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i remember the spring
when you did not grow

and our arms unfurled
for no one
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Princess Europe

Princess Europe,
land of the west,
Finally united,
why don't you rest?

Princess Europe,
land of the west,
Wars never ended
forget we lest

Ages of the dark,
twilight of the cross,
A promising new world,
pirates hold your loss

Colonies of blood,
massacres at the east,
Watch your right hand,
it follows the beast.

Years of division,
the breaking of the wall,
Only now a decision,
no enemy, your ball.

Princess Europe,
dance of the north,
Keep up your faith,
hold down your sword

Princess Europe,
union at last,
Love your people,
learn from your past

In what you believe?
This can't be your plan,
What you release?
You can't rule the sun.

Princess Europe,
land of the west,
Finally united,
why don't you rest?
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"Papa, Papa look! Mama's on TV!"

Levi was currently coming from the kitchen when he over heard his son excitedly mention his mother on the large flat screen TV. He looked, noticing that you were presented on the TV show: Dancing with the Stars. Levi growled as you were dancing swing with the man who was presented as Reiner Braun who was famous for his appearances on dance movies and such. Levi continued to glare at the TV, watching as you had a smile on your face and Reiner was holding your body so freely. Eren looked away from the screen to look at his father, feeling the dark aura in the air. 

"Horseface! Papa is getting angry again!"

"Young Master, I thought I told you to stop calling me that.."

"Hurry and get Papa some tea! I think he's going to blow!"

"Yes, yes.."

Jean sighed as scurried over to the kitchen, immediately making Levi's tea to help him calm down his nerves. Eren looked at the TV again, noticing that you and Reiner got a pretty high score for the dance performance you two did. You laughed as you hugged your dance partner, Levi watching Reiner hugging you back and giving your head a kiss. Eren suddenly felt the room get hot, looking back at his father as his little boy body suddenly flinched from the immense heat that Levi was giving off.


"S-Sir! Pas dans le salon!"

| ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~ |

After performing another show with your dance partner, Reiner Braun, you both got eliminated in the end. You sighed as you were being driven home, feeling relieved when you saw your home in view. Jean opening the front door, you were met with a childish voice and small arms around your legs. 

"Mama! You danced really good today!"

"You saw? That's good to hear!"

"Not for Papa though.."

You blinked at what your son remarked before looking over and finding a slightly pissed husband at the bottom of the stair case. He had a small scowl on his facial features which made you laugh just the slightest. You put Eren down on the ground and smiled when you approached your husband.

"I'm home."

Levi didn't give you the regular: 'Tch. Welcome home brat.'. Nope. He gave you something utterly different. He scooped you into his arms, giving you a very heated kiss. You were caught by surprise, a small yelp coming from you. Closing your eyes, you made a small content moan and kissed your husband back while wrapping your arms around his neck. Jean covered Eren's eyes as he slightly struggled under his grasp to see why he was covering his eyes so suddenly. Levi finally pulled away, looking into your eyes and a small smirk rising on the corners of his lips. Your face was beet red as you looked at him with pure shock written all over.

"Welcome home, brat."

"Geez, that was new.."

"Because I had to watch TV with my wife dancing with a dirty slob."

"Renier is a good guy!"

"Who fucking sleeps with as much girls he can."

"That's what it means, Papa? Then can I sleep with Mama?"


You laughed as you playfully smacks his shoulder, Levi sighing as he placed you on the ground again. You sighed as you told Jean to fetch you something to drink and he immediately accommodated your command. You looked at Levi as he was walking into the living room, sitting down on the couch and looking at some scripts. You sat beside him, Jean presenting some tea in front of you. Giving him a small 'thank you', you looked over to what Levi was reading.

"Are you going to be featured in another movie?"

"No. Just a music video."

"Oh? And who is it?"

"I think her name is..Petra Ral."

Hearing the name, your body slightly stiffened hearing that familiar name. Levi looked at you with a curious eyebrow raised and set his papers down. You took one last sip of your tea and set your cup down, Jean looking at you if you wanted more tea. Giving him a small nod, he went back to the kitchen to fetch the teapot that rest on the stove.

"You know her?"

"Yeah, we went to the same high school together. I guess you can say that we're both rivals."

"Wait, she isn't that--"

"The really short girl with those large circular glasses? Yeah, that's her."

"And she's your rival because.."

"We're both the top female vocalist that are on the music charts. She's currently number two, and still has a grudge on my musical career I think."

Levi sighed as he buried his face into his hands for a moment before looking up and at you. You weren't looking at him however, you were looking at Eren as he was playing some video games with Jean watching behind him. You placed your tea down and sat back on the couch, looking at your husband as he was staring down at the scripts. 

"She also had a crush on you."

"What the shit?"

"Yeah, she really liked your bad boy demeanor."

Levi smirked as he slightly leaned over, kissing your cheek and bit the shell of your ear when you weren't expecting it. You yelped, covering your ear and looking at him with shock once more.

"Like what you did?"

"Shu-Shut up!"

Levi smiled just for a moment before he sat in the same position you were, looking up at the ceiling and letting out a loud sigh.

"All I know is that I'm going to get into some girly ass shit once I start working."

"Levi you really need to watch your language."

"If I stop this language, you need to stop filing the freezer with your fucking New York Cheesecake."

"....Fucking brat...."

"That's what I thought."

| ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~ |

You were currently in Levi's car, looking out the tinted window as he was speaking with the director of the music video that he was part of. You mentally growled when you saw Petra give Levi such innocent looks and trying to look all cute in front of him. It just made you want to hurl. Remembering making a first appearance on Levi, you were bit of a klutz but you didn't go down with a fight. To Levi, he found that sexy, which made you sigh with relief with a tint of blush. You brought your thoughts together and continued to watch your husband go to work, Petra immediately latching her arm around his. Levi's face clearly showed disgust and tried to look away as much as possible. You on the other hand, your left eye was twitching just the slightest, and your hand clenching the stress toy Levi had prepared for you. You took a deep breath and took out your phone, quickly dialing Jean's number. 

"Yes Ma'am?"

"Have you picking Eren up from school already?"

"Yes Ma'am. Is something the matter?"

"I'm going to leave Levi's work place. Do you mind meeting me in the cafe across the street?"

"Yes, I'll be there within 2 minutes Ma'am."

"Thank you."

Hanging up on the call, you quickly sent Levi a text that you were going to leave his car. Levi looked down at his phone, reading the small text you had sent him. He looked over at his car before giving a small nod and going back to work. You sighed as you secretly got out of his car, walking along the slightly empty streets. Finding Jean, you immediately entered the passenger seat, looking behind you to find your beaming son.

"Hi, Mama!"

"Hey, love. How was school?"

"It was fun! I met a new friend today!"

"Oh? What's his name?"

"Her name is Mikasa!"

You blinked as you turned to look back at your son, noticing that he was playing with some of the toys he had brought for show and tell today. He was currently playing with the toys that you couldn't break him from not playing with them. You sighed as you laid your head back on the head rest, closing your eyes for a moment. 

"Are you alright, Ma'am?"

"Yes, If you get me some Starbucks Jean."

"As you wish. From the usual place?"

"The one and only place, Jean."

He merely smiled as he started to drive a different direction, looking for the specific Starbucks place. It was the only work place that merely disguised itself from the public world. It was the only Starbucks that almost every celebrity went to so that they weren't seen in public. After finding a parking, you got out of the car as Jean held it open for you. Jean looked at you, waiting for a command. You adjusted the sunglasses on your face, looking at the copper haired boy.

"Watch Eren for me please. I will get you something once I'm inside."

"No need, Ma'am please."

"Don't be silly, Levi's isn't here so you can ease up."

"Al-Alright, only because you said that I can have one.."

You chuckled as you walked inside the cafe, smelling the aroma of coffee in the air. You smiled once you heard a worker's voice once you entered.

"Miss [ f/n ]! Its so glad to see you! Would it be the regular today, miss?"

"Now, Marco. I thought I told you that my first name would be alright. Calling me 'Miss' makes me sound really old."

"Right, right. Sorry about that!"

