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If not for the darkness,
We wouldn’t know the difference
Between a star and a ball of dust.
Life is a study of contrast.
We get dark,
Not to fall apart
But to shine.
The stars can't shine without the darkness.
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I see her there with
Coal dust carved
Into the icy skin
Under her eyes,
And on her lips
Dance a chorus
Of bitter lies.

A skeletal hand of smoke
Claws at my neck
Until I bleed;
She tells me that the pain
Is just what I need.

Her pupils
Are supernovas;
Dying stars,
And her blood
Zooms in her veins
Like speeding cars.

She looks at me
And sneers
At what I am.
She’s a snake,
A liar,
In the guise
Of a lamb.

‘What happened to us?’
She giggles,
A ghost
Of what I used to be.
I reply;
‘I may be you,
But you are not me.’

The sun comes up:
New day.
Yesterday is gone
But see it this way;
The past is part of the future
But the future isn’t the past.
You choose which bits go,
You choose which bits last.
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"We're all the same," she said. "Friend, tell me," she asked, "how are we different?"

For six seconds I paused, then I said:

Some of us ..

love more than we hate,

laugh more than we cry,

work harder than we play, but

live before we die.

Some of us don't.

And that, my friend, is how we are all different.
This poem took literally 6 seconds to think up. Probably another 54 seconds to type, but you know.

Nothing impressive. Improvised, I guess you could say?

Inspired by this cute chick :iconi-am-more-than-words:, she's the person I refer to in this poem

She said:

How are we alike? All humans are precisely the same in almost every single way, my friend. We all fear, hope, imagine, and dream. Nature has us all cowering to the same loud noises and being attracted to the same faces. No one frowns when they are happy. No one wants to be lonely. Everybody talks differently, but we're all constantly saying the same thing. How are we alike, you ask.
Friend tell me, how are we different?
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You stared at the dress in front of you. It was the night of your Aunties wedding party, A very special day for her and your entire family. The dress was cream colored and reached up to your thighs. It was a really simple yet pretty dress, But you weren't sure if you could pull it off. You were no natural beauty (Or so you thought), You never had been even from a younger age. But tonight, you were going to try and be the prettiest girl at the party. It was your goal.

You grabbed a flowery head band which you wrapped around the bun in your (H/C) hair. As for makeup, you put a little lip gloss on your lips to give them a little shine and some mascara and eye shadow around your (E/C) eye's making them stand out. As you looked in the mirror, You felt good about yourself. You did look nice for once. I guess You Tube tutorials really help! The outfit seemed to come together well. It was simple, but delicate and pretty. ( Here is the outfit… )
The party was about to start in 15 minutes, So you started to make your way there.

*Timey whimey skip brought to you by skipping llamas*

As you sat down, you were reminded of the fact you didn't have a date or ANYBODY to dance with. You had asked your best friends Dean and Sam Winchester to come with you, but they had gone out on a hunt and wouldn't be back till next week. Another irritating thing is that you remember what they had said to you before they left for the hunt.
*Le flash back*

"Please, Dean, Sam.... come to the wedding party with me. I'll be all alone if you don't!" You whined at the two brothers.
"Look, (Y/N). We have to go on this hunt. I'm sorry but the hunt is more important than a wedding party." Sam replied trying to be as sympathetic as possible.
"But Sam.... Dean...." You puppy dog eyed them, whimpering a little.
Dean grabbed his bags and slung them over his shoulder, striding towards the motel door.
"Why don't you ask Castiel?" He smirked, glancing at you from the corner of his eyes.
A little pink blush grew on your cheeks at the thought. Okay, so you did have 'feelings' for this blue eyed angel. He was so sweet and innocent! You respected him a lot as well. The only problem was that you were shy around people you liked. VERY shy.
"We all know you like him." Finished Dean. "It's so obvious."
Oh yea. One other problem. Dean and Sam knew you liked him and constantly teased you about it.
"Sam.. Tell Dean he's wrong!" You pleaded turning to Sam for help.
"Sorry (Y/N). I'm with Dean on this one. It is really obvious." Sam sided with Dean. "It's only because Castiel's so inexperienced with human emotions that he doesn't know already. Any other human male would."
You grabbed Sam's bags and threw them at him.
"I do NOT."
"Yes you do."
"No. I don't."
"yea. You do."
"N-" You were cut off by a voice you know all to well.
"What is this you are fighting over?"
It was Castiel. Your face went bright red. How much had he heard? What had he heard?
As you pondered over these questions, Dean took it upon himself to attempt to tell Castiel.
"Well, (Y/N) has a massive cr-"
You tackled him to the floor with your hand over his mouth.
"ahaha" You nervously laughed. "Look at the time guys. I think you should be leaving!" You implied, glaring at the two young men.
Gulping, they headed off towards and out the door. Your turned to Castiel.
"Sorry about that. They were being joking around about some... erm..... Pie. yeah. Pie." You lied.
"Oh. Um. okay miss (Y/N). I shall be leaving if I am not needed." He replied
"Uh, yea.... Bye Castiel!"
"Goodbye." He smiled at you before vanishing.

