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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Your Sketchbook application is fine, but Krita treats me like her only son. She gives me cookies, hugs, and love. 

I know we've had a long relationship, but this is goodbye for now. I'll never forget that one time I screwed up with the symmetry tool...

*Kisses entirety of Autodesk's company building(s)
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"So if a cat was good they went to starclan?" Daisypaw asked softly
"yeah, now lets go hunt" Pinepaw meowed
later as the sun started the to set the apprentices had 3 pieces each Daisypaw had two fish and a mouse Pinepaw had 3 fish and Softpaw had 3 fish too as they came into the camp cats congradulated them for the amount of prey the got Shadowpelt trotted over and helped Daisypaw get the prey to the fresh kill-pile later they ate
"let all cats gather beneath the highrock for a clan meeting" Cluestar meowed
cats gathered
"the gathering is tomorrow night and we will see if the other leaders declare war we will have more patrols and apprentices will train more harder there will be a night patrol at midnight for borders" Cluestar meowed
Cluestar's deputy Streamsong looked at her leader "Cluestar shall we start the training at first light and the patrols more cats?" she asked softly
"yes Streamsong" Cluestar meowed "dismissed"
the cats dispersed and Daisypaw followed Pinepaw and Softpaw to the apprentice's den when we got inside it was only three of them there
"why are we the only one's here?" Daisypaw asked
"the other apprentice Quilpaw became a warrior before you came" Pinepaw explained laying down
Softpaw laid down at the opposite side and Daisypaw curled up next to Pinepaw falling asleep
Daisypaw opened her eyes she wasn't in the apprentice's den instead she was in a grassy field river's gurgled nearby and stars twinkled
where am I? she thought
"Starclan" a voice replied
"Who are you!?" Daisypaw meowed
"I am Wispfeather" the voice said and a cat appeared in front of her
"Wispfeather?" Daisypaw asked the she cat was white with brown stripes and black patches and blue eyes stars sparkled around her
"I was a warrior of Windclan" Wispfeather meowed going around Daisypaw
"why are you here?" Daisypaw asked
her blue eyes flashed
"to warn you. a fight that will kill many and chase your clan away is dawning. Stop it" Wispfeather meowed "now go tell your leader"
"wait!" but she was already swallowed by darkness
she woke in the apprentice den
"wake up!" Softpaw's mew sounded Daisypaw opened her eyes
"good!" Pinepaw purred
Daisypaw sat up
"we shou--" Lightfur's voice sounded interrupting her
"come on!" Pinepaw meowed and raced out of the den Daisypaw followed
training had passed quickly and we were sitting under the highrock as Cluestar listed names for the gathering
"Daisypaw, Pinepaw, Lightfur, Streamsong, Whisperstream, Shadowpelt and Quilflare" Cluestar meowed "dismissed"
Daisypaw trotted over to Cluestar "we can't go to the gathering!" she meowed
"what are you saying?"

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