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If not for the darkness,
We wouldn’t know the difference
Between a star and a ball of dust.
Life is a study of contrast.
We get dark,
Not to fall apart
But to shine.
The stars can't shine without the darkness.
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An act of admirable courage
from the sincerest of hearts
a love that I cannot encourage
the feeling in me then departs.

Do not be in solitary confusion
I have a burning determination
do not reach the wrong conclusion
but I must reject this fixation.

It is not you, nor is it me
please do not lose all hope
but I believe this was not meant to be
I know that you will be able to cope.

A heart with fervent ambition
may not be able to settle as easily
a pretend love cannot come to fruition
truly, I do care for you deeply.

Forgive me, how selfish am I
for turning away such a great love
please don't let your spirits die
No words of appeasement to think of.

I apologize endlessly for your unrequited love.

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Smiles surround me today
As people’s heart start to fill
With a beautiful ballet.

Children cling to arms and legs
As we remember this day
And connect the threads.

The flowers are in bloom
And they greet us silently
As we enter this room.

For today is Easter.
The community gathers
As we heed the words of our preacher.

The day of Resurrection.
The day of Jesus Christ.
The day of Hope.

On this day He rose.
On this day He gave us hope.
On this day we remember.

Despite our imperfections,
Despite our human nature,
We were saved by His correction.

He is our Angel
Protecting us from our sins
Throughout the ages.

And like the blooming spring,
We too can bloom
Into His love.
This is my first commission! wooo! ahaha anyways this is for :icondemonrobber: who requested a poem on Easter and the religion part behind it. 

Hope you enjoy it!
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Je connais une belle fille qui goûte comme un bonbon
Avec des lèvres sucrées et une langue de miel
Je lui mords doucement avec mes dents désirant
Les chemins sur sa peau nous conduire au ciel

Ses jambes chocolats sont si délicieuses
Chaque bouchée a l'impression de l'étérnité
Le bruit qu'elle fait me dit qu'elle est heureuse
Ils ne comprennent jamais notre intimité

Perdu dans ses yeux qui brillent comme un bronze feu
Perdu dans son sourire qui me donne faim toujours
Nous mentons ensemble, et je sens ses cheveux
Elle m'aime tout le temps parce que je suis son nounours

Pour moi, il n'y a rien dans ce monde sans elle
Mon amour est une personne exceptionnelle
Okay. Well. This turned out... shittier than I had intended, but I knew it would be mostly terrible. My grasp of French isn't fantastic and I had to look up far too much, but... it's something. And yes, I know some of the words don't actually rhyme. My apologies to any and all French people.

EDIT: Sorry! I'll put a translation in English for mah monolingual peeps. xD;

My Candy Friend (the title is actually a terrible pun)

I know a beautiful girl who tastes like candy
With sugar lips and a honey tongue
I bite her gently with my desiring teeth
The trails on her skin lead us to Heaven

Her chocolate legs are so delicious
Each mouthful feels like an eternity
The noise she makes tells me she's pleased
They'll never understand our intimacy

Lost in her eyes that shine like bronze fire
Lost in her smile that always makes me hungry
We lie together and I smell her hair
She always loves me because I'm her teddy bear

For me, there is nothing in this world without her
My love is an exceptional person
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I'm debating with myself of whether i should stay or not,
im tired of everything,
its not worth anything,
i hate how you make me feel special one day and worthless the next day,
why do you love to hate me?
why is it fun to brake me?
why cant you just leave me be?
i do everything for you yet all i get is hate from you,
but this time i wont cry,
i wont lie,
this is goodbye,
i choose to kill myself for you,
its my time to die.
Very Old poem.
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Too much,
Too much,
Too much pain,
Hurts me like hell,
And drives me insane,
Cant take it anymore,
Cant stay here anymore,
My dread full life has come to an end,
So i will take a gun and put it next to my head.
Mum, you told me this life cant change so i gotta bear and live it this way,
but now im tired,
So before i end this so called life i just wanna say,
Dont mourn or cry,
I have one last promise for you,
I'll love you 'till i die <3
Another old poem.
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When C died,
I was devastated.
I still am,
And always will.
My only sanctuary,
Is the Session room,
I cried for the first time since coming there, last week.
I never cried so much before,
Almost like a waterfall.
Enough to turn a tiny bud to a beautiful flower.
Yes, a Blue rose.
Blue, for that was C's favourite colour.
Through years of suffering and torment,
He still rose like a flower,
Showing the world that he's a fighter.
And so, I like to believe that,
For every tear I shed,
A tiny part of C will blossom,
Until one day,
A blue rose will appear in the garden of Life,
And people will marvel at the flower.
And they will say
"That is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen."
It will be the rose; The rose that never dies.
Even in the depths of despair,
Pain and suffering,
I will still stand tall and stand strong,
Through the endless tears.
Because that's what C would've wanted...
Yes, C lives on in our precious memories.
He will truly be a rose,
A rose that never dies.
Sorry about this, I needed an outlet, and this poem was just begging to be made ^^;
On a sightly different note; After a short time with my family, and a long time of writer's block, I'm now (finally) finishing the requested stories, so expect them some time this week ^^;
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I sing in the darkness, surround by night

When morning's light begins to shine 

It can't reach me, but I can go towards it

The door is already opened

I step into the light and my heart soars

I breath that sweet perfume, and feel complete

Your very presence next to me with joy

Fill all my senses with joy

I wish for naught

For nothing else to satisfy me

So long as I have you

You step into the light, and my heart soars

You breath that sweet perfume, and feel complete

I'll be with you now and forever

As we forge ahead into the future

Living in the past

If I remember things one at a time, I started to feel like I understood

The faded words of mine was actually there right next to me

Nights where the answers doesn't come out

A small bit of warmth

And a longing in the distance

I just remember them and live by repeating them

What I'm holding onto with both hands is the drip of time

I hold lightly to the forgotten memory in which I lost the words to

This feeling will be kept in my heart

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Everything is clear
You feel weightless
Like floating in the sky
To high for anyone to see

Water may have air
But you still need to breathe
Under the water is a different place
Like from a different world in outer space

You have to push yourself
to move around and use goggles to see
Floating away in this blue space
where I can finally feel free

Just don't forget to breathe
As you swim around
Under the sea
Just thought I would get people feeling in the summer mood. In this poem I revised it a little because it was too short. So what I did was I took every two lines to start each stance except for the last one in which I took one. The rest I added right now. I hope you all enjoy this!! :)
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They tell me to kill
They tell me to die
But all i can do is just cry

One taps on my shoulder
One whispers in my ear
Tells me to just forget it all my dear
They don't care
They wont be there
When you'd need them the most
They would just stare
And this thought is driving me mad
Forcing me to do something bad

I am hurt, really badly
And losing my self control, sadly

I cant sleep
I cant close my eyes
Knowing everyday is just full of shit and lies
I cant think straight
Because someone is always telling me that i am just a waste

I don't want to lie that i don't want to die
But someone is always stopping me
Sometimes i wonder who'd that be...
Old poem I wrote, thought I should upload it.
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