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The images flashed across the screen, images a young boy shouldn’t have been watching. But he was watching it anyway. It was late at night, his parents were asleep.

Dusty Crophopper leaned forward bringing his blanket around him tighter. On the screen a shark pulled someone under the water. He jumped as blood pooled in the water. He whimpered a bit and covered his eyes.

It was an older movie, his parents had told him he wasn’t allowed to watch until he was older.

So of course, he watched it anyways. The movie in question, JAWS…..And he was regretting every moment.

Dusty waited again leaning forward as the shark pulled the buoy’s towards the boat. He gulped covering his eyes. “No..No...No…” He groaned. “Don’t get eaten!”

He uncovered his eyes and yelped. “NO!”

Realizing he had yelled this he looked around, his parents didn’t seem to be the wiser. He sighed in relief before turning back to the TV… In time to see the shark explode.


It was over, he was shaking a bit as he went to his room dragging his blanket behind him. He got into bed and looked at the stuffed shark on his bed and gulped. He picked it up. “You won’t bite me right?” He asked the toy, making it nod. “Good.” The boy yawned curling up with it. “Goodnight…”


Later in the night Lynn and Brody Crophopper were awoken from their sleep by a loud scream coming from their son’s room. They both jumped up hurrying. “Dusty!?”

“What’s wrong!?” They found their son sitting up in bed crying.

“Oh baby…” Lynn murmured going over to him sitting on the bed with him. Brody sat on the opposite side of his son stroking his hair.

“What happened son?” He asked.

Dusty sniffled. “I-I..I had a bad dream!” He cried. “Yo-you and mommy go-got…” He shook his head not wanting to remember.

Lynn looked to her husband mouthing: “I got this.”

He nodded. “Your mom will chase away those bad dreams kiddo.” He kissed his son’s head. “Love you…”

“Love you too daddy.” Dusty mumbled.

Brody left to go back to bed. Lynn held her arms out as Dusty crawled onto her lap curling up. She brought her arms around him keeping him close.

“Now what happened to me and your daddy… What upset you?” She asked gently wiping his tears away.

“...A shark.” He mumbled. “A shark ate you two…”

“A  shark-” It dawned on her. He watched Jaws. “Oh baby…” She kissed his head rocking him a little.

Dusty sniffled clinging to her nightshirt. “It was scary!”

“Shh….I’ll bet it was...But it was just a dream..And it was just a movie…”  Lynn said softly.

“Why do they make ‘em so scary?” Dusty asked softly. His mother stroked his back as he relaxed a bit.

“They’re just pretending… It’s not real…. They’re just actors pretending to get hurt, the sharks are fake, the explosions aren’t going to hurt anyone. No sharks got hurt either.”

“Pwomise? And...Do sharks really wanna hurt people?” Dusty asked looking at his old favorite toy with a nervous look.

“No. Sharks don’t think like that. They want to eat yes, but they eat fish, and other meat, not humans…” Lynn picked up the toy showing it to him. “Your little buddy here is a special shark too. He doesn’t eat humans or fish...He eats bad dreams to protect his best friend.”

Dusty smiled hugging it curling up in his mother’s arms. “My best shark…”

Lynn smiled softly kissing his head. “Yep… It’s all well now…. He’ll protect your dreams…”

The boy yawned closing his eyes. “Pwomise?”

“I promise…” She rocked him gently humming.

“Mommy….Can you sing my song?”

“Of course…” Lynn laid him down tucking him in, before clearing her throat. “There’s a time… In your life.. When the world...Is on your side, you might not feel it...You might not see it...But it surrounds you like a light...Makes you stronger for the fight.” She sung softly.

Dusty curled up hugging his shark close a smile on his face. “Never let it go, we’ll watch as you learn to grow and touch the sky...Still you fly...Now you know it’s what you gotta do, make your dreams come true, give it  all you got this time….Still you fly….Bring it in…. You’ll shine...It’ll be your moment you gotta live it live it right...You’re flying...Flying so strong…”

Lynn slowly faded into humming as her son drifted off to sleep, a content look on his face. She kissed his head and headed to her room. “Goodnight…” She murmured.

Dusty just shifted rolling onto his side snoring lightly.

She tried not to giggle. “Cute.” She whispered.
Ah family feels I love to write them. Especially since I get to do something sweet with Dusty and his mama here...And his dad....

Yep it's who ya think it is, alternate universe and all. I just wanted to do something sweet when Dusty was tiny.

Mechanid world - Aileen-Rose

Dusty - Disney

Lynn/Brody - Me
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look if screenshots are a problem then explain this… <- oh don't forget to argue to him cause i'm not on your side so i'm not doing it
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My dear big sister, Nina.

How are you Nina? Is it nice where you are? I guess these are point-less questions aren't they? Because you'll never be able to write back to me. I'll be visiting you with my family soon anyway. Family; I still can't believe how long it's been. Since everything they'd happened in our lives, that is. We may be ordinary people, but our bond as sisters was strong. And it still is. It still will be until the end of time.

Do you remember when we were little children and how you would always encourage me to run in the outdoors with you? We always enjoyed that, even though I was reluctant at the very beginning when we tried it for the first time. Mother never liked us getting dirty because of it however. It was a ritual of hers to constantly order: "Nina!" Adelaide" Stop this wild behaviour! It's not lady-like!"
I'm sure that was one of the reasons why you wanted to leave the nest so badly, wasn't it? Because of Mother? Neither of you ever saw eye to eye. That's probably why she didn't always want me around you. And Father was never there.

You were always so eager when you spoke, so sure about what you wanted to do in life; regardless of what anyone else thought. Regardless of your gender. Even though I never even realised it back then, you were my inspiration- an idol. My idol. My best friend. Even after what happened, you were always the stronger one. And what was I? I was quiet, timid, obedient, naive; I think it was because I was like this, that Mother wanted to live through me, but you always made my day when you told me with your advice: "Addey, it's true that you're all these things. But most of all, you're kind. You'll be appreciated for that; but be careful who you're kind to."
I wouldn't be surprised if that very advice you gave me lead me to Gareth when we reached out teenage years; but that's when it all started.

Maybe it was because we were both older and I became more independent, or it was because of a growing assertive nature that began to sprout within me. I should have guessed that as my older sister, you were reasonably worried about me because I met someone. It was all for my sake, but I was too stubborn to listen to you then.

But that fight between you and I- nothing good came from it. Nothing. Especially when we had to rush you to the hospital the next day. Even after we talked to each other, forgave each other, and after I convinced you that Gareth is a good man, I still feel that I don't deserve your forgiveness, I have to admit: sometimes I don't even forgive myself. I guess writing letters to you like we used to when we left home and went our separate ways gives me a sense of comfort. Even though I know full well, that you'll never be able to reply anymore.

I hope to deliver this letter to you in your box buried next to your tree. Gareth and I also agreed to bring our young Felix along. I wish you were there to see him when he was born sometime after Gareth and I got married. He has so much energy he reminds me so much of us when we were his age. Hopefully, next year, we can bring our next little one along. If it's a girl, we hope to share your name with her. I hope that's alright with you. It was actually Gareth's idea. After all, he's always been there for me after all these years. Felix is looking forward to being a big brother.

And I hope Felix will be a great older sibling like you were. Even though you'll always be the stronger one,even now; after what happened, I vowed to become stronger. For Gareth. For little Felix. For our next little on. For me. For you. For us. For all of us.

I miss you Nina, I always do. I know I've mentioned this on and on; over and over in the previous letters I've written, but I never forget you. My inspiration. My idol. My best friend. My family. My big sister Nina.

Until the next letter or until the next world,
Love your little sister, Addey.
A short story that I did for my English Literature AS in college in late 2012 or early 2013. We were told to choose a 18th or 19th century book and write a story inspired by them. In my case I chose Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and the main theme I made it have was about sisterhood.

I always felt that I was better at writing in first person than third, but I would like to improve my third person writing because I feel if I write "Shades Of Night" and "Ties That Grind", I feel it should be in third person.

In any case, I usually don't mind not getting comments, but any advice and feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.:thanks: I may not have a premium membership so I can't select the critique box thing, but critiques are welcome as well.:thanks: If you would like to ask me about certain things about this, then that's fine too.:thanks:
Anyhowy-who, hope you like. <83

Quiet Letters (C) :iconlotzaluv4gaara:/Me.
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Chapter 1

In the city of Ninjago, four warriors protect the land and it's people they are. Zane, a robot with the power of ice. Cole, man with the power to control the earth. Jay, a young man plus a great inventor
and he had the power to control lightning. Finally we have Kai, he is a great blacksmith and has a  younger sister Nya, he had the power to control fire. One day our brave heroes were eating one of Zane's
fine dishes when the teacher, Sensei Wu, had to discuss something inportant.

"Good evening everyone."He greeted with a smile."Evening Sensei."They smiled as he joined them for dinner, suddenly Nya ran in holding some letters."Sensei Wu these just arrived."She panted and put the
letters on the table and left, Sensei picked up the letters not paying attention to the others."So who wants to play some video games?"Jay asked when everyone had finished."I'm afaid we have something to
discuss."He said and everyone sat back down."I'm afaid that Ninjago city is on the brink of war."He frowned."Who?" Cole asked looking really ticked off."With the Serpentine."Sensei said looking at the
letters."Then we shall fight like ten Serpentine."Kai exclaimed."No Kai, we need to form an alienccen so strong the Serpentine won't dare attack."He said taking a sip of tea."How Sensei?"Jay asked looking
a bit confused."By marriage."He told them."So who are the people to wed?"Zane asked, however, when Sensei Wu didn't reply they knew the answer."US!!!!!"

"He can't do this to us!"Kai screamed in anger, Sensei sent them to their room to pack."He's just thinking about whats best for Ninjago City."Zane said as he put his tooth brush in his bag."Yeah but I
wanted to marry someone for love." Jay said sadly picking up a picture of him and Nya."Hey maybe we might like these ladies."Cole said trying to cheer everyone up, but they didn't even crack a smile."Hey
guys."Everyone turned and saw Nya at the door."Hey sis."Kai groaned not even looking up."Kai can I talk to you for a minuet?"She asked and they left the room.

When they made it up on deck Kai looked at his sister."So what do you want?"He asked."How are you feeling about the marriage?"She asked."I'm not ready, can't we just put the wedding on hold or something?"He
replied nearly raising his voice."If we do the Serpentine will attack and people will get hurt."She sighed."Bro please promise me you'll go through with this."She begged, Kai looked into his sisters eyes and
saw the tears threating to spill."Alright."
Here is my new Fanfic hope you all enjoy.
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How boring.

How completely and utterly mundane.

Since “exploring” the source of noise, dragging along a Persian with her. There seemed to be almost nothing going on about the island.

(There was something or another going on in May, but she had decided then to return home to her darling Hayden then. The poor Zebstrika had come down with a rather nasty cold and she had gone to take care of her husband. He seemed rather grateful for it, among his murmuring of delirious things about the company and the houses he’d need to fix regarding their electricity levels. Whatever that was supposed to mean.)

Twirling her finger around stray strands of her hair, she kept her legs crossed as she laid on her bed, her belly resting against the very soft mattress. Lifting her feet behind her, she huffed at her hair—just what was she thinking, dying this strand a bring neon blue? Sighing, she rested her elbows on the comforter and placed her head on top of her hands.


Hearing a soft mewl come from somewhere behind her. She gathered her scatterbrained “boredom” and focused on the weight of the kitten. The Glameow crawled up her naked back, making his way to the top of her head. Right. This little shit had gained his eyesight and hearing for quite some time now, but she hardly saw it as any reason to celebrate. If anything, she was considering that she should toss him into the local magic shop to be adopted by some other person.

It wouldn’t have occurred to her to do this, if she hadn’t a phone call from a most annoying Espeon.

Casting her gaze towards the phone stand with the blinking red light, she reached a hand over. It transformed quickly into a longer extension—a Tentacruel’s tentacle, to be precise—and pressed one of the buttons there.

“Hello there Mrs Hamillon! It’s Harands, Fenwok Harands? The Espeon who sold the large house property to you? My partner and I have been wondering if you’ve found a Glameow kitten by any chance? It would seem that we’ve lost one such kitten, he’s a runt. He answers to Omega half the time, but it’s alright if you haven’t seen him! His parents are worried, but you know how it is with Pokemon pets. We’d probably have to give away half the litter anyway. Ah, look at me rambling. In any case, if you do see or hear something about him, please give us a call! I handed you my card before, but here is my current address and the land line…

She waited a moment for the second message to come out:

“And if you’re free anytime, we can pick up coffee somewhere and chat? I wanna know how you’ve been and all that. The island can be draining on some people, you know. The people there aren’t like any you’ve known before. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not, but they’re way out there. So call me!”

Typical. Men.

The idea brought a lift to her lips and the corners curled upwards into the look of a smile. Yes, quite typical of men who think of pleasure before business. Those who think of business before pleasure brought greater amusement to her. Breaking that sense of hard work ethic…ah, but just how many men and women out there were so devoted to their work? Obsessed, even.

Her lips pursed. Boring. There simply weren’t enough of the obsessed. Seeing a cotton-fluff piece hanging slightly above her eye-line, she tugged it lightly. “We’re heading out, Mario.”

After the kitten hopped off her head and landed on the carpeted floor on all fours, she glanced to her left, where a full-length mirror greeted her. Her reflection hid nothing that she already knew of her own body. Maneuvering so she was sitting and watching herself, she continued to stare.

The light purple skin that she had kept for, oh, about two or three years now looked smooth and tight. It gathered her the envy of vain women, she supposed. She continued to look up from her petite toes, to her feet, further traveling upward of her thighs towards her flat abdomen and her small torso. Her petite breasts hanging, as globs of fat tissue did; small and enough to be held in a palm. Or something, she never did think to have her breasts be large as water melons, or grapefruits. Having them small best suited her, she felt. Her eyes continued further up, past her slender neck and to her rather large face and eyes.

She was child-like. She was innocence incarnate. She was naïve.

She should be carrying a huge-ass rainbow lollipop around; licking it like no one could see her indulging in the epic sweet flavour.

Her sky-blue eyes were crystal clear. Why would she betray anyone? Certainly, she could only tell the truth…

With a crash, she blinked those blue eyes away, realizing she had smashed the mirror. Shame, Aoi was confident she could have gone another day or two with it. Turning her attention to the cowering ball of fur, she kicked his bum out of her room and headed into her walk-in closet. She needed clothes for the outside. It was only proper.

It was time for some change, she supposed. With each step, she unbound her hair as it transformed: the style became slimmer and thinner, the colour gained blue tones, then more green. She left her dyed strand of hair alone, she didn’t want to re-dye it anytime soon, not when it was the perfect shade as it was. Re-arranging her hair into a loose bun, she stopped for a brief second, her body elongating, adding to her height. Just an inch or two, no problem. Her skin tone changed to an alabaster white, so pale, why; her wrists were nearly translucent and she frowned at her dark veins and blood vessels. How unseemly.

Casting her now ruby-red gaze about, she withdrew black gloves and a new dress she had bought a few weeks ago. The corset fitting snugly with her thin figure, but the style…eh, whatever. She can probably buy a Gardevite in town. She had a feeling she’d be able to find it there. A mere trinket decoration really, it would have no use with her.

Pulling dark stockings on, she walked out, dainty feet making dainty steps, down the stairs and out the front door. She was a little disappointed to see that her stockings were barely higher than her knee-high boots. It looked like she’d have quite some shopping to do in Lilycove soon. Whenever she had time.

Who was she kidding, she always had time.

Clucking her tongue gently, she left her home to be automatically locked. A soft click did all the work.

The town of Qiren was a mildly colourful blur as she walked into the hotel lobby, took the elevator, and entered the bar. And there was the man she wanted to see, standing upright with a new look of his own. “Finally discarded the water-type theme, Yo-she?~”

She gave him a once over, partially curious as to why he was wearing a forest-green suit. Surely the rather red-brownish colour scheme of the hotel did not need such a blatant colour contrast from him. Spotting a pair of half-shimmering wings behind him, she decided to not ask, and let him have his secret Scyther form to himself.

Her fellow Ditto raised his head for a moment, and let out a scoff, “Hello sister.”

How dry.

“Now now, can’t you say you’ve missed me? I’ve left you all alone these past couple months~” She walked up to the bar stools, having little difficulty in getting herself up and seated on one. Mario clambered up on the seat beside her, mewling for attention from the bartender as well. “Can’t a girl get a word of gratitude around here?~”

“I see no such figure.” His hands, previously holding an old wash cloth and a Collins glass, put away both to take out several different bottles. A bottle of Scotch, brown sherry, lemon juice, grenadine, dark rum, white rum, lime juice, passion fruit juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, and blackcurrant syrup. The Collins glass was replaced by a cocktail and highball glass respectively. “All I see is one Mega Gardevoir looking for someone to tell her little secrets to.”

“Now what secrets could I have for you today, dear brother?” She eyed each ingredient, watching as he shook together something… “Artists’ Special? Now who’s that for?~”

Mine, of course.” She could almost hear the smug undertone. “You never liked tropical fruits, Blue.” Poured into the cocktail glass, he garnished it with half a slice of twisted lemon. Pretty, but not to her tastes.

“And the other?” Aoi took in a breath, trying to see if she could smell the next cocktail he was mixing. “There’s rum in that. Isn’t it a favourite of papa’s?”

Beside her, Mario was having a staring contest with something. She assumed it was her brother’s feline, the Purrloin. She would never quite understand why it came to the bar, of all places. However, she could understand the draw. Looking back to the shaker and the bartender, she watched as he created another alcoholic masterpiece. She hesitated slightly, but allowed herself the brief glimpse of a past memory.

“The alcohol base of a Hurricane is made with dark and white rum. The non-alcoholic components are various fruit juices: lime, passion fruit, pineapple, and orange.” The Milotic paused a moment, eyes cast downwards towards his young pupil. “Boy, don’t touch that.”

Her brother, hah, how young was he then? Probably ten or something. Had shrunk away from away from a container with a tall, thin long neck. Her beautiful self? She was sitting on the bar stools, watching the bartender at his work. He mixed everything together in the shaker, it was of two pieces—or so the man claimed. She wouldn’t dare try to find out for herself, mother would be so cross with her.

“Can you read me the label, boy?

“Er--…Bl-Blackcurrant syrup?” Whatever would that be for? It was with great difficulty she refrained from mimicking the other’s confused look.

“Yes, that’s also used in the Hurricane.” With a flick of his wrist, the Milotic added the syrup, exaggerating the action with dramatic flair and a quick snap shut of the cap. “It adds to the sweetness.”

Then everything was shaken together, quickly, roughly, everything turned to mush inside of that shaker. Then, the muddled liquid—no, cocktail—was strained into a tumbler highball glass. How small—wait, there…a garnish was added. Where did those slices of fruit come from?

The Hurricane was finished with a toothpick pierced through small bites of pineapple, orange and a cherry. How fruity looking.

She had let herself drift off too far, she now saw that a near perfect replica of the drink in front of her. However… “You’re using the sword toothpicks again.”

An observation. And yet, it seemed Yoshi was not finished.

Quickly, she looked at the current ingredients set out: Plymouth gin, white crème de cacao, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, a can of whip cream, Campari, and a pail of ice. Ice was hardly an ingredient, but she could not guess just what he was shaking now. Everything was done separately, one after another—this would take quite some time, she realized. Yet, she stayed silent, watching him work.

About a minute later, he drizzles the liqueur onto another highball glass. The tumbler was one of those “on the rocks” drinks, already half-filled with crushed ice cubes.

“Have a Mistress.”

Wait, he was silent throughout his work. What a day for firsts. Caught off guard by that simple fact, she threw her head back with a short, girlish giggle.

“How punny.” She took the offered drink, wrinkling her nose when she recalled the pineapple and passion fruit juice mixed in, but downed it all the same. It did not escape her notice that he drank the Hurricane and Artists’ Special in quick succession. “My my, are you looking to get drunk?”

“With these? Hardly.” He took out another bottle, some vodka brand. “The both of us would have to drink this straight if we even want to begin feeling dizzy.”

“That sounds like a challenge, dear brother.”

“I’ll not have it.” He crossed his arms, “I drank the good stuff months ago before you came.”

“How crude of you.” She pouted, but set aside her glass. “How is that woman, that, ah…~ Was her name Vera? Or Fern? I didn’t quite catch it, with that hackney accent of hers.”

“The Scoliopede?”

“Do you know of any other?” She watched him with her red eyes, looking for a tell-tale twitch. He might’ve been a good liar, but every poker-face held something to tell. “She was going on about taking you to the dog-house or another, when you were disguised as a Houndoom.”

She gestured, briefly with both hands, to her own head, mimicking the rounded horns that the canine Pokémon had.

“Surely you didn’t forget? I tried to join in your little impromptu skit!~” For a moment, she contemplated a break in her Gardevoir look and change into that Ninetales get up…alas, the Lolita dress she wore really was an object of physical material and not her own skin. She’d rather not rip it so she could ‘grow’ nine tails. How ugly. “As an aristocratic Ninetales, don’t you remember?~”

“I can’t say I’ve seen you as a Ninetales, Aoi.” Finally, the use of her name, hm? “Not since you got hitched to…ah, what’s his name? Jones?—No, James. Yes, that man. Walter James.”

She sighed, picking up Mario by the scruff of the neck and cradled him as she left her stool.

“If you aren’t going to play, this won’t be half as fun.” One step, two steps, three. “I only came to this tropical island to see you, hadn’t I? You never write!~”

“I didn’t know you could read.” He muttered to himself, hand-washing the two tumbler and cocktail glasses.
Word Count: 2,361

Had this sitting for some timer, merp.

Veraine Crowley © CallouslyCorrupted
Aoi Felix, the Persian (Ashly Damiri), the Espeon (Fenwok Harands), Yoshi Felix © Slayer-1412
Pokecino © Yoriden
Pokemon © Nintendo & GameFreak
Recipes taken from The New York Bartender's Guide to Cocktails & Mixed Drinks: A complete encyclopedia of spirits, liqueurs, wine, beer and mixers, with over 600 fantastic drink recipes by Stuart Walton
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