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I look into the mirror and see beauty
I look into the mirror and see sadness
I look into the mirror and see a reflection
I look into the mirror, my own eyes caressing my body.
I try to look into my soul to see what is there,
but all I see is flesh but still I stare.
:icondididimples:DiDiDimples 0 0
They Forced Me - Part 1
Hi my name is Brian, I am 15 years old, but when this story happend I was 12. I have 3 older sisters. Miranda(18), Sarah(16), and Alexa(14). They were these ages when this happened. I'm the only boy in my family because my dad had left us when I was 5. So, I live with my mom and 3 sisters. This story takes place in the summer. I hope you enjoy my story!
"Hey Brian, I'm gonna head off now alright!" my mom said
"Alright mom!" I replied. My mom was going on business trip for 3 weeks, so my sisters were in charge until then. I like being with my sisters a lot, but I don't have anything in common with the three of them. They are always into like, those social medias and fashion and stuff, but for me I just try to mind my own business (even though I wanna hang out with my sisters).
Later that day, I was starting to get bored like always. I went upstairs to
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Felicidade para alguns tem um significado um tanto quanto curioso, alguns veem felicidade na tristeza, outros veem nas coisas boas e outros nas coisas ruins que fazem.
A felicidade ela no seu infinitivo está presente nas pequenas coisas.
Protegemos nossa felicidade custe o que custar porque são as pequenas coisas que tem valores gigantescos
Esconder a felicidade das pessoas é a forma que muitos buscam para proteger e para que ninguém tire delas
:iconmadjuliann:MadJuliann 0 0
the telescope ring (draft)
  her ring was a telescope to
disguise her wandering eye
from the start
scopes out new lands to conquer
      welcoming colonists into occupied land
 she wraps her love in a blanket
 i’ll keep you safe, she says
as the malaria
slowly kills this poor girl
 she looks at me smugly
 marching her in a trail of tears
 evicting her from her own home
she buries her in the garden
and asks who planted these gardens of chaos
she carefully stitches me together with her steady hands
and welcomes me home into occupied land
collapses her telescope back on her hand
 she builds her love atop an indian burial ground
and wonders why it’s haunted
:iconthesinnersbible:thesinnersbible 0 0
the great divide
carousel of hostile faces
in a dizzy, blurry ride -
inquisitive human gazes:
where does your affliction hide?
wading in a pool of hatred
the water nourishes a smile -
let's dive now for the treasure,
and dance in the raining bile.
some of us are now editing
coiled libraries of the dead,
while the rest still idly wander
by old tales and lies misled.
:iconlibrarian-of-hell:librarian-of-hell 0 0
Society is like an apple
One that looks edible, nutritious but with a few blemishes on the skin.
You take a bite.
The core is rotten.
Your mouth fills with the hatred, ignorance and greed within.
You swallow because it's expected of you.
Because the system tells you to.
Society is rotten to the core.
Some may try to cultivate a new apple.
A better apple.
But the only real cure is the sweet delicious release of death.
Until then live as you see fit.
By your own rules.
Outside of the control of others
You are your own till you die
Fuck society.
:iconnihilisticcabbage:NihilisticCabbage 0 0
Thin Air
I don't know where to turn, it's like spinning into infinity
Grasping onto something that isn't there
Not physically I'm tired of living on thin air
Not literally I'm not sure I'm actually there
Not reality if I could disappear literally I think I'd dare
That's not a road I'm going to travel down today
Yes I'm aware what I just said please don't be scared
It wasn't for attention or a cry for help
It was just honesty but people don't like it if you always speak your mind
Stepping   on   egg   shells   again
Where is it meant to lead to and where does it all come from
Then can you hear it distant and shrieking
Their pain and can you hear their voices in your head baiting you
To fight just as strong and if there was no struggle
What would we live for but should it be this hard all the time
It plateaus out sometimes it's like you forget the ups were there
When so much sadness and despair it's like a desolate dessert terrain
Stretching for as long as you can see and far
:iconschizotigress:SchizoTigress 0 0
unknown evil
What have I done?
My memory is gone
There is blood on the floor
And walls painted with gore
Alive in a world full of pain
Living an illusion in vain
Hearing cruel words with thorns
Spoken by people with hidden horns
No memories of my sins
The unknown evil wins
:icondark-amaranth:dark-amaranth 0 0
Anxiety poem
Anxiety is a dark suffocating cloud
It bars rationality and steals your thoughts
Like a thief raiding you of your valuables
Anxiety clogs your airways
It won't allow you to breathe
You don't control it
It's in control of you
Anxiety weighs heavily on your chest
It's a dark rock
Threatening to crush your ribs under it's imagined weight
No one knows why
They don't have this dark cloud
At least, that's what they believe
Everyone has anxiety, the dark disease
Anxiety is a dark suffocating cloud, blinding me
:iconnightcoregirl101:Nightcoregirl101 3 9
To the me of back then
To the me of back then
How did you know who you were
How did you talk to people
How were you so happy
To the me of back then
When did you become so lazy
When did you become so insincere
When did you change to me
To the me of back then
Why did you give up
Why did you stop caring
Why are you like this now?
To the me of back then
Where did things go wrong
Where was the change
Where did you stop
To the me of back then
Will I be able to find my way again
Will I be able to change back to you
Will I be driven again
To the me of back then
Is this goodbye
Is there no way back
Is this the end
:iconfatedday:FatedDay 0 4
Doesn't Mean We're in Love
Yes, I love him
Yes, I love her
But that doesn't mean, we're in love
He takes care of me when I need it
She's there when I ask for it
But that doesn't mean, we're in love
He protects me from those who hurt me
She helps me up when I'm beaten down
But that doesn't mean, we're in love
We hug when it's cold
We hang out when we're bored
But that doesn't mean, we're in love
Why can't those things happen, between two very good friends?
