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Looking down on glass lights.
You never asked me why...
I hate the city...
The loneliness that sets in.
Coldness creeps through the glass.
You were here once star gazing.

Now, crowded streets below,
are a facade of how people really feel.
To be in a crowd but alone...

And above the crowds,
I look down,
I'm just as alone...
Without you.
This glass door,
These four walls,
are the only thing I have left,
Of what is called "us".

Only memories,
Do I reminiscence....

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Just feeling something in the earlymorning/late night. Quick sketch painting 3hrs

Listening to:

Reminiscence© by Chukairi-Melody Wang
Poem© by Chukairi-Melody Wang

Chasing a Dream by ChukairiOne Day by Chukairi
You are not authorized to use this work in any way, shape or form! (art trace included.)
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Friendship is priceless,
And can never be forgotten,
Friendship is timeless,
And never rotten,

It takes more than hugs and kisses
To be a real friend,
the nature of friendship,
Requires a blend.

The road to a happy life,
May sometimes make us stumble.
But to have a friend to give us a hand,
Teaches us to be humble.

Good friends are hard to find,
Hard to lose,
And impossible to forget,
But when they fly away,
Your anger turns to regret

Sometimes in life, we need a special person
To listen while we talk.
A special person who will not discourage or judge,
But encourage us as we walk.

Friends are there
To help you along,
The journey through friendship,
Is always long.

In life,
There are big ships,
And there are small ships,
But the best ship of all,
Is friendship.
I worked on this for a friend whom I had to end a friendship with over a someone so pathetic they never got the backbone to see the between the lines of how much emotional abuse I went through for them from getting bullied and made a laughing stock I still hoped you would push through and see what your best friend really was? they were nothing more than a lie a cheat who tore us apart no matter what I say or do you will never see it out and believe the one who you could trust the most is the one who is keeping the wool over your eyes

You live and you learn so many months wasted on someone so pretty so pretty to bad you became a pretty big waste of me & my wife's waste of time and my son loved you so so so much admired you I hope you live with you ego and your self-importance with your loving sheep fans who cause and create bullying now that's a reality we can all live with out! I don't care anymore I'm done!
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so sick of people,


pretending to love me,

pretending to be my friend.

if ur faking just leave me alone,

I've had enough,

I've had my heart broken so many times.

people ask why I don't trust,

it's because im lonely in a crowd,

who pretend.
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Insanity gets the better of us sometimes in life 
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I found this hanging on one of the walls of my house and decided to take a photo of it outside.
i apologize for the bad quality ^^'
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