*End of le flashback.*

you regret not asking him now because you looked like a loner, sitting next to the cake stand on your own while everybody else was dancing...
"I should have just asked Castiel to come with me..." You mumbled out loud, setting you head in your hands.
"(Y/N). You called?" A gruff voice in front of you said.
You looked up to see the one and only, Castiel.
"Oh, hi Castiel." You nervously laughed. "Sorry... I was just talking to myself."
"What is this 'party'?" He said reading one of the banner's in the room. "And why is everybody dancing?"
"It's my Aunt's wedding party. See those two over there?" You pointed towards your Aunt and her husband. "That's them over there. They have just got married, so this is a party to celebrate."
"So... A 'party' is a way of celebrating?" He questioned.
"Yes Castiel, This is a celebration. Everybody is is celebrating my Auntie's happiness. That is why they are all dancing." You replied.
"So..." He looked you in your (E/C) "Why aren't you dancing?"
"Oh um.... I have nobody to dance with, I did ask Dean and Sam but they aren't here. They left on a hunt..." You said, staring down at your hands which were fiddling with your cream dress.
"well..." He paused "Would you like to dance with me?"
Your eyes widened. Castiel. THE Castiel you have had a crush on was asking you to dance with him?! You couldn't believe your luck.
"Um.. I'm not sure, I'm not very good at dancing." You admitted.
"It doesn't matter. I don't mind." He replied, offering his hand out to you.

You took his hand and felt heat rising to your cheeks as he lead you out to the middle of the room. Calming down, You started to just chat and laugh as you messed around. What a pair you two must have looked like. You were all dressed up with an elegant dress and make-up, where as Castiel was in a trench coat with his trademarked undone tie, his hair a scruffy mess.

"Sorry." He apologized.
"What are you sorry for?" You asked confused.
"I'm not dressed up, with my 'trademarked undone tie' and 'scruffy hair'."
He must have read your mind...
"Oh, no... Its not a bad thing, it just must look funny." You smiled
"That's good."

You had been dancing most of the evening, until the slow song started.
You nervously glanced up at Castiel,  who must have heard the song starting.
"I-I don't know how to dance to this song.." You muttered, starting to retreat back to your seat next to the cake stand. You stopped as Castiel grabbed you hand.
"No. It's okay. Dean taught me how to dance to this before they left." He told you.
God dammit Dean. You sneaky snake.
"Oh... Um, Okay."
Castiel pulled you in close to him. He wrapped his hands around your waist, as you lifted your's around his neck. As your eyes made contact, heat rose to your face. You decided to stare at your feet to avoid Castiel seeing your blush. after dancing for 30 seconds in silence, you stepped on his foot. Pulling your head up you apologized, blushing even more.
"S-Sorry! I told you I wasn't good at dancing!! I should go sit dow-"
"what is it?"
"Your face."
"What about it?"
"It's red."
You blushed even more.
"Its going redder. (Y/N), are you okay?" he innocently questioned.
"Y-Yes, I'm fine Castiel, I'm just... nervous."
"Nervous? What about?"
"w-well its just- eep!" You shrieked.
You had tripped over your own feet, and fell into an totally unexpected Castiel's chest, Which caused him to trip over in the middle of the dance floor.
Shutting your eyes tightly, you waited to hit the floor. But you couldn't believe what just happened.
As you fell, you felt something warm on your lips. Opening your eyes, you blushed even harder.
You had managed to land on top of Castiel, Not only that but you were met with his blue eyes open wide.
You were kissing him. YOU WERE KISSING HIM.
Quickly you got up, as red as a tomato.
"O-Oh my god. I am like, s-so sorry." You apologized, glancing around you noticed everybody in the room was watching you.

You caught the eye of your Aunt, instantly knowing she was tipsy. Her mouth opened and you knew she was going to shout something bad...

"Next time, it'll be YOUR wedding party!!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, followed by a drunk giggle.
the rest of the room chuckled at your misfortune.
"I-I'm gonna go get a slice of cake." You said as fast as you could, practically sprinting to the cake stand, Castiel now sitting up on the floor.

Arghhh! You couldn't believe you just did that. Poor Castiel! You mentally punched yourself in the face.
Glancing sideways only to find Castiel beside you.

Managing to find your voice you said "S-sorry about that... I really didn't mean to... It was an accident.. Sorry.." You mumbled, blushing.
"It's okay. I didn't mind." he replied. "Actually, I liked it."
Your heart stopped. Did Castiel just say he LIKED it?! turning to look him in his bright blue eyes, he was smiling.
"Wait. Castiel, d-do you 'like' me?" you asked timidly.
"u-um, yes.. I think..."
"Not I think, yes or no."
"But I don't know.."
A sudden burst of courage found its way through your veins as you yanked on his undone tie, pulling him down and smashing your lips into his.
"D-D-Did you like that?" You asked, blushing as you pulled away.
"yes. I did" He smiled warmly. You noticed the tiniest pink blush on his cheeks as he leaned in closer to you, kissing you once again. As you deepened the kiss, the moment was ruined by your Aunt. Yet again.

"Woooooo!" she whistled and cooed. "It's getting HOT OVER THERE!" She screeched, pointing towards the cake stand. All eyes were on you.
Pulling away, you blushed.
"I'm going to get her back.." You mumbled obviously irritated at your Aunt's remark.

Funnily enough, It was actually you who the next wedding party was thrown for.

Okay.... This is a bit shorter than my Dean X Reader
...I think, I haven't really checked...

Okay, So there are probably TONS of typos in this. I'M REALLY SORRY OKAY.
Also, I'm sorry if Castiel is OC. 
I have never actually seen Supernatural, so i'm sorry if any facts are wrong...

So like, yea. I added in a link to the outfit your supposed to be wearing.. I don't know if I should do this in my future fanfics, so please tell me if it helped/made it better/ Improved the story or if it was just annoying...

Please comment, feedback is very much appreciated!
Stuff like:
'You blushed too much'
'too much dialog'
'It was a bit OC'
^ These kinds of comments really help, even if its negative feedback, please still comment!

I got a lot of positive feedback on my first ever fanfic, so I wrote another one. 
Thank you so much, all those that have watched and favorited my work, and the commenters.
Really, I can't say thank you enough.


I don't own any of the Characters from Supernatural, I wish I did TT_TT

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"Oh my god she's still alive are you kidding me?"

Your name is ___ ___ and your... matesprit, Nepeta Leijon, Tac as you call her, is frantically pounding on your door. 


"Do we have to?" you groaned. You were literally laying on the floor of your cute little one-story apartment. Your Siamese cat, Simi, licked your nose. Simi was fond of the troll and in return, the troll was fond of Simi.

"Uh. Well not really but I'd sure as hell purrefur mew did." you heard her make a face. "And befur mew ask, no I didn't kill anyone this time. Da po-po let me furreeeeee~" the Trickster chirped.

"Fine." you simply said, wiggling over to the door and sitting up, staring at the oversized wood plank. "What's the password?"


You stifled a laugh, merely smirking and standing up, stepping back to dodge the olive blood's attempted tackle-pounce as you opened the door. "Hello there." you looked down at her dazed self. 

Her green hair was flopped in her face, cheeks flushed olive in good contrast to her strawberry sparkled outfit. She batted the stray hair out of her eyes and mouth, looking at you quizzically. "What was that fur?"

"Being you." you said, pulling her up well enough you the two of you shared a quick peck of the lips before she stepped back. "Anyways, What plans are we to make?"

"Okay so I heard this damn human holiday is coming on on Sunday, right, soooo naturally I thought we cooouuuld," she pulled out a 12-count egg carton, "color these things!"

You stared at the plastic.


"Well I'm too poor to affurd dye, so I just bought some eggs and paint." she sat the carton down and pulled out one of those skinny plastic lines of ROYGBIV paint, smiling lightly.

"Well, uh, I don't..." you were having trouble trying to explain why you didn't want to color eggs with Tac. Sure, she was a...nice girl and you two are basically in a relationship, but the girl was cray-cray.

And not in a good way.

She murdered a guy and fed you his blood and bone marrow.

"Purleeeeaaaase~?" she picked up Simi and gave the cat an Eskimo kiss, swaying her red tail in unison with Simi's brown tipped one. 

"Ugh-- fine." you said, marching over to the counter where cupcake making was VERY vivid in memory.


So after a while ,six out of the twelve eggs were pained with various colors and designs. Turns out that Tac actually didn't kill anyone, which pleased you enough. Can't trust everyone, after all.

"Daaaaayum, ___, nice eggs." she smiled, poking your cheek.

You let out some sort of 'nyee' noise and swatted at her hand, aggressively trying to make another violet swirl on an olive egg.

You set it down in the carton, eyeing Tac's current egg, which looked like splatter paint took crack and lept onto the egg's shell.

"Nice egg yourself?" you said questioningly. 

After the other eggs were all painted, you flopped on the ground, petting a Simi who padded over to you curiously.

"Ey yo bitchie can I sit next to mew or what?" Tac asked.

"Yeah sure. Warum nicht?" Ah yes, German.

"I don't speak New York." Tac deadpanned.

"Why not?" you said with a hint of amusement. "That's what that means, my dear Tac."

"Oh. Okay~" she chirped and lied next to you on her side, looking you up and down with a light purr.

"So, what now?" you asked almost to nobody.

"I dunno ___, are mew satisfied with the eggs?"


"Good." she stood up after pecking you on the lips. "That was return fur helping me up." she dusted off her pants and went out the door without another word.


You yourself sat up and opened the door, looking at Tac, who was having a laugh attack.

Simi mewled in distress.



Suddenly, a cold feeling was on your neck.

You heard chirping from the kitchen.
I guess some tricksters never change.

Number five in the Tac series.

Read the other tricksters here:…

Nepeta and the trickster idea (c) Hussie

Tac's general idea (c) Myself though I claim no complete character aside from her general portrayal. 

You (c) Branflakes 
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                      Expect them to be flawed,
                      a field of wild flowered-
                      imperfections, sticky
                               & an inability
                      to speak.

                      Love them anyway.

                      Know that when they look at you
                      they are noticing the little things.

                      Your smile,
                           the sound of your voice,
                        the laugh lines—


                       that they know
                           you are walking

                      on the tip of their

                      & they can give you
                         the best sort of

                      Stand tall--
                          Don’t hand them
                      something to write about;
                                    just be you.
                       Promise not to fall
                                   in love
                           with yourself,

                      & please,

                            forgive them
                      for writing about you
                           years, & years
                                 after your eyes
                      no longer give their words

                       a second glance.
because this one can't find the strength to love herself.
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Background 39 by Miabia100


(2p! America x Reader)  


This was just a spark of the moment, why not? Wrote it in one sitting, sorry if it sucks. I felt my fingers begin to write on their own and before I knew it I had a whole plot and characters. Like a warm up I suppose? Music makes you do crazy things; since I listen to music whenever I write it can really change my mood so you may see it in this writing style. Think nothing of it.


Song(s)– Boy by Emma Louise…



Please enjoy











“Can you at least pretend like you love me? I’ve tried and tried again to grab your attention!” I sighed and yelled through the phone yet again, my elegant (h/c) falling from its bun. This was the fifth fucking time this month I’ve been stood up.


“What are you talking about? I’ve gone through and through to get the days off to spend time with you!” I scoffed as his deep voice vibrated through the phone. Yeah right, sure. I knew his boss; he’d let him go if it was for me.


“Sure you are, ass. Just forget about it, I’m not even in the mood to go out anyways.” I waited patiently for the loud growl that was to come from the other line. It came and went.


“You know, being a bitch doesn’t fit you (f/n).” I nodded and rolled my eyes; the only bitch in our relationship was him. It was like he had no idea how to treat a girl. He didn’t.


“Yeah sure, sure. Just go back to flipping fucking burgers Al. Turn off the lighter when you do it.” I smiled once I heard the vegan curse, evidently shutting the phone as he did so.


“I fucking hate you.”


The line went short and I thrust my phone onto my bed laying a few meters away from me. I glanced out the window and sighed deeply, a few meaningless tears rolling down my face like rain. Why do I even bother crying for this shitty relationship? The man obviously didn’t like me and I felt the same if not ten fold but for whatever reason I wanted to make it work. I looked at myself through the window, my bold outfit shimmering to me through the window. A black sheer top layered with the leather jacket Al seemed to always have hanging on him even on hot days, it smelled of him, his musky scent calming my senses. Even when I hated him I couldn’t help but love him, tragic Juliet waiting on a Romeo that would never come. “What a joke love is. It makes people do crazy things…” I shook my head, a gentle smile laced with malice made its way to my face, I stared at myself letting my finger tips touch the cold glass. My white lace skirt and my black combat boots, the ideal date outfit; for a date that was never to come. My mascara rolling down from my cheeks onto my skirt in noir droplets, I wiped them away only for it to stain my powdered cheeks.


“I even tried for this date, even more things to laugh about, I need a smoke.” I stretched my legs out from their bent up position and rolled my neck before elongating my arm, in reach of a pack of forgotten smokes. “He always seems brings the bad out of me.” I’d promised myself off of these for the past two weeks, only sucking on sour lemon heads and apple seeds to peel the urge away from me. I strangled the bright blue lighter in my hands and flicked its lid, watching as the flame flickered left and right, a compelling yet zesty turquoise with a malevolent red. I liked these two colors, they made plum. 


I clipped the end of the pale stick and watched as smoke escaped through one end before opening my red lips, set for kisses but instead kissed at the smoke that made its way down my throat. I sat for a few moments, letting it burn at my throat until letting out a painful yet satisfying sigh, it’s smoke making its way from my nose like that of an angry bull. It felt so good, better than any orgasm Al could ever give me, ha, sex with him was like fucking that nailed club of his. Horrible. 


I opened my mouth and let out small puffs of soot playfully, bored out of my mind. The ideal date that was scheduled for today canceled by not only my boyfriend of five years but the rain that endlessly poured from my window, frizzing my hair from its evil humidity. I grinned evilly as the last of the bud vanished in a rushed finish, reminding me of a certain someone and his dick. “Always finishing first, poor asshole.” I giggled and flung the bud to the floor before smashing it deep into the brown wood leaving nothing but a cloud of smoke, I’d need to vent the room. I pulled up a window, a new cigarette in between my red lips, like that of a straw.


“I guess I’m gonna have to entertain myself for a few hours.” I ran my fingers through my (h/l) mane as the last of my bun came loose falling all around my head in cascades of (h/c). I lit the cigarette slowly this time, letting my eyes cross as I watched the constant plum flickering of the two colored flames mark the tip, a sweet smell of weed hitting my nose yet again, it was a wonderful smell. I pulled it back and let my eyes roll in the back of my head, the dreams and wishes of my adolescent mind flowing away with the clouds of smoke that made their way out of my face holes slowly. I waved them off with the roll of my eyes; this relationship was like meaningless sex. Stupid and only one party was happy afterwards. I crushed the long shaft in my mouth before rising yet again. “Fuck.”  I cursed softly before reaching for a few bags that were scattered all about the room, all of which were Al’s. I cursed yet again; I really had wasted all of this time with a shit monster? I sighed and pulled up one of his many red bags full of who the fuck cared. I began to stuff a bunch of his clothes in them, throwing them meaninglessly into them until they over filled with the clothes he’d never worn.


“Fuck you Al’ fuck you and everything you seem to stand for, even if that means nothing at all you meaningless piece of dog shit.” I whispered silently before tossing the bags out of the window that once venerated the room, the rain that poured and the lightening that zapped and rolled through the summers night blaring out any curses and cries I let out as I juvenilely cackled like that of a child. My nightmares were over! I was free from this curse that was love, I was free once again. I soon began picking up his phone chargers and headphones and even his laptop and thrust it out the bedroom window, which was two stories over the edge of the roof and let them slide down.




I could hear them as they hit the ground, letting gravity do so, so effortlessly I loved it. “I’ll say it once more, fuck you Allan.” I cried out, but this time with pure apathy. I could care less out about that shit as long as it didn’t involve me and at this point it didn’t matter. I stared down at the wet flames as the computer was set on fire, burning all of his clothes in the process. I walked over to the bed in pure excitement laying myself down in a snow angel like position before giggling manically. I gripped a pillow and relaxed for a few moments before yet another idea flew into my head.


