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The Hidden Dragon Ch.44 (Fairy Tail X Male Reader)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the next chapter of The Hidden Dragon! 
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Authors Note: If you haven't seen my most recent status post, I am going on a vacation soon and will not have access to a computer for approximately 1 week. Sorry for the Inconvenience... :(
Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way - Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the story continue!
Chapter 44: Sad Departures and a New Beginning!
(Y/N): "The Custody Enforcement Unit..."
Everyone then realized that they were stuck in a large enchantment square that prevented them all from
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Tohru fights for Miss Kobayashi in DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Tohru.
Species: Dragon.
Gender: Female.
Master: Miss Kobayashi
Height: Taller than Kobayashi.
Dragon Form Height: Over 4 stories tall.
Age: ??? (Visually the same age as Kobayashi)
Cup Size: D for Dragon!

-Kind Hearted to everyone.
    -Except to those who show signs of romantic affection towards Kobayashi.
-Kinda Naive and dumb.
    -Often believes stuff she see's or reads about as real, despite being fiction.
-Just a little Clumsy.
-Hostile towards Dragons of other groups.

-Fought against her own Father.
-Is capable of re-growing her tail in no time.
-Can breath underwater.
-Moved Fast enough to disrupt the ground below her.
-Is capable of traveling through World's.
-Saliva can clean stains.
:iconximortalpantzftwx:XImortalPantzFTWX 15 10
Fate/Familiar part 2: summoned
~tape rolls~
Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamt a dream, a dream passed on to me yet even then I still look up to it, infatuated with it, obsessed with it.
I dreamt a dream, a dream to be a hero of justice.
I wanted to feel like that day, the day where I was found by my adopted father kiritsugu the in famous to a known magus killer, I wanted to see the faces of children looking up to me with gratitude, with amazement, with awe, with respect and most of all, to no longer feel fear when under my presence.
And so I traversed the lands together with my servant, saber, repeatedly blocked by certain "obstacles" but eventually we overcome them, and there I stood below the stairs that lead to a grail, a grail from the cristian faith, a grail that received the blood of the son of god, the holy grail.
I was so close to achieving my dream, my ambitions, my goals, my ideals until that particular moment, the moment that tested my ideals, a moment that made blurred my dreams.
My servant, sab
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The Parachute Boys
The sun was setting over Hyrule Field, leaving a faint illuminated ray of sunlight to reflect off the tall grass that lightly swayed in the sprawling field.
Link ( was headed to see Zelda in the castle, trying to get there before the sun completely set so he could see where he was going.
But suddenly, in front of Link, a small round hole emerged from the ground, collapsing the dirt and grass that used to lay on top of it. It caught Link off guard, and he fell onto his bottom. "Oof!" Link cried. Link kneeled over and bent towards the hole, attempting to peer in, but it was too dark to see anything.
Just as Link was about to back away, his hand slipped on the edge of the hole, and his entire body dipped into the hole.
Link began to fall endlessly down the hole, and there was no sign of stopping. "AAAAHH!" Link let a loud shriek escape his mouth, because that was the only thing he could do at the moment. Link looked down, a
:iconatlanticninjas:AtlanticNinjas 4 31
My Princess~ (Link x F!Reader) part 1
"mama... papa?" (name) trembles, scared of why they are in a dark forest.
"do NOT call us that vermin!!!" her father says, with a hint of... hurt in his voice?
"h-huh?" (name) is now tearing up, hoping it was all just a nightmare. {you get them often btw}
"tsk... just do it already! we need to leave NOW!!" mother scolds your father.
"d-do what mama-?"
all of you jumped at the sound, well you screamed and held yourself crying, you see you have very sensitive ears you often got ear aches so bad you wouldn't stop screaming {sorry if you don't irl but I do and its needed here}
"FORGET HER WE NEED TO GO NOW!!!!" and with your mothers words.... they were gone....
you wanted to go after them but didn't see where they went, scared and alone... heh what a childhood you were going to have... or so you thought
"are you ok child?" a mans voice, deep, yet calm came from behind you.
"mama and papa left... why did they leave?" you cried, not bothering to see who was speaking to you, you were onl
:iconyukagaming2016:YukaGaming2016 3 1
Age of War Animal. capitulo 0
Hace muchos años...
En una época medieval fantástica...
No éramos más que unas fieras salvajes que combatir para los humanos...
En nosotros no había ni un clan, ni gremio, ni alianza, solamente éramos bestias...
Hasta que inexplicablemente, una criatura de la especie zorro aparece en nuestra miseria, parecía estar herido...
Desde que apareció hemos aprendido de él, nos enseñó idiomas, cambio nuestra forma de pensar, de pelear, de comportarnos...
