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100 Points Give away! (the prize may increase!)
First for all, thank you for all my friends and watchers who already support me to come this far, you guys amazing!I am a dummy!
And because of that.... I open a give away points! This give away also support my group YoungandArtsy Love 
The participants will get numbers and the number of the winner will be chosen via
Here we go~! Hatsune Miku-15 (Happy) 
1. The main prize are 100 points for 1 winner.
2. If the participants increase to 100 people, the prize will added 100 more points for 1 people (total 2 winner with each can get 100 points).
3. If the participants increase to 150 people, the prize will added again 100 more points for 1 people (total 3 winner with each can get 100 points)
Every participants will get 1 point!
If you my watcher you got another 1 point!

:iconaya-dna:Aya-DNA 220 74
7 Days of RiME
Explore the world of RiME with seven days of new artwork and resources from your favorite DeviantArt artists!
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Explore the in-game world of RiME!
Visit daily from now until May 24th to get exclusive new resources created by your favorite deviants, including wallpapers, avatars, and more! Plus, check out DeviantArt’s Facebook page on May 24th to watch a livestream with TsaoShin!

:icongo:GO 621 803
Feature -- 09

Random from my faves


   Eiranranta by Pajunen
Old age is... by DamaInNero 
Windswept by Metal-Bender   eggHDR2037 by The-Egg
When a fish swims by by gigi50   Duck Pond Last July by MYPeanutGallery
Black and White Beauty by WindraWolf   The rose by wiwaldi24
:iconjocelyner:JocelyneR 71 184
My Daily Deviation Highlights XLVI
TO ME and to MagicalJoey
May 21th -> Felizias 
Wish you all the best ! :heart:
Hello everyone ! 
Welcome to my 46th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you some awesome Daily Deviations of the last 10 days!
Hope you will enjoy the feature !
Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
Poster by Sadania 

Featured by lovelessdevotions
Bullet; GreenGiven 11.5.2017
Silver lining #3 by DmitryElizarov 

Suggested by GeorgeXVII a
:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 49 21
CatCatalogue Vol.#21
Art Features represent the quality work of different Artist's in a mosaic of beauty. With our talents, we have the ability to inspire others with our gifts, it is why we are here. From Photography to Artwork, your work inspires me to create further. My hope is that by a good feature we can encourage each other to grow and aspire to be great!
In my eyes you already are! Enjoy the Feature! 



:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 42 28
Woot! A contest?
Yes that's right! A contest to celebrate reaching 3000 watchers!
I've been od Deviantart for almost 5 years now, but could you believe that last year at 18th of May I had... 37 watchers?! So using this occasion I'd love to thank them for being here for all this time! Arrow left 
I've always wanted to make my own contest >w< now there's some good occasion for that!
If you're interested, please read the rules carefully and most of all - have fun!
Fox emoji - play 
My first 37 watchers! Thank you guys!
:iconmartith:Martith 119 219
Urban Cats: The Series So Far - 08

Urban Cats - 97 by MARX77
Urban Cats - 98 by MARX77
Urban Cats - 99 by MARX77
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
- Leonardo da Vinci -
Arrow down

Arrow Up 
:iconmarx77:MARX77 47 30
how to save an exhausted bee
you will find them almost everywhere honestly
especially on really hot days
they usually just sit in one place and dont move at all, which makes them look more like bugs actually so be careful if you want to step on an unfamilliar/weird looking insect! take a closer look, it might even be a bee
they also move very slowly
its really easy and fast to help them though and they will appreciate you very much for your help
it only takes you about 5 minutes for the whole process and you'll even be able to watch them basically "lick" up their food, its incredibly adorable to watch!
all you need to do is to go ahead and mix some sugar with a few drops of water (only quarter a teaspoon is already enough)
carefully!! pick up the bee with a piece of paper or a leaf and place it somewhere safe like a table or something
you can then place a few drops in front of the bee (they usually dont move a lot since they already used up all their energy for flying around and searching for food)
now you can wat
:iconnhyku:nhyku 159 32
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 05/19/2017

Fantastic Fan Art Friday
Hello and welcome back to another Friday feature coming straight from the Fan Art Category!  This week, we're taking a look at space themed artwork!  Ships, stars, planets and more, these artists take us to other worlds with these fantastic pieces!

