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I’m sorry to say
This may be my last
To my dismay
This was part of my past

I’m not sure
If it will be missed
If it was not for her
I would not exist

She was the one
Who destroyed reality
Now that you’re done
At last some finality

But is that all
That they write
When I fall
The world turns white

Nothing exists
Outside the door
If anything resists
It is no more

The wasteland is so vast
Destruction is the key
I know at long last
What will be set free
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Incomplete and not for sure you are done
Little Miss Nothing as you are so called
Knowing for a fact that you haven’t won
Funny to think that they don’t know you bawled
You are nothing just like the air you breathe
Alone and left to be that way for now
People have no idea that some really sheathe
To not hurt myself is what you vowed
No one to talk to as if no one cares
Treating you just like this pile of dirt
Nothing but these salty little tears
They talking is still just making you hurt
People telling me that you should be dead
Oh Little Miss Nothing you should of bled

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So you've changed?
So have I.
My hair cut was away to reveal a metamorphosed identity.
The same hair I flipped, in my stupid way while seeking a refuge in your arms.
All those tearful, hopeless nights, I forgive you, they mean nothing but wasted time.
All the lies that passed my lips to keep myself out of the furnace,
They also mean nothing.

Whose to blame?
Fate and Destiny.
My shame was cut away to reveal my true identity
The girl who flipped her hair, in her stupid way while seeking refuge in your arms is forgotten.
I'm on my ninth life, no longer bleeding, I wish you would understand.
All the lies that passed your cracked lips,
I remember.

Why me?
I have no idea.
This relationship was cut away to reveal its true identity.
The same relationship we kept alive on a false hope, in our stupid way while seeking refuge in it.
All the things I burned, once my epiphany presented itself, scorched away my sins.
All the lies that we believed,
Are exposed.

You've changed?
Well so have I.
We're still not meant to be.
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My Heart’s song
Born to fly
But rather die
For what is an angel without wings?
The same as a bird that never sings
She is a torrent inside
Her heart in compromise
Defiled in a certain way
Fights to live almost every day
All her dreams have been crushed
When she speaks it’s barely murmurs, hushed
By all of those opposing her
The life she lives is just a blur
All the promises you made
She still feels the coldness of the blade
She was broken and you made it worse
For ever now she’ll be a curse
Forced to believe nothing is real
A broken heart no one wants to steal
Will she Love or will she Hate?
And will his Love be just too late?
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Someone told me "have a heart"
but that vital organ is in several parts
my compassion and pity are out of my reach
leaving the rest for pain too breach

Someone told me "stand up tall"
but the ground I'm on will surely fall
it's riddled with cracks and gaping holes
to where my humanity probably goes

Someone told me "you need a hug"
but I hate them and enjoy the lack thereof
they feel like they'll melt the skin on my bones
and make the darkness squirm in the place it calls home

Someone asked "why are you mad"
and that question always makes me want to laugh
that is the monster that sits in my head
the one I'll do anything to keep bound in red
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And so we hate, And so we hate
Through darkest fears we endure the weight.
Alone, alone, and thus together -
We burn, we yearn! Still, it stands a painful endeavour.

In hate we feel that dreadful call;
The chime of combat, a sword to draw.
It steals our judgement, hah, what gall!
In view there stands another flaw.

Like that, a seething rage of new
would replace the dawn, and then its dew;
the skies - made so everblue -
would soon adopt a darker hue.

But was that truly never known?
I ask you now - a question thrown.
For what was there, to glare with flare
you sought to vanquish, not to bear.

A seething anger, seething rage!
A march towards a fatal stage!
You stride with traction, you cling to action
The mark is clear, the urge austere!
You grab the shear - there is no fear!

Do it! Do it! Be sincere!
You know the plan; just adhere!
Just a strike and it'll disappear!
Again, again! Your freedom's near!

And yet... Regardless of infraction,
There was never any lasting satisfaction...
A different take on order and law
Aimed to express my view on a flaw.
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I'm too fucking wasted
Caught in this haze
But it's still far better
Than earlier days
At least I'm not violent
At least I'm myself
At least I'm surviving
All of this hell
A changing of worlds
Forever evolves
Out of these problems
I can't seem to solve
Always better
Than what came before
Bit by bit I give in
To a life such a chore
But still I maintain
A sense of myself
Always surviving
What resembles my hell
Always fearing
A deeper layer
But I know I can win
Though I'm not a player
I want to love
I want to live
But wonder how much
I can possibly give
I know I can do this
It's ever so hard
Yet though I've been shattered
I pick up the shards
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I want to tell you a secret and trust me it's a big one.
The way you can break my heart; so don't do it for fun.
You can be very thoughtful; it doesn't hurt to be kind.
Text me at every hour; say only I am on your mind.
Next make me laugh; I'm a sucker for someone funny.
Say I'm all you want, you don't care for jobs or money.
Make me feel pretty; say you love my smile, and eyes.
Look deep into my soul and promise never tell me lies.
Now I tell you the info, the news that I hold so dear.
This is how you break my heart; written here so clear.
Begin by not returning my calls; my smiles or my looks.
Tell me what I thought we had is only found in books.
Say that you no longer have time for me.
You have more important people and places to see.
When you look at me; it's only just a glance.
Not the intense, loving gaze that held me in a trance.
You still want to be friends and nothing more.
Ask me my opinion of the girl who walked in the door.
This is how you break my heart; shatter it to pieces.
This is how you break my heart; even the beat ceases.
So please be gentle and please be kind.
If you take my heart in your hands; keep this in mind.
An older piece revamped and edited for a contest I entered. Requirements were less than 26 lines and each line had to be 55 characters or less.
Do you like the original or this one better? I can't decide......
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I'm not sure I know what to say,
And I can't find the words to take it away.
I'm lost within my every thought,
Impulses, and chemicals, all shot.
Trying to find a remedy: a cure,
To return to a mindset that once was pure.
I'm lost within the misery,
Bereft of pleasant memory,
Enslaved to my own anxiety,
All that's left: insanity.
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Wish I could see you with my own eyes
Instead of through a screen of lies
I may never be by your side
But to you I will have never lied

My mind is filled with words I could say
But nothing can prepare me for the day
If I ever see your eyes I know
My soul at last may glow

But until that day comes to pass
I am just a name on the glass
I’m doing my best to break through
I hope my words are reaching you

The things I try to say
There must be a better way
To show my emotion
My boundless devotion

The words I speak
May sound too weak
Even if it doesn't sound real
This is what I feel

You’re always in my mind
My words are unrefined
I need you to know
To you, my life I owe
This was written for someone who means the world to me...
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