You laughed as you sat yourself down on the bar stool, patiently waiting for your drink. Ymir went to the cash register, ringing in the money and the amount you had paid. You smirked at her as she was writing down the orders on the cups.

"Will that all be all, Miss [ f/n ]?"

"Yeah. Thanks Ymir."

Giving her more than extra, she was about to give you the change but you simply rose a hand to stop her. She looked at you a bit confused before raising an eyebrow suspiciously. 

"Keep the change, I insist."

"But you gave me too much an--"


She sighed before putting the change into her jean pocket, giving you a small smirk. You smirked back before you rose a fist, her own fist rising and giving you a small and gentle fist bump.

"Geez, sometimes your so much I swear."

"Can't stop me, can you?"

You laughed as you turned back to the counter, watching as your drinks were coming in, one by one. You looked at Marco, giving him a small smile.

"Is the other for Mr. Levi, Ms. [ f/n ]?"

"No, its for Jean."

"Jean? Can you tell him I said hi? Its been forever since I've seen him!"

"Yeah I will. Actually, I'll let him in."

Turning around and opening the front door slightly, you saw Jean waiting and leaning against the car. He perked his head up, looking up at you with a questioning look. You smiled as you waved your hand toward yourself, signaling to come forward. He looked from left to right before locking the car and quickly walking inside. Once he was inside, you heard Marco slightly raise his voice happily.

"Jean! Its so good to see you!"

"Oh, Hey Marco. Nice to see you too."

Taking a step back, you looked at the two converse and a smile reaching your facial features. You were leaning against the counter, Ymir wiping down the counter next to you. She looked at the two guys talking, rolling her eyes before mumbling. 

"I swear, those two can be a gay couple."

"You may never know, Ymir. They can be the cutest gay couple there is."

You looked over at her, looking back at the two as they were laughing at something they had mentioned to each other. You and Ymir looked at each other again before the two of you let out a small laugh. God, feeling like this made you feel human, and sane. 

"Well, we got to go. See you guys next time."

"Alright, see ya!"

And with Jean holding the drinks, he opened the door for you and closed it once you grabbed the drinks from his hands. Looking back, you found Eren fast asleep in his car seat and his toys on either side from him. You smiled as you shook your head before sticking your straw into your drink. 

"Where to, Ma'am?"

"Home. I just want to lay with my baby."


And with that, you were on your way home. You decided it was best since its been ages since you had had a nap. Placing the drink on the cup holder, you closed your eyes as you waited for your destination home.

| ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~ |

You were currently in the living room, reading a book as Eren was back to to playing some video games. It was then that you heard the door open and Jean greeting somebody, you got lazy to even look up from your book. Eren looked over his shoulder, getting up from his gaming spot to run into his father's open arms. 

"Welcome home, Papa!"

"Hey, where's your mother?"

"Over there!"

Once you were about to look up from your book to greet your husband, your book was suddenly snatched, your chin hoisted upwards as you were met with a sweet and soft passionate kiss. You muffled a small cry of shock before kissing him back, Erwin sighing as he held Eren in his arms and covering his eyes. Levi looked at you, noting the fuming cheeks. 

"We-Welcome home."

"Mhmm. Thanks sexy."


You looked over your shoulder to see Erwin holding Eren, watching as he had sat the small boy on his shoulders. You smiled, giving Erwin a warming and welcoming smile. 

"Oh, Hey Erwin."

"Hello [ f/n ]."

Levi grunted as he sat himself beside you, Erwin sitting on the side couch as he let Eren go play with his video games again. Erwin cleared his throat as he reached into his messenger bag, taking out his tablet. 

"I wanted to show this to you two."

You looked at your manager, a bit confused on what he had brought up. Once Erwin placed the tablet on the table, you looked down at it until you let out a small gasp. Levi looked as well, raising a brow. 

"Thi-This is--!"

"Apparently, some of the paparazzi saw the two of you out. And Levi's arm around your waist as well."

"Le-Levi, this was when you picked me up on one of the dance practices!"

"Tch, its about time they saw me with my woman."

Erwin sighed as he took his tablet back, locking it and gently putting it back in his messenger bag. Jean then came in, a tray of tea in his hands as he placed each cup in front of the three adults. 

