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Warrior raxnae
I'm a Warrior By Tongue Pen or Sword, I Seek an Eternal Reward,
Ignorance and Wickedness I Slay, They Must All Pay,
Disgrace and Dishonor I'll Never Garner, Try to Slander Me Don't Bother,
If You Come At Me Bring a Gun, and I'll Gladly Die With the Setting Sun.
My Weapon Does Not Forgive Nor Forget, Pay Your Penance Or You'll Soon Regret,
Battle Me, I'll Shatter Thee,
Bring An Army You Cowards, I'll Fight to the End Til My Blood Showers,
Sharpened Mind, Killin With Love In Kind.
The Sword is in My Heart, Just Read My Art,
I'll Live and Die By This Sword, Valhalla a Home Where They Call Me Lord,
Carving Up Fallacy, Slicing Through Reality,
Heart of Fire and a Burning Blade, Cut Through Those Heartless Shades.
Warrior's Soul, Playwright Role,
The Grand Dream My Singular Goal, the Infinite Dream I Guard Whole,
Pushing Forward Forevermore, Never Caring How Bored,
Human World of Corruption, Blade of Purification and Destruction.
I Don't Desire to Be Most of Your Enemies
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Ignorance Abounds
Ignorance Abounds reaper
You Think Your Bible is Truth Pure, Yet My Spirituality is Fake and Untrue?,
You've Had Experiences That Prove to You It Is Real, Yet My Experiences While Different are Bilge?,
You Need to Chill, You'd Be Amazed By a Magician's Cheap Thrill,
Close Minded Fool, You're Just Another Socially Engineered Tool.
Ignorance Abounds, It Astounds,
Like the Last Survivor In a Zombie Apocalypse I'm Surrounded, No Matter My Efforts to Pound It,
Stupidity is Prevalent, This Ignorance is Almost Malevolent,
Even the Few Who Truly Think Free, are Mostly Short Sighted See?
Humans Always Wanna Bow Down, Unless You're Different Then They Wanna Push You Around,
Humanity Ain't Nothin but a Sad Bunch of Clowns, With Self-Inflicted Downs,
Humans are Such an Inaccurate Source, They'll Speak Proudly Not Profoundly of Course,
You're so Stupid You Fail to See You're Being Harvested Like Crops, Bitch Chop Chop.
If What I Believe is Fictional, What Makes Your Ideas Non-Fiction?,
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