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Hola amigos, ¿que me cuentan?¿pusieron el aviso?
Por favor, esto es una advertencia en serio (no como la de la ley S.O.P.A., tranquilos XD) deviantart esta haciendo una selección de cuentas , aquella que consideren falsas o inútiles seran borradas, y te creerán un ignorante si no pegas esto en uno de tus journals, hazlo si no quieres que borren tu cuenta, esto es básicamente la traducción de eso XD XD pero aun así peguenlo
 Aviso por ornellaart (gracias :3)
PD: ¿como estuvo su día con la premium? el mio estuvo genial , a esperar hasta el otro año para arreglar mis journals :'D
Please, this is a warning seriously (not like lew S.O.P.A., quiet XD) deviantart is making a selection of accounts, that they consider false or useless will be deleted, and you believe an ignorant if you do not hit it in one of your journals, do it if you want to delete your account
Notice by ornellaart (thank y
 bien , lo que les vengo a contar hoy parece ser solo para Americanos :D pero como me dijo mi amiga vulturandes (a propósito, gracias por avisarme me lo habría perdido Q_Q) hoy a unas pocas horas de que yo este escribiendo este journal va a volver un eclipse lunar con la luna en su mayor punto, así que probablemente se va a ver lo mas roja posible , y adivinen que , aquí en mi ciudad estoy esperando como una idiota a que llegue el eclipse :heart: es la primera vez que veo uno , y no perderé mi oportunidad , ademas sera en su punto mas alto, MOMENTO ÚNICO! ademas, no se volverá a ver algo así dentro de diez años (no voy perder diez coños años de mi vida, diez años son diez años) sera por ahí a las 2:43 am, aquí en Colombia, obviamente sera una hora diferente en sus países pero el mismo momento, si puedo verlo procurare tomarle una foto , y si me lo pierdo , entonces vean este video para comprobar como fue, al parecer transmitirá el eclipse en vivo 


tiene la cuenta regresiva y todo, bueno compañeros americanos, disfruten del eclipse, gracias a Dios que no es solar o ya nos habríamos tostado los ojos :'D, YEAH!! ahora solo me falta ver una aurora boreal y si podre morir en paz, XD mentira, bueno nos vemos :)

Atenttion, atenttion americans:
I translate them
in a few hours all America will witness a lunar eclipse at its greatest point, this opportunity will not return to stand up in ten years, do not miss it, and whether one can not see the video above to see the eclipse live broadcast, the moon is so red , see you later :)
Alright, so this was my first active day on Deviant-Art....I must say that this website is rather interesting in itself and I will defiantly come on here more. I think everyday I come on here, I will upload one or two photos (Most likely drawings) along with one or two Journal entry. :) Sooo....Yep....I don't have anything else to say I guess....Oh and by the way, the two drawings I uploaded today are both drawn by me in Paint tool SAI, also they are both going to be used for a "Lost Ones Weeping" Amv/Animation which I will be posting on my Youtube channel once done...OuO Yepppp XD ~Le awkward silence~
Okayyy then XD Bai-bai for tonight~
Tiffany,chucky, Glen, and Glenda get home. Tiffany goes inside the house carrying Glen and chucky carrying Glenda.

Tiffany: they were really tired.

Chucky: yeah I know.

Tiffany: OMG.

Chucky: what?

Chucky walks in with his jaw dropped.

Tiffany: our things are trashed. Even Glen and Glenda's stuff are trashed. And who ever did this broke the lights now we have only flashlights and candles.

Chucky looks at tiffany.


chucky walks in the the living room.

Chucky: no no come on .

Tiffany: I'm sorry honey. We can get another one.

Chucky: but this was beautiful. And the best thing is you gave it to me.

Tiffany: aww thank you. But now we have to figure out what to do. Let me call the power company.

Chucky: ok I'll take the kids to bed.

Glen: dad? Why is it so dark?

Chucky: the power went out.

Chucky's pov: I don't want them to get scared.

Glen: but I'm afraid of the dark.

Chucky's pov: well, I tried.

