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"Knowing that Christ, having been risen from the dead, dies no more. Death no longer has dominion over Him. Likewise, you also, reckon yorselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God." ~ Romans 6: 9,11
 Gingka and Masamune didn't have very long to go until they got to the B-Pit. They were surprised to see it so busy that early in the morning. The only person they knew in the crowd was Madoka. "Hey boys! Good to see you again, Masamune!" Madoka greeted the two. "Good to see you too, Madoka! Hey, where are the others?"   "They're all upstairs. I was just on my way to join them."   The three of them made their way to the next floor up, where they were greeted by their other friends. The gang carried on a conversation for hours, it seemed. Gingka told them about his dream from the previous night, and mentioned the Beyblade Ryuga told him about, - Death Cerberus. His friends marveled at everything they heard. "What do you think that means, Gingka?" questioned Kenta. "I'm not sure,..." Gingka replied hesitantly. "We'll have time to talk to Takara about it after the Championships." Tsubasa remarked. "And speaking of Championships,..." Madoka added on, and she opened up video chat with Team Excalibur,... well, half of Team Excalibur. "Hey you guys!" Klaus and Julian greeted their rivals. "Hey, you two! It's been a while!" Gingka exclaimed. "Madoka, we have the information you requested." Julian continued. "You do? Awesome!"   "It looks like your predictions were correct, - the HD Academy has been rebuilt, and it's equipment has been powered on and is being used. Our gadgets have also confirmed that the Academy has been communicating with an affiliated group there in Japan."   "Wow! Anything else?"   "Unfortunately, no. You may want to investigate this if you're ever in the United States. And of course, we'll be helping you, too!"   "Thanks so much, you guys!"    "No problem! We would love to stay and talk, but we need to finish preparing this banquet before Sophie and Wales get back."
"Where are those two, anyway?" Yu inquired.  Julian and Klaus exchanged glances, and took turns saying one announcement: "Aha, they're not here right now,..."   "They're out on the town,..."   "Celebrating,..." "Their,..." "Engagement!" they finally said simultaneously. Masamune and Madoka were the only ones that did not look totally disgusted, - in fact, they were super sentimental. "That's why we're preparing a banquet. Anyways, we'll see you guys in the Championships, as a whole team!" Julian said matter-of-factly.  "I'm especially looking forward to battling you again, Masamune!" Klaus added on. "Same here, Klaus! But don't expect things to go down like they did the last time!" Masamune remarked. "I'll hold you to that. See you then!"  And when the video chat was signed off, Madoka brought out sandwiches for everyone, which were all swiped from the platter in a heartbeat. Then, after some last minute packing and waiting at the airport, they were on their way to Australia. "I wonder if the Dispersed Training Tournament for Australia will be anything like the others." Kenta uttered. "There's no telling, but these are the best Bladers in Australia! It's sure to be epic!" an enthused Gingka replied.
End of Results