Gracias a el hicimos una alianza entre humanos y bestias, resultando que el zorro era un humano transformado...
Algunos aceptamos, pero otros rechazaron la solicitud y se separaron de todos nosotros, ocultando se en las profundas sombras...
Días se volvieron meses, teniendo costumbres de los humanos...
Meses se volvieron años, creando nuestro propio clan, independizandonos de los humanos, y la independencia se volvió separación.
La Alianza de la Luz abrió sus p
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The Legend Of Spyra S2
Chapter 7: Mandela effect.
Timer: Wait...this doesn't make any sense. Why is Spyro alive from the great cleanse you say he supposed to die from that.
Spyra: With Cynder however thanks to Malefor's curse she gone to Resurrected. But now they both survived I thinking now it has something to do with your power and mine...
Flower: so you saying?
Spyra: When Spyro, Timer and my power was so great and created a chain linked.
Ren: True you just like Spyro but more fatter and a female of him.
Spyra: I think this causes a Mandela effect. It's wearing one too energies or more come across for the universes to collide it becomes one or opposite.
Flower: So that is why you fall from the sky from my son's power...
Spyra: Correct and I'm afraid something big is going to happen with our universe...
:iconlambozilla:Lambozilla 4 5
Emotionless Part 3 (BEN Drowned X VIRUS!Reader)
"Come on V! Keep up," BEN said ahead of you.
"My name is '(f/n).' Not 'V,'" you said, touching codes as you passed by, watching them turn from green to red and disappearing.
"I know that," BEN replied. "I just call you 'V' because your a virus. Get it? Virus starts with a 'V'." He rolled over to act like he was lying on he back as he floated ahead of you, while able to look back at you. He had a smile on his face and a gleam of what you guessed was humor in his eyes. He then dropped his expression, "Oh, I forgot. You don't get jokes."
"I understand jokes, I just have the inability to laugh at them," you explained.
He shrugged, "Well, anyway, just think of it as my nickname to you."
"Fine," you said.
The two of you remained silent for a while, you touching various codes, and BEN watching you. "Is it really that easy?" He asked.
"Yes. I never really stopped to see how it works. All I know is that when I touch a code, it infects the file, program, or computer it's attached to. I guess tha
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Ch 6 Rewrite -- Invasion
“Oh my Thor..” Astrid exclaimed, seeing the army fleet before them as they zeroed in on Berk. Fire erupted from the sides of the ships as it shot canon balls into Berk’s docks. The village watched in shock. The iron balls tore through their vessels and demolishing their docks. Decimating them upon impact as wood splintered into the air.
“What do we do, Hiccup?” Eret and the rest looked towards him for guidance.
“Take out as many ships as you can. Do not let them make landfall.” Hiccup said as he then hopped into his saddle.
“What about Renee?” Fishlegs had then asked.
“We will have to fight without her. Stay safe up there.” Hiccup said as he then took flight.
They had looked around at each other. The devastation they saw at the settlements that morning still fresh in their minds. They knew if they couldn’t come out of this one, Berk would witness the same fate.
Astrid stood in silence. Though her fears calm, she st
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Growing (G/T RP)
You are a my best friend and we have known each other for such a long time. One day you come over to hang out and you feel a little off. You have been complaining that your clothes have been fitting strangely. So we go to the store to buy you new clothes and once we are done shopping we head to your house to have a sleepover. As the night passes by you notice you grew to almost 7 feet tall. Your new clothes were bursting at the seams and you didn't know why. Then it happens again and you start tp grow and grow and grow! So even at how tall you will become, will be the same or will the size turn you into a monster.
(Also if you wish to do a growing rp in another way then this, please share)
So now your turn. Shall you be a
A. A kind giant (Fluff, romance)
B. A cruel giant (You know what to do, no vore though)
C. A mix of both (Teasing)
D. Your idea
How big will you be?
A. 100ft
B. 1000ft
C. 1 mile
D. Planet Sized
This rp can either be a PG, +13 or preferably +18(+18 is in notes and you
:iconsophianightingale:SophiaNightingale 3 29
Pokemon Revival Chapter 45 Questioning
I woke up the next morning extremely refreshed. It was around seven or so and Martin had come in our room to wake me up. Once I got up and stretched Martin had already headed out to wait for me. I had noticed one thing though was Ray wasn’t on the bed, where did he-
-Peek-a-boo!- I heard Ray say after he jumped up on my shoulder.
I gave a laugh, -Actually wouldn’t it be pika-chu?- I asked.
-Very funny! Hop to it now!- He said climbing down, -Hey so, you have the guys who killed my parents right?-
-Yeah,- I replied.
-Could you do me a favor and pay them back for me?- He asked menacingly.