"Levi, I thought you said not to reveal anything about our relationship!"

"Well, people had to know now so that nobody would hit on you."

"By the way.."

You looked at your manager as he placed his tea back down on the table. At this point, Levi had his arm rest against the couch, mainly behind your back. You looked at him as Levi did the same.

"Why did you two keep your relationship this long?"

You thought about it for a moment, debating if you should tell your manager or not. You gently bit your lip and opened your mouth, about to speak. However, Levi beat you to it.

"Even though we knew each other before our debut, you have to blame hormones."

Erwin blinked before looking at you with slight shock. You blushed as you slightly punched Levi's arm, Levi not fazed by the mere punch you gave him.

"So you two had sex."


"Yeah. And a little after our debuts. Then this guy came along."

"You're making Eren sound like he was an accident for this whole ideal."

You suddenly heard the abrupt stop from the button smashing, making you look at Eren's direction. His eyes were teary and looked at his parents with a innocent yet, sad expression. Your eyes widened as you looked at your child, Levi still having a expressionless look.

"A-Are you sa-saying I was an ac--accident!?"

"Eren its no--"

"Yeah, you were."



You glared at Levi, Levi looking at you with no expression. ( Not a surprise there. )

"Go apologize to your son!"

"Fine, fine.."

You watched as Levi got up from his seat, looking for his son and was able to catch up to him when he was about to go up to his room.





"If you shut up, I'll let you sleep with Mama."




Immediately did Levi regret saying that as he looked down at his son squished in between him and his wife. You looked at Levi once you found yourself comfortable in your bed. You leaned over the sleeping child in between the two of you, kissing Levi's cheek.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, yeah.."

You smiled and closed your eyes before kissing the top of Eren's head. Levi continued to linger his eyes from looking at the both of you, a small smile looking at his two most precious angels of the wor--Eren suddenly cuddled closer to you, his face slightly buried into your chest. Levi's left eye slightly twitched as pulled the blankets away. 

"Alright, that's it. You're going to your room."


"But Papa!! M-Mama!!"

"Brat, you're sleeping in your room."


"Levi, carry him properly!"
Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
Sorry. Its pretty self explanatory.
LOVE YOU GUYSAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 
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So he touches you in all of the right places
But with a clenched fist and not a gentle hand
By ‘right places’ I mean those easily hidden
By the latest expensive designer brand

Which he buys you to either keep your silence
Or to beg and to plead for your forgiveness
Is this where the attraction of a bad boy lies?
Please explain where is the excitement in this?

So he kisses you with a so-called passion
His hands round your neck steal a two letter word
It seems that he cannot feel satisfaction
Unless you show him signs that his dominance hurts

Which he tightens each time to keep your silence
Or maybe he just enjoys hearing you moan
Is this the deed of some stalker, some stranger?
No, this is your husband and this is your home

So he lays you out on the living room floor
I wonder what will fall down to the carpet first
The drops of blood from between your legs
Or the tears flowing between his regretful words

Which he whispers in your ear as you lay silent
It’s safe to say he has gone too far this time
If only you could have left him after one blow
But you stayed with him because of two blue lines
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i disappear
into love
today i found a small blue bear on the pavement, ears worn
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"Al~! Can you take me outside for ice cream?" you asked.

"You already had your ice cream." Allen responded as he changes the t.v channel.

"Daddy said that I can get another one~!"




"Pretty please?"

"You can say all the please cuz I ain't going out to get you ice cream."

"Fine!" you pouted.

"Good girl!" Allen smiled as he ruffled your hair.


It's only an hour after Allen told you that he can't bring you outside for ice cream but you didn't give up.

You stood behind the couch that Allen was sitting on. That's when you started annoying him.

