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Traditional Fixed Forms

the life
born to run
spiritual pack
destined forward
not back
take risk
avoid bore
live the life
to die for
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Pretty Little Faces
Your mask, the most alluring color of darkness,
Outlined in shades of intoxication,
Complimented by an infallible ego,
Met with blasé affection.
But it's just a show, shocking as it may be,
A rehearsed production to appease the masses,
Or to terrify them, if you prefer.
Either way, the act barely passes.
Such an attractive, fragile little mask,
Crumbling under a quid pro quo curiosity.
Once it slips, there's no setting it right.
Careful, you might unveil an atrocity.
:iconscarletdeath7:ScarletDeath7 0 0
Tudod, én elismerem a csodád,
Hiszen figyeltelek éveken át.
De te kiléptél, szabadon engedve,
S inkább elhajtottál a végtelenbe.
Unalmas história, de mit lehet tenni?
Udvaribolondnak nem könnyű születni.
Csodáltalak, csodállak, mert ez vagy te:
A természet egy különös teremtménye.
Azt hittem, rád hasonlítok,
Hogy én is egy bolond vagyok.
S lám igazam volt, de kicsit talán mégsem,
Mert én másabb vagyok egy picikét, mint te.
"Eper!" S felkiáltottál szédülten, örömmel,
S én a közeledből el is menekültem.
Eper, mert eper, mert nem szeretem,
Eper, s eper, mert az eper nem az életem.
Van ez a kis dolog, nosztalgia a neve,
Én mégis úgy hiszem, vigye el a fene.
Mert erősebbé váltam, mert erős vagyok,
Mert velem táncolnak a csillagok.
:iconxoxdarklightxox:XoxDarKLighTxOX 0 0
Petrarchan Sonnet
As the wind rushes by,
The wind chimes sings its song.
With tree leaves flying along,
Outside the bat would lie.
Thunder crashes in the sky,
The poor bat won't be scared for long,
Trying to know what’s wrong,
The bat, still alone to cry.
Soon appears a light,
Peeking through the dark.
Almost like it’s putting up a fight.
Showing the whole landmark,
The now happy bat took flight,
To the adventure it embarked.
:iconpastel-apple:Pastel-Apple 1 0
What is this even?
Why do i even bother keeping up with eveyone i know if all they do is throw me away like a ragdoll...
:iconrainbowcookiesgalore:RainbowCookiesGalore 1 0
I dreamed a silent dream
Of darkness, nothing more
And then I heard the cry
Of a softly calling door
"Come to me, child," it said
And I was not afraid
It opened; all went white
But before the light could fade...
I woke to sunlit rays
And life, joy and regret
Last night I dreamed a dream
It isn't over yet
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 3 0
Blue and Red
Calm, Peaceful
Swim, Dive, Surf
Ocean, Water, War, Battle
Shout, Charge, Fight
Angry, Aggressive
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O-overabundance of skyscrapers
K-kind people
Y-yummy ramen
O-overlapping roads
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The Guardians
The sun now sets, it's time to go
Our people speak "sleep well", "sleep tight"
For bright of day is all they know
And deep, deep down, they fear the night
But we remain, where others leave,
Are greeted by the coming dark
Where pretence will no more deceive
We calmly stay, to see the spark
When darkness comes and kills our sight
We stay and we will persevere
From black is born the secret light:
Our guardians above are here
A thousand caring, watchful eyes
Look down on us, who live below
Protected by king Cepheus wise,
By great Orion's club and bow
Where others see the blinding dark
We see the world that shines above
We see our home and know our mark
Where others fear, we feel the love
Protect us, dog and mighty bear
And mighty dragon, curling on
Perseus, Heracles, all who are there
You heroes known from myth and song
And in your light we lay us down
By fear we both are unaffected
Illuminated by starlight-crown
We know we're safe and well-protected
Shine on, my guardians way up h
:iconirjikor:Irjikor 2 1
24. Afterlife
A fallacy to some
to some a scary thought
some say it will, soon, come
some say it's just a tale
Some look to it with fear
Some look to it with hope
Some say that it is near
some say it's just a tale
I do believe in it
and there are those that don't
all see as they see fit
some say it's just a tale
:icondanny-mechanist:danny-mechanist 5 0
Pave mountains with lascivious gestures,
Sitting on the golden throne of the world,
Laurel of poets wreathing the head,
While the name is praised by the crowds.
Laughing raucous,
A white corridor,
The sweet taste remains
Among the glories absurd hallucinations,
For the man who has everything,
Except the arduous control
Of his mind
Spianare i monti con lascivi gesti
Sedere sull'aureo trono del mondo
Alloro dei poeti corona il capo
Mentre il nome è osannato dalle folle
Risa sguaiate,
Un bianco corridoio,
Il dolce sapore rimane
Tra allucinazioni di assurde glorie
Per l'uomo che possiede tutto
Tranne l'arduo controllo
Della sua mente
:iconalyon94:Alyon94 0 0
People like to avoid
What they can't see
And they can't see
Inside of me
They don't seem to like
What they they don't know
And they don't know me
Don't you know?
