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Using a candle, I held it up to truly see
light took the shadows from your hands
and then I realize now that I am free
I can finally say goodbye to these sad lands.

I had become helplessly and hopelessly buried
I had struggled, choked, and cried
but it was myself that I continuously carried
I believe each moment a piece of me died.

Yet, I could feel a light drawing nearer
I dug myself from the deepest pits of the dirt
now I can stand looking in the mirror
I have risen above this bleeding hurt.

You have done your harmful deeds
but you have failed to bury me completely
reflection is what your heart needs
regardless, I'll say goodbye to you sweetly.

So farewell. Enjoy your lonesome tree.
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as I float
deeper into the blue
watching my boat
fade from view
thoughts seize upon
a memory of you
in a garden room
made for two
a long distant spring day
warm breeze upon our skin
the promise of an adventure
about to begin
as bubbles trail
cold wet lips descending
speak your name
with love unending
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You were a ray of light
A gift once, that which offered community
In brief anxieties, you were pause

When the shore lifted to my neck
Grasping to pull me under
You were a gracious savior

Newborn happiness, and comradery
Perhaps we were brothers once

There was harmony, and a credence in kindred souls
Before the ways of life, took their tolls
And now, I drown with your hands assisting

You howl for aid, and as I assist the aid grows larger
I lift you up through all of this, but you sleep
You keep waiting for a miracle, but I wait for honor

Dreary, Dismal, Passively Disowning
My vision blurs, as I keep to myself

Where there was a home, wages now a cold war
But you are unknowing, you do not hear my gunfire
Either mercy or ignorance, but I do not care to ascertain

You wonder of the sharpness in my passing states
Yet, you repeat your life daily as a rerun
Expecting my devotion and patronage, while gathering my resources

I hate you, I love you, but I really hate you sometimes
Friends do not live on the backs of each other

You keep forgetting how long I've held you
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the passions that flow deep within
slowly wrapping me in soft wings
soothing away the stress and strains
pulling gently at my heart strings

soft feathers fluttering past me
like a caress across my skin
such sensations stir emotions
from my soul deep down within

this tender moment that we share
fills my heart with so much pleasure
as I return your gentle kiss
this memory becomes a treasure!

© Lissie Bull 2014 All rights reserved
When an angel touches you, that tender moment is a treasure, hold on to it always
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I don't know why I'm writing about you,
I don't even allow myself to say your name.
Separated by something the distance hardly compares too,
I have since taken the blame.

Although the way you think would be clear
for a fool to see,
if I weren't this stubborn you could of
could of never loved me.
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How sad can it be
When my body is so strong
But my heart is weak...
Relative to current events.
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I can't imagine how you feel,
the emotions of what you are going through.
All I can do is say "I'm sorry,"
and do my best to be there for you.

The people we love, care for,
even idolize leave at too high a cost.
Because once they are gone, we mourn,
we cry, and even pray for the one we have lost.

I can't imagine how you feel,
while you are bereft of that special person now.
I can swear to you, that this moment and forever on,
my shoulder is yours to lean on, and this I avow.

You are not alone, other hurt now too,
for this loved one touched many a soul.
While in your heart there may be a hole,
In time their memory you'll be able to extol.

I can't imagine how you feel,
I really can't grasp the concept or have a clue.
I won't be able to help you get over it,
but how to live, push forward, and love again; I will, always for you.
This was originally written for a friend that lost someone special in their life. I slightly modified it in generality to allow others' to apply it for their loved ones, and I really like how it turned out. I hope this can be a stepping stone for those you have lost, and help you move forward. I am here for anyone and everyone that needs an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, or simply just be there. :) :heart:
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Good morning. Wake up!
The sun is out. Rise and shine!
Quit looking at the that mountain;
just begin the climb.

The summit seems far,
but our hands are on the rope.
Just start walking,
and hold onto that hope.

You can act the act,
but perfection takes time.
We're what we repeat;
habit makes the finish line.

You'll want to quit.
The path isn't easy!
It'll all be worth it;
you've just got to believe me.

But when you can't hold on,
when it turns to sand,
we'll all be there
to give you a hand.

Every journey begins with a first step. Take it.
Based on the quote by Aristotle, here's a rough draft pulled out of my ass at midnight. Yep. I kind of wanted to make it a song, the "act the act" part being the chorus, but I'd need to refine the meter. Poetry's hard. 

Our band director tells us this every morning before band camp. Cheesy, I know, but true. 
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How do I begin this poem,
how do I begin.
My thought are forbidden,
from this strong love I’m living.

Your cover might not called my attention,
but your letters touched my heart...forever.
I carry you with me,
always to my journey.
Cry when you start,
smile at your sparks.

The fact that I can’t dance with you,
makes my life be more blue.
How come you don’t exist and be with me?
Do I really need to forget you and just let it be?

Every night I try to control these tears,
only you enter to my dreams and I simply hear:
‘Don’t stop believing’, getting back to my sense disbelieving.

Disbelieving the truth,
and fighting to.
Accepting the reality,
from this brutality.
This problem in my life,
isn’t very nice.
But I touch my heart,
and choose to love him.

Eventhough he’s only the existence of my favorite book...
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This mind is a sieve
filtering out what's worthwhile
This heart wrings memories
affecting the ability to smile
These feet are stubborn roots
keeping nerves planted at home
These eyes are storm clouds
that rain when this soul's alone
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