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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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[OPEN] Adopt Raffle 09 - Memories

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 3:36 PM
[OPEN]FREE ADOPT RAFFLE 09 - Memories by Piffi-adoptables

Waaah such a long time we didn't make a raffle >///v///< :heart:
We really love doing that so this time we try with our new project "Memories" , Little Owl/penguin ( x°D )
We hope you like them \;///v///;/  thanks again for the support :huggle::heart:

What can you win?

  • One adoptables at your choice between those shown , they are a species called "Memories" they are little pet/character like a owl(or penguin x°D at your choice x°D ) , they write people's memories , they never forget about you

  • Only one winners , after raffles end the 7 adoptables left will be put for sale ;v;

Required to win

  • Fav this Journal

  • Watch it's not necessary to win , but really appreciated it if you like our works enough to wish one of them ;//////v/////; <3 ( thanks ;v; )

  • You don't have to ask if you can partecipate , just fav this journal and you are in ;v;

NOT required to win but appreciated

  • Comment with the adopt you'd choose if winning and tell us if you have some plans for it çvç :heart:

  • If you have some friends you think can be interested in this raffle you can write their name in your comment çvç <3

General Rules

  • This raffle end in 48 hours ( about 0:30 follow this time zone : CEST

  • I'll choose the winner with between fav numbers

Thanks again \;v;/ :heart: see you soon in the next raffle >///v///<

Our main account : Shatik / our non-human account : Piffi-pi 
Our sister Mimru

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Adoration

| RAFFLE | C A K E - T O P P E R - A D O P T

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 10:10 PM



I am hosting another raffle <3 But this time it is for the baby I live streamed today drawing

The others are pending and will most likely be in a new group~


Cake Topper Raffle Adopt~ by rsinc


♥ H O W-T O- E N T E R? ♥ 


:star: ♥ 1. F A V O R I T E ~ J O U R N A L = 1 Ticket
:star:2. F O L L O W/ W A T C H ( Websites listed above ) = 2 Tickets


♥ W H A T   YOU  W I N

The adoptable~ Larger transparent file W color pallet. Unwatermarked.

Because I really love this one ; v ;


♥ When you follow a website~ be sure to leave a comment below of where and who you are on da/fa.~ <3

♥ Tickets will Not  count if you follow and un-follow after the raffle.
Please only follow my pages if you really wish to <3

♥ The random number will be drawn by a random number generator. I WILL provide proof and even a witness <3.



G O O D L U C K !


1. :iconblackthornrose:
2. :iconblackthornrose:
3. :iconblackthornrose:
        4. :iconxmireille-chanx:
   5. :iconashia21:
6. :iconpumpkinpromise:
7. :iconpumpkinpromise:
    8. :iconzuzumotai:
    9. :iconzuzumotai:
    10. :iconzuzumotai:
11. :iconpocket-epitome:
12. :iconpocket-epitome:
13. :iconpocket-epitome:
      14. :icontalendoneo:
     15. :iconxiapher:
     16. :iconyhkoac:
      17. :icontweedlebug123:
     18. :iconusagisakura-pan:
      19. :iconitsrieuna:
      20. :iconsunsketches:
   22. :iconfauna20:
   23. :iconji-yunnie:
24. :iconxpmicky:
25. :iconxpmicky:
26. :iconxpmicky:
     27. :icondevioushornswoggle:
      28. :iconchriswillar:
     29. :iconsonyasim55:
      30. :iconjunshiro:
      31. :iconreversiwings:
      32. :iconpuriimochi:
      33. :iconal-proto:
      34. :iconrebelmechwolf:
      35. :iconrebelmechwolf:
      36. :iconrebelmechwolf:
     37. :iconbatucanclouden:
     38. :iconpower-of-no:
     39.  :iconsoulbeater:
      40. :iconfaux-storm:
41. :iconxlerotl:
42. :iconxlerotl:
43. :iconxlerotl:
44. :iconsteph-nee-chan:
 45. :iconsteph-nee-chan:
 46. :iconsteph-nee-chan:
   47. :iconrainbowbunnehs:
    48. :iconchunsmunkey:
    49. :iconchunsmunkey:
    50. :iconchunsmunkey:
     51. :icontasha-chi:
     52. :icontasha-chi:
    53.  :icontasha-chi:
   54.  :iconcataclysmictilde:
     55.  :iconloli-nana:
     56. :iconrinusa:
     57. :iconhuimei:
     58. :iconslipkast:
     59. :iconbowbreaker:
     60. :iconrozelu:
     61. :iconcolorfulbeans:




Please do NOT ask me about progress. I am a very busy girl!

Done: Sea Green Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Not Done: Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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3. FallinqinReverse of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
4. KarkatIsPerfect of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
5. thetwotailfox of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
6. rfpizippy of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
7. PonyLover5 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
8. MockingBirdRose or Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
9. Miyuki-LS of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
10. meaghanvocahetaloid of charrie on right Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
11. hallethefox of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
12. LillySkiploom of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
13. Peacelovesmiley51Â  of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
14. Eternaldream15Â  of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
15. Shadowydragon  of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
16. H0B0--KlNG  of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
17. CheshirexWonderland of Diane by CheshirexWonderland Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
18. ZLoverOneMillion of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
19. MrF3z1415Â of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
20. TheCrazyMapleCat of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
21. Ba-sh of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
22. KrystalTheStarDragon of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
23. Sparkaii of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
24. Hatsumomo-NoKimi  of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
25. RandomStuffArtist of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
26. spirit-of-Kashmira of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
27. The-Boomies-And-Co of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
28. 8lifflefoot of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
29. xCutelilDemon of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
30. Lilithedragon of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
31. IluvCandyChocolate of & ? Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
32. topaz7373Â of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
33. CHEMAX3X of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
34. ZephyrZoldyke of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
35. rainfeather5 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
36. Snowy-Pawz of… Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
37. TeddiBarez of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
38. kittkatt1997 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
39. Tigereyes6302 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
40. TechnicallyTomorrow of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
41. TheAnimeUmbreon of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
42. egg322 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
43. LightningRainOwO of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
44. SilverMistArt of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
45. Greetings10 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
46. kasik9 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
47. Stupid--artist of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
48. ToffyNaNa of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
49. Ddraigtanto of black dragon
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
50. Bhaal999 of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
51. IRKENGOSSIP of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
52. GPLeader of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
53. sabaayub of Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 5:16 PM
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY... WOW... One of the best times I've had at the movies in a long long while! Going back to see it a second time tomorrow!

Have you seen it yet? If so, what's your favorite part?

The soundtrack alone is brilliant!…

Guardians Of The Galaxy - The Ending We Deserve by Zlukaka

  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Guardians Of The Galaxy OST
  • Watching: Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Playing: Destiny
  • Drinking: Starbucks
I’m genuinely curious. What exactly is it you fear would happen to gaming/comics/geek culture if feminism DID actually have it’s way and take everything over? I’m serious, I am curious as to what exactly about feminism or hell, even humanism, is so “scary” and what people seem to think will happen if they accept it.

I genuinely want to know, so please tell me in the comments below. I won’t block or ban anyone for speaking their mind, and I’d like to urge my fans to NOT argue with, criticize, or demonize any opinions expressed below please. I want honest answers here.
  • Mood: Approval
  • Listening to: I'm Blue - Eiffel 65
  • Reading: Twitter
  • Watching: AVGN: The Movie
  • Playing: Marvel Puzzle Quest
  • Eating: Cheeseburgers
  • Drinking: Decaf. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.


Tue Sep 16, 2014, 10:33 AM

faith in the world below by equivoque

On Friday, September 12th, 2014, Elinor (equivoque) lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  For those that aren't familiar with Elinor, I'd like to take a moment to share her with you.

Elinor joined deviantART back in 2005 and quickly established herself as someone to watch.  Her use of the unconventional polaroid, sent a strong message that it wasn't about your equipment, at a time when digital was all the rage.

painted light by equivoque

each day we begin again by equivoque  the fire in her eye by equivoque

Elinor, a vibrant part of this community, spent just over a year as a dedicated member of our volunteer team. Her passion for people and photography endeared her to many.

tattered remnants of longing by equivoque

In 2013, Elinor was a participant in the Boston Marathon and was about a mile short of finishing before she came to a police barricade.  Two explosions had gone off at the finish line, killing three people injuring more than 200.  She vowed to complete the race in 2014 but was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer in January.  For those that knew Elinor, you will know that she was a strong-willed, passionate fighter and that's exactly what she did.  Despite the treatments leaving her frail, she was determined to complete what she started.  On April 21, she showed up for a specially arranged final-mile walk to the finish line, and achieved her goal.

once remembered by equivoque

the moons of jupiter by equivoque , 
last goodbyes by equivoque

To get to know Elinor a little more, please take time to visit her gallery on deviantART and her Facebook page.  She also kept a journal here.

beauty among stars by equivoque
fire and ice, abstract by equivoque

Her loss is heartbreaking and my thoughts go to her family and close friends at this time.  However, she will live on in our memories and through her beautiful photography.

crossing unmarked snow by equivoque

:heart: Run Free, Elinor :heart:

Mother and Daughter by equivoque

Elinor's Obituary

Skin by Dan Leveille
Whee, I survived my exams!
And to celebrate that I'm going to do the long overdue art raffle:

Prizes will look like this:

Cosinus-Hater by Dae-Thalin Challenger of the Gods by Dae-Thalin Tsunami-Beast (Krytery Revamp) by Dae-Thalin

Rules will be the same as last time:

 1. You have to comment on this journal (I will give you your number then)
2. You have to fave this journal
3. You have to watch me

You can get one extra number if you promote the Raffle in your own journal and give others the chance to join, too.
Also, please be fair and don't use second accounts to get better chances. I will take a look at each account to be sure of it's activity.

I will use RANDOM.ORG to generate the winners on the 20 September. 



Hey, guys! Long time no see!

dA hasn’t been loading for me lately and it’s been getting me really mad. It’s starting to slowly load, so hopefully this works!

So this journal will cover two things: One very important to me, and one very important to you.


I need your help! There’s a 5-string violin giveaway going on that my mom wants terribly. Well… She’s been under so much stress and she’s been so upset, and I want to make her feel special, I want to do something nice for her. We have no where near enough money to pay for this ourselves.
I entered the sweepstakes and I need entries ASAP!

Voting is very easy! See where it says “How much do you want it?” Just click the dropdown menu and enter “Yes!” then enter your e-mail! No, this is not a virus, and no, you will not get hacked. They don’t keep your e-mail recorded and it’s anonymous, so don’t be afraid to vote!

Please… Please, help, and provide only the link I give you to help me get entries if you want to share it (which I would adore<3). Thank you all so much. It’ll mean the most to me like you have no idea <3

This is the link!!! Please, PLEASE help me vote and spread the word!

But there's even something in it for YOU!

Every one who votes will get a flat color drawing of their character or a chibi, whichever! It's your choice!

Just provide a link to a journal you posted about this one and make sure you have voted to be eligible for FREE ART!

For the journal, something like this is okay:

Everybody please help Fuchsianess in winning a giveaway!

There's even free art being given away, too! Check it out!
(link to this journal)

Anything like that is okay and would make me so happy<3

Now, this is for you guys.

I’m highly considering giving refunds to the people I’ve been owing art for a long, long time. You have a choice: Either you can wait until my first break (first week in November) or you can ask for a refund. I will only give you how much you paid for the commission and no more. Show me proof, too, so I know you’re not just asking for points.


My Free Art list!!!

:bulletred: = Not done
:bulletgreen: = Done

  1.  DeadOnContact :bulletred:
  2. E-Medik :bulletred:
  3. DewTheCat :bulletred:
  4. DagtheCoyote :bulletred:
  5. RedHawk13Games :bulletred:
  6. BlueEyed-BlackWinged ( :bulletred:
  7. ALlKKA :bulletred:
  8. Thunderwolf2113 :bulletred:
  9. tiny-rat :bulletred:
  10. nikkithedog3 (… :bulletred:
  11. Cloud-storm :bulletred:
  12. DIV3RG3NT-DAUNTL3SS :bulletred:
  13. Fernkit6666 (Snowpaw) :bulletred:
  14. Wolfthealpha :bulletred:
  15. TheRealCrimShady :bulletred:
  16. krustyismyname1 :bulletred:
  17. Spazzy-Waffle-butt :bulletred:
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  20. Wolf-Fluff :bulletred:
  21. amiirou :bulletred:
  22. Jk-Howling :bulletred:
  23. catguro :bulletred:
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  29. kristalthewolfe :bulletred:
  30. WebbyFire :bulletred:
  31. jummpingflamegirl :bulletred:
  32. terrorisnear :bulletred:
  33. mrg71 :bulletred:
  34. Wolfhowlerz :bulletred:
  35. ScarletandLunaRcool :bulletred:
  36. True-love25 :bulletred:
  37. Ask-Snowfire :bulletred:
  38. Bloodpaw221 :bulletred:
  39. SickenedSpirit :bulletred:
  40. Painting-Puppies :bulletred:
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  50. amourtuary :bulletred:
  51. blueberry-tea (… :bulletred:





UPDATE 2: WE'RE STUCK AT 139!! Can we get to 300 in two hours?! Keep sharing!! If goal is reached, there will be a big livestream this WEEKEND!!

UPDATE: If we can get to 300 by 9:00pm EST ( 3 entries per person and we're currently at 100!) That would be PHENOMENAL!!!

Favourite Favourites Feature 2

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 3:23 PM
Figment | Scribophile | Gallery

Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been on much. Either my internet connection has been spotty or deviantArt hasn't been working. But, away with our feature!

Dismal HourTake your cut of Queen Anne's lace;
discern the seeds and contemplate.
Though I'm the backlash of your fate,
consider my hand, a turning gate.
And my existence, what's possible to be,
isn't something invalid to perceive.
The barring of my breath, the estimate of all that's left,
won't settle with the séance of the sea.
Take your cut of carrots wild;
sedate the pain, the curfew child.
Extremities are seen as mild,
passive to the ones beguiled.
Still, the lamp post flickerin'
is stronger than the darkest sin.
So bite your lip, pour from the tin
the many seeds of harmful men.
Chorus x2
And my existence, what's possible to be,
isn't something invalid to perceive.
The barring of my breath, the estimate of all that's left,
won't settle with the séance of the sea.
  Owl CabaretIn bright dawn,
hold a daily meeting
among dew soaked daisies.
Their colours speckle
emerald leaves.
The hum of cicadas,
background noise
for fragments.
They swirl,
with white noise.
The colours shift,
 humid air fading
to the melodies
of late night owl cabarets.
  Adriatic Seai gave the ocean my heart
in the hopes that sirens
would wring what was left
of rotting, clogged veins.
upholstered from all i knew -
               hopes and dreams
               and summer kisses,
               promises never kept
               and secrets breathed into the ears
               of effervescent sprites -
i gave it up. all of it.
just so they could devour
the memory of you.
  ocean, suicide.let me slip forward, off the algae-
covered cliff, so i may rejoin my brothers
and sisters in the waves;
so i may cuddle the sunrise and mourn
the dusk at dinnertime. i swallow blood
by mere chance, the meal a
steal to the shark
nibbling away gently at my wrinkly toes;
eulogizing and crying,
froths embracing my face, tears a foreign delight
to my tired eyes.
the sea and i,
are one. a mother and child,
anthem to appraisal, living to death, contrast
to collapse:
hearts to
b e a t.
jaws of ocean sweetness snap shut, holding
the fingers of sugar and
saltwater still at my throat’s opening,
bursting through my lungs
in the end: remain! air, not water; no,
air. i inhale the tempting brook, choke;
crush into
c l i m a x
  Striving to have all the answers“Striving to have all the answers”
I would wait,
move the jewelry box,
notice minutes back in perfect time. 
Enumerating burdens,
the risk-averse hold discovered fun,
embracing messy heroes. 
Pretty hurts move
in skin, a passing shake.
Free the burden? If only I could.

fil(l)edthey chipped away at you,
clasping you tight with
ceramic grasps and art class
heartfelt precision
filing you down,
filling you up;
trying to make you
they gasp, reflect
repentent errors,
edit, edit, edit,
unmask your already
vulnerable volatility
for the sake of perfection
in hale exhalations.
but revisionism
lurks a step from
and you're not quite sure
whether their machinations,
their clutching neophiliac
search for the ideal
has made you greater
or lesser.
  FrostbiteFrostbite. Never will be concert pianist. Tangerinetangerine, mandarin, cadmium
the pulp always looks surprised to
be caught naked in your hand
And more than a little embarrassed
when you force the peel back
Ochre shock and bursting tears of tangy
Crying little caviar eggs
of sweet disarray
On your tastebuds
Funny spanish orange
Just a baby to the big ones
NEOTERICi regain consciousness
with a sharp breath
as madness sets in
i paint neon colors
across my body
aiming to electrify
my heart and to
conquer the dark
to liberate the butterflies
that are my emotions
and embrace the colors
that depict me
and cut the galaxies
in my mind -
shatter them into pieces
crush them into dust
in attempt to revitalize myself
become a clear, glass canvas
with abstract painted on
you can't figure me out
VI    I.                 Today I am Vanilla tea
                               on balmy days when the air is still
                               fresh with the scent of cicadas
                               and mown grass baked in the sun
                               clippings stuck to your feet as you

please.Take these tears of mine;
make them glow in the darkest of nights.
Without solitary music ghosting
across the waters,
you and I would not live
to see another moon upon these bursting clouds.
I want to release the
hard-boiled hurt in my chest that
pains me late at night
and wakes me in the morning
and crawls under my nails to infiltrate
my blood:
my heart knows yours
better than the stitch-ridden seams of my own.
Look upon the sun
and think of that song you like,
and love me.
  spraining-spiralswe're our own xeriscape,
making the most out of what little
love we have,
pretending to be swimming in the ocean
that's just a mirage
in our lifeless sand dunes
and scorching winds.
  this is me giving you upsomewhere in my heart you came in like a hurricane
shoving everything that stood in your path to the side and i let you because
maybe my friends were just clogging my arteries and
maybe the things i wanted were just going to badden my blood.
the fire that was within you burned holes into my skin
you were the heat atop the flames that made my vision lack tension and i was
blinded--your hands were so much bigger than mine
you embodied a giant and you crushed me like i was a weed
i should have been scared at the fact that you were over a foot taller than me but
someone told me that if you stare a tiger down
they will submit to you
unfortunately, you did not submit to me, but i gave way of my own control and threw caution to the wind
i think of you as analogies in my mind because when i see things
they remind me of you or the way you used to hold me
i see stones sitting in the creek behind my best friend's house and think of your eyes and
i sing songs that never applied to me as much as th
  Specter IVSpecter IV
souls stood before the Mystery God in their achromic, raw forms. light adorning their featherweight frames, ghost skin kissed by His vision as they awaited His acknowledgement in silence. with white nebula waves hovering within His transparent chest, he bellows the next order like thunder claps.
they then scatter like leaves at the sound of His call, gliding across vapor tops before diving through the atmosphere.
to my fatheri've got an idea --
let’s make a deal.
how about i never write another poem?
how about i never colour another page with
and simile,
how about i never open my journal again?
how about i never tell another story?
how about next time a vivid lightbulb pings over my head
i breathe in and out, and try to imagine
something ugly, something dark,
do anything except
write it down?
how about i pretend my long fingers are only for
music, and not
how about when i cry
(most days)
i break the habit of pulling out my pen
snap the reflex of
if i do this for you, i need you to promise me
i need you to promise that you will never try
to tell me who i am
or who i can be.
i need you to promise that you will not tell me
that i am a failure.
i need you to promise that you will never think
you know me
based on what i have chosen to write and
songs i have chosen to sing and
articles on the internet about
i need you to promise me that you know
that you an

and i don't mind being late.I fell in love with a Monday,
that was green glass on shattered rocks
and your sea-breeze eyes.
And I swear to the sky,
when we open all the windows,
the wind has a voice
to sing along your songs.
Feathered birdboy,
I've dreamt a piano,
your hands are poetry.
We can stay in this cage,
this golden morning light cage,
forever and always.
Just play me one more song...

forever and always
  some things are meant to be brokeni snatch at dog-eared love letters,
molded and mashed together into
a string of mismatched desires,
revolving around you.
love is a dystopia—-the never-ending cycle
of unrequited i-love-yous,
little white lies,
anticlimactic pressures,
and carpe diem whispering,
“life is too short.”
we romanticize the beating heart,
if it walks pretty and talks pretty
it’s obviously a strung-up puppet but—-
—-just maybe you can sew him up, the craft
of needle and thread to stitch a real boy.
i breathe against the windowpane,
tracing tales of the boy with wild eyes
and a wicked heart on the frozen mosaic glass
framed by the need to save you.
when it’s over i’ll morph
into a hollow shell of a girl, waiting
for a starry-eyed boy to  
wish me back to life and—-
—-just maybe we can be real together.
Gild my eyes with light
Sun will rise in quotidian lies
Stealing back the gift of flight. 
Possessed by unforgiving day,
I wake, and gasping, ache to lose
The pluripotential night. 
postmaster, we are lost in transitionmy regrets refuse to compromise
& i find myself thinking of you when the post comes:
i have lost the quiet way your envelopes tore,
the stilted tilt of your alphabet
etched in a hurried, cramped hand.
i have forgotten the curiosity of american stamps
& the hastily scribbled return address--
i could not reach out to you now,
no matter how much i wished it,
for the numbers of your home have blended
& lost themselves within my disjointed memory.
your daughter will be growing,
lengthening into a child instead of an infant,
& these letters are far from your mind,
buried beneath plans for dinner
& the grocery list you hope to make during her nap.
we have come unsent, you and i,
& i cannot find enough stamps to post
everything we leave unsaid.
  Starlight kisses and bed sheet hugsMy teeth are
and my eyes
hold dark pockets
of graphite
because of all
the late nights
I let the starlight
kiss me,
and my bed sheets
embrace me,
because I realized
you never had,
and now-
you never would.

Istanbul by pigarot

  thursday [wood].木曜日
light drapes itself onto
silky leaves.
the smell of wood-fire
disturbing pantomime –
             a breath
witchcraft and black teaThunder, rain, a last minute chase
around the rice paper screen
in the room where you lie on
a futon but never sleep;
nocturnal like a backyard kitten,
your eyes stay wide
open as your mind works,
turning over herb names
and incantations in your head.
Sometimes I just like watching you;
you fascinate me, girl,
but you always know when I'm close,
peeking around the tapestry.
"Come here," you say
and I have to, otherwise
the leaves on the pear
trees outside will fall,
the flowers will die
in my mother's garden.
You're like that, darling;
selfish, but I understand.
None of us are innocent.
None of us are perfect.
You know all my secrets,
what I did when I was younger;
how I used to bully girls,
just because I was
envious of their beauty.
"We're the same," you tell me.
"Deep inside.
I can see the jagged edges of
your heart
poking through the fabric of
your robe."
And you may be right,
I don't know.
I'm angry and then I'm not;
I love the way you lie, girl;
subtle and clever,
you make me not
  A fleet of 'maybes', a navy of 'what ifs'We were ships passing in an open bay,
our red sails melting like an eclipse;
in that moment, we filtered out all light
and let our eyes glow from beneath our lids;
but moments are fleeting and ships pass
and our anchors drop in the close embrace
of other harbours.
Ghost WriterI'm a ghost writer,
slipping in her skin
to hijack her muscles,
nerves, and optical orbs
to scrawl in her journal.
her consciousness
is mine for the taking.
I'm a ghost writer,
for she never writes
unless I twist her wrist
and press the point
of her pen to her journal.
I'm a ghost writer,
her thoughts aren't really hers
a cure?they say Van Gogh
used to eat yellow paint
so that he could get
the happiness inside of him.
especially on nights like this,
I wonder if that would work.
I wonder if the pigment
would seep into my intestines:
would spread through my veins
like an elixir:
would curl and coil and cast
brilliant light
on every angle, every aspect
of my body.
I wonder if endless trials
and retrials of drugs
could be replaced by the
occasional dose of cadmium,
lead-and-oil pick-me-up,
liquid sunshine, intangible dream
I swear I can almost
I wonder if it would do
nothing more
than make me sick,
curled up on the bathroom floor
and left choking on a life
that I can never have.

Night Perspectivessometimes i want to watch constellations
appear in the night sky
someplace where blazing skylines
don't diminish the vastness of space
it's a matter of perspective: see
the harvest moon?
it's also larger and brighter
where there are no towering gilded
skyscrapers that haunt the city
sometimes majestic in their own right
(after all it's
only in the night that a city
stands to heal)
the constellations are always
there, even
when drowned by the glaring sun
but what is the sun but
another star?
it's a matter of perspective: except
that staring into the sun
will blind you, no questions asked
and stars do not speak to us in
a sentient manner
(the moon does not ask either
but it is a softer reflection of
that yellow Sun star).
  you are gonemy skin is cracked from waiting.
i can trace stars along my thighs;
puckered and grinning like the devil.
your las vegas heart and taurus breath,
and flyaway butterfly smile
are pounding behind my eyelids.
cobwebs are strung around my lungs
like fine needlework.
ghostly sighs echo from inside my rib cage.
  to cobblestone huts and semesters goneI imagine a castle, humble in its hillside perch,
where lost boys whistle loudly and smoke cigarettes on the front step to try
and forget that we are growing more petrified every day.
Nothing is permanent, all we can do is build statues and pray
that we will never forget what it was that they stood for—
let me be a home, you said, a bed that keeps you coming back at night;
for some of us, home is just a concept we write about
to remind ourselves we still belong;
a house is not a home is not a tombstone or brick oven,
is not a tree stump in the backyard we drive our nails deeper into
is not a mausoleum draped in plastic flowers is not eternal,
or biodegradable, is not the weight of the bodies it holds inside.
My greatest fear is that we will spend all of our time building a house
no one will ever want to live in,
in you, I wanted to die a thousand times,
I wanted to be filled with something more than emptiness;
in you, I have never lived so loudly, never woken up
at the crack of d
breathe that soul straight down my throatyou are my full-lipped muse
and half-lidded siren
humming a broken chorus
of serendipity
breathing to a metronome
sighing in crescendo
an evangelizer of acoustics
the ministry of instrumentals
I've been baptized
in your anarchist hymns
you've made me a believer
of vinyl and a religion without god
Sinking Soulssirens
sing sorrowful
 sudden storms
    shattering stories,
seaside strangers
   sinking souls;
   such sad

Perpetual DrowningsThe besotted tempest unfurls a demure prophet
Pouring the detour of tepid waters that lure
Lithe blurs—a fog dragging depth across
Contours to be engulfed by tragic killings:
On the dour occultation, obdurate drowning
Recurs over the opaque lake which is caked
With a bodiless filling.
Seattle bathes the duration of perpetual
Undulation—mutilating waves prick flesh,
Dripping down to the pelagic route. Shrouds
Of transparency writhe over deprived
Bones—a dive into a dying cleanse
Portrayed as a chilling display that craves
Sinking graves.
           Slurred loathing as an array of deplorable
           Sorrow, colossal floods lavish her vision—
           And she, the crying comic, imbibes
           Merciless waters violently, whirling
           Murder in a laconic taunt of trepidation
  RehabTo say
That rebuilding trust is difficult
Would be an understatement of the highest order.
It's a lot like relearning how to walk.
With each small step,
I keep thinking I'll fall--
And I may--
But I haven't yet.
My heart and left leg
Throb in protest,
But there's a certain joy in progress
That keeps me moving forward.
even in death, i will not find peacei lost my faith the way
i lost my virginity -
clinging to a girl like she
was all i'd ever have,
bathed in darkness and shame.
it's been years since then,
but i want to lose my life
the same way.
no motion could raise me
from my coffin of sod and sorrow,
to pull me from my bed
of dirt and disgrace -
but i would wake up with
blood on my hands,
i would wake up with death
curled up like a dog at my feet,
resting with nothing
but the waning hope that
you ache for me with a fire
burning in your bones that
never ebbs, never relents.
i see creationi see devastation
i see a world that puts
    band-aids over bullet wounds
and can't seem to get its shit together
long enough to save a starving child
i see infighting and infidelity
a nation superman couldn’t save
i see bullies and bulimia
and i see the media telling me that
    i’ll never be good enough
i see mindless people killing each other
    over imaginary borders
and i see broken people killing themselves
    because of diseases that are
but then
i see a mother giving her own life to
    save her child’s
i see strangers helping each other stand
i see simple acts of kindness and love
i see a woman dancing in the raindrops
    instead of the tear drops
    free of life’s sorrows if only
    for a moment
and i wish to be her
i see a tiny speck of light through the
and as i write this, i know
The Re-Prettify ProjectBreathing in silver filaments
will not make you pretty on the inside.
You cannot polish and buff
lung or aorta
until it is shiny and new.
If you have filled your life with toxins
and allowed your eyes
to cloud over with coal dust
do not, my friend, do not
seek silver linings from anything
but penance and kindness.
Throwing gold-dust over your head
will not administer you a halo.

I should rapLay siege and sew laces to a slow pace to pesos
Santa Anna's Tejanos taxi in on Texian soil to say
that the Alamo has a maximum occupancy
and the entrance fee is taxing on the economy.
It's a slow start to recharge the duracell
so why is it so hard to locate the terrorist cell
when social media isn't an epoxy for proxy;
I'm noxious, so when I don't wake, don't call for me
because ISIS is irate that my iris resists and dilates
with a pupil futile to who'll toodaloo to tattletale
I'll conclude my speech by telling ya'll I'm oh-AK-47
and am done presenting politics for the modern Hessian.
You can all go to hell, I'll have my Alamo and go to Texas.
  august.they say that
smoking kills,
but what really
destroys all these
brilliant young hearts
are those boys and
girls who make
pretty shirts and
slick ties out of our
broken bones.
Open RoadFreedom hangs in banners
Road maps embrace the unkind horizon
and my wheels release
Plagued by PhantasmsAurora bolted upright in the bedroll and felt her heart trying to beat its way out of her chest. The fire had died down to embers and she was glad for it, because anyone awake would have seen the terrified look on her face and that she was trembling.
To reassure herself that it was all just a dream she reached down and touched the rifle she slept next to. It was well worn from the previous owner, but since coming to the surface after her home was destroyed by raiders she had put in her own wear on the rifle.  There was a small emblem on the stock that he'd asked someone to put on it, it was her name in fancy script. Touching the emblem calmed her down a bit, but she still felt uneasy. If she tried really hard to could convince herself it was because she felt they were going to be attacked by raiders or refugees at any second, but the real reason was the nightmare she had over and over again.
"Aura, why are you awake?" Kevin's voice startled her and she glanced over at him. In the
The Boneyard Glows But You Are Still HereIf there are ghosts in my bed
I want to feel them.
Clammy hands grasping my
shoulders; shuddering fingertips
reaching out as
molten light drips
from their tombstones.
Phantom arms embrace,
the small space between
you and I, it is there that
I struggle to breathe.
Our Sunday morning is
full of glass, paint chips
and ethereal confessions.
I have found that
there is not enough of me
and much too much of you.

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:icondressage-league: :iconmushcock:  :iconhermequinestudbook: :iconelementalregistry:

East Coast Riding Academy is hosting our first competition! It will be pretty uncomplicated, and the due date will be in one month. (October 15th)  Please ask any questions!



-The dressage move pictured should be an extended trot
-Full horse and Rider must be visible
-Will be held in a white indoor arena (glass chandelier is present but does not need to be pictured)
-Proper tack and attire, manes must be braided, and tails should be banged (if they do not touch the ground)
-Multiple entries per stable are welcome; however each entry should consist of a different horse and a different rider


Your entry should have this:

ECRA Dressage Show: (link to this journal)
Horse Name:
Link to Horse Ref:
Link to Rider Ref (if available):
Story (if available):



-Followed all rules + 10
-Creativity + 5
-RNG + 5
-Effort +10
-Overall Appearance (No sloppy lines, etc) +10
-Extra Credit for a Simple Story: +5
-Extra Credit for an Anatomically Correct Rider lol +5
-Total Possible Points =50



First Place:
-Full body, colored picture of your winning horse wearing ribbon
full custom Mushcock import
-Champion Ribbon

Second Place:
- Full body, colored picture of your winning horse wearing ribbon
-Hermequine import
-Champion Reserve Ribbon

Third place:
-Headshot, colored picture with ribbon
-Elemental Horse Import

Fourth-Eighth Placings:
-Headshot sketch with a ribbon

If there are more than eight entries, all participants will get a ribbon! Also ill throw a llama at anyone who enters ;) bc i will love you forever

**Drawings will be traditional, but ribbons/trophy will be digital

Please comment below if planning to enter :)

:icondressage-league: :iconmushcock:  :iconhermequinestudbook: :iconelementalregistry: