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Hey you.
Yeah, you;
With the perfect smile,
Even if it hasn't been seen
In a little (or long) while.

I hope you're feeling okay.
And I think you're
Doing really great today;
You are one less day away
From your perfect tomorrow.
I hope this makes someone smile :)
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Please eat.
Are you listening to me?
If you are,
I want to tell you.
You re beautiful.
It doesn't matter what you weigh,
you shouldn't feel guilty about what you ate.
It doesn't matter,
I promise you things will get better.
Listen to my words,
Hold my hand.
Don't worry about the rest of the world,
It's okay if they don't understand,
How it feels like,
To feel fat,
To feel ugly,
To feel worthless.
You are none of those things.
It s okay to be chubby,
It s okay to be skinny.
Because you have a big heart.
And your smile,
Is like a priceless work of art.
And I don't want to see you destroy,
Because you're more than just a broken toy.
You're beautiful,
To me.
And to everyone else,
So for once let yourself be,
Accept your reflection.
Because you are the definition of perfection.
So don't worry,
Don't be sorry,
To be who you are.
Because you re,
Just another poem :/
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Age: 53
Meal: Six (6) Maine red lobster tails
One (1) bowl of black caviar
One (1) glass of Chardonnay
One (1) scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, topped with dark chocolate ganache and a Maraschino cherry.

Comments: Garbage. I always knew rich people were full of shit.

Age: 46
Meal: One (1) pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s.
One (1) waffle cone, chocolate


Age: 62
Meal: One (1) bottle of Clear American, Fuji Apple flavor
Two (2) Payday candy bars.


Age: 26
Meal: Two (2) fried chicken legs
One (1) bowl of mashed potatoes, brown gravy
One (1) bowl of creamed corn
One (1) glass of milk
One (1) slice of peach pie

Comments: Just like Mom used to make.

Age: 58
Meal: One (1) bowl of tomato soup
One (1) grilled cheese
One (1) serving of spaghetti squash
One (1) Jello vanilla pudding


Age: 68
Meal: One (1) bowl of spaghetti
Two (2) Olive Garden breadsticks
One (1) bag of buttered popcorn, dusted with sugar


Age: 40
Meal: One (1) turkey sandwich
One (1) bag of Lay’s barbecue chips
One (1) Macintosh apple
One (1) thermos of apple cider


Age: 44
Meal: One (1) pint of Johnnie Walker Blue label Scotch Whiskey

Comments: LET’S DO THIS, BOYS!

Age: 36
Meal: One (1) bowl of steamed rice
Two (2) eggrolls
One (1) serving of teriyaki chicken
Two (2) crab rangoons


Age: 29
Meal: Three (3) tuna fish tacos
One (1) slab of veal
Two (2) scrambled eggs
One (1) root beer float

Comments: The tuna was superb. Tasted just like pussy.

Age: 58
Meal: Three (3) Sonic corn dogs
One (1) batch of French fries
One (1) batch of tater tots
One (1) cherry limeade
One (1) Oreo sundae


Age: 37
Meal: Denied

Comments: I’d give an arm and a leg for another arm and leg.
Mature content warning needed?
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     Hiro watched the bustling streets as cars passed and pedestrians walked. He loved the city, he loved the atmosphere, the new places to explore, and the way of life. Because of these reason he decided to live in a metropolis: Tokyo, Japan. He got up stretching from the hard bus bench he was sitting on and said, "Where to next." Hiro was 20 just graduated from college, he wore geeky glasses, messy blonde hair sat upon his scalp, he wasn't muscular nor athletic, he was school-smart which didn't make him good with girls. Yet he retained a positive attitude despite how bad his social life was. He did though work for Apple because of his Master Degree in Electronics at MIT which allowed him to travel to Japan for his job.
     He sighed as he walked to his favorite restaurant; Ukaitei. On his way there a sudden gust of wind blew a certain piece of paper into Hiro's face.
"What the hell!" He exclaimed snatching the paper off his face. "What's this?" He wondered aloud. The note had writing on it, it read 'One's life will soon change for the better' "Oh it's just a stupid fortune." He muttered crumpling the paper and throwing it in a trash can nearby. As the paper hit the trash bag inside, Hiro's stomach gurgled, "Ooh I don't feel well." He mustered running back to his apartment. Once inside he ran to his room before collapsing on his bed passed out.
     In his "sleep" he writhed and wormed as if in pain (which he was). Then he stopped when the changes began to start. First his body hair went "POOF" from his body leaving smooth skin in its wake. Next his legs slimmed along with his arms losing the tiny muscles that once sat unseen there. His hands shrunk too becoming petite and feminine along with his fingers slowly growing in proportion to his hands, this happened to his legs shortening him to a cute 5'3, but becoming longer in proportion to his torso. After this, the small amounts of fat in his stomach area vanished only to reappear in his thighs and butt, each becoming more feminine while his thighs curved and his butt rounded out and plumped up. His stomach area then tightened to the core of a late teenage girl. Soon after his shoulders crashed inwards and his hips jutted in making a hourglass figure making his body even more alluring. Next, his face softened losing any unsightly features like stubble or pimples then rounding to a more feminine shape; cute and alluring. His mouth shrunk, but his lips puffed out becoming kissable, his nose eroded to a petite and cute size, and under his eyelids his irises turned a hazelish blue. His eyelashes lengthened as well. After such changes his hair grew to fit with his soon to be female gender. It grew to about mid-back and turned deep night black, and finally his neck thinned losing its Adam's apple thus, raising his voice to a sweeter, softer pitch. Finally his nipples somehow turned extremely sensitive and his areoles grew twice their size as budding breasts peeked through his T-shirt. With each breath they grew, emanating moans from the feminine lips above. They soon stopped at a BB cup when something stirred down south. His penis had begun to shrink causing 'Ooohs' and 'Ahhhhs' to escape Hiro's mouth. Soon his penis was gone, replaced with a fine vagina, while his balls went into him to make ovaries, the uterus, and Fallopian tubes, finally his scrotum was compacted into a little bud above the slit turning he to a she.
      A few hours later Hiromi awoke in a cute black dress, underneath lay a bra and panties that fitted snugly over her new feminine areas. She yawned and looked around her room, pictures of anime boys and other girly things were posted on the walls, and she felt as though she had regressed in age to about 17 years old. Despite the circumstances of what just happened, Hiromi was oddly contempt with her new change, yes she noticed it and guess what, she loved it. She smiled and got out of bed and went outside to go to a late lunch.
      As she walked, boy's eyes drifted and others said, "Hey Hiromi!", but that was not what caught her interest. What did was a little note flying around, slowly landing in her hands. It read, 'One's life will soon change for the better.' "Indeed it has." Hiromi whispered before continuing with her new life. "This will be fun!" She giggled.
Third post in 2 daysOMG 
I'm laying off requests cause of these ideas I've been getting and you guys seem to like it so here you go!
AGAIN I do not own this picture Kay!
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(A/N : So this is a special, late birthday gift for :icontalithestrange:! Happy birthday, Honeybun~~!!! <3)

You were sitting on the couch in your living room, your laptop resting itself on your lap as you typed and typed some comments on DeviantART. You fucking loved Attack on Titan and well your favorite character was Levi. Yes, he was grumpy, loved cleaning and short, but you couldn't help it! He was so perfect in your eyes... 

You had to be honest, as much as you loved it, you were tired of reading 'Levi x Reader's. You tried doing the 'Lucid Dreaming' shit to go to the Titan world and fuck Levi, but ended up in a 'Sleep Paralysis'. Maybe it was a bad idea to not read of ways to get out of the fucked up state you were in.

So sleep paralysis basically is a thing when you see the things you are mostly afraid of and you saw a Yaoi pairing that you hated for a single reason, You being madly in love with Levi, Ereri. They basically had sex on top of you and you watched how they did that. While being unable to move.

To be short, that was the worst thing ever, so you refused to try it again. You sighed and closed your laptop. DeaviantART was your life! It consumed 40% of your thoughts while the other 60% was Levi. You were known as (DA Username) and not as (Y/n) (L/n). You had more friends there than in actual life! Every part of your life was not real.

Getting up to get some juice, you quickly opened your laptop again when you heard a thumping noise in it

'Did I live a video turned on?' You thought with furrowed eyebrows and what you saw next left your mouth hanging open

"Where the fuck am I? Oi, you ugly (H/c) haired girl!" Levi was in your laptop, looking around with a furious face

"I-I... Wha-..." You started stuttering random words and Levi clicked his tongue

"Hanji and her fucking experiments! I am so fucking murdering her when this shit is done" The raven haired male punched the screen, cracking it a bit. You gasped and blushed

"Oh. My. God." You touched the screen and and it was actually cracked. You were being pranked by someone, but by who? You had no actual friends

"Stop looking at me like that, Brat and explain to me where the fuck am I?" Levi glared at you 

"U-uh... L-let me get this straight. You are Levi Heicho, Corporal of the Survey Corps?" You asked, feeling a blush rising up to your cheeks

"You bet I fucking am!" He growled and you started squealing and jumping around while Levi looked at you confused

"So if I got this right, Hanji teleported you in my laptop. IN MY LAPTOP?! OH MY GOD~" You hugged the computer closer to your body while Levi grunted

"What the fuck is a Laptop?" He asked with an emotionless expression

"It's a box like thing where you do things" You explained with narrowed eyes

"Wow you sound as dumb as Ackerman when she got Friend-zoned by Jaeger" Levi chuckled

"YOU ALSO READ CHAPTER 50 OF THE MANGA?!" You asked with wide eyes and a huge blush "Oh, wait you don't need to read the manga... Anyway, I haven't read any new chapters so could you tell me wh-" Levi cut you off

"Shut the fucking hell up, Woman" He sighed when you stayed quiet

"My name is (Y/n), between... Sorry for making you angry" You looked to the side with a blush

"(Y/n) is a beautiful name" Levi said and you could have sworn you saw a small smile on his face

"T-thank you so much!" Your face turned flustered and you had a random idea.

Turning your laptop on, behind Levi appeared a wallpaper of... Levi. Blushing a bit you moved the cursor towards your anime crush and realized that you could actually move him around. Giggling you started dragging Levi all over your screen while he was shouting 'Stop it, Brat, I think I am gonna puke'. 

"I am so sorry! This is just way too amusing!" You giggled

"(Y/n), I will fucking come out of your screen and beat the shit out of you" Levi glared while touching his stomach

"I-if you manage to somehow come out of there, I have some handcuffs in my house so I know what we will do" You said with a blush and Levi's face changed to disgust

"I won't have sex with a filthy thing like you" Levi clicked his tongue

"S-sex? I was just planning to keep you in my house and kiss you, but i-if you want something more" You blushed again 

"NO! No, no. I will just stay here for now" He sat down and looked at you

"I have another brilliant idea!" You said and scrolled down with your mouse, what caused Levi's face to slam against the screen. You squealed and moved his face forward, his lips now touching the screen. You kissed the your laptop with so much passion... Imagining Levi, his office, you two naked and well... Other things.

"GET THE FUCK OUT FROM MY FACE!" Levi shouted, but his words were muffled. You started laughing your ass off

"I am gonna have so much fun with you, Heicho~!" You sang 

"Shut the fuck up, Brat!" Levi growled. Today it seemed, your brain was ready to torture your beloved Corporal. Opening 'Paint' and pushing the right click, choosing 'Copy' you smirked in an evil way. You did the same thing, but now you clicked 'Paste'. Oh, you were so happy with the result... 

Your screen was full with Levis, but they weren't moving and talking like the original one. Giggling like a retard for minutes, Levi's eyes shined with a silver color and you felt a chill run down your spine. Clicking 'Undo' several times, you were now left with a single, grumpy man.

"Oh, Levi! I got something to show you" You said with a smile and opened your browser. Typing 'Attack on Dust' you clicked the first video

"Look back, Corporal" You said and Levi started watching the video, his face confused while you hummed the good old  'Guren no Yumiya'
( Some of you might now know the video xD
Attack on Dust xD )

When the video was done, Levi looked at you with a raised eyebrow. He seemed a bit sad when he caught a glance of his squad members

"What is this?" He asked with a stoic expression

"In this world you have a lot of fans, Corporal. And I am one of them" You said and grinned

"Tch" Levi clicked his tongue and looked away while you awkwardly sat there. Feeling bad for annoying him

"So, (Y/n), was it? What can you tell me about yourself?" Levi asked a bit uneasily

"Me? Oh, nothing much. I like reading Fanfictions, most of them are reader inserts. I have no friends and that makes me depressed a bit. It just seems no one understands me the way I want them to. I just don't want to be alone anymore, but I can't even find a boyfriend, because everyone in my school thinks I am male, because I don't like girly things. Actually, I am quite girly, but I seem to hide it" You said and blushed a bit, feeling embarrassed for saying so much

"Hm? What do you mean by girly?" Levi asked, tilting his head to the side a bit

"Well, it's true that I love video games and all, but I am also good at cooking and cleaning! I would be a nice housewife, because I am responsible and I easily fall in love with men" You murmured the last part with a dark red blush that matched the color of Mikasa's scarf

"You are good at cleaning?" Levi's eyes narrowed

"Yes, but I just want an emotional support. I want someone who will love me and comfort me! I am tired from being independent" Your face turned sad and the raven haired man noticed that

"I know that these words won't help you with anything much, but I feel the same way. My comrades have died in front of my eyes while I have done nothing to help them. There is no one who understands what I actually feel so I rather keep it that way" Levi sighed "Don't tell this to anyone or you will die the painfullest death possible" He glared at you and you put your hands up in defense

"I understand your feelings, Levi. I know it's hard and I am sorry there is nothing I can help you with" You had a genuine smile plastered on your face. "I thought you would be more grumpy, but I am happy to know we have mutual feel-" You were cut off by Levi's body disappearing a bit

"Oi, What the fuck is going on?!" Levi looked at his body

"L-Levi! Don't leave me, Heicho!" You said with wide eyes

The room filled with silence after that. It seemed that both, you and Levi wanted to say something, but had a hard time fulfilling that task

"Corporal Levi... No, just Levi. Thank you for being a character that kept me happy for so long. My love for you will never waver. Thank you for being Trapped In My Laptop" You smiled while your eyes filled with tears of happiness. Levi's face went flustered and his silver-grey eyes started wandering around

"(Y/n)... You are not a bad girl. You are everything except a boy. You are a woman and don't let some shits' words affect you" He said and hit your screen, cracking it while you were startled. Levi got his cravat off and threw it at some random folder in your laptop. He quickly disappeared and your eyes stayed wide, mouth hanging open.

The only things that were left from Levi, was his cravat, the memories of him in front of your eyes and the words he told you;

"You are not a bad girl. You are everything except a boy. You are a woman and don't let some shits' words affect you"


~Extended Ending~

When Levi returned to his world, he didn't kill Hanji or told her anything at all. Of course, the scientist was interested in what happened, but Levi refused to tell her about him being in another world. So after several months, the Squad-Leader and the Corporal were sitting in the mess hall

"Hey, Shorty~ Do you have a crush on someone?" Hanji asked and fluttered her eyelashes with a smirk

"Yes" Levi answered calmly and sipped his tea. Hanji's eyes widened and her mouth was left open

"W-what?! Who is it~?!" She started jumping around

"Her name is (Y/n)" Levi said with a smile as he remembered your giggling face
I wanted this one-shot to be long, but 2000+ word one-shots
are irritating xD A special late birthday gift for :icontalithestrange:

My beta-reader was supposed to be :iconiloveslushiez:, But I am lazy to
wait for you! xD Gomenasai, Waifu~ <3

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan and it's characters Belong to Hajime Isayama
You belong to yourself and Levi <3
This artwork does not Belong to Me! It Belongs to it's rightful owner!
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Children ask,


Adults reply,


For SixWordStories Questions Contest.

After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with this. What do you guys think? Is it hard hitting? Too simple? Tell me what you think!

Wishing for Neverland (c) :icontruthistruth:
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Old friends,
Slowly crumbles,
To dust.
And memories that once were unforgettable,
Are fading.
And I am trying,
To keep them alive.
Because out of all my old friends,
You re the only one I have left.
And all of these photographs,
I've kept.
Are nothing more,
Than just another piece of my broken heart.

New friends,
I try to keep my mouth shut,
Because I am scared of you,
And what you might think,
If I dared.
To say a word.
So I ll just smile,
And drag myself for miles,
When they should only be inches,
Because I feel i need to be,
Just so you'll like me.
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    You clambered out of the horse carriage you rode in and was helped out by your butler Drake[1]. You hummed in recognition as your eyes wandered across the lavish palace, ears ringing with lively music flooding from within the castle doors. "So this is Rakuzan. A bit too extravagant don't you think?" You asked, turning to Drake with a finger pressed against your chin.

    "Quite. But this palace proves how powerful and rich this country is. Seeing how this country has kept it's legacy for so long, you'd say they have the right to be as extravagant as they wish." Drake muttered as he led you up the long winding stairs and into the polished marble floor inside the palace halls. All across the halls were portraits of past kings and queens that had contributed to the country's rich history.

    One in particular caught your eye. The portrait of the current prince of Rakuzan, Prince Akashi Seijuro. 

    "Today is the prince's birthday is it not?" You brought out the invitation you had received and read it again to be sure. "To be crowned King at his age, he must be the youngest I've ever known, and he's calling for princesses of neighboring countries to look for a queen. No wonder mother had me dressed for the occasion." You rolled your eyes a bit and flinched unknowingly when Drake clicked his tongue.

    "You are speaking ill towards the queen. If you've forgotten then I'd very much like to remind you. You are a princess, learn how to act like one. It would be bad for the royal family if you were to act like that in front of the prince."

    "I know..." You mumbled a bit begrudgingly as you crossed your arms over your chest. "I am not a child, I am aware of how to discern my manners in front of people." Drake nodded as though trying to show approval then gestured to continue walking into the halls. You took a deep breath before entering the large ballroom, where countless beautiful gowns swept across the dance floor. Gentlemen in tuxedos and formal wear stood in one corner, champagne glasses held between delicate fingers. The sound of glasses clinking together filled the air.

    "You look like you're doing well prince, and this party is one of the best I have ever seen. I give you my honest praise." You turned your head to the sound of the voice, where you saw the prince and another noble talking. The latter speaking in a louder tone. "Thank you. I am glad to know you are enjoying. I apologize but I must excuse myself, I haven't finished my greetings yet." The red-head bowed his head curtly then in one swift motion turned his back on the noble man and you swore your eyes met when he did. His eyes, that had been filled with warmth when he talked to the noble, were narrowed to slits and the piercing glare he held now was clearly a look of disgust.

    'His eyes looked so lonely yet swirling with power...'

    "_____!" A high pitched squeal brought you back to your senses and in the next moment you were held in a tight embrace. "I knew I'd see you here! It was a good thing I forced mother to let me come! You look so different compared to last time we met, and...did you shrink?" You sighed before pulling away.

    "It's nice to see you again too Kise, and I didn't shrink. You simply grew taller." The said blonde reacted by patting your head, ruffling your hair affectionately.

    "If memory serves me right, last time I saw you was about five years ago. You never came back to the palace after that last visit, I was really really lonely!" Kise pouted, acting like the very same child you grew up with. "Well, something happened back then at our country and I guess both mother and father felt the responsibilities as royalty weighing down their shoulders." Kise looked as if he had something more to say but the moment he had opened his mouth to speak, a voice announced the start of the dance. 

    "Choose me!"

    "Prince Seijuuro I would be honored if you were to choose me as your dance partner!"

    "Oh please pick me!"

    All around the dance floor, the women flocked together. Trying to catch the prince's attention by waving the paper fans they held in their hands. You paid no attention to the crowd or the dance and continued to talk to Kise. A hand was suddenly thrust in front of you, and you slowly looked up to see the owner of the hand. "May I have this dance?" In front of you stood Akashi Seijuuro. A small kind smile on his face as he held out his hand for you. Though confused at first, you nodded then curtsied.

    "It would be my pleasure." You took his hand and left after sending Kise a glance, in which the tall blonde head had replied with a small wave. Akashi led you onto the dance floor and once in the middle of it, placed a hand on your waist and started to dance with the same slow rhythm as the song. The people watched as Akashi guided you into the dance and moved with fluid motions that captivated the crowd.

    'His eye lashes are long...and his eyes are beautiful...Do all princes have such nice complexions?' The thought continued to play in your mind for a while as you danced as you stared into his eyes. The dance ended and the crowd erupted into cheers. The women had tried to once again approach the red head prince but with a shake of his head the crowd had dispersed.

    "If it is alright, may you join me for a moment outside?" You nodded, Akashi led you out into the balcony. The air was cold, and from where you were now the music and life from the party seemed so far away. "Thank you for the dance. You were a great dancer." Silence. The warmth you had seen in the prince's eyes were completely wiped off and only coldness and a feeling of distance filled his red and gold orbs.

    'He looked so kind just a moment before, how could he have changed into a completely different person in a matter of mere seconds? I don't understand him at all...'

    "If you don't mind me asking, why did you choose to dance with me?" You asked, attempting to start a decent conversation with the silent prince.

    "Because you didn't seem to be interested in dancing with a prince. I wanted to avoid getting caught up in anything tiring if I can avoid it." Akashi replied coolly, his golden eye shimmering in the light of the full moon.

    "I see then I must certainly head back inside, my butler must be looking for me. Excuse me, your highness." You turned around and was just about ready to leave when you heard the prince call out to you again. 

    "I enjoyed dancing with you, I would like to invite you over formally after this party is done. I will have a letter sent to your palace the day after tomorrow and my servants will come pick you up. You are only allowed to reply with 'yes' and 'alright'. 'No' will not be taken for an answer and silence will be taken as yes.[2]" Akashi faced you with a slightly amused look in his eyes.

    "Then was there really any point in asking? I believe you already know the answer, your highness." You giggled, placing a hand lightly over your mouth.

    "Of course, for I am absolute. I am always right and never will be wrong. I await the day we meet again, _[First Name]_ _[Last Name]_." 

    It was the start of something new, a new tale for both. For in this dull party filled with vultures and crows, he had found a dove within the crowd.


Request made by :iconsayathenerd:

I do not own you, the preview image or any of the characters of Kuroko no Basuke.
I own this [crappy] fanfic and idea.

[1] an OC, a butler in my Wilfred x OC story.

[2] was originally Prince Joshua's line in Be My Princess, but I changed it up a bit OuO

On a side note...I still feel sad that the series is least we have the third season to look forward to right? RIGHT? OUO 
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