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I've watched it today at summer camp this afternoon, as an activity. It was FANTASTIC! My favorite parts of the movie were ALL the UniKitty scenes. So, yes, seen The LEGO Movie, loved it.

RATING: 10/10

I loved this movie so much, that I think it might become my all-time favorite film, moving Wreck-it-Ralph to #2.

This is SierraTheory1993 (MaroonFreezingRain from YouTube) signing off.
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A/N~~So I'm starting to get into writing....and I'm not FULLY experienced with it..soooo maybe you can give me pointers and tips on making stories better?If you can.....Thanks!Also this first one is gonna be Creepypasta.....Mild language used..... O3O
Title~This Mansion's Gonna Be The Death Of Me

T'was a normal summer day at the Slender Mansion,the pastas sitting around,eating food (or kidneys),and talking about their hunt...ah yes no arguing at all....It was peaceful...

WRONG......In fact it was HELL in the Mansion





"FINE!!Have it the hard way then...."

   'hard way' you thought 'the hell does he mean hard way?'.As if to answer your question the door flew off it's hinges and out that gigantic window (shattering it as well).You directed your attention to Jeff who was standing in front of the doorway,practically fuming with rage.
   "Heeeyyyy,Jeffy..." you said as you chuckled nervously.
"(Y/N)......."Jeff said trying to keep calm.He started to step closer and closer to you making you nervous by each and every step.
"Want some pasta (hetalia anyone?)?Hehe.......OH GOD IM SO FUCKING SORRY I SHOULD'VE OPENED THE DOOR WHEN YOU SAID SO!!!" You said as you fell to the ground pleading him not to kill you.
     "(Y/N)...shut the fuck up and go downstairs to help BEN and E.J clean this mansion you call a hellhole....NOW!" Jeff yelled as he watched you get up and walk out the door.As soon as you descended the staircase a hatchet was hurdling toward you.Ducking quickly in time, you stood there before you turned and glared daggers at the twitching boy.
  "Ooohhh......Heeeeyyyyy,(Y/N)..."Toby said nervously.
You mumbled under your breath as you walked right past him.He was giving you a a look that clearly said 'I thought you were going to chop my damn head off'.You walked out the room Toby was in and into the living room,only to stop dead in your tracks at what you saw...

What did you see exactly?
Oh I'll tell you what you saw~~~

Soooo do you think I should continue with this or a different topic such as hetalia or black butler......?I know....I'm now even that good....Imma leave it up to you to decide....if I get a different topic I needa think new ideas before this happens ------>Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4]Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon Uuugh SHAT UP! APH England: Scared <----(poor Iggy) We don't want me to go insane so imma think of new ideas beforehand.....M'kay Ciao!Kai : Hips  (oh the ideas Sebastian Michaelis (Thinking) [V2]APH Japan: ... Holy Shit!? )
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