There are different kinds of love after all.
'Wow, you two are really close huh?'
That doesn't mean, we're in love!
:icontheevilovelords:TheEvilOvelords 2 2
on US70 to nowhere, colorado 2015
this is how we have learned to love:
sticky basements, blood spatter on a white tee.
you say we should see the other guy
with a crimson smile, and i think about how punk
that really is. you, whose biggest fear is not being able
to communicate with the dead in your native tongue.
me, who flattened the earth with my want. see
how we earn our scars, laughing and
at the expense of others. see how the story is
written, after the fact and with only one left
speaking, or standing. see how we name the streets for your dead. see: Pueblo, Arapahoe, Kiowa, Cheyenne. out here they always burning something  but, never the bones. those be buried. be built on. see how strong the foundation, see all of us white kids dancing on a mass grave. feel the weight of our boots, snuffing you out like a still-lit cigarette, these hands that haven't yet had to bury one of it's own, but ready still for the blood. i think about the kind of creatures we are, or can be: born of the dirt and to it will one day r
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 1 0
Why (Hatred Is Not The Way)
There’s a girl sitting here, with dried blood in her hair.
She’s dying on the streets, of a curable disease.
There’s a boy sitting here, and he’s trembling with fear.
Cause his dad’s got another, beer in his hand.
Why should we care x4
We’re all from different places,
With different coloured faces,
But red is the colour the runs through our veins.
Many different religions,
Make different decisions,
But death is the thing that we’re all gonna face.
We all eat and sleep and wish and dream.
Every single one of us is just the same.
So quit pretending that hatred is the way.
There’s a woman sitting here, a knife in her hand.
She’s considering running it, along her wrist again.
There’s a man sitting here, his clothes soaked by the rain.
He fought for his country, but that all went up in flames.
Why should we care x4
Why should we care?
What if it was your friend sitting there.
Dying from something that you
:iconnyxhime:NyxHime 0 0
Why The World Is In Chaos by BoopDiBoop Why The World Is In Chaos :iconboopdiboop:BoopDiBoop 7 1
Game of Marbles
You know the way it seems to be
I'm pretty sure we see it leaving
Maybe earth and sky rebelled
In a way that we can tell.
Crafted into rock and steel
Like wisdom makes us want to feel.
Stealing sunlight costs a dime
And here I cast a soul in line
With other marbles, click and clack
Mastering the harmless act of
Predicting sparks that bounce right back;
I cant tell whos keeping track.
:iconwenslas:Wenslas 1 0
A monster claws at the back of my mind
And it's worse than those I've left behind...
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 4 5
be better do better
im at an odds with myself
but more with others
we treat each other so bad
we lie about everything
we dont know what it means to be a friend
we lose ourselves in electronic things
we have lost our humanity
we believe in religion that cannot be true
for if god were such a merciful being
why then is there starving baby's
death and overall wreckage
such a wonderful being wouldn't let whole nations starve
although he did flood the world
he sounds petty and i dont want to praise something
so narcissistic and cruel
i could pick someone down here to praise just off the street
and some of us have we've picked people to idolize and pine after
although there just like everyone else
and i use to think i wanted that
to be one of the shiny ones
but i realize i just want to entertain
and be loved by ones
who really know me
not ones who theorize
who they think i am and who they think ill be
and where i go
to me that seems it would be annoying
more than anything
life is short and we dont know what s af
:iconangelfallen89:Angelfallen89 2 0
color of
choke that clock
ever gentler.
we've pulled every second
by the hair,
all teeth marked on the stage
of collars.
stall your future,
there aren't steps
up to this tower;
only apparitions
howling in the couer
of halflight.
stroke and lock
eyes, float and
walk from base
to peak to
crave again,
and again,
and die.
and i
have no power
over you.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 2 0
At the edge of town
There’s wall
A brick laden monstrosity
That stretches the length
Of existence.
The elders
Called it Progress.
And they told us stories
Of how they pushed
It forward
:iconhawk-moth:Hawk-Moth 1 0
Modern Prometheus
You need a target to enslave you,
a necessary evil to stop you the last moment,
an idea to release you
and a mask for your target to keep on living.
If you are stubborn enough no mask is needed.
Χρειάζεσαι ένα στόχο για να σε σκλαβώσει,
ένα απαραίτητο κακό να σε σταματήσει την τελευταία στιγμή,
μια ιδέα να σε ελευθερώσει
και μια μάσκα για το στόχο σου &
:iconstandardunartist:StandardUnArtist 39 0
I smile as I sense the demon’s sorrow,
My soul, my friend, is not my own to give.
Go away then and come back tomorrow,
I have one more day, one more day to live.
I’ve nothing left now, save thoughts of her,
The one whose price was so ungodly high.
Come take my ashes, worth more to be sure,
Than the love she promised that was a lie.
:iconsilverbullet56:Silverbullet56 0 0
The Grim Reaper's Friend
I saw something interesting about your name.
And what might that be?
Your name belonged to the guardian angel of Esau.
Who's Esau and what the heck's a guardian angel?
A guardian angel is an angel who basically protects you and Esau was kind of a bad guy.
Okay then.
You might also be the Grim Reaper.
I don't know. Look your name up.
Maybe I will.
So have you come to take my soul.
No not yet.
I'm kidding!
I know.
I'm a lot more human than I thought.
That's the power of friendship.
We're friends?
Well why not?
But am i not a reflection of your sadness and mistakes?
Forgot about that!
You should become friends with your so called "enemies".
You humans are weird.
:iconthatweirdoyaknow:ThatWeirdoYaKnow 1 0