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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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300 point lottery!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 3:33 PM

Hello everyone, this will be a short journal :D
I am giving away 300 points in this lottery and here's what you have to do to enter:

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I will use to pick a number from 1 to the number of favs my journal has at the time, and then the winner is the person who's number corresponds (in the fav section of the journal you will notice favs are counted when you click on 'who')

I will be making a series of lotteries to celebrate my art book, which will be printed in a limited number and you can only get it until September 20 :D

So until September 20 i will also make point lotteries :D So there will be more chances of winning. Also the winner of the previous lotteries are not eligible to win a second time (although it's highly unlikely for the same person to win twice
I might give away a free art book copy but that depends if i get many orders or not ^^

So, check out my art book here:

Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

Icon raffle

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 1:54 AM
I'm working on the last batch of my cutie icons. I understand that not everyone can afford these icons, so I decided to give one icon to random watcher for free :la:
I'll give away icon of this style
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Tomorrow at the same time I'll pick one winner with random. org ^^
Good luck! :iconmoesnuggleplz:

divider by Krissi001

We have 1002 Watchers! Yey!! :la: We are veeeery happy ^^

So, as we promised, we are doing a points giveaway/raffle. 

A lucky deviant will get 200 points Emote Cuddle Love 


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alternative text 

Good luck to everyone!

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win a 3 month membership+100pts

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 5:42 AM

school starts on monday and i don't really like dA that much anymore.
i'm quitting and i want to give someone a 3 month premium membership! uvu
fav this journal and comment ''done'' , i will choose a winner in 1-2 days

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Skin by SimplySilent

Fakemon Friday #7

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 2:21 AM
7 new Fakemon revealed! Who will you have on your team?

Hope you enjoyed this Fakemon Friday. Stay tuned for next week!


Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:56 PM

I love you fun people

xD I have had so much fun today holycows. Just felt like I had to say that.

I'M MY FAVORITE BOO by c1icheStick Icon by Lukia26STICKSUPPRT!!!!1111 by NekoNeko1331Turn Down for What by BooBerryMilkStick by Minupstick by ravencIawStick by AyinaiJust Stick Around by foxgirlKiraStick by AxacteyStick by JaffyFoxBehold the Fabulous Stick by snowF-productionsI Be So Fabulous by AyelaKoa22STEAK by MintRaverStick Fan art by CaptainKittehhLineless Pixel Gift for Griffsnuff by Miss-Bowtie

Rant: Self-Harm Selfies?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 5:57 PM
The opinions in this (short) rant are my own and you don't have to agree. If you do, thanks!

You know how some people tend to post pics of self-harm over the internet, like here on dA? I don't mean drawings of that type of thing; drawings don't physically hurt people and if you don't draw it and go 'lol look, cutting', you're good. I mean actual photos of their cuts or burn marks. Selfies where you're holding up your bloody arm, or photos where you say 'look what I did last night' in the description. What is that really proving? Most of the people I know who have a serious issue with self-harm are ashamed of it, and even if they can stand to talk about it, they don't want their suffering displayed all over the internet in cell phone pictures. It's not helping you get better, and it's not helping others who go through the same thing you do.

It kinda makes you look like you're proud of what you're doing to yourself, when most would like nothing more than to have their problem and addiction go away. Stop it. That doesn't belong on deviantART anyway. Those pictures aren't going to get you help. Talk to someone. Try to get real assistance and not just attention.

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ok I guess I can finally show you what I tried to pitch to Nick, its still WIP and some of the timing still needs to be worked on and add voices and sound effects. I gave my self about a week to come up with 3 storys but only got time for one. and less then a week to make character design and backgrounds looks, and I think 75 scenes if storyboard. hope you like it :) (Smile) >>>
Nick pitch no.2 1/3 by phationNick pitch no.2 2/3 by phationNick pitch no.2 3/3 by phation
there is a lot more sketches I made for (spacejunk)

so I sent it off and 3 months later I got word from them (sorry it took me so long to get the news out)>>> NICK>>>

Dear ~~~~~~ ED:  (took out my real name)
Thank you for taking the time and effort to pitch to us. We really appreciate your patience in waiting to hear back from us. We received hundreds of submissions and wanted to fully review each one and properly give them the attention they deserve, but it took some time to do so.

As much as we enjoyed your submission, it was tough competition with only a handful of slots available, so unfortunately we are going to pass on "Space Junk". Also, please know, there were many factors going into the decision-making process that affected which pitches were going to best serve our overall goals with this shorts program.

That said, we found the "Space Junk" submission to be very polished and professional, but given the restraints of what we are looking for combined with only being able to select a few shorts to produce, we are passing on this project at this time.

