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When we said friends forever and
crossed pinkies like grade-schoolers,
I could only believe those words
lodged in your heart
like they did mine

because every time I think back
I can't help but remember the
late-night conversations
under star lit constellations,
and study sessions where we
learned more about each other
than we did Biology  

but now it's clear
that each beat of your heart
has made those words fade,
and you could care less
about crossed pinkies

but I'll still see you,
and hear your voice
and I'll still wish
the meaning hadn't changed-
like you.

Time changes a lot of things, but I guess that is how we grow.
Stay rad cuties! :heart:

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At peace within this tranquil garden,
I picture the moments where I've made you smile.

Those times are endlessly precious to me,
I think they're worth the while.

They're worth the time I've spent with you,
Even if it wasn't long.

I only wish I'd spent a little more,
Before our love was gone.
Here is a sudden piece by Chennie. He messaged me today to post it up for you all. By the way, just for those who don't know yet; He got another round of a lung infection, which basically means he can't do any voice work.

More than likely this has made him severely depressed, he's been cooped up in his room moping for some time now, so try not to poke him too much, or he may bite.

That's all from us, be safe all of you who're going back to school! Try not to get bummed out too fast!

-Co-Captain Hayes

P.S. Try to send Chennie some kind words and encouragement for when he comes back, it'll definitely bring a big smile to his face, and new warmth to his heart <3 we all care about him so much, so lets make sure he knows it!
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I was running. Like, literally running for my life. My whole entire life was in danger. Why? Let’s just say I accidentally- wait no…ehem, let me rephrase that; purposely created a giant mess in the apartment of the ‘clean freak’, otherwise known as Levi.

Yep. The one and only clean freak that can seriously kill you with only his intimidating eyes, Levi Ackerman.

I mean, what’s so wrong about having fun? Obviously everything when it comes to Levi. It’s like having fun around him is taboo. If you do one thing that really bothers him, for example, move just one pencil out of place or attempt to throw one piece of paper into the bin and miss horribly, he will kick ass all the way to, like, freaking China!

His OCD really irritates me at some times. It makes me wonder how I even became his girlfriend. I don’t think his obsessiveness of cleaning and my obsessiveness of clumsiness work that well together.

Anyways, where was I? Ah, yeah. I was running for my life because I purposely dropped pizza on his table just to get his attention. And have a little fun as well. I knew he really disliked the fact that pizza existed, but to me, pizza is love and pizza is life. Haha, get it? Coz’ like Shrek…...ahaha……no, it still disturbs me.

I think I cringed while desperately trying to run away.

Ok, back to the topic. But it did not turn out well. His eyes were ten times more intimidating, and guess what he said when he got up from the table.

“Run or die”

Yes, so that’s the situation I’m in right now, I guess I could say I’m kinda in trouble? Psh, I’m in mother flying trouble right now.

I went through corridors, into random directions; hell, I don’t even know if I was going in circles or not, but I betcha that I’m somewhere worth hiding. But, that was when I heard it. Dammit, this place ain’t even worth shiet for a hiding place.

The loud pounding of fast steps were right behind me. It’s obviously Levi, because who else would be recklessly running through corridors at 11pm? Me! I is also recklessly running through corridors at 11pm; I was stating a fact that was indeed true.

I panicked as the footsteps of eternal rage was gaining up on me. Cuss words were filling up my mind as I went into another random direction. I was lucky enough to find a broom standing alone in the corridor. My hero.

I sped up my pace to the broom and when I picked it up, I swiftly turned around and threw it at his death-emitting-aura form. He didn’t realise what he was running into, until he engaged with a flying broom that smacked him right on his face.

My plan worked! Oh my freckled Jesus! I’m God!

I then cried an amazingly high-pitched laugh and immediately turned around to find a place to hide and then leave the apartment carefully, change my identity, change my name, live somewhere far off the country and just sit on a corner and die slowly so I can forget about everything that happened. Maybe that will work?

“(F/N)! I SWEAR, WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I WILL MAKE YOU CLEAN ALL OF THE DUST ON EVERY CORNER WITH ONLY YOUR TONGUE! DON’T THINK THAT I WON’T, BECAUSE I WILL!” the sound of his rage resounded throughout every corridor, and it made me have that weird feeling that I was in seriously deep shit if I don’t surrender.


Yep, I’m choosing plan A which is the escape plan.

Panting uncontrollably, I hid into a random room that I happened to come across. I didn’t know what kind of room it was until I saw the boxes of cleaning supplies.

Of all places. Why a Janitor’s Closet?

I have predicted my future. I am going to die a horrible death, in a Janitor closet. The most obvious place for Levi to look through first. And a place that will blow my cover with just a sneeze or even a cough because of all the strong chemicals that filled my nose.

His footsteps came to a slow pace until it stopped right in front of the Janitor’s closet. Ok, I’m dying an early death. All my breathing, panting, thoughts, even my body ceased. I tried to think of something that will help me stay calm.

But then a memory of him getting slammed by a broom decided to destroy my entire life in just one second. I bit my bottom lip desperately trying to hold down a laugh from that one simple memory. But I guess I was too late when a whimper escape my mouth. I think that’s the end.


My eyes widened and my whole body jumped at the sudden slam of the door. I then let out a screech that can be heard all the way from China.

So much for being the best ninja.

I immediately got a random cleaning spray from the box and squirted at his pissed off face. And boy did I make a wrong move.

I stood there flabbergasted as I realised what I just did. He lifted his hand to his face and touched the wetness of purity and divinity. His scowl grew a hundred times worse. And the atmosphere around him was so intense that it can even make one commit suicide.

“(F/N)…do you really want to be punished that badly?” He growled as he held the broom that was recently thrown at him at my direction. Oh God, he has a broom; I need to escape. Like now. But he’s in the way. Damn. What do I do? What should I do? What can I do?

I smiled nervously as I dropped the can of spray on the ground and put my arms up in surrender.

“L-Levi, you love me! You can’t honestly punish me after all that fun we’ve been through? R-right?” I managed to say while stuttering. I have nowhere to go. That’s it.
Levi then lowered the broom and smirked as he put his hand on his chin. He then sighed playfully.

“Nope, I don’t think so, you see, I can’t let go of the fact that you dropped something vile and utterly disgusting on my table that I just cleaned, so for that, I’m going to have to punish you…tis broom is actually nice, I’ll keep it” he said calmly while smirking. He then started making his way over to me.

“Do you like that broom because it was the only broom that ever smacked you on the face? That broom’s dangerous man, it betrayed the OCD of all OCD’s” I said trying to stifle a laugh.

“Freaking hell (F/N), no! You’re going to use this to clean every speck of dust that ever dared to live on the floors” he said looking away, embarrassed to remember that.
Ok, this is the moment. This my chance to escape.

I kicked the bottle of spray can in the air, it could be possible if you played soccer, and grabbed it. I’m finally going to be free! I then put it in front of his face, only, there was no face to be seen.

What? He disappeared right in front of me? That imposs- Oh no. He went behind me, that smart little guy. The broom was located just a few inches below my neck.

“Put it down, (F/N)” he whispered into my ear.

I sighed in defeat and dropped the spray can. The broom didn’t leave my neck. I guess I’m defeated. So much for that escape plan.

“Leviiiiii~ Are you seriously going to punish me?” I whined and pouted.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Can you let me go?”


“Can I finish my pizza?”


“Can I go to the bathroom?”


“Can I kiss you?”


I smiled as he hesitated. I can get him flustered even if it’s just one peck on the cheeks.

“You know, you can be very cute sometimes even when you try to hide it Levi. I love you that way. That kind of thing just makes you, you. You know?” I said with a puppy face. Maybe he will let that go with my adorableness.

“Enough with the lovey-dovey tumblr shit. It won’t change the fact that you’re still in trouble (F/N)!” he growled into my ears. I then pouted. It did not work. “I’ll kiss you, but you’re still in trouble!”

He lowered his broom and turned me around to face him. I hugged him and pecked his cheek.
“I love you even though your OCDness can really pack a punch” I laughed.

“I love you too, even though your stupidity can get the best of me” he said as he hugged me back, smiling adorably.

His smile is just so adorable, I think that’s how I got together with him.

He then let me go and I leaned in for a kiss. I watched as his eyes widened and his face flushed slightly. He then shut his eyes and pulled me closer and we both melted into the kiss.


I pulled away and I looked at his confused and slightly annoyed expression. I then ran out the Janitor’s Closet and ran for my life. Again.



“BECAUSE PIZZA IS LOVE AND PIZZA IS LIFE!!” What did that got to do with anything?

When I want to get away from Levi’s wrath, even if the risks would include death, all I can do is…


~ Meanwhile ~

The Janitor sat there shocked at what he saw from the video ‘Shrek is love, Shrek is life’

“Hell to the no I ain’t watching that ever again” he said as his eyes widened in horror.

He then got up to get his favourite broom lying in the corridors only to find that there was no broom to be seen.

Manly tears were stained on his shirt as he cried himself to sleep all alone without his broom.

He loved his broom, just like the broom loved him.

He didn’t know that his broom was actually used as a tool for violence by two certain lovers…
I hope you guys enjoyed, because I enjoyed writing this fanfiction! I'm kinda new in deviantart, but this isn't my first fanfiction, haha! Lol yeah, I think Levi is a bit OOC...oh well? Thank you for reading anyways!

Levi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3] belongs to Hajime Isayama

The fanfiction belongs to me

You belong to Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] 

Thanks, Jay~
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I took much pleasure in losing my way in Paris' morbid and dangerous streets,
Where sole the high arrogant walls whispered me words I was able to understand,
These stretches of granite trapped me like the grave I've always dreamt of. 
The Ladies' ice-cold and distant beauty inebriated me with all the bitterness of temptation;
Under a dirty, driving rain, I gazed at them and suffered
While the parisian mist permeated on my heart its burning frostbites,
And hearses of madness couldn't stop from parading through my mind.

"Veux-tu voir la face cachée de Paris ?" - A slender voice dragged me out of darkness

The Seine flowed, flowed, flowed...And stopped. 
Her voice, like a carillon, announced Summer's return,
The breeze blew the rain, the sun revived these leaves dead for centuries,
As if she saved me from a waking nightmare.
"Je t'en prie, ne me regarde pas comme ça..." - An embarrassed smiled was being painted on her magenta cheeks

That was her, the woman from Paris. The muse of Renaissance painters, 
The woman from the city of love, poetry, art; she, alone, represented them.
Her beauty was but equal to her aroma, floating in the air and depositing on the Gardens' flowers
Perfuming the town with thousands of blossoming cuddling.

"Vois-tu, Paris est une peinture peinte sur une toile infinie, une oeuvre d'art inachevée. Et ce sont les femmes de Paris qui la peignent et la rendent plus belle de jour en jour." - On the palette of my soul, the soft sound of her words flew away

Time, this undying river -
Together we stared at the Seine come back to life...
And from her long fingers, she dropped a kiss that seemed way too short.

"Ne te perds plus dans Paris." - She disappeared forever into the mist
I feel like I understand what you're telling me; your words are slivers of love and I'm trying to piece them together. 

Translation of italic parts: 
"Do you want to see Paris' hidden side?"
"Please, don't look at me that way..."
"You see, Paris is a painting painted on an infinite canvas, an unfinished work of art. And these are women from Paris who are painting it and are making it even more beautiful day by day."
"Don't get lost in Paris anymore."
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There is an ocean
of wolves battering
my heels, teeth
barred, breaking skin.

Lightning is laced
into my spine, it
takes no prisoners,
but electricity is
no match for their howls.

I stand as the lioness
within roars and spits
out a hundred curses.

They are now prey,
with tumbleweed trolls
sinking their brambles
into matted fur.
For Amimone, because she is always amazing and lovely. I do hope you like this dedication. ♥

Special thanks to RainbowMonkeh and chromeantennae for looking this over and giving me some inspiration. <3

I made a promise to get to everyone who commented and I'll get to everyone if it's the last thing I do. [I swear I'll get to everyone by the end of the year! :squee:]

Clickable :love: emote that leads to my To-Do list. :eager: by darkmoon3636

I support dALinkSystem! :eager: by darkmoon3636

Howl boys, howl.Splitting and spitting
teeth beneath
a half-empty
glass of August moon.
I hear the wolves
and I feel
like my throat
is a desert highway
choked with tumbleweeds
the road less traveled.

'Howl boys, howl.' by shipwreck-stars
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    Levi roams through the empty palace halls, his white tunic flowing freely behind his slender legs. He gazes at the portraits and tapestries hanging on the brick walls, fingertips aimlessly tracing the cracks in the wall.

    Levi finally reaches the double doors leading to the main room of the harem, nodding to the guard as they bowed deeply, opening the doors for their emperor. His steel gaze sweeps over the room, going past the others lounging on divans, a bowl of grapes and pomegranates at their sides.

     You sat on plush pillows, plucking green grapes and popping them in between your pink lips. Gold bands and necklaces adorned your wrists, ankles, and throat, jeweled brooches clasping onto the bright shimmer of the fabric around your waist. Levi approaches you, and your lips formed into a lascivious smile as you heard his footsteps.

    The raven settles comfortably onto the pillows, and you swung your legs over his shoulder, shooting him a smile. The gold bands jingled and moved about as Levi cradles your ankle, pressing soft kisses up your legs, staring at you — most likely up the glimmering piece of fabric wrapped around your form —  with half lidded eyes. He notices the small cut marring your soft flesh, and his mouth turns into a slight frown.

    "Did you hurt yourself again?" he asks, eyebrows knitted, and you laugh, nodding.

    "I fell; a sharp object pierced the skin," you answer, burying your nose into his ebony hair. He seemed to smell of spices, with a faint honeyed scent of roses. Levi kisses the wound, muttering about how you always managed to hurt yourself in every way possible. His grip on your ankles tighten, his slim fingers tracing odd patterns on your skin.

    "Soft, as always," Levi says, letting go of your legs and reaching for your hand; his digits intertwine with yours, and your heart aches.


    At a young age, you were sold as a mere slave, stripped of everything you've loved and held dear. But you were unexpectedly sent to be trained at a school of the harems, to learn the arts of entertaining and pleasure, and you were soon brought to the palace. You considered yourself lucky to be the royal courtesan; or you wouldn't have been able to meet Levi.

    Levi handles you wonderfully every night; he steals you to his bedroom, drowning you in ecstasy as his pallid hands dances over your frame. He kisses you gently, sweet and chaste, hot and filled with lust. Levi admires every trait of you; he loves all of your beauty and flaws. His voice, steady and tender, fills your ear with sweet nothings, all the while caressing every part of you softly.

    You were lavished with gifts; exquisite pieces of clothing, gleaming gems and jewelry, riches and gold, and food that would last an entire lifetime.

    But the one you most appreciated was his love.

    The amazing love Levi gives you heats up your body, and your heart feels full with warmth. You repay Levi with just your presence, accompanying him most of the time in a day.

    You just can't let go of him.


    Levi walks with you in the rose garden, under the pale moonlight that shone and cut through the darkness of the night. The fabric around your figure was cream in color, the inside of it made of blue silk embellished with gorgeous golden embroidery.

    You twirl a rose stem between your index finger and thumb, careful of the thorns that stuck out. A wind blows, carrying the fragrant scent of the red rose. You sneeze lightly, giggling.

    Your skin glowed, Levi's blade-bright gaze trained on you, piercing and unyielding.

    "If only we could be together. That would be like heaven," Levi mumbles, hand finding yours.

    "But, I'm just a mere slave, Levi. That wouldn't be possible--"

    "I know. But I would do anything to change that," and he brings your hand up to his lips, brushing them against your knuckles, the scent of roses hitting his nostrils.
    You smile, cupping his cheek, pulling him in for a kiss. You taste of grapes, and spices.

    Levi thinks it wouldn't be that bad to stay like this for a while longer.

    be it the world,
or be it mankind;

i'd give up anything,
    just to have you by my s i d e.

so i saw a post on tumblr (mind, it's eruri), and i just
why not write about emperOR LEVI AND COURTESAN READER??11!!
and this happened
this probably sucks so
forgive me

Levi (c) Hajime Isayama

You (c) Levi //dances

Image source: [uwu]  (i was so pissed because i couldn't find a proper image, so i just used this instead //siGHS

apologies for any mistakes, i'll edit later in the morning ಥ‿ಥ
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As she came upon the MoonClan leader, Brightpaw could clearly see his thread--bright blue, thinner than normal, but woven together with an intricate and uneven red one. She unsheathed her claws, Cinderstar and Ebonystar were holding Fallenstar down, with Echostar and Deadsoul nearby for support if needed.

“Don’t touch me!” Fallenstar--or, whoever was in control at the time--hissed, his mouth contorted in a painful way, his eyes bulging as he pleaded for his life. He trembled slightly, his neck nearly snapping with the effort, before he faced Brightpaw again.

“Do it. Make me pay for what I’ve done.”

Brightpaw nodded, this was the true Fallenstar, his true wishes. Raising her claws, the tabby shut his eyes, looking almost peaceful if it weren’t for the stains of blood and torn flesh throughout his body.

“Fallenstar, leader of MoonClan. By the will of yourself, by StarClan and by the leaders of all of the territories, I remove you from your position and take away your life!”

It wasn’t a proper ceremony by any means, but it was at least something. Brightpaw brought her claws down, and for a brief second, Fallenstar heard an earsplitting scream emit from his throat.

Then, everything was silent.


“So that’s it, huh…” Echostar mewed, pacing around Fallenstar’s lifeless body.

Ebonystar nodded. “It’s all over.”

The cats that were battling with each other in the star-filled moor just beyond where this had all taken place had vanished. The Dark Forest cats either returned to the shadows of the dark forest, or they reunited with their StarClan clanmates, full warriors once again.

From Fallenstar’s body appeared shining lights. The cats gathered squinted before the brilliant lights faded into shapes, and soon were recognized as warriors. Most departed without a word, but one stayed behind. She was a beautiful calico she-cat, whose brilliant green eyes looked very familiar.

“Risingmoon,” Cinderstar greeted, immediately recognizing Patchstar’s daughter.

The calico Medicine Cat dipped her head. “Greetings, leaders and chosen StarClan guests. On behalf of StarClan, I would like to thank you for freeing not only myself and others, but for ridding the Dark Forest cats and bringing peace to the forest.”

All at once the cats from all Clans could hear the chanting of a familiar prophecy.

"Though spirits of the dead are readily seen, their cries shall not be heard. A great star shall fall and is followed by another, who shall reap havoc among the Clans. The spirits of malevolence must be stopped and the fallen star shall once more rise to greatness."

“The spirits of malevolence have been stopped, and now the forest can return to peace.” Risingmoon’s voice was soft like silk, which was a relief as it fell on ears used to the sounds of battle. As the cats listened, they could also make out a very quiet sobbing sound from nearby, and the cats gathered turned to look as the tiny form of a kitten padded out of the starry bushes.

“Morningkit,” Deadsoul was the one to speak. “I thought that was you I smelled here.”

“Is he--?” the young she-cat sniffled, standing next to Rowanpaw, as if she was hiding from the others.

“He is dead,” Risingmoon nodded, looking at the limp pelt of Fallenstar.

A voice spoke behind the Medicine Cat. “Risingmoon,” it addressed the calico, who turned as two cats materialized behind her; one a black tom with a horrid scar on one eye, and the other, a young kit, smaller even than Morningkit.

“Worm,” she greeted the black tom, dipping her head respectfully. No one seemed to recognize the young kitten except for Deadsoul.

It was him who said the tom’s name aloud. “Muddykit,” he addressed, glancing slightly at Morningkit, who repeated the name in wonder.


“Please, silence,” Worm insisted, looking to the young starry kitten by his side. “My business here will be brief, I assure you. You see, my great-grandson here has a gift he would like to give.”

Nudging Muddykit forward, the young brown tom cleared his throat. His voice was high pitched, a voice that would never develop into the deeper one a Warrior would have. “My father, Fallenstar, was a brave cat,” he began, glancing at Morningkit for just a moment. “He was deceived and lied to, but he always had the Clan’s best intentions at heart, even from kithood. I do not want to see his life end like this.”

“What are you going to do with him?” Cinderstar asked, looking at the young kit.

Worm cleared his throat. “Though we in StarClan do agree that Fallen is not yet fit to be leader, we do believe he has the capability to be a great one. We propose you this; If Fallenstar earns our respect within six full moons, we shall grant him his nine lives again--the proper way,” he looked to Risingmoon, who nodded in agreement.

“You want him to continue to lead MoonClan?” Ebonystar growled, not very fond of the idea of Fallenstar still in charge.

Worm lifted his ragged tail, and Ebonystar silenced himself respectfully. “If Fallenstar does not prove himself within that time, StarClan will send a sign as to who will be best to lead MoonClan in his stead.”

Risingmoon turned her gaze to Ebonystar, then looked in turn at Echostar and Cinderstar. “Leaders of the Clans, we pray you leave MoonClan in StarClan’s paws. We shall watch over them now, you need not worry; the Dark Forest cats have been vanquished, and all shall be at peace once again. Focus on your own Clans...MoonClan shall once again rise to greatness.”

Muddykit stepped forward. He padded past Morningkit, nudging her ever so slightly with his tiny shoulder, before approaching Fallenstar’s face. His eyes looked ahead unblinkingly, and Muddykit took a deep breath before he touched his nose to his father’s.

“Fallenstar, with this life I grant you rebirth. Use it to rebuild your Clan and your life anew, and allow StarClan to guide your path. Should you use this life for your benefit, you may one day return here and receive eight more.”

Risingmoon let out a purr. “Very nicely done, Muddykit,” she praised before turning back to the other Leaders. “It is about time you get home now. Kindlestar has called off your warriors; they wait for you back at your camps. Take MoonClan’s example and rebuild your own Clans and your own lives; remember the Warrior Code, and hold it dear to you. The territories can be at peace again if you choose it to be so.”


When Fallenstar opened his eyes, he was being carried on Echostar and Ebonystar’s backs, with Morningkit trailling behind, worried tears in her eyes.

“Morningkit…?” he mewed, his voice hoarse. His body felt like it had been hit by a monster and then tossed over the gorge.

Morningkit’s eyes lit up and she bounded closer. “Daddy!” she cried. “I’m sorry, I knew I shouldn’t have followed but--I wanted to make sure you---you were--”

Without thinking, Fallenstar scooped her up with his loosely swinging paws and held his daughter close to him, breathing in her sweet scent. She smelled of Timidbreeze, and Fallenstar felt tears streaming from his eyes.

“Thank StarClan you’re safe.”
Part 13 of the Downfall story. Thank you everyone for reading, for participating, and for supporting me and everyone else through this entire ordeal. I hope it's been a fun plotline for you all, that you enjoyed it and had fun :D But alas--this one has come to an end. I couldn't be happier with it <3

Again, Thank you. I love you all so much.

This is the End. But it is only the Beginning.
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I shake off the arms of the demons that are pulling me down
No I won't surrender and drown
I struggle to stand while their nails are digging deep in to my skin
Screaming loud just to block their poisonous whispers that hunt my mind
Looking around for the sunshine
Anything that can pull me out and help me escape those monsters that want to feed off my pain
As I wait my energy and strength begins to fade
I scream even louder but this time not to block the whispers but to cry for help
No I won't surrender and drown
Someone will come to hold me while I regain my strength back to fight and slay the evil demons
Minutes turn to months , time has weakened the hope I hold inside
There was no sunshine that killed away the darkness
There was no hands to pull me away from the dark hole
There was nothing but my echo screaming back at me
I don't want to surrender and drown
But no strength is left in me
And no one that cares enough to save me
well i guess we try to be there for our friends but we get distracted in our life, so i forgive my friends that weren't there when i needed them to be. I was able to survive after writing this old poem, i wrote it 2 years ago.
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What was it that woke him up? Well, there were a few things. The first was probably the overwhelming smell. No, it wasn't a stench or something that reeked. It was rather pleasant. Almost appetizing, as if he could just eat the air and it would be satisfactory enough to fill his empty stomach. Second, the music. It wasn't necessarily blaring, though it was loud enough to make the floor vibrate. Third, a certain presence missing beside him.

His eyes fluttered open as he stretched his arms over his head. He heaved in a large breath, letting it escape through his nose. Finding the ceiling quite interesting, his fingers ran through his nest of hair. His gaze wandered over to the empty spot beside him, pillow having a small dent where your head must have been. The sheets were thrown back, revealing the small teddy bear you liked to have by your side while sleeping. A lazy smile made its way to his lips. He reached over, grasping it tightly. It's soft plushness was almost welcoming as he held it to his chest, humming contently.

The delightful scent urged him to remove his body from the comfort of his cocoon sheets. He left your small bear on top of your pillow, making sure it was sitting in an upright position. He rolled out of bed, almost stumbling onto the floor as a wave of grogginess swept over. He shook his head, giving a slow blink to rid of the sleepiness. Glancing down at his attire, he grinned. Shirtless, with pants that almost covered his white socks. Just enough to make you blush. That cute little blush that dusted your cheeks in the most perfect way.

A sly smirk tugged at his lips, as he made his way down the stairs. The music got louder, the catchy beat allowing him to softly hum along. The scent was stronger, beckoning him towards the kitchen. He rounded the corner, peering inside. He had to refrain himself from letting out a chuckle at the scene before him.

You were dressed in his shirt that brushed your thighs, hair messily down. You had a spatula in hand, standing by the oven. A mountain of pancakes on a plate was beside you, and you were still making more. Though, that's not what made him laugh. The fact that you were dancing around the kitchen, twirling the spatula and singing loudly to the music is what made the scene so cute. You flipped over the pancake, then brought the plastic utensil to your lips, using it as a makeshift microphone as you sang along. You danced your way over to the counter, pouring a mug of coffee as you did a weird little thing with your feet, somewhat similar to a dance.

Absolutely adorable. Jean thought as he watched you and your "rockstar" dancing. You flipped your hair, shaking your body from side to side as you transferred the pancake onto the already huge stack. Jean rolled his eyes, deciding to put an end to this dorky nonsense. He crept up to your form, sure to keep his footsteps light and quiet. He stood behind you, watching you do that little foot thing again. He grinned, setting his hands on your hips and resting his head on the crook of your neck. "Some killer dance moves you got there." He whispered.

You let out a startled gasp, turning slightly. "J-Jean! I-I thought you were sleeping!" You stuttered out, ceasing your movements. You quickly turned off the stove, trying to conceal your blushing features.

"It's hard to stay asleep when your wife isn't around to hold." He murmured, pressing light pecks to your neck. A giggle left your lips, and you tilted your head to the side, allowing him to leave his kisses on any open area. "Anyway," He continued, leaving a final peck to your cheek on a spot dangerously close to your lips, "what was that little thing you were doing over here?"

"Ah... I didn't want to wake you up, you'd come home late last night from work... So I wanted to make you breakfast in bed. But it was awkwardly quiet down here, so I put on some music and..." You trailed off, looking to the stack of pancakes.

"Well damn, I don't eat that much." He said, wrapping his arms around your waist as your bodies rhythmically swayed back and forth.

You turned your head to the side to give him a sarcastic smile. "Honey, most of those are for me. I'm hungry as hell." You said, lightly batting him over the head with the spatula.

He rolled his eyes, swiftly leaning down to steal a kiss. "I swear, sometimes you eat like Sasha." He muttered. His eyes darted from your eyes to your lips. As you leaned up towards him, he snatched the utensil from your grasp, holding it over his head.

"Hey! Give it back!" You said, standing on your toes and reaching up as high as you could.

Jean chuckled, batting you softly over the head with it, just as you had done to him. You gave him a teasing glare, letting your thoughts mull over. You finally grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down, smashing your lips to his. A muffled grunt left his throat as he lowered his hands, instinctively wrapping them about your waist. You trailed your hand down his toned chest, only to firmly clutch the spatula and yank it free of his grasp. You lightly pushed him away, leaving him flushed and breathless.

"You're cruel." He said, coming behind you again, resting his head atop yours as he pulled your form to his. You hummed in response, setting the plastic utensil to the side. You placed your hands atop his that were splayed over your stomach. "But I still love you." He added.

"You better." You murmured in return, letting your head rest against his chest. A chuckle left his lips as he kissed your temple.

He drew in a deep breath, swaying back and forth with you. "Y'know, I was thinking," he began, "Maybe... we don't have to spend the mornings alone?" He said.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" You asked, turning your head to look at him.

His eyes swept over yours, a look of hope swimming in the golden ponds. "I mean... maybe we can add something into the picture? Something loud and little and cute and... something that would be ours to raise... and we'd watch him or her go off to school and stuff..." He trailed off, looking to the floor.

Your eyes widened. "You mean... a baby?"

His gaze darted back to yours, arms tightening around you. "Yeah." He said, almost breathless. Worry squirmed in the pit of his stomach, thoughts wandering to every possible answer you could come up with.

"Really?" You said, still surprised.

A small smile graced his lips. "Yeah." He repeated.

You grinned. "... Okay." You said slowly.

His eyes widened. He wasn't very sure of what your response was going to be, and he didn't know how to react to a positive answer. "R-Really?" He asked.

Your smile grew. "Yeah... I'd love to see a little Jean running around here." You said.

Now, Jean wasn't sure what to do at this point. But, it seems like his instincts took over before he knew how to register them. He ducked down, placing an arm under your legs and one behind your back, scooping you up bridal style. A light yelp tore from your throat as you felt his strong arms lift you from the floor. "Jean!" You cried with a giggle.

He chuckled and pecked your lips, moving towards the stairs. "Hey, you said yes!" He said, climbing the steps, sure to not let your head bump into the wall. He walked into the bedroom, swiftly shutting the door behind him with his foot. Your joyful laughter resonated out from behind the door, ringing out into the house.


Jean is so fucking adorable it's hard not to write for him, especially when you see a bunch of cute fanart on Tumblr and you just want to write about Jean 24/7 but then you realize that Levi has way more fangirls, and then you also realize Armin's pretty cute and he's really sweet and kind, and then you remember that Eren is your number one bae and that he hates Jean so you have to keep writing for Eren to make your own soul happy

And that was my daily conflict with my mind and heart XD

I'm having Jean feelings write now guys
Get it?
Okay, but anyway, Jean's adorable and I couldn't stay away for too long <3
I hope you enjoyed this fluffy little thing!

Thanks For Reading! :iconrainbowsheepplz:
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