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You shove your fingers
down my throat,
and insert words
I never spoke,
in desperate hopes
to make me choke

but beware:
my pearly gates
won't hesitate
to bite
the hand
that feeds me
Words get so easily twisted, and turned into something they're not. Don't be afraid to stand up for what's right! ^.^
I'm not sure if I like the flow. Gah, I need feedback, please.
Stay rad you awesome lil' sunflowers. :D

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“Get your feet off the table {first}!”

The [e/c] eyed girl looked at the short grey-eyed man in disdain. “No”

“Idiot I said put them down” Levi narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

You yawned, “Nah I’m quite comfortable”

A vague throbbing on his temple started to form.  “Damn brat…”

Why did he love you again? Oh right because you were the only girl who had enough gall to retort back to the Corporal.

It was what drew him to you. You weren’t like all the other girls who flinched at his mere presence; instead you blatantly ignored him and when he demanded your attention you would treat him as any another cadet.

It wouldn’t be a lie if at times he wished he could strangle you for being so frustratingly stubborn. But what really pushed him on edge were your bad habits.

Don’t get me wrong you were cute. So cute in fact that many boys were attracted to you even Captain Erwin Smith.

Levi in turn noticed the other males’ attraction so in what took about a year of awkward flirting and semi-sweet gestures (because let’s face it Levi’s way of complimenting is through insults), he finally got enough courage to ask you to be his girlfriend.

Six months after that, you and Levi were deemed to be a happy couple….yet your bad habits kept getting in the way.

You snored. You burped loudly. You took all the blankets from the bed and Levi would always land on his head. But that wasn’t the worst of it; it was your habit of putting your feet on the table- while you both ate.

Currently you were with Levi in the dining hall. Erwin, Hanji, and Petra joined you two a moment later.

Hanji noticed Levi’s temple throbbing and snickered, “Hey {First} I see Shorty is pissed again”

Erwin shook his head, “I wonder what it is this time” He put a spoonful of soup in his mouth.

Petra put her head on her hand looking at you and Levi dreamily, “Must be a passionate lover’s quarrel”

You gave Petra a look of “Wtf?” before turning to Hanji. “Yeah Levi is pissed because I don’t put my feet down while we eat”

She rose an eyebrow before bursting with laughter, “Shorty is mad about a couple of feet-HA! I bet he could use a couple of feet!”

You swallowed back a giggle when you noticed Levi’s grip on his fork tighten. “Say that again Four-Eyes”

“Oh shit…”




Thankfully Petra managed to diffuse the situation before anyone got severely injured.

You on the other hand were on the sidelines rolling your eyes from the whole situation and continued to eat your sandwich…with your feet on the table of course.

As Levi tried to eat he just couldn’t stop staring at your dirty boots.

He particularly watched a patch of dirt fall slowly off your boot. It slide down and down until it left your boot and hit the top of the table.

He heard the almost inaudible splat from the dirt. Immediately vomit started to collect in the back of his throat before he had to swallow it down.

“Get your goddamn dirty fucking boots off the table!”

You stop munching your sandwich to look at him. “What did you say?”

“You damn well heard what I said. Don’t act stupid”

Normally you probably have ended up throwing insults back at him. However instead you decided to go another route.


Levi blinked expecting a harsh retort. “What?”

“I said Fine”

Levi and the other members of your table stared at you dumbfounded.

You lifted your boots a half an inch off the table and was about to put them down. Inwardly Levi claimed a victory for this fight – that is until you slapped your boots together.

Dirt flew everywhere but namely on Levi’s face. Shock riddled his otherwise stoic expression.

You smirked, “Ok now I will put my boots down”

Levi’s eye twitched and his eyes darkened. Hanji burst out to laughing, “Good one!” while Erwin and Petra gawked at Levi horrified.

“{F-First}!!” Levi barked. 

Your smirk faded. ‘Uh oh I just awoken the monster’

Levi put his hands on the table and slowly stood up. “Do you know how dirty I am now?”

You hesitantly replied, “No…”

“Now I have to take another shower because of you brat” he seethed.

You gulped.

He neared your face. Levi to your surprise then smiled. That was either a good or a bad thing. Quickly with the swiftness of a snake, he grabbed you and hoisted you over his shoulder.