"Tic... Tic... Tic...Tic... Ticci... Tic..." you said, smiling.

~~~Five minutes later~~~

"Tic... Tic... Tic...Tic... Ticci... Tic..."


"Ticci... Tic... Tic..." you raised your arms up, "TWITCH!"

"Fine! I'll bring you out to get ice cream!" Allen blurted.


"Just. Don't. Do. That. Ever. Again."

You happily nodded.
Reader-chan sure does love ice cream~ Meow :3 

I do not own anything~!
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong you yourself~!
And I own the plot~!
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It's not the lipstick gloss
that makes a kiss
the warm pulse beating through
her lips.
It's not their size
nor shape
but the words they whisper,

It's not the color
nor the length
nor the glint
of her hair
that makes her special
it is her smile
in the falling rain
reflecting the joy
of yet another Spring,

It's not the time
she spent getting beautiful
that makes her so

but in fact
it is the hours
she was besides my bed
when I was sick
and in fact
it is the minutes
I could hear her breathe
in my embrace
AND in fact
it is the seconds
I saw her cry
(out of happiness)

Because she's beautiful.

It's not the clothes,
nor the jewellery,
nor the colored nails,
nor the drawn-in brows,
nor the words she says
to other people,

and neither it is
her past.


It is her mind
that entertains my poems,
it is her charm
that paints my cheeks
and averts my shy eyes from her
most briefly.

It is her soul,
that I love.
Hope you enjoy, I am quite happy with this one.
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Jack sneered, slamming shut the freezer. He hoped by the time he ran out of the precious foods the media and cops would forget about him and his addiction to the organs. If they had the least bit of intelligence, people would be locked up tight in their homes with the police on speed dial and eight Life-Alerts around their necks. Grumbling he slipped on a pair of gloves and grabbed the slightly rusted scalpel and shoved it in his pocket before walking over to the high-tech, cordless radio he stole awhile ago. Flipping through random stations, he found one that seemed like a news channel a short time after.

"- This anonymous killer has been absent from the streets of (Hometown) for awhile now, but please be cautious when going out. Witnesses are saying this person looks to have on a blue mask covering his, and wearing all black. Saying that, please avoid going out outside at night, since it will be harder for a person to see them. Most schools are being shut down for the time being, also. Now to Stephen with the weather." The gritty sound of the news caster flowed through the device, her voice laced with a heavy British accent. Sighing, the male got up and turned down the radio. Ducking his head, he moved quickly out of the small shack he was staying in for the time being. The pine forest scents filled his nose as he gave another small hiss for being such an idiot.


It took Jack a decent amount of time to get out of the forest, the minutes he wasted which could of been spent on thinking about where he would go next. The first home he spotted was a small (House Color) house, which looked easy enough to get into if they didn't have their windows and doors attached to a billion locks. He jogged over, peeking over the windowsill into the house, the windows were locked, but not heavily. He knew for a fact the door would be locked if the windows were. Jack walked around the house, finding a room with (Wall Color) walls, and a bunch of band posters. It seemed to be a teen's room, and their kidney's were probably the worst of all because of how much salty foods they ate. Most of the time, even cooking the organs wouldn't help (Yes, he cooked them. He would be dead by now if he didn't, and Jack wasn't that much of a heathen). Tugging hardly on the window, it opened with a rather loud pop, which wasn't good as his head shot up to see if the person had woken up or not.They simply rolled over as Jack sighed. His tongue was begging for a taste of cooked kidney, and he didn't really care who they belonged to at this point.

These simple, velvety items were sacred to him. Some were obsessed with drugs such as cocaine or meth, but kidneys were all he needed for him to go insane and want more. He crawled soundlessly into the room, and his hand slowly made its way to the person's throat. A neon blue color caught his attention as his head raised up slightly. Jack let out a huge growl while looking at the small pictures of what seemed to be himself. They were cute. And that's not a compliment.

