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Traditional Fixed Forms

Healing (Renga)
Didn’t think, again.
Hurt someone, I care about-
Now; consequences.
Though perhaps, with time and space,
Healing friendship can take place.

Close my eyes to cry;
First I must forgive myself-
Now, healing inward.

Through these times and trials I face,
I realize where I went wrong.
It’s time like these, when-
When, all is quiet and still,
That I remember.
There is nothing to say but,
“I’m sorry and I love you.”

I must take my leave,
My heart, my soul, I place-
In your- loving hands.

I shall hope with some days passed,
Time, will bring you back to me.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 5 1
This Bref Double Will Make You Twitch
When I'm visiting my therapist
I see you sitting where I do.
Arms stretched, eyes roll, cute sombre, bent shrug
You borrow my words, I feel charged. Sewn-up.
Seeing you starts off my decent days
Even when you're a pretend Communist.
I thought you'd like me just as much,
Until my dark angst got thrown up.
You're my mirror. Deal with it. Clenched fists
must be pried and dropped sometimes.
I'll always think of your lank tan wrists
While you observe the social faux pas I lug.
It's a part of life, really: shooting knowing you've missed.
But it's okay. Please accept this metaphorical hug.
:iconlifeofsherman:LifeOfSherman 3 0
[NaPoWriMo-29 2017]
We kept the world
from those who
would do harm
Dear Universe,
    This is the letter I thought I'd never get around to. It's a coffin for all the lost thoughts and words I'll never get to say to people I don't really want to talk to anyway. It's someone's finally call to bed. It's someone's wake up alarm for a day they are not ready to face. It's all the letters that are written like this, trying to convey how everyone feels, somewhere deep down inside, but never accomplishes more than a few minutes for people to think they're feeling camaraderie.
    I'm not writing this to you to start some new movement or even to get a point across. I'm writing to you because I need someone to aim these words at, someone I know it will never reach. I'm not sure what words I want to give you. This is suppose to be that letter that gets everything off the writer's chest, but I truly haven't a clue what I'm even feeling to start writing it down. So, I'll ask you:
    How a
:icontbhmb:TBHMB 0 0
Show us what you see
Pushed out to sea
Until you’re floating out to space
Don’t worry it’s just a phase
Fine with false alarms
Breathing in sand and stone
Somehow avoiding harm
It’s comfortably lived here
Nested, well rested
Thanks to us, it’s also well fed
The owner of a comedy
Collecting invisible trophies
There’s no pleasure
Only false power
That makes no one quiver
Offered a half smoked cigar
From a blue ghost
I thought I left behind and alone
Not too long ago
I’m a mistake
I’ve got debts piling up at the base
I’m awake and they’re staying
Finally pay them
And I’m blinking
An influence that’s striking
It’s pain
But refuses to escape me
:iconshort-lived:Short-Lived 1 0
The talbot ushers an empress tray
Orange ribbing to each straw
As honorifics explicit
Take her addict lubbared raw
Poised to haplo-frequency
Radifugal greatness borne
And from a jump in logic wake
Novum Lapidist in form
Edder founded rightly skulled
Biting hotter flecks two-fault
The villainous more cupboards staved
Spells the dance an empress craves
:iconmonocephalized:Monocephalized 1 0
LotR riddle #27
Of three high peaks the easternmost
Above abode of Dwarven host
Naught built on it, but in it instead
Named by the people for the clouds 'round its head.
:iconirjikor:Irjikor 1 11
The Things He Has Seen
He has seen his own birth.
He has seen hell.
He has seen darkness,
and he has seen despair,
and he knows what it means to be forgotten.
He has seen pure, blinding love,
and he has seen it blossom before his eyes.
He has seen the golden church bells ring at noon,
and he has seen the little lady who walks from the market with a red umbrella in her hand.
He has seen the sun rise,
and he has seen it drop.
He has seen ancient cities;
He has seen them thrive,
and he has seen them crumble like ash.
He has seen the light of the moon powdering the sky,
and he has seen the stars kiss its glow.
He has seen infinities.
He has seen short, crisp moments that seem to disappear before his eyes,
but that ache for more time.
He has seen different galaxies and
he wishes that he could inhabit one of them but
he has seen too much danger to know it would not be safe.
Even though he has seen so many things,
he wishes that he could see more,
but he has lost his innocence once and he knows that it cannot be lo
:iconangelvault:angelvault 0 0
The Muse
I used to scream and chant and run and dance to invoke the muse,
But all of this, this and more, has left me seeing it's unamused.
I used to sing so vibrant, twist and turn so violent, but alas I sing the blues,
Because saddened is the heart to the sight so seen of the forsaken muse.
Living life like a series, reliving your favorite show, where did the time go?
And who was watching behind the scenes when you broke down in tears
Thrashing in pain, writhing from the light, to whom did sore sights know?
All in all for time and time again spending years upon wretched years.
Would you of known your religion and faith guided you thus far?
Like the northstar, heavenly light shines to where you are.
Don't fret, fear not the pain of tragic existence and resist the resistance.
For a day in heaven outweighs the days in this hell, and all will be well.
Hold yourself to the mirror and reveal the real you, look deep beneath
For it is this soul you breathe, and with each breath comes persistence.
:iconsaccharinesnapdragon:SaccharineSnapDragon 0 0
rain dancing (llh17)
little lost hour
caught in a shower
her roses dancing
naked in the rain
no need to explain
:iconcattservant:cattservant 1 0
I tried so hard not to cry on the street
now I know no one's home waiting for me
I'm glad she spent her life so selflessly
but the thought of her leaving makes me weak
:iconwriter233:Writer233 0 0
I love dancing
sometimes singing
I am a joyful person
and sometimes I can be mean
sometimes I love you
and sometimes I can dislike you
I have many friends
and friends that i found out I love more than most of my friends
but in truth, everyone in the world can have a friend
if everyone in the world stopped and listened to each other.
:iconthebeautifulcreator:TheBeautifulcreator 0 0
I flew towards another world
a world up there somewhere
a world hidden somewhere safe in the galaxy
looking ahead of me I could see a world looking back at me
a marble shaped world
I soon called home
among the beautiful alien race that surrounded me
:iconmichaelaoftamaren:Michaelaoftamaren 1 0
Macabre Rhymes: Introspection
Face contorted
And gaze absorbed
He opens his eyes inside
The soul in Hell abide
Pain dwells in the skin
When pallor was frozen in
Deaf to thousand cries schizophrenic
Of alternate personalities so pathetic
Continues the steep stairs
Guided by light too stale
Until the centre ego
Where man is an Idol
Until it perceives
Life finally leaves
Volto contorto
Lo sguardo assorto
Apre gli occhi all’interno
Dell’anima all’Inferno
Nella pelle alberga dolore
Congelato nel suo pallore
Sordo alle mille grida schizofreniche
Di alterne personalità cianotiche
Prosegue la scala ripida
Guidato dalla luce insipida
Fino al centro dell’io
Qui ogni uomo pare Dio
Finché capisce
Ch’ora svanisce
:iconalyon94:Alyon94 0 0
Seasons Change (Irregular Ode)
Seasons Change
When time has come for tides to turn,
When harsh sun sets its mind to burn,
When leaves turn various hues of red
Before brittling and falling – dead.
It's then that autumn comes to mind
With clarity, and charity, kind,
For where else to home the homeless mouse
Than in a cupboard in your house.
Liver spots appear on leaves,
That fell with lazy grace from trees
Whose arms are soon barren, fragile, bare
And naked, without a care.
When time has come for naked hands
To count their brittle fingers, crossed,
And point, wind-whipped, across the lands
Where lone pines stand like sentries, tossed
About by biting wind, whose teeth do chitter, chatter, creak –
Autumn's gone and winter speaks.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 0
Thunderstorms and Lightening...(Ballade)
Thunderstorms and Lightening, Very Very Frightening
You began to cry fake tears of fear,
As your nose quivered, quavered, shook
In fright at the loudness, near,
And I, reading quite a good book,
Was subject to your dive behind, a nook
You'd found where noises can't be heard,
Only to discover that noises could;
It was a day for the absurd.
The sky was dark, it had been clear,
The thunder roared and lightening strooked
Across the sky to frighten, dear,
From deep within you quivered, shook,
And so it was I put down my book
To comfort you, whose crying learned
Him that comfort was indeed what he sook;
It was a day for the absurd.
Then, one two three and quick like a deer
You jumped away and under, shook
In the bounding of the thunder that would draw near,
And lay there, under bed, a well-sought nook.
I returned at once to reading the book
Whose story sucked at my brain like quicksand, spurred
On by time, for by reading time shortened quickly, would;
It was a day for
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 0
Murderous Love
He lookèd beautiful when I saw him.
Glowing like suns, I was lost in his gaze;
Before I knew it, my feelings had brimmed,
Spilling over and drowning me in them.
                                    He made his way over to me with haste
                                    and kissèd my hand with delicate lips.
                                    I was thrown into delirium for
                                    there was no way on Earth I could resist.
From ancient lore to mythical romance,
I truly thought nothing could rise above
What brilliant beauty we shared those days;
Our feelings reminiscent of true love.
:iconangelvault:angelvault 0 0
a brevette
l u b r i c a t i n g
:iconcattservant:cattservant 0 0
What hipster disguise is a poor girl to wear?
Is an XD sweetly humorous or is it too much?
Girl, no screen or skirt can soften your glare.
She doesn't go drinking. Too much of a despair.
Tight clothes give her life, but to limbo she'll clutch.
What hipster disguise is a poor girl to wear?
She's trashy and emo and doesn't find life fair.
A silent window drones with a gnarled bored touch:
Girl, no screen or skirt can soften your glare.
She's so fetal on the floor, fingers running through her hair.
Waiting for a 'ping', anything to stop the flush.
What hipster disguise is a poor girl to wear?
Her brain is upset but knows no-one should care.
Thursday's Child caught in Sunday, in fluorescents so lush.
Girl, no screen or skirt can soften your glare.
All the mornings bring a new decision, a dare:
To hide behind clothes or the smiley girl rush?
What hipster disguise is a poor girl to wear?
Girl, no screen or skirt can soften your glare.
:iconlifeofsherman:LifeOfSherman 1 0
Screaming Mountain
The screaming of a girl coming from the mountain is annoying
She yells and yells
But when I travel no one is there
all the voice does is yell
and is incredibly annoying me
the screaming is coming from a girl living in the mountain
anyone can never see
it is a desperate cry that really needs to stop soon
all it does is scream
'' ahhh''
'' ahh''
'' ahh''
And on day by friend got tired of the girl screaming; threw a match, and burnt the mountain top, and still till this very day
the screaming girl still screams, and every year I tell people this tail; of the screaming girl crying from the mountains
a girl anyone can ever see
A girl that lives On screaming Mountain
:iconthebeautifulcreator:TheBeautifulcreator 0 0