding my arms. I really hoped he wouldn't forgive me.

I think this would all just be so much easier if he hated me.

I knocked the door again, eyeing the golden 607 room number. I nervously checked my watch.

I'm not too early, am I?

My manager... was he teasing me?

I knocked a third time, when suddenly I saw the knobs turning and clicking open.

It was getting hard to breathe. I gazed up at the face of the man I had never seen before, and-

My face turned pale.


My husband blinked at me, tilting his head curiously.

"What the frog are you doing here?!"

Yasusu opened the door wider and motioned me in, turning around to find the notebook that was placed neatly on his bed. He flipped to the first page and handed it to me, asi f he expected that I would ask that question.

What are you talking about? You invited me.

"No I..." my voice faded as I realized what just happened. I glared at him. "Is this all some sort of sick prank?"

He turned the next page. Nope. I'm your manager. Surprise.

"....You can't be."

My father owned the business, Airiri. I inherited it after he died.

"But..." This didn't make any sense. "But... you said you had a wife-"

Yes, I do. A lovely one, too.

It took me a moment to realize he was talking about me.

"....How the frog do you manage a frogging business and I not-" I stopped.

'Pay attention.'

Yasusu blinked at me tiredly. He wrote something down on his notebook and handed it to me. I'm going home. Feel free to stay here if you want. Won't make a difference if you're at home or not.

He left me alone, leaving me to wonder if I should laugh or fall down to my knees and cry.

I did both.

This was depressing. 


And it was much worse than what I originally had in my head... 

Oh boy. 

I originally wanted to write something fluffy and this came out. 


I swear, one of these days that couple is going to... I don't know. Love each other or get divorced. One or the other. 

I'm aiming for some cute YoriYoshi soon. Look for that, I guess x'D 

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"Hush little baby dont you cry, daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby....everything's gonna be alright, the Lord's gonna answer yer prayer tonight..."
It's a song I heard by an artist called Toby Mac. Feli's music...not that I care for her music...but those words seem to pop into my mind now as I watch you sleep...
shell the damage that has been done to you this day was unbearable....
stupid people pressing stupid alarms!!! I'LL MAKE EM PRESS AN ALARM!!!! ><!!!!!!!!
I do have a little of my father's anger inside me....especially when I see you suffer at the sake of others....
The very people yer there to help and take care of show no respect at all!
and yer job! dont even get me starting on that-- *mumbles curses*
sorry again...
I saw you break down that hurt more than a thousand bee stings...
You cried you didnt eat well...and there wasnt a thing I could do!!!
All I could do was hold you....I dont know if it was enough or if it was good enough...
oh how I wanted to do more....
I wanted to sweep you off yer feet and run away with you...

then you had yer daughter today...
I played with her for you and made you sit and rest
then I made you both a good dinner and took care of everything that Nova needed so that you could just rest
I-I hope it helped...
I remember the bed time story I told Nova...I wasnt reading from a book for her this time...I made the story up
"Once upon a time there lived a young peasant girl. She was the fairest of all women in the land...but she was treated nasty by all the rich people and the people who she worked hard for. She would toil and labor every day in gardens and do a wonderful job! But the people who owned the gardens looked down on her for her beauty and gentleness and her heart. They were jealous...and they plotted against her to kill her! But one guy said, 'let's not kill her. Let us sell to a rich man for a high price instead so that we might make great money from her!' The people agreed and when they saw their chance they grabbed the poor girl and stripped her and put her in rags....they made her low and humiliated. Remind you these were the same people she worked hard for...Well one day a man was coming in town and he was dressed in fine clothes and one of the masters turned to his friends and said 'hey! there looks like a rich man! maybe he will buy the girl!' So they approached this rich man and brought the woman with them. But this man was of good character and high in power. He growled at the people and said 'You wicked servants!!! As King of this land I will see you all shamed before everyone for this crime!!' Then the people were greatly afraid because they realized this rich man was in fact their king! The let the young woman go and begged the king for mercy. His decree was this: 'From now on you will all toil in my fields and work in my vineyards!' So guards came and immediately took away the evil men and women who plotted against this woman."
The I remember Nova looked at my with big curious eyes and said "What happened to the woman???"
I smiled and looked at you in that moment "The king....made her his queen, to rule with him over the land...And they lived happily ever after..."