“Oi! Put me down!!” You roughly hit his back with your fists.

He shook his head. “No. You are going to help me clean up” He slightly turned his head, "Every inch"

You froze. The underlying meaning of his words hit you in full force before you blushed pink.

Your three comrades were astonished until they finally reacted as follows.

Hanji and Petra got nosebleeds while giggling like schoolgirls. Meanwhile poor Erwin took a minute to contemplate the meaning of Levi’s words and his face heated.


Bad habits. They have some perks to them… especially if your partner is Levi.

~~El Fin~~

Ah-ha what the hell did I just write?! Markiplier: Ragequit 

Lol I blame the Youtube video with the Attack on Titan Characters titled, "Gimme More". Search it. You will not (probably will) regret it. I am a dummy! 

So yeah... I'm back guys~! School is a bore but hey that's why I have you guys! 

Thank you for the awesome comments and I look forward to reading more! You guys are a delight Meow :3 

Hopefully another story (maybe Avengers x Reader) will come out soon. See ya! Peace! :D (Big Grin) 
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my mother used to say,
"never fall in love with something
that can leave you behind."

now I understand, now I know
that humans were 
given legs for a reason,
that moving on
is a state of mind on migration.

tell me,
if I told you I loved you,
would you cut out my tongue?

I can still hear your voice when you said
you could never love anyone else,
and now all I can think is

oh look another poem, look at all this teenage angst :O

© 2014 littleblueraccoon
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"You disgust me." Those three seemingly simple but dreadful words were spat at you on a daily basis. Not that you appeared to care, but inwardly you cringed whenever a certain man in particular told you them. The man that not only stole your freedom, but the man that unknowingly captured your interest. Who was he?

Levi Ackerman. Strongest Ghoul Investigator out there, known and respected by the public. At first glance he was a person most ghouls with a brain would detest and avoid, but you, grew curious. How a man with such an acid like tongue and short build grasped your attention, was something you still pondered on in your confinement. But as the saying "curiosity killed the cat," goes, your inquisitive ways were your demise when he finally caught your snooping and captured you without a second thought.

Why he didn't kill you on the sight, was something else you couldn't manage to come to terms with. If you could kill a ghoul like yourself nowadays, you would take that chance if you wanted a better chance of survival. Being able to capture a ghoul was an entire different story. Even with Levi's strength and agility, it took a great deal of effort that could've been saved if he just killed you in the first place.

But instead he beat the living shit out of you until not even your abilities would be of use. In the end though, no matter how much you think about the past, you'd still be rotting away in this damned prison cell. With a tired glance at the barred window, you laid your head down on the uncomfortable cot - tangled and messy (h/c) hair covering a part of your vision. Before you could close your rest though, your sharp hearing picked up on the sound of footsteps coming your way. You perked up at this, hoping that it wasn't a torturer.

"Is this her?" A deep voice, one that almost demanded authority just from speaking, hit your ears.

"Yes." The man answering just had to be him - Levi. Your (e/c) eyes darted to the people intently watching you. Levi was indifferently gazing at you, his arms crossed against his chest, and back leaned up against the wall behind him. Whereas there was a much taller blonde next to him, who seemed to be studying you. Your heart was racing, as you nervously licked your dry lips, and felt unable to meet their intimidating stares. You opted on looking towards the wall. Where they here to discuss your execution? Torture? You honestly didn't know, or want to think that much about it.

"(Name) (Last Name)." The strong voice echoed throughout your cell, and you stopped looking at the wall, just to meet the blonde's gaze.

"That would be me." Your voice sounded a bit raspy from the lack of speaking, but nevertheless you managed to put a teasing sarcastic tone in your small sentence. Just to show how you weren't going to take any of their shit. Of course, the professional looking blonde seemingly could care less about your attitude, and looked down at a few documents that were in his hand.

"According to these records, you have never killed a human before. You've only eaten those that were already dead, from causes unrelated to you. Is this correct?" He asked, and you stayed silent for a moment. Why was he even asking this? It didn't matter to these little goodie goodie shits apparently if you were peaceful or not - if you were a ghoul, then most of them could care less if you were peaceful. You'd seen good friends that would never hurt a fly be killed in the hands of these monsters. Just the thought was enough for anger to begin boiling in your core. You decided to stay silent.