-Well I can’t kill them, because of what they know, but I think I have an idea to scar one of them for life,- I explained.
-That works too,- Ray said.
-See ya Ray!- I said waving.
-See ya!- He said heading back on the bed.
I walked downstairs to the front door where Martin was waiting and we walked out to get to the
:iconxetajts:XetaJTS 4 4
Desde que ya es derrotado Kine
Cotton justo en derrotarlo/terminarlo
Kine intenta levantarse
Kine : BT
Cotton le da un beso en ka mejilla : >///
:iconpit-artist:Pit-Artist 2 0
Salazzle Vore RP(s)
Scenario 1: I was taking a vacation to the alola region and as I walk around the forest I don't notice you -a Salazzle- stalking me hungrily, you haven't eaten in a few days and I looked like a perfect size to fill your hungry belly. As I walk around your stomach gurgled and you couldn't help it! You were starving and needed something to eat.
Scenario 2: I was a new resident to the alola region and I just got my starter, you -a Salazzle- wanted to try and battle me, I wanted to test out my starter so I also wanted to battle you, I lost to you since I just got my starter, your belly gurgled as you finish the battle, I return my Pokémon and I looked delicious, and you couldn't help yourself....
Switch Roles?
:iconfoxteen13:FoxTeen13 2 136
Hunter meets Rorsass,Arken and Vorynth
Warning soft vore read at your own risk
It was sunny day outside but no birds we're singing the only thing that could be heard was gunfire,explosions,planes,etc War had broken out and a lot of casualties. Hunter was one child who was living in a destroyed building his family had gone to war to fight for their country Hunter now believed that his family had been killed already he hid his face in his knees, what I'm I going to do I'm probably have no family anymore he said, Hunter continued to cry his eyes out unaware of the presence near him.
Walking through the destroyed city was Rorsass she was a dragoness she had purple scales with pink underbelly scales, she had amethyst sparkling eyes, she was 198 feet tall. She was a kind hearted dragoness not really harming humans unless necessary, she had control of attractive and repulsive forces, create and manipulate black holes, creation and manipulation of black flames that cannot be extinguished by any means necessary, time manipulation, e
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 2 3
Giant!America x Reader ch.2 [End]
    The next morning, you rose with the sun. The first few rays of dawn were just breaking across the mountains, painting the tops of the lush green trees golden. Your brothers were still asleep, as they did not rise until later in the day. You knew they would be hurt by your actions should they ever find out what your intentions were, but you simply apologized to them in your mind as you slipped on your favorite dress. It was tight around your torso, the upper part being white while the corset part was a lovely navy blue. The skirts around your waist flared out, a darker blue layered atop a lighter blue. It was a beautiful dress, and you hoped Alfred would like it.
    'Wait, why does it matter if he likes it or not?' You questioned yourself as you straightened the skirts. You bit your lip, feeling your cheeks heating up a bit. Of course, he was a rather attractive male, but he was a Giant..
    Shaking your head, you double-checked to make sure you had t
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A Timeline Divergent pt. 1
The Abyssal Plains, somewhere west of Griffonstone.
Gojira's sleep, was not a restful one. His new form he had finally gotten used to, and the voice of Harmony in his head had become silent. But the new power coursing through him had unlocked memories he had long supressed.
He remembered the final fight with King Ghidorah, and the friends who had stood beside him. He remembered watching Ghidorah kill them, unable to save them. Being allowed to live, and watch the world burn. It hurt, more than he ever thought it would.
Hey Godzilla. Its over. You must forgive.
That woke him up. He had not heard that name in a long time. Not since... He turned, and found himself facing three starngely familiar purple equines. But all of different ages.
"I recognise the three of you." He said into their minds. "Why have you come back? Bagan is dead."
"We wanted to see this world when it isn't facing a crises." The middle said. "And..."
"And we have seen what you dream." The eldest said.
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[W101] Eagle101- Chapter Eleven
A loud scream brought Emma out of her sleep and out of Libra. She jerked over to see Maddie standing, staring at the dorm window. Her face appeared the very definition of shock and horror, her hands covering her mouth and her green eyes wide and round.
"What's wrong?" Emma asked, alarmed.
"B-Bartleby!" Madeline gasped and pointed out the window. She stumbled backwards then turned and left in a flash. What happened to Bartleby? She turned over to look out the window. What could be so horrifying to Maddie? That's when she saw it; where one of Bartleby's great big eyes had been, was left nothing but a dark hole in the trunk of his face. His right eye was completely gone. "What?" She gasped. She jumped out of bed and hurried out. What could have happened to it?
Maddie was standing at Bartleby's base when Emma came and joined. She, Luke, Carter, Krystal, and Anna stood together, staring up at the granfather tree with shared horror and disgust. Issy stood behind them, t
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I will be as one Chapter 5 (Kirby Fanfiction)
Marx had the largest smirk possible on his face. This girl is even more naive than Kirby was!
“Sorry about those two Marx, they were just blinded by jealousy.” Keeby apologised.
“Oh, it’s fine Keeby. Really it is.” Marx stated. Damn it! Kirby knows I’m alive! He’s most likely telling his two-bit friends about me! Marx tried to think of what to do about Kirby.
Kirby and Company walked out of Green Lip village. They needed a plan, and fast.
“Kirby, What’s up with this Keeby girl? Couldn’t she tell who Marx was?!” Maraschino asked.
“Poyo, Poyo. Poyo poyo.” (Well, Keeby isn’t from Dreamland. She’s actually from Starryland.)
“Wait, isn’t Starryland a backwater kingdom?” Bandana Dee asked. Kirby nodded.
“That Kingdom is all sorts of wrong.” King DeDeDe shivered. Maraschino shook slightly, she knew as well how bad things were in Starryland. What
:icongaming-fairy:Gaming-Fairy 1 0
A Ducktales Excerpt
“Everyone to th’ plane!” Scrooge McDuck exclaimed as he, Launchpad McQuack, and the 6 kids under his care raced through the crumbling ruins of an old Egyptian tomb. Jennifer Whitefeather grabbed the hand of her best friend, Roan DcCumhail.
“Come on, Ro! We gotta get out of here!”
Roan looked at her. “Go on ahead, Jenny. I’ll catch up.”
Jennifer hugged him. “Be careful, mate.”
Roan grinned. “Save me a steak on th’ Barbie, lass.”
Jennifer smiled a little at the old joke between them. Then, she raced after the others. Roan faced the crumbling tomb. “I know yer here, Pharaoh. Just b’cause yer spirit is trapped here doesn’t mean ya have t’ try t’ kill me friends.”
The spirit of a young jackal dressed in royal clothing shimmered in front of him. “The elder tried to take a priceless treasure of the Pharaohs, a statue of the great god Horus. For that, he and his kin must die.
:iconcelticsorcerer1:celticsorcerer1 1 3
~Wide Open Spaces~
It had taken Jaylyn and Roe a fair bit of traveling to get to the fields where they currently prancing about. An adventure! Roe was ecstatic be to be out in the sunshine wanting to scent and see just about everything there was to see. She was asking a million questions; what was this flower? What bird made that sound?The day was a warm, bright and sunny summer day; perfect for exploration! Roe was wiggling with anticipation for adventure was in the air, and where there was adventure this sweet little Felvarg could be found! Her heart was racing with excitement as she padded along the grassy path her mother blazed for her, green eyes shining. There couldn’t have been a larger grin on her face even if she tried! Roe was in the best of moods, especially since her mother had agreed a few days ago that she didn’t have to fish if she didn’t want to. It was a joyous occasion and now even better they were off to some flowery fields alive with scents and sounds.
Jaylyn couldn&
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Jaunedice part 1
The ponies were waiting patiently for Twilight to come back until they heard her walking down the stairs, two things were noticeable, one was a black eye on her left, and a violet colored object strapped to her side.
“Woah, what happened to you?” Rainbow asked with mild surprise.
“And what is that do-hicky on yer side.” Applejack said squinting at the object.
“The first question; I got myself hurt while testing this weapon out.” Twilight said as she held her swollen eye. “And secondly, let me show you.” With that being said she took it off the holster and pressed something on it, causing it to quickly transform into a scythe no bigger than Ruby’s in the show, but this one was colored with violet and purple rather than black and red. Fluttershy almost fell out of her chair in surprise as the intimidating feature of the blade, to which everyone else exclaimed in excitement, minus the personalities.
“Better not get copyrighted, S
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Withered's Backstory pt 7
Dav told Withered to meet at his house after school so he could help him how to get Toy Chica to fall in love with him. Withered said that he would be there.
After school Withered walked with Dav to his house. Bianka had an after school activity with Tyler and Mignon, so she would be home a little later than Dav. They went inside and went into Dav's bedroom.
"Ok Withered." Dav said, "To get Toy Chica to fall in love with you, you got to talk to her."
"But how? I'm very shy and what if Toy Chica doesn't like me? i mean....just look at me. Who would want to be with someone with one arm and no face?" His eyes turned blue. "Why did this happen to me? What did I ever do wrong to become.....this?" Withered fell to his knees and started crying. Dav tried to help him but Withered rejected.
"I'm sorry it happened to you Withered. I wish I could help you get back to your old self." Dav said in a sousing voice, trying to calm him down.
"I want to go home..." Withered said as tears fell from his e
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