Nova thought I made up a good story for her and she went to sleep....but my love....that story was about you....
you have been living under the rule of others doing the best you could and living humbly!! never complaining!!! but they didnt respect you...
they treated you wrongly....
but then you were rescued. You have been given yer own home and a new life....not that I'm a king....I'm the lowest of lows on this earth...but....I-I treat you as my ARE my queen...I live to serve you as yer husband...
I love you so much and I dont want you to ever forget that!!
m-my love....will you please live? yer condition and what you go through scare me a little....I-I've been having bad pains in my body....and one night I had a terrible nightmare of being back in the lab....but you were there holding me and comforting me...
I WILL be alright...but not if yer not. I will FIGHT to be strong and take care of you and give you my very best in everything!!!!
Tomorrow yer not leaving this house without a good breakfast!!! it's waffles and jam and coffee for you!!! I'll serve it to you and Nova in bed if I have to!!! but strong....
I know today you didnt feel strong....
but I will hold you up and walk with you
I'll do anything for you!
My sweet sweet love....
Sweet love of mine....yer my sunshine <3
~Yours forever
a letter from my OC Seth to his wife :iconsnofs:
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Ticci Toby By Kamik91-d70jgls by BENSultimatefangirl

The next day, you woke up to a knock on the door. "hmm? COMING!" You called, rubbing the sleep from your eyes while getting up, yawning. You walked over to the door and opened it. Standing there was Toby. "Um, hi Toby." You said. Toby waved. "Told you i'd come to hang out." He said. "Oh, well what should do then?" You asked. "Maybe a walk in the woods?" Toby asked. "I don't know." You replied. "I never gone in the woods..." Toby just laughed and grabbed your hand, pulling you out of the house.

"There's nothing to be scared of." Toby teased, making you blush. "I-I'M NOT SCARED!" You protested. "Sure." Toby said with a laugh. "How'd you know where I live, anyway?" You asked. "I saw you walk in when I left yesterday." Toby replied. "Oh." You said. You and Toby kept walking till you reached the woods. You noticed that you and Toby walked hand in hand the whole time, making you blush.

Toby looked over and saw you blushing. "You okay?" He asked. You looked down at you hands. "Oh, i see." Toby let go of your hand, which then made you feel a little upset. "Remember to stay close to me." Toby said as he walked into the woods, and you followed right behind him. 

You looked around the woods until you saw a cat jump from the bushes and chased after it. "(Y/N)!!" Toby called. "GET BACK HERE!" You looked back to see Toby looking rather worried. You ran back to Toby. "(Y/N), you can't just go running off like that! You're gonna get yourself killed!" You blushed. "I-i'm sorry..." You said. Toby sighed. "I told you to stay with me for a reason." Toby said, sounding more calm now.

Toby grabbed your hand again and continued to walk. You looked at the ground, feeling embarrassed about running off like you did. Toby stopped at a tree and sat under it, and you sat as well. "Sorry i ran off like that." You said. "Well just don't do it again. Never know who or what could be out here." Toby said, and you nodded. "So, you've never come here?" Toby asked, and you shook your head. "But it's kind of nice here." You said, smiling.

You and Toby sat for a while, talking, laughing, and occasionally arguing over something. But you always ended up laughing. Toby was becoming one of your only and closest friends. And it made you happy. You found out that Toby was a creepypasta, and he told you about the others, and you were very interested, and listened closely. 

You also learned that Toby loved pancakes. You gasped. "ME TOO!" You said. Toby just laughed. "Pancakes are the best!" You said. You then learned that Toby like to annoy the one named Masky. He told you about the manor and Slenderman.  You enjoyed every bit of it. Then you found out what Creepypastas do. "So, I'm friends with a murderer huh?" You asked. "Not that i mind." You and Toby both laughed.

You grew close to Toby already and you've only known him a day. But you felt a connection, and you felt like he did to. As you talked it started to get late, and you yawned, laying your head on Toby's shoulder, falling asleep instantly. Toby shook his head and laughed and just sat there a little while longer.

When he was ready to leave he picked you up and brought you back to your house walking inside and laying you on your couch, then he left.

You smiled in your sleep, thinking of the entire day you had with Toby.
here's the second part of my Toby x reader. :meow:
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A terrified howl split the calm and silent atmosphere of the cave like lightning. Artemis rose from her sleep, disgruntled, and lifted her muzzle towards the hole in the ceiling. Moonlight reflected on to a pool in front of her white paws, creating an eerie glow in the darkness. Raindrops dripped from the stalactites above, one drop landing on Artemis' nose. She shook her head vigorously and stood up.

"Kolby..." She half snorted, half growled to herself.

Paw steps sounded behind her, and she simply sat down to lick her paw.

"Hey, Ruormin, what's going on at the border?" She asked between licks.

The white wolf behind her chuckled slightly, "Nothing gets by you, does it? I don't know who howled out there, but everyone's in the sleeping hollow. Excluding Fruora, who's on guard."

After a moment of silence, Artemis said, "Ruormin, please get me out of here."

Ruormin felt his ears droop at the phrase, "I'm trying."

Artemis flopped back onto the cold, rocky floor. Ruormin padded up to her and whined, "I miss them as much as you do. Now, sleep tight and keep your chains out of the water."

AN: This is not a full chapter or anything just trying stuff.
please don't ship these two 

that would be v pedo 
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