They try to tell me
What to wear
Who to be
What's right or fair
I'm labeled an outcast
Scum of the Earth
A hoodlum, a miscreant
Nothing of worth
But there's something beneath
My tattoos and baggy clothes
There's something hidden deep inside
That almost no one knows
I'm loving and caring
Full of compassion
I'd give a starving child
My only ration
I like rainbows and sunsets
And meadowy hills
A light breeze in the spring
Gives me the chills
I love watching the clouds
And birds up above
I enjoy talking and laughing
With the ones I love
I have the same morals
And values as you
I don't care if you don't believe me
I know it's true
So don't make assumptions
By the way that I look
If you're going to judge the contents
You have to read the book
:iconmsimoneaux20:msimoneaux20 0 0
Regular Grip
Box up all the questions
Be speedy with delivery
You know they deserve them
Take the pills
But don’t drink the wine
They say you’ll see better results
In just a matter of time
An empty can pierced by the weather vane
So I can’t tell if the winds have changed
We’ve shifted from true stories
To nonsensical novels
Esoteric and empty glories
With no points where we beg or grovel
Nut in both places
In all stages
You’re hardly ruthless
Are you a set of uplifting lyrics?
Or a cynical sonnet?
We’ve attached some appealing images
To your empty promises
You’ll need some illusions
To hide your hatred
No one’s truly fooled
That’s becoming too complicated
:iconshort-lived:Short-Lived 0 0
Szettorve, de nem feladva
Széttörve, de nem feladva
Nem lehet hogy így feladva remény nélkül
Egyenes az út, de mégis a trónon ül,
Mert hajtja egy vágy...
Akkor is győzök, hogyha bele is halok,
De én örökké az utadban maradok, mert
Ott a helyem, melletted örökké.
Melletted...a trónon.
Félve, lopva körbepillantva,
Elillanó álmok mögött arcmaszk mögé bújva.
Létezik egy csoda.
Valamiféle mesebeli álom,
Álmok szárnyán merészen
Jégen táncoló hópihe...
Romokban heverő utolsó hófoszlányok.
Álmokba merülő végső távok.
Merész képek....
:iconxoxdarklightxox:XoxDarKLighTxOX 0 0
Almost Mailed [19/30]
One moment, one summer
I thought up a note
The boldest and bravest
Confession I wrote
And blithe were my steps
As I walked toward the post
I mailed my letter -
Or rather, almost.
I stopped at the box
My smile askance
I stopped and I thought
And ceased my brave dance
For what about that?
And what about this?
And had I the right?
Was prudence amiss?
The summer wind cautioned
And summer clouds warned
I doubted if I could
Endure my self-scorn
But often I wonder
What might have been
And what would I do
If I tried it again?
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 11 6
walk, on down,
and, take a bow
this, masquerade
is over, now
my eyes, are the
eyes, of worms
maggots, in my
morals, burn
somedays, i
could, just kill
we burn, or bridges,
keep, our forts
and, hold
 our, grudges
:iconfloaternick1604:floaternick1604 0 0
Georgian Fashionista
That first of times I saw you laced with gold;
in window display, I had simply grinned,
then happened upon your steep price, chagrined,
requiring quite a vast sum to be sold…
What would I be without you here to hold
my hair in place against the fiercest wind,
your soft fabric would carefully be pinned
in place about my face against the cold.
For when a simple hat just will not do,
it’s reassuring that you are around,
and that is why I wrote this sonnet
for I instinctively do turn to you
and to this day, me you simply astound…
all praise to you, my beloved bonnet.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 1 0
The Dragons Egg
Finrod was a blacksmith's son and that is true
He wasn't a strong man that much he knew
He knew that he didn't have a smith's strength
And he very much preferred writing in ink
His father was very disappointed in him
He was very sad that his son had weak limbs
His father was mournful that he was so weak
How he became infirm was not so unique
He was weak of body but sound of mind
He was gentle as can be and very kind
He had learned a couple of simple spells
He wanted to make his spell-list swell 
His father did banish him for being infirm 
He was out on his own and what did he learn
A few little spells to clean the hearth 
He thought how little they were worth 
He was on the road and he wrenched his leg
He had unfortunately tripped over a dragon's egg
He took the poor egg and headed for cover
For he knew the dragon egg was stolen by another
Soon the dragon egg thieves were looking for it
He vowed to save the egg he would never submit
They traveled up a
:iconvka3:VKA3 0 0
ok umm I'm not good with words,
but i relate quite well with birds,
i may not be smart,
but here is my art,
my life may be a lie,
though we see it eye to eye,
i do not have friends,
but it's a means to ends,
i stay at home,
crafting this poem,
well, i'm running out of words cause i suck at english,
and i'll tell you what, patience gets the big fish,
that makes no sense,
is it happenstance ,
ok no more this hurts my head,
my mind is blank
at this point,
the birds are fed,
let's share this joint.
:iconrjdubbya:rjdubbya 7 5
Broken (Tetractys)
Am lost,
And I'm tossed
Around this world;
A broken beanbag with naught to offer.
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[Sum 41]
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[Come As You Are]
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