Chucky: ok I'll get flashlights.

Chucky gets flashlights.

Glenda: dad I'm not blind I could actually see what's up with the trash on the floor and.....

Chucky covers her eyes nothing sweety just take your brother's hand and walk upstairs it's dark you might hurt yourself.

Glenda and Glen walk upstairs with chucky. Chucky tucks them in.

Chucky: goodnight pumkin.

Glenda: goodnight dad.

Chucky: goodnight my little hunter.

Glen: goodnight dad.

Chucky gives them flashlights.

Chucky: turn them on when you're scared.

Tiffany: umm..... hello someone broke into my house when I was gone and broke the light's.

Power company: ok what's your address?

Tiffany tells them her adress.

Power company: ok we'll be there in 8 min.

Tiffany: ok thank you.

Tiffany hangs up.

Tiffany goes upstairs to check on the twins with chucky and they were asleep.

Tiffany: they'll be here in 8 min.

Chucky: ok.
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Theres this sweet site:… It's not a software, but you know.. Try it out! Besides blogs about black butler (this site is ciel, but there are other pages) there are pictures and gifs and videos (oh my!) so check it out maybe.

Ps. Still looking for more journal writers. Send a note. Its preferred that you do so. I would really appreciate it.
Sometimes I'm shocked at a pasta's existence. For example I'm shocked at mortal kombat.EXE's existence because it is such a horrible pasta, I'm shocked at tails doll curse's existence because I think the tails doll is cute, and it's such a horrible pasta. This pasta I'm shocked at for a completley different reason.

I'm shocked at this pasta's existence because demo reel is not only a short lived internet series, it was also heavily panned. Very few people actualy liked demo reel, and I was one of them who liked it. So what is demo reel?

Demo reel was an attempt for Doug Walker to do something after he killed of the nostalgia critic along with "shut up and talk", and "sibling rivalry". This was a failed attempt, so much so he actualy brpught back the nostalgia critic. It wasn't his first major bomb (his let's play of bart's nightmare comes to mind), but it was his most recognizable and memorable, (even though I liked both of them, seriously guys, why the hate?).

It amazes me because I don't think this is creepypasta worthy, I mean red dwarf or my little pony lead them selves to creepy possibilities (see my "red dwarf IX" review for proof of that) but this one really only had one and that was used in the final episode.

So enough about the series, what about the actual pasta. I like it.

I don't think it's amazing but for what I got I was entertained. The story is the traditional lost episode pasta formula I found this/got sent this lost episode and it's not what I expected. It has the characters from demo reel (minus Karl and Quinne) and for some reason they are very rarley refered to by name. They talk about something that is in their camera and it's starting to scare them. Then it starts attacking them and Doug and Rachel get a personal meet and greet the grim reaper (speaking of which, have any of you noticed he was the nightmare before christmas, seriously look closley in the background of the town meeting scene, he's right there). Anyway the "monster" has an appearance of about once in the entire pasta, and it isn't described as something realistic or satanic or even something that frightening really. So apparently Malcom survived (so the black guy didn't die? I think that's a first) and the pasta ends after the "climax", like "kiki's delivary service".

So if it isn't groundbreaking, and I don't have much to say about it, why do I like it? well you know how I said that Jeff the killer and suicidemouse.AVI were pasta that couldn't be altered? well this is kind of the same thing, only if it was altered it would stop being "so bad it's good", yes I'm putting it in that category. Not because it's bad, but because it is just a guilty pleasure, I legitimatley feel guilty for reading this, and even more, for liking it. I guess it's kind of like demo reel, in fact it very much is like demo reel.

I don't like this story for being groundbreaking, scary or even well written, I love it because it's so awkward and silly it just has to be a guilty pleasure. In fact a lot of creepypasta are silly when you really think about them. So this is kind of a perfect fit. I recomend reading it if you have no expectations, trust me, it's worth it.

Rating: 7/10 not troll pasta funny, but worthy of being called silly.

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Clue to next review: so apparently shamylan isn't the only horror to our nomad friend.
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