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Discord maid by grievousfan
:iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz:Twilight, 'WTF Was That' face. by TheShadowStone

ME GUSTA by Felix-KoT - cropped by grievousfan

sleep is for the weak!
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Free Request (Pixel ART)

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:15 PM

i will review all the oc and open for public to 29/4/2014 hk time,

and i will only select 2 oc..:)..

i did not decide any yet but thanks for shared:)

I am happy to have 465 watchers now^^
I would like to make some simple pixel art paper doll

it is free as i am learning pixel recently, not really not at animation,

i am still ok to draw  digital chibi:)

this is free request for drawing a pixel art paper doll

my oc:
Ali - Gif - First Try by angiewaiwaiOnion-pixel-gif by angiewaiwaiRed bean-pixel art-gif by angiewaiwaiAtsuko gif pixel art by angiewaiwaiOcean - pixel - icon by angiewaiwai

gift to my friends :

Tiratos oc  - lily + Lilium - gift :D by angiewaiwaiTodd-pixel-gif by angiewaiwai

2 free paper doll is available now,

but the time may not sure now,
i may not able to finish recently,
but i do want to see your oc details:3

if you miss the request last time,
feel free to send a request again..

this is not first come first serve..

i may select 2 slot , favor oc to draw... :3..

to get free request, you at least :

  • favor this journal.
  • watch me ( i dont mind is new watcher^^)
  • post a promotion journal and title is (angiewaiwai free request and please mention me, with link)
  • and comment back here ( post your journal and the oc you want)
  • this is not first come first serve,

  • but i m happy to know more about your oc.^^
  • 2 slot only , but i do enjoy know more about your oc^^

people did not read the rule and did not watch me..only give me the link and i did not know before,
just paste some message will make me disappointed..T.T

i will decide what character i draw after a week

this blog open from 23/4/2014 hk time 12:23pm

to 29/4/2014 9:00pm

Skin by SimplySilent
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Sister: :iconhappyguyplz: Alright, gonna get stuff from downstairs for my mom since it's her birthday.

*Goes downstairs*

Sister: :iconwatmemeplz: Wat. I hear a buzzing.



Me: :iconohgodwhy-plz: SISTER WE MUST DO SOMETHING. *PANICS*

Sister: :iconomgrun-plz: *PANICS*


Supah: :iconbiggrinfaceplz: *LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF.*

Sister: :iconmotherofplz: HERE TAKE THE HAIRSPRAY

Me: :iconoh-god-why-plz: ALRIGHT I'LL GO DOWNSTAIRS.


Me: :iconnumbfaceplz: *WALKS AROUND- HEARS IT.*



Supah: :icontearsofgleeplz: *STILL LAUGHING BUTT OFF*

Me and my sister: :iconragegirlbegplz: BUT WE HEAR IT. HELP US.




  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: "Feed the Need" - TryHardNinja
  • Reading: RPs on DA
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Life in China pt.1

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:26 PM

Becoming a Resident - Making it official!

As I am settling into some form of a consistent lifestyle in China, and it becomes less and less about traveling than documenting exactly what it is to LIVE here. Worry not, I can assure you that every day is still just as much of an adventure as my transport here – plenty of juicy bits to follow up on! 

So…I work late. I mean I work really late – most nights I don't get home until 3 or 4am at the very earliest. So it came as a bit of a shock that on this particular Wednesday night, we as a band were informed that we would be meeting at 9am that following morning to go get our residency papers completed and filed. That time doesn't even EXIST for us lol I catch myself saying "goodmorning" at 5pm with annoyingly predictable frequency haha. But apparently this was the only time it was going to actually work to go do this, and since our coordinator (who works our same hours) was going to have to go with us, it looks like we were all going to have to suck it up and take one for the team!

Featured here: Evens on the walk of shame, relocating his very manly bedding…and our destination the following morning.

The Walk Of Shame by tubbums32 Tianfu Square Statue by tubbums32

The process of getting the residency permits (or rather applying for them) was incredibly predictable. Show up, get a number, wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, and then wait some more as your number seems to be the last one in existence... Luckily, when CVL (Crazy Visa Lady for those not in the know) had us get our photobooth visa pictures done, we received multiple copies. So that means I didn't have to get any other pictures taken for this process – hallelujah! And so there we stood, aliens waiting to be accepted under China's wing.

Aliens by tubbums32

If I haven't mentioned it already, things tend to change rather quickly here, particularly at our club. For example, events are planned last minute and sprung on everyone at a moment's notice. The last I told you, Nuno had just joined us at MIU. Well we were supposed to have a rehearsal to get everyone on the same page, as it would be our first time performing together in the new venue. However, to everyone's surprise, when we arrived at the venue that afternoon, the entire place was packed for some special fund-raising event for which food, extra tables and dance instructors had been arranged and provided (yet we knew nothing about it)! 

Food by tubbums32Clubnight by tubbums32

So we performed that night with a completely new member of the band without even so much as a sound check – life's an adventure eh?? We're completely used to winging it at this point haha. Speaking of sound checks…that's a whole other adventure to which there will be several articulations within this journal and journals to come. Predictably, though, with a new instrument present where there previously was none, there was some disparity of sound for the first set and a half, but by set 3 we were up and running as a full ensemble! 

Singers by tubbums32Everyone by tubbums32

To our great despair, we were informed that night – after our last set – that our early morning residency adventures were not yet over. We were to wake again at 9am the following morning to follow our coordinator to some unknown location to do some unknown paperwork for some unknown governmental agency, and given its official nature, there was obviously no choice in the matter…Fortunately, our rehearsal the next day was canceled in favor of much needed sleep (thank you, Claudio!), and as if by cosmic empathy, we were each of us rewarded by a handsome tip at the club that night – not such a bad day after all :D

Residency Application by tubbums32 

And thusly, we begin to establish some form of a familiar rhythm in the day to day activities, even if it is broken up with unexpected twists and turns every now and then. Again, as always, they like to keep us ever ready for anything: "Constant vigilance!" 

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me enferma esta wea

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:44 PM

Como mierda puede haber gente que cree en esas MIERDAS DE CADENAS?

ni te conocen, no te tienen ni en watch pero no hacen nada mejor que pegar su asquerosa cadena
en mis dibujos .-. ni siquiera en mi profile...cagandome mis dibujos.

Oh le pego unas mierdas juntas a 10 personas al fin podre cumplir todas mis metas y sueños!
sere multimillonaria y tendre 20 mil hombres amandome y deseandome!!!

Y entre mas rapido lo pegue, mas posibilidades tengo de ganar!!!

Como no les cruje el cerebro.

Metanse sus spam por el ********

Images *xCreepyBoo & CSS Nesmaty
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~#Dono points (open)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 11:05 AM

Hola, pues cancele el concurso de 100 points ya que habian pocos participantes, y entonces seria mejor donarle a varios, yo me entiendo xd. Asi que donare points*u* 

¿Quieres points?
•Lo único que debes hacer es tenerme en +watch a mi y a ParadiseOfStars (reviso)
•Dime por que quieres algunos points(?)

No le voy a poder donar a todos, y las cantidades no serán muy WOW, seran dependiendo cuantas personas quieran. Pero igual, creo que cualquier cantidad siempre ayuda n.n
Entre todos los que participen voy a estar donando como minimo 50 y como maximo 100 points.

Cuando cierre esto, comenzare a donar. Como no sera a todos, me fijare en las respuestas:3. 


Si en el concurso de 100 points fuiste de las personas que dono 1 o 2 points, avisame, revisare y te los devolveré♥

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TnM Art Feature

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 5:52 PM

I'm doing this because greenpirata's art is FANTASTIC.  It wouldn't matter if these weren't Thomas and Marie but damn is fantastic.


Observador by greenpirataPlasha by greenpirataPlashaa by greenpirata
05 by greenpirataNervioso by greenpirata

We don't deserve such beautiful art. We just don't.

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Dear Zarathustra - Good Morning America
  • Reading: Endearing Irony
  • Watching: DBKai
  • Playing: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
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What did I just read? (Gender Issues)

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:05 PM

Pardon that is sudden, but if you don't want to hear a rant, I suggest you don't read this journal.

I've taken a hiatus from the internet, and I haven't been keeping up on my accounts, but this morning I found myself browsing tumblr, when I rolled across an ask.

The ask read, and I quote; "ACTUALLY, social justice warriors are just trying to do what you white cis fucks have been doing to us for thousands of years so we have a right to be aggressive to you."

I'm not sure if any of you remember tumblr, three years ago. Back before all of the changes in layout and tos, back when there wasn't so much hate, but I remember that it used to be such a friendly place, where no matter who you are, you could make friends and be accepted.

I've noticed that as the community has grown, so has the hate. Segregation continues, and I see people that used to get along hurting eachother. I remember when the amount of hate on tumblr was "OH, JamJars did..." or "Ugh, she runs a hipster blog and I run an anime blog."

What happened? Everyone thinks the world is taking steps in the right direction, but are we? While we continue to pass laws legalizing, we're making social laws that are ruining such great progress, when I read that ask I was appauled. It was as if an African American treated you like shit and called you scum because "You did it to my ancestors for years."

Yeah, yeah we did. We as a nation, and as a world, have exciled and mistreated people of other colors, and races, but is that not entirely in the past? Have you not been forgiven hundreds of times, have laws not been passed to protect you???

Just because something happened in the past that's absolutely no reason to use it as a reason to fight in the future. If you want to see the world move on to bigger and better things, people are going to have to change.

You can't abuse CIS gendered people just as much as you can't abuse a Trans* gendered person. Because, they're both people. You don't abuse people. People are equal and everyone should see that, just because someone is proud of having a vagina, and a boyfriend doesn't mean you can harass them daily. What are you doing?

Are you taking out your hatred because some CIS person once was disgusted by yourself and your gay lover? It sucked didn't it. It make you hurt, it made you doubt the true love you indeed felt.

You know you're making them feel the same way? By telling them why they deserve it you're making it even worse.

I'm disgusted by what the internet has turned into, it's the people who are bullied in real life that come home and take an anonymous face on the internet, the ones that release the anger they have for everyone else on someone who truly doesn't deserve it.

I'm sorry that this is a new trend that I do not, and will not follow. My friends who are CIS are just as loving and caring as all of my friends who aren't. Because unlike some people, I'm moving on from the past. I'm embracing the future. And in the future, we're all the same.

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BIG NEWS: My manga drawing book will be called
"Manga Crash Course: Drawing Manga Characters and Scenes from Start to Finish"
and it will be available for pre-order soon . The book will tentatively be published in February of 2015.
The book will be available as a digital and printed book, Throughout USA and more 

So all my tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate manga drawing will be available to all of you!

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