"Oi, you piece of shit, answer the man." Levi finally decided to speak up. You lazily moved your gaze to the man that glaring at you, but almost couldn't stop yourself from scanning over his attractive build. With a deep breath, you mumbled out an answer.

"Yes. I've never killed anyone. I've just survived, because not from choice, my eating habits are a bit different than your own." Your voice held a spark of irritation, but nothing too threatening. Besides, in your state, the best you could do was glare at them.

"So you have no interest in killing us." The man finalized, and you nodded your head. 'Wow, what a freaking genius. If my hands weren't chained, I'd clap for you.' You sarcastically thought to yourself. You narrowed your eyes as Levi came closer to the bars, his hands grasping onto the metal, a clink sounding throughout the barren space.

"I told you, Erwin. She's different from them." Levi said, his intense gaze never breaking your own. Your breath was stuck in your throat as the man, Erwin, nodded his head. You honestly felt so lost here.

"Hm, good catch Levi. I'll be able to persuade the higher ups, though it might take some time. Meanwhile, you'll be in charge of training her. That is all." Erwin finished, and you finally voiced your confusion.

"What the hell do you mean by that? I didn't agree to whatever you mean by training-" A sharp glare was sent to you from Levi, and deciding that it'd be smart to keep your mouth shut, you did just that. That didn't stop a scowl from forming on your face though, as the jingle of keys could be heard. The Erwin guy gave Levi one last look, before exiting the hallway. In a swift movement the bars screeched open, and Levi walked towards you.

"You're joining the investigators." Levi briefly explained, as he undid the chains that surrounded various parts of your body. The second you had enough freedom, you quickly got up, and managed to tackle Levi to the ground. With a vicious snarl, you glared at the man that seemed just a bit taken back for a moment, before he blandly stared at you.

"What makes you think I'm going to join your shitty group? You people are murderers. Although I'm somehow still alive, a lot of good people have died just for the fact that their ghouls. They're not violent ghouls, like me. I wont join a group of murderers. And none of your stupid talk will change that." You growled out, emotions combined of despair and exasperation lining your words. With a fast movement the body behind you moved, causing you to let out a gasp.

Levi kicked you against the wall, and before you could do anything, pinned you from behind. Your entire front was being mushed against the filthy wall that surrounded your previous chamber, as you tried to breathe normally.

"You're right. A lot of ghouls are innocent, aren't they? But then again, most of them are professional and selfish killers that act like rabid monsters, and kill good men under my command, or eat bystanders. The world is shitty as hell, but we've got the pleasure of existing in it. So stop your damn whining, and take this opportunity." Levi's words were enough to cause your struggling to cease, as your mouth stopped moving.

Sensing that you were done throwing your hissy fit, he backed off, his eyes locking at your neck that was bleeding. With an aspirated sigh, you rubbed your hand against your wrist, trying to relieve some of the pain that was throbbing in the area. With a frown, you silently nodded your head.

"You know what? Dammit, fine. I'll join the investigators." Your voice was low, quieter than a whisper. You stopped rubbing your wrist as Levi moved closer to you. You completely froze the second he moved his head to your neck, and you felt his breath against the area that was bleeding.

"L-Levi? You're acting pretty weird for a human." You let out a nervous and dry chuckle, your voice strained from slight fear. You could see Levi smirk slightly, before a warm and wet muscle moved against the bleeding skin, which caused your eyes to open in alarm.

"Who said anything about me being human?"
I don't say this super often, but, I'm actually pretty pleased with the result of this. It was a lot of fun writing a more sassier character, and also for it to be a Ghoul!Reader at that. I'm definitely going to have to write more ghoul stories in the future, and I am planning an Eren x Reader one right now, but who knows when I'll stop procrastinating and write that.

If you're wondering what the heckle just happened, basically, Levi's pretty much a ghoul in disguise. That's a reason why he sort of faked disgust towards Reader. Also, Erwin probably knows this, but, Levi was in a similar situation as Reader (being forced to join the investigators and crap). I would've included the Ghoul!Levi thing in the title but it's more mysterious I guess this way and also the title would be too long //cough

Anyways, before you comment screaming "GIVE ME A SEQUEL RIGHT NOW I DEMAND ONE!!!" please respect the fact that I'm not going to write another. I like the small twist that wasn't that big of a twist ending, and don't want to write a sequel to this story. 