Luna by Earthsong9405
Daily Deviation Round Up
Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week.  As always, have a great weekend!
Kiki's Delivery Service - Break Time by einiv
Sylvanas Windrunner by Enshanlee
:icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 24 28
Emergency Commissions! 50% Discount!
Recently i've been with a few problems regarding college(by my own fault tbh) and i am in need of a considerable amount of money so i can get my term paper done until november this year(i'm doing a medieval board/card game btw)
So in order to get the money i'll be making these emergency commissions and lowering the prices considerably (around 50-60% discount) while also posting these discounted commissions in a "Commissions" Widget on my profile
This journal will be valid for the whole year
Well then here we go, the prices~~
50Points  - Rough Sketch!
If you prefer i can scan before sending to you, but it'll take some more time, since i don't have the scanner at home
Price doesn't change if its full or half-body

75Points - Inked Sketch!
If you prefer i can scan before sending to you, but it'll take some
:iconnerissy:Nerissy 129 12
Fickle Friday: Alone

I hear the ticking of the clock

I'm lying here the room's pitch dark

I wonder where you are tonight

No answer on the telephone

And the night goes by so very slow

Oh I hope that it won't end though

<strong align="center">
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 20 12
Rest your breasts
To you little whining shits, calm down about tits on a character. Fucking aye. I don't care if it's a dinosaur and dinosaurs don't have tits.  It's an anthropomorphic creature, it can have ten tits and three dicks if the creator wanted.  
Bet you clicked on it cuz you thought she was up your alley but then saw she had a weapon she could spear your sorry ass with so are crying about it. Never in all my days have I seen so many whinebags cry over something so minuscule as lumps of fat on a character's chest. 
If there's a rock nearby, please do yourself a favor and crawl under it, because you obviously have no fucking clue that breasts, dicks, and vages have all had their place in art since people could poke a stick at fire.  You 'want' to think I sexualized a 'lizard' because that's what your conservative little mind winds around.  Gotta keep them females covered up and if those chunks of fat aren't stuffed under clothing than it's automatically the creator tryi
:iconnukerooster:NukeRooster 117 134
1000 watchers
Today i reached 1000 watchers... I wanted to thank every single watcher for enjoying my art since I'm here on Deviantart.:hug:
I want to thank every single friend I have here on Deviantart for standing by my side, give me tips, dry my tears, having fun, drawing and laughing together :heart::glomp:
And of course I got lots of sisters and brothers too now!
I love every single one like my own family :heart:
They are amazing people :tighthug:
Thank every single one for being here and making me to the person I am now.
Of course here and there have been some tears but together we was able to find solutions and ideas :huggle:
I'm proud of still being a deviantart member and I'm looking into the future positive.
Thanks again for every single one of you for keep making me happy and being there for me!!
And for all the new people:
Here a list of people who deserve a watch since they're aw some in EVERY way :heart:
:iconinkingsky:InkingSky 19 114
MYO Hoodbeast Contest OPEN

Entries for the contest Must be submitted to the folder, here:
Well the Poll has spoken, and I've been dying to have an opportunity to host another contest, so here we go!!
This Contest Closes For Judging on June 10th! at 11:59 PM PAC time!
I may be swayed to extend it if there are enough people asking, but I think 2 weeks is a pretty good time!
-All entries will become official Hoodbeasts when the contest ends, nobody will have to nullify their entry if it has been accepted into the contest folder!
** Winners **
Right now, there will be One overall winner and Three runners up! 
:bulletblue: OVERALL WINNER: 
-Overall Winner will get a Magic Ticket! This magic ticket can be used on the MYO for the contest or a future Hoodbeast. It gives the Hoodbeast t
:iconspockirkcoy:Spockirkcoy 106 33
Musical Feature #1: Forget It

Music: Forget It - Breaking Benjamin

It's a crime you let it happen to me

Nevermind, I'll let it happen to you
Out of mind, forget it there's nothing to lose

But my mind and all the things I wanted

Everytime I get it I throw it away

It's a sign, I get it, I wanna stay

By the time I lose it I'm not afraid

I'm alive but I can surely fake it
Angela ver. 21 century -black and white- by ItOxIc22
How can I believe when this cloud hangs over me
Sin City by CommanderEVE
You're the part of me that I don't wanna see
Pencil portrait of a serval by LateStarter63
Forget it, forget it
:iconpimisatraw:Pimisatraw 18 28
Raffle Bonanza! (open)