Jack wrapped his hand around the fan's neck tightly as their eyes shot open, looking shocked, not even comprehending the the tightening grip around their neck. When their brain finally started to work, the fan gave out what seemed to be a scream, but in reality sounded like a squirrel getting run over. He quickly squeezed tighter until the rapid beating in their necked stopped as Jack quickly cut where their kidney's would be as the individual's parents came bursting in, a look of complete terror on their faces. Jack quickly and messily cut the kidneys out as the person father lunged at him, and miserably failing. The eyeless man quickly bolted through the window, the kidneys staining his gray hands with the red liquid.

His kidney addiction will finally be tamed.

For only a short time, of course.
Jesus I love writing these real-life scenarios with the pasta's.
And the title tricked you didn't? muahahah- //shotshotshot
Sorry about the long intro tho ;A;

Anywho, enjoy reality
I don't usually find a lot of fanfics throughout the whole story Jack is being insane and kidney-wanting, and ending the same way, only getting what he came for. //That or I just don't get to read enough FF's ;W;//

I didn't know how to phrase some things, since Eyeless Jack is you know....

Eyeless Jack belongs to his original creator
You obviously own yourself
I own the story and plot u v u
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"Come down now!"

"Brat, come down! You will fall!"

Levi was walking on the yard, trying to relax himself from the stress that Hanji's experiments gived to him. But in that moment... another problem that he have to deal with.

"What's happening?" Levi spoke to his squad, that was under a tree, looking up to a tree branch.

"It's (f/n)! Hanji was testing on me a potion, but (f/n) suddenly entered the room and poured over her the potion!" Eren explained, worried. Levi looked angrily at Hanji, who was apologizing herself. 

"Well, you have to fix this inmediatly. In three days we will have a new expedition, so FIX IT!"

"O-okay, shorty!" Hanji smiled a little terrified. Eren sighed and looked again up. Petra and Auruo did the same, as Erd and Gunther ran to the castle, searching their 3DMG.

"Now, how is she supposed to be down here?" Petra whispered. Eren looked at Levi. Auruo 'tch-ed', and looked at Levi too. Hanji did the same, and hugged herself in search of protection. "She don't understand us!"

"She have the personaity of a wild animal..." Hanji explained. (f/n) licked her hand and 'meow-ed'. Eren facepalmed and whispered: "A cat... A damned cat... and Hanji was trying to test that potion on me?!"

"(f/n)?" Petra exclaimed. (f/n) looked down at Petra, hugging the branch. Her eyes were shining playfully, but that emotion don't survived to Levi's angst:

"Come down here NOW." He glared at (f/n). She (obviously scared), came down of the tree and sitted on the green grass. Petra smiled and Eren patted her head. She purred but then looked at Levi. Her cheeks started to burn up. Eren laughed and whispered something to Petra, who giggled with a... dangerous face.

"Hey, brats, what are you two doing?"

"Leave them, Levi." Hanji smiled, walking to the castle. Erd and Gunther were walking again to Levi, with coffee and sugar.

"Do you want, Corporal?"

"No. I like tea. (f/n), follow me."

*That night
  Levi's room

"(f/n), STOP already." Levi looked at (f/n), who was licking her hand again. Like a true cat. Levi didn't liked that (f/n) licked her hands, he was almost sick, looking at the beautiful (h/c) haired girl. His hands held a finished paperwork, and his face was tired.


"Yeah, yeah, stop licking your hand!" He rolled his eyes. Before he could realize what was happening, (f/n) was sat on his legs, with a cute face, 'meow-ing' and purring cutely. Levi blushed a bit, as she moved her lips more near to his.


And... she was licking his lips. Levi was obviously surprised, not because he loved her, it was because one of his dreams was becoming truth.

"(f/n),... stop that..." He tried to move her away, but she hugged his torso and keeped licking his pale and thin lips.

"Meow!" She ended, looking at his stormy eyes. Then, she fell asleep on his strong shoulder, purring soundly like a cat.

"Don't wake up, (f/n), you're so cute in your sleep..." Levi smiled a bit, falling asleep on her head.

*15 minutes later

"Um..." (f/n) moaned, waking up. She tried to move her head, but a bigger height was pulling it down. She tried to look up, and she saw a white cravat and pale radiant skin. She smiled and fell asleep again, yet asking herself how she ended sleeping on Levi's shoulder.
Well, an idea from my friend :3
And then my mindo explodes (?) because I wrote this in 15! yes 15 minutes! D:< 

Characters: Hajime Isayama
Plot: :iconrivokko: and Gwyomi (friend nickname :P )
You: Levi Ackerman Levi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3] Levi (Replies Back) [V4] Levi Rivaille (Orders) [V2] Levi3 

OFIGFKSGDFGSODK in 15 minutes!!!! OuO
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