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Tonight is pretty peaceful. The crickets chittered and sang their songs,hiding in the shrubs and plants. The birds every so often made a soft snore or a chirp inside the nests. A few hoots and trills from the owls. It was a pretty calming and relaxing night.

...except for inside one of the houses. The Nordic house,to be exact. 'Come sit down and talk' they said. 'We're going to deal with this calmly', they said. It doesn't take rocket science to know that the Nordics aren't very good at being calm. 

The talk had started out pretty well,but then the stupid Dane had to remind (M/N) of his...uhm...problem. That's when things started flying. Most of them hit Denmark's face. 

"How many times do I have to tell you guys,my blindness is NOT a problem?!" The young capital yelled,struggling to fight a hammer away from Sweden,but with not avail. Norway sighed,crossing his arms and furrowing his brows. 

"(M/N),it is a problem. If you can't see,then you can't protect yourself." The Norwegian calmly said,his eyes showing no emotion. (M/N) growled and jumped on Norway,knocking him onto the couch. Denmark jumped to his feet and picked up the smaller male,said man squirming and kicking in his arms. 

"You guys are assholes,you know that?" (M/N) screamed,finally pushing his way out of the other's grip. It was Finland's turn to talk,he stood up and walked over to the capital. He was taller than (M/N),so the capital had to look up to glare at him. The Finnish man smiled softly,putting a hand on the other's shoulder. 

"(M/N)-" Finland started,but was cut off by the small capital shrugging his hand off and walking away. He stopped walking and turned back to the 5 countries.

"I don't need your pity." He whispered angrily before going up the stairs to his room and slamming the door.

The five of them were silent for a second,before Norway sighed heavily,turning to the others. Sure all of the Nordics were worried about (M/N),but Norway was the most worried. The blind capital was Oslo,hiscapital. And to Norway,Oslo was like his son. 

"What should we do now?" Finland asked,scratching Hana behind the ears. Everyone shrugged,and Norway stayed silent in thought. Denmark sat back down in his spot on the couch,rubbing the bump on his head. The bump may or may not have been from a beer bottle that was chucked at him...

If the situation wasn't so serious,Iceland would be teasing the Dane about getting beat up by a little blind teen. But it wasn't time for jokes right now. 

The Nordic 5 had just discovered that (M/N) has been getting bullied at school...viciously bullied. Not just insults or a kick or two. He had come home from school that day with bruises and cuts and burns all over him. If Sweden and Denmark hadn't been there to hold back Norge and Fin...some teens would probably be in a dumpster behind the nearest taco bell by now. 

"You know," Iceland started,saying something for the first time since Oslo had started flipping out. "We should probably put him in counselling. His anger issues are getting even worse now." The other four all nodded in agreement. Denmark sighed and rubbed his temples in frustration. 

"Why did we even send him to that school anyway?" He hissed angrily at himself. 

"It was supposed to help him...maybe if he had friends he wouldn't focus very much on his blindness." Iceland murmured,picking up Mr.Puffin.

"What good was any of this going to do him?!" Norway yelled,the outburst causing the other Nordics to look at him in shock. Even Norway himself was caught off guard. He cleared his throat.

"Sorry." He apologized before walking to his own room. 


Norway laid in his bed,staring up at the ceiling. He has been laying here for at least an hour now,and he still couldn't fall asleep. He was too worried about (M/N). 

'Should I go talk to him alone? Or maybe apologize?' He tossed the thought around,and finally decided that he should. Sighing,he slipped out of bed and walked towards the stairs. Silently making his way up to his capital's door,he knocked. After hearing a quiet 'what the hell do you want',he opened the door and poked his head in. 

"I wanted to talk to you..." Norway whispered,letting himself in and shutting the door behind him. (M/N) let out a small 'hmph' noise and rolled over,giving him the middle finger. 

"Go away. I'm trying to sleep." Oslo murmured,not in the mood to fight with anyone. Norway walked over and sat on the foot of his bed,causing (M/N) to sit up with a loud sigh. 

"Do you need me to spell it out for you?" (M/N) hissed,crossing his arms. "I don't want to talk. Especially with you." He glared at the older male. The blonde ignored his outburst and just sat there. 

After a few awkward moments,Norway finally said:

"Why do you think your blindness isn't a problem?" (M/N) narrowed his eyes and looked away from him,clenching his teeth. 

"Why do you think it is?" He shot back,causing the Norwegian's eyes to widen slightly in surprise.
...why did he think it's a problem? After more silence and thinking,he replied.

"We're just worried about you." He whispered,looking at his capital sadly. 

"Look,I don't care if you guys worry about me. Just don't pity me,will you?" (M/N) mumbled,looking at the floor. 

That's why he freaks out if you call him blind? that he thought about it,when ever someone said he was blind,they would pity him and tell them how sorry they were and give him special treatment. He never realized it before but...they were only making him even more different than he already was. 

Let me tell you this,(M/N) is a hard-headed kid. Despite his blindness,he was always the kind of person who never got sad or depressed. when the Norwegian looked over and saw the strong willed teen crying into his pillow,he freaked out. He didn't know what to do! He never really had to comfort a teen before! Sure he used to comfort little Oslo when he was younger,but he hasn't had to do so in years! 

Hesitantly,he leaned in and hugged the sobbing teen. (M/N) raised his head. Norway smiled, even though he knew the other couldn't see it.

"'s okay. We're sorry for...pitying you...and-" He apologized,but was cut off when he was tackle-hugged. 

"I-It's okay...Nor-nor..." The country smiled upon hearing the nickname that he hadn't heard in years. 

After tucking (M/N) into bed,to which the teen protested and stated that he's a 'big boy now',Norway turned towards the door. But before he could even take a step,he felt a tug on his shirt. He turned to find Oslo hiding his face in his other hand,blushing madly. 

"N-Nor-nor...can I sleep in your bed tonight? L-Like when I was little?" Norway smiled. 

"Of course."
Yay~ I like how this one turned out~ I hope you guys like it too. ^w^ (I guess all this fluff is to make up for the feels and suspense in Broken Pinky Promise...ehe. ;D ) 

...Oh and if you can't tell already,I'm in love with writing Country x Blind!Male!Readers. 
...sorry not sorry. ;D 

Nordics belong to Hidekaz Himaruya (Hima-papa~~ :D )
You belong to yourself Norway. You belong to Norway. 

...should I write more Blind reader stories? I have an idea for Prussia...and I will probably write it no matter what you guys say because that's just how Emers rolls. *tries to put on sunglasses but pokes self in the eye*
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I struggle to open my eyes as they tear up.
I'm coughing uncontrollably and I can't breath.
The room is a picture of oranges and greys.
Everything is blurry.
The smoke alarm is going crazy.
I hear someone shout, then another.
Suddenly a chorus of shouting, screaming, and sirens.
I struggle to get out.
With nothing else to do, I cry, and bang on the bars of my crib.
A thought pops into my head: my sister and parents!
The door creaks then explodes as mt father burst in.
He wraps his strong arms around me and lifts me up.
I'm still crying and my throat burns.
I hear my mother scream and my sister cry.
I'm on his shoulder now, he runs down the hall to the fire escape
The door burst open with a loud CRACK!
Whooshing, crackling, and screaming fill my ears.
I hear glass shatter as my father breaks the window.
With dread, I hear the escape collapse and the gasp of the people bellow.
Some hot falls on my cheek.
I struggle to remove it but before I could, I hear a loud CRACK as the room behind falls.
The room is black with splashes of red and orange. I can't see. I panic.
My cheek still burns but I ignore it as my father kisses my mother.
They hold each other tight for a few moments.
She whispers: "Mujhasē tumasē pyāra hai." I love you, then leaps out the window.
Then an wave of audible relief as she lands the twenty-foot-drop to the ground below.
My sister is next. The same phrase is spoken, the she jumps.
Then cheers.
I'm next.
My father's face is grey with ash and he's coughing.
He doubles over momentarily, the rights himself.
Tears slide down his face, leaving tracks down his cheeks..
He whispers: "Mērē chōṭē sē ēka surakṣita rahēṁ." Be safe my little one.
He kisses me, and holds me close to him for a second.
He tosses me.
Time slows down.
The night swirls around me in strokes of purple and black.
The sight in front of me is a galaxy of red, orange, and black.
Our home. My home.
That galaxy then erupts into a ball of flame. Wood flies every which way.
I land on a blanket hard.
The cloth billows around me as the crowd shouts: "Vaha jindā hai!" She's alive!
As my mother picks me up, I look for my father.
I hear people sobbing, praying, and shouting.
Suddenly the world goes out.
Nothing. Silence.
I wake up into a room of white.
Next to me is my mother and sister.
My father is missing. Where is he?
Oh no.
I realize with a jolt that he didn't make it.
Couldn't have.
He's gone.
I start crying. My mother and sister join.
My mother holds me.
We made it out at the cost of my father.
And...our home.
But if one thing good came out, it was that everyone knows that my father is a hero.
A hero of fire...
Based on the story of a girl at my brothers school. Her house caught on fire and her mother and sister made it out but her dad didn't.
I almost started crying while typing this...
I'm also leaving it up to you guys what started the fire.
Hope you enjoy this story.
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         The neon lights buzz with every flicker as signage stains have Ana wondering why this particular family-oriented fast food chain refers to itself as a happy place. She looks around and sees swivel stools, wet floor signs, children crying over out-of-stock action figures, and a good-for-four table with only a single customer seated.

         She stays by the entrance for a while staring at the menu as if her choices stretch as the pauses Jack lays down the dinner table every Sunday. But really, she only wishes to stand under the air conditioner long enough for the guard to notice and tell her "Miss, huwag niyo pong harangan yung daan." She exchanges stares for thirteen seconds before she responds. “Excuse me, it’s missus.”

         The doors fly open behind her as though motion-sensitive and Ana swears to hearing Jack’s heels against tiles—her heart beating faster with each succeeding step. She swears to smelling the perfume he uses every Sunday, the same perfume for which they travel fifty-six miles for only a single bottle.

         She doesn’t see Jack, because Jack isn’t there.

         She sees, instead, her daughter in her father’s shoes. Ada hands her a note, which has for its face a line from a profound and meaningful Rihanna song: “We found love in a hopeless place. We found love in a hopeless place. We found love in a hopeless place. We found love in a hopeless place.” The note reads, “Look behind you…” She turns her head towards her rear but finds nothing but glass.

         Ada’s hands grip her right wrist, causing her to turn towards her.

         “I may not be a hundred percent behind you in every decision you make, but I’ll always be right up front with you. I’ll be here to look you in the eye, and only look you in the eye hoping it’s enough.”

         “What makes you think stares make up for dragging pauses?”

         He looks at her and pauses.
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I was falling from the sky with tears in my eyes. I watched them float down above me as they looked like bubbles. I knew so little, only my name, Lulu. Of course I was terrified, I didn't know anything, why I was falling or where I was falling from nor where I would land. I took this as an act of fate and to redo a life that I might of regretted in the past that I had forgotten. So I went the flow and within that moment of thought I had fallen into a body of water. I didn't know what surrounded me at that time but I knew I couldn't breathe anymore or get out of it. I had sunk to the bottom with water filling my lungs.
 20 years later
When I woke I was gasping for air, I held my chest as my breathing  was heavy. My vision was blurry at first but then soon cleared up. What I saw infront of me was a man. He was well dressed in black clothing made out of silk. His hair was quite messy as if he just woke up, he gladly smiled at me then wrapped his thin furry cloak around me. He seemed vary happy to see me but when he spoke, I didn't understand him at all. I gave him a confused look then he looked somewhat sadden but he took  my hand and led me to a gothic castle, that had two giant piller like gate way. As we walked up the many stairs he stopped and looked at me, he asked me some sort of question so I had assumed it was my name.
"Lulu...." I said quietly then he smiled and repeated my name but I never did understand what he was saying though. When we got to the top I looked down and noticed, white and red roses growing in the court yard. The man smiled down at me then motioned me to follow him inside. Once we went though the big old door, many severents greeted him and this made me think that he was a king or somekind of royality. As he led me to a thron room I noticed that most of the castle was dark not by the lack of light of candles but yet a dark color of black. I put my hand to the wall and felt its rocky texture, to me if you had a scratchy back this would be a perfect place to scratch your back on. I giggled some thinking about of strange it would be.
We then entered a bedroom that was also black but it also had purple in it too. There was a women sitting on a wooden chair, staring out the window. She wore a black coreset and a dark purple dress, her skin was pale but under her eyes were red.
"My dear, I've brought you something" he said to her then put his hands on my shoulders. The women slowly turned to us then her face lit up just seeing me. I was surpised. Am I suppost to know these people? I was vary confused but I guess it was okay if this woman was happy. She then got up and give me a hug smiling
"What is your name, sweety?"
"Lulu..." at this point I understod that question but not everything else.
"I'm sorry....I don't really understand your probably don't understand mine either..." I looked down feeling bad but also vary confused but I knew I would have to learn their language either way. The couple looked at each other then the woman just smiled and grabed my hand as she led me into a huge library. I looked around in amazement, the sheleves seemed like gaints to me. Then I saw a women take out a vary old book and set out on a table and called me over. I looked at the words on the pages and I could read them.
I didn't finish it but its from my creative writing class and she said it was okay if it want finished
I wish I finished it....
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Ty:*throws a teddy bear*


Ty:*backs away*


Ty:It was jsut a fa-

Alex/Old Sis: SHUT THE F*(K UP!

Me'n'Ty: Oh hell naw *attacks sister*


Me'n'Ty:*high fives eachother*

~~~THE END~~~
I don't know but this did happen but my sister isn't ded
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