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Giveawaybig2 by Mewitti

Hi all! I'd like to celebrate the Pokemon Gen 3 remakes by going all-out with an art contest AND a giveaway. Both of these events will have 15 winners each! Prizes include plushies, free art, and multiple chances to win a copy of the upcoming Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games. Keep reading to learn how to enter!


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (1 available)
  • Adorable Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic plushie (1 of each available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

How to enter:

To enter, favorite this journal! That's it! You can also reblog the giveaway's Tumblr post to enter yourself a second time. (No giveaway blogs, please.) If you enter the art contest, your name will be entered in the giveaway an extra three times, for a max of five entries per person.


I will randomly pick 15 unique winners. You can't win multiple times in the giveaway, but it is possible to win in the art contest and also win in the giveaway. I will contact you based on the site you won on--so if I picked your username from the Tumblr reblogs, I will send you a Tumblr ask, if I picked your username from the dA post favorites, I will send you a dA note, etc.

The first winner can choose any prize they want (only one game/plushie/keychain per winner), the second winner can pick anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until all 15 have prizes.

The giveaway ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. Winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick someone else. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (2 available!)
  • Giant, fuzzy Kyogre plushie (1 available)
  • Huggable, fierce Groudon plushie (1 available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

What to draw:

Your entry should be something that a Hoenn resident or company might make to show off the unique things that Hoenn has to offer to a prospective tourist. For example: a 'postcard' of a famous Hoenn landmark, 'pamphlets' for tours that showcase the native Pokemon, posters advertising Hoenn events, travel photographs of you and your team visiting the region, or anything else you can think of! This is deliberately open-ended, so get creative.


  • If you enter the art contest, your name will be automatically entered in the giveaway three times! You will not get extra entries in the giveaway if you submit multiple entries for the art contest.
  • All visual artistic mediums are allowed (drawings, sculpture, graphic/web design, etc)
  • You may submit multiple entries, but only one can win per artist.
  • You may collaborate with others, just remember there will be only one prize per winning entry.
  • Send your entries to me via deviantART note or email them to me at, with the subject "ORAS Contest". Include your entry, your username, and the fastest method to get in contact with you if you win.

Winning Categories, in order:

  • First Place Overall
  • Second Place Overall
  • Third Place Overall
  • Most Creative
  • Funniest
  • 10 runner-ups

Winners can pick any prize from the available prizes as long as it isn't already taken. First-place winner gets first dibs, second-place can choose anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until everyone's chosen a prize.

The contest ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. There will be NO extensions, and winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick a different winner. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


If you win, you must be willing to share your name and address and soul so I can mail you your prize! Please don't enter this contest/giveaway if you are not willing to give out your address. I can ship to regions outside the US, and you do NOT have to pay any shipping fees no matter where you live.

Prize specifics: 

  • OR/AS preorders will be ordered via with release-day delivery, so they should arrive on November 21st for US addresses. You get to choose which game you want. These will be physical cartridges, not digital downloads. If you live outside the US or have a non-US-region 3DS: Please check your 3DS's region and let me know! I should be able to get you the appropriate region game, but I can't guarantee release-day delivery. If you can find the appropriate region game on Amazon or another site that allows online preorders, that would be a huge help. From what I've seen, all OR/AS games will be playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. You just need to have the correct region for your 3DS.
  • The plushies are official Pokemon Center merchandise that were released this September. This is how big they are!
  • The keychains are handmade and will never be available anywhere else! The Kyogre/Groudon keychains are double-sided glass pendants, and the Rayquaza keychains are made from sturdy, sealed shrink-plastic.
  • Drawings from me will be delivered digitally in high-resolution PNG format. If you choose to get a drawing from me as a prize, I will draw pretty much anything you want--except for sexual situations, excessive gore, or hateful images. It needs to be PG-ish.

If you are wondering why exactly I am giving away all this expensive stuff, see this post.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. Have fun, everyone!

As I promised, I'm making another 1000 :points: giveaway just for you guys!

The main prize of this giveaway is 1000 :points:

How can you get them? Here are the rules:

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via Random Numer Generator)
3. You need to link this giveaway in your journal
4. You need to comment here, and insert the link to your journal, containing info of this giveaway.

That's all :)

The deadline for this giveaway is

19th of October

Previous giveaway winner: :iconruiori:

Good luck :D

Giveaway !! Official - Changes

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 1:43 PM
I can't wait until 1000 watchers, I wanna do the giveaway now !!

Alright, here's the rules :

:star: You must be a watcher ! This is for my watchers, after all !

:star: But if you do not like my art, don't enter. I don't want any more meaningless watchers. :c

:star: If you unwatch me after this is over, and especially if you win something, you will not be allowed to participate in any more giveaways I do. Sorry, but that's the rules.

:star: No double, plz, or point accounts please !

:star: You must spread the word through a journal ! No polls please ! And you must also fav the journal !!

:star: This is not required, but highly appreciated - Please watch :iconforestpaw23: , :iconheatherbacon: , :iconpasteicrayons: , and :iconwildwolvess: .

END DATE : October 20, 2014 (May change)

Alright, now to the prizes. They're going to be less, but there's more stuff like art. c:

Prizes :

More may be added !!

1st - 450 :points: + 20 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (worth 100 :points: + in value added up)

- Choice of either 1 : Headshot w/ background 2 : Journal skin fully coded, drawn, and designed by her, or 3 : three flat colored sketches from WildWolvess (worth $25 in added value)

2nd - 225 :points: + 10 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (worth 50 :points: + in value added up)

- Full drawings from XxHawktailxX 

- One fanfiction of any characters of your choice from heatherbacon / Crushberry

3rd - 100 :points: + 5 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (Worth 25 :points: + in value added up)

- animated/non-animated journal doll from XxHawktailxX 

- animated/non-animated icon from XxHawktailxX 

- One headshot from heatherbacon

- Chibi(s) from XxFlameFrost101xX 


20 People will be chosen for Long Smoketail MYO slots to get the species up and running !!

You can offer prizes if you'd like, any offer is automatically accepted c:

Sound good?

  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Don't - Ed Sheeran
  • Reading: Warriors : Dawn of the Clans #2
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: Chicken Smoothie
  • Eating: Candy Corn
  • Drinking: Juice

New Project

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 2:03 PM

Hey guys!

So as some of you know, I've been venturing into making original music and creepypasta themed songs. Well I've currently finished composing another, and am in the process of creating a video to go along with it. (I'm actually going to make a proper video this time, not just lyrics).

However, currently I'm using a VOCALOID to fill in the vocals, but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with it. So I figured I would put out a general inquiry here. I am looking for a male vocalist who thinks they've got what it takes to star in a creepypasta themed song that will be posted on my main channel for the world to see. You would be credited both in the video description with links to your social media, as well as noted in the video itself. If you are an aspiring singer and are looking for an opportunity to get better known in the online scope, this could be an amazing promotional opportunity for you, not to mention portfolio building. 

If you are interested in trying out for this opportunity, please link me to some examples of your singing. (You can comment in this journal or contact me via tumblr) I haven't picked a deadline yet, as it's going to take a while to finish the video anyways, but I will publicly announce when a singer has been selected, and I will personally contact you. 

Well, that's all for now my friends!

This is a 2.000 2.002 Watchers Special!

Thank you all so much for your support, kind words and just everything! :D

This Contest is made just for you :D

(You dont have to be a watcher to enter this contest ;) )

Im getting a lot of messages with "Your art inspires me so much", so now its the time to show that! Get inspired! :D
Design something totally unique and beautiful! :D

Prizes :D

:trophy: First Place:
- 500 :points:
- Custom design by Nahemii-san
- One colored Art (max. 2 char.) by Brinxx

:trophy: Second Place:
- 200 :points:
- Custom Design by Nahemii-san

:trophy: Third Place:
- 100 :points:
- Custom Design by Nahemii-san

- Any other Prize donator is very welcome :D

:trophy: I dont need to keep the designs, You can keep/sell/use it after the Contest has ended ;)

WIN-WIN-Situation, right? :D

:bulletblue: Rules:
- Fav' this journal
- Bases are allowed - please credit the creator
- Please dont use MS Paint on Bases that dont work
- get inspired by outfits, but dont copy them
- max. 2 entries per person

:bulletblue: Judging
- Is there something unique in your outfit? something special and creative?
- Do the colors fit together?
- Do the patters and design-Objects fit together?
- Is it well drawn and detailed? not sketchy
- Does your Outfit have a unique theme? (Nothing common like steampunk or food)
- be experimental (lol, whatever that means) unique ftw! :la:

deadline  is 2nd Nov. !

If you like entering Contests, you can also enter this contest with your design

:iconmangadoptables: :icontora-sayo: :iconthecraftraccoon: :iconcrispych0colate: :iconoutofgrace: :iconscylla225: :iconshiaseki-suishou: :iconhitomeyaska: :iconxelathegreat: :iconshanyume: :iconlogical-break: :icontheotakusan: :iconpersephonesdaughter: :iconlunascapestudios: :iconlividrussian:

See all Entries here *click*

100k Pageview GIVEAWAY! Premiums, Points, Art+

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 7:02 PM

Welcome to my 100,000 Pageview Kiriban Giveaway!

Kawaii La
Wow, I can't believe that I almost have 100,000 pageviews! Especially since I haven't been very active lately due to RL stuff.
But to thank those that have stuck with me and still like to view my art, I want to do a special giveaway! I will have one kiriban winner and three giveaway winners!

This giveaway will have multiple winners!


The Giveaway will be lottery style. You have multiple ways of entering your name to the lottery, which makes your chances of winning higher!

What are the giveaway prizes?

First prize
  • Your choice of one of the following:
    • One CG chibi or 2 chibi sketches
    • A full-body sketch (max 2 characters)
    • A full-body CG (max 1 character)
    • A bust CG (max 1 character)
    • A sketch-page (monochrome shading)
    • A custom adopt
  • 3 month Premium Membership
  • A special secret sticker pack (must be willing to give physical address)
  • 400 :points:

Second Prize

  • Your choice of one of the following:
    • One CG chibi or 2 chibi sketches
    • A full-body sketch (max 2 characters)
    • A full-body CG (max 1 character)
    • A bust CG (max 1 character)
    • A custom adopt
  • 1 month Premium Membership
  • A special secret sticker pack (must be willing to give physical address)
  • 300 :points:

Third Prize

  • Your choice of one of the following:
    • One CG chibi or 1 sketch chibi
    • A full-body sketch (max 2 characters)
    • A bust CG (max 1 character)
    • A custom adopt
  • 1 month Premium Membership
  • A special secret sticker pack (must be willing to give physical address)
  • 200 :points:

How do I enter the giveaway?

There are multiple ways to enter your name into the giveaway lottery which will give you more chances to win! Only +faving is mandatory, though.

  • Your ticket (MANDATORY) - :+fav:Fav this journal! (this is what enters you into the lottery)
  • +1 ticket - :+devwatch:Watch! Be a watcher of mine! (new or old, doesn't matter!)
  • +1 ticket - Share this journal!  Share it on DA, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, anywhere! 
  • +1 ticket - Comment on your favorite piece of art from my gallery. ( I love getting comments!)
  • +1 ticket - Tag 3 of your friends in a comment on this journal!

Please comment on this journal telling me what extra's you did!

How are the winners chosen?

I will use to randomly pull your number from a list!

The giveaway will end the 4th of October 9PM EST.

Winners will be announced shortly after!


Kiriban Information

What's a kiriban?

A kiriban is a milestone reached when you reach a certain amount of pageviews. When this milestone is hit, a gift will usually be giving to the person who hit that certain pageview milestone (100,000 my case).

How do I get the 100,000 pageview?

You must be the 100,000th person to visit my front page - here. You must screenshot my page when the counter hits 100,000 and the pageviews must be showing in the screenshot. This FIRST person to NOTE me this screenshot is the kiriban winner!

:iconpinkfluffehunicorn98: has caught my kiriban! Congrats!

What are the prizes?

For the kiriban winner you will receive the following prizes:
  • Your choice of one of the following:
    • Full-body CG commission of up to two characters
    • Two CG chibi's 
    • Two CG Busts
    • A colored sketch-page (multiple poses and expressions)
    • A custom adopt
  • A 3 month Premium Membership
  • A special secret sticker pack (must be willing to give physical address)
  • 400 :points:


If anyone would like to add art, points, or other prizes to the pools, feel free to note me!


Bullet; Black Bullet; Orange Nuzlocke Halloween Costume Contest! Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black 

September 30th -- October 25th

Makoto: "So what's this all about? Just what it says in the title, a costume contest just for nuzlockers! This month, it's all about Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. But, like every contest, we've gotta lay down ground rules."

Bullet; Orange Rules:

  • Draw your (or another nuzlocker's) characters all dressed up for the holiday, in absolutely any type of costume you'd like. Basic Halloween, cosplay, they may even be dressed up for Dia de los Muertos (so long as you are respectful).
  • If you draw another nuzlocker's character, you must ask for their permission. Only exception is me, you may use my characters however you like! You can have your characters interact with mine if you want to.
  • When you're done, submit it with my icon in the description so it appears in my mentions. You will know if I got it, because I will favorite it to my "Halloween Costume Contest 2014" folder.
  • Any of your characters may be dressed up. Maybe just the trainer, maybe the trainer and their whole team, maybe just the Pokemon/gijinkas. The sky's the limit!
  • If your nuzlocke has not yet been posted anywhere, you may still join with your characters. Just state in the description that the run isn't started yet so I don't get confused!
  • If you have any questions at all, just ask me.

"Costumes will be judged on effort, originality, creativity, and overall attractiveness. (Maybe even have a little story relating to the costume in the description, if you'd like?) Here are the prizes awarded to only the best costumes!"

Bullet; Orange Prizes:

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black First Place Bullet; Black Bullet; Orange 

The first prize winner will get a full body "pixel", entirely colored and shaded of a single character.
Example Here!

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black Second Place Bullet; Black Bullet; Orange 

Second prize winner will get a half body pixel, entirely colored and shaded of a single character.
Example Here!

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Black Third Place Bullet; Black Bullet; Orange

Third prize winner will get a full body, but miniature actual pixel of a single character.
Example Here!

"All of the costumes should be turned in by 11:59 CST, Halloween Night, and late entries will not be accepted. You may make more than one costume picture, but you must state which is officially entered into the costume contest!"

Halloween Journal2 by dejasquietplace

Current Judges:

:icondejasquietplace: :icongrimdark-leijon: :iconjexima:
(I could use maybe one more judge, so if anyone would rather not enter the contest and instead judge, send me a note!)

Kill Art

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 6:26 PM
Okay so who trips balls if people draw kill/death are of characters/ocs of the creepypasta fandom.....

Cuz like....

I love killing characters both mine and not mine.

And I will draw death/kill/gore this month...

Its Creeptober afterall

Leaving? thieves-copyright - originality

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 12:41 PM

"I'm thinkng about leaving"

These are the words I used in the latest description of a piece
I published,a phrase that a lot of artists have
kept on saying for months.

I'm one of them.

I've been talking about it with a lot of my friends, and 
even though the words i expected to hear as a comeback 
were more like "NO PLEASE STAY" , to my great 
surprise , all of them replied with exactly the same phrase : " too"

So why?Why is this happening? Why are people getting tired of dA
and simply loose their interest?At first I thought it was just boredom,but
no,there is much more to it.

So first things first:

You may loose your rights..

:bulletorange:Many many nice people often
visit dA looking for art.Often,they atcually get
that art reposted and sold in other sites without
the artist's permission.And the
funny thing is that taking down can be quite difficult if not impossible.That's also a pretty good reason 
why people simply move to other sites ,like Furrafinity or tumbl .You hardly
ever find active users who have been on dA for too long
and oooh yes,there is a reason behind it of course .

There are issues with the admins too, I remember NinjaKato going on strike
because of that short of problems. Admins who keep on ignoring notes sent to them
or who simply keep on refusing to take on their responsibilities
properly have been a pain in the ass for most people who have ever
tried dealing with art thefts or copyright issues.There is also

a strict judjement when it comes to mature content art,dA kept on removing artwork
 of that kind after judging it as "too extreme",even though that was not true,making
the community loose some really interesting and unique pieces allong with entire accounts
that got deactivated as a reaction to the whole matter.

Tracing,Art theft,styles etc

Ooookay, I need to get a few things off my system about this one 

I'm so godamn tired not only with art thieves that simply repost my ,and many many 
other poeple's artwork, without permission or credit of course on dA but in other sites too,but also with those artists
who simply steal ideas,characters and techiniques. I'm tired of seeing new cell shaders
popping out of no where
, trying to copy Grypwolf for example (there are of course
tons of artists that get copied too, I just thing that grypwolf is the one that has that problem
the most at the momment) allong with her style,her ideas,characters etc. I'm here to see original art and concepts
but I keep on seeing artists trying to copy one another and this really gets annoying.

And of course I'm talking about myself too.

Maybe some people are okay with it , but let me say that this is not what inspiration is.
Also, if people want to use other artists' art in order to practice and get better then they should
simply not publish their pictures, or at least credit the original one...maybe you know,they could ask for permission too?
Idk ever heard of the "ask first" thing????
Do these people thing that the artists are blind.
We know who you are.We know who copies and who doesn't.
And trust me,everyone HATES this kind of artists.

Of course you will get influenced from time to time, we all do.You may see something
you like in another artist's drawing/style/character and try to
apply it in your own pictures too,that's alright! But copying
everything on purpose is just awesful,stop it for doge's shake.
Some artists actually
loose a lot of commissioners because of that,since some clients prefer commissioning
the "copies" who are cheaper instead of the originals.And some of them
may really ,reaaaaaally need the money.
It stinks.
I hate it.
We all do.

:heart:And I need to say that it really puts a nice smile on my face
whenever I see artists mentioning in their description
that they got inspired by this or that person.:heart:

Autlaw Made a really nice piece about this so make sure
to check it out along with the description : RPG and Copyright - a statement by Autlaw

Unfaithful watchers,the same ideas again and again

What if there is not a show going on for this one.

Isn't it aweful.Somebody makes a successful deviation and similar stuff begin to pop
up all around dA out of no where.

Also,dA people have a thing with supporting artists. They go like
"oooo this is perfect" over and over, but when the artist decides to post something
else than what you usually post like
A GODAMN HUMAN you cann see all the faves dropping to zero.

Which means : nobody gives a shit.:stare:

We've all been through this haven't we? It's not even just
with humans! If you are a canine artist,maybe posting
a dragon or a feline will have the same result ~

Yes,I've been thinking about leaving.I'm tired of all this bullshit,I really am.
And if there is something that has kept me here all along, then 
that's the the amazing friends I made here and 
of course all those who supported me this much all this time.

I really want to thank you.I know who you are and you
are the reason I keep doing what I'm doing guys really.

I also want to say a little special thanks to you Alkasay
for that note you sent me.I honestly felt my heart jumping
a little after all the things you said, you honestly
have no idea how much they mean to me

:bulletorange::bulletblue:I may stay , or at least I'll try.
I'm really busy this year so I won't be able to be as active as
I used to be,but you have my word that i'll keep on
drawing with one way or another.dA is a different issue..
Like I said many times beforevSnow-Body left too and this really
made me loose my appetite for the entire online
thing but I won't give up~

I'm honestly grateful that you made it till the end of this journal.
You deserve an orange :orange:

Feel free to share and comment ~

Hope u all have a nice day and thanks once again ~ :aww:


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 8:26 PM

Holaa :D
Bueno, con :iconimhappywithyou: planeamos un concurso con la temática de Halloween.
Wiiii >3< Es la única festividad que me gusta :'D

Tienen que dibujar al Oc de ImHappyWithYou y al mio celebrando o haciendo cualquier cosa que tenga que ver con Halloween, les dejo un par de dibujos para que tengan referencias :3


Ficha - mei by ImHappyWithYou 
Mei-Chan by ImHappyWithYou  My tourquise W O R  L D by ImHappyWithYou


Ficha AT: Mar by Y0S0yMar
Id nuevo nuevo(? by Y0S0yMarMar Y Maro by Y0S0yMar

Las reglas son bastantes simples:

.-Darle favorito a este journal.
.-Comentar que quieres participar.
.-Tienen que dibujarlas a las dos juntas, no hay excepciones.
.-Tienen que estar haciendo algo, no deben estar paradas simplemente, es para que exploten su imaginación XD
.-Se aceptan dibujos tradicionales como digitales, así que no se preocupen.
.-Tiene que tener color, no vale blanco y negro, ni skecth.

.-NO se permite usar bases
.-NO pueden calcar otro dibujo o editarlo
.-NO insultar otros dibujos
.-NO roben ideas de otros artistas!!

Se pide:
.-Que respeten la personalidad de cada uno de los Oc's a dibujar
.-Respeten las entradas de los demás participantes
.-No sean llorones si no ganan(?? okno XD
.-Que en lo posible, estén disfrazadas o con los vestidos que ven en este journal :heart:

La idea de esto es que sean originales. Mientras más originalidad mejor. 
Llegan a romper una de estas reglas y serás descalificado, no hay excepciones ni nada por el estilo si creen que con un "lo siento" vuelven a poder participar >:C

Cumpliendo eso, ya podrían participar tranquilamente jeje :3

El concurso se realizara a partir del 1 de Octubre hasta el 31 del mismo, tienen un mes para hacer su entrada. Por ser de temática Halloween, No habrá expansiones de la fecha limite, quedas avisado, luego no te quejes >:C

Ahora, lo más importante :D Los premios:

El primer lugar ganará:
200 puntos por parte de ImHappyWithYou
Un dibujo full color por parte mía o de Happy :3

El segundo lugar recibirá:
150 puntos, de los cuales 25 por parte de ImHappyWithYou y 125 mio
Un chibi de parte mía

Tercer lugar:
100 puntos de parte mia 
Un chibi de parte de ImHappyWithYou

Esperamos que participen y más que nada, esperamos que se diviertan :D
Si hay muchos participantes, se agregaran más premios.
Y si quieres donar algún premio, se te será agradecido eternamente :heart:


:iconmanchitasmini: :iconizi-mix: :iconyocelin-pinky: :iconpnmariana: :icondani1565: :iconferxitaxd: :iconlovegirloficial: :iconkaren9797:  :iconmildakagamine02: :iconkarylup: :iconselian0: :iconzoe-975: :iconalice-samaa: :iconemaa-oni: :iconalldayfun: :iconzanika99: :iconmetroid2543: :iconladychocolatee: :icondemiret22: :iconllbloodypawsll:

Chaitoo :3

CSS and graphics by ImHappyWithYou and Y0S0yMar