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What good is a day
In which you are the same
At the end
As you were when the day began?

That is called wasted time
Where you pass through without reason or rhyme
No anger, or sadness
But also lacking happiness

And when the night draws close
You pull up the covers to the tip of your nose
You’re too tired to think about the day
Nothing memorable happened anyway

Every second is a gift
Yet still we waste them as though they’re guaranteed
And look to tomorrow as a definite
Instead of only a possibility

So I shall reiterate
What good is a day
In which nothing changes
And you stay exactly the same?
This is for the poetry prompt for the group :iconthewritersmeow:
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…And I walked towards you
Though you were a different man
You were cold and stiff
Because you were just a man

In a dimly lit room echoing of dead silence and soft sobs
I held your hollow body in my arms
I cried selfish tears to myself and for myself
While I bargained with God
The landslide brought me down to my knees

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She’s always been this way
Drowning in silence, suffocating day by day
So many words that are being left unsaid
So many thoughts she would never dare to share
How empty and numb she’s been feeling inside
How she cries herself to sleep night after night
How she has to constantly struggle to see a point in her life
How she’s barely holding on, powerless to leave her hurt behind
Don’t let appearances fool you, a breakdown is surprisingly easy to hide
After all she’s been practicing at this throughout her whole life
Just give her a moment to put on her mask and dust off her smile
And voila, there you have a perfect illusion that everything is fine
Of course there are those times when pretending just gets too hard
When her carefully colored in laughter will fade out and crack
“Everything alright?” you might then go on to ask
“Sure” she’ll mutter, fighting to fit back in her disguise
“Anyway…” you’ll shrug it off and let her look away
When all she needs to hear is “Hey, I know you’re not okay”
Sometimes you just need someone to see through your mask...
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schön nur auf kalten Flächen
wo die Seele erfroren verhaucht
unberührt nimmer verläuft
glitzernd in einsamen Nächten!

wo dunkle Vögel tot erstarren
und pfeifende Irrlichter narren
zwinkern blaue Augen kristallen
im Lichte zu erstrahlen

kein Kuss der töten darf
denn ihre Haut ist Reif
Herzblut macht sie scharf
denn ihre Seele ist Eis

ihr prickelnd Federkleid
der Engelschwingen
leuchtet ohne Mitleid
aus Tränenwimpern

von Ferne nährt sie Sternenlicht
und transzendente Adern
lebten bloß ein Augenblick
Liebe zu erfahren

im Tanze verträumen sie
stets auf der andren Seite
ihr Lebenshauch ist Phantasie
ihr Tod: die Sonnenseite

© j.w.waldeck 1998

Please do nout use
anything of my work!
Aus meinen ersten Gedichtbänden, die allesamt "EISBLUMEN" heißen.

Vieles ist heute qualitativ zu phantasielos.…

Irgendwann werde ich ein paar gekürzte Gedichte aus den 6 Bänden zusammenschweißen.
Irgendwann, wenn mir weniger einfällt.
Das Cover steht schon lange fest:…
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Been seeing lots of anti-american hate from people born in America. Breaks my heart. (It was really hard for me to keep this to 6 words!)
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anesthetics of the bright graffiti,
traveling across my pudgy shoulders;
only seen in his untruthful treaty.

tumbling, laughing, down with the great boulders;
find me in the green kitchen with the pear.
(was this written in the teacher’s folders?)

describe the night of the killer’s affair—
was he wearing a tux or a t-shirt?
please understand that the jurors don’t care.

was there once a feeling of getting hurt?
is there still a sunset i can rinse
off of the sidewalk without sounding curt?

there is no one out there i can convince;
but i haven’t felt a thing ever since.
"An absence of willpower or an inability to act decisively, as a symptom of mental illness."
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Its a strange thing,
We all know what it is,
We all know its there,
It is good to love,
Love is a good feeling,
Love should be for everyone,
No one should be left out of it,
And no one should have too much of it,
Love is love,
Innocent and pure,
Now the title was given to me by my mother.
I hope you enjoy. Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
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Give me advice if you want,
But don’t tell me what to do.
If I wanted you to fix it,
I would have asked you too.

Do they think I’m pathetic?
Do they think I’m weak?
Do they think I can’t handle life,
Because I’m fragile and meek?

How can I make them understand,
I can handle my problems my way?
I just need a lending ear,
Would it kill them just to say:

“You wanna talk, I’ll listen,
If you wanna sit in silence, that’s fine too.
If you want to cry, I’ll understand,
Just know that I’m here for you.”
I wrote this poem about a year ago.  I wrote it rather quickly so it isn't very good, but it has a lot of my personal feelings inside.  Comments are welcome!  :)
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Jos runo on puu,
elämä on lehdet,
ja moninaiset ovat elämän hetket
ohokiitävät mielenretket.

Sydämeni halajaa juuria kohti,
sillä sinne hän tieni johti.

Lähtökohtani selkeät,
tulethan mukaani jos kerkeät.
Monella ihmetys suuri,
siinä on elämäni juuri.

Sinussa ja minussa,
sielussa ja elämässä.

Sillä kauniina sinut nään,
takana kovan sydänjään.

Antaisin edes vähän hyvää,
rakentaisin talon elämäsi kylään.
Vanhaa vanhaa...
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Some days I'm happy,
And some days I'm feeling like hell,
It's like some days you're pretty,
And others you're not doing so well,
But we both stand together,
Tall and short, falling over, whatever...
Some days you're meant to feel good,
And some days you're just meant to cry, and scream at the sky.
Some days I'm lost,
And some days I'm completely found,
It's like some days you're here,
And others you're not around,
But when the sun fades away,
We're both here at the end of the day,
Skeletons barely breathing,
Hearts beating so fast that things fall off track.
Some days I'm living,
And some days I feel like I'm dead,
It's like some days you listen,
And others you're completely in your head,
But we both hold each other's hand,
Squeezing tightly, wondering, trying to understand,
Some days life seems to go on forever,
And every day with you it's really too short,
And people can't stop the sun, or the moon, or the rotating earth.
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