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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:26 AM
So i've been thinking about it and have decided that i want to organize a Christmas character exchange! This means that everyone who joins will be designing a new character as a holiday gift for someone else. :dummy:
What could be more fun and potentially special than a new character? This way everyone can have artistic freedom instead of the typical art exchange.
Original species are welcomed AND encouraged as long as they belong to you alone. (For example, I will be designing a Luim) BUT keep in mind that this isnt a "species"  exchange, but a character exchange. so design ALL of the things!

:star: i actually did this sort of an exchange twice before over on TLKFAA. Its nothing new to me and i hope to get LOTS of people involved. Thats why im putting this up now!




:santa: Anyone is welcome to join, even if you dont celebrate Christmas. Join for the fun and holiday spirit!
:santa: Adherence to the rules is ESSENTIAL for this to work.
:santa: SKILL does not matter, but EFFORT does. 


:santa: First: you must "Favorite" this journal if you want to participate.
:santa: Second: comment below saying you wish to join, upon joining you will be given a number.
:santa: Deadline for joining is: December 15th
:santa: Submitting your entry: Participants must NOTE me a link of their entry.Preferably from your st.ash account so that there are no broken links come exchange day! Do NOT Upload your entry as these are meant to be surprises!!)
:santa: Entry due date: MUST have entry in by December 20th. 
:santa: Exchange day: I will upload another journal on December 25th with links to what character participants get!
:santa: Backing out: You may back out ANY time prior to December 15th. Failure to complete your design by December 20th will get you put on a list of shame. 0N0
:santa: About your entry: Participants MUST draw original artworks. (NO PRE-MADE LINE ART), and EFFORT matters. This means you get out of this what you put in. If you put in an exceptional character with a reference page, that is what you will get in return. The less work put into your entry, the less you will get out. That is why i personally will be sorting out the characters to their new owners. 
:santa:It is better to give than receive: If you wish to only give a character instead of get one, you can! JUST BE SURE TO INCLUDE IN YOUR JOINING COMMENT THAT YOU WISH TO ONLY BE "A GIVER".


1.) Mwokozii 
2.) puqqies ..........................with slimerock pups!
3.) XanderGirl96
4.) Rivaillei
5.) SweetieNectar
6.) mythkin
7.) Ponacho
8.) Riroka
9.) Operia
11.) gummysharkcircus
12.) LunariaMistShadows
13.) Gloriousphilia 
14.) Adolas 
15.) CoolMDrawings
16.) Noiizu
17.) PetiteCatpuccino
18.) empt-minded
19.) ZZ-Art
20.) Shaythulhu
21.) nightIights
22.) woospuss
23.) goldbrick-ryukin
24.) tele-kinesis
25.) Wifflin
27.) Kimikohi
28.) Mlle-Kamichat
29.) Wolfdragonwings
30.) znh
31.) Iock
32.) Luna950
33.) xHappyMuttx
34.) SpiritClaw123
35.) TitanEclipse
36.) Lunamoon6657
37.) ReiReivax
38.) snowflake95
39.) poodlebite
40.) AdoptableCutes
41.) Xx-Nightstorm-xX
42.) ChinZaPep
43.) Terr-Bear
44.) iceshadow19
45.) Furratricity
46.) Attsos
47.) BananaIguana101
48.) pinalapple 
49.) PastelPixeIs
50.) kAngeLxD
51.) joaniek
52.) Spywolf606
53.) Shinigami-Souls
54.) baconxeggsxandxtoast
55.) Magicionary 
56.) Jennator
57.) issapiie
59.) rippIing
60.) l-Gotta-Believe
61.) WolfWing
62.) MysticShadowSkull ................with Cloudleions!
63.) TripleRainbowDash
64.) Tsukikoko
65.) BooBerryMilk .......................with Hunny Pups!
66.) :devD4RKT0RN4THOR3: 
67.) Chipo-H0P3
68.) xNighten
69.) hallethefox
70.) Raptorwolf-AML
71.) doeling
72.) Howling-night ......................with Avilli!
73.) RazZzle-Dazzle

R.I.P. Meja 20th August

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:50 AM
I´m crying so much while I´m writing this. I hope it is worthy for her.

Today my dog, and best friend, Meja, passed away.
It was her turn to go an join the other angels waiting for her.
She was a beauty straight into the end. Always intelligent. Always alert. Always kind.
The last thing she did before her final breath was to look at me and with all her might she tried to rise her head.
To kiss away my tears. 

She became 12 years old. 
She suffered from a disease she got 1 year ago that made her lose 10 pounds. 
After that she never regained her muscles again, no matter how much medication,exercise and food we gave her.
Slowly but surely she lost the ability to walk, stand and in the end even sit up.
The only thing she could do was to lie down while watching her friends run around. Being worried about her.
We tried our best, she tried her best. But one day your best will not be enough. And then you have to let go, let her sleep.
You tried your best my love, I will be forever be proud of you. ♥

Meja was a mighty white King Poodle. The biggest of her kind, yet she was always elegant.
She was a true beauty and won every contest she entered up to the age of 2.
Where she got cancer in her uterus. And the only way to survive was to remove it.
So unfortunately we couldn´t bring her out on contests anymore, or have some puppies from her.
But her beauty was still not unnoticed. Commercial workers noticed her and she ended up on big posters around Sweden for the shop Pandora Hobby.

As a puppy and young dog she was very disobedient.
She knew all the tricks I taught, as she was smart. But her smartness became a trouble.
She tried to run away from home, a lot. (A common habit King Poodle shares) And she was a perfect jumper. She could jump over anything.
She was not fond of humans as young. She would only stick to me and my father. She neglected my mother for many years until she finally accepted her.
She became more mature and accepting with age. Cuddling with everyone she saw.
Never has she bitten any other dog. 

These last 4 years when we moved to the dog hotel, has she been able to freely run over 2 miles worth of grass and nature. No leash. Just her, freedom and her friends.
A life worthy of a girl with such energy in her legs.
She might have become more mature, but she kept her bad puppy habits.
Just 2 days ago, she managed to grab my shoes and eat them half up.
It felt like it was her last little prank, her way to say Good bye. Don´t forget me.

And I surley won´t. She was the most wonderful dog and friend.
Been through with me for 12 whole years. Since I was 7 years old.
And she will still stay with me. In my heart, for even more years to hopefully come.

Thank you Meja, for being there.
I love you, and Good night, have wonderful dreams my love. :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent

The prizes:

:winner: The person with the highest score will receive  500 :points: OR One month premium membership + 100 :points:
If there is a tie, the first person who sent me the highest score will win.  

:bulletpink: Runner up will receive 250 :points: 
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 2nd best highscore will win.

:bulletblue: Third one will receive ONE Premium Lottery Ticket to be used here FGA GATE
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 3rd best highscore will win.

FGA ticket Info: 4 boxes, you choose one. -- Premium = The boxes contains either 3 Months Premium Membership > 150 Points > Feature for 1 month > 50 Points .
Luck plays a huge role! So yes, you may possibly obtain the 3 months premium even though you're on third place. 
Magic boxes Sponsored by FlashGiveAways. Feel free to check it out! Questions? Ask me! 

:star: Many people who scores  20 points and above will automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 50 :points: each. Point system will be explained below.

:heart: The purpose of this game is for Detective-HQ  to give the spotlight to talented, yet undiscovered artists of deviantart on different mediums such as Digital art, Traditional Art, sculptures, etc. This will be a monthly event and a part of Detective-HQ's hosted events.

How to Play the Game

This is a scavenger hunt. A small magnifying glass is hidden in the gallery of selected deviants. It looks like this:   Magnifying Glass by DestinyRose09

:bulletgreen:Where to search: Again, its hidden in the comment area of a deviation in their gallery. Search the gallery and each deviations!

Example, lets pretend that DestinyRose09 is one of the featured people:


:bulletgreen: Yay you found it! Click on the magnifying glass and it will lead to a stash question/hint you MUST answer. The answer to the question/hint can be found on THAT SAME DEVIANT'S gallery WHERE YOU FOUND the magnifying glass. 
Example (click to see the question):

:bulletgreen: After you read the question, RETURN to that person's gallery (or his/her front profile page), and search for the CORRESPONDING ANSWER.
The answer to the question is Destiny's Olaf deviation:
Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Note: Answer MUST be in thumb format (NOT text or link). Since you will be noting me the answers, even non-premiums can use thumb and it will show on notes. 


You don't want to find all the magnifying glasses and answers to it, only to find out that you will not be able to claim your prize because you didn't follow the rules.

Official Scavenger Hunt Rules

:bulletred: This event is exclusive to Detective-HQ :icondetective-hq: members only. Feel free to join! The join button is on the left side of the group page.
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: Make sure to FAV this event journal and COMMENT anything below if you are joining. This is important information I take to keep track of how many people participated versus how many answers/notes I will receive for the next two weeks. It also helps for exposure and more people to join!
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: DO NOT note the featured person/deviant/fellow scavenger hunters and ask for hint/help about the answer or location of the magnifying glass. WORK ALONE. You can be reported to the admins and you will be DISQUALIFIED.

:bulletred: DO NOT leave any comment in the deviation/stash/event that can reveal the answer to the hints/questions/clues or YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

:bulletred: The FORMAT of the answer is important when you send the answer note to me.  Please send me only ONE note after you collected the MOST magnifying glasses and answers you think you can manage. You don't have to find them all. Collect more than 20 points and you can join the raffle.

Answer format:
1. [Username]
    [Deviation that the magnifying glass was found *Link is fine*]
    [ANSWER to the stash question]

   1.  DestinyRose09
    Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Point system: 1 point for finding the deviation with the magnifying glass and 1 point for the CORRECT answer.

Are you ready? Here are your featuring deviants! Find the magnifying glass and enjoy their art! :heart:
















There are 15 magnifying glasses total. You can accumulate up to 30 points if you find all the magnifying glass and correct answers.

Stuck and need a hint? Here are ways to get a hint out of me.

1. Share this event in a NEW journal. Note me with your question with the link of your newly created journal for ONE hint.
2. If you joined the Deviantart Unbirthday Event and was tagged here somewhere , you get ONE hint. (You can no longer use it to get an answer on the next mystery case event)
3. If you found the secret event here you can note me for ONE hint. (But you forfeit your chance to win in that event)

Depending on the person, you can accumulate a total of (3)three hints. Note DestinyRose09 Use them wisely. :D
This event will stay open for 2 weeks.

Goodluck and Have Fun!

:bulletred: Respect the artists featured. Do not complain or cause unnecessary dispute or you will be disqualifed.
:bulletred: Do you know anyone who would like to be featured on next month's undiscovered gem scavenger event? Do you want to be featured? If yes, contact DestinyRose09 for possible processing. Criteria to qualify includes less than 20k pageviews and less than 300 watchers. 
:bulletgreen: Donations for prizes are always appreciated ^_^ Donations can be sent here :heart:Donate:heart:

Event Administrators
DestinyRose09 LittleScavenger RoamingShadow xSammyKayx MirachRavaiaHazelstar67

Brought to you by
:icondetective-hq: and :iconflashgiveaways:
Detective-HQ ll FlashGiveAways

Well, I'm off to college tomorrow! Yaaaaaaay!  I'm really excited :D However, I am kinda sad that I'm not gonna be as active on here for quite some time. I won't have Paint Tool Sai anymore since I have a new Mac. Well, I do have Sai, but there's not pen pressure which defeats the whole purpose of Sai for me haha. So, I won't be uploading digital stuff until I get some Adobe and animation programs from school. Might upload some traditional stuff but we'll see. I'll definitely keep in contact with you guys and reply to comments the best I can :)

(Also, I mentioned this before in a previous deviation, because I'm leaving, I will no longer be providing cover art for stories until further notice. It kinda sucks because I really did like doing cover art :/ )

It's exciting to finally be going to college aghajskdoshsjsk! It was sad saying bye to all my friends though. And I'll miss Hawaii along with all of my family members who love here. But I'm going back to California, where I lived for 13 years, which is really nice. I did have a pretty great last day though. I got to hang out with my friends all day, go to the beach, kayak and I even got bit by an eel which was pretty cool haha. I've got a cool little story to tell now. 

So yeah, no worries guys, I'll still be checking up on dA a lot, and try to answer questions and reply to comments. Not too much art tho :/ I'm assuming I'm not the only artist you watch on this site so it won't be so bad haha. Have a great school year to those who have started or are starting soon! And have an amazing time doing whatever you're doing to those who are no longer in school lol. 

Peace out!
Celebrate 1k+ watchers... who LOVE/LIKE/OKAY with my unstable arts :heart:.
Today I might draw some cute boys then I'll draw a hideous monster tomorrow. XD
Thank you very much!


Who can enter?
-Only for my watcher who watch me before this journal was made.
Who will be exclude?
-The one who didn't submit their art trade part and I've done my part.
-Type "I'M JOIN!" and answer "what do you like in my art?" To enter this raffle.
-Fav This journal so that's how you'll get the number.
-I know... Your Extra ID... So don't increase your chance by this.
-End date 2 weeks after this Journals submitted.
-3 people (or more depend on how many people participate) will be choose as winners.

-I won't reply to any comment in this journal
-If you fail to follow the rules result in disqualify.

Prizes your choice, I'll draw only your original character.
Choose one from these choices!
-1Chibi with bg
-Couple chibi without bg
-1Half body with more detailed in bg
-1Full body with very simple bg

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day everyone.
What happens if guys were overly sensitive.
Been so busy and haven't been too active with art. So here's a video.
Miss you humans.
From Sylar, With Love by MCab719

Thanks Michael......
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Crossing us? Probably not the best idea in the world.
We are the guardians of the VenturianTale community. We keep it safe from spammers, thieves, liars, and so much more.
We will not hesitate to ban troublemakers. It is our job, and we will do it right.
We have promised to help keep the VenturianTale community safe, and that is what we will do.
We will not put up with Advertising, Swearing, Stealing, Spamming or Lying.
If you see anyone doing these things. Message us immediately.
We appreciate your service to the community.
And to those of you who break the rules: Beware The Pudding Street Gang. Crossing us? Probably not the best idea in the world.

-The Pudding Street Gang

Fanart is Art

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 4:28 PM
It's kind of a debate around this site whether fanart can be considered true art or not. Well, as far as I'm concerned...of course it can.

Fanart is just as legit as original art. It doesn't make it any less artistic, because even though the subject matter involves something created by someone else, you can add your own touches to it to make it unique. You don't have to, however. Some like to stick with drawing fanart as it is canonically, and others--like me--like to add their own spin to popular (or not so popular) characters to give that character's world a little taste of their style.

So many wonderful, talented artists draw fanart all the time. Does that make it any more amazing, because well-known artists draw it? No. But does it make it any less amazing just because it isn't 'original art'? I'd hate to know someone thought I 'wasted' my talent on fanart when I could be doing 'my own ideas'. What's the big deal? I draw fanart and I draw my original work. I don't see what the issue is. :shrug:

Think about it this way, if someone's original work gets recognized and becomes a thing, it's going to be fanart someday too. Haha! No, in all seriousness, the truth is that you're not going to get into a big prestigious art school with nothing but a folder full of anime fanart. People want to see new concepts, new characters, new stories, new styles. Nothing wrong with that. Everything gets boring and repetitive at some point. Kinda like how a lot of people are sick of seeing everything being pony-fied since MLP:FiM took the world by storm. But, even though I'm not an MLP fan, I have seen some awesomely beautiful MLP fanart by gifted artists who deserve credit for the work they do, whether or not it's 'original'. You have to realize that some people don't draw for the sake of getting into an art school. Some people draw just because they love doing it and it's their passion, and I don't think anyone should tell them what they draw isn't art and isn't going to get them anywhere. That's like telling an amateur golfer that they'll never get to the PGA because they're using the wrong clubs. They probably don't care. They're just golfing for fun.

Yeah, I do get tired of seeing people do the same things over and over, but that doesn't mean it's any less artistic. I'm sick to death of seeing Frozen fanart, but that doesn't mean people will stop drawing it. Just because people beat a dead horse doesn't mean fanart itself is any less artistic and creative, especially when there are still people who are taking popular things and making them interesting.

People tell me 'original art is better than fanart' then people tell me 'draw fanart, you'll get more recognition'. How about I do both? I'm a versatile person, I like variety. I don't have to draw the same thing every day. What I draw all depends on how I feel or even what music I'm listening to. I don't need anyone to tell me what to draw, and I'm certainly not going to draw fanart just for the sake of getting views.

Conclusion? It's art, whether it be the beautiful and unique things that flow out of your mind, or the designs and concepts of others that you just happened to render. Draw whatever you want, because at the end of the day, it should be the quality of your work and the effort put into it that people should be taking into account. Not the subject matter. And besides...nothing is truly original and never will be.

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