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we swallow blues instead
of talking them out. oh,
kids like us are specters,
spectacles: boys counting
rib(cage)s & (de)composing
     don't you hate
         (this body)
             is a vessel
we're deities or tomb-raiders; no
in-betweens for writers these days
hesitant to post this. it's far from my best.
full title: we fall in love with (headaches splitting hairline fractures)
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Punk!Levi x Pregnant!Reader [AU]


It was never supposed to go this far. Never did you imagine you'd be in this position. Anxiety rippled through your body at the news, not exactly sure how to cope with the situation at hand. Your doctor had given you the news straight forward, you were without a doubt six weeks pregnant. You figured the fatigue, sensitivity, and vomiting were the results of a virus, but oh how wrong you were. Tears threatened to fall, but you used every ounce of strength to not break now, not here at least. The doctor began to ramble on about taking care of yourself, checkups, and everything else that comes with carrying a child. You nodded at everything he said, acting like you understood the situation. But you didn't. You were fucking scared. What terrified you the most though, was breaking the news to your boyfriend, the father of your child, Levi.

    You had met Levi when you got your first tattoo at the tender age of eighteen. Just a young girl with (hair length) (hair color), but he thought you were cute right off the bat. People at your high school told you about Levi and his amazing skills with a needle, so he became your first choice when you decided to get a rather intimate tattoo. It was nothing too odd, but you wanted this symbol called "the wings of freedom" on your pelvis. Your dream was to be free and have endless possibilities when you were older, to gain knowledge and travel the world. This made the symbol perfect for you. You showed Levi the design, and before long it came out more amazing than you had ever imagined. Even the most tedious of details ended up being perfect, it took your breath away. You tried not to stare at him too much, since he was an attractive guy. Despite all the pain you endured, a blush never left your face, and Levi knew exactly why. At the end of his job, he gave you his number, opening the door to what would become a happy, beautiful relationship.

    Even with Levi being eight years older than you, the dates you both shared seemed natural. Although he had many tattoos, piercings, gauges, and a bad smoking habit, you couldn't resist his offbeat charm. Was he conventionally charming? Absolutely not. He was rowdy, swore a lot, dressed alternatively, smoked two packs a day, and sometimes his rotten attitude drove you up a wall. But still, there was love, and oh the way his love could make you feel. His kisses were something no other man could replicate. Soft, gentle mouth movements sent you to cloud nine with a weak body. Damn, even the though made you blush. As much as your parents and friends said he was no good for you, you didn't care. Levi loved you unconditionally, and that's all that mattered.

    Kids though? Even if you and Levi loved together now, children weren't a topic you and Levi had discussed quite yet. You were only twenty, and kids seemed like something that would happen in the distant future. How would he react? Would he be mad, or scream at you? Would he want you to give it up? Levi didn't exactly come across as you're average "American dad" figure. Simply, he was a punk. However, Levi had been by your side faithfully the past two years, so maybe there was some hope.

    As you walked back to the apartment you both shared, all these thoughts seemed to get darker and darker, especially when you saw Levi's car outside. He was home, which meant there was no more time to think things over; no more time to plan what you were going to say. You forced yourself up to the second floor where you both resided, pulling out your keys in the process. When you walked inside, you saw your rebel of a boyfriend sitting and reading like a dork. Despite everything going on, it made you smile as you set your backpack down on the ground.

    "Welcome back you smart asshole. How were those shitty classes? Oh, and how was the doctors office?"

With a deep breath, you stayed silent for the time being. Before you said anything, you wanted to get comfortable with Levi. A shy body tried to make its way over to the man, but instead you ended up tripping over you own feet.

    "Goddammit woman! Be careful! Tch, you'll end up breaking more shit again. Your legs are becoming a lethal clumsy weapon, it's driving me fucking insane."

    "S-Sorry Levi," you murmured softly, picking yourself up. "I haven't been feeling myself lately."

    "Yeah I know that. Sit down," he spoke bluntly, patting a spot next to him on the couch. 

You seated yourself next to him, offering him a small smile when you became comfortable.

    "So what did the doctor say?"

    "He...well, it's not anything fatal."

    "I knew that idiot. Is it a virus like you it contagious?" 

    Levi shuttered a bit at the last part, since he absolutely detested germs and filth. Despite his appearance, the man was a clean freak and insisted everything be spotless at all times. If you were to be sick, you couldn't even imagine all of the disinfecting he would do. You'd probably get amnesia from the mix of toxic chemicals.

"No, don't worry it's not contagious. ...Hey, Levi, you love me, right?"

A worried look covered Levi's face, thinking all of the worst possibilities at your words. Something was wrong, there was no doubt. He took your hands in his, and stared into your glossy (eye color) orbs. 

    "Of course I do (first). But stop bullshitting around and just tell me- what the hell's going on?"

    "Levi..." Your mouth began to to quiver, and warm tears spilled from your eyes.

You began to sob heavily, Levi moving his hands to tightly embrace you in his strong arms. He held you as close as possible, placing your face in the crook of his neck. Large hands ran up and down your back, trying to sooth you as much as possible.

    "(First)...please don't cry. Shhh, it's gonna be ok. Baby you've just gotta tell me. I promise I'll be here with you no matter what the hell it is."

You sniffled, resting your flushed face against his head.

    "Levi...I'm pregnant."

With those words, you felt like you were falling down a black hole, heart beat racing at an unhealthy speed. Right now was the worst part of this whole situation, waiting for his reaction. 

    "...That's what you're fucking bawling over? How the hell is that a bad thing? I'm...I'm thrilled for you (first). We're finally gonna have a family of our own."

    You tried to stop yourself from sobbing, stifling your cries as much as possible. You were shocked, this was probably the last reaction you would have expected from the man. You pulled your face from his neck, moving to look him in the eyes. For once, genuine happiness was present in his eyes. He rarely had this look, it was one saved for only the most special of situations.

    "'re not mad? And you wanna keep it?"

    "Of course I wanna keep our own child you fucking moron! Geez, have a little faith in me, you actually thought I'd be mad?"

    "Well...we hadn't talked about it before, and I though you'd have no interest in being a father."

    "Tch. You really are a dumbass you know that? And you even got into university, they must be letting everyone in nowadays. I love you. I knew eventually I'd want kids with you. This was sooner than I expected, but I don't mind. I can even watch the little shit monster during the day when you're in classes, since I don't work until later anyways."

    "...Did you just call our son or daughter a shit monster?"

You both laughed a little at each others silliness, Levi hugging you against his chest. With closed eyes, he leaned in and planted one of those loving, mesmerizing kisses on your lips. His piecing on his lower lip brushed gently against your mouth, making you smile into the action. A warm "I love you" was breathed on your lips, only to be followed up with an even sweeter "I love you both." Warm hands were placed to your tummy, causing you to giggle a little at his lack of knowledge.

    "You can't feel anything yet Levi, the baby's only six weeks old."

    "Yeah yeah I know that. But I want them to know who their daddy is. And I heard if I keep talking to the parasite all the time, they'll recognize my voice when they're born."

Your cheeks flamed a bright red, overwhelmed at his odd behavior. He leaned down and lifted up your shirt gently. A soft, sweet kiss was placed on your tummy, his hand still pressed against you skin.

    "Hey there little one. This is Daddy, you know, the one that cusses all the goddamn time? I can't wait to meet you." 

    His words weren't cooed, because as stated before, Levi wasn't your typical father. But he did talk to your child with pure love in his voice, a voice that was reserved solely for you and the new life in your belly. You smiled brightly at this action, enjoying yourself discovering this new part of Levi.

All great moments must come to an end however, and your ended with a violent sneeze, knocking your head into Levi's.

    "Agh! Dammit (first)! You need to stop being such a fucking klutz! For the sake of you and the baby."

    "I'm sorry," you sniffled "I'm still really sensitive to the cigarette smoke lingering in here. And being pregnant makes it worse."

    "Tch. What are you craving then?"

    "Ice cream! Ugh, I've been wanting it since early this morning!"

    "...I'll go make you some then. But don't eat too much or that kid's gonna be fat."

Ever so quickly, he flashed you a small smile, one showing how much he loved loved life right now, before going to make you a bowl of your favorite ice cream. You smiled back warmly, happily awaiting a new beginning for you both. 
YAY!!!!! I finally finished this!!! I was listening to Natasha Bedingfield's "I Wanna Have Your Babies" and this kinda happened XD

Shoutouts to :iconbriinix: from giving me the tattoo artist Levi idea, and my bae :iconthenobodyofasoldier: for giving me the klutzy reader idea!!! CHECK DEM OUT!!!


I don't own Snk
I don't own the image
I don't own Levi
Levi owns you!!Levidoingthething

((can't fine the image source. All right's go to the original artist))
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There's another side of me
A side I barely show
It's my dark side
My shadow
And my pride

The time I showed it to my friends
They were shocked, worried
Even surprised
I will tell you what they said
Decide for me
If these are what you call
Good friends

One said 'just be happy'
One said 'that isn't true!'
One said ' but I've got it much worse'
One said 'don't be annoying'
One said nothing at all
Only One listened
That could be you

This is my dark side
The one that tells the truth
It makes me write
It keeps my dreams
It is everything I have
But no one knows
I can be pretty dark sometimes, though I am a genuinely happy person most of the time.
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Rays of sunlight shone into your bedroom windows through the gaps between the curtains of your room. You were in bed, still donned in your nightgown. Your (hair color) locks sprawled sprawled across the pillows as you laid on your back. You lifted your left hand in the air, staring at the eccentric seal etched on it --- the seal that bonded you to a certain raven-haired man. The man who swore to protect you at all costs (with a price of course) took the form of your butler. It would be easier for him to protect you that way he had said, since it would require him to always stay by your side.

“Good, you’re awake.”

His velvety voice cut through your thoughts. You looked in the direction of his voice, frowning at the smug look he had on his face, his gray eyes fixated on your left hand. You watched as he made his way to your bed, the tail of his suit swooshed in the air. When he reached the edge of your bed, he grabbed your hand and inspected the seal.

“What were you doing?” He asked, gently pulling your hand, his nose and upper lip lightly grazing the intricate pattern. “Having second thoughts about our contract?”
The smirk on his face sometimes scared you. You shook your head and smiled at him. Never once have you regretted being in this pact.

He tch’ed and released your hand, letting it fall on your stomach. “Time to get your ass out of bed, brat. Your bath is ready.”

You stood up and rubbed your (eye color) eyes. “Good morning to you too, Levi.”

He didn’t reply and instead, proceeded to fix your bed. If you were another person, you would be surprised at his inhuman speed but when you entered the contract you knew what you were getting into. As a child you had heard of stories about demons and their inhuman skills, as well as their desire for human souls. Back then, you thought they were only stories told to scare you so that you would retire to bed early. That was until you met him.

You made your way to the bathroom, the steam hitting your face as you entered. You swung the door to close it and walked carefully, not wanting to slip on the rock-embedded floor. Just when you were about to strip, you realized you hadn’t heard the door shut. You turned around, and you were surprised to come face to face with your butler’s gray eyes.

“Goddammit Levi, you scared the shit out of me,” You cursed. “Get out.”

“A woman of noble birth shouldn’t speak like that,” his eyebrow arched as if questioning your nobility, “and no, I will not get out. Last time you bathed alone, you were almost abducted, idiot.”

“Hey! You’re the last person I expect to teach me how noblewomen speak. You, yourself, has a habit of speaking profanities, sir .” You said as you pushed him out the door. “A butler should speak as elegantly as nobles do. Now get out. There’s no one here.”

“Fine. Be a brat. I’ll be right outside and wait for you to scream for fucking help.” He stepped out of the room and as he said, remained in his position.

“Aww. You are the prince charming I never had~” you sneered tauntingly, giving him a small peck on the cheek which caused him to scowl deeply.

You shut the door and this time made sure you closed it properly. You leaned on the door, thinking about the scowl that graced his face when you kissed his cheek.

Damn it. There are millions of people in the world and you chose to fall in love with a demon who wants nothing but your soul? stupid [Name]. You thought.

What you didn’t know though, was that the reason the butler scowled was because he felt an inexplicable feeling in his non-existing heart.
EDITED: To fix some minor mistakes with the help of the wonderful :iconklovesya: Thank you so much, dear.

This is my first Levi x Reader fanfiction. I hope you like it!

Constructive criticisms are welcome. Please don't be too harsh. I might cry. Just kidding.

Also, I have a second chapter for this. I'm planning to make this into a mini-series. I might post it when I got positive reviews /wink wink/

P.S. I have an idea for the third chapter already but I'm in need of someone who can speak French. Please help me? /puppy eyes/

P.S.S. I'm not sure whether to make this a crossover for Kuroshitsuji yet.

That's all thanks for reading!


