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Screencap from the episode The Ultimate Computer

They all entered the turbolift together. It felt unusually uncomfortable for some reason. McCoy realized he'd forgotten why that was. It hadn't been long that his best friend and commanding officer had taken the plunge. Deep down he knew it was going to happen eventually. Still, it was taking the CMO a good deal of time to get used to the idea.

Jim was someone McCoy enjoyed spending time with when Shore Leave came around. Unfortunately for him, those days were gone now, since his friend had someone else to spend it with. Not that the good doctor was upset about it. He was happy that Jim had found the ideal love of his life. It just meant that now he'd have to spend it alone. There was just something about two guys finding pleasure on a new planet surrounded by gorgeous women. 

McCoy made up his mind and thought to himself that it meant there was more women for him now, since Jim was off the market. 

McCoy stared at nothing in particular, he was just waiting patiently for the turbolift to deposit them both on the transporter pad to their destination. 

Damn, it sure is hot in here. I can't believe I'm anxious to get on that transporter pad. I suppose it has to do with Jim and Spock. I mean seriously, you'd think the eye sex could wait til we beam down. What the hell does Jim see in Spock anyway? He's such a cold son-of-...ah, I guess he sees something I don't. Well, at the moment, they don't think I exist, that I'm sure about. 

I guess it was just meant to be. Really, I am happy about it. More women for me.

"Are you looking forward to shore leave, Spock?" Jim smiled in Spock's direction.

"Indeed." Spock returned Jim's gaze.

"How about you Bones?" Jim turned asking the good doctor the same question.

McCoy remained silent.

"Bones? Dr. McCoy?" Jim asked again.

"Doctor McCoy?" Spock asked as well.

"What?" McCoy turned around hearing his name for the first time.

"Are you looking forward to shore leave?" Jim asked again smiling.

"Of course," McCoy replied rubbing his hands together. "Can't wait to paint the town red. I think Scotty might even tag along with me."

"Are you sure about that Bones? You know Scotty and his technical journals. It's pretty hard to pry him away from them."

"Well, if not Scotty, I think Sulu or Chekov will join me in celebrating. I know this great place, there's bound to be some action."

"Well, all I have to say is, I'm glad that that part of my life is over with. I no longer need to look anywhere. He's been with me all along." Jim smiled as he looked at Spock.

"The feeling is mutual, Jim." Spock replied quietly.

"Oh brother. Are we there yet? This is taking forever." McCoy said, now becoming impatient about the slow moving turbolift.

"Well, that's a first doctor. I didn't realize you'd gotten over your fear of transporters, so impatient."

"I'm in no hurry Jim. It's just a tad uncomfortable being cooped in this sardine can with the both of you. For Pete's Sake get a room."

At that moment, the lift doors parted and McCoy walked out.

Jim smiled at Spock and responded to his lover softly.

"We intend to."

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