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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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WARNING - Please read

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 10:08 AM

If you take commissions or make adopts please do not let the users Pixlett or ToxicMutagen buy from you. They will pay after a few days, BUT they will issue a credit card chargeback on the purchase. (They "share" a Paypal name/email, so I am suspicious that it is just the same person who moved accounts)

I'm now in the negatives in Paypal due to the chargebacks, and sadly Paypal does NOT cover digital goods (including art) so I won't be getting this money back.
They are doing this to other users/my dA friends as well.
Here's just 3 of the chargebacks they sent me to show as proof. (They have spent thousands on my art, their paypal email is
Screenshot (190) by witchpaws

As you can see, I tried to provide evidence for one of them (still have many to go through)

Anyways, as this is a clear breach of my Terms of Service, I'm reclaiming ALL of their Sushi Dogs + an adopt that they purchased made by myself and Kawiku.

So yeah, please be safe guys. Being a digital artist is risky business, and it's sad that people go so low as to do things like this to hardworking people. And it's even more unfortunate that Paypal does not recognize our jobs as eligible for protection /:

UPDATE: I have contacted Paypal customer support over the phone. I have written up a large statement explaining the situation, as well as providing screenshots proving the purchase.
The guy on the other end told me that this was enough information to bring forth the case to Pixlett's credit card company.
He said that showing that I sent the product directly to Pixlett via Notes will hopefully show that they have already received the product, and therefore the Chargeback is invalid.
BUT THERE IS NO GUARANTEES -- crossing my fingers!

The more we bring this user to notice, the better our chances of getting our money back!

SimplySilent - Journal

Art Challenge and 200 Points Raffle! #2

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 12:14 PM

 Commission: Mini Derp for Twitter-light by Sarilain Commission: Mini Derp for Windnara by Sarilain Commission: Mini Derp for Ruuchiya by Sarilain

Part 1 is here:…

Part 2: Your favourite season(s)!

It doesn't have to be a nature drawing, it can be a character design or anything that incorporates this theme.

Raffle is Open!

4 winning numbers will be drawn in approximately 48 hours.  Winners will receive 50 :points: each.

How to Participate:

:bulletpink: Create any kind of artwork according to the prompt using any medium (pencil, digital, clay, photography, etc.)

:bulletpink: No premade linearts, unless it's made by you!  The idea is to challenge ourselves to create and improve!

:bulletpink: Submit your image to your gallery with "Art Challenge" in the title.

:bulletpink: You may join at any time you like, and skip parts if you like, it will affect your eligibility for the raffles however!

:bulletpink: Favourite this journal to enter the free points raffle.  Only those who complete the art prompt are eligible though!

:bulletpink: Linking back to this journal is appreciated, but not required!

:bulletpink: Comment with a thumb code or link to your entry, and I will add all of the participants to one of my favourites folders so everyone can see them.  I will also choose a few of my favourites to feature in the next journal.

:bulletpink: New prompts will be given every 48 hours (approx.).  If you'd like to keep up with the challenge, it might help to watch my journal at least, not required though!

:bulletpink: All skill levels are welcome!  This isn't a competition, so just have fun!

Art Challenge Features:

Art Challenge by shalaineamulet Art Challenge - Dragon by SeptemberSongstress Sarilain's Art Challenge| Day 1 | Favorite Animal by MonoSpectator Favorