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Background 39 by Miabia100


(2p! America x Reader)  


This was just a spark of the moment, why not? Wrote it in one sitting, sorry if it sucks. I felt my fingers begin to write on their own and before I knew it I had a whole plot and characters. Like a warm up I suppose? Music makes you do crazy things; since I listen to music whenever I write it can really change my mood so you may see it in this writing style. Think nothing of it.


Song(s)– Boy by Emma Louise…



Please enjoy











“Can you at least pretend like you love me? I’ve tried and tried again to grab your attention!” I sighed and yelled through the phone yet again, my elegant (h/c) falling from its bun. This was the fifth fucking time this month I’ve been stood up.


“What are you talking about? I’ve gone through and through to get the days off to spend time with you!” I scoffed as his deep voice vibrated through the phone. Yeah right, sure. I knew his boss; he’d let him go if it was for me.


“Sure you are, ass. Just forget about it, I’m not even in the mood to go out anyways.” I waited patiently for the loud growl that was to come from the other line. It came and went.


“You know, being a bitch doesn’t fit you (f/n).” I nodded and rolled my eyes; the only bitch in our relationship was him. It was like he had no idea how to treat a girl. He didn’t.


“Yeah sure, sure. Just go back to flipping fucking burgers Al. Turn off the lighter when you do it.” I smiled once I heard the vegan curse, evidently shutting the phone as he did so.


“I fucking hate you.”


The line went short and I thrust my phone onto my bed laying a few meters away from me. I glanced out the window and sighed deeply, a few meaningless tears rolling down my face like rain. Why do I even bother crying for this shitty relationship? The man obviously didn’t like me and I felt the same if not ten fold but for whatever reason I wanted to make it work. I looked at myself through the window, my bold outfit shimmering to me through the window. A black sheer top layered with the leather jacket Al seemed to always have hanging on him even on hot days, it smelled of him, his musky scent calming my senses. Even when I hated him I couldn’t help but love him, tragic Juliet waiting on a Romeo that would never come. “What a joke love is. It makes people do crazy things…” I shook my head, a gentle smile laced with malice made its way to my face, I stared at myself letting my finger tips touch the cold glass. My white lace skirt and my black combat boots, the ideal date outfit; for a date that was never to come. My mascara rolling down from my cheeks onto my skirt in noir droplets, I wiped them away only for it to stain my powdered cheeks.


“I even tried for this date, even more things to laugh about, I need a smoke.” I stretched my legs out from their bent up position and rolled my neck before elongating my arm, in reach of a pack of forgotten smokes. “He always seems brings the bad out of me.” I’d promised myself off of these for the past two weeks, only sucking on sour lemon heads and apple seeds to peel the urge away from me. I strangled the bright blue lighter in my hands and flicked its lid, watching as the flame flickered left and right, a compelling yet zesty turquoise with a malevolent red. I liked these two colors, they made plum. 


I clipped the end of the pale stick and watched as smoke escaped through one end before opening my red lips, set for kisses but instead kissed at the smoke that made its way down my throat. I sat for a few moments, letting it burn at my throat until letting out a painful yet satisfying sigh, it’s smoke making its way from my nose like that of an angry bull. It felt so good, better than any orgasm Al could ever give me, ha, sex with him was like fucking that nailed club of his. Horrible. 


I opened my mouth and let out small puffs of soot playfully, bored out of my mind. The ideal date that was scheduled for today canceled by not only my boyfriend of five years but the rain that endlessly poured from my window, frizzing my hair from its evil humidity. I grinned evilly as the last of the bud vanished in a rushed finish, reminding me of a certain someone and his dick. “Always finishing first, poor asshole.” I giggled and flung the bud to the floor before smashing it deep into the brown wood leaving nothing but a cloud of smoke, I’d need to vent the room. I pulled up a window, a new cigarette in between my red lips, like that of a straw.


“I guess I’m gonna have to entertain myself for a few hours.” I ran my fingers through my (h/l) mane as the last of my bun came loose falling all around my head in cascades of (h/c). I lit the cigarette slowly this time, letting my eyes cross as I watched the constant plum flickering of the two colored flames mark the tip, a sweet smell of weed hitting my nose yet again, it was a wonderful smell. I pulled it back and let my eyes roll in the back of my head, the dreams and wishes of my adolescent mind flowing away with the clouds of smoke that made their way out of my face holes slowly. I waved them off with the roll of my eyes; this relationship was like meaningless sex. Stupid and only one party was happy afterwards. I crushed the long shaft in my mouth before rising yet again. “Fuck.”  I cursed softly before reaching for a few bags that were scattered all about the room, all of which were Al’s. I cursed yet again; I really had wasted all of this time with a shit monster? I sighed and pulled up one of his many red bags full of who the fuck cared. I began to stuff a bunch of his clothes in them, throwing them meaninglessly into them until they over filled with the clothes he’d never worn.


“Fuck you Al’ fuck you and everything you seem to stand for, even if that means nothing at all you meaningless piece of dog shit.” I whispered silently before tossing the bags out of the window that once venerated the room, the rain that poured and the lightening that zapped and rolled through the summers night blaring out any curses and cries I let out as I juvenilely cackled like that of a child. My nightmares were over! I was free from this curse that was love, I was free once again. I soon began picking up his phone chargers and headphones and even his laptop and thrust it out the bedroom window, which was two stories over the edge of the roof and let them slide down.




I could hear them as they hit the ground, letting gravity do so, so effortlessly I loved it. “I’ll say it once more, fuck you Allan.” I cried out, but this time with pure apathy. I could care less out about that shit as long as it didn’t involve me and at this point it didn’t matter. I stared down at the wet flames as the computer was set on fire, burning all of his clothes in the process. I walked over to the bed in pure excitement laying myself down in a snow angel like position before giggling manically. I gripped a pillow and relaxed for a few moments before yet another idea flew into my head.


I ran over to my bag of clothing, once I kept for weekends where I’d stay with my boyfriend, slung it over my back and pulled out Al’s lighter once again, the withering flame growing as I stared at it, I moved it over to the bed and lit it on fire, the flames continued to grow despite the harsh winds from outside, it was too late for anything to be saved now. I moved out of the bedroom as the rest of the wood and plastic melted into one, creating a large tyrant of a flame, a gorgeous scarlet maroon. I rushed about the house creating more and more small fires that eventually become larger and larger, it was beautiful. I continued until finally every room in the house was a ragging inferno of red and gray, a large cloud of smoke over head as I escaped my demise. Anything that involved us, Al and I were no more, it was all burned down to cinders, under the deep blue sky and the silver rain drops that seemed to try and end my party. Nothing could stop it now, I was well beyond entertained, I was having the most fun that I’d ever had while dating that dick. I was in fucking paradise.


I pushed the door open and stared up at the majesty that was the screaming house, it caved in rather quickly and eventually even sent small flames of wood at Al’s car to which it too blew up, the neighbors freaking out called for a fire department but at this point the house was no more than small burning cinders that cackled and sizzled loudly under Adams ale.  I flicked off the house; my painted nails sending shivers down the pile of burnt black wood.


I left the scene, like that of the rolling winds that seemed to evoke terror into the hearts of the wicked.


I was unchained.



I have no idea, this song is what possessed me to write this, it was definitely influenced by this awesome song, I’m not even a fan of this genre but this was pretty good. 

Boy by Emma Louise… 

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I remember black skies, the lightning all around me. I remembered each flash as time began to blur. And a startling sign like fate had finally found me and your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve.

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean. Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes... Give me reason to fill this hole to connect the space between. Let it fill up to reach the truth and lies across this new divide.

There was nothing inside the memories left abandoned. There was nowhere to hide the ashes fell like snow. And the ground caved between where we were standing. And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean. Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes... Across this new divide!

In every loss and every lie and every truth that you deny. And each regret and each divide was all mistakes too great to hide. And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve.

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean. Let the thoughts cross the distance in your eyes... Give me reason to fill this hole to connect the space between. Let it fill up to reach the truth and lies across this new divide. Across this new divide! Across this new divide!
The two brothers have a divide between them that's been growing since the Second World War.
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Clint Barton

                We all looked at each other. (Name) had just called S.H.E.I.L.D and we all knew something was really wrong. After a few moments of silence everybody was looking at me. “What?” I my eyes flicked around the room. “Aren’t you gunna go after her?” Tony asked. I blinked in surprise. “Why would she want me to save her?” I asked. “God Dammit Clint,” Natasha snapped, “How dense could you possibly be? You’re the one who wanted to smash Allen’s face in the most. So go do it,” “Lady Natasha is correct,” Thor agreed, “If you want to prove your love to Lady (Name) you should save her,”

                Slightly shaken I got from my seat and hurried off. In my car some many things ran through my mind. Was I really that dense? Did (Name) out of everyone want me to save her? I was sure she had feelings Bruce. Sure she wasn’t fond of Big Green, but nobody really was. She and Bruce where pretty close as it was. All this wasn’t adding up in my mind. While I sat puzzling over (Name) my phone rang. “Barton speaking,” I answered the phone. “Are you at (Name) s’ yet?” it was Tony. “No. Almost,” I said, starting to worry again. “You might wanna hurry up, because we just got another call from (Name). Allen is pissed,” Tony explained. “Eh, thanks Tony,” I said, my voice shaking as I hung up.

                I pulled up to the (Name)’s place. I dashed up to the front door. I heard (Name) yelp. Anger coursed through my veins. Somehow I slammed the door open. He banged against the wall, leaving a dent. I didn’t care though. The house was dark, but I could still see blood stain on the carpet. The worst part about these stains was the fact that some of them where fresh, others had been there for who knows how long. Silently, I slunk toward the back of the house.

                I could hear Allen shouting at (Name). The sound of something hitting skin pounded in my ears. How dare he touch her? (Name) didn’t do anything to deserve this. I used my pent up rage, to kick down the door. The tanned brunette stood over (Name). Her (s/c) skinned face and arms where bruised and bleeding. Allen whipped around and stared at me. “Who the fuck are you?” Allen demanded. I glared at him. “Clint. Help,” (Name) squeaked, her (e/c) pools where begging. Allen turned back to her smacking her, hard. I barreled at him. I slammed him into the wall.

                I held him by the collar against the wall. “I’m an Avenger,” I spat in his face. Allen’s crimson eyes widened. I punched in the face. Blood streamed out of his nose. I through him on the ground angrily. “Don’t you ever come near (Name) again,” I warned. I lifted (Name) off the floor, and carried her bridal style.
                She buried her face into my chest. A sob escaped her. “Shh,” I stroked her (h/l) (h/c) hair, “It’ll be okay. I’m here now,” I took her out to my car. “Won’t I get blood in your car?” she asked shakily. “I won’t mind, it’s cleanable,” I said in a quiet tone. I took my shirt off and tore it in pieces. “Clint!” (Name) cried, “That’s your favorite shirt,” “It’s alright (Name),” I said, “I can get another,” Gently I wrapped the cloth around her wounds. She winced, tears still streaking down her face. “I’m sorry (Name),” I wiped the tears away. “Why did you come to help me?” she asked, “Aren’t you busy?” “I’m never too busy for those in need,” I said quietly, as I continued to wrap her wounds. (Name) pressed her forehead to mine, “Thank you,” she whispered. My stomach jumped up into my throat. I opened my mouth to say something, but the words couldn’t escape me.

                “Clint? Can I tell me something?” she asked, not looking at me. Her (e/c) pools swirled with a nervous excitement. “You can tell me anything,” I said finishing up the wrap on her arm. “I-I love you Clint,” she said, barely above a whisper. I didn’t say anything, shock filled my body. “Oh… I…” she looked at the pavement behind me. “(Name),” I cupped her cheek gently, “I love you more than you know. That’s why I came, I knew he was hurting you,” her eyes widened. I kissed her softly on the lips. I felt her kissed back.

                Then gently I kissed her each of her cuts. “Let’s get going,” I said. I hoisted her legs into the car. “Thank Clint,” she said again quietly. I smiled at her, while getting in the driver’s seat, “Hey it wasn’t problem,” She smiled back but only slightly. Her eyelids fluttered slightly and she yawned. “Go ahead and go to sleep (Name). I’ll be here when you wake up. That’s promise,” she nodded and dozed off in the car, after a few minutes.

                I waited in the hospital. The other avengers where on their way know. I put my face in my hands. What if I lost her? (Name). My one love. Losing her now? I don’t think I could live that way.


                I looked up. It was Natasha. The others where there to. Tony plopped down on one side of me and Steve sat on the other side. “How is she?” Tony asked. “They won’t let me see her,” I said, panic rising in my tone. Steve put his hand on my knee. “She’ll be okay. Miss. (Name) is a very tough young woman,” the blonde comforted. I smiled my gratitude to him sadly.

                We all waited patiently, until the doctor finally came out. “Is a Mr. Clint Barton here?” I was on my feet before the doctor could finish his sentence. “I’m Clint Barton,” I said. “Come with me,” the doctor said beckoning me. I nodded wearily and followed him.

                (Name) was awake in her room. Bruises, scars, and bandages littered her skin. “Will she be okay?” I asked. “Of course,” he smiled. I sighed with relief, “Thank you, very much,” “If you need anything go find Nurse Catherine. She was assigned to (Name)’s room,” then the doctor left. I nodded and went inside her room.

                When I walked in, (Name) smiled at me. I sat in the chair next to her. I grabbed her hand. I rubbed my thumb against her bandaged hand. “How ya’ feeling?” I asked. “Sore,” she mumbled. “You’re pretty tough, you’ll be alright,” I promised. Her smile suddenly fell. “What’s wrong (Name)?” I asked, panicked again. “What am I gunna do?” she asked, “I can’t go back to Allen. It’ll be worse than ever before,” “You’ll come stay with me,” I told her. “I don’t wanna get in the way,” she protested. “(Nickname) you won’t be in the way and I will not. I repeat, I will NOT let Allen near you ever again,” I said firmly. “Thank you Clint,” that beautiful smile of (Name)’s spread across her face. I stood up and kissed her passionately. “You go Hawk!” Tony cheered behind us. I pulled away, glaring at him. “Damn billionaire,” I muttered. “Don’t you sass me!” Tony snapped his fingers. (Name) giggled. I grinned, I knew Tony said what he said to make (Name) happy.

                The other Avengers and I kept (Name) company till I could take her home with me. (Name) had scars and bruises when we left the hospital, but she would get better. I mended her broken heart and help mend her broken body.

Here's Clint!!! Hawkeye Welcome PLZ This makes me soooo happy! I was freaking out while I was writing it cause it makes me happy. 

I own nothing. Blah Blah Blah.


Hasta La Pasta APH: onion austria 
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Mizi was now a month pregnant and Lyndon was freaking out since the day he found out. The pregnant merman was really hyper and Lyndon was worried him and the baby would get hurt. Mizi was bouncing around excitedly as him, Lyndon and Sylvia walked to the fair. Lyndon gripped Mizi’s hand. He needed to keep a close eye on his lover to make sure nothing bad happened to him. He sighed as they got to the fair and Mizi took off running dragging him along. Sylvia giggled at this and waved them goodbye. Lyndon rolled his eyes and followed his lover to where ever he was dragging him off to. Mizi laughed and pulled Lyndon to the carousel. Lyndon took a deep breath. At least it was a safe ride. Him and Mizi found one of the seats that didn’t go up and down. Lyndon help his lover sit down and sat next to him. Mizi smiled and cuddled close to his mate. Lyndon smiled wrapping an arm around Mizi. He kissed the boy’s forehead softly. The ride started to move and Mizi bounced in his seat excitedly. Lyndon sighed and held Mizi hoping he would calm down soon.

The ride ended after a few minutes and Lyndon took Mizi to a concession stand. Mizi ordered, funnel cake, nacho’s with extra cheese, cotton candy, popcorn with extra butter, onion rings, three cheese burgers, french fries and a large cup of lemonade.  Lyndon face palmed and paid the eighty five dollars for all the food his lover bought. “Yummy,” Mizi took all the food into his arms taking bites from all of it at different times and drinking his lemonade. Lyndon rolled his eyes and wrapped an arm around Mizi’s waist. “You need to start eating healthier Mizi. This food isn’t good for you or the baby,” He said sternly. Mizi pouted and sighed, “but it tastes so good,” He said  taking a large bite of the cotton candy. “I know it tastes good but there's a lot of sugar in it which is extremely bad for you and the baby. I don’t mind you eating sugary foods every now and then during your pregnancy just not like this anymore okay?”  Lyndon asked. Mizi nodded and finished eating the rest of the junk food he had gotten. Lyndon smiled and they walked around as Mizi finished his food.

After the feast of food Mizi and Lyndon went on a couple settling rides that wouldn’t make Mizi throw up all the food he had just eaten. Lyndon took him on the tunnel of love. It was nice and relaxing. Mizi snuggled close to Lyndon and closed his eyes. He was getting a little sleepy after the fact that he had eaten all that food. Lyndon smiled and kissed his sleepy pregnant lover’s forehead, “After this we’ll head home okay?” he said. Mizi nodded softly and lied his head on Lyndon’s shoulder. The ride soon ended and Lyndon picked Mizi up bridal style and carrier him home. Mizi had fallen asleep during the ride and Lyndon didn’t want to wake him up. Mizi curled up in his lovers arms his head falling on Lyndon’s chest. Lyndon smiled and looked for his cousin before heading home. He found his cousin at one of the game stands. He smiled and waved her over and they headed off.


Yuji woke up to breakfast in bed made by Chaos and Heaven. “Happy birthday mommy,” Heaven said giving him a hug. “Aww thanks sweetie,” Yuji smiled and kissed Heaven’s forehead. Chaos smiled and wrapped an arm around his master. He gave Yuji a kiss on the cheek. Yuji smiled happily and ate the breakfast that his daughter and Chaos made for her. Heaven smiled and ran off to her bedroom to get dressed in her day clothes. Yuji looked at Chaos after he finished the breakfast. He kissed Chaos softly, “Love you,” He said. Chaos smiled and gave Yuji a kiss back, “Love you to master,” He said. Yuji smiled. Chaos growled a little when Jame walked into the room. “Morning master,” Jame said bowing. He smirked at Chaos who dug his nails into Yuji’s back growling lowly. Jame walked over with a wrapped box, “here you go master I got this special for you,” he said. “aww thanks Jame,” Yuji smiled and sat up as Chaos took the tray and gave his competition a death glare. A couple months ago Jame had made an permit stay in the house and became Yuji’s ‘pet’. Chaos hated Jame for the beginning the guy was always in the way. Chaos cleaned up and went to the kitchen. Jame handed Yuji the present, “I got it specially made,” He said. “Aww thanks Jame,” Yuji opened the present. It was a golden locket inside was a picture of Heaven and Chaos and engraved on the front was Yuji’s name. “Oh my god,” Yuji looked at the locket, “Jame it’s beautiful,” He said. Jame smiled, “Want me to help you put it on?” He asked. Yuji nodded and Jame sat on the bed helping him put on the necklace. Yuji smiled and held the heart shaped locket in his hands. He smiled at Jame not knowing why he was being so nice but he didn’t care. Jame was being caring and wasn’t trying to hurt anyone like he was when he was alive. Chaos walked back in and glared at Jame who returned the glare.  Yuji smiled and got up he took off his nightgown so he was just in his blue panties. Chaos covered his mouth and nose. He glared at Jame when he heard a whistle. Yuji walked off towards the bathroom in the room and slipped of his panties getting into the shower.

Chaos wiped his nose with a tissue and slapped Jame upside the head. “Keep your eyes in your head. That crossdresser is mine,” He hissed. “oh don’t worry I won’t take Yuji from you,” Jame smirked. Chaos growled in anger and finished wiping his nose as Yuji walked out in a towel. He walked over to the drawer and took out a pair of panties slipping them on under the towel before letting it drop. Jame smiled and watched as Yuji slipped on one of his favorite dresses. The three walked to the living room afterwards where Heaven was waiting. Yuji walked over and picked her up spinning her around. Heaven giggled and hugged him. Yuji smiled at her kissing her forehead, “Hi baby girl,” He said with a smile. “Hi mommy,” Heaven smiled happily.

~time skip~

Jame Changed Heaven’s clothes trying not wake her as he did. He lied her down and covered her up. He whistled and a dog ran into the room. Jame bent down to the dog and patted it’s head, “You know the drill Hell. Keep her safe at any costs,” Jame said. The dog barked and jumped on the bed next to Heaven lying down. Jame smiled and went to leave when he heard Heaven’s voice. “Uncle Jame?” She asked. “Yeah Heaven?” Jame turned back to her. “Night,” Heaven said. “Night sweetie,” Jame said with a smile before heading to bed.


Michael walked down the road. He decided to find a place to stay while he was in town. He looked around wondering what Jame was doing now. He took out his wallet and opened inside was a picture of Him and five year old Lyndon. They looked so happy back then. Lyndon was on his father’s shoulders. Michael smiled a little. He remember that day was the day he brought Lyndon to a circus for the first time. Lyndon had been so amazed by everything but he was terrified of the clowns. Michael soon felt terrible. Since Lyndon was nine he had beating him for no reason at all. He hated himself for it to. Lyndon was such a sweet and kind young man and all Michael did was beat on him. He sighed and put his wallet back in his back  pocket and walked off. He soon found a place to rest. It was a old abandoned house but it would have to do. He would find out where Lyndon was tomorrow and do what he was there to do. He opened the door. The place was fully furnished, The smell of dust a musk filled the air. Michael walked into one of the rooms and found a old torn up bed but it would work for the night. He soon curled up in bed and fell asleep.

~time skip~

Mizi, Lyndon, Sylvia, Heaven, Yuji, Jame and Chaos sat watching a movie together in the livingroom. Mizi was lying on the couch while Chaos and Jame sat on either arm of it. Sylvia sat in a chair with Heaven close near her and Lyndon and Yuji sat on the ground. Sylvia noticed Jame was acting strange he had a nervous twitch and seemed very jumpy like he was hiding something. She also noticed a change in Heaven she was giving Yuji a death glare and her right arm was bandaged up for some reason. Mizi was now three months into his pregnancy and was just starting to show. Yuji looked over and noticed Mizi’s tiny baby bump, “Mr. Mizi are you expecting?” He asked softly. “Uh-huh. I’m three months pregnant now,” Mizi said giggling as the movie started. Yuji nodded and stood up, “I’m going to the bathroom,” He said getting up and leaving.

Suddenly the lights went out followed by crashing noises and shouting.  Lyndon took out his phone and used the flashlight app moving it around. He saw Sylvia, Jame, Chaos and….. No one else. Mizi and Heaven weren’t there. They were GONE............
Cliffhanger...... What happened to Mizi and Heaven 

Please comment to see the next chapter

Also I would love to see some fanarts of the characters 
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Giving a small wave and smile to the woman behind the desk you left the building, walking outside onto the very cold streets again. You began to smirk as you noticed that after you had kissed Mycroft’s cheek, he had blushed immediately, you felt almost satisfied with yourself for being able to do that. You suddenly saw a taxi in the distance so you stuck out your hand and it drove to a halt next to you.

“Where to love?” The taxi driver asked in his cockney accent.

“221B Baker Street, please.” You said as you climbed into the back of the taxi. And with that you both drove off to your destination.

The journey wasn’t too long, you spent most of it staring out of the window, watching the lights and busy people pass by in a blur. When you reached Baker Street you paid the taxi driver and thanked him. You entered the flat and saw Mrs Hudson, the landlady; she seemed to be dusting the ceiling whilst standing on that dreadful step ladder that you hated.

“Hello my dear!” She said a bright smile appearing on her face. “Ooh, it’s nippy out there. I bet you’re freezing!” She exclaimed, coming down from the wobbly step ladder and rubbing her hands up and down your arms as if she were trying to warm you up. You couldn’t help but smile at Mrs Hudson; she was so sweet and very kind to you. She looked absolutely adorable whenever she smiled and she made excellent conversation. You’d go and sit in her kitchen nearly every day and drink tea and eat some of her homemade biscuits that she made especially for you.

“Mrs Hudson! You should be relaxing not cleaning, especially at this time of night! You should get Sherlock to dust the ceiling; you might fall and hurt yourself standing on that so called step-ladder!” You said, causing the old woman to giggle.

“You worry too much (y/n)! I’ll be fine!” You shook your head and smiled at her.

“Listen, you go and relax and I’ll help you with that tomorrow morning after I’ve taken his highness food shopping.”

“Oh that bloody fridge’s a nightmare!” Mrs Hudson said shaking her head a look of disgust on her face. She’d often go and put the milk back into Sherlock’s fridge and let out loud tuts as she’d see the thumbs and fingers in bags in the salad drawers. You said your good nights to each other and you then happily skipped up the stairs to Sherlock’s flat.

“I’m back!” You announced, slipping your shoes off and flinging your scarf and coat onto John’s chair. Sherlock emerged from the kitchen, pizza box with napkins on top in one hand and the television remote in the other.

“Well it’s about time! What happened, did he end up showing you his fridge?” Sherlock smirked, placing the pizza box onto the coffee table. You shoved his arm and rolled your eyes.

“No! But he did give me these, to give to you.” You handed him the files, and went to sit down on the sofa hugging your knees to your chest. Sherlock looked over them and sighed.

“I don’t see how these can be extremely useful.” He threw the files onto his desk and began to walk to his bedroom. “Yes, they contain information about the man, but that isn’t going to lead me to him!” He shouted from his bedroom, he then came back with his duvet and threw it over your head making you giggle. “He’s already killed one person; I don’t want him killing another. Whoever he is, he’s clever and he clearly knows what he’s doing. I’ve been working all day, trying to figure things out but I can’t and it’s really frustrating me! As much as it pains me to say this, but I think I need a rest.”

“You’ll get him Sherlock, I know you will. You’ve got Lestrade’s team and your brilliant mind on this case, he won’t last long.” You said giving Sherlock a reassuring smile. He smiled back at you and let out a deep sigh.

“Right, what film have you chosen then?” You grinned happily and handed the DVD case over to Sherlock so he could put it on. “The Breakfast Club, really?”

“Yes really! It’s one of my favourite films Sherly and you iz gonna watch it with me whether you like it or not…guuurl.” Sherlock laughed at the way you just spoke and shook his head, putting the DVD into the DVD player.

“Did my brother drug you?” He asked causing you to giggle.

“No he didn’t drug me Sherlock, why on earth would he do that?”

“So he could take you home and show you his fridge?” Sherlock said, holding in a laugh.

“Oh my god you’re so hilarious!” You said sarcasm evident in your voice. Rolling your eyes you snuggled under the thick duvet, it was warm…but not as warm as Mycroft you thought closing your eyes whilst you remembered the feeling of his warmth against your body. Sherlock plonked himself next to you and you put some of the duvet on him. He pulled the pizza box onto the duvet and opened it, hot steam escaping the box. You both grabbed a slice and bit into a slice of heaven, the cheese melting in your mouth. “I bow down to whoever came up with the idea of making pizza.” You said your mouth still full. Sherlock chuckled and nodded his head, whilst putting the box back on the coffee table.

“Why can’t we just order pizza every night, then we won’t have to go shopping tomorrow. You like pizza, I like it and John likes it!” You laughed and shook your head.

“As nice as it is Sherlock, we’d soon grow bored of it and we’d be incredibly fat.”

“Do we really have to go shopping tomorrow? It sounds so… ugh tedious!”

“Yes! We’re going, end of!” You said, wiping your hands on a napkin. Sherlock whined loudly like a sulking child and flopped his head back onto your lap, his blue-green eyes staring up at you.

“But I don’t want to goooo!”

“Tough shit!”

“(Y/N)! What would my brother say if he heard you use such… coarse language!?” He scolded you jokingly, bolting up as if he were completely shocked.

“Perhaps he’d like it. If you know what I mean.” You said through a wicked smirk and a little wink. Sherlock seemed to stop and think about what you had just said after realising what you had meant by it he groaned and pulled a face as if he were absolutely disgusted and buried his face into your arm.

“Stop, please! I won’t be able to sleep tonight!” He mumbled. You laughed and ruffled Sherlock’s raven curls, patting him on the head. “(Y/n)?” He asked, pulling away from your arm and looking at you with narrowed eyes. “Why do you smell of my brother’s cologne?” You blushed and bit your bottom lip, letting out a small laugh.

“He well, he-uh, I was cold when I arrived at his office…And he kinda, like hugged me to keep me warm?” Sherlock put on that Holmes smirk as he continued to look at you. “NOTHING HAPPENED SHERLOCK! JESUS CHRIST!” You shouted, frowning at him and diving under the duvet to hide from his annoying smirk. He pulled you into a cuddle and chuckled.

“You are so easy to wind up, it’s quite amusing.” He said, squeezing you a little.

“Shut up Sherlock.” You grumbled into his side, flicking his face. He laughed lightly and then the two of you settled down as the song ‘(Don’t You) Forget About Me’ by Simple Minds started to play, indicating the start of the film.
Finally finished this part! Enjoy :)

Here's the opening credits to 'The Breakfast Club' if you're interested. If you haven't watched this film, I'd recommend it, it's brilliant!…
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He took a deep breath as Ridge looked him over.

“A world where you and I were dating?”

“Yeah and Livid broke free killing everyone if you remember me saying that…” Lalna said rolling his eyes at the reaper.

“It sounds like this story here” Lalna glanced to the tablet propped up next to them. On it was something Duncan had called video chat. Duncan’s face was on it patched through his computer. While away Lewis and Xephos had figured out the technology to talk more efficiently and less annoying to those on chat.

“It’s nicknamed RR though by the sound of it it’s also PH from this Skylord Rosie. Strange read might link it to Steven…on second thoughts” Lalna saw Duncan grow bright red “Never mind. Anyway you mess up the data?”

“Yeah not sure how and if I want to do something peaceful now after that place. So have anything else in mind?” There was some loud clicking as Ridge handed him some new potions.

“Seal looks fine. So you shouldn’t be having any trouble with him and please don’t waste your potions. They’re specially made so I can’t just spawn them in for you.” Lalna nodded taking them placing it in his pocket.

“Right sorry Ridge. Got anything Duncan?”

“This one looks interesting. What’s your relationship with Rythian?”

“Not good honestly after the nuke incident”

“Hmm might hold off on that one but try to convince him to travel with you sometime. That world would be funny for you t…wait here we go on Tumblr! Of course we both reblogged it. You’ll get a kick out of this one. Ok ready?” Lalna pulled up the screen on his device and entered the data the man said.

“So what should I expect Duncan?”

“A surprise. From now on Lalna unless it’s dangerous and I really want you to live I won’t be telling you anything about the world. That way you can explore it for yourself kind of like that last one. Oh and Nano I’ll be private messaging you of what to expect so you know if you get to the right place. When you guys get back let me know how he reacted” Lalna looked to the girl just sitting on a chest reading something on her personal tablet.

“Ok Duncan looks like fun. But there is one thing; Lalna should probably wear his scientist outfit”

“Good idea Nano! You heard the pretty lady” Lalna rolled his eyes shaking his head as Ridge waved his goodbyes to them.

“Whatever you say we leave tonight Nano so get ready” Nano nodded standing up.

As night rolled around they activated the device. After the feeling disappeared Lalna looked around. They were in a clearing in front of what he recognized as Blackrock Castle. The logo seemed off to Lalna as he saw a laser gun instead of the pickaxe.

“Zoey did you hear that pop sound?” he heard a voice ask. “Wait who are you people?” Lalna turned to see Rythian standing behind them. Yet he was dressed in a lab coat, some purple tinted goggles resting on his head. There was still an ender eye strung around his neck and some cloth covering his mouth and nose though.

“Um who us? I’m the Doctor and this is my traveling companion Nano. We’re just passing through this area right now. Might I ask who you are? As a fellow scientist I mean” Lalna said frowning before smiling rapidly putting his hands in his coat’s pockets.

“My name is Rythian and a doctor of what?”

“Just Doctor, I tinker with all sorts of things”

“Then why do you look like the mage that’s been fighting me called Lalna?”

“Yeah…I get that a lot actually. Looking like someone else I mean. Now you said mage does that mean you’re not…” Rythian shook his head no.

“No I mean I dabble in magic a little but only when it peaks my curiosity” Rythian said and still seemed to be studying the pair.

“Uh right hey weird question but mind leading us to this mage? The one I look like I mean.”

“Why would you want to meet him? He’s not too fond of science or scientists since one blew up his home.”

“Was it…” Lalna started feeling his breath catch in his throat but Nano cut him off.

“Don’t jump to conclusions Doctor. Who blew up his home if I might ask Rythian?” She asked kindly.

“A fellow scientist and a former friend of Lalna and me named Sjin. The two had been snapping at each other recently and Sjin planted a nuke under Lalna’s castle. It nearly killed his apprentice too”

“Apprentice?” Nano asked shaking slightly.

“Yeah some girl named Kim I think. She looks a lot like you actually Ms. Nano though not much anymore. See he tried to patch her up with only magic. She’s almost completely purple in tinting now from the flux running in her veins.  I offered my apprentice Zoey’s help and mine to help her.”

“Well we’d still like to meet him if you don’t mind” Lalna mentioned. Rythian just shrugged to them.

“I suppose but it’s your funeral” he simply stated leading them out towards the direction they recognized as the path to the old castle. Lalna’s heart skipped a beat seeing the crater where his mountain castle used to reside. Rythian seemed to be leading them to the little house in front of the crater ignoring the hole. As he made in front of the house he knocked on the door.

Next arc of Doctor Lalna. I love how Ridge focuses on the fact that he and Lalna were dating in the world and glosses over Livid killing I hinting something? Am i foreshadowing something in each story? Nah you're reading into this to much. :innocent:  Anyway please enjoy.
One more thing no poll next time I'm following :ttaf1991:'s lead on her Sliders series and having this one go straight into the next. Duncan's thing at the beginning should be a hint. ^^ 
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   Bastille had returned to the scoreboard, Piper following close behind as they approached the large, lit up bulletin. Bastille wedged his way to the front, scanning down the list to find his name. He scanned down the list, seeing that Emmett was #15, and he saw his own name at #17. Going a little furthur down the list of 30 or so names, he saw Grimm's at #23, which wasn't all that good. The list stopped at #29, which was Victor the ginger kid that Bastille had beaten earlier. He wondered how the kid was doing, he probably had a major head ache from the kick to the back of the head. Looking back up at his own name, he didn't feel too dissapointed, considering that he was above the bright red line. He assumed it wasn't good to be under it, he saw some of the initiates groan when they read their names that were located under the red line.

    Bastille stepped back, the loud voices making an annoying buzz invading his eardrums. Piper was saying something to him, Bastille wasn't really paying attention to her. She tugged on his sleeve, saying a little louder, "At least you aren't below the red line!" She patted his shoulder in a comforting way. "Place 17 ain't that bad."

    "Red line?" Bastille repeated, "What is that anyways?" He turned his head over his shoulder, his eyes straining to see the board. People had blocked his view anyways, so he turned back around to Piper.

    The raven haired girl dragged her finger right across her throat, sticking out her pierced tongue. "You're out if you are below the red line when the whole initiation shit is over." Piper explained, her hand dropping down by her chest to give him a thumbs up sign, "but if you're above the red line, you're good." She flashed a smile.

    He turned his body around, stepping on the tips of his shoes to peer over a guy's shoulder. He saw Grimm's name definitely under the red line, and she was probably complaining to somebody about it at that very moment. Setting himself back on the flat of his shoes, his hazel eyes glanced around the mass of teens. He held his breath, Bastille didn't see the moody brunette anywhere.

    He pursed his lips, turning on his heels. He nearly tripped on his untied shoe laces when he saw Emmett with his muscular arm wrapped around Piper's shoulder. Her cheeks were tinted red, and her cheek was pressed against his chest. Bastille averted his gawking eyesight, looking at their faces instead of their hugging. Piper was with a different guy every week, Emmett wasn't going to change her ways.

    "Did Four tell us what to do after this?" Bastille asked, sticking his tattooed hands in the fronts of his black skinny jeans.

    A girl turned around, "We go back to the lunch rooms to eat. Then, whatever, chill I guess." She shrugged, her blue eyes blood shot like she hadn't slept in weeks. Bastille recognized her as the girl from Grimm's fight. What was her name? Audrey? Aubrey? Something like that, he struggled to remember but couldn't quite place his finger on it. She was a few inches taller than him, and a little on the pudgy side. She had bruises and cuts lining her face, mainly around her mouth and neck. He tried not to judge her looks so harshly, so he just raised his brows and nodded.

    "Oh, ok thanks." He rubbed each of his temples with his pointer fingers, rubbing in circular motions. His own head ache was progressively getting worse, it felt like nails scraping the inside of his skull. Out of habit when he was nervous, he bit the inner corner of his mouth to play with the blue lip ring. "I'm gonna sleep, well, eat then sleep." He blinked, dropping his hand to his sides. 

    She shrugged, turning back to the crowd and speaking to some other girls. 

    He felt Piper grab the bottom of his shirt, tugging him. Bastille looked over his shoulder, looking at Emmett then to Piper who was still gripping on his shirt. "I'm gonna go out and shoot shit. I'll be back later, so. . ." She shrugged. ". . . I'll see ya later!" 

* * * 

    He took a seat by his lonesome, grabbing a hamburger on a bun that lay in the center of the dented metal table. He struggle to keep his eyes open, taking slow bites of the meat. It tasted plain, there was no tamatoes or lettuce present, and he didn't feel like asking any one around him. He didn't rush with his food, he was contemplating his day. He thought about Piper and her annoying ways, and Grimm with her bitchy ones. He didn't understand girls at all, and he felt he never would. They were so moody, they could be loving one moment then the next wanting to stab you in your sleep. 

    Bastille leaned his elbows on the cold table, biting into his plain burger once again. He glanced at the people around him, noticing all their differences from their hair style to skin color. He thought about getting his own brown hair cut or dyed, but decided  it was a better choice to leave it alone. He was fond of his fluffy swoosh of a hair style. He found himself staring at a girl who sat next to him, only a few seats down. Bastille couldn't decide if her tattoo on her arm was a snake or just a tribal design. Her hair was choppy, layers making her hair look thicker. It was dyed a bright red that melted into blue. Bastille remembered that hairstyle as ombre, when the colors melted into another like a horizon. He stared at his own red tattoos on his hands, red zigzags across his knuckles and fingers. 

    "Can we sit here?" 

    Bastille looked up sharply, the voice startling him. There was so many voices in the cafeteria that Bastille was always shocked when somebody bothered speaking to him. He saw Celine standing across from him, her blond pixie cut combed nicely to the side. An older looking male stood next to her, his brown eyes looking elsewhere. Bastille felt intimidated by the tall, muscular male. He had sideswept jet-black hair, making his skin look paler than it already looked if he had a lighter hair color. He had so many lip piercings, it looked like he had stitches in his mouth. The bridge of his nose was pierced, along with his septum. His eyes were deep set, dark bags sagging under his brown eyes. He wore a black tank vest, the material curling inwards so his abs and chest peaked out slightly. Anybody could see his form from the side, because the side of the t-shirt were snipped out. 

    He broke his stare, landing his sight on Celine. She looked pleasant, unlike the guy standing next to her. "Uh, yeah I really don't give a shit." He liked Celine, she helped give him moral support after getting into the fight. 

    She laughed, pulling out the chair and sitting on it. "I can see that." She grabbed a cookie that was in a woven basket, taking a bite out of it she said, "You don't look like a train ran over your face any more." 

    He sipped his water, the metal mug giving it a weird flavor that stuck to his tongue. "Yeah, well . . ." He muttered while his lips touched the rim. He set the mug down, rubbing the tip of his nose as water sprinkled upwards. Bastille felt so exhausted, and it was only the second week of being in the Dauntless faction. He honestly didn't think he'd make it through the tough training. 

    "You're the idiot who mouthed off to the boss," The black haired male rolled his eyes, letting out a breath that stirred his bangs, "as much as I hate Eric, it was pretty fuckin' funny." When he smiled, his black lip rings spread out. Bastille counted four on top, four on bottom. 

    "Thanks?" Bastille tilted his head, not knowing how to respond. His bruises were fading to a yellow-green color, rather than the swollen purple-black-blue. 

    "This is JayJay by the way." Celine pointed with her thumb. "Another useless Dauntless member who doesn't contribute for shit." Her lips turned to a frown, her chest visibly sucking in a large breath. 

    "I have more authority than you, Celine." JayJay shot back at her, his brows furrowed together. Bastille decided that he wouldn't  bother mouthing off to JayJay, he looked scarier than Eric. He was covered in tattoos all the way up to his neck, it struck Bastille that he was tattooed like a skeleton, all but his face. It was a sight to see, and really detailed when it was looked at more closely. 

    "Sure. Sure you do." Celine smiled, shaking her head. "You like to think so, just because you mark every one you get your hands on." She bent her fingers back in her hand, a loud snap sounded, reminding Bastille of crunching a bug with a shoe. 

    Bastille was biting the corner of his mouth again, "Markings?" He lifted a brow, wondering what Celine meant by that. 

    "Let's see if we can find an example," Celine stood up, leaning on the table. She was looking for something, that something, Bastile hadn't a clue. She smiled, "See that chick standin' over by the water fountain?" Celine pointed with her finger, obviously not caring if that was rude or not. Bastille scootched his body around, leaning over the back of the chair. He saw a curly blond hair girl standing by the silver water fountain, talking to a boy. She had a few distinct tattoos on her arms and exposed legs, but she was too far away to see if there was piercings or not. Bastille nodded, and Celine continued. "Eh, she's too far away." Celine sat back down, crossing her arms over her chest. "Keep an eye out for her, and look at her lip. You can see why she don't got no piercings anymore." The blue eyed girl gave an accusing glance to Jay, her lips in a smirk. 

    "So what?" Jay lifted his arms up in a shrug, "Biting lips, big whoop. Cigerette burns, wow I'm committing murder over here..." He mumbled, rolling his eyes in a sarcastic manner. 

    He's a psycho. Biting lips? Marking? What the hell? Bastille swallowed the last of his burger, trying to act like the lip biting didn't make him feel uncomfortable. It didn't work, and Bastille felt like there was an accident waiting to happen. 

    Celine snapped her fingers in Bastille face, his eyes blinking. "Sorry, zoned out." He coughed, raising his brows. "I just. . . yeah. Tired." Bastille tugged on his lip piercing with his fingers. 

    "Don't let Jay here scare you. He's a big softy." She smiled, Jay just smirked. 

    Bastille sucked in a breath. Like I'd believe that. He let out his breath, not replying to the statement. He just gave a fake smile, tugging on his lip piercing. He watched Celine rise from the table, but quickly sit back down. Her cheeks blushed a shade of pink, averting her eyes from the two of them. Bastille didn't need to turn around to konw that the blond pixie cut female laid her sight on Piper. 

    Bastille didn't want to be in the loud cafeteria any longer. The brunette stood up, pushing his chair back and walking away to the initiates' room.



I couldn't figure out what to put so I just. Yeah. Ended it haha. 

Previous --> starwarsrebellion.deviantart.c…
Next --> coming soon 

"Divergent" series doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Veronica Roth. 
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Chapter Two: At First Sight

Maria groaned as she woke up to bright lights above her. Her blue eyes could only see blurry objects, until what looked like a blob came into view. It was white and black, and was talking with a midnight blue blob. The second blob left, leaving only the white blob with her. Then a voice hit her hearing. “Are you okay, ma’am?” The blob asked.

She blinked her eyes a few times, bringing the blob into focus. It was not a blob, but a white Mustang with black accents and green eyes. He had a relieved look on his front as she shook her hood.

“No…” She croaked. The white car frowned a bit before he looked over what appeared to be a small chart.

“Well, that’s understandable I suppose. Given that you had to have surgery to fix up your engine, it’s expected that someone would feel nasty afterwards.” He replied, making her blue eyes shoot open at the news.

“WHAT?!” She shrieked before the Mustang winced.

“When you were brought in, your injuries were real bad. Thankfully, they were able to be repaired, and the thugs who hurt you are now behind bars.” The white car explained as Maria looked down. “You’re in the hospital, so that would explain why you don’t feel good.”

“Oh…” She murmured before she felt her front heat up from embarrassment. “Sorry about that. I didn’t know I had been hurt that bad.”

The white Mustang nodded. “It’s understandable.” He replied before he looked into her blue eyes. “What’s your name?”

“Oh! Maria. Maria Dodgeson.” Maria replied as the white Mustang looked over her body to see if she was alright.

“Alright Ms. Dodgeson. I am the one who operated on you, Dr. Brian Wheels. I will be your doctor for the next few days while we check you over.” Dr. Wheels introduced himself. He seemed nice, Maria noted as she looked him over. He was a standard Mustang, but he had black accents on his white body, mainly his hood and sides. His green eyes seemed to match his body too.

“Well, Dr. Wheels, I thank you for saving my life.” Maria replied with a smile. Of course, the Mustang grinned back.

“Just doing my job, ma’am.” He replied with a smile before he moved back to look over her charts.

Off to the side, a certain midnight blue Hornet was watching, his blue eyes fixed on the red Dart that his friend was treating. Doc bit his lip as he tried to remain hidden. As much as he hated to admit it, he found her quite attractive now that she was fixed up and dent-free. He watched as his friend said something to the Dart, and her laughter echoed across the hall. Her voice was musical in a way, and it sounded perfect to him. Doc blushed as he pulled away from the doorframe. Why was he acting like this around her?! She was just a patient! He didn’t need to be crushing on her!

Figuring that leaving would get his mind off of her, the Hornet left, trying to keep his mind off of the red Dart with blue eyes.

It was about five hours later when Brian came to find Doc. The midnight blue car left a patient’s room, only to see his friend outside waiting for him.

“Hey, Doc.” Brian greeted cheerfully as the younger of the two friends rolled his eyes.

“What brings you here?” Doc asked as he looked into his friend’s green eyes.

The Mustang just grinned at him. “The red Dart is awake. She made it through surgery quite nicely.”

The Hornet grunted as he shook his front. “And why would I care about that?”

Brian just snickered. “I saw the way you were looking at her. And I have to admit, she is quite the looker as well.” He teased as Doc growled, rolling his eyes at the remark. “You like her…”

Doc smacked his friend with a tire. “Shut up!”

But the Mustang couldn’t help but continue ribbing his friend about it. “I know you too well, Hudson. And I saw the way you were looking at her before she was treated.”

A growl made its way out of Doc’s throat, but he just shook his front again before sighing. Why couldn’t Brian just leave him alone?

“I told you, Brian, I am not interested in a girl!” The Hornet growled as the Mustang just grinned.

“Of course you aren’t! But a car like you can’t remain single forever~!” Brian sang as Doc blushed at the implications.

“S-Shut up!”

The white car just laughed before the PA sounded for help on the operating floor, this time for Doc. The Hornet had never been so grateful for the PA announcement. “They need me on the operating floor. I have to go.” Doc said as Brian just groaned.


Doc smirked before he left, but Brian snickered again. Oh, he had seen the Hornet peeking into the room earlier. He just didn’t want to admit it. ‘Oh, he likes her alright…’ He thought to himself as he watched the midnight blue car disappear around the corner.

Maria was soon released a few days later, and she had never been so grateful to anyone before. But now, she had to figure out what to do next. The red Dart had nowhere to go, and no place to live or even a job to work. She sighed. Perhaps she should have thought things through more thoroughly before she left home.

She looked around before her eyes landed on a small hotel. It looked nicely kept up and seemed to be a decent place. Maybe she could stay there, she mused before she decided to go for it.

Soon enough, she had been given a room and was soon sound asleep on her bed, snoozing peacefully…

Doc entered his home that night, feeling tired from his long shift at the hospital. While it was good to help out others, the hours were tiring and took a toll on his body and ability to sleep.

His home was a simple place, but not too small for him. Three rooms were around the main one, and a wash area was set up for use as well. The Hornet entered the main sleeping room and soon found himself nearly asleep. He shook himself awake before he fell out like a light.

The midnight blue car’s mind wandered back to that Dodge Dart he had seen a few days earlier, and for some reason, he found himself wondering how she was doing. A small blush creeped across his hood and he shook his front to make it go away. He was a doctor, damn it! He didn’t need to be crushing on any patient, even if she was an attractive one…

Doc once more shook his front. Why was he acting like a lovesick teen?! He was not in that age anymore! The Hornet sighed as he looked out his window at the stars above his home before he decided to try and get some sleep for once.

And sure enough, he was out like a light in about five minutes.
Here is chapter two! I hope you enjoy~! :la:
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"Takeru! Takeru!! Takeru where are you going..? Are you leaving me..? What's going o.."
Takeru swiftly jolted out of bed as the strange echo of a faint voice disappeared. Holding his temples takeru sighed.
"Who are you.." He whispered looking up slowly gazing around his room but there was nothing nor anybody there. With a grunt he stood up making his way to the kitchen to start a tea pot. Lately his dreams for the past year have always been the same. A strange longing voice calls out to him as if meaning to find him. though it's not of a voice he has ever heard, a sweet voice calls to him but soon becoming heart broke with anguish. Shaking his head he sat  holding the counter in thought as the water boiled with light tapping noises. Then the phone begin to hum it's tune and takeru flipped it open looking at the name then with some hesitation picking up the line.
".. Mom.. Dad..?" He managed to speak
"Nope! Guess again hehe!" The line chimed
A small smile crossed his face "hey sis. What's up why are you calling?"
The line fell silent for awhile then the small voiced continued, "Mom and dad are soooooo boring and I miss you.. Why did you leave home.. And when are you coming back..?"
Yet again another sigh escaped his lips "I'm sorry sis but it's not that easy.. You have to understand that the human world is a very dangerous place and dad sent me here for a reason.. But I'm still not sure why.. ever since I got here I've had such strange dreams.."
"Wait. Daddy sent you there b.." She tried to say but takeru stopped her
"I'm sorry sis but I really gotta go. I love you and tell mom I miss her."
Even on the phone  he could imagine her pouting face so he quickly shut the phone.
Why.. That word lately has been his troubles but now was not the time to sit day dreaming. Glancing at the clock takeru stumbled back to his room getting dressed for the day ahead. It was nearing spring though the cold wind said otherwise. Grabbing his guitar case he made his way out the door unaware of what was going to happen that day. The cool air brushed against his face blowing his hair back slightly. Though his urge to want to fly was great he had to fit in. being a tengu in a world of humans was not very common nor was it a good thing. His life in the demon realm, his family, and even his home was left unknown to everyone he had come in contact to in the last year.  Though this lead to a lonely life just thinking about his family brought a smile to his face. Looking at the sky with a smile takeru made his way to what he believed would be the day he finally would find what he was looking for.
Little did he know she never forgot.
Okay lets first get one thing down now yes grammar and stuff is NOT my strong point i actually have an IEP/ Learning disorder in writing so please dont comment
"oh this is spelled wrong."
"you need to change this." 
 Thank you so much and i hope you enjoy :heart: :iconmoeblushplz:
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