There were so many great pitches and we appreciate you taking the time to share your work for our review in such a short time frame, especially given your other professional commitments.

Thank you again,

Nickelodeon Animation Development
so they say it was nice and looked professional so that was good to hear.
but yah the pitch did not fly. the other 2 were>>>
Nick pitch no.1 1/2 by phationNick pitch no.1 2/2 by phation and Nick pitch no.3 by phation
but ran out of time.

and here was the pitch for ( space junk)>>>>

Life is hard for the children of St, Don's orphanage, especially for little Ninixza. Tomboyish in nature, 8 year-old Ninixza passes most of her time playing video games and getting into trouble. Troubled by bullies, social awkwardness, and her inability to fit in, Ninixza decides it is time for her to run away from St, Don's, never to return.


That is when, on one particularly rainy evening, she stumbles upon a curious device...


Having an almost alien appearance, the device immediately grabs Nin's attention. With so many cool colors and buttons, it must be some form of video game controller! Curiosity gets the best of her as Nin tests out the buttons, sending her on the adventure of her lifetime!


Ninixza is suddenly transported to a strange, new world. The sky, trees, animals, moons (more than ONE???) are all completely different. Here, she is befriended by Zha-Q, a curious, yet timid alien inventore who lives in a junk yard, and just so happens to be the creator of the device Nin has... unfortunately damaged en route to his planet.


Now trapped on the surface of this planet, OrUooBo, Ninixza and Zha-Q journey with each other, in hopes of finding Nin a way back to Earth. Throughout their adventure, they discover much about themselves, others, and the environment they brave each day-- an exciting journey, and a true, unbreakable friendship that spans several light years away.

there is more BOI on the characters but this Journal too long.

thank you for taking the time to read, and all work here is copy righted so don't take not only by me but nick to.

have a nice day ^^

A Scandal in Equestria: An insider's perspective on Pyscosnowflake and the Moonlightmare nation

As much as I am loathe to speak unkindly about another whom I know solely from what the internet has provided me, this individual has done significant damage to the community to such an extent that I feel posting this will be to the benefit of the populace. (Not to mention that when one gives out personal information as a mascot gives away t-shirts at a sporting event, it facilitates things.) At the very least, sharing my personal experiences will help me relieve the stress this chain of events has brought upon me. Additionally, I was tempted to reconsider this announcement's namesake, considering that if one did follow through with the reference, I'd be implying I'd finally found an equal.  We all know this is not the case, especially in light of recent events.  Through the publicising of this journal, I hope to raise awareness with regards to the true colors of a deviant who has forgotten what the art portion of DeviantART means. 

Allow me to begin with my first encounters with Pysco's group. It seemed like a cute and novelty concept, and not overdone like most species are apt to be. I joined the group, and was glad to have done so. Pysco promptly informed me that custom moonlights were ten points apiece. I was a bit upset by that, and thought she told me the species was open, but she insisted that I must order a custom. By that time, I had already come up with the concept for my first moonlight, Dulcet Dazzler. (It was the first species group I had ever joined, so I'd already planned in advance what my character would look like.) However, I had to order the custom, so I recounted every detail of Dulcie to the best of my ability to Pysco. (I'd provide evidence of this, but since I do not write the date next to my drawings it would matter quite little as evidence.) Needless to say, the custom was nothing like what I had asked.  I specifically requested that my character would have the curliest short hair one could find. To my chagrin, the result of my commission was significantly at odds with my specifications.

Dulcet's design by Pysco:… (I had to feign interest.)
My current design:… (I have since altered the eye color as she is no longer a part of the species. Her eyes originally remained golden.) 

I continued on in my journey in the group and bought more characters. I even began to make adopts of my own, which I loved doing! (Unfortunately by the time I'd gotten all the color palettes together that I was planning on using, she abruptly decided that only she could make Moonlights. I'd only sold one Moonlight adopt before this happened.)  Everyone else seemed to love the characters, though Pysco herself would never comment on my art. I had begun to try and participate in group activities, and was feeling ignored. My characters would be glossed over in roleplay, giving me the impression that I was unimportant. I was given permission to join a collab by Pysco, but she ignored my submission and accepted all the rest. Additionally, I had been promised a free breedable by Pysco including my moonlight, and after three months when asked (and after several question aversions) stated that she, "guessed she didn't feel like it anymore." As it turned out, she did every breedable except for mine. When I explained to her that I was feeling left out, she took sympathy on me and helped me become more popular in the group, whilst stating that it was everyone else's fault, none of her own. When my character was stolen by another group member, she didn't do a thing about it. I finally convinced her that this was not at all right, and she reprimanded the member but allowed them to stay in the group. 

Still, things began to pick up, and for that I was thankful. This sunny outlook was quickly dashed as she began to place increasingly strict rules upon the members, and she did so without warning. Whenever she felt something was not to her liking on a given character, she would make a new rule and expect all others to comply. Even if the new violation occurred before the new regulation was set, one would still be chastized for breaking it. For example, out of the blue she added a rule that no two characters could have names that were similar. This seemed fair enough, until I realized this only applied to her characters. This later expanded to all Moonlights, but whenever a new character was made, she'd claim that she was in the process of creating another one with a similar name. We'd have to use the replacement name she gave us. Pysco then decided that all names must only have one word. Of course, save her own. I was not permitted to have Wee Hours as a name, but she could have Angel and Fable Dreamwalker. Pysco claimed these were excused because they were surnames, but would not allow anyone else to give their characters a surname. (She claimed this was because they were extremely rare, meaning only she could use them.) She then made up her mind that she could decide the talents of our characters. She claimed reasonably that the talents had to be nature oriented or things they could find from scrap, despite the fact that a number of her Moonlights sported talents and cutie marks that contained non-natural items such as mirrors and pillows. I was forced to change my characters under clearly hypocritical conditions.

Pysco had made it clear enough that she got what she wanted with her characters, and carried that mentality with her when it came to her fellow deviants. Whilst in the group, she had repeatedly forced people to place characters in relationships that she wanted, even coercing an owner who had stated their character was asexual into roleplay involving romantic advances. This behavior was not limited to the pages of the group, however. During a join, she forced me into "getting to know" a male friend of hers that she thought I would be compatable with. I politely denied the request, but she continued to push it on me, making me feel extremely uncomfortable. 

As if the water wasn't hot enough, Pysco used my art without my permission. Once during a join me, I showed her a drawing of one of my moonlights that I was extremely proud of t prove to her that I drew my characters. (For those of you who were in the group, my image can be found on the left here:… ) he asked if she could trace it in pixels for fun, and I consented.  After all, if she liked my work, I thought perhaps I wouldn't have to worry about her hounding me for references almost daily. She then asked me if it was okay to post her finished product. I said (after plenty of begging on her part) that it was okay to post so long as she gave me credit and I posted my original art first. I hadn't even the chance to submit my piece when I found Pysco's tracing in my inbox. It received more favorites than my original piece currently has. I politely reminded her that she had violated the rules of our agreement and asked for her to remove the piece at least until I'd posted mine. (At the tme, I'd taken a photo of the drawing, but I wanted to scan it before posting for a better quality image.) She refused to take it down, claiming that one of her other personalities posted it.  While I support those with mental disorders (MPD included) this was ridiculous.  She still had access to her own account, regardless of which personality of hers posted the original image. She eventually deleted it after giving me a number of threats, and things died down at last. 

As the months came and went, number of issues would come and go with other deviants whom she treated rudely. When I offered to rationalize and explain what she was saying, Pysco would lash out at me as if I were the cause of the problem. I have found that in this group, even expressing an opinion beyond her own would lead to banishment. The first time I spoke up about an issue (regarding the oc control) she shut down the old group and made a new one, only allowing me in if I promised complete submission to her will. (One can see proof of this on the first profile comments of the group, which will be added to both the screenshot compilation and hyperlinks.)  

As if this weren't enough, Pysco began to dictate what I could and could not do with my characters.  I have written a significant amount with regards to my characters, especially with regards to their biographies. (Unfortunately I've had to make significant alterations to these, as my characters are no longer subject to the same rules as they were in the group.) Pysco criticized my choice to include writing as a part of my character development, calling it, "stupid" "useless" "excessive" and "an excuse to not make references." For a deviant who happened to be an aspiring songwriter and singer nonetheless, I found this disconcerting and hypocritical.

Here is a conversation we had through notes:

PyscoSnowflake said the following:

Rose, I know you don't have much time for art but I must stress the fact that you don;t [sic] have a single ref made and you've had your MLMs a while now.. I'm so sorry but I can not let this slide any longer. You have one week to make at least one ref.. or I will be frced [sic] to take your MLMs or have you make some normal.. I really don;t [sic] want to have to go to that extreame.. but refs are neccessary Rose. 
Hope you have a good day.

CompassRoses said the following:

What? But you have to understand, I really don't have this kind of time, and I have made refs. I've done those head shots, right?

PyscoSnowflake said the following:

A head shot is nothing close to a proper ref Rose.. :/
a [sic] ref must include
a correct left and right view, an age chart, left, front and right view of the face and an open mouth shot. As (sentence fragment) well as a cutiemark if the [sic] have one.
I do understand you are stressed for time, but MLMs are important. put [sic] them ahead of some other things such as random polls and journals.
Sorry Rose.. but its [sic] part of the new rules.. and I'm just letting you know ahead of time.

CompassRoses said the following:

Oh, and so you value a hastily made reference more than a nice one that took time to do? It's nice to see how you're allowing the group to cultivate creativity. You'll not be getting any of my moonlights, unless it's over my dead body.

Likewise, I'll have more time over the summer to do them. Why is it okay for you to take advantage of your free time to rob others of their Moonlights when we can't use that same time to draw them? 

Traditional art takes a long time to complete. There is so much that goes into the preparation and finish. Additionally, I'm a terrible perfectionist. I look down at the blank sheet of paper, know what I want to draw, but am downright terrified of starting because I know in my heart that it's guaranteed the outcome will not be identical to my aim. Even when it comes to posting this art, I fear the result of my actions. I see comment after comment, favourite after favourite, but it matters my what people say. All I see is, "We're being nice because it's what society demands of us, but we really do see all those flaws in your work." Heck, it took me this long, over a year since the initial concept of Dreamscape popped into my mind for me to have the chutzpah to even try to make a reference image for her, and she's my ponysona. 

I can barely post any art at the moment, and I don't understand why you think the Moonlights are an exception.

PyscoSnowflake said the following:

All I'm asking is for one ref by this time next week. and [sic] I'm not asking you to make a masterpiece :/ 
just a pixle [sic] base ref for your characters. its [sic] simple

CompassRoses said the following:

I am not sure if I can, but I'll try. This weekend is going to be one of my busiest yet. As it is, I'm working late just to get some of the work I'll have during that weekend done. I really don't want to stoop to the level of a base artist from where I am right now. I already feel guilty enough about posting a base-made contest entry and having it gain more favourites than any of my traditional art. I'll see what I can do, but I just don't know if I can take this stress.


Now, I am not the only one to have had this treatment. As shown in the screenshots provided at the end of this announcement, Pysco has threatened numerous members if her group with the repossession and reselling of their Moonlightmares.  Not only is it illegal to do this, but she is hypocritical in doing so.  One of her main complaints I that Mooblightmare owners are slow to do their references, if at all.  Ironically enough, a good portion of Pysco's own refs weren't even her own work.  What does that say about her, she who so fervently wants others to put time and effort into her species when she can't even do so herself? 
Despite all that I have recounted here, this hasn't even begun to scratch the surface. I'm honestly saddened that people find it necessary to behave in the manner in which Pysco has. 

The honesty left the group when she claimed she'd handle any issues or theft in the group that didn't pertain to her.

The laughter left the group when we were forced to roleplay to how she wanted the stories to go.

The loyalty left the group when she made a poll about me asking the other members if I should be kicked out of the nation.

The generosity left the group when she began to take back moonlights from others and claim them in order to resell them for points.

The kindness left the group when she treated those who had differing opinions like dirt under her feet.

Without these qualities, the magic of the group was gone.  Without it, there was no friendship to be found.  What does it say for a group based in My Little Pony that can't understand the power of friendship?

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." 
-Abraham Lincoln

P.s. For those of you who have any further inquiries with regards to my experiences with Pysco, I believe I've made it clear who I am. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have that are not merely insults directed at me for delivering the truth. Pysco, this holds true for you as well. I have removed you from my block list so that in the rare chance that you should decide to do the same, I'll be waiting.  The door is unlocked, I encourage you to open it.

Helpful Links: (More to be added.)
(The following three show theft of a character)… Here, the pony belongs to a different user.……………………………

EDIT: For those of you who claim I am stalking her, have the following links. She also previously had her FA and F list (I think that's what it was called?) on her profile as well. Apparently following through with someone when you used to care about them is stalking.……

My dear Friends!

It was a long time ago when i holded my last giveaway so i thought it is time for a new one :D
There will be four prizes, so four people can win something :hug:
Let's see the prizes:

               FIRST PLACE: 250 points and a handmade Fan or Oc holder pendant
               SECOND PLACE: 100 points
               THIRD PLACE: 60 points
               FOURTH PLACE: 40 points

1. You have to be my watcher (active watchers please)
2. Than you have to fav this journal
3. And you have to write a journal about this giveaway and copy this journal there.
4. Write a comment here with the link of your journal, than i gave you a number.
5. Optional: If you follow my facebook page
i will give you a plus number (write it in your comment if you followed it)

I will give a number to each participant (extra numbers to the facebook followers) and than choose the winners randomly on 12th October( on my birthday :D), using this:

I wish good luck to everybody! :D (Big Grin)

The first place prize will be similar to this:
Fan or Oc holder pendant (for sale) by seralune