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Target::iconaskthe-jew-hater: and :iconask---kyle:

Kenny:-smudging Butter in Kyle Hands-

Kyle:-is Alseep and Grab Kenny-


(I Ship KylexKenny Like Fedex /brick'd)

Cartman:-is busy clean his face in bathroom-

Kenny:-shouts- Yay!



(Kenny Vision of Cartman Looks Like This! )

Cartman:Take That  You Ruffian
Stan is obviously an overused character in South Park. Nevertheless, he's the most boring as well. So the real question is... Why does he get more screen time than Kyle or Kenny? At least Kyle and Kenny are far more interesting than he is. Here's the answer... The only reason why Stan is getting more screentime than Kyle and Kenny is because of his idiotic father, Randy Marsh. That shouldn't be the case. Why didn't Trey and Matt go on to develop other families like Cartman's, Kenny's, or even Kyle's? It just seems like the only family that they specifically focus on in South Park is the Marsh family. I wouldn't mind it if they did it occassionally, but it seems like they do it all the time, thus pushing the other main characters out of the way. If anything, Kenny and Kyle deserve a whole heck of a lot more screen time than boring, old Stan Marsh. I mean, the show has been like that for several seasons now. Probably since season 11 in my opinion. Come on, guys. Don't you think that Kenny and Kyle deserve episodes to themselves. I mean, it's ridiculous that Stan got an entire episode all to himself. If you don't know the name of the episode that I'm talking about, it's "More Crap". "More Crap", in my opinion, was a terrible episode. First off, like I said, the only main character that was featured in the episode was Stan. The rest of of the kids... Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters... were not even in the episode. However, their parents were, which was bizarre. Second of all, the plot was dumb and really, really stupid. All it was about essentially was Randy trying to break the record of taking the world's biggest crap. And remember, this is only just my opinion. If I were to compare this episode to other South Park episodes, I would have to say that this episode was probably the worst. So okay, Randy Marsh is a funny character, but why is he getting far more attention than the other adults such as Mr. Mackey, Mr. Garrison, Cartman's mom, Kyle's mom, or Kyle's dad? I personally, think they should develop Gerald Broflovski's (Kyle's dad) character more, thus giving Kyle more screen time. But I think that that is very unlikely that it will happen this season. I mean, there's no doubt that Kyle will get at least one episode focusing on him this season, but it seems like all of the seasons are dominated by Stan and his family, as opposed to other families such as Cartman's or Kenny's. You know which character I would love to see get a lot of attention this season? Cartman's mom. After all, Cartman's mom has had a history of hanging out with a bunch of men and being a slut. Overall, I think that Trey and Matt should actually take the time to look at other characters besides Stan and his family and start developing other characters that are never used such as Wendy, Kenny, Tweek, Craig, Token, Clyde, Jimmy, Timmy, and some of the other kids. Also, you know how there was a Tweek Bros. Coffee shop in the South Park: The Stick of Truth game? Maybe they can one day incorporate that into an actual episode, thus giving some screen time. Lastly, I would just like to remind everyone that South Park is NOT an anime. It is a cartoon. And all of the main four and Butters themselves are not gay. So just keep in mind that no matter how hard you ship gay couples such as Kyle and Cartman, Craig and Tweek, Kyle and Stan, Kyle and Kenny, or Butters and Kenny, Trey and Matt will NEVER incorporate those kind of relationships into the actual show. And I am telling you the actual truth. I'm not telling you to stop shipping them. You can go on with your creativity, even though it's a little gross and ridiculous in my opinion. So, I hope that some of you get the point that I am trying to make here. Anyway, that's all that I have to say. Kelsey out.
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[X] Your favourite colour is blue.
[ ] You have an older sister.
[ ] Your dad has an interesting job.
[X] You think school's ok because you get to see your friends.
[X] You like to think you're kind and compassionate.
[ ] You're vegetarian.
[X] You're likeable and outgoing.
[ ] You have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
[x] You have blue eyes.
[ ] You like sports.
Total: 5

[ ] Your favorite color is green.
[ ] You have a younger brother.
[X] You're relatively well-off financially.
[ ] You're pretty intelligent.
[X] You're deep, philosophical, love to question things.
[X] You stand up to assholes and aren't a pushover
[X] You're a complex person.
[X] You have red hair.
[ ] You're clueless when it comes to the opposite sex.
[X] Trends can suck your balls.