I ran over to my bag of clothing, once I kept for weekends where I’d stay with my boyfriend, slung it over my back and pulled out Al’s lighter once again, the withering flame growing as I stared at it, I moved it over to the bed and lit it on fire, the flames continued to grow despite the harsh winds from outside, it was too late for anything to be saved now. I moved out of the bedroom as the rest of the wood and plastic melted into one, creating a large tyrant of a flame, a gorgeous scarlet maroon. I rushed about the house creating more and more small fires that eventually become larger and larger, it was beautiful. I continued until finally every room in the house was a ragging inferno of red and gray, a large cloud of smoke over head as I escaped my demise. Anything that involved us, Al and I were no more, it was all burned down to cinders, under the deep blue sky and the silver rain drops that seemed to try and end my party. Nothing could stop it now, I was well beyond entertained, I was having the most fun that I’d ever had while dating that dick. I was in fucking paradise.


I pushed the door open and stared up at the majesty that was the screaming house, it caved in rather quickly and eventually even sent small flames of wood at Al’s car to which it too blew up, the neighbors freaking out called for a fire department but at this point the house was no more than small burning cinders that cackled and sizzled loudly under Adams ale.  I flicked off the house; my painted nails sending shivers down the pile of burnt black wood.


I left the scene, like that of the rolling winds that seemed to evoke terror into the hearts of the wicked.


I was unchained.



I have no idea, this song is what possessed me to write this, it was definitely influenced by this awesome song, I’m not even a fan of this genre but this was pretty good. 

Boy by Emma Louise… 

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I know I am not the daughter you wanted
But at least you got it right the second time
My little sister found her place in your hearts
But I feel I have never really found mine

Why would you care to listen to your first born?
When you have a fresh blank canvas to create
All of those things that you wish I could have been
Had I not developed such negative traits

But those negative traits make me who I am
And shouldn't you love me without condition?
See my stubbornness as being strong minded
And when I talk, don’t interrupt just listen

I know I am not the daughter you wanted
I scowl but I still need your loving embrace
Though you barely acknowledge my existence
Apart from to tell me what I've done wrong today

But why would you ever want to talk to me
When an argument is never far away?
It’s the tone of your voice that hurts me the most
Rather than the words that you choose to say

To think I was once a baby in your arms
With such innocent eyes I could do no wrong
In many ways I am still that simple girl
But that simple life has now long since gone
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if you want to give someone the silent treatment,
the first step is shutting up.

things made much more sense
when I was younger.
I thought there was one path,
each choice a stepping stone upon it.
in reality there are a million roads
intertwined like rope.

I got lost

I chose you.

promises are easily broken.
I knew that,
but it still hurt
spending friday night
shivering in the rain,
choking on cannabis perfume
in a dirt parking lot
your face never graced.

and I hoped against hope
you might appear,
but I wasted my wishing
on ungrateful you.

aborted love,
you died before taking your first breath.

I took a chance
and I should've known better.
you can give somebody all you have
and nothing can stop them from
throwing it away.

you've made this bed,
now lie in it.
you slit this suture,
you're the goddamn reason
I gave up on the month of april,
and soon enough you'll fall on your own blade
like some drunken samurai.

if you want to give someone the silent treatment,
speak with no tongue.
I beg you,
just be honest for once
and tell me
you don't love me.
HELLO MY FAITHFUL FRIENDS! It's officially spring break! Woot! I think everything's finally settling down with me. I'll probably be on more often now. :heart: I finally got to respond to everyone and I feel much better about that now. 

In the meantime, this poem is probably the single most personal thing I've ever posted here. Le story: I wanted to go on a date with this guy to an open mic night and he kind of led me to believe he wanted to hang out with me, but he never gave a direct answer and then never showed up. So. That was just wonderful. On the upside, though, my friend was there and we hung out and the event was really fun and we got slushies and hung out and we might be performing at the next one. Honestly, I'm glad he didn't come because it was a lot more fun with my friends. And they now insist that he's a jerk/gay for not going with me.

I love my friends. :heart::tighthug:

Still, the little punk hurt my feelings, so he gets a mean poem. 

Bye for now! 

 2014 littleblueraccoon
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I really want to eat you,
you truly ought to know.
So think of this-before we kiss...
...under the mistletoe.

You think it's about romance,
but I just need some lunch.
I smell your blood-in dismal flood... please go drink some punch.

It's best if you avoid me,
no matter what I say.
Your mortal bliss-you'll surely miss...
...if we take things my way.

I'm functioning on empty,
and kinda like a car.
So low on fumes-I live in tombs...
...if you should flee, run far.

This party's for the festive,
I lean towards mad-macabre.
I lurk in screens-and piercing screams...
...necrosis is my job.

I'd tell you all I'm thinking,
but you're already dead.
You chose my mouth-your heart went South...
...and now I have been fed.