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You loved the fire
of rogues -
imperfect men who shot up
the endings of the day
and drank down
too much beauty.
And like one of them,
you bellied with rebellion,
felt his tense seed
toil where women
never worked,
and craved his notoriety.

Poor girl -
his verses won the day
and the call of words
was too fickle a lover
for any constant star.
Don't blame yourself -
sometimes sisters
are more attractive

and all poets are

Lady Caroline Lamb was one of Lord Byron's numerous affairs. She was the one who dubbed him "Mad, bad and dangerous to know"
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Under the clouds
Under the rain
Staring at the coffin
At a stranger's funeral

We're all alone
Feeling the storm
But not the pain
For he's but a stranger

And the graves around us
Are just there
Keeping us company
During this empty moment
I don't know where this came from. But I like how it came out.
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Living on the streets was not easy.

There was murderers, rapists, and not to mention the God-awful drunks that threw glass bottles at you. 

But one could guess such was the life of a cat. A cat in Victoria England.

You gazed at your surroundings in disgust. Being in the alley of a bar was gross. You couldn't believe this actually happened to you.

One day you were taking a stroll in the park and lightly bumped into a man in a cloak. In surprise he yelled "Abracadabra" and poof! Your life as a human was over.  

You growled bitterly recalling that awful memory. 'That stupid man! If only I scratched him with my claws maybe he would have turned me back...' 

Sadly that wasn't the case because you ran away in disbelief to what just happened. You ran and and ran. You ran until your paws were bleeding. Until your breaths became diminished to hurried pants. Until exhaustion overtook your tiny body and made you succumb to a nightmarish sleep.

Coming out of that memory, you meowed sorrowfully. It had been six months since that day.

You turned your head to lick your dirtied fur. Your once shiny [h/c] was now dull as the pavement of the streets. 

'Yuck' you thought. 'I taste like a bag of garbage- and I would know since that is the only way I could get food'

You turned your head back down to a puddle. 'At least I kept my [e/c] eyes' 

Feeling thirsty you put your head down to take a sip of water. 

You cat-screeched. 'EW!' 


Your ears twitched and your feline body went on instinct. Your fur flared up and your claws came out. 

A dog- which was a pitbull- came to you. 

'Hello pretty kitty what are you doing here on my master's territory?' His voice menacing. 

'I was here resting' you answered. 'But I see I now must go' You turned to leave. Pitbulls were heartless cat killers. You had to leave now.

'Not so fast kitty~'

You momentarily stopped to look over your shoulder. 'Oh?'

'Yes. Stay there pretty kitty.... because....' The pitbull's jaw lengthened. 'I need a new CHEWTOY!' Its eyes became crazed and it launched its huge body at you.

Screaming you launched your small body into the streets. However you were surprised to find that there were many people on it. 

They seemed to be walking to one place.

Wondering why there was so much people around you saw a huge tent and many posters saying, "The Noah's Arc Circus has now come to town! See the amazing performers that perform tricks you won't believe! Be sure to catch the show of a lifetime!"

You stopped. 'A circus? Since when does a circus come into town?'

'Come back kitty! Kitty!' 

An unpleasant shiver went down your spine. Once again you sprinted away and dodged all the legs of the people above. 

The sound of the dog's shouting seemed to be fading away as you neared the huge tent. 

Running in, you took shelter behind one of the stands people were sitting on. 

Suddenly you heard the crowd awing. 

Curious to see what they were awing at; you came out of your hiding place.

Immediately you were in pure amazement to what you saw.

You watched a performer flip on the tightrope with such grace that you felt unworthy of watching. You looked around to see more performers. A man wrapped in snakes. A woman lashing a tiger. (You cringed at that since you too were a cat) A boy throwing daggers. A man juggling and purposely messed up to make the crowd laugh. But there was one man that caught your eye. He was clad in black with a top hat. He had the most peculiar appearance; with pale skin, ink black hair, and red eyes. 

You felt almost compelled to near him but sadly one of the people attending the circus saw you. "Ack! Its a filthy street cat!"

The woman continued to shriek until a man threw a bag of popcorn at you. 

Dodging the attack, you scooped some of the kernels into your mouth to appease your stomach. Another woman threw to what appeared to be a bracelet at you. Seeing the beautiful shiny gold bracelet your kitty heart stopped.

'So shiny...' Using your mouth, you grabbed it.

"Hey that is mine you stupid cat!" The woman screamed. "Someone help! That cat stole my bracelet!"

"I will get it for you Lady Lia!" Two men replied.

"Don't forget to kill it!" 

They nodded and ran to you with evil expressions. 

Running away from the people trying to attack you, you ran outside the tent. 

Quickly searching for a hiding place you hide in a small brown tent. Inside you hide under to what looked like an uncomfortable bed. 

Panting you put your little cat tail to your mouth to muffle your breathing. You heard the men run past the tent and you gave a sigh of relief. 


You froze. From under the bed you saw feet walking into the tent. You saw that the black shoes neared your hiding place. 

'Oh no! Did they find me?!'

The shoes seemed to go toward you until they disappeared. You wearily looked around. Unfortunately when you thought they were gone, a face popped into your view. 


"Gotcha!" The man grabbed you by the collar and dragged you out. 

"Meow MEEOW!" You scratched and clawed. 'No! I will not be caught!'

The second man took the gold bracelet from your mouth and snickered. "Is this what you wanted?"

You hissed. 

"Hehe I thought so. You know we would normally let you go but our lady wants you dead" The red headed man laughed. "I do love some cat stew"

You stared at him in horror.

The other man with a scar on his eye grabbed you and ringed your neck. 

"MEOW M-MEO" You choked. 'I can't die like this!' The pressure became greater on your neck. 'I can't even fight back' Tears formed in your eyes. 'I can't even call for help' You felt yourself slipping. 'Is this the end-'

"Excuse me you are in my tent" 

The men's heads snapped up. Through your drooped eyelids you saw the man clad in black from earlier. 

 "Sorry about that, sir. We will be on our way" The redheaded man replied.

The man in black shook his head, "I'm afraid that won't happen"

 "And why is that?" The scarred man answered.

"Because you are hurting a delicate feline. A feline that is more gracious than you ugly fools" The man in black said. 

"Just who do you think you are?!" The redhead man yelled. He pulled out a knife.

"Why I am Sebastian" He grinned.

"Let's gut this fool!" The scarred man bellowed as he carried your weak body. 

The two men launched their attack at Sebastian. You feared the poor man will be overpowered when suddenly the two men who were trying to kill you were unconscious on the floor. You on the other hand were in the arms of someone.

'What in the?'

Hesitantly you gazed upward to find this 'Sebastian'. 

Sebastian smiled at you, "Hello. I see you were in some trouble" He looked at the two men, "Sorry you had to see that but the trash had to be dealt with" 

You continued to stare at him, 'Who is this guy? He certainly knows some kind of self defense'

Sebastian held you carefully and cocked his head to the side, "I wonder if you are a girl or boy?" He rose you up and then he nodded, "A female"

If cats could blush, you would be a dark red. In total embarrassment you lashed out at him. 

Sebastian apologized, "I'm terribly sorry. I got too curious"

You meowed in reply. 

Gently he set you down on his bed, "Now what to do with you"

You backed away from him frightened. Will he throw you out? Or worse: what about he decided you were better off dead than alive? 

Sebastian smiled, "No need to be afraid. I will not hurt you" He saw your irregular breath. He remembered you were being choked before he came in to rescue you. "Poor kitty. How about you stay with me... that is if you feel like it" 

You blinked, 'Is this guy for real? Why is he so nice to me?' You looked into his ruby red eyes. 'But I feel safe with him. Maybe i can stay for a while. Besides its not like I have anything else to do' 

Nearing him you pawed his hand, "Mew" Translation: "Kay"

Sebastian's face lit up, "Wonderful"

One of the men groaned.

Sebastian's eyes narrowed but not before he brightened again. "You will like it here. Hopefully my master will not give much of a fuss" He petted your fur carefully; you purred and leaned into his touch. He stood up, "I must go now and take care of this...trash" He grabbed the two men by the collar when the gold bracelet fell to the floor. 

Gazing at the bracelet, you observed Sebastian picking it up. He walked over to you and rose it to your face. "Do you like it?"


He nodded, "I figured. A feline has eloquent taste" He gingerly put the bracelet around your neck. Surprisingly it fit perfectly on your tiny neck as a collar. Sebastian said, "Perfect! Now I believe I should call you Gold"

You liked your new name. It somehow felt right coming from him. 

Sebastian grabbed the men again and headed out, "See you soon, Gold" He left. 

You watched him in awe. 

'I finally found a home' 
Finally a story after getting my laptop back!  That and I wrote another Black Butler story :)

And good news! Hetalia  BTLG is back! 
Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
I do appreciate those of you still with me and let me show you my gratitude by submitting more stories :3

Thank you and I hope to see you all soon. Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
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I noticed
That If I
Split my thoughts
Into Lines breaks,
People enjoy it.
I wonder how much I’ll start
To hate myself
For this shit.

Fuck it.
Small note, this isn't intended to anyone who writes that way, by all means write however you want but keep in mind I don't personally enjoy that type of writing -- even though I'm guilty of it myself. So in the end, I'm full of shit and you probably shouldn't listen to me.



