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if my name had quotation marks
i hate how you live
a "Perfect" life without me;
what i hate more, though,
is the importance
two measly quotation marks
inherently hold
:iconchloroformboy:ChloroformBoy 78 62
How much do I love you?
Fireflies to flame
Drawn in by its warmth and glow
As I to your love
:icontrishna87:trishna87 51 23
Atashi No Sora
Sky that hugs the earth,
painted winter morning blue,
captured in his eyes.
:iconitaluv:ItaLuv 36 22
I fancy you, for
you are my alligator
please don't eat my heart
:iconindiejc89:indiejc89 35 6
We're all fallen angels
I drew sidewalk wings
in chalk and watched the shadow
wear them for you.
:iconnycterent:nycterent 33 36
Just Friends
but when you
kiss me, it's almost
like you care
:iconsecondarysunshine:SecondarySunshine 32 15
a crush is but a
feeling of attraction and
doesn't mean a thing.
:iconerlebnisse:Erlebnisse 25 33
Cure found in Silence
Silence is the cure,
and the most deadly poison,
for a broken heart.
:iconplatinummyr:platinummyr 20 25
painting my red rose
yellow so you don't have to
see my agony.
:iconstarlightt1234:starlightt1234 32 30
The Conflict Within
You, of all people,
left me hanging here, lifeless.
What a fool I was.
:iconkanita-chan:kanita-chan 18 19
bitter sweet
your touch; a sweet addiction.
your absence; a bitter pain infliction.
:iconauraginx:auraginx 16 6
A Jedi Stole My Heart
Her eyes were like seas,
Her face as smooth as fine silk,
Her body, perfect.
She kidnapped my heart,
Just like a cute ninja,
The one that she is.
*sigh* But she and I,
On different sides of the field,
How can there be love?
Love is so hard, but,
She was just so beautiful,
Her soul just as nice.
A Jedi stole my heart,
And I don't mind.
:iconbarrissiscool:Barrissiscool 16 24
a working title
he kisses my mouth
and my skin is in floods of
morning dew and tears
:iconemilygolightly:emilygolightly 16 5
love tickles.
love stands on tiptoes
and wishes you were twenty
while you're still fourteen.
:iconchoirsoftheheavens:choirsoftheheavens 16 31
Who to Choose
You’re a sweet kind man
You are always there for me
But possessive much?
You tried to kill me
You annoy me and tease me
But you died for me
You are a strict boss
You’re mysterious and rude
But you take the blame
I have three guy’s love
They make my heart pound and soar
But who do I choose?
Masaya, my first?
Kish, my opponent?
Ryou, my strict rude boss?
:icondarkangelinlove:DarkAngelInLove 15 6
He brought colour to
my dull life with his neon eyes
and pastel kisses
:iconglasses-and-blades:Glasses-And-Blades 15 3
My Love If you Leave,
All that I'll have is
beautifully scented sheets,
and dented pillows
:iconricardo-orozco:Ricardo-Orozco 14 12
unwritten letters
unrequited is
acid on the tongue and harsh
as winter wind but
it is so close to
being unrequired;
this wounds me most.
:iconprairiedaisy:prairiedaisy 12 51
Only If You Mean It
Whisper in my ear
And tell me that you love me
I'll be forever yours
:iconvelikorossiya:Velikorossiya 13 8
what's worth waiting for -
listen: you are not
romeo and i am not
juliet. you are
not a sailor or
a war hero or a prince.
we are not star-crossed
or meant to be. but
your fingers are stained with ink
and your eyes are full
of hidden stars and
when i'm with you i feel like
i could fly if i
had wings. you hate the
snow and love the rain and you
dance tentatively,
like a baby bird first
taking flight. your book of
auden's poetry
is dog-eared, and you
sing me lullabies under
your breath like secrets.
listen: we are not
perfect. i don't believe in
fate, or meant-to-be.
you hold grudges and wear
mismatched socks. we can't read minds
or last forever.
but i want to try.
because you are not perfect,
but you are perfect
for me. and when you
put your arms around me, i
can believe that it's
enough. ( i never
liked fairytales anyway.
and romeo and
juliet died in
the end. ) so just hold me close
and we can pretend
that planets in the
night sky align when we kiss
and angels sing when
we fuck. because all
that really matters in
:iconpapergirl88:papergirl88 12 8
p r i n c e - c h a r m i n g.
Don't need Prince Charming
I only want a real man
with imperfections
:iconth3chos3non3:Th3Chos3nOn3 16 14
Jaxter Haikus
His eyes are a blue
that can only be matched by
Her hair's not quite as
soft as the look he gives me
when I'm in danger.
When I touch his skin,
I remember the old days.
I'm not so homesick.
She once questioned me
about what I had become.
He asked what happened.
They say he's lucky,
getting stuck with me. I think
it's the opposite.
She fell for some guy
with red hair and pretty words.
I hope she's happy.
We share our kisses
the way we share our secrets—
just with each other.
She tasted like earth.
Warm, a little worn out, shared.
He tastes like himself.
It's not love, because
I know it's bigger than that.
For now, it'll do.
He doesn't know this,
but I had a nightmare once.
He abandoned me.
I dived into the
worst pool of my whole life, once.
I hated swimming.
Sometimes when he sleeps,
I watch the shape of his mouth,
the curve of his jaw.
I hate this body.
I've always hated my skin.
He makes me think twice.
So he ma
:iconthegrinchlover:thegrinchlover 11 4