Small message to sodaselkie I'll be sending the vocabulary thing your way tomorrow, since I'm pretty tired and wanted to finish this before I went to sleep. Thank you for dealing with my procrastinating issues ;v; <3

I think that's about it, this description is really long which is weird.

I don't own you, or Attack on Titan.
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My Nightingales

I Send You Nightingales
to sing you my love,
but they return crying.
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Waste power at 2am

Poke a stick at Freddy Fazbear

Invite Chica out for brunch

And threaten Bonnie with a birthday cake

Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to di-i-ie

So many dumb ways to die

Acidently summon golden freddy

Try to glue the doors down shut

Teach yourself how to fight

Eat one of Chica`s only pizza pies

Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to di-i-ie

So many dumb ways to die

Invite Bonnie inside

Lose your power before 3 am

Forget to check Pirate`s Cove

And try to fuck the robot fox

Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to di-i-ie

So many dumb ways to die

Call Freddy a fatass

Close both of the doors in sheer panic

Eat the cupcake that stares at you

I wonder what does Poster Freddy`s Nose do?

-insert squeak here-

Dumb ways to die

So many dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to di-i-ie

So many dumb ways to die

Dress up as a empty suit when they know your human

Disturb Pirate`s Cove for no good reason

Open the door before Foxy runs out

Try to figure out the bunny`s gender while he/she`s at the door

Run to the bathroom while there all out of their places

They may not rhyme but the quite possabily

Dumbest ways to die

Dumbest ways to die

Dumbest ways to di-i-i-ie

So many dumb so many dumb

Ways to dieeee

Be safe around cupcakes with eyes a message from Freddy Fazbear`s Pizzarea
Slaves of the dead
walked out,
to find another land,
but they couldn't stand the desert and the frost.

Some died, some returned.
For those who returned
the masters had prepared a special punishment.
Their memory was wiped off.

They became thieves,
without ever understanding why.
They just felt it was the right thing to do.
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The constant scratching sound of pencil-on-paper irked you to your last nerve. You would’ve punched whoever held the wooden tool if it wasn’t yourself. Was it possible to punch yourself and not feel anything? Maybe you should try… No wait, stay on task.

Why was college not like they said it would be in the movies? With parties and friends and clubs and freedom. What a lie. Your desk was overflowing with papers and notebooks, scattered papers and splayed open folders. God, if he saw this room he’d flip his shit.

“(Name)? You back yet?”

Speak of the devil…

Your door swung open, a hand grasping the doorknob before the wood hit the wall behind. You attempted to look as if you were actually working, bending over your mounds of paper. Beginning to scribble down a random answer to the complicated math problem, you heard a light groan come from behind.

“This place is a fucking mess.”

“I’ve noticed,” you responded, turning around. Levi gave you a soft glare, crossing his arms over his chest. He leaned forward, swiftly pressing his lips to your forehead.

You met Levi on the very first day of college. You bumped into him while running late to your morning class. You spilled all of your books on him, even your large coffee you oh-so desperately needed to survive that first day. To be fair, you didn’t sleep much the night before due to worrying so much. And, he was listening to some music too, if he might've noticed you. It seemed after that little coincidence, you bumped into each other a lot more.

He intrigued you. The way his onyx locks fell perfectly over his forehead, the way his steely grey eyes moved around as if he were inspecting every little detail of the area. He was so mysterious, so irresistibly mysterious. He didn’t seem to care much about the whole idea of school, but nevertheless got outstanding grades. He looked so bored with everything, but maybe that’s what got you curious enough to ask him to tutor you. Then one thing led to another… It was almost an officially-unofficial relationship.

“Maybe if you give me a few more kisses, I can work faster,” you suggested, grasping his hand before he could walk out of the horrid scene before him.

He arched an eyebrow. “How about you just finish already? And do a good job,” he said. Before he pulled away, he narrowed his eyes slightly at your features.

“What is it?” you questioned, innocently wiping the back of your hand over your mouth. Sometimes sweets helped you concentrate, and you may have gotten a bit carried away with it.

Levi took a few steps forward, sitting on his knees so he could look up at your seated figure. He trailed the pad of his thumb under your eye, brows slightly furrowed. “Have you been working into the nights?” he questioned.