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Sad Hushed by Nugchuppy

Her days had been occupied by sitting soundlessly, staring out at the camp, giving into her despair without even an attempt of fighting it. Sometimes she found herself unaware even that time had pasted since her waking, it had all carried the same emotion and task. She knew he would've wanted her to be happy, but great Starclan it was too much to bare. He wasn't there, after all.

She found her mind replaying the events of that night, the look in his eyes, the stupid mistakes she made. What they could've done and changed, what they should've done and changed. And this is what she was doing now as she watched a pair of kits talk argue over a mossball.

He woke her up when it was still dark, there was no light in the sky and it was near impossible to see him in the darkness of the den. Although she found comfort in the familiar glint of his eyes, it wasn't enough to calm her nerves of him waking her so suddenly. The last time he'd done that she didn't want to remember.

Then to the beach they went, the waves still crashing throughout the night. She could see him better outside, but maybe that was a bad thing. She could see the fear and worry in the way he held himself, his eyes were scared but he didn't show it in his voice. He was strong, her hero even then.

She was to leave Seaclan, he told her. He told her they wouldn't be welcome there again. He told her about the Dark Forest again and what they were going to make him do. He told her that their new life would be as loners, that they'd be free of the clans. Hushedsnow knew it was then that she made her first mistake. She should've asked him what he was going to do, how they were making him do it. But she'd been weak and scared and stupid and only nodded.

His first mistake was agreeing to promise her that he'd return.

He took her to the gathering place, where she'd wait for him. Nobody visited the Gathering Place when there was no need to, she'd be safe there for a few days. She was hopeful that they'd be reunited. She knew that Mothlight wouldn't leave her, he wouldn't He'd promised.

Her next mistake was letting him leave her alone.

She remembered the agony of waiting. At first it had been bearable, her thoughts found the excitement of leaving a clan behind. Wondering what it would be like, if they would give their kits clan names, if they'd truly be free. If Starclan and the Dark Forest would still watch them where they traveled. Not once did she even consider the possibility he wouldn't make it, for she knew Mothlight. He was strong and a fighter. He wouldn't leave her without a goodbye.

But then she slowly began to tear herself apart, fixated on the promise he'd made her that he hadn't yet fulfilled. He'd meet her again, they'd be together. A new life would await them.

It was a mistake to plan everything out before she saw him again.

Slowly it became obvious to her that he wouldn't return, although she refused to leave the gathering place. She was hungry, a pregnant queen couldn't hunt that well, combined with her fear and clumsy nature anything she could catch was almost laughable. She began to starve, still waiting for him.

The next mistake was letting herself loose hope.

He wouldn't return. He wasn't coming back. She knew not his last words or thoughts. She knew not what had become of him, only that he was not coming back and that Seaclan had killed him and that she was alone and vulnerable and that she would've allowed herself to disappear from the clans alone if it was not for the promise she'd made him continue living in a clan. To raise their kits happily and to smile because she knew that she was safe and free.

That was a mistake too.

She'd found a Highclan warrior named Ringshadow somehow, weakly she climbed the mountain that Highclan called their home. It was hard and painful but somehow she'd made it to the top. Talonstar was unsure of the story she'd told, that Seaclan had killed her mate and that she was alone and scared with no other place to go. She considered the idea of leaving once her kits were born then, but something in the back of her mind gave her an idea.

It was the only good decision she'd made, and it had been an accident.

She was in Highclan. Mothlight had mentioned that a cat in Highclan was training in the Dark Forest. If they still were... it was simply a matter of figuring out who.... Hushedsnow could give herself up to them. She could let them know that she wanted to join the Dark Forest too, the dark spirits would watch them as they'd watched Mothlight. She could visit the dark place, she could see him again.

And perhaps that was why she woke up, for the hope that she could see him again without breaking the promise to keep living.
Hushedsnow's move to Highclan uwu
So, this will also lead to a somewhat major personality change, she's going to be a bit more cold outwardly and less vibrant? Like, she might not respond when talked to and doesn't really do much other than sit and go outside very occasionally. For the most part she's just really sad and lonely aha. I'll update her app accordingly when I get the opportunity~

Hushedsnow | Nugchuppy
Mothlight, Talonstar, Ringshadow (mentioned) | sparkeythehamster 
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A Popsicle was hurled towards you at great speed, spinning as it neared closer to your slouched frame. You flinched as the cold, wrapped treat thumped into your arm and slid down your thighs to the sweltering cement floor.

“Nice catch, my friend!” Antonio threw his head back in laughter as he scrambled up the wall, taking a comfortable seat next to you. Without even a grumble you reached down and grabbed your cold treat, wanting nothing more but for it to be inside of you. The cheap wrapping was discarded immediately before your dry tongue slid over the flavoured ice, savouring the cooling treat.

Your teeth grazed over the frosty surface, the sweet flavour thrilling your taste buds as the cold treat gradually melted on your pink tongue. You breathed out with a delighted sigh, your eyelids sliding down over your vision as you sucked as much flavour from the luscious Popsicle, its colour staining your lips blue. The sweltering sun’s ray beamed on your back, causing you to twitch uncomfortably in your hot clothes.

“Antonio,” you huffed. “It’s so hot! I swear you could fry an egg on my body.” The only acknowledgment of your comment was a small sniff. You pursed your lips and frowned, turning towards your friend. You tilted your sun glasses down and cracked an eye open.

The sight you saw was an amusing one. Antonio’s green eyes were glued to your lips as they massaged the wet treat between them. You puckered them and removed the Popsicle, sliding it out slowly. You watched as Antonio’s Adam’s apple travelled down his throat as he swallowed. You removed your sunglasses and raised an eyebrow at the state of your Spanish friend.

“You okay?” you smirked. Antonio blinked abruptly, his eyes flicking up to meet yours. You placed the Popsicle back on your tongue, wrapping it around before your teeth guillotined straight through the ice. Without breaking eye contact with your pervy friend, you spat the clump of ice to the floor. “You’re staring.”

With a clear of his throat, the now frightened Spaniard sat up straight and flicked the melted Popsicle off his fingers.

“It is very hot today. Much hotter than what I’m used to in Spain! Anyway, how are you, my friend?” he asked, a slight tinge of embarrassment ringing out through his accent.

“Good, apart from the fact my clothes are about to catch fire,” you whined, fanning your face with one hand, the other working on popping the half-bitten Popsicle back into your mouth. The silence returned again as you sucked on your cold treat, the blue liquid swirling around your tongue. You loved the feeling of being cooled down from the inside.

You flexed your bare toes within your flip flops and turned back to Antonio, who was flicking some sweaty hair from his forehead. His shirtless torso gleamed with a thin layer of sweat, reflecting the scorching sun above you, giving him an oiled up look that made you quiver. You bit your lip as he ran his palm down his tanned collar bone, his lips parted and his eyes heavy lidded. Suddenly, his eyes flicked towards you, a mischievous smirk twitching upon his lips.

“You’re the one who’s staring now!” he growled with a laugh. You waved him off with a giggle, swallowing the last of your Popsicle. Antonio watched you for a moment before comically slapping his forehead.

“Oh! I forgot to put on Sunscreen!” he exclaimed, putting a flustered hand to his dark brows and sighing. “Whoever shall protect my back from the sun?” He whipped around to you, a toothy grin and dancing eyebrows causing you to snort.

“Sure, whatever. Pass it here,” you said calmly. You squirted the thick, white liquid into your palms. You sucked in a deep breath with a whoosh, staring at the man’s gleaming back. You flexed your fingers before starting on his shoulders, gently messaging the cream into his tanned skin. You bit your lip as your palms run over his muscles, every groove being picked up on your sensitive fingers. You made your way down to his hard shoulder blades, your lips trembling and toes curling as you did so.

“Oh my...” you breathed. The Spaniard whipped his head around, his eyes sheltered by his sunglasses.  

“Is something wrong, ________,” he asked innocently. You cleared your throat and shook your head, a smile painted upon your lips. Your fingers messaged their way down his toned spine until they reached his lower back, your fingers slowing as you reached the top of his swim trunks. You didn’t want to finish, Oh God no,  you just wanted to rub this man’s back until you died of age, but he eventually figured out you were done and whipped around to face you.

“Want to do my front as well-?“

“Yes,” you interrupted, already squirting the last of the thick white cream on your palms. You almost fainted as you ran your palms up and down his tanned pecs and firm collar bone. You knew he was watching you behind his sun glasses, so you tried your best not do glare through the tinted glass. His jaw was tense, and you could almost swear you could see a large splotch of blood spreading across his cheeks in a blush. Your jaw tightened as well as you reached the top of his hard abdomen, your womanly desires screaming inside of you to be released. It was when you reached his lower abdomen did your hand quiver over the gentle trail of hair leading from his belly button to his forbidden area. Your thumb touched the bottom of his swim trunks before your spine straightened up involuntarily. You curled your fingers away from him and sat up.

You glared at the man behind the sunglasses, your Popsicle-stained lips pouted and your cheeks flaming. You whispered a small done before whipping around to face the ocean again.

“Do you want me to do your back as well?”Antonio asked confidently. You tried to say no, but your response died on your lips as the Spaniard began to wet his palms with the chilled cream. He stopped before touching your back.

“Is it okay?” he asked. You nodded before thinking, biting your lips as his large hands smoothly clasped your shoulders, the cold cream causing your spine to stiffen and a sigh to escape your blue-stained lips. You closed your eyes as a sigh danced from your lips. Antonio defiently had magic fingers and knew damn well how to work them; he had you soothed within seconds of his delicate fingers pressing into your muscles. This was more of a massage then an application of sun screen.

His fingers traced comfortable patterns down your spine, causing you to writhe in pure pleasure. How could a man please you so much with just the tips of his fingers? Suddenly, he pressed his back against yours, his toned abdomen fitting perfectly again your back.

“Done,” he whispered into your ear, his teeth grazing against the shell. An electric shock travelled down your spine and exploded in your lower abdomen, causing your spine to arch and your eyes to shoot open. Antonio moved back with a snigger and rubbed the remaining sun lotion onto his trunks, leaving you confused and wanting his hands to touch you again.

You gently punched his shoulder as you began to regain your senses and looked back towards the ocean, its sparkling causing you to squint. You pushed your sunglasses back on your face, only to be greeted with a pair of familiar blue eyes and a giant toothy grin.

“Sup dudette!” the American called. You high fived him before being caught in a tight embrace. You tilted your head towards the cheery shirtless Italian, his hair dripping wet and salty from the warm ocean. Antonio leaned in closer to you, his lips brushing against your ear again.

“I’ll do your front later, eh?” he whispered with a wink, his voice like a growl. You looked him in the eyes, watching them glaze over with some unexplainable emotion, his pupils growing with size as he imagined touching you again. He smirked crookedly before jumping off the wall, his familiar cheery behaviour returning.

“Let’s go jump of the wharf, Lovino!”  he sang, grabbing the confused Italian and running onto the sand. You blinked, suddenly understanding what he meant. You covered your mouth as you giggled insanely, but your laughing session was cut short abruptly.

“Hey, ______, can you put this stuff on my back?” Alfred asked, tossing you a container of sunscreen.

“Yes, me too, please,” Ludwig asked, removing his tank top to reveal masculine body. You nodded quickly, squirting the cream onto your hand with a smile.

This was going to be one interesting summer’s day...
My first Spain x Reader! :iconspainblushplz:

I yet again changed a few words in this story as I proof read since most of my fans are American! I mean, I love America of course, but come on! Flips Flops? They're called jandals! Flip flops sounds hilarious! I can never say it seriously! And I also had to changed singlet to tank top :) I'm also not quite sure why I'm writing about a summer story, since it feels like hell is freezing over in my city.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this slightly naughty story! And please remember to ALWAYS where sunscreen if you are going to be out in the sun for more than 15 minutes! I care for you, and sunburn sucks! And not only that, skin cancer would seriously suck major dick if you got it as well! So please remember! :)

I do not own Hetalia or Antonio.

But you? I sure as hell own you :iconepicstareplz:

Cover Art belongs to
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I promised myself I'll never fall in love
Whenever I fall in love I feel renewed and happy

But like a drug
Once everything finishes
I'm crying, depressed and the wreckage of my heart
I always end up feeling worse

I want to find someone that is special
But I'm afraid to suffer again
I'm afraid of losing another person

Do not want to suffer
Do not make me suffer, do not lie to me
Do not hurt me, no more

I will not hold on to people who only sink me
I'll be free and live with have left
A cold and lonely spirit.
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Grace sat on the couch in the living room reading a book, relaxing by letting herself drift off into her novel. Her bright purple eyes from her contacts flicked back and forth, absorbing each and every word and forming her own world from them. Months had passed since the incident with her sister Gloria that involved her being blackmailed to being her servant. She tried to put the even out of her mind since then though, and continued on with her usual everyday activities. She continued to read in the cozy and dim lit living room until her mother entered the room from hallway.

“Okay Gracie, the food should be about done and we have plenty more in the pantry if you need it.” Her mother said as she pulled her purse over shoulder. It was Friday night and Grace had invited a few friends over for a small get together to celebrate the end of their test week in school. Her parents also decided to have a night out and were going to be gone for quite a while.

Oh thanks mother, that’s great.” Grace said nodding with a slight smile. She was starting to get a little excited for the night’s outcome and staying with her friends. She’d been studying hard lately so she was anxious to spend time with her friends. That excitement though was put on hold as she heard a voice and loud footsteps coming into the room.

“Oh sweetness! What’s for dinner?!” Glory cried out as she almost waddled into the room. Even though it had been months, and Glory’s mother had put her on a strict diet, Grace’s time as Glory’s servant and the last meal she received still left her quite big. She had lost around fifteen pounds from her dieting, but her thighs were still round and jiggly, spreading out more than a foot apart when she sat. And her arms still cut into her smallish t-shirt. Her belly still took the cake though with how utterly huge and bulgy it looked jutting out so far in front of her. Glory proceeded to take a seat next to Grace causing her to sink down into the cushion and the couch to squeak.

Grace secretly clenched her teeth in annoyance when Glory sat. If there was a time where Grace looked up to and admired her big sister, then she couldn’t remember it. Grace always thought herself to be a nice person mostly with her friends and family, but with Glory it was something else. She was just angered to be in the same room with her, and this was before she tried to blackmail her and got embarrassingly obese. Now she had to watch her big sister waddle around the house with her fat wobbling gut spilling out of her shirts which just made Grace shiver in disgust. She tried to keep her hatred for her to herself though without lashing out too often.

“Well Gloria, Grace and her friends are going to be eating pizza and hotdogs. You aren’t though. Don’t think me and your father have forgotten your diet and your little binge last time. You can have ONE hot dog, and the rest of your dinner is going to be a salad.” the girls’ mother stated.

“Whaaaat?! That’s so not fair! Why does she get to have all the good food?” Glory whined to her mother and pointed at Grace.

“Because you’re a fatass cow that’s why…” Grace muttered under her breath.

“What’d you say?” Glory shot out looking at Grace with suspicion.

“Nothing.” Grace replied without lifting her eyes from her book.

“Well Gloria, you’re still on your diet, so that’s all you’re getting. Now besides that Gloria you’re in charge. Make sure they don’t burn down the house please.” their mother said with a joking smile.

“Okay, well I’m getting my hotdog now thank you very much.” Glory grunted out as she heaved herself off the couch and entered the kitchen. Grace’s dad came out into the living room as soon as she did as he grabbed his keys.

“Alright princess, have a good time tonight. Don’t have too many hooligans over.” her father said as he swung the keys around his finger.

“Yes father I promise.” Grace said with a smile. She got up and kissed her father on the cheek before saying goodbye once again as they left and drove off. Grace looked at her phone and gauged how long until her friends arrived and determined she’d be able to finish her chapter at least before then. As she read her book she heard heavy footsteps again as Glory came back into the living room. Grace looked up and saw Glory stuffing a hotdog in her mouth and with a soda in her hand.

“Did mother say you could have a soda?” Grace said with a raised eyebrow.

“Well she didn’t say I COULDN’T have one did she?” Grace laughed as she opened it, chugged some of it, and belched. Grace forced her eyes closed as she Glory ate. ‘God she’s such a pig!’ Grace thought as she tried to focus on her book.

“So you havin’ friends over?” Glory asked as she sat back down on the couch sucking her fingers, much to Grace’s disdain.

“Yes.” Grace replied, and then looked up in shock. They’d be here soon, but would Glory be trying to introduce herself? She hadn’t thought of it until now since Glory usually stayed in her room watching TV all day.  She looked at Glory and was froze when she realized how she looked. Glory was barefoot and in shorts so short they almost looked like underwear that exposed her wide fleshy fat thighs. Above that her shirt was actually able to cover all her torso, but she had spilled a little bit of mustard on it from making her hotdog. There was no way her friends could see her slob of a sister like this!

“Glory, shouldn’t you in your room right about now?” Grace said worrying.

“Hmm?” Glory replied raising her eye brow. “Oh what am I not COOL enough to talk to your friends?”

“Would you just stay in your room! And please get dressed in case they see you!” Grace said with intensity.

“God you’re being a little brat.” Glory said with an angry expression and flicked Grace on the forehead causing Grace to retaliate by attempting to slap her arm. “Fine I’ll go change.” Glory said stuffing the rest of the hotdog in her mouth and slapping her heavy feet against the wooden stairs up to her room.

Grace took deep breaths as she sat back down. Glory had got her blood boiling, but she tried to calm down before her friends arrived.


Grace was chatting with her friends and mostly Nick, the boy she had been crushing on for some time. As she talked she was laughing at his jokes, even if they were a little corny. She noticed that he put his arm over the back of the couch behind her as they talked and her heart began to flutter with anxiousness. Did he like her? She imagined being in her his arms watching a movie, but she then saw Nick look up behind him and his eyes widened. Then he started to laugh to himself. Grace wondered what he was laughing at before she heard: “Graaaace, don’t you have any bigger shirts?”

“God Glory!” Grace sighed loudly at her sister’s presence. She was hoping she’d just stay in her room, but she knew that’d just be too easy for her. Grace turned and when she saw her she gasped. Glory was at the top of the stairs, and she had changed her shirt. But instead of another one of her own she had changed into Grace’s favorite shirt that her grandmother had given her. And it was painfully obvious that it was too small on Glory from how her belly fat bulged out underneath. Her belly button and lower belly fat was totally exposed and swaying as she took a step down the first step.

“Jesus Grace is that your sister? Hahaha oh my gosh what is she wearing.” one of the girls giggled. Her group of friends were all giggling and laughing with just how fat Glory looked and how much it was jutting out. Grace was fuming at this point and didn’t even say anything as she shot off the couch at lightning speed and ran up the stairs. She grabbed Glory’s arm and yanked her around the corner, surprisingly powerful due to Glory’s size.

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?!?!” Grace yelped in a lout whisper at Glory upstairs.

“What? You told me to change shirts so I did. And mine were all dirty so what was I supposed to do?” Glory replied sheepishly.

“I can’t BELIEVE you’d do this! Don’t you know how much you’ve embarrassed both of us out there?! And this is my favorite shirt!  You’re stretching it out you cow!” Grace said in a rage. In response Glory pushed Grace against the wall and pinned her into with her own larger body. “Eww get your fat off of me!” Grace in suprise out as she squirmed in Glory’s blubber.

“Hey now! Don’t call me a cow you brat! You deserve to be embarrassed since you’ve been such a jerk to me!” Glory said with a small grin.

“Ugh fine fine just let me go!” Grace complained and Glory backed up so that Grace could move again. Grace hurriedly ran back downstairs back to her friends, distraught over how much Glory had humiliated her.


Grace waved to her friend’s goodbye after the party had lasted for a good few hours more. “Bye girls, and bye Nick!” Grace said with a small smile.

“Bye Gracie.” Nick replied waving. “Make sure you get your sister some bigger clothes this weekend, hahaha.” Nick laughed, causing Grace to blush with embarrassment. She saw Nick talking with some of the other girls as they walked to their car and how they put their hands out in front of them probably symbolizing how big Glory was. Grace moaned in frustration from how she figured Glory had totally ruined her night! Especially with talking to Nick. She knew she was going to be hearing about this for weeks.

As she walked back inside she went to clean up some of the mess they had made. As she was cleaning she was cursing Glory the entire time, and when she got to the kitchen she suddenly got an idea. Glory was probably starving from being on her diet for the past month. That meant she would probably eat a lot more than she usually would, especially since their mother wasn’t home to control her intake. She remembered last time how easy it was to get Glory to eat all that she wanted and grinned. “Hmm, let’s see how much the greedy cow really wants.”

Glory was watching TV still in Grace’s t-shirt in her room after the party was over. She was eating a bag of potato chips that she had snuck while no one was looking, she couldn’t stand not eating something greasy or salty on her mother’s crazy diet. She giggled to herself as she ate another chip, picturing how embarrassed Grace was of her in front of her friends. She’d be more worried about herself, but then again they were Grace’s friends not hers. While changing the channel, she heard Grace come up the stairs, so she threw a pillow over the potato chip bag.

“Hey Glory. I have something downstairs for you.” Grace said faking  a smile.

“Oh?” Glory said sitting up. “What is it?” Grace continued, curious to what it may be.

“You’ll see. But you have to change back into your shirt.” Grace said sternly.

“Oh alright.” Glory said pulling it off and causing her gut to bounce and form a blob of fat in her lap.

“AH! NOT WHEN I’M IN THE ROOM YOU WHALE!” Grace yelled as she covered her eyes and hurried downstairs. “God that freaking cow is just sooo annoying!” Grace moaned. “She’s so gonna pay.”


Glory wobbled down the stairs with heavy footsteps holding Grace’s shirt when she ran into her exiting the kitchen. “Oh there you are, glad you put a shirt on that actually fits.” Grace said crossing her arms.

“Oh ha ha.” Glory said throwing Grace’s shirt on the couch. “Now what did you want to show me?”

“Why don’t you just come in and see for yourself?” Grace said with a devious grin and walking into the kitchen. Perplexed Glory followed her and what she saw made her gasp. The kitchen table was overloaded with food. The entire thing was full of plates and containers full of everything that they had in their household. Glory’s eyes widened as she saw all the food and almost drooled looking at it all. She took one step forward before remembering Grace’s actions last time she had made this much food.

“Ooooh no, no, no, you are NOT doing this again.” Glory complained.

“Do what again?” Grace smirked with her arms crossed. “Oh you mean cook you a delicious meal? After all the hard work I’ve put in it? Here just take a little taste.” Grace said bringing a forkful of glazed chicken to Glory’s mouth. Glory sniffed a little before licking her lips. It smelled so good to her that she couldn’t resist. She instantly bit down on it and her mouth exploded in delicious flavor.

“See isn’t it good?” Grace said looking at the silent Glory chewing.

“Y…yeah…okay! Just a little!” Glory yelped as her willpower broke and nearly knocked Grace over as she rushed to the kitchen table. She put her large rear in the chair and scooted upward causing the floor to squeak. She took a few seconds to take in what she should eat first before diving right into the plate full of the rest of the glazed chicken. She stuffed them right in and continued to do so, only stopping to chew and swallow. She looked to her right to see a two liter bottle of cola that was chilled and popped the top off before chugging half of it straight. She moaned from the greasy and sugar mixture since it tasted so well. She hadn’t been able to have such delectable things in this amount since her diet she was put on. She soon after moved on to a bowl of macaroni and buttered rolls, stuffing them right into her greedy awaiting mouth.

Grace leaned against the counter to the right of Glory as her sister mindlessly stuffed herself. She smiled as she watched Glory’s stomach start to swell out rounder as she stuffed a massive scoop of mashed potatoes in her mouth. It was so easy to get her to just lose control. After going so long without indulging she was finally going to cave, and hard. Grace continued to grin with her arms crossed as Glory ate and ate and ate. She was going to make sure Glory had plenty of eat tonight. So much that she’d regret ever making a scene in front of her friends.

Glory was chugging the rest of the soda before belching loudly and dropping it to the ground. She took a plate of porkchops and tried to use a fork before ditching it and just picking it up with her hands and taking massive bites out of it. ‘God what a complete fatass!’ Grace thought as she saw Glory take some pizza bites next and put it on a hotdog loaded with cheese and bacon and then stuffing it in her mouth. Glory’s cheeks bulged as it entered and she did her best to chew and swallow. Her belly was now beginning to bulge out of her cute shirt, unable to contain such a growing mass of belly.

Grace walked up to Glory and put another bottle of chilled cola next to her side saying:  “Here Glory, why don’t you wash it all down with another?” she said with a devilish smile.

“Gimme!” Glory exclaimed before twisting off the top and downing another five gulps of the bubbly soda. “BUUURP! Ugh I need more…” Glory said as she grabbed a bowl of chips and started shoveling handfuls into her mouth. As she chewed she grabbed another hotdog and tried to force it down as well. Everything within her grasp was at her mercy as she snatched up and consumed it all. Nothing was safe from Glory’s greed.

As Glory ate her soft creamy belly began to swell bigger and bigger. Each new food item that she devoured only made her globular stomach grow even heavier. Glory’s fat thighs bulged off the sides of the chair as she ate, trying to support her new growing titanic gut. All sides of it started to become visible as her shirt stretched and was pushed upward as her girth grew. Still Glory dumped a massive pile of rice slathered in gravy on her plate and proceeded to stuff it in down her throat. She just couldn’t help herself and it caused her to continue to blow up like a fat blimp. She leaned back as her belly grew even more stuffed so that it wouldn’t bump into the table like it had been.

Glory’s feasting continued with yams, meatloaf, grilled cheese, and an assortment of other foods that Grace had managed to get ready. Each one blowing the girth of her stomach up into an even bigger food stuffed blimp. Glory was definitely fat before, but she pushing into a new massive stage. A stage that made her belly look so big that it would dwarf a beachball in comparison. However her greed was too much for her to resist. Glory groaned as she tried to swallow a bite of a hamburger and she held her obese belly with her hand, rubbing it slightly to help her ease the rest of the hamburger down.

Grace noticed Glory was slowing and frowned. ‘No this fatass cow needs to eat much more than this!’ Grace thought and walked over to Glory who was leaning completely back in the chair, with her massive belly bulging straight up. “What’s the matter cow?” she said crossing her arms.

“I’m… huff…huff getting so full…” Glory panted as she held her stomach and tried to chew her current bite of food.

“Hmm? Don’t want some of these delicious chicken tenders? I think they have cheese baked into the middle of them.” Grace smiled as she pushed the plate towards Glory.

“Ugh… please Grace… I’m so full… take them away… before…” Glory tried to pant as her eyes were fixated on the plate. Grace just picked the plate up and placed it right on Glory’s fleshy belly. Glory’s eyes widened and before she could protest she was picking them up and stuffing them in her mouth. “Ughhhh itsh shooowww guuuud!” Glory moaned as she ate them. She kept popping each and every one of them in her mouth and swallowed. “Grace… help me please! I can’t stop!” Glory groaned as she ate and she was witnessed her belly pumping up fatter and larger before her own eyes. She pushed the last one in her mouth and sucked her fingers for the lingering taste.

“Oh did someone say moooore?” Grace hummed as opened the oven and pulled out another batch of the same chicken tenders.

“No Grace!” Glory tried to yell before Grace approached and dumped the chicken on the plate that was already there. Glory moaned with panic and instantly grabbed them and stuffed them in her chubby cheeks as she tried to get every morsel down. “Mhmmm!!!” she moaned in pleasure. Her eyes were wild with uncontrolled greed as she stuffed each and every one of them into her overstuffed stomach. As she did her gut continued to balloon outward and upward. The blubbery mass groaned and creaked as ate. She leaned back and spread her legs to give her belly some room, but it didn’t do much since her fat thick thighs took up most of the room. Glory breathed heavily as she finished the second plate and held her stomach from how full she was. Her fat bulged between her fingers as she kneaded it and rubbed it. It let out another gurgle as she belched again. “Grace… I’m URP!!!...too full…” she tried to say as she tried to hold onto her giant blubbery belly.

“Oh but there’s so much left!” Grace said with a laugh, pushing the remainder of the food items in front of Glory. Glory’s eyes bounced all around and she couldn’t resist as she heaved her obese mass forward, causing her arms to flail around as if she may just fall back once again. She leaned towards the table and shoveled handfuls of the dinner into her mouth. The dinner table creaked against Glory’s weight as she leaned into the table with her fat gut rolling over the top. Everything soon found its way into Glory’s expanding midsection as she consumed more than a girl ever should in one night.

Finally with Glory shoving the last sandwich into her mouth she finished everything on the table. Glory’s cheeks were bulged and stuffed with food as she chewed and leaned back. When she leaned back her backside pushed against the kitchen chair and caused it to crack and splinter at the base. It had had too much of the mass of the girl sitting in it and it caved a bit, although it still held her up.

“You’re such a whale Glory! You broke the chair with your fatass!” Grace laughed as she flicked Glory’s belly, although careful not to let her finger stay in contact with the jiggling mass longer than she had to. Glory on the other hand just sat in daze, caressing as best she could the gigantic mass of a stomach she had now. She looked absolutely enormous, her belly was an overblown yoga ball as she leaned back and let it expand and fall with her breaths. She let her arms dangle at her sides as she was so full she just wanted to pass out.

“I’ve… I’ve eaten too much…” Glory panted as she held her stomach.

“Oh well I hope not, there’s still the second course.” Grace said smiling over Glory.

“What?!” Glory gasped. She looked around, but she had eaten all the food. It had all gone right into her overblown stomach which she stared at in horror.

“Oh yes, we’ve got some leftover Chinese food, plus lots of leftovers mom’s going to throw out unless someone eats it.” Grace said smirking. “Here let me fetch it for you sister dearest.” Grace said walking over to the fridge and oven.

“No Grace! Gulp!” Glory started to panic instantly. There was more food?! But she had already eaten so much already. She belched as she looked down and saw what a blimp she already had blown up into from all the food that was on the table before. She couldn’t take another course! She’d be too huge to even move by that point. “Gotta… get out of… ugh here…” Glory groaned as she leaned forward causing the chair to creak more. As she got her weight forward she moaned as she pushed with all her might to stand. It took three attempts but on the last she finally heaved herself up onto her feet. Glory felt her fat body teeter and wobble as she stood on her feet with her toys splayed across the ground. Half of Glory could barely believe she had actually managed to stand with the massive round stomach she had now from all the food. Slowly but surely however, she started to waddle out of the kitchen.

Glory heaved one fat leg forward, with the fat on her thigh rolling and rubbing against the fat on the other. When it finally got in front she put her foot down with a heavy thud. She then did the same with the other and managed to start moving at the slowest heaviest waddle. As she did Grace could hear the pounding plops of Glory’s bare feet slapping the floor with each step. She turned around and started to laugh to herself. “Haha where you going fatass? Jesus I didn’t think you could even walk after all that.”

Glory didn’t respond as she was too busy panting from all the exertion it was taking her to get out of the kitchen. Her face was read and her breathing labored as she held her stomach and took more steps. Glory got into the living room before stopping. “Too… much… foooooood…” Glory bellowed before attempting to collapse on the couch. As she did she slowly slid off and onto the ground with her back against it. She just sat and took breath after breath with her belly expanding and falling along with them. She was absolutely exhausted from lugging around so much fat and belly that she had to rest already.

“Hahaha I knew you wouldn’t get far!” Grace laughed coming into the room with her arms loaded with different food items. She carefully placed them all down around Glory and knelt down in front of her. “Aww you look so tired Glory. Why don’t you take a nice big drink hmm?” Grace said as she uncapped another two liter of soda and put it to Glory’s lips and proceeded to drain it out. Glory’s eye’s widened as she involuntarily gulped mouthful after mouthful of soda. Her belly bloated and bubbled at an alarming rate as the liquid and carbonation entered her stomach. Glory blew up at an alarming rate as her belly pushed and swelled so big that she swore she’d burst if she didn’t relieve the pressure soon.

“MHMMM!” Glory could only moan out until Grace pulled the bottle away. Instantly Glory gasped for air and moaned. “Uuugh Graaaace… why you… oh god…” she muttered as she put a hand on her stomach before her most massive belch. “BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP!”

“Eww! Cover your mouth!” Grace said leaning back. “Don’t you have any manners?” Grace said sternly taking some Chinese food and pushing it in her sister’s mouth.

“Mwannewers?! Ywour forcing fwood in me!” Glory tried to say through a full mouth.

“Oh don’t act like you don’t like it. It’s high calorie fatty food! Your absolute favorite right you giant fatty? You should be thanking me for letting you eat this much while Mom’s gone.” Grace said stuffing another helping of Chinese noodles and rice in her face. Grace continued to shove it in and Glory had no choice but to chew and swallow. She was still out of breath and weak from waddling into the living room so she couldn’t do much to stop Grace’s onslaught of food besides putting her hand up in defense which Grace would just bat away. Minutes passed as the gurgling fat mass of Glory’s stomach continued to billow and grow outward. It felt so heavy and Glory spread her legs as far as she could to let her belly blow up between them.

“Ughhh… it’s twoo mwuch!” Glory moaned through her cheeks bulging with noodles.

“Oh please, I bet you’d eat like this every day if it wasn’t for mom here.” Grace smirked. “Isn’t that right you fat cow.” Grace grinned shoving the last of the Chinese food in Glory’s mouth. Glory moaned as she rubbed her stuffed stomach and as Grace grabbed some more leftovers to stuff her with. She unwrapped a plate and grinned. “Don’t think dinner’s over just yet!”

“Nwoo! I’m twoo fwat! Twoo fwull!” Glory tried to say seeing Grace having more food for her. “Mmmhmm!!!” Glory moaned as Grace stuffed it in her mouth.

Glory’s stomach blew up bigger and bigger with each swallow and the leftovers were so heavy that each bite put all the more pressure into Glory’s stomach. She could feel her stomach stretching in order to try to hold it all as it pushed outward. Her shirt clutched her breasts as it was the only thing it covered at this point. They were even pushed upward as her belly grew up in an effort to find more room. Her shirt felt so tight on her that she felt she’d rip right out of it if she had much more.

“Hahaha oh my god Glory you should really see yourself right now! You’re nothing but a massive hog! I can’t believe you’ve let yourself go this much!” Grace laughed slapping Glory’s stomach so that it jiggled with fat ripples. “Like jeez I thought you were fat before, but now? Now you’re just a mound of obese lard! What a giant pig you are just eating all this.” Grace continued as she grabbed Glory’s lovehandles and lifted them quickly before letting go so her ocean of fat slapped her fat thighs and wobbled. “See how much fat is on you? And you’re not even done!”

The night went on as the plates and the staggering amount items of food soon were stuffed into Glory’s mouth. Glory had already looked huge before, toppling past 300 pounds, but now she was looking way past just fat now. She was just eating so much that her fat soggy stomach was turning quite spherical. Grace looked like a stick in comparison to the new growing blob that was her sister. As Glory was fed she continued to blimp up bigger and felt herself being pumped up with so much food she swore she’d explode. But still she ate and ate and ate until there wasn’t a scrap left of food in the living room.

“Woooow you actually ate it all. I gotta say I’m impressed with how greedy you are. I thought you would have puked or passed out by now.” Grace said with an actually astonished expression.

“Please… UGH… for the… URP… love of… UUUGHH… god… no more…HIC… no more Grace…” Glory panted through crossed eyes. She held onto her overpacked stomach with her arms and whined over how full it was while it gurgled as it tried to digest all her food. She was out of breath from walking and then eating enough for three and sat defeated under her blimp of a gut. “Belly… can’t… take… any… URP… mooooore.”

“What no thank you for feeding your insatiable appetite you fat cow?” Grace said as she crossed her arms.

“Ughhh… Grace… gonna… UGH… explode…” Glory continued to moan. “Please… rub my belly…it URP… hurts…”

“WHAT?!” Grace said taking a step back. “You’re out of your mind if you think I’m touching a single ounce of fat for more than a second on your fatass!” Grace exclaimed.

“Graaace… PLEASE…uuughhh…” Glory cried out in agony.

“Ugh fine!!!” Grace said with disdain. “But I’m NOT using my hands, you don’t deserve that!” Grace said as she picked up her leg and placed her bare foot onto Glory’s fat stomach. Instantly Grace’s toes and sole sank deep down into Glory’s stomach fat. Grace shivered in disgust as the fat pushed around her foot, but decided to at least go Glory this one favor. After all using her foot for it would be much more embarrassing and degrading anyway. She pushed her foot up and down along the curve of Glory’s gut, allowing her to rub her sisters stomach as well as feeling just how full and fat her sister was.

As she rubbed her foot against Glory’s stomach, Glory moaned in relief as the rubbing soothed the throbbing pain of her stomach that was stretched so far and putting an unbearable amount of pressure on her midsection. Glory blushed as she felt so pathetic having her little sister rubbing her stomach with the bottom of her foot, but her belly was throbbing so much from the food that she welcomed anything that would ease the pain.

“That feel good fatty?” Grace said with a raised eyebrow.

“Ugggh… yess…” Glory moaned as she leaned into the couch. Grace rolled her eyes, but continued to rub the overstuffed orb of fat. She rubbed a little harder and clenched her toes against the expanse of stomach causing Glory to moan as her fat was pinched.

“God you’re so pathetic.” Grace said softly. “You’re so easy to manipulate when it comes to food. All I have to do is leave it out and you’ll do most of the job for me. Now look where you are, completely full and bloated and right under my foot. Don’t you think that’s a little embarrassing?” Grace said with a smile.

“A…little…” Glory said while blushing.

“Hahaha how about a lot!” Grace said putting a little more pressure on Glory’s stomach with her foot causing Glory to grunt loudly. “You are absolutely worthless. Getting THIS fat and lazy. I just hope you learned your lesson at least.” Grace said as she stepped off of Glory and walked beside her and grabbed her shirt that Glory had worn earlier. However, as she walked away she felt her fingers touch through it. To her horror she looked down to see a massive hole right on the side of it. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SHIRT?!” Grace screamed.

“Oh yeah…ugh… I ripped it by accident when I was taking it off. I was gonna… oof… tell you when I came down…” Glory managed to pant out, starting to feel a little less full form the belly rubbing.

“Ahhh, this is why I said NOT TO WEAR IT!” Grace said extremely pissed off. She absolutely loved that shirt even especially since she had just received it. But now it was ruined, ripped and stretched out and she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Okay… I need to get to my… ugh room and sleep.” Glory said as she continued to hold her gurgling boulder of a belly.

“No.” Grace said glaring at Glory.

“What? What’s that… ugh… supposed to mean?” Glory replied with annoyance.

“Not yet. You’re getting dessert.” Grace said suddenly as she ran off into the kitchen.

“What?! Shit, no no no!!!” Glory panted as the color drained from her face. She was already stuffed so full she couldn’t hold anymore, let alone whatever calorie packed sweets Grace was going to get. “I gotta… ugh… get away…” Glory moaned as she tried to stand, but with how full and fat she was she couldn’t even push herself off the ground. “Hnnnnggg coooome oooon!” Glory groaned as she pushed against the ground and she started to sweat from the exertion, but still no matter how hard she tried her engorged body wouldn’t budge. She gave up and breathed heavily as she saw Grace rushing back in with cupcakes and a small cake. “No Grace please! Please let’s just talk about thi… Mnnngggg!!!” Glory moaned as a cupcake was forcibly shoved in her mouth.

“No! You’re going to eat! And eat and eat and eat! You’re going to eat until you learn to stop embarrassing me!” Grace said in a rage as she shoved another cupcake into Glory’s mouth before she had even finished the first. Glory chewed and swallowed so she could breathe, but as soon as she did Grace shoved yet another cupcake in her chubby cheeks. Glory’s cheeks bulged with the sweets and as time went on her belly started to reach its max capacity. She moaned as she swelled up bigger than she ever had before, with her belly so big that it threatened to burst her shirt right off of her. Well what was left of it at least since her fat had started to tear through her ice cream shirt. Little bulges of chub could be seen as they forced their way through the fabric trying to find a way out.

Glory started to feel sick as she was stuffed to above and beyond like she was before. She clenched a fist as her belly stretched so tight that it felt like a drum. Her breasts fought her shirt and pushed into her face a bit more as she ate. She was just blowing up like a balloon. She could feel how the volume inside her was dangerously decreasing as all the food filled her up. She leaned back as much as she could and squeezed her toes in despair as her belly pushed her legs apart. “GWACE… TWOOO…FWAAT!” Glory tried one last time to say in effort to get her sister to stop forcing food into her.

“Too fat?! You have absolutely NO idea what too fat even is! Not until I’m done with you!” Grace replied kneeling and taking a big clump of cake with a fork and pushing it into Glory’s already full mouth causing crumbs to fall onto her breasts. “Yes that’s right you fat cow eat!” Grace exclaimed and followed with another forkful of cake. “Only fat cows eat this much and moo all day, so I want you to moo! Moo for me cow!” Grace said through clenched teeth. She had absolutely had it with Glory now and all the rage and disgust for her sister that she suppressed for months finally exploded into her outburst.

“Gwaaaceeee…UGH…” Glory moaned.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Grace said grabbing a jug of milk and pouring it down Glory’s mouth. A small amount of milk drizzled down the side of her mouth as she gulped down the fattening whole milk. The fatty dairy liquid filled Glory’s belly to it’s absolutely limit and she blew up bigger than Grace had ever seen her before. Her skin was extremely tight as did it’s best to accommodate the unbelievable amount of food she had consumed.

When Grace pulled the jug away Glory coughed and groaned loudly. She had no other way out of it. “…m…MOOOOOO” Glory went, feeling humiliated. “MOOOO…please Grace stop… oof… MOOOOO… you’re right I’m a…uuuugh… fat cow… MOOOO… please I’m sorry I won’t do it again…” Glory stated through a clenched teeth from the pressure of her stomach.

Her apology watered down Grace’s fiery rage to the point where she put the jug of milk down and stopped feeding her. “Good.” Was all Grace said as she stood up and calmed her intense breathing. She put her foot on Glory’s stomach again and pushed into it and found that there was almost no give besides the outer layer of fat. She really had stuffed her all that she could have.

“Well, I accept your apology cow.” Grace said blowing out a breath to continue to calm her intense mood. She slowly looked down at her older and now overpacked sister and saw how she moaned over how full she was and actually began to feel a bit guilty.

Glory was absolutely immense. Her shirt did almost nothing to contain the ocean of fatty flesh that was now visible from how much was stuffed inside of it. Glory’s thick limbs slumped to her sides as her belly groaned with each short stunted breath. Her fat legs were splayed to the sides as her toes twitched as her stomach was throbbing from being so full. She had never been this full, this utterly stuffed to the max. She just felt so big that she’d swore she could not eat for a week and still be full. Her moon of a gut was stretched out so far and glistened under the living room light as she was starting to sweat a little.  She was so ripe and plump that it really looked like she was more belly than girl at this point. All she could do was sit, pinned underneath it as she panted.

“S…sorry.” Grace said looking sheepishly to the side with a concerned expression. “I guess I may have overdone it.” Grace said. All Glory did though was moan in reply.

Grace’s phone dinged with a message interrupting her guilt trip and she pulled it out to read it. As soon as she did her face formed an expression of worry. “Oh crap mom and dad are almost home.” Grace stuttered out.

“Ughhhh…can’t move…” Glory cried out.


“ugh!... Grace please… don’t leave me here…”

. “I really should leave you right here. You deserve it.”

“Nooo, Grace pleeeease. I’ll do anything…hic.”

“Alright alright! Just… hold on!” Grace said trying to pull Glory to her feet but only succeeded in making her sister groan even louder. “Ca’mon…stand you fatty!” Grace groaned as she pulled again to no success. She tapped her chin and then got an idea as she ran off into the garage. She found a scooter board that their father would use to slide under the car to fix it. She carried it back just as she heard their parents car roll in and tossed it on the floor next to the mountain of her sister.

“Here get on this!” Grace said. “Hurry they’re almost here!” Glory wobbled and shifted her weight, but she was still pinned.

“Graaace help me... URP…” Glory cried out completely helpless.

“Are you serious?! Just roll over!” Grace said ecstatically.

“Ugh… can’t… too fat… please help, push me…” Glory said panicking through her groaning.

“Eww I don’t wanna touch your fat!” Grace cried out in protest, but she soon heard her parent’s voices outside. She cursed herself and sighed before putting her hands into her sister’s fat and pushed. Her hands were instantly engulfed in Glory blubber, but Glory slowly rolled right onto the board. She teetered on top of it and tried to balance herself although it was hard to touch the ground from how high her belly pushed her up. Grace then got behind her and pushed her obese sister towards the downstairs closet.

“What… ugh… are you doing?” Glory asked as was wheeled in front of it.

“There’s no way we’re getting you up the stairs tonight so you’re going to have to spend some time in here until you can.” Grace said opening the door and practically rolling her inside.

“Whaaat? I’m spending the… oof… night in the closet?!” Glory complained.

“Do you have a BETTER idea?” Grace said with a raised eyebrow.


“Exactly, now just stay quiet until you can move.” Grace said as she made sure that Glory was well inside the closet although her belly bulged up against the wall. It couldn’t be helped for the moment she was so big. She looked down at the blob of her sister who returned a burp causing Grace to slam the door.

She turned around to see her parents entering the room already and smiled. “Hi mom and dad how was your night?”

“Oh just fine thanks.” Her father said tossing his wallet on the stand by the door.

“Wow you all ate quite a bit didn’t you?” Her mother said looking at all the food that Grace had filled Glory with.

“Oh yes, everyone was pretty hungry!” Grace said trying to not give herself away.

“Well glad you had fun dear. Be sure to clean up before you go to bed.” Her mother said with a smile before going up the stairs.

“Yes ma’am.” Grace said. “Oh and Glory’s asleep! She was really tired so she doesn’t want to be disturbed!” Grace threw in.

“Alright, that’s fine.” Her mother said. “I’ll be going to bed as well, goodnight sweetie.”

“Yes goodnight princess.” Her father chimed in as well kissing her on the forehead before following her mother.

“Goodnight!” She said and sighed a sigh of relief. She went back to the closet door once they were gone and opened it to see Glory still stuffed and bloated lying in it. Glory looked up and with droopy eyes and a drunk grin giggled : “thanks.”

“Yeah yeah, you so owe me.” Grace said sternly before shutting the door. She knew that it was her fault for getting Glory in that situation to begin with, but this was first thing nice she could ever remember doing for her sister. Without her blackmailing her first at least. Grace sighed again and turned around to the massive mess of food containers that she was not looking forward to picking all up.

“This is going to take a while…”
Sorry for the delay! (and the length x_x) This was supposed to be out last weekend, but soooo much stuff got in the way between then and now. There may be some grammatical mistakes and some sentences I may want to rephrase, but I wanted to get it out here at least. :)

This is a sequel kinda to the previous With Grace and Glory story found here…

I kinda liked these characters and wanted to do another force feeding story so I thought I'd do one over them. It kinda has more of a humiliation aspect in it towards the end since Grace doesn't really like Glory's fat other than the fact to make fun of her for it. She's a good girl though, it's just that siblings tend to fight you know? xD 

I may add a another chapter later on, and make it more distinct since this one is pretty similar haha. This one was mainly to go along with the picture I drew. :D

Anyway I hope you enjoy it! 
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I am desperately seeking someone to save me
Wondering where I have been going wrong
The more I allow myself to be walked over
The more I feel like it’s where I belong

Under the tread marks of your rubber soled shoe
My face has been driven in to the mud
You’ve laced my dignity with so much self doubt
What on earth have I gained from being good

I am desperately seeking something to save me
The next line to the poem of my life
Dissecting my past with clinical precision
Using a pen-shaped surgical knife

With a blade that seems to cut deeper and deeper
Each time that I am wounded or I am hurt
But maybe now is the time to put down my pen
And distribute my anger with more than words

I am desperately seeking something to save me
I feel I’m on the cusp of a rebirth
I will take centre stage and leave you in the wings
There is no more time left to rehearse

I have stiffened the sinews, I have summoned the blood
I face my fears and I’ve made a decision
I can be strong, I can be bad, I can be bold
But I do not have to be the villain
realityisfarlessexciting.......shout out to my main man Shakespeare for inspiring the last verse :D
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All That Jazz Too

Levi x Reader - AU

A/N: This is a continuation of my previous story "All That Jazz" 


Levi woke up feeling quite different that morning in his little apartment, nervousness and anxiousness took over his thoughts. He took a little extra time to look nice today, even going as far as wearing a nice jacket in the hot ass weather. He needed to make a better impression on her today to try to redeem himself, he did steal her spark plug and make her cry after all. But he was determined to make up for it. He also grabbed his prized Carvin guitar before heading out the door, since he had a surprise up his sleeve for today's little date. Surprisingly, you two only lived a few short minutes away from each other. No wonder you both found that little coffee shop that he plays at. He yawned loudly while driving, since normally by now he would have had his morning tea. But waiting to drink it with you was gonna be worth it.

You, meanwhile, had just kind of rolled out of bed and did your basic routine. Nothing too fancy, just enough for you to be presentable. It was just morning tea right? No need to go all out. In the midst of getting ready, you heard a loud honking noise outside your house. Was Levi here already? You decided to go outside and see for yourself. You slipped on your shoes quickly and walked outside, forgetting to turn your tv off in the process. You saw the familiar black Camero, and crawled inside, Levi's eyes on you. 

"Got my spark plug?" You asked in a teasing manner.

"Tch. No. I got you a newer and better one dummy. It's the least I could do after making you cry."

"Oh! ...Thank you!"

"Don't mention it."

His car had a peculiar smell, a mix between his cologne, cigarette smoke, and multi-purpose cleaner. It wasn't too bad actually, besides the smoke part. 

"Hey, by the way, I've kissed you but I don't even know your name. If we're gonna go on a date shouldn't I at least know your name?" He spoke, getting your attention.

"Oh, that's right. I'm sorry I forgot about name is (first). (First) (last). I know you're Levi because they put that sign outside the coffee shop that says when you're playing. But I don't know your last name thought."

"Ackerman. It's Levi Ackerman." 

You smiled at him, almost in a cheesy way. You heard your phone vibrate and you pulled it out, noticing a text from Jean asking if everything's ok. You don't know how, but somehow Levi must have picked up on the fact that it was a guy texting you.

"That your boyfriend or some shit?"

You looked his way and blushed, embarrassed he would ask something like that.

"No! I mean, it's a guy, but just a friend..."

"Do you like anyone?"

"I'm not gonna answer that." You spoke with a grin. You just wanted to play with him, it was obvious you liked him. Right?

"Tch. ...(first), I'm going to tell you this once and only once. When I set my heart on something, I don't give up until it's a reality. Remember that."

You blinked at his statement, not exactly sure how to respond. He was very odd, you could never really know what to expect with him.

"I sound really determined."

"Damn right. Well. Here's your car. I'll put the spark plug back in and then we can go inside."

"Ok!" You spoke cheerfully before exiting his car.

He was able to put it in without any trouble. I mean, putting in a spark plug wasn't exactly rocket science. Subconsciously though, once he was done you took hold of his free hand. He jolted a bit at the sudden unexpected action, but didn't mind your touch. Your hand was soft and gentle to him, it was a nice since his hands were heavily calloused due to years of guitar playing. 

"Well that should do it. Let's go inside and order our fucking drinks already. If not I'll get even more agitated that usual."

You nodded rapidly and started walking towards the front door. The last thing you wanted to do was get Levi in an even grumpier mood. As you entered, a few regulars were there and gave you both states. The famous Levi was hand-in-hand with none other than (first). You seated yourselves at a table next to the window, and your favorite waitress made her way over to you both.

"My my! I never would have though I'd see Shorty and (first) together! Levi, I'll get you your tea. And what to you want today (first)? Tea or coffee?"

"Tea today, Hanji," you said with smile.

"Tch. You're more annoying than usual shitty glasses. It's none of your concern if I come here alone or some here with someone." Was Levi really being rude to Hanji? Or was this just showing how casual he was with her? Either way, you were pretty shocked by his choice of words.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be back in just a second you two~!" And without further ado, she danced her way to some other tables to serve.

"Tch, she's a pest."

"Oh she means the way Levi, I know that you play guitar and all, but would you be willing to tell me a little more about yourself? We are on a date after all, and I hardly know anything about you."

"I could say the same about you as well. I don't even know a thing about you besides that you tip well and where you live. Why don't you take your own advice, then I'll tell you whatever you wanna know."

His persuasion skills must be superior to most, because that completely caught you off guard. Still, he did have a point, and you didn't mind telling him about yourself.

"Ok...well, I grew up around this area in a family of five. I lived with my parents, older brother, and younger sister. My dad was an electrician and my mom was an accountant. I had a pretty normal life growing up. My dad listened to a lot of older music so that's kind of how I got into jazz and blues. I really wanted to be a magazine publisher when I was in high school and move to New York City. I went to college there and worked as an intern for this rude magazine editor. I hated it, even though that's what I went to school for, I hated the way these big companies ran things. So I moved back here after I realized that's not what I wanted. Now I write for the local newspaper and earn a descent living doing it. I hope one day to get married and start a family of my own. In my spare time I'll listen to music, read, and play street hockey with a few close friends in my driveway. ...That's about it. Sorry if you're disappointed, I know I'm not that interesting."

"...Not interesting? You gave up a huge job because it wasn't your style. You were honest with yourself about what you wanted and didn't cave in just because of the money. That takes balls, don't think for a minute that's not extraordinary. Also, you play street hockey? That's pretty cool. I use to do it a lot as a kid."

"Oh...I guess I never thought of it that way. know Levi, you perceive things different than other people. Maybe it has to do with being a musician, but I really like that about you."

"Hm, I guess your right. I just think what I think, there's really nothing to i-"

"Here's your drinks! Enjoy! Just let me know if you need anything else!"

"Oh- thanks Hanji! I think were good for now."

"Alright then! I got go put in some orders, let me know when you're ready for a check." And once more, she skipped away happily. How she keeps up all that energy is a mystery to you both.

Levi drank his tea rather...strange. He put his hand over the top of tea cup, not on the handle. You decided not to say anything about it, and sipped your tea in a normal fashion. Levi let out a relieved sigh, he must have been dying from lack of the nice beverage.

"Alright, I guess it's my turn now. But I'm telling you right now, you may not like what you hear, and you'll probably think differently of me after this. When I was young, I too lived with my parents, but I was an only child. Both of them were doctors as I recall, and we had a relatively normal life. When I was five or six, they were murdered at the hospital where they worked by some motherfucker who's wife didn't make it through an operation. At least I think that's what happened. It's kinda all a blur to me. I was taken in by a kind family friend, and since I've known him longer I like to think of him as my dad. However, the neighborhood that he lived in was a fucking trash hole. Crime and criminals cast a shadow over the entire area. In my boredom, and to help heal myself, I started to learn guitar. My new foster dad, Kenny Ackerman, only had old jazz records so that's what I ended up listening to and learning to play."

He paused briefly, and took a sip of tea. His eyes somehow seemed to get darker, as if he was hesitant to continue.

"...When I was older, around 13 or so, I got involved with a gang. All we would do is petty stuff like beating up rival gang members and steal shit from people. My dad grew worried about me, but I was a punkass and ignored his concern. Eventually though, things began to escalate in my life. After high school I was in a jazz band that played at this bar, even though I was underage they still let me play there. We began to build a nice reputation, and many people told me I was good enough to be famous one day. The band was filled with nothing but losers, but I still fell for their stupid bullshit. They told me all the great jazz musicians did heroin, so I started picking up the filthy habit. I never shared a needle with anyone or anything disgusting like that, but I was hooked on that shit and couldn't stop. My gang on the other hand was getting me into other drugs like cocaine and PCP. I'd go out and steal a bunch of shit and sell it for drug money, it was the only I could feed that awful habit. I remember one night I hit the needle and did multiple lines of coke. I had overdosed before, but nothing like this. I was taken to the hospital by my dad when he found me on the floor of my bathroom, and I almost didn't make it. I flat lined multiple times, but luckily they brought me back. I felt so ashamed, I felt like a loser. I've only seen my dad cry once in his life, and it was that day. I couldn't stand to see him like that, so I quit cold turkey. I was nauseous, irritable, and in pain for several days after that. The withdraw symptoms for me were awful. But, I stuck it out and became clean. I eventually decided to move out of that hellhole, and so I came here. Leaving the past behind made me feel at peace, finally. I started to work at a book and music store to making a standard living, and I would play a few gigs on the side for money. Eventually, they hired me here to play on Friday nights. My hobbies are guitar, harmonica, occasionally piano, reading, and cleaning. I can't stand filth. that enough information for one day?"

You sat there, drinking in all that he had told you. The man had literally told you his life story, but you couldn't say a word. He had experienced absolute tragedy, yet here he stood in front of you. Now you knew. You finally knew what made his music so beautiful. His music was a story, a story from his heart that was written in music notes. Your eyes gazed into his, and somehow, after his heartfelt story, he seemed at peace when he looked at you. 

"...Well, aren't you gonna say anything? Tch. I knew you'd judge me after I told you that."

"No no, Levi- I'm just sitting here speechless because I've finally realized what makes your music so beautiful and special!"

He looked at you once more, and chuckled slightly. A small smile emerged onto his face before it was hidden by his tea cup. You finished the last of your tea and let out a satisfied sigh.

"That's the best part of my morning, their tea and coffee here are the best I swear." You spoke with pure bliss.

"Yeah. It's the reason I started coming here." 

Levi stared to move his body, and you noticed him reach into his back picked for his wallet. He left a twenty, more than enough to cover the tea and tip. You guess he didn't actually hate Hanji after all. He stood from his chair and stretched slightly. 

"I don't wanna deal with four eyes anymore. I'm gonna go get something out of my car, then were going to take a walk somewhere. And you can't say no." 

Without waiting, he trudged off to the parking lot. He must really serious about this date, and you were more than willing to spend more time with the man. But you had to wonder, why you? Sure, you were a fairly attractive young woman, but nothing particularly stood out about you. Spending time with him though, you felt some sort of chemistry between you two. He came back inside the shop, his guitar case in hand. You smiled warmly at him, if he was planning on playing for you, you were sure as hell gonna listen.

"Alright brat, let's get going."

"Okie dokie!"

"Tch. You sound like a five year old."

You giggled, and exited the shop by his side. You two chatted about trivial things on the walk, such as the weather and construction on the main roads. You noticed a few young girls look and point at Levi on the other side of the street, giggling at the short, attractive man. He didn't pay them any mind though, still talking about his disdain for lazy construction workers. Soon enough though, you found yourselves inside the local park. There were kids playing off in the distance and joggers jogging along the trail, but Levi seated himself on a bench away from all the distractions. He undid the claps on his guitar case, and pulled out the sleek red jazz guitar. 

"I don't want you to say anything left, just listen, ok?" Levi said in a more serious time than usual.

You nodded at him, and looked at him as he pulled out a guitar pick from his pocket. He looked into your eyes, and started to play a beautiful, soft jazz tune. It wasn't anything crazy like he'd do at the coffee shop, just pure, calm jazz. His gaze never left you, never once looking away. You felt you heart best heavily in your chest, all of this too much for you to take. If he was trying to seduce you, it was surely working. Those riffs could make almost any girl's panties drop. He continued to play for several minutes, no words needed to be spoken between the two of you. His breathing became rather deep as he played, and eventually, the sound from his final chord lingered through the air. Even after he finished playing, there was still a beautiful silence between the two of you.

"...Can you guess what I was thinking about while I was playing that?"

You became flustered and looked down, unable to face him while he looked that attractive.

"I...I'm not sure. ...Was it your past or something?"

Levi's eye twitched, and he furrowed his brows in annoyance.

"You really can't take any subtle hints can you? I was thinking about you, you moron!"

You were surprised at his words, you honestly wouldn't have guessed he would be so sweet towards you. Even with the way he said it, you still were flattered by his words.

"Levi....that's so sweet! I'm sorry...I'm not really great words but, it was beautiful. There's nothing in the world like your music."

"Thank you. Expect more where that came from." He spoke, placing a hand on your hip. Your face turned pink at his sudden touch.

He leaned in to your face slowly, and stopped before his lips touched yours. You heard him hum slightly, and he bit his lip. You could feel his warm breath on your mouth, making you flustered. He pressed his lips to yours and kissed you passionately. The outside world became tuned out as you two locked lips. His taste was delicious, the black tea from before still lingering on his tongue. His tongue entered your mouth with much movement, as if he were making love to you with his mouth. You wrapped your arms around gently and kissed him like your life depended on it. His chapped lips felt euphoric against yours, and his hands went up and down your sides. His touch send shivers down your spine, making your back tingle with pleasure. He finally moved up to kissed your nose, and removed his hands from your body. Your face was scarlet, Levi's face held a faint blush too.

"S-sorry about that...I didn't mean to get so handsy...."

Was the oh-so-cool Levi letting down his defenses. He was so cute when he was nervous.

"It's ok...I don't mind."

Levi turned to put his guitar back in it's case as you turned your body, looking up into the sky. Once he was done, Levi also turned forward, and put his arm around your shoulders.

"I'd like to do this a lot more." He finally spoke.

"Me too...I really have enjoyed spending time with you."

"Give me you phone." 

You looked at him questioningly, unsure of his motive.

"Don't look so cautious you idiot, I just wanna put my number in your phone. That way you can call me if you wanna do this again sometime."

"O-oh, here."

You handed him your phone, and he noticed a message from Jean, glaring at the screen. He typed in his name and number quickly, handing it back to you with a goofy heart he had put next to his name. You giggled at his action, and leaned against him playfully. 

"There. Now you don't have to text that loser when you're bored. You can just text me."

You laid on him contently for several minutes, as he held your body close. Getting closer to his neck, you could hear his heart beat. In that moment, you were so lucky he was alive. He could have died at one point of his life, but here he was, holding you. You never wanted this feeling to go away, everything just felt so right. Levi laid is head on top of your and inhaled the nice scent of your hair. 

"Hey, Levi."

"What is it?"

"...I know we talked all about our pasts today, but you never told me what you wanted in the future."

"Hn. Well...I was thinking after we get married, we could have about three kids? Maybe two boys and a girl? I'm awful with coming up with names though. And I'd like to continue playing guitar on the side as well."

You jerked up and looked at him. The surprises with this man never seemed to end.

"Marriage? I've only know you for two days!"

"We've know of each other for several months though, to be fair. And remember what I told you in the car this morning. I've got my heart set on you. You've gonna marry me one day (first) (last). You just are."

"Wanna bet?"

"Yeah if I win, you have to buy me a new amp for my guitar."

"...And if I win?" You spoke with a grin.

"...Well then that's just your loss. But don't worry, you're gonna marry me."


He cut you off with small kiss. You didn't say a word after that, you just looked at him and rolled your eyes. Then again, being married to Levi wouldn't be so bad. But this was was to early to be thinking about such thing. But still, you started to think about what your life would be like with him. You'd have little ones running around, in awe of the skill their father possessed. It might not be such a bad idea...but this was good enough for now. You enjoyed him, and he enjoyed you.

"Come on, let's walk back. It's getting hot out and I can't stand this heat."

You graciously nodded and agreed, taking your hand in his. It was too early to realize it, but you had certainly captured the heart of the mysterious jazz musician. There was an unspoken connection between the two of you, like some unknown force pushing you both together. Something about this just meant to be. Something about this seemed to be foreshadowing to something greater to come.
Here's the sequel! :D
This took so long to write because of external distractions...I'm so sorry.

:bulletblack:Read the prequel "All That Jazz"…
:bulletred:Here's what Levi's guitar looks like:…
:bulletblack: Here's something like the song Levi played for you:…

I do not own Snk
I do now own the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you though! Levidoingthething

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