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“What did you just say!?” I gasped, unable to believe my ears.
“I said that if you’ll calm down and come with me, I might know how to turn you back.” James replied. I quickly climbed off my bike and ran over to him, grabbing him by the shoulders. I glared into his eyes with so much intensity that he must have been intimidated, because he started to back up a little.
“James…I swear to God above that if you’re lying to me, I will never forgive you.” I growled.
“I’m not lying Chase! I mean it!” James said. “If you come with me, I might be able to help. I can’t make any promises…but we gotta try right?” I felt my knees going weak and I almost collapsed from the delight I was feeling. It was as if all the depression and fear I had felt was being lifted from my aching shoulders.
“Oh my God…I could be a guy again!? You mean it!? I’ll do whatever you say! Just tell me what to do!” I cried.
“Follow me.” James said, walking down the trail. “We gotta get out of the park and to my aunt’s place.” He said.
“How are you going to turn me back? Will it be like a drug or a potion or something?” I asked, excitement in my voice and step.
“I dunno yet. See, I gotta take you to see my aunt.”
“Why?” I asked.
“My aunt isn’t related to my family by blood…she was adopted from Haiti a long time ago, and she’s real big into voodoo and mystical stuff. I know it sounds crazy, but she’s the real deal. She can look at you and know exactly how to fix you!” James laughed. “She’s a little crazy though…I hope you don’t mind that.”
“Hey, if she can make me a guy again, she could be Marvin the Martian for all I care!” I laughed. We hurried out of the park, me being a little slower because I was pushing my bike. We crossed the street and hurried into the town.

“Just to warn you, Chase…” James muttered. “When you meet her, she’s going to ask how it happened. So…she might dig a little into your privacy.” I felt myself tense up a little at that. I should have expected that, seeing how most doctors usually do have to ask you personal questions to get to the bottom of the disease…but this really was a very personal matter. All of this happened because of a stupid family misunderstanding. No…more like a family falling out. Dad ruined my life because mom’s life was ruined because of a miscarriage…although it was all unintentional, now neither my mom or dad were speaking to each other and both were trying to regain my trust. How could I possibly lay that all out on the table?
“Oh I…I see.” I groaned. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. But if it meant I could be turned back, I’d take it. We walked for a while longer until we came upon a small wooden house near the Eastern part of town. I recognized the street we were on, and I realized that I was well outside of the normal route I took to go biking or running. We were almost on the other side of town. The house had a sign on the front that read “Herbal Remedies and Palm Readings. The Doctor is IN.”
“This is your aunts place?” I asked.
“Yeah, she’s a little…eccentric.” James said. “Look…I’ve never gone through what you’re going through…but I do know how some of her remedies work. If she can fix you, it may not be painless.”
“I’ll deal with it.” I said.
“What I’m saying is…we don’t HAVE to do this.” James said quickly, standing between me and the door.
“Look, I’m sure it’s not the ideal choice for you…but the things my aunt does…some might consider a bit…well…unorthodox or unnatural. If you’re not comfortable with that, it may just be better to…stay this way.” James offered. I just glared at him and looked down at myself. Stay a girl? Really? Would that be the better option? After all the suffering and pain I’d gone through with my family, could I stand the pain that might come with turning back? After all, even if I do turn back, it’s not like it would change what my parents did. So…was it really worth it at this point?

“No…I need to do this.” I answered. “Now move aside or open the door.” James nodded and opened the door up.
“Auntie, it’s me! James!”
“Oh James!” I heard a heavy accented voice come from somewhere in the house. Suddenly a tall young black lady came walking out. She was wearing very find garments like a stereotypical gypsy or voodoo witch would with a bone necklace and big earrings. She had a big smile on her face and she ran out to meet James, giving him a tight hug. “How nice of ya to come and visit!”
“Hey Auntie! It’s good to see you too…but I’m not here for me.” He said.
“Then what is it child? You sick?” She asked.
“No it’s…my friend.” He said, turning to look at me. His aunt looked up and saw me. Her eyes widened at the site of me and she put her hands on her hips.
“MmmMM! Suga’ you brought home one fine young lady!” I blushed furiously at her words and shook my head.
“NO! NO, it’s not like that!” I gasped.
“Auntie, stop!” James groaned. “She’s not my girlfriend! She’s…she’s not even a girl!”
“Well suga’ she sure looks like one. Let me get a good look at ya.” She stepped towards me and looked at me closely.
“Auntie, she’s under some kind of spell.” James explained. The voodoo woman placed her hands on my cheeks and turned my head in different directions to get a look at me.
“Hmmm…oh sweetie, now I see. Yes…yes I feel a bad mojo comin’ off of this one.” She said. I felt my heart skip a beat at her words.
“You can tell?!”
“Oh yes…dis is STRONG magic. Come with me child, we’ll get this all figured out.” She took my hand and lead me back into the house. James came to follow when suddenly she stopped him.
“What?” James asked.
“You can’t come in sweetie. Don’t worry, I’m just gonna examine her and see what I can do.” Without another word, she rushed me into her bed room and shut the door, locking it.

“Okay, dear…now what is your name?” She asked.
“My name is Chase Thames.” I answered.
“Oh yes…you were dat boy James said was sick…but I see dat wasn’t quite the case, was it?”
“N-no ma’am.” I answered sadly. She walked toward me and smiled.
“Don’t you worry none…I’m gonna help ya. Now go ahead and get undressed. I need to give you a physical exam. Tell me when this happened and how, if you please.” I blushed and, for the first time in my time as a girl…I undressed in front of someone else and told everything I knew. I started with the day that it happened and how I had woken up in this body. How my mother had treated me like a dress up doll and how dad had been more and more distant as the days went by. I talked about visiting school as my “cousin” and learning about what others really thought of myself. I told her how my father had accidentally done this to try and help my mother overcome the pain of the miscarriage so many years ago that she wouldn’t let go. I told her about the party and how I had exposed them. I finally told her about meeting James in the park, and at that point, I felt tears on my cheeks and pain in my throat. The whole time I had been talking she’d been poking and proding me, testing my reflexes and skin and other things. She just stared at me and looked my body over.
“Honey, the pain you’ve gone through…I would not wish on ma worse enemy.” She whispered.
“I know.” I sighed. “But…but James says you can help me. That you can turn me back.”
“Well hon…there’s a lot of things I can do. This though…will not be easy.” She sighed. “A spell is reversible…but potions are not so easily countered. Your father used some kind of potion to do this…and so there’s only two things we can do now.”
“What!?” I asked. “What is it?” She closed her eyes and looked down, deep in thought.
“Put your clothes back on child…then meet me in the kitchen.” I did as I was told and quickly ran out of the room, fully dressed. She was sitting at the kitchen with James next to her.
“So, how are you going to fix me?” I asked.
“Honey…I’m afraid there is not much I can do.” She said. “There are only two ways to turn you back. You must either drink the antidote…which I do not know how to make. Or you must fulfill the purpose of the potion.”
“Purpose?” I asked in bewilderment.
“What she’s trying to say is that potions don’t work the way they say they do in the movies. A potion is infused with magic that is given a job or purpose to do. For example, if I made a potion with the job of making you win a football game, the potion would make you stronger, fitter, and more durable, and anything else it needed to in order to win. The magic of the potion would make the necessary changes to obtain the necessary results” James explained.
“Yes, and you said that your whole family drank it?” Auntie asked. I nodded in response. My father stated that he had indeed given us all a bit of the potion.
“Yes, Dad says we all had some.”
“Then based on what your father said…and how your father stated it would ‘fix your problems,’ I can only assume the potion you all drank is trying to fix the problems your family is suffering from. Its primary job is to make your family happy again. Your mother suffered the loss of a daughter, your father suffered the misery of his wife, and you suffered from not understanding yourself…so the potion chose to fix the issue by turning you into the daughter your family wanted. This way your mother would have her daughter and no longer be miserable, and you would be given the rare opportunity to learn more about yourself.” Auntie explained. As she spoke, I felt all the puzzle pieces sliding together…all of it starting to make a cruel and twisted sense. She was right…all of it was spot on. After mom had the miscarriage, she’d never been the same and Dad, of course always got the end of that stick because he was always trying to comfort her. I on the other hand was struggling with finding my identity in school and with learning about how others saw me…and turning me into a girl had, for all attempts and purposes, fixed those three major issues!
“But that doesn’t explain how the potion didn’t affect mom or dad!” I retorted.
“It didn’t need to.” James said. “Like I said, the potion is infused with magic, and the magical energy is universal. When all three of you drank, the magic decided the simplest course of action to fix your problems.”
“Couldn’t it have just changed our moods? Make Mom forget the miscarriage or something?”
“It’s not that simple. The potion has to make a physical change. It can’t simply alter personality or temperament. That’s messing with the mind and brain, and no magician or alchemist is crazy enough to try and meddle with that.” Auntie muttered.
“Damn it…” I groaned. “Then…you mean there’s no way to reverse this?!”
“There is, child…the only way you can is to fullfil the potions’s objective.” She said.
“What? But I thought it had.” I argued.
“Are your families problems fixed?” Auntie asked.
“Of course they’re not! This stupid potion did nothing but make everything worse!” I spat.
“Then the potion will continue to keep you this way until it fullfils what it was meant to.” She said.
“You mean the only way for me to turn back…is if my family can fix its problems and all of us can be happy again?” I asked. “That sounds…too simple. Are you sure?”
“Sweetie, I’ve been doin’ this a long time.” Auntie laughed. “I know ma stuff.” I giggled myself, but then looked down at my feet, desperation itching back into my mind. Could I really fix the problems that this potion had caused between myself and my family? Even if I could…how would I know what to say or do? Mom and Dad were at each others throats right now, and I wasn’t sure they’d even believe me if I told them that a voodoo priestess told me all this. They’d probably tell me I was losing my mind. But regardless, I had to try…it was my only chance.
“Thanks Auntie.” James said. “We really appreciate it.”
“I’m sorry I  couldn’t do more sweetie.” She said, putting her hand on my shoulder.
“No, it’s okay…thanks for telling me.” I said.
“Before ya go…I’ll give ya a little something that should help you.” She hurried off into her bedroom again, leaving me with James.
“I’ll just wait for you outside.” James said. With that he hurried to the door. Shortly after he left, Auntie returned and held out a small golden ring.
“Here, child…put it on.” I held out my hand and she slid it on my ring finger. “As long as you wear that, you shall be protected and given safety.” I smiled at the sentiment. I didn’t really buy into voodoo hexes and stuff, but the fact that she was looking out for my well being was very kind.
“Thank you ma’am.” I said.
“Oh dear, call me Auntie.” She laughed. “Now hurry on home, it’s getting’ dark out!” I nodded and climbed to my feet, hurrying to the door. I walked out and saw James at the bottom of the steps.

“So, do you think you can fix the problems at home?” He asked.
“I’m gonna try.” I replied. “I don’t have much choice.”
“Yeah…sorry about everything.” James shrugged.
“It’s no trouble…at least I know what to do now…sort of.” I laughed. James smiled back. “James, I really can’t thank you enough. If you ever need anything.”
“Actually…there is something you could do.” James said. “You…know about that school dance going on in a few days right?”
“Well…if you’re still a girl when it rolls around, would you…be willing to go with me? Just as friends of course.” James flushed and looked away.
“James…you do realize I’m a guy at heart, right?”
“Yeah I know, it was stupid of me to ask…I just…well I figured that you could use the chance to get out and socialize a little, ya know? And I could certainly use a date.” James said. I groaned and tapped my foot, my arms crossed. It was embarrassing…but I couldn’t see the harm in it. After all, I might actually be turned back by then anyway.
“Okay James, I guess I do owe you one. If I’m not back to normal by the time of the dance…I’ll go with you.” James perked up at my response and grabbed my hand fast.
“Thank you! I haven’t been able to find a girl who would go with me all week long!”
“Yeah…um…no problem…could you let go of my hand now?” I asked with a blush.
“Right…sorry.” He laughed. He released my hand and I climbed on my bike.
“Guess I’ll see ya later, James. Thanks again!” I called. I didn’t listen for his response as I sped off towards home. Sure, the whole dance thing was a little unexpected, but I could stomach that. Besides, there were more pressing things on my mind…like what to say to my parents when I got home. How do you start fixing a broken home?
After spending the last three days working on this, I feel like I need a the worst way. 

Okay so here is chapter 18. Everyone wanted it and here it is. This is the longest chapter I've written for this story, and by was really fun to write...if a bit difficult at times, I admit. In this I reveal a lot about what happened to Chase and how he got in his situation, as well as a potential way for him to return to normal.
Now many of you will read this and say "Cliff...this chapter seems so out of place compared to the rest of the chapters! This story seemed so tied to realism and could you add all this magic and crap?" 
Well I shall give you three reasons why:

1.) Guys...this is a story about how a guy turns into a girl and has to figure out how to deal with's not like magic wasn't a THING.
2.) You guys kind of wanted this. A lot of you kept complaining that this story was stagnant and that I was spending too much time on Chases emotions and feelings rather than I was his actual progression and story. Some even asked when I was going to address and change and his next here you go.
3.) I am really tired guys...just so tired. In all honesty, this is one of the hardest stories for me to write right now because so many people demand it. Mika and I were a team with this story and we helped each other to make it awesome. With her gone, it takes double the effort to make it any good...and that takes a lot out of me. So blame me for lacking a lot of creativity...but darn it, I'm trying, okay?

Sorry...just a little sleepy. I'll get some rest and feel great tomorrow. 

Thank you all for your patience.
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At NUMA headquarters, in Washington, Admiral Sandecker was smoking one of his cigars and reading some reports from the salvage fleet. Just then, his satellite phone rang. He picked it up and answered it.

"Hello, Admiral James Sandecker here. Who's calling?"

"It's me, Admiral," Pitt said from the speaker of the phone. "I have good news to tell you... we've found her."

Sandecker was silent at first but his face turned to a stunned expression as if he had seen a ghost.

"What?! Seriously?! You found the Titanic?!"

"Yes sir. We have her at last."

Sandecker could not believe it what he had just heard.

"Well done, Dirk!" he said. "I knew I could rely on you! Speaking of the Titanic, how does she look after all these years?"

Pitt smiled, his tone sounding ever so calm.

"She looks grand, sir. It's too early to tell if she's still sound, but from the looks of her, you would never think it's been almost a hundred years. She's in one piece, sitting upright and lies at a depth of about 12,500 feet. It's a quiet and peaceful and has been a fitting place for the greatest of sea tragedies to rest... until now. Soon, we will start doing prep work and some tests on her hull. As long as the work goes smoothly, you can tell Dr. Gene Seagram that he'll have his Byzanium in about a few months or in a month and a half."

"I'll be sure to pass that along, Dirk." said Sandecker.

Pitt then explained about the next task of what he and his team were going to do.

"First, we will being sending out teams of marine historians down to the wreck and launch a few thorough investigations into it and meticulously record the condition of Titanic and document her. There, we can solve many of the mysteries she took with her to the bottom."

The admiral nodded, agreeding with this.

"Very good, Dirk. Once again, congratulations on finding the Titanic. Once this operation is over, you will be rewarded as will the other members."

Pitt almost laughed but instead gave a slight chuckle.

"Thank you, sir. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Dirk."

Sandecker put the phone down. Then his arms jumped in the air as he gave a yell of victory as if he had watched a football team win the World Series.

In the Atlantic Ocean, the salvage team had formed a perimeter around the Titanic's watery grave, securing it, hours after her discovery. On board the USS Denver, video clips of the wreck, which were filmed by the submersibles were playing on the monitors. There were more than two thousand images of the sunken liner and were clear enough to be made out. Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino and Matthew Anderson had been viewing them many times and were amazed to see how the ship appeared in the footage. These images began to reveal some of Titanic's secrets but the team needed more evidence as well as more pictures and videos of the wreck to solve the rest of mysterious that surrounded it.

Two miles down them, the Spirit of the Titanic was crouched on the starboard bridge wing. She had stopped crying and was gathering the events that occurred hours ago. She was still happy that her wreck had been found. Then she felt a presence... a presence she had not felt since 1912.

"What is this presence I'm sensing?" she said to herself. "It's strong... so strong."

Standing up, Titanic's blue eyes looked up to the surface, two miles above her. Then after a few quick flashbacks of memories, she gasped, smiling when after sensing just who it was.

"It can't be! He's here... the young man I saved so many years ago! He's come back to me! I knew he would return!"

Titanic's heart began to beat fast as excitement coursed through her.

"I know I'm going find this difficult," she said. "But I've got to go up there and see him."

Taking deep breaths, Titanic began her slow progress to the surface, using her glow to help find her way through the darkness of the Ocean.

In the laboratory at the Headquarters of Shadowlaw, Cammy had been guarding over M. Bison for over an hour after she had woken up, suffering the aftershocks from the transfer. But she remained in control and kept a close eye her fallen man who had to awaken. It had now been two and a half hours... then Cammy saw some movement and heard slight moans from the mouth of the Shadowlaw dictator... M. Bison had at last woke up. As he opened his white eyes, his vision was very blurred as he tried to move around.

"Bison, my dear! You're awake!" Cammy said as she kneeled, placing her hand over his cheek. Bison then began to get his eye vision back together and soon came back into focus and there he saw Cammy, almost nose to nose with him. Just then Dr. Astro arrived.

"Good afternoon, my liege," he said. "How are you feeling?"

"Ugh... Dr. Astro... where am I?" Bison said, feeling dazed and heavy minded as Cammy held on to him to keep him steady, while trying know where he was.

"Take it easy, sir," Astro said. "You're back in the Shadowlaw facility. The transfer was a success."

"You've just woken up, dear," Cammy said. "It will take a while for you to get settled into your new body, which I have to say.... you look more... handsome."

Bison, still feeling in a daze saw a refection of his new form. Unlike his previous one, it was slightly slimmer and his overall appearance had a more younger look. He was given a new cape to complete his attire. Soon, he was able stand up right on both feet. Suddenly, Bison's eyes changed as they glowed in a bright purple colour, looking down at his fist, clenching it glowed every so brightly.

"Ahhhh... YES!" he said, grinning so sinisterly. "I can already feel the power of the Psycho Drive... coursing through my veins!"

Cammy gave out a slight laughter as she hugged her man, tracing his new body with her hands. Bison looked down at her.

"And you Killer Bee... are just as loyal and lovely as ever..." he said, grinning, his left hand cupping her cheek.

With that, Cammy leaped up and gave kiss on the cheek of the dictator. She and Bison were seen mostly as friends... but deep down Cammy was romantically in love with him but Bison had been aware of her feelings for him and hid his own, thinking love would conflict with his psycho power. But in secret, Bison admitted to loving Cammy... because of his soul was of two halves, one good... the other evil. Since he mastered Psycho Power, his soul was full of pure evil and deep hatred, but in the time he was with Cammy, he had a different entity to make room for his soul to keep his feelings for her. It was also part of his regenerate since his powers needed its host to stay alive. In courses of being killed, Bison needed Cammy's body as a back up until new ones were made for him. It was his way of cheating death, which he had done a few times. He was later updated with current status of the Cold War with America and Russia clashing it out but that did very little to please him. He turned away and went to his Psycho Drive where he could go and rest in order to get settled in his new body.
Part 2 of The Great Discovery... well the aftermath of it really. Admirel Sandecker is told by Pitt that he and his team have located and found the wreck of Titanic, which Sandecker is so pleased to hear. M. Bison finally wakes up in his new body with Cammy watching over him and we get into more detail about the two for it's more than just them being friends and Cammy being loyal to Bison and Titanic herself senses a presence she's not felt since 1912...

The Bison and Cammy scene is dedicated to :iconshadaloo1989:
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Lyra pulled up in her infinity to Alice's mansion and began motioning for everyone to get out of the vehicle so she could turn the car off. (Background info: All of the friend group are among those who were better off in life. Lyra as a sorceress had huge amounts of money as those skilled in the arts of magic were rare, and thus lived privileged lives. Alice lived off the large inheritance granted to her by her parents, and Maria and Lucas were simply the children of wealthy parents. Their school is an expensive private school for upper-class children hence the uniforms.) Though Alice desperately wanted to see her little sister she was unspeakably nervous. Her mind kept dwelling on how Akane would react to seeing her older brother as a girl. Alice had raised her little sister from ever since the two's parents died some years ago, and she didn't want to see Akane cry again. Having seen Akane cry at the prospect of losing her older brother was a sharp blow to Alice the previous night. It would shatter Alice's heart if Akane broke down into tears at her gender change.

Lyra handed Alice her house key as she stepped up to the door, "it was in the pocket of your uniform back when your uniform had pockets, I saw it fall onto the floor." 

Alice smiled, "thanks Lyra."

Lyra shrugged in response, "hey, what are friends for?" 

"Hey, don't take my line! I'm her best friend! Just because Alex became "Alice" doesn't mean I suddenly go down on the friend scale. You're still 3rd place, Lyra" Lucas walked up behind them.

Lyra side-eyed Lucas, "oh, and who might be 1st place if you're in 2nd hmm?" Lucas nonchalantly pointed at Maria who was standing next to him, "The one dating Alice of course...Man, calling someone I've known all my life a different name even if they are similar is something that takes some getting used to."

Alice inserted the key and turned to unlock it before opening the door, "You're not the one who went through the identity change. I mean I get that we have to keep my real identity between us because who knows what assholes like Ryan might do if they saw me like this."

Lucas raised his index finger as the four stepped into the house, "Maybe we can still call you Alex when we're hanging out by ourselves."

Alice nodded, "yes, that'd be nice if only so I won't grow comfortable with this situation."

"That would be the exact opposite of what we're trying to accomplish. Alice, I already said that you may not be able to return to a guy at all, you'll need to get accustomed to this identity because you may be stuck like this for the rest of your life! Dare I repeat myself again?!" Lyra snapped, the other three of the group stared at the sorceress in shock. Lyra then composed herself and let out an exhale of tension and continued into the house interior as if nothing happened.

"I think Lyra's hot and all, but she scares the poop out of me," Lucas was slightly trembling.

Alice subtly nodded in agreement, "Yeah...You got that one right."

Maria rolled her eyes and groaned, shoving the two best friends forward. "Men, why do I even bother."

Lucas look back and smiled with his eyes closed, "But there's only one man here...OW!" Alice punched Lucas in the arm, "Do not add salt to the wound you bastard." Lucas rubbed where he had just been punched, "alright, sorry bro won't happen again."

"See to it that you don't, please." They caught up to Lyra who was sitting in the bar of Alice's opulent kitchen. Lyra stopped Alice just as the former boy was about to call for her younger sister, "Hold up. Akane doesn't know you're even alive. We told her that you died, it's better we try to go about this more subtly." Lyra turned to Maria, "Maria, call for Akane to come down. She will listen to you more than myself or Lucas." 

Maria nodded and walked up to the foot of the staircase putting a hand adjacent to her mouth as a gesture to direct her voice, "Akane, could you come down here please? There's someone we'd like you to see." There was no response other than the soft thud of little footsteps moving down the hall of the floor above them and in a moment the golden brown haired girl with pink-eyes that was Alex now Alice's treasured younger sister stuck her head out from a switchback in the staircase. Akane's eyes were swollen and red which indicated she had done more than her fair share of shedding tears in the past few hours. "Yes?" She croaked through sobs, her eyes already beginning to glisten with a new wave of tears. She went down and stood at the edge of the switchback step where the four could more properly see her. She was wearing My Little Pony pajamas that Alex had given to her last Christmas indicating though she had been awake she likely hadn't left her bed.

Caution was thrown to the wind as Alice exclaimed "Akane!" and rushed to bear-hug her little sister who stood in shock. "Ummmm who are you, only Big Bro hugged m-me l-l-like that." She stumbled on her words as tears welled up at her mentioning of Alex who she still believed was dead. Alex broke the embrace and held Akane by her shoulders. "Akane, it's me!" Akane looked at Alice's eyes and noticed their faded purple color, "Big Bro?" she wiped the tears from her eyes. Alice smiled and slowly nodded, "Yep, who else would it be?" Akane simply cocked her head to the side, "Big Bro, why are you a girl?" Alice reached around to scratch the back of her head in nervousness, looking to her friends then back to Akane, "Well it's kind of hard to explain..." Akane closed her eyes and smiled, "It's okay! Because now I can go shopping for clothes and stuff with Big Bro now that Big Bro is a girl!" Alice grew wide-eyed, "ummmm let's not go that far, sis." Alice frowned, her teary-eyed attitude all but evaporated, "but why not? Big Bro is a girl now isn't he?" 

"Your big brother is still thinks like a guy." Lucas added his input from the back of the kitchen.

Akane's eyes grew into giant orbs of wonder, "oooooooh, is that why Maria is still here? Because Big Bro still wants to marry her?" (Author's Note: I was unaware of the existence of Homosexuals and Bisexuals at Akane's age so I'm going with in her mind thinking guys like girls and girls like guys and thus that's why she says this.)

Maria smirked at Alice, "Oh, so you -were- thinking that far, you told me that it was foolish to have such thoughts at our age..."

Alice hung her head in embarrassment, "I-I...Akane you weren't supposed to say anything about that to anyone!"

Akane deadpanned in realization, "Oooops, sorry Big Bro." She turned to Maria, "Maria, please forget everything I just said about big bro." 

Maria giggled, "Okay I will." Maria then shifted her eyes subtly to Alice as if to say Don't think you're off the hook

Alice let out an exasperated sigh, "I'm going to go play video games, coming Lucas?"

Lucas' face brightened, "you know it!" He began making his way towards the staircase when Lyra interrupted, "Not so fast, your sister actually reminded me. Your boy clothes don't fit you anymore, and you don't have any bras...So I think it's appropriate we do get a little shopping done."

Alice felt as if there were a pack of hungry wolves staring ravenously at her, but instead of being eaten she would be used as a dress-up doll. Lucas pounced on top of Akane and Maria, "Run for it, Alice! We mustn't let you lose your dignity as a man!" Alice began to dash for her room, "don't need to tell me twice WOAH!" Lyra teleported in front of Alice, blocking her path, "Oh please, you forget I'm a sorceress, Alice. You need clothes, and it's not like that girl's uniform is far from masculine." Alice folded her arms across her chest, "Yeah well I don't trust you shopping fiends so I'll make do with some of the clothes I wore when I was younger, besides what would Lucas do if I went full female?"

"The answer to that is I would commit suicide by loss of a bro." Lucas said in a matter-of-fact fashion. 

Lyra smirked wickedly, "oh that's alright, Lucas is coming with us."

Lucas raised a brow, "there is no way no how that I will be in a girl's clothing shop, I need to keep my man card."

Lyra maintained her wicked smirk, "Oh, I never said you'd be coming with us as a -boy-." Lyra shot her hand forward in Lucas' direction and immediately Lucas became enveloped in a violet glow. "Ah poop" Lucas knew exactly where this was going. Lucas suddenly lost his light build-up of muscles and small amount of belly fat he had gained from playing too much video games and his hair shot out of his head falling down to his mid back. His hips expanded outwards while his waist crashed inwards and two breasts ballooned out of his chest. Lucas didn't have much body hair to begin with, but that was mostly gone as well. Oh, but Lyra wasn't done. Lucas' cargo shorts began to creep up her legs turning into a form of cargo short shorts and her patriotic tank top grew more tight onto her skin then the spell finished leaving a female equivalent of Lucas on top of Maria and Akane which now that she was lighter made the two shove the spell-struck "boy" off of them. "Lyra! Change me back gosh darnit!" Lyra covered her mouth to try and disguise her laughing, "Oh calm down cry baby, it's only a temporary transgender transformation spell unlike Alice's which was a complete gene altering spell. It'll last us the day while we get Alice new garments. Besides you look so cute! Maybe I should turn you into a girl more often." Lucas folded her arms and grumbled. 

Lyra snickered then looked to Alice, "Looks like you have no choice now, go look through your old clothes so you don't wear a school uniform on a school day even if we have permission to be at school."

Alice groaned and headed to her room obediently.
Chapter 3 of A Strange Beauty which although isn't receiving many comments based on views is pretty popular for one of my works! In this chapter Alex or now Alice meets with her little sister Akane after her transformation to break the news of her gender change, and Lucas tries to save his best friend's inner man from the clutches of the supporting female characters...and fails. Also! Lyra x Lucas: Should I ship it?

I own the rights to this image though it is not mine.
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Dante by Raven-Nught23

Part 8: A Nephilim's Tears!

(Name)- Reader or OC
(h/c)- Hair color
(e/c)- Eye color

    The wedding was a small one and not by your choice; Dante wanted to be on the safe side if not too many people knew of the baby and you and him getting married. He even told you that it just rile Vergil up and attack you more and you understood him clearly; you twirled the ring on your left ring finger as your other hand rubbed your stomach, feeling the unborn child within you. Kat was beside you as you two spoke of the baby. "I've never seen Dante this ecstatic. I mean, yeah at first he seemed nervous but look at you, (Name), already five months pregnant. Where does the time go?" You shrug and say, "I know. Dante doesn't want to admit it but he's glad to have a child" You look away from her and say, "But Vergil-" Your voice got choked up, fearing the baby wasn't Dante's but his twin brother's child; it made Kat look at you and say in a serious tone, "(Name), did Vergil do anything to you? If Vergil is the father, Dante will still raise the child as his own" You looked at her and said, "No, I'm sure it's Dante's baby. I just know it" As if satisfied with your answer, Kat smiled as a door opened and Dante's voice rang out, "I'm back, and let me tell you, those demons did not-I repeat-did NOT wanna die" You and Kat giggled at that comment as, with Kat's help, stood up and hugged Dante while he kissed you and then to your stomach saying, "How's the champ doing?" You look at him and say, "Well, your little 'champ' has been a pain and as soon as you left this morning, the little one's been playing 'Gotcha!' with us"
    Dante couldn't help but laugh and say, "Giving us false alarms, eh? Well, goes to show the kid can play a few jokes" He stands up and guides you back to the couch and helps you sit down as you whine, "Dante I'm fine. When it gets to the eight and the nine month mark, then I'll need help moving" Dante just ignored you and sat down beside you while Kat said that she was heading to bed as he carefully laid his head on your stomach and he rubbed it as he smiled. You couldn't help but smile too as a hand was put on Dante's head and you placed the other on his hand when he said, "Soon...just wait little guy you'll get to meet us someday" "What makes you think it's gonna be a boy it may be a girl", you say with a giggle; you and Dante wanted to wait for the baby to be born before you and him bought some things for the baby minus the crib and diapers, Kat had already got them for you. You let out a heavy sigh before you yawned, making Dante ask, "Are you tired?" You nodded when he said, "(Name), we still haven't thought of a name for the baby" "Kat and I were talking about that and we came up with a few" Dante's head lifted up and he asked, "Oh? Well, tell me" You picked up a sheet of paper with two columns and you handed it to him, making him sit up as he began to read, "...Mitch-no way...Zachery-that's not bad...Kevin-definitely no...Angelo-that's a bit better...Jace-alright I've picked the name if it's a boy" "You haven't even read the rest", you squeaked when he pointed to the one saying "Jace" as you say, "But I think Jace would be a good name" He nodded and said, "Yeah let's see for the girls" He looked it over and noticed his mother's name was on it as you said to him, "I'd figured it would be a way to honor your mother considering I've never met her"
    Dante sighed and said, "Alright, then, if it is a girl, she'll be named Eva, but it will be her middle name. I like this name, Catreana though, so we could name her that" You sighed and yawned again which made Dante stand and hold out his hand as he said, "C'mon, let's head to bed" You both did so and you could see Dante had already fallen asleep as you tried to get comfortable. Once you got in a position that was comfy, you closed your eyes and fell asleep.
***3 months later***
    Dante sat beside you as Kat got some drinks for everyone when a knock came from the front door which made you say, "My sister's here" Kat opened it and said her hello as Maria did the same while being guided to the living room and said, "So, that baby is still there, huh. Well, I guess when it comes, it comes" You giggled at her as Dante said, "You scare me when just show up randomly" You knew he was lying about it, because the demons don't scare him and you've learned that if anything scares him, you'd better be scared. Maria just sighed and said, "Well, I was in town so I'd figured I would drop by. I better get home see you guys later" With that, she left as you smiled and looked at your stomach. You looked like you would pop if someone took a pin and poked you with it while Dante watched you with a small smile. Suddenly, you felt a kick, making you wince at it and you thought, 'Easy there, you're hurting Momma' The second kick really got you to scream in pain, making Dante's smile quickly fade and he jumped off the couch as Kat asked, "(Name), are you alright?!" You barely got up, only to tumble to the ground as Dante caught you as he said for you, "The baby's coming. Get your car, Kat. NOW!" Kat did so as Dante helped you up as he asked, "Can you stand, (Name)?"
    You shook your head as Dante quickly, and in a gentle manner, picked you up and threw your arm over his shoulder as he heard Kat honk the horn three times, letting him know she got the car. You and Dante sat in the back as Kat used every shortcut she knew to get to the hospital; once you made it, you and Dante headed on in as Kat went to find a parking spot while Dante shouted, "Help us!" You were placed on a bed and Dante held your hand, letting you squeeze it all the way. Once they got you set up, Dante stayed in the room as doctors came in and told you to push and so you did. You screamed in pain as Dante said calming, soothing, and supportive words in your ear; you felt like you would rather take a demon's bite when suddenly, a cry erupted in the room, but you felt it wasn't over yet as you were told to push again. 'I was carrying twins?!', the thought barely came to mind as the pain you felt made you squeeze Dante's hand harder. Dante could see you were in pain and even the thought that you had carried twins shocked him when another baby cry could be heard. You felt the pain go away as tears fell from not only your face, but Dante's as well, when a female doctor said, "You have twins, a boy and a girl" "Jace...Catreana...", you barely breathed before you passed out from the birth. After a few hours, you woke up in another room to see Kat in the room with Dante, both holding each twin; Dante looked up and saw you awake and handed you the boy saying, "This is Jace, he looks like me" You saw that Jace had you (h/c) and Dante's ice blue-grey eyes as he looked up at you as you said sweetly, "That's right, Jace, it's mommy. We finally meet" Kat handed you the girl and saw she had Dante's dark hair and your (e/c) eyes as Kat said, "Here's Catreana. She's so beautiful"
    Dante saw the bond you and the twins begin to build as more tears began to fall as you noticed it and said, "Well, that's a rare commodity, Dante" He quickly wiped them away and said, "I don't know what you're talking about" You smiled and said, "Dante, let those tears fall, a Nephilim's tears are like anyone else's tears" Dante stepped forward and kissed you and said, "We're now a family, (Name), and I'll protect you until my last breath" You smiled and replied, "And I'll go wherever you'll go, Dante"
    In the distance, Vergil's eyes narrowed, seeing he didn't kill you and that you had given birth to twins while he clenched his fists. He growled to himself for not making sure he had finished the job, but he then began to think, 'I could take one of the children and raise them on my own' Vergil walked away as he thought, 'I'll have to do it soon, but not now. I'll let them be a "family" for now'
Alright part 8 is finished whoo-hoo yay me! *claps* ok so I really don't know much about pregnancies but I did my best and sorry if it is short. Now onto the names: Catreana was a name my mom came up with when I was born, but she never named me it and said if I had a girl it would be name choice I should consider. Jace came from The Mortal Instruments and I liked it and figured that would be the name of the boy. The twins thing, I just couldn't make up my mind on whether or not to have a boy or a girl, so I thought, "Screw it". Now Vergil is ticked off once more and has another plan in store
Next time on Second Chances: Family bonds!
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~The Next Day~

During the night rain clouds had gathered over the festival, making it quieter at the stalls but the battle tournament area was just as crowded as ever. "Feeling more confident today are we" chuckled Feenix as we headed to field 1 for the Hoenn round finals "Sure am Treecko egg here I come" I giggled in response as we parted ways, Feenix and Jason heading for the stands while Tod and I headed to meet our opponent. "Rin from Chicole Village in Alima verses Azure from Cherrygrove City" the referee shouted introducing us to the crowd "Battle BEGIN!"

"Let's go Tod!" I cheer as he ran onto the field "Let's do it Leanne!" Rin called out sending to the field a Leafeon. "Shoot looks like you have a type disadvantage" chuckled Rin grinning "Now's our chance Leanne end this quick and use razor leaf!" "Lea!" the light tanned pokemon replied as the leaves on its ears and tail began to quiver before a series of leaves were hurled towards Tod "Use water gun to knock them away and charge forward using leer" I call out with a knowing smile while Tod did as asked.

As Tod charged forward knocking every leaf out of the air "What the no way!" squeaked Rin in surprise and Leanne stood frozen in fear from Tod's leer. "Now Ice punch!", "No!" and that was it "Leafeon is unable to battle the winners of the Hoenn competition are Azure and Croconaw!" the referee shouted while the crowd burst into cheers.

While Tod and I thank Rin for a good battle we were approached by the third place winner and Hoenns own Professor Birch who brought over a trolley holding a clutch of three eggs, a two toned green, orange  with yellow and light blue with two orange dots on either side. "Now as the winners you each get to pick one though choose wisely" Prof. Birch congratulated as I stepped forward with Tod "Thank you Professor" we said in union as I reached for the Treecko egg.

As soon as my hands touched the egg it began to glow "Waa?!" I said in surprise and held on not wanting to drop the egg. A surprised chuckle from Prof. Birch caught my attention "It's ok this is what happens when a pokemon egg hatches. Though its strange that it's hatching now". I nod in understanding and giddiness as the glow dies down to reveal a baby Treecko. "Pretty cute... for a boy" Tod piped up as he came closer to investigate the little wood gecko "He's your little brother Bill" I explain while I cradled him in my arms and watch as Bill falls asleep.

After the finally congratulations of the competition Feenix, Jason, Tod and I headed for the Pokemon Center so that Bill could get looked at. "He's so cute Azure but why Bill?" Feenix asked as we walked into the center "Bill was the name of my grandfather on my dad's side" I explained letting the nurse at the counter take Bill to the centers nursery and Tod to get healed. "That's pretty cool naming him after a family member" Jason nodded sagely as we took a seat.

It's then that I showed them my purple note book with what pokemon I planned on catching and their
names. It was well into the afternoon before Tod and Bill were brought back "All green for these two just make sure to follow these instructions to make sure Treecko gets all the nutrients he needs" the nurse explained handing me a 'Baby Pokemon for Beginners' book "Thank you so much and I will".
After a long hiatus I've started it up again 
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     I'm not sure why I was leaving in the dead of night, I had filed all the official paperwork and gotten it signed.
I had taken on this mission, officially - A reconnaissance task not suggested by, but approved by the Akarikage.
Perhaps it was because I knew someone would try to stop me or question my motives, and I knew exactly who.

     "So, a solo-Reconnaissance mission? What for? Isn't a Commander overwhelmed with tasks at home?"
My lips curled into an almost relieved grin, she was almost perfectly on cue to scold me, as per usual.
     "I did my homework early this month, everything should be accounted for with orders mailed out to ea-"
I turned as I spoke and eventually trailed off as I noticed her waving the stamped letter I sent to her.
I scratched my head and chuckled in embarrassment before adding, "I see you've received my monthly orders..."
But the look on her face was anything but impressed, I straightened my collar and put back on my usual demeanor.

     "I suggested the task myself, the recent news of the Land of Order's activities seems... very suspicious."
I coughed and added, "Leaving it unchecked would be suicide. It's a high risk, and needs to be investigated." 
     "So why are you the one investigating it?"
Her response was abrupt and cold, her hands rested on her hips.
     "Name a single person in the village more skilled than I am at reconnaissance, and I may reconsider."
     "Fair enough." She responded, appearing humored to such a degree that she smirked at my answer, 
"I Just didn't expect the infamous "Satoshi, the Silver Demon" to make a return ten years after his retirement." 

     I looked aside, caught between embarrassment and disappointment in the man I used to be, and added,
     "A lot has changed since then, this might be similar work to my old days - But I assure you, I am not so reckle-"
     "You don't have to keep telling me who you aren't. I know you, and I know you've changed - A lot."
I opened my mouth to respond but she covered it, "When are you going to forgive yourself, Satoshi?"

     "When I've faced the same fate of those who's fates I caused..."
There was a long and pressuring silence,
her face twisted into a small frown - an expression not commonly worn by the Stone Cold woman of Tōrōgakure.
She was waiting for something, perhaps an answer - or at least, a different one than the one I gave -
but eventually, she caved - as expected - and turned to leave, offering a few last words without looking back.

     "Don't die, Satoshi." 
     "I won't."
So I'm gonna start releasing side stories with background of Sensei every week or 2, featuring different Sensei and interactions with other sensei.
Hopefully this will give people an idea of what their teachers are like, and what they do outside of teaching their students.

This week's rendition is Satoshi and Ageha, because they've got a rather complex backstory and this particular rendition ties in with Arc 12, as it's right before he leaves.

Feel free to comment Sensei Suggestions for next week if you want! (or whenever I decide to do them again, if I feel like being quicker than a week!)
I'll definitely be more inclined to take suggestions from people nominating other team's sensei, but feel free to nominate your own as well. ;v;/
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Waking up in the morning didn’t feel good if Solomon wasn’t by my side and for the last month that didn’t happened between my going and coming back to Milano nothing seemed to be as usual and that was getting on my nerves; plus almost no one seemed to be around. I went to the Den to try to talk with Erico but news where that he wasn’t there for the day, as for Maria or Andros they were still on a trip as far as the others knew and then I found out that Solomon had been gone for a week at least.

I sat behind my husband’s desk and felt dejected, our lives weren’t supposed to be perfect but… well, I kind of wished for a better situation at the moment, on top of that I wanted to speak with Marg to find out why had she kissed Solomon as I honestly doubted it had been the other way around, especially after talking with Arya and listening to myself.

I was feeling concerned but it was somewhat usual now for Solomon to be busy with Master Assassin’s tasks and I couldn’t be upset about it, after all, the Order IS a priority for the two of us. I moved some papers and I found a pending contract to be taken care of in Florence. What to do? I guess my best shot was to take care of those things I could and help him as much as possible, right? To be a good wife isn’t easy and to be a proper Assassin neither. I looked at my hand and then to the contract, to kill a killer before he hit the target… a Senator.  I recalled the ambush during my last mission, well, if a Senator was involved, better I should hurry and see if it had anything to do with the situation in Milano.

I couldn’t stand the thought of failing because I was still unable to use my hand properly, I went to the training grounds in order to test my own strength with my left, if I pretended to take care of any mission I first needed to make sure I was able to do so. First I gave a try with my throwing knives, at least I knew I wasn’t that off using them, I had been practicing for a while with my left already; mainly because Solomon forced me to do so as part of my training.

Then I went to do practice with my hidden blade, it felt heavy in my left but I felt more or less confident in using it after seeing the results, the good thing about it was that the mechanism worked just dandy and as Erico once told me, “better to learn to use it with both, once you become an Assassino you might try to have two hidden blades in personal arsenal”. I didn’t thought too often what I will do when I came to that point because it felt farfetched, and yet I’m now a Maestro and I’m close to achieving just that.

Daggers had always been my thing even before joining the Order and using them felt natural to me, I still had to thank Fyodor and my Mother for that; Hild was pretty strict with me when we were forced to run away for our lives, but considering what had happened it wasn’t a surprise. No my last try will be with what I was less confident, the ax and the sword. I sighed deeply when just by rising the ax I could feel how uncomfortable I was, I clenched my teeth when it got stuck catching the fabric of my sleeve in the process and I couldn’t pull it out at once, the blow wasn’t deadly and that make me feel pretty useless.

As I struggled to take it off I screamed in frustration, then the soft laughter of someone made me look over my shoulder. I front of me was a hooded brother with some bloody stains in his face, which wasn’t precisely reassuring but made me blush, I wasn’t anyone to judge him, I had seen far worst, beginning with Lombargio and ending with myself.

-Well, we have to ways to do this –he said pulling his swords out-. Are you a lefty or a righty?

He teased me while I pulled my arm forcefully tearing the fabric along the way. I sighed deeply and replied in a somewhat tiresome voice.

-I’m a righty but I hurt my hand –I said showing him the bandage in my right-, so I was giving a try with my left, but the ac is heavier than I remembered.
-I see – he smiled pulling his hood down, he put his swords back in the scabbards and pulled the ax out-. You should try with the short sword, it is usually easy to start over with it.
-And you know because…
-I’m ambidextrous.

He had a point and as I received the ax I used my now torn sleeve to remove a blood stain from his cheek. He blushed a little and I noticed he was a young lad as well, I hadn’t seen him before around.

-Thanks… my name is Oskana, are you a friend of Master Solomon?
-Not really… my name is Cedric, it hasn’t been long since I arrived here, I have only met a few people, perhaps the one I know best is my own sister, Ana Corvo.
-Never heard of it.
-Then I guess we are even I haven’t heard of your Master Solomon –he laughed out loud.

I rolled my eyes as went to get a short sword it was heavier than the dagger but lighter than the ax, he had been right about been easier to swing.

-Want me to help you sparring?
-I guess that will be a good idea…

I was thinking of testing him, if he was good enough I might ask him to come with me to Florence to take care of the contract. He was pretty strong and as tall as me and as we sparred he told me he was 24 just a couple of years older than me, yet barely a Novice. I was greatly surprised nonetheless; Novice or not he was fairly good with the sword and could be a fairly good backup. Thinking about it, I didn’t had anyone else around to ask for help and as I didn’t even knew if Leola was available I ended up inquiring if he will be interested in accompanying me Florence, he was genuinely surprised but also thrilled by the idea and even if I could easily handle a mission like this on my own, injured or not, it was better to have a companion.

We took baths and dressed in fresh robes, took supplies and money for the trip, I took the contract with me and we made our way to Florence. Being honest, having him for companion was entertaining; Cedric is certainly a handsome fella and women were fanning while looking at him, but he was fairly clueless in the matter and yet a pretty cleaver guy. What surprised me even more was his memory, we played a game were we will be looking at something I’ll pick a random item from the view and later I’ll ask him where it was he could pinpoint everything from the color to the size to what was it next to and so on and so forth. He probably had a better memory than me and I’ve always thought mine was exceptional –even if it’s wrong of me saying that.

Fun or not this was still a mission and we had one clue only, a Senator had been threatened and they had made it look like it was due to his relations with the Order. I couldn’t stop thinking that Templars were trying too hard to discredit us as a whole, but in the other hand… it wasn’t that hard to do so, our organization had been facing a lot of troubles lately, especially with so few active members.

Cedric was a good companion as well, interesting and chatty, but he wasn’t Solomon and his company somewhat made me wish that I could be with my husband even more. I smiled and he must had notice that I was forcing it because he smiled back and got quiet, allowing me to be alone with my thoughts.

As soon as we arrived to Florence we could tell that the city felt restless, there was something floating in the air and neither of us liked it. As we made some inquiries Cedric advised to be wary, he had noticed some guys dressed in similar fashion stationed here and there at strategic locations, that was never a good sign and I commended his good eyes. I was able to retrieve some valuable information while playing cat and mouse, the feeling that the Order was being actively hunted by Templars wasn’t easy to shake and that made the hair in the back of my neck arise, I was starting to feel like a caged beast.

The day after our arrival to the city Cedric got information from a contact among the courtesans, the one assisting with the plan to end the life of the Senator was one of his mistresses. That’s never a good thing, as woman myself I have to admit that we can be not only deceiving but bare a deeper hatred towards others. Cedric wasn’t impressed by that, he seemed to have his own dark story but wasn’t ready to share it. We took a decision to get rid of the problem at once. As clueless as he was, he was still able to catch the attention of a jealous lady with his good looks, he will be a distraction for her while I’ll kill the assassin sent to liquidate the Senator.

That evening there was a public even at the main piazza, there will be a band, food and games, pretty much a festival, the information we had was that the killed had been advice to perform his job while the Senator gave the inauguration ceremony and make it look like it had been a member of the Order who had done it. Cedric will be close to the Senator while keeping his Mistress entertained and I’ll scout to find the killer.

As usual during that kind of event there will be plenty of wine and people was bounded to act unlike themselves, I went to the rooftops to find an appropriate vantage point for a killer, there were many ways to get rid of a Senator in public but to imitate the Assassin’s wasn’t easy. Now, to think like a killer for hire contracted by a Mistress who might or not be a Templar herself who will try his best to think like one of us in order to fulfill his contract was giving me a headache.

The Senator got to the stage and I was desperately trying to pinpoint his killer to be, while Cedric was more than ready to kill the Mistress if need be as well. I was running out of time when I finally noticed what was off, the slayer wasn’t going to use a long range weapon he was going to get as close as possible to the Senator and then make a run for it amount the multitude to publicly disgrace the Order as much as possible.

I finally found someone wearing somewhat similar robes to the ones we wore and making its way through the people until he was standing right where he could attack the Senator, Cedric hasn’t noticed him because the damn Mistress was engrossed almost eating his face in a kiss that pretended to be the perfect distraction for the Senator to lower his guard. The killer pushed with his arms the people around him in order to jump towards the Senator and stab him and I was barely able to throw a cherry bomb that made the people scream scared and start to run, then a smoke bomb to make it hard for the killer to see the Senator and then jumped to tackle him and forced him against the ground making sure to stab him in a non-lethal fashion in order to get additional information from him.

With all the mess the people was now running in all directions, Cedric was holding the Mistress by her arm which was in turn jerking trying to escape while a confused Senator was looking at us while guards made their way to try to arrest us. I hadn’t seen that man in particular before but he did know other members of the Order and seemingly Master Erico among them, he stopped the guards who in turn seized the Mistress and the killer.

The contract stated I should kill the killer in order for it to be completed but I wasn’t able to do it myself, when I went to his cell to talk to him with the permission of the Senator he didn’t spill the beans and instead killed himself in front of me while laughing like a madman, stating this was only the beginning of something bigger. A guard was nearby and heard everything so I wasn’t take in custody but I could notice that the guard didn’t want to see and of us in Florence for the time being.

Cedric was able to confirm that the Mistress wasn’t a Templar but she was in liaison with them, they were paying her to sway the Senator in order to have him approve projects that will benefit them and when the man had started to be suspicious of her she left the Templars know and they decided it was time to get rid of him and for her to get a hold of someone else to continue assisting them.

I was feeling really exhausted by the time we were able to leave the prison and we still needed to talk with the target who was now more than ready to be thankful and loyal in his own way to the Order. The conversation with that man ended near the dawn and Cedric must have notice how tired I was because he even offered to carry me to my room to allow me to rest, as tempted as I was to take his offer I declined, making plans to go back to Rome as soon as possible. There was something horrible stirring among the Templars and I hated them even more than ever if that was possible.
[Canon story]
Word Count: 2,443
Experience Gained: 20 + 60 = 80points
Florins Earned: 20 + 60 = 80 florin


Oskana doesn't know what has happened yet -obviously- but she has made a new friend and partner in crime :) And now I think this was a bit toooo long ^^;
ShortEthan Erico
MariaIla Maria
AndresBellorin-ART Andros
SoloZerker Solomon
OToySoldierO Marg
TheStrayLiger Leola
Helentheassassin Cedric
LilayM Lombargio

Right, forgot to mention related to the Restore Confidence Mission :)
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