You shrugged slightly. “A little.” He didn’t look too convinced. “Three in the morning counts as ‘a little’, right?” you said with a nervous laugh.

Levi sighed, standing back up. “I told you not to do that anymore, idiot.”

You glared up at him. “Well, how else am I supposed to finish my work? I can’t just show up and say ‘Oh, sorry, I got tired and I wanted to sleep,’ it doesn’t work like that, and you know it.”

Levi went to the other side of the room, pulling a chair over beside you. He straddled the seat, crossing his arms over the back of the chair. “Fine. Let me help you then,” he said bluntly.

You let out a scoff. “I thought you didn’t like school,” you said, reaching into your bag for a few more papers and an extra pencil.

“I like you, though,” he retorted with a smirk.

“You’re a dork," you muttered, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Gladly,” he replied. He scooted the chair closer, taking one of the papers from your grasp. “I’m a year ahead of you anyway, I know this stuff,” he added.

Levi sat with you for about three hours, helping you out with your work. He improved your vocabulary with a writing assignment, he explained a few scientific experiments to you, he corrected your little mistakes in algebra, he helped you with a poster-board of the world map on it. Who knew he was actually really good at this?

“There you go. You’re done now. It would've taken you twice as long without me,” he said, leaning back. He stretched his arms over his head, a soft groan escaping his lips.

You sighed with a smile, pecking his cheek. “Thank you, Levi,” you murmured, wrapping your arms around his neck as you rest your head on his shoulder.

Levi hesitantly draped his arm over you, kissing the top of your head. “Only to make you happy, stupid,” he responded. A comfortable silence settled between you two, your small lamp illuminating your features. It was rare to have a little moment like this, so peaceful without any stress.

Levi suddenly pulled away, standing up. “Alright, get up.”

“Eh? Why?” you said, almost falling over your desk in the process of ungracefully standing.

“You need a little break,” he said, grabbing his jacket and flinging it over his shoulders. When you gave him an odd look, he simply rolled his eyes. “I’m taking you out to dinner. Are you coming or not?”

You were silent for a moment. “Are you going to yell at the waiter if he looks at me to ask for my order?” you asked, a small smirk on your lips.

Levi mumbled under his breath and swung his arm over your shoulders. “Only if he stares at you for more than five seconds, I will. And I thought we agrees to never speak of that again,” he said. You rolled your eyes, giving him a light nudge. He nudged you in return, giving your lips a gentle kiss.

“So I’m guessing you’re going to be my tutor from now on?”

“Maybe if you clean up that damn room of yours.”
This is for my lovely friend :iconthenobodyofasoldier: TheNobodyofaSOLDIER because she's hasn't been feeling too well lately! She needs some Levi to help her get through some of her work and studies! It was a little rushed, but I wanted to make a little something to hopefully put a smile on your face! Love you, sweetie! :hug::heart:

THIS WAS RUSHED AND I FEEL REALLY BAD But I'm working on a few big projects so this is a little thing until then.
What big projects? Hmmm... That's a secret~
But anyway, this also to all the Levi lovers stressing over school! Don't stop believing and stay strong, loves!

Thanks For Reading! :iconrainbowsheepplz:
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he stumbles with the weight
of two murdered loves
chained to his ankle.

rattling, he is a christmas ghost
come to haunt me in the dead of july,
reaching with paled fingers
for the hollow of my throat
while red words bubble from his lips
he is a calm stream
bleeding cleanly.

tonight is the night I wonder
what Lazarus felt like.
the zombies have eaten their hearts out,
and they whisper tales of a traitor
with nameless faces pinned to his spine.
he can't remember who they are,
just turns away from them, and

as he runs his hand down
the small of my back,
I remember the way
his voice used to nest in my eardrum,
how I was young and I thought
his every breath was what love
was supposed to feel like.

he reminds me that I'm beautiful,
and the souls of the damned
rattle the chains,
warning me that
good girls shouldn't play
with dead things.
now I know that
I belong with the living,
but it's a lot less lonely in hell.
A broken promise
You were not honest
I’ll bide my time
I’ll wait my turn</i>

this is very much inspired by Placebo, and by recent experiences. thoughts?


© 2014 littleblueraccoon
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