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Tonight I ask of you...

Would you do me the favor of ending this pain?
Don't look at me like I'm the furthest from sane!

It's torture...its madness
It's sorrow and sadness

My existence a nightmare from which I can't wake
And no measure of distance prevents my heart from break

Every night I pray to God it will end
But he never shows mercy, no reaper does he send

There are those who should never fall for love's charm
For once they are broken, they only embrace harm

Unable to accept, unable to deal
Tortured by every overdosed emotion they feel

It is for those like us that only one end is clear,
Please send me away, forever my dear....
Is it not more merciful to kill me once by the dagger, than to let me die  every night  through a thousand lonely sunsets?  (Opinions?)
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I thought I was the deepness,
the blackest cold of space
Quickening creation
in an endless forward race

Perhaps I was the silence,
the space between the stars
A hollow, aching stellar wind
of burning cosmic scars

I pondered on the echoes,
to ask if they were mine
That slowly spreading whisper
from the very dawn of time

But now I know I'm empty,
like a singularity
And all my deepest, saddest thoughts
never escape from me.
I think in the end, I am the stars. With thirteen billion years of isolation blackening my soul.
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the lullaby accompanying a ballerina's skirt
a mechanized grace that once brought comfort
now elicits cold tears that steadily descend
their way and dampen tissue alabaster skin

the whimsical notes absorbed help create
a wistfulness that does little to dissipate
a futile wish to reverse the hands of time
to before events that scarred the mind

orbs of sorrow remain transfixed
by the movement of repetitive twirling
but peace it lent to ears once innocent
intensifies the sting of the bittersweet
in a mind’s wandering and habitual retreat

trying to ignore the ice
facilitating the descent

the fragility of hope exemplified in the contours of the figurine
the intricacies of life conveyed in the painted details of her body
the sorrow in strife evident in the music's haunting quality
the finality of death obvious whenever the motor ceases to be
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I’d rather run away to a different place in time
Before the experience that stole peace of mind
But fear can be so acute that I want to crawl out of my skin
I just want to forgo the darkening state I’ve been in since

Hardship is supposed to toughen the spine
But the only thing I feel is cold and petrified
How I am now illustrates just how much I’ve changed
Nerves so taut sometimes I feel completely deranged

Something broke inside and I’ll never be able to mend it
Every day is a struggle as I tell myself again not to risk it
Echoes of derision that keep self-esteem down real low
Seeds of worry fertilized by dread that continues to grow
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I wish things would have gone better
between the two of us.
You were a gift to me,
a friend that I truly felt welcome around.
I have not had many,
friends that is,
and those I did were not always
In the right crowd.
you encouraged me,
made me feel right.
But we drifted apart.
I never was good with people.
I was sad, and lonely, and depressed,
wishing only for the company
of me, myself, and I,
so I would never be hurt again.
But I now realize
how foolish that is.
Pain is part of life,
heartbreak is part of life,
sadness is part of life.
We can either accept this
and move on,
or let it consume us.
I’m still emerging
out of my shell,
slowly, but surely.
Though I cannot help
but think back to those times,
when we were friends.
I only wish
things would have gone differently.
I only wish
we were still friends.
Just something spontaneous. I was thinking of a old friend and this came into my head.
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This was where we stood
And this was what we did
We played like we were grown-ups
We laughed cuz we were kids

We stayed out till the sun went down
We waited will it went black
We laid out on the roof all night
And talked till it came back

I sit and remember all we did
and all we couldn't do
I'll tell it to my kids one day
And I'll never forget you
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painful wounds
capture heart
cruel tightly
pry apart
judgments wrath
imposing threat
loves regret
burnt offerings
bare bones
stirred emotions
fractured stones
remnant dust
in resurrection
ashes trust
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I'm alone,

Yes, I have friends and a family,
But are they truly who they are?

Are they what they say?
I thought so,

But they're not,
I am truly forever alone.
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The longer we are apart, the harder it is for me to care about anything but you.
So many times I wondered if our love was real, if it was true.
My head is filled with thoughts about how things could've been between us.
I wanted only a relationship filled with love and trust.
Your smile warms me to see it, even in my memories.
The person you were calls to me in my dreams.
You promise forgiveness and redemption, and I will always follow.
When you're around, the bitter pills I'm given are easy to swallow.
I love you with all my heart; there is no doubt in my mind.
I will always remember you as smart, funny, and kind.
All I want to do is wrap you in my arms and hold you tight.
And tell you I will always be yours, no matter what the price.
This is a more personal poem about my love for the girl whose heart I broke. All things considered, this poem is pretty null and void now. I have a girlfriend now how loves me as deeply as I love her, and doesn't treat me like the other. Still, I can remember how I felt when I wrote this, and the emotion is still very strong with me.

11th poem in class
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Fallen stars

Like tiny leaves
that grew
since then

Each day, they
grew and grew

And one day
they would break through

And so beside
that wide blue sea
standing there
a brand new tree.
I´ll just leave this here :)
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