Total: 6

[ ] Your favorite color is orange.
[ ] You have an older brother.
[ ] You're poor & dislike your house.
[ ] School's where you get your next meal!
[ ] You're mostly indifferent to politics/ethical issues.
[ ] You do/have done drugs.
[ ] You have light blue eyes.
[ ] You're a flirt and love sexs.
[ ] You don't have a best friend.
[X] You get along with most people.

Total: 1

[X] Your favorite color is light blue.
[X] You're an only child.
[X] You were raised by a single parent.
[ ] You like school cos you get to piss around.
[ ] You don't care about worldly issues.
[X] You can be a huge dick sometimes.
[ ] You have hazel eyes.
[X] You have a kitty.
[X] You like food a lot.
[ ] You can get away with things easily.

Total: 6

[ ] Your favorite color is teal.
[X] You're an only child.
[ ] Your parents run their own business.
[X] You don't like school.
[ ] You're neurotic and hyper.
[ ] You love coffee.
[X] You're shy.
[ ] You don't like horror movies.
[ ] You feel not many people understand you.
[X] You have blond hair.

Total: 4

[ ] Your favorite color is dark blue.
[ ] You have a younger sister.
[ ] Your family's dysfunctional.
[ ] You have black hair.
[ ] You're pragmatic and like boring things.
[X] You don't like sports or physical exertion.
[X] Flipping people off is funny.
[X] Some people really piss you off.
[X] You like it safe and easy.
[ ] You're passive and reserved.
Total: 4

[ ] Your favorite color is turquoise.
[X] You're an only child.
[ ] You're constantly being grounded/told off.
[ ] You have light blond hair.
[ ] You're sweet and innocent
[X] You're very likable.
[ ] You're a pushover and people walk all over you.
[ ] You're naive and sometimes clueless.
[X] You trust people too easily.
[ ] You're a pussy

Total: 3

[ ] Your favorite color is red.
[X] You're an only child.
[ ] You're rich.
[ ] You're spoils by your parents.
[X] You're a pussy/cry-baby/bitch sometimes.
[ ] You're a brunette.
[ ] You're slightly arrogant.
[X]You love tacos.
[ ] You're kinda simple/shallow.
[ ] You follow trends.

Total: 3

kyle and cartman
kinda oppisites lol

Kyle and Cartman...

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 20, 2010, 5:57 PM
so apparently if Kyle was a girl and got together with Cartman and had a kid...

I would be the kid...  =w= while i love my siblings, they are complete and utter douches sometimes...

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[x] Your f
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Héhé ... For fun. =D No more time to draw. :( But more for pairings surveys. =D

I'm so excited ! My head is full of curiosity ! Specially about what will happen in the new manga movie from Hunter x Hunter : The last Mission. :iconexcitedlaplz:
Tonight, I think I reached the top of my fangirl-asm. :laughing: And I will sleep happily. :XD:

Okay, I'm a yaoi lover. XD Don't forget that it is destinated to girls only.But I don't ship every pairing without to make sense. First, I don't ship a lot a yaoi pairing. I only know a few of them and determine if they are worth to be supported as a couple. I don't ship any or every pairing seen everywhere. And specially from video games. But mostly in mangas and cartoons.
From me, there's not really much yaoi pairings I ship hard. There are really a few face to the large number of hetero pairings I ship.

All pairings written are the ones I mostly have to contain my crazyness. Though I can control my fangirlism. But not my shipping. XDD
This will be edited each time there will be a new yaoi worthy pairing I ship.

Anime - Manga :

  • Hunter x Hunter

Leorio x Kurapika = Leopika

  • One Piece

Zoro x Sanji

  • Penguins of Madagascar (The)

Skipper x Rico = Skico/Ripper

  • Saint Seya

Shiryu x Yoga
Shun x Yoga

  • South Park :

Eric Cartman x Kyle Brofloski
Craig x Tweek

  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Kurogane x Fai/Fay/Fye

Video games :

  • Sonic

Shadow x Sonic (a bit, though I really love the characters)
Silver x Espio (never played Sonic Rivals 2, but I'm glad that happened)

  • Super Smash Bros.

Marth x Roy
Ike x Pit
Sonic x Link / Toon Link

  • Tekken

Bryan x Dragunov (worthy)
Bryan x Kazuya
Kazuya x Dragunov

I just have watched a few episodes of Saint Seya. Then, nothing. I don't have the channel to see them. And I'm not really a fan. But it remains one of the mangas of my childhood I will never forget.
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