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Education For Death
What is freedom?
Freedom is for the weak.
You have to march.
Obey the party.
Listen to the state.
The state knows best.
The weak conquer the strong.
Natural selection.
Destroy the cowardly.
The state shall triumph.
They'll all shot in a near firing squad.
The state knows best.
It's the only way.
:iconfoxlord2:FoxLord2 3 10
mitty mc titties thats her name by Muffin1551 mitty mc titties thats her name :iconmuffin1551:Muffin1551 1 1
Questions can be asked and answered
So here's the deal you can now ask questions to me, Cureheart and heartdestroye, you can any question but there are some rules that you need to follow so please do. Rule 1. No inappropriate or sexual or abusing questions if you have any of there in your question I will reply to you saying that you need to come with another question. Rule 2. If you see a question that you don't like don't be mean to that person please. Rule 3. If the person you ask don't want to awnser your question/questions please don't be mad some things are privet. Rule 4. NO HARSH LANGUAGE OR WORDS. Rule 5. You are not allowed to download the picture without my permission. Last rule. I will not draw your actual character but a white character with your name on it. That's all see you guys and remember paintballs for days.
:iconcureheart555:Cureheart555 0 0
Domestic Threats
Metal clack
Rap -rap -rap
On the doorways and the ceiling
Spick and span
But 'round again
We go find the ghouls
They tip-top-toe
Through the floors and windows
And leave their footprints
On ours souls
So burn with fire
What cannot be quenched in desire
For that should undo all
Beating drums and Tommy guns
Patter out a dirge
We march to-fro
Yes, away we go
To a land forgot
By our propagators
Sad sing-song
Is all we've going on
In pilgrimage to home
Their lying tongues
Those elder ones
They bring us back
To square none
Tales told
Of somber ghouls
Shant break our souls
No more
We press as one
With finger and thumb
And squish the bugs
In our walls
No more talking walls
No more squeaking halls
And whispered falsehoods
None shall know
The untruths known
By us, the ghosts of all
:iconabyssafire:AbyssAfire 3 2
There’s a mirror,
Opaque and vicious,
That rips through everything within us,
Breaks our spirits,
Makes us see it,
And what do we see?,
In the murky depths,
Hollow eyes and hidden debts,
Debts paid to broken souls,
Organized, efficient and always cold,
They’re watching,
Through the mirror,
Don’t fear, it doesn’t matter,
They’ll keep watching us,
Through that mirror,
That we tried to shatter but just made clearer
:iconunarmedtitan:unarmedtitan 0 0