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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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More on Trademarking Sushi Dogs

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 8:56 AM
I've counted 4 notes now from people who seem to be resentful over the fact that I am trademarking Sushi Dogs, and trying to "correct" me and tell me what I can and cannot do legally?.... (One of them claimed to come from a tumblr dA species hate blog or something? kids make blogs for everything these days I s2g)

I don't think many of you know what a trademark actually is.

A trademark gives someone the sole rights to sell a product / service under a certain brand name. The official Patent & Trademark Office gives full explanations about copyright, trademark, and patents here:…

My lawyer is helping me along with this process. It's very expensive, but it is a worthwhile investment. Once the mark application goes through and is approved, "Sushi Dogs" will be my full, legal intellectual property, and I can sell items under that name while being fully protected by law.

For instance, say I'm browsing dA and see a troll account has made a "Sushi Dog" adopt in an attempt to mock me. I can now send them a cease-and-disest letter, or I can file a lawsuit against them for damaging my brand.
Now, that's on a small scale. My main motive behind trademarking Sushi Dogs is so I can expand them into a line of products, such as shirts, plushies, figures, stickers, etc.
If someone sees my Sushi Dogs and tries to make money by selling their own Sushi Dog items on a larger scale, I would most definitely want to pursue legal action against them. Having an official trademark would allow me to do so.

I can continue making adopts, because they are a goods/service that would be covered by my trademark.

And please note that it's IMPOSSIBLE to protect concepts. The only way to do this is by obtaining a patent, but that is meant for inventions -- not ideas or art. You nor I will never be able to legally own a species, no matter how "original" it is.
(Now, that's just the legal grounds -- blatantly copying others, stealing ideas, and intentionally ripping off artists' work is a moral issue, one that I hope we'd all realize is a truly scummy thing to do.)

For those who still feel somehow wronged by my business decision, please note that this has absolutely nothing to do with closed species. It is a business move. Sushi Dogs are going to become so much more than an adoptable species.
So, I'm not "COPYRIGHTING FOOD DOGS!!!1111", don't worry.
You can continue making canines with chocolate coming out of their ass.... Comme de fuckdown. P:

I'm making another watchers appreciation raffle! This time celebrating 5000 watchers! :dance: ONLY 300 TO GO!
Once I reach 5000 watchers I will do a raffle draw using a random name picker ( 

Bullet; Red You MUST be a watcher
Bullet; Red You must comment; answer the question: How long have you been on dA?
Bullet; Red You must favourite this journal

There's no right/wrong answer to the question - this is just so I know who is active/interested in winning 

:star: Like my Facebook Page (+1)
:star: Follow my Tumblr (+1)

If you followed both of my other pages it is important to write down your username/ Facebook name so I can give you the extra entries.
However end of contest will be decided on when I reach 5000 watchers on Deviantart

This time I made all prizes related to my art, so I know people who watch me are interested in my artworks as well, not just for winning points :)

I will draw 3 people, these 3 people get to select which prize pack they want to claim at first come first service via note

Bullet; Yellow  Pokemon Prize Pack: Both Pokemon XY badge sets

20140617 154234 by GreyRadian

Bullet; Yellow YuGiOh Prize Pack: Yugioh STARS artbook + A4 print

Photo 2026-09-2013 203 2054 2041 20pm original by GreyRadianYu-gi-oh All Stars by GreyRadian

Bullet; Yellow  2 A3 Prints: Winner can select two prints from the following:
A3 prints by GreyRadianA3 reduced prints by GreyRadian

+All 3 winners will be featured!


Bullet; Yellow3 more people to be selected at random to win a shiny Sailor Moon bookmark!

:star:5000th watcher will also receive a free Sailor Moon (Don't worry, if you are the 5000th watcher you are still allowed to win the above prizes as well)

20140708 225853 by GreyRadian

Free shipping worldwide! *However because this is a giveaway I will not be responsible for any lost mail
Please spread the word! Everyone will have the same chance of winning :D


The deadline will be the day after once I reach 5k watchers, I will put up a journal announcing this checkpoint!

I'll be hiding non-dA age related comments and any other questions (and my replies lol) so I won't be confused. But i'll reply to any questions you have :P (Lick)

Please spread the word! Everyone has the same chance of winning :D
Hey here is Pixie Cold, ive got a new message from my brother!!!

"Hey my awesome watchers!!

Oh man, long time no see!! I miss you all so very much! These last few months have been crazy busy for me, so much to do here in Switzerland! I enjoy being a missionary so much, it is really the most fulfilling experience I have ever had! Right now we are preparing a huge musical and artistical event in Winterthur. So I am actually getting to use my talents even in this great work! It really brings so much joy!!
I hope you all are doing well! Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes! My daddy just wrote me about them and it moved me so much, that even after that time I haven't been on here, you are still thinking of me. I really love you all! Stay creative and I will see you soon! My mission ends in about 8 1/2 months! I am so excited to return and start rocking dA again! Haha :D You all are the best!! Stay awesome!!

Your Sanguis :la:"
5 minutes here for Ninjakato.

"Why do you artists always get so pissed off when someone uses your artwork? You should take it as a compliment!"


"You should take it as a Compliment --"
2579886-5567648625-incon by NinjaKato

A compliment would be admiring an artist's work where they post it, and if you really want to use it that badly, complimenting them would be you having enough respect for them to ask first. 
Most of us don't get mad because you use it, it's because you use it without asking or pretend you didn't know who/where it came from when there's a link to where you can find the original artist on the image. 
Taking someone's car to crash it in a derby isn't a compliment to them any more than taking someone's art to wreck it or claim it is a compliment. More so without asking. 

"What about realism artists?! They copy from photographs all the time, no originality there but you don't yell at them for copying photos! What makes some one copying/tracing another artist's work so different?"

Thinking-cap1 by NinjaKato

Firstly -- When someone is referencing a photograph they are essentially looking at pure material. When you do this you are usually looking to draw something realistically and precisely enough to where it's recognizable and anatomically correct. 
Referencing is not the same as tracing. Copying? Yes, to a degree but there's a hook -- Copying a stock photo to ensure decent anatomy is different than taking another artist's work and copying/tracing it for anatomy practice. If their sense of anatomy is wrong you aren't learning anything at all. 
Photos can technically be someone's property but if they put it as stock or reference material they offer it for free license and use by others. They took the image with their camera but they forgo complete ownership in a way. 

Secondly -- Copying a photograph for anatomically correct proportions hardly renders an image 'not creative/original'. Creativity doesn't come from the references used, it comes from the artist's ability to use them in a creative and innovative fashion. Copying or closely referencing a photograph merely dictates whether or not the final outcome is either believable or properly proportioned. 

"If you didn't want it stolen, don't post it online."

Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF by NinjaKato

If I got money for every time I've heard this, I'd have a Ferrari by now... 
Look, just because it's there doesn't mean it's free to take. More so if it's got someone's name on it. My car being parked on the street doesn't mean someone can just hop in and take it for a spin -- "It was just sitting there, your name isn't on it!" 
"Online ≠ Mine" 
A store putting a plate of cookies out on the counter doesn't make them free unless they say 'free cookies!' and even then, you're better off asking in case it's not THOSE cookies that are free. Artists shouldn't have to be worried about their stuff getting ganked because people can't keep their hands to themselves online. It's called common sense. Use it. If you didn't make it or ask for it and get the 'okay', it's not yours. 

"I'm just using your character's likeness -- it's not like I'm claiming I drew it or created it!"

tumblr m4usxzWq5j1qezk6n by NinjaKato

And you can't create your own characters? I mean, you can write out everything about them so why not write out a description as well? 
I can't entirely speak for other artists on this one but creating a character is hard work enough let alone drawing it out to the specs you want. Many of us spend hours or even days-weeks-months trying to come up with decent characters and we put a lot of heart and soul into them. To you they may just be cool drawings but to us they're our creations; part of us. 
I think a lot of people are well aware that if you see someone with 20 different art styles in their list of characters chances are they didn't draw them. So it's not that people are claiming they drew them (not all the time anyway) -- it's again, using our IP for your RP without asking or respecting our rights and terms as the original creator.
You can't copyright ideas or even colors, markings, poses, and personality traits. However, images are something an artist CAN copyright. If you want to have a blue and orange wolf character that acts like Optimus Prime, fine. You can do that, but you can't take someone's wolf version of Optimus Prime and use it as a bio pic for your character without asking. Catch my drift?  
Write out a bio to describe your character, it works just as well if you're a good writer -- And if you're that hard up for a visual, ask or pay an artist to draw it for your personally. Then your character will be made up to specs you want instead of having to steal to get something close.

So you see, it's not that we're selfish whiny pissbabies... It's more because we love our work and we'd love you to enjoy our work as well. On OUR terms. If you respect an artist, respect their rights and terms. 

End of story.

My turn.

First of all, stealing original images and act stupid when you get caught doesn't pay off. Nobody is going to care about your shitty excuses. You got caught for art thievery and you must wear consequences for what you did. Artist wont have nothing against it to use their art as long as you ASK THEM FIRST! Seriously, it's not so hard to ask original owner by viaNote. :note: and ask him:
May I use your art for RP Forums, chats, as an avatar, ID, to practice my skills on and so fourth. Artist will answer you with yes. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T CLAIM AS OWN AND ONLY USE IT FOR PERSONAL USE! Desktop [background for your computer], iPad and other type of crap which count as a personal use. If you edited, recolor it, make a stupid memes, cheap screenshot, crappy photo manipulation, or try to make a stock image out of it. Then it's called art thievery and you will get busted by his fans and by original user. If you like someones carachter, art, photography then make a fan art for him to show how you respect his skills. It doesn't matter how crappy and poor look like, matter of point is, artist will respect it and share it with his followers and others on dA.

There's a button called "Favorites" on every deviation page you visit, use THAT to add stuff you like to your collection, because that's why it's there.

This one is so obvious, :grump: I don't know how many times I heard stupid excuses like:
But I'm faving it because I like it. I don't steal it if I post it on my gallery account. Or an example of this can be found on every stolen deviation they submit:
I'm just sharing it to show others, on that way I'm making original artist more popular. No you don't, you just make yourself look like a total fool when you do that. :facepalm: If you want to make original artist popular, here's a better idea, featured their work in art community groups, on that way people will see original art and spread to other art community groups so others can view it. Or even better, suggest a DD [Daily Deviation]. There are plenty of volunteers who will listen your suggestion of which art should be featured in Daily Deviation category so everyone can view it and share it in other community groups by via Journal features. On this way you will make artist more popular and show him how you respect his hard work he spend by making an official character, commissions, personal OC's and yadididi yadidi ya. Stop being a cry baby. :| You're not making yourself look smart when you say all these words I mention it above, you look like a total idiot when you behave like this.
But A'm autistic I don't knouw da ruls, stap bulling mi!!1!
Oh Dear Lord NO! Just not THAT! :facepalm:
Bullshit Excuse Stamp by Maria-Oregon Your Own Damn Fault by Maria-Oregon Your stupid rules are not DA rules by Maria-Oregon Learn The Rules People by Maria-Oregon
Also, :| Learn what bullying is, before you decide to throw THAT type of tantrum as a shitty confetti. :|
What is bullying?
Here what bullying actually is:
Cyberbullies, what are they and how to avoid them?Cyberbullies are today the biggest problem of the dA community, many members don't know how to deal with them or how to avoid being cyberbullied by a cyberbully. Best thing would be is to block him, write a journal about him, warn your friends to be aware of him in case if cyberbully attack them. Contact the antitheft groups or group which are dedicated for dealing with cyberbully problem. Fill a ticket to helpdesk and wait for admin of CEA Communication to assign your request and decide what to do with a cyberbully who harass you and your friend.
First of all what is cyberbullying? That is a question that many people ask and most of them don't know the answer, while some of them use a term cyberbully when somebody enforce them the rules of dA terms of service or telling them to take violation image down. This is a typical thing for a thief to say a member:
You're bullying me stap it!!!1! No! Bullying is not when somebody enforce you the rules of dA terms of service, bull

Keep it in your mind that this is deviantART community, not
  • deviantTRASH
  • deviantGARBAGE
  • deviantPHOTOBUCKET
  • deviantFACEBOOK
  • deviantTUMBLIR
This is deviantART made for ART community, not for posting things you don't own. If you believe you have rights to post whatever you found on internet, then this site is NOT a place for you. Deactivate yourself and go back to cave where you belong. People like you are NOT welcome here. :icongtfoplz::icongetoutplz::icondoorplz: Or even better, got to Facebook and post garbage you stole it there. Facebook don't care about artist copyrights. It's perfectly fits them when their shitty site is filled with art thieves like you. :|

Also learn a difference between nagging and explaining you the rules of dA shit before you start trowing that tantrum like a shitty confetti because you don't know both of that. :stare:

Nagging, in interpersonal communication, is repetitious behaviour in the form of pestering, hectoring or otherwise continuously urging an individual to complete previously discussed requests or act on advice. A form of persistent persuasion that is more repetitive rather than aggressive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nagging is "the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed".[1] Thus, nagging is an interaction to which each party contributes.

According to Kari P. Soule "That Interpersonal ritual is nagging. Yet, the term nagging seldom appears in interpersonal communication or conflict textbooks.It appears that "nagging" is commonly used in everyday conversation but it rarely makes it to academic print"[2]

The word is derived from the Scandinavian nagga, which means "to gnaw".[3]

Nagging by spouses is a frequent marital complaint. Psychotherapists such as Edward S. Dean have reported that individuals who nag are often "weak, insecure, and fearful ... their nagging disguises a basic feeling of weakness and provides an illusion of power and superiority".[3] Nagging is sometimes used by spouses of alcoholics as one of several "drinking control efforts",[4] but it is often unproductive.[5] Psychologically, nagging can act to reinforce behavior.[5] A study by the University of Florida found the main factors that lead a person to nag are differences in "gender, social distance, and social status and power".[6]Nagging has been found to attributed to be more of a feminine form of interpersonal communication rather than masculine. Nagging is often seen as at repetitious form of persuasion rather resorting to more aggressive persuasion tactics in order to gain compliance .Which was found in a study by Kari P. Soule (Ph. D., Communication Studies)--Northwestern University of 63 females and 40 males aged 19 and one of 202 people aged 24 to 84-49.[7] An equal number of men and women nag,however studies have shown that women are more likely to nag both men and women ,while men are more likely to nag only men . Meaning women nag all people,which can be attributed to the reason why women are stereotyped as nagging people all the time.

Nagging can be found between both male and female spouses, though usually over different subjects, according to a Good Housekeeping article which described husbands' nagging as usually involving finding "fault with their dinner, with the household bills [and] with the children", along with "carry[ING] home the worries of business."[8]It has been found that behavioural noncompliance is more common among spouses. Behavioral noncompliance referrers to when person whom is being nagged remains silent while being nagged or who agrees to complete the request, but later does not follow through. This is strategy in order to end the confrontation or interaction quickly without conflict, which is why its is common among spouses or partners. As the nagging interaction that starts out in a calm and polite manner which continues and persuader becomes more repetitive, the interaction is more likely to become aggressive in nature. The persuasive target could also respond in a more direct fashion through the tactic of verbal noncompliance. Verbal noncompliance refers to when the persuasive target telling a persuader through word that they will not comply. An example of verbal noncompliance could be a simple no, or I am too busy right now more even more elaborate response. This tactic does end the nagging interaction more rapidly; however it can cause a more aggressive response from the persuader who may alter persistent persuasion to threats or another aggressive form of persuasion.

Parental and child nagging

In terms of parental nagging of children, a study at Washington State University in 1959 stated that this nagging was a "symptom of the rejection of the child" because of the way that children interfere with the parents' "individual needs and aspirations" with their requirements of "time and energy".[9] According to James U. McNeal in his 1992 book Kids as Customers, there are seven classifications of juvenile nagging, wherein children nag their parents to obtain something they desire.[10]

The interpersonal interaction

Nagging as a form of interpersonal communication is considered to be a form of persistent persuasion that requires a persuader and a persuasive target. The interaction can be broken down into a 4 step interaction process according to Martin A Kozloff A researcher whom has identified in his work the four main steps of the nagging . The 4 steps in the interaction are as follows:

  1. Nagger gives signal to perform or stop performing a task or behavior.
  2. Naggee does not comply to request from the nagger.
  3. In response the nagger repeats their request or signal in further effort to gain compliance.
  4. The Naggee again responds with non-compliance

Kazloff argues that this interaction cycle continues until the Naggee complies to the Nagger’s request or the nagger gives up the attempt to persuade the Naggee. Kazloff also identifies other important aspects of the persistent persuasion such as non-compliance is necessary for the persuader to be persistent and the persuader will often change the initial requests words and Paralinguistic cues as a strategic tactic. This will hopefully entices the persuasive target into complying with the request. Nagging a very common form of persuasion which is used in all aspects of life whether domestic , professional it is common practice in order to avoid more aggressive persuasive tactics like threats.[11]

When you start following these rules we mention it above, you wont have problem with us and you will longer. Follow them and everything will be alright. :pat:

When I get vacom tablet and start posting my staff in my gallery, I will spam this in every gallery submission I make to get in their tick heads that thievery doesn't pay off and they cannot use my art! :grump: You may use it, only if you ask me first. ;)
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Gender Roles/Stereotypes

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:21 AM
(Reposted because, dA, you really need to stop lagging.)

The opinions in this rant are my own, and if you don't agree, that's all up to you. If you do agree with me, thank you! I appreciate it. ~

You're a man, so you're supposed to be as masculine as possible. Don't do anything feminine or you'll be seen as a pussy and a faggot.

You're female, so it's wrong to have short hair, wear men's clothing, or do anything that isn't painting your nails or doing your makeup. You're not allowed to hold down a rough job because you have a vagina.

Yep. Those are the classic bullshit excuses. How about I fix those statements by saying:

You're a human. You have feelings, preferences, abilities. Regardless of what people think you should be because of your gender, you can do whatever you choose. If you are a male and want to dress femininely and wear makeup, go right ahead. If you're a female and prefer dressing in a more manly manner, do what you're most comfortable doing. Similarly, if you are happy with your gender and want to behave and act accordingly, you can do that, too! It's whatever you feel, whatever makes you happy. Happiness is what we should be striving for in ourselves, and I understand how hard that can be with those who have nothing better to do than sit and stare and judge someone for being themselves. People say that being fake is wrong, yet they want us to be what we're not. I would say that defines fakeness, wouldn't you agree?

There's nothing wrong with a feminine man. There's nothing wrong with a masculine woman. There's nothing wrong with a manly man. There's nothing wrong with a girly and delicate woman. Remember that. There's nothing wrong with you. I'm sure a lot of you out there are still trying to figure out exactly what and who you are. I am, too. Finding yourself takes time, so don't worry about it if you aren't sure yet.

Another thing I want to mention in this rant is gender roles and how people think others of certain genders should act in relationships, I.E, the Seme and Uke mentality.

If you're in a relationship and you want to be the submissive type, aka 'uke', good for you. If you're the top and consider yourself the dominant one, aka 'seme', fine. Whatever you want. But it seems like instead of male x male or female x female relationships, people see it as seme x uke as if life is some sort of yaoi or yuri manga. I guess that's one reason I really don't like most yaoi, is because it doesn't depict gay relationships well. At least not to me. When I see a gay couple, I don't think 'Oh, I wonder which one is the dominant one, nyanya~!' I think 'Oh hey, a nice looking gay couple. They look great together.' The reason I'm mentioning gay and lesbian couples more so than straight couples is because it tends to happen more often than not that if someone sees a straight couple, they go 'meh', but when a gay couple is thrown in, it's all about how this one must be the uke and that one must be the seme, and how sexy it is. Can't you just enjoy the fact that a gay couple is in love instead of worrying about who's on top and who's on bottom? I've bullshitted about how I was both a 'seme' and 'uke' before, but the reality is that I'm neither. I'm just Kyra.

I know this is probably an iffy topic with some and will piss someone off, but hey. I'm not saying that all yaoi fans see homosexuality in that light. Figure out the exceptions for yourselves.

I guess the thing that inspired this rant is that I've been feeling lately that, for some reason, I need to be more feminine and girly and 'cute' to please people. What I and a lot of others need to do is forget about what we're 'supposed' to be and be what we are. If I want to wear a dress and heels, damn it, I will. If I want to wear boy clothes, I will! If I want to cut my hair, I will. If I want to wear makeup, I will. If I want to do hard manual labor that's too 'rough' for a female, screw you, I'm gonna do it. Because I may be a female, but I'm also a human being. Same goes for my 'role' in a relationship. It's whatever I feel like being at the time.

So...don't let other people determine what you are as a person, because in the end, you're the only one who knows what and who you are. :) (Smile)

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Hello all~ I really need to practice my chibis so I'm going to draw some of your characters for practice~

I will pick three people and draw them one chibi each.


1. You must be watching me.
2. You can only enter once per raffle. (Since I will probably be doing more.)
3. Comment on this journal, do not note. Notes will be ignored.


If your name gets picked

Characters I will draw:
:bulletgreen: Your OCs
:bulletgreen: Fanart
:bulletgreen: Humanoid characters
:bulletgreen: Anime style

Characters I will not draw:
:bulletred: Any likeness of a real person (sorry but I won't draw you, your boyfriend, your mom, your friend, Tom Hiddleston, etc, XD)
:bulletred: Animal/creature characters (this includes furries)
:bulletred: Realism -- I can draw realism but I'm not good enough to sell art in that style yet XD;


I will draw three names on Wednesday at 11:59 PM Central time.


Mon Jul 21, 2014, 7:42 PM

the time has come
the time
I honestly have never done a contest before so here we go
You have to-

Draw Peanut in one of these expressions - 
Or psycho peanut. :peace:
you must-
-Be one of my watchers.
-Favorite this journal.
-Advertise this.
you musn't-
-Comment saying you are going to enter and don't. (If your not sure, note me.)
-Be a bad sport if you loose.
-Comment on other peoples' entries saying "This sucks, and you know I'm ganna win !!"
you are allowed to-
-Make it an animation
-Make more than one, two, three, as many as you want entries. (The more the better.)
-Add your character.
you are graded on-
- FIRST PLACE : 1,000 points, a watch (If I don't watch you already) , A llama, your art will be mentioned, an icon, two wiggles, two shaded fullbodies, and a headshot. (not shaded)
- SECOND PLACE : 500 points, a watch (If I don't watch you already) , A llama, your art will be mentioned, a wiggle, and a shaded headshot.
- THIRD PLACE : 200 points, a watch (if I don't watch you already) , A llama, your art will be mentioned, and an icon.

Deadline is 8/1/14



Entries :

Peanut is excited by oliviathekitty  Where is the peanut butter? by oliviathekitty  [CE] : {Peanut,ily} by Rose-Desu  entry 1/3 by Tushamu  Peanut contest entry by CharlieDaWolfBoats and birds by xxXK1TT3NXxx       Peanut by VeryCorny        Hesitant by blubeans51    {CE} yay for PEANUTS by Topaxx     Contest Entry // by ClTlES     

2000 Points Give-away - deadline added

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 7:35 AM

 I do not want your favs on my art or a watch, unless you like my art.

I will never force anybody to look at my art.

I rather give away points then commission , I am not aiming to gain something from this.
Except making you happy :D


1.  Add this journal as FAV!

2. Link me a artwork from your or friends gallery

I will try answer EVERYBODY who writes , and no copy and paste!

The Prizes:

There will be a total of 3 winners for points who will be selected with a random number generator  :D (Big Grin)

  • One 1000 point winner
  • Two 500 point winners 



This is not for the winner of the points give away, just something extra.
Send me a note saying : I WANT THAT DRESS
Shinrin Dress -  (OPEN ) -price change by Queen-Soulia


1 You must use it, and credit me for the design . Color changes are OK and removal of wings.
2. You can sell it , but max for 300 pointsAnd it can never be re-sold for higher price.


31 July

Some insight on the upcoming pages of IEPFB

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 9:15 AM
As you know up to the point where Lulu gets attacked it was fairly happy and cute. The darker side wasn't very visible up until Zalgo came in his human form. 

That was all fun and games, however, we have gotten to the pivot point in the comic. Basically all the way up to pg 75 was all the PG13 kinda stuff. 

Now we get to the fun part, this is your warning now. The rest of the comic will include gore, sexual themes, even more of Jeffs fabulously diverse vocabulary and a shit load of new characters. 

Again up to page 200 it will be relitivly fast paced because I already sketched all that in advance.  I am starting to work on the next 100 pages in a slower fashion. I am also putting in nice bouts of humor as I go. 

So this is the warning for all you weak at heart peeps. My shita gunna get real bad because this is a creepypasta comic. I am attempting to stay close to the true horror and gore of the fandom.  

Thats all foe now Chibi Army

:heart:~ Tobi

 photo DSC03587.jpg

Hey there kettle surgeons!

Well, I’m back from my overseas sojourn to the land of the rising sun, and I have to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Japan is totally awesome. Like, seriously amazing. I’m absolutely going back there the next time I have an expendable few thousand dollars.

I went there expecting a country composed entirely of high rise buildings resting atop several layers of scurrying businessmen, with a couple of distant rice fields hidden behind kilometres of smog.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The trip started a bit hectically, with our flight to Melbourne being delayed three hours. Curse you Jetstar (domestic)! This meant we almost missed our flight to Japan, but due to G’s cautious planning, and some arguably illegal line jostling, we made it just in time.

While not sleeping on the ten hour night flight to Japan, our greeting to the country was an amazing sunrise. Not even the complimentary in-flight crying baby could dampen my spirits at this sight.

 photo P1010015.jpg

Our train ride from the airport was my exposure to the true nature of this amazing country. What could at first be mistaken for a very large Miazaki film poster was, in fact, the actual breathtaking scenery of Narita. Enormous, snow topped mountains rose on every side behind blindingly green, luscious greenery barely kept at bay by geometrically perfect rice fields. These were interspersed here and there with beautiful, traditional style Japanese houses. Not a spot of graffiti or litter was to be seen (which was suspicious and alien to me at first, coming from Australia)

 photo DSC03749.jpg

As we came into Tokyo the fields made way for huge skyscrapers, but the city itself was immaculate and had a very safe feel to it.

 photo P1010066.jpg

Their police cars are awesome. Pretty sure they transform into something. Although I’m not sure what Japanese police even have to do. There doesn’t seem to be even the slightest trace of crime anywhere.

 photo DSC03753.jpg

The utter politeness, friendliness and helpfulness of the Japanese people were first encountered at our first hotel, where we were able to check in our bags early, had much needed showers and immediately took a train to Hamamucho where the Pokemon Centre is. Georgie quickly figured out how to turn the train ticket machines into English so we could get around.

There were drink vending machines literally every 200 metres. Coming from Tasmanian winter into Tokyo heat, I wasn't complaining.

 photo DSC03590.jpg

The Pokemon centre was amazing. I’d never seen so much merch and cool giant statues. I would have felt just like a little kid again, if the customers of the store hadn’t been almost exclusively adult American tourists.

 photo DSC03514.jpg

After our visit to the pokemon centre we went to an awesome park with a huge lake, turtles, Koi, immaculate trees and temple structures.

 photo DSC03549.jpg

And this shot even has the Tokyo tower in it!

 photo P1010055.jpg

At this point we could have probably left Japan in contentment but we were just getting started!

The next day we took the train to Akihabara, the Otaku centre of the world.

We visited the Gundam café, where I had a coffee with a Haru on it and a curry in the shape of a Zaku head. On the menu, one of the Engrish ingredients of the Zaku curry was ‘greenpeace’ which I thought was amusing.

 photo P1010101.jpg

The café itself looked like a starship bridge, only with more alcohol, Gundam models and TV screens.

 photo DSC03570.jpg

We bought so much from the various amazing stores here. We would worry how we were going to pack it all later. Each store was more awesome than the last! They were all at least five stories tall and just got cooler as they went up! I think it is obligatory that each building in Japan has a Gundam level in it.

 photo DSC03560.jpg

A highlight was visiting the Kotobukiya store where I got a lot of Solotorobo stuff and Zoid model kits. Monster Hunter 4 had just been released in Japan so G got a whole heap of merch related to that.

 photo DSC03563.jpg

 photo P1010089.jpg

We had Japanese KFC which we found to actually be superior to our own.

 photo DSC03603.jpg

The next day we took a long train to Omachi, where my sister lives. We saw Mt Fuji on the way which is good because we didn’t end up walking up it on account of my broken toe.

 photo P1010117.jpg

Seeing Britt again was amazing. In a way, it was just like old times and we forgot she’d been away for a year. We went right back to conversing like we always had.

 photo P1010128.jpg


 photo P1010135.jpg

She took us out to a Nepalese restaurant (we seemed determined to eat at every type of restaurant except Japanese, but that was not on purpose) This picture isn’t of that particular restaurant but I thought it was too awesome to not have a picture taken of it.

 photo DSC03650.jpg

After that we did Karaoke which was brilliant! We drank and sang awesome nostalgic songs of which we have many. G and I did a pretty bangin’ Barbie Girl duet.

 photo DSC03652.jpg

The next day we went swimming at a huge, mountain enveloped freshwater lake. This was especially great as we were sweltering in the 34 degree heat. We took the wrong train, but a very nice lady took us to the lake in the back tray of her tiny ute. (or pickup truck as I guess most people would call it) One thing I did not expect to do in Japan was ute surfing, but it was surreal and exhilarating.

 photo DSC03661.jpg

 photo DSC03664.jpg

 photo DSC03688.jpg

On one of the jetty’s, some people were making huge bubbles. They bounced across the water in an unusual way. I used my ultimate Australian level swimming skills to go out and pop them all.

 photo DSC03697.jpg

 photo DSC03741.jpg

That night we met Britt’s American teacher friend Kimberlin. We had cake and talked about Britt’s evil alter ego that she had apparently decided to employ in Japan. I told Kimberlin it was all lies.

The following morning we took a train to Kyoto. At least that was the plan. It turned out the train line to Kyoto had been destroyed by tsunami’s; something the ever helpful Google maps had failed to mention. Others had also apparently not been told, so the bus to Kyoto was full. We had to take several connecting trains and a bus through the mountains to get to our destination (which turned out to be pretty breathtaking in its own right.)

 photo P1010155.jpg

 photo P1010150.jpg

Once at Kyoto we collapsed in the room of our ridiculously fancy hotel and ordered room service. Never before had I been more fully aware of my bumbling, uncouth, neanderthalesque western nature than when our food was brought to us by an immaculately dressed, softly spoken Japanese man on a trolley made of silver and whiteness. The opulence was strong with us that night.

We also had a pretty good view of the Kyoto tower from our room.

 photo DSC04114.jpg

After dinner Britt and I went to check out the local electronics store, which of course was a five storey monstrosity containing more games and anime merchandise than the whole of Melbourne put together.

Our first full day in Kyoto saw us take a five hour walking tour of the city, visiting temples, sites of religious and historical significance, and some of the local traditional stores that sold food, fans and pottery.

 photo DSC03792.jpg

 photo DSC03911.jpg

 photo DSC03834.jpg

 photo DSC03883.jpg

 photo DSC03926.jpg

This is our tour guide outside a typical ye olde Kyoto building. They were mostly covered with figurines and symbols to ward off some ill fortune or other.

 photo DSC03881.jpg

We also got to see the original Nintendo Company building.

 photo DSC03865.jpg

Our tour also took us past the headquarters of the Yakuza, which our guide pointed out to us discreetly. Later on, this clearly Yakuza gentlemen drove past and surprisingly didn’t kill us.

 photo DSC04100.jpg

After that I made a begrudging G and Britt walk up to a mountain temple that was as amazing as the view from it, and several other temples and giant goddess statues after that. After a good solid 12 hours of walking, we returned to our hotel for more room service and sleep.

 photo DSC03994.jpg

 photo DSC04006.jpg

 photo DSC04052.jpg

 photo DSC04063.jpg

 photo DSC04093.jpg

Oh yeah and Japanese signs are all super cute. Like, all of them.

 photo DSC04104.jpg

On the way back I marvelled at this amazingly realistic statue of a crane that was on one of the temples. Upon closer inspection, it was an actual crane.

 photo DSC04109.jpg

The next day we decided to go to one more of Kyoto’s famous places, the Fushimi Inari Shrine. This is known for its thousands of enormous red Torii gates. Also its hundreds of fox statues, which of course made it the best place ever. The gates went right to the top of a mountain (well really, what self-respecting shrine wouldn’t be on a mountain?) G stopped half way but Britt and I were determined to get to the top.

 photo P1010246.jpg

 I bought lots of fox related souvenirs and took photos of nearly every fox shrine, but I will spare you that. Oh well, maybe just a couple.

 photo P1010166.jpg

 photo P1010203.jpg

 photo P1010240.jpg

 photo DSC04125.jpg

 photo P1010289.jpg

 photo P1010299.jpg

That ended up taking us nearly all day, so our bullet train to Tokyo was a pretty late one.

 photo P1010323.jpg

Once in Tokyo, the only thing that was still open was the Sky Tree. Except that it wasn’t. We took a train to the enormous tower only to find that entry to it had closed ten minutes earlier. We didn’t realise its closing hour wasn’t the same as it admittance hour. We looked up at it dejectedly as it mocked us with its bigness, and then we went to our hotel.

The next day we went to the Pokemon centre again, as Britt hadn’t been to it. Even though G and I had just been there a few days before, it had been restocked (something I realised must happen quite often in Japan) so we bought more stuff.

 photo P1010380.jpg

And THEN came the part of the trip that I couldn’t leave Japan without doing; Visiting the life sized Gundam in Odaiba. After getting off the train, Odaiba had a very modern, commercial, almost theme-parky feel to it. I however was more concerned with the fact that we couldn’t find any indication that the Gundam was still there. I was panicking. Had it been moved? Why were there no signs? Did we come all this way for nothing?!

 photo P1010376.jpg

I was anxiously walking through a food court, praying to my fox keychain that I bought at the Fushimi Inari Shrine, when suddenly, out the window, there it was.

I could only see its three storey tall leg at first, but I soon rushed out to see its full glory. I was not disappointed.

 photo P1010344.jpg

I half expected it to be a Styrofoam or wooden piece of junk, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The thing looked real! Like it could actually start walking at any second! All the panels of metal were not unlike those on an aeroplane, complete with intricate joints and hydraulics, and warning labels all around. The size and majesty of it could not be conveyed through photographs. Standing near its truck sized foot, looking up at its hands you could stand in and its backpack that could surely fire into life without warning, it was breathtaking.

 photo P1010351.jpg

That’s me standing down there on the left hand side.

 photo P1010352-1.jpg

G didn’t find it quite as breathtaking, so she got out of the blazing sun while Britt and I continued to marvel and check out the truck of Gundam merchandise nearby. A few minutes later, we got lucky enough to see it do it’s little display thing where it shoots smoke out of all its thrusters, plays sound, lights up and moves its head around. So amazing, so worth it.

 photo P1010361.jpg

After I was dragged away from the Gundam, we went to Akihabara again for some more shopping. I bought a few more things, but at this point our suitcases were reaching critical mass and were at risk of imploding into black holes.

Later we said our solemn goodbyes to Britt and took a train to our hotel at Narita airport. We weren’t that sad because we knew we would definitely be coming back to this amazing land.

The next morning we began our journey back home. Our ten hour flight got into Melbourne at 1:30AM and we took a taxi to :iconvamore:’s house to sleep and then catch up with him and :icontidalnight:. It was a brief but awesome visit. It’s always great to see Tom. Although he seems to be phasing out of existence in this picture. Wait, Tom who?

 photo P1010388-1.jpg

That evening, we took a train (that was full of much more rudely behaved people than we had become accustomed to) and flew back to Hobart. Once there, we unpacked all our stuff and set it up on the table. If you are wondering how we could have fit all that stuff into two suitcases? I don’t know either. I imagine it involves some sort of quantum entanglement, but who knows. I will not need to buy any model kits for a long time to come.

 photo P1010389.jpg

One thing in the picture (I hope) is the disposable umbrella I bought on the first day for about two dollars. I carried that thing through so many train stations, hotels and airports, I became hell bent on getting it back to Australia. Somehow it did end up surviving and shall now pass on into legend.

 photo P1010382-1.jpg

So overall, Japan is amazing. We had so much fun, we only wish we’d had another week of it, at least. We were constantly on the go, but I get the feeling we only glimpsed a fraction of what we could have done. So, wallet willing, we shall one day return to the land of the rising sun! And if you are thinking of going, I can tell you now that you will not regret it if you do!

 photo P1010129-1.jpg

That’s about it. I have a lot of models to put together and paint but I will try to get some comics done soon. School is also starting up again today, which is lame beyond all reason. Oh well, gotta earn that cash and all that.

See you on the flip shore!