I do not own you.
I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin.
I do not own the idea of demon butlers. (The great Yana-sensei of Kuroshitsuji does.)
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each kiss carries
context and content,
each nuance
changing connotation.

i. forehead
sad eyes pour into mine
like a swimming pool
being filled with angels’ tears.

i cup her face in my hands,
trying to hold all of the water
that escapes her
as i gently kiss her forehead.

i will cradle her cerebrum
and maintain our composure.
i will protect you.

ii. temple
temporal touches
refers to the hands on a clock,
as well as the anatomical.

and this kiss is subtle,
but it represents our passing of time.
i started this with my mother at 13,
and only a few embraces away from 18.

iii. cheek
childish caresses
with our fingers locking
themselves to adolescence.

i never have visibly blushed,
but i swear my flushed cheek
burned where your left your lips
for nearly a lifetime.
at least that’s what it felt like.

iv. eyelids
i kissed the blinds
that covered the windows
of your soul
to let you know
the sun still shone
even if your eyes were closed.

and when they open,
it’ll be a new day.

v. nose
kunik nuzzles
nestle themselves
in my visions;
dreaming of your scent
and the sonance
of life being sung
through your nostrils.

in a romance-riddled reverie
i kiss the tip of your nose
as you sleep.

vi. jaw
i feel the warmth
of your breath
as you lean in
and brush your lips
against my skin
like wind kissing
freshly cut grass.

while jaws grasp nutrients,
i can feel you tug the corner of my heart.

vii. chin
“fight me, fight me!”
i feel your thin digits
wrap around my wrists
in a snug clasp
as you straddle my legs,
smiling as wide
as i’ve ever seen you
before you quickly
peck my chin.

and all i can do
is look at you
in amused bewilderment.
“i told you you couldn’t handle it.”

viii. neck
i rest my cheek on your shoulder,
eyes peering up at your dozing form
as we fall asleep on the couch.

your head leaning against the armrest
as i push my tired frame
to adorn your neck
with a chain of my affection.

ix. shoulders
i slide the straps of your dress
down your arms
and swear my heart
is going to expand
and explode under the pressure
that is your unadulterated nakedness.

not nudity but the vastness
of being open
where you actually let me in.

i don’t even think to touch your lips,
i dive straight for your shoulder.

x. hands
your palms sit flat on my wrinkled grip
as i bring your knuckles
to my lips like royalty.
i give both hands an embrace
to let you know
i’m going to hold your touch
in the highest order.

xi. lips
it was july when it happened.
we were a hot mess of emotions
finally realizing where we searching
high and
low for something that was always with us.

we were made through
pull and attraction,
intrigue and connection.
our kiss was a collision.
This piece was an idea I had in the works for awhile. I finally got around to doing and this is how I feel about certain kisses. Or rather, certain places. Some of this non-fiction, other parts fiction. I hope you enjoy this. And Lissomer, you don't know how much I love you for staying up and watching this aaaaaalllllllllll unfold. :tighthug:

Also, more Sophia-isms:
Dopety Dopein Doped Up Fucking Shit Amazing by chromeantennae 10 Things Philosophia Has Said About Meeee by chromeantennae 
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Levi flipped absentmindedly through reports, before taking a sip of his preferred tea. It had been pretty silent all night, which he was grateful for. It was rare that he actually got to kick back and relax. But he enjoyed the rush of sending scum off the streets, and he was well known for it too. The word Levi was fear or respected. For criminals, well, you can guess which one they felt at the mention of his name.

He didn't really care for titles though. He was just doing his job, nothing else. That's the way he saw it. But before Levi could flip onto the next report, his office door was slammed open, revealing an out of breath Eren Jaeger.

"She's been spotted!" Eren yelled between breathes. Levi felt his steely gaze widen a fraction, before he frantically got up from his desk, placing the steaming tea down.

"Where?" He asked, his voice panicked and borderline vicious. Eren took in a gulp of breath, as he slowly regains his breathing.

"The... downtown bakery. Garrison's. You'd better hurry. I heard Erwin is sending Mike after her," Eren said, resisting the urge to smirk as Levi's face immediately twitched into disgust.

"Call them back. Tell that shit head, that I'm going after her. Got that, Jaeger?" Levi asks, although it wasn't a question. Eren just nodded his head, as Levi stormed past the poor brunette.

Who where they talking about some may ask? Well, they were talking about (Name) (Last Name), one of the most well known thieves there were. She was agile, cunning, and always a step ahead. She stole anything that might be of use... including Levi's stone cold heart. It all started when Levi was just starting off. He would chase after her, she would run, and sooner or later, she would be cornered.

Or so it seemed.

She always was able to play the seductive card. At first Levi thought nothing of it, but with the sway of her hips, she could have him in a daze. The worst part was that he felt himself growing oddly attached to her, but he guessed to her, he was nothing but a toy. Just someone that always failed at capturing her. Once Eren had started working for the station, he noted the way Levi's head would perk up at the mention of her codename - Cheshire.

Not being a total idiot and realizing that Levi must like her, he started helping Levi in attempts to charm the young thief, always by telling Levi when she was spotted. Levi didn't say anything, but he appreciated it. But as Levi started up his car and turned his sirens on, he felt nervous. You always were able to do that to him, make him feel unsure of himself. This confrontation was going to be different though, Levi knew it. He wasn't going to fall for your sickly charms this time.

He smirked to himself as the bakery came into sight, alarms flashing brightly and quite noisily. Levi immediately parked his car, and started dashing to the alleyway that he knew you'd shortcut through. Holding his breath, a shadowy figure come into sight.

"You're fast," You comment, half of your mask still covered in the darkness of the night. Levi just snorted, before pulling out his gun.

"Place the stolen items down." Levi remarked, and you mockingly pondered to yourself.

"Hmm... I could do that, or..." You trailed off, before bolting towards the short man. In an instant he found himself pinned to the cold ground, and he grit his teeth.

"You're really annoying, you know that?" Levi breathed out, and you simply shrugged as you kept him restrained.

"Like you can talk? You've been on my ass nonstop." You mumble to him, before Levi just smirked. Before you could ask him why he looked so smug, the tides turned to a degree as he flipped you over. You cursed under your breath as Levi brought his handcuffs into view.

"Why do you still wear that damn mask? I know what you look like." Levi says, and you just sigh. You knew he just wanted to see your face, and you really just didn't care anymore.

"Go ahead," You remark dryly, as Levi pulled off your mask. He almost felt himself beginning to blush at the sight of your beautiful (e/c) eyes, but quickly stopped staring at you. Boosting your ego would be even more irritating, and that's the last thing he needed.

"You stole... bread? Why the hell did you choose bread?" Levi asked a bit suspiciously. After all, you could steal pretty much anything if you felt like it - that was how good you were. So why you stole some measly bread was past him. Your eyes trailed away, finding the wall in the alleyway quite interesting.

"It's... not for me. Recently I've been giving my new scores off to some orphaned kids on the streets." You mumble, and Levi resisted the urge to smile. You really weren't a self centered asshole.

"You are a good person." Levi said, his voice stern yet sincere. But he didn't get the reaction he was hoping for, as your facial expression hardened.

"Are you just here to mock me? Go ahead, send me in the slammer. See how long that lasts." You say, and Levi just sighed, and got off of you. Your eyes widened as he offered you a hand, which you didn't take. Lifting yourself off the ground, you eyed him warily.

"Look, you can stop being a shitty person, and use your skills for something better. Greater. I know you can do it." Levi said, and you bit your lip.

"You... really think so?" You quietly ask him, and Levi nods his head, placing his gun away.

"Yeah. But if you say no, I have no other choice but to send you to jail as you so desire." Levi dryly retorts. You stepped closer to him, your faces growing unbearably close. So close, that Levi could feel your soft and even breath fan out against his pale face. Slowly, you brought a hand to his face. As your lips almost touched, you stopped, noticing Levi's eyes were closed.

"Sorry." You murmur, before sending a harsh punch to his stomach. As Levi stumbled for a second, you took the chance to dash. Levi, realizing what just happened, felt his eyes fly open in shock. You just... letting out a low growl, Levi angrily kicked a nearby rock.

"Damn you." Levi cursed to himself, running a hand through his hair in frustration. You always managed to get away. Always managed to leave his grasp before he could make you his. Always. Levi felt his fury slowly die down, after all, you did have your reasons. You had begun taking in rejected and neglected kids, feeding them, and teaching them. He knew you were too stubborn to abandon them, but that's okay.

"I won't give up on chasing you." Levi told himself, as he prepared himself to run in your direction.

No, he wouldn't give up, until you realized you were so much more than a lowly criminal.
Kinda procrastinating on requests

I don't own you, or attack on titan characters

I made a sequel…
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like a dictionary ripe
with salted, sun spotted
words that emanate power
and splendor, i am unable
to describe you.
things have proven to be a bit more difficult lately
thank you for being here
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You all requested it so deal x3
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