Heyya guys! Thank you so much for the bday wishes!! and also still here being here with me and supportive~ i love guys and wanna thank by holding a giveaway raffle bonanza!! SURPRISE !! i will be giving couple of prizes look down below for more info!
- must be a watcher
- favorite this journal to claim ur ticket
- one ticket per person gonna get lucky
- will pick by generator
- end date 23 May 2017
:star:3 Prizes to Be WON :star:
- u can choose any art piece in my gallery to be made with your character request!
- this include only 1 art from full drawing to pixels
- you can get any custom design from me in any complexity
- this also include a custom of my species!! can be up to rare traits  
- MYO of any my species up to rare traits!!
:icononigirystuff:onigiryStuff 104 56
Thursday Tributes: Volume 18
AnimalsPlantsNature's Thursday Tributes to our new members!

Hello, and welcome to AnimalsPlantsNature!
We are one of the newest up and comming APN groups here on DA! 
We would like to take this time to welcome all of our wonderful new members, with a special feature!

Is this what you call paradise? by kliedenedeilk
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 16 60
BB Birthday Movement!
Small update:
It has come to our attention, that some of the update times are different depending on what you have your time set to on deviantart. In order to deal with this, we will follow what i have already started, to keep it as consistent as possible. I have the remainder of the months, and the next already set up. Please feel free to peek at them, and if you have a Bean Birthday coming up, and the official art is NOT the one you want your bean drawn as, then please leave a comment on that birthday page, and i will update it.
Current Month of Birthdays:
Next Month of Birthdays:
If you are interested in seeing a Bagbean Calendar of birthdays, two of our members have been super industrious and made them FOR you already. Please take a peek and thank them for their awesome work - Please keep in mind, they MAY not have their time set the same as mine, uploads w
:iconbagbeans:Bagbeans 90 1,133
Sunday feature #06
As every Sunday, here is our new feature
with new awesome artworks




Lost by davidfiftyfour
Caught fish by tashamille
Katrina by Cold-Tommy-Gin
Faded Memories by annewipf
Hide and Seek by EowynRus
Lightning storm over the sea by GeneRazART
Flowering Mind by Renata-s-art
 Gadget by EowynRus
Minerva by Secretadmires
Immigrant XCVII by Danilo-Costa
Flower Maiden by Shirokibo
That is all for this sunday, see you next week :iconredroseplz:
:iconart-revival:Art-Revival 15 29
It's been a while since we hosted any group events, but we wanted to do something nice for you guys!  Here is to our first group raffle point giveaway!
In order to participate, simply
 The winners will be drawn randomly from everyone who have added this journal to their favourites before the deadline.
The prizes will be
:bulletblue: 1st place winner: 150 :points:
:bulletgreen: 2nd place winner: 100 :points:
:bulletred: 3rd place winner: 50 :points:
There will be 3 lucky winners!
 Thursday, 1st June 2017
 9PM Arizona Mountain Time
Click here to see what time it is in Arizona Mountain Time right now:
Good Luck!
:iconart-fantasies:Art-Fantasies 86 42
My Canada #1
My Canada
My Country
What a great variety of land we have
From the East to the West
and abundant wildlife
I was out today planting flowers
but now a rain storm is happening,
so I am taking a little break 
to do a feature on DA 
until it passes over



 1614 by Rebel--Heart
The South Side of Lake Cathrine by mjohanson
Portrait Of A Moose by Sarah--Lynne .:Black Bear:. by RHCheng Don't Mess With Mamma by Sarah--Lynne
:icongigi50:gigi50 15 65
uninteresting facts abt me
(if you steal this from me don't tag me, there's no need to) 
001. Real name → -
002. Nickname → Skrill, Sleepykinq
003. Status → taken
004. Zodiac sign → Virgo
005. Male or female → male
006. Elementary → -
007. Middle School → -
008. High School → dropped out, I might get back soon
009. Smart → I wish
010. Hair color → black n green
011. Long or short → short
012. Loud or Quiet →  quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans → jeans
014. Phone or Camera → camera
015. Health freak → nah
016. Drink or Smoke? → nah
017. Do you have a crush on someone? nah I'm already taken
018. Eat or Drink → eat
019. Piercings → I'm planning on getting one soon
020. Tattoos → I wish, but I prefer to wait a few years first
021. Favorite color → green
022. favorite animal → Catto
023. First piercing → soon maybe
024. First best friend → can't remember properly
:iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 82 31