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Once I dreamt about my siblings and mother,
Enjoying the day in our old outback home,
I approached them but before I can go further,
I was awaken by a sudden boom,
And then, I was back on the battlefield.

Hello, boys welcome to hell,
As bombs go off and bullets fly overhead,
I realize that there is no room for mercy, no room for guilt,
The jungle trees engulfed in fire, my brethren fall dead,
“It’s war,” they say, “it is killed or be killed.”

Ready? Aim, fire! Bang! Another one dead,
With a pull of a trigger, I am now a murderer,
But what can I do? “It’s war,” they declare,
Bloody and gruesome, I have to live with this horror,
This is the beginning of a never ending nightmare.

Quick! Take cover, the enemies are approaching,
Soldiers are cowering, praying for their lives,
Sorry, my brothers, but in war, nobody is safe,
If you show remorse, if you let them survive,
Then, no doubt the devils will show you an early grave.

I can’t seem to wake from this nightmare,
A once green scenery stained with crimson red,
I’m certain that this, this place is hell,<
The very place I loathe and dread,
If it is not, then I cannot tell.

Dear enemies, do me a favour,
If I should die here, tell your soldiers to make it quick,
Please don’t let me suffer before I atone,
A bullet to the heart, that should do the trick,
Let the devil do his work, I’ll die alone.
So I had to write a war poem for an assignment in school this is what I came up with this at the very last minute. :icongrosssobplz:
Yay for procrastination :dummy:
Originally about the Vietnam War but I changed it a bit. :iconlennyfaceplz:

It's so crappy but somehow reminds me of America fighting in a war.
Maybe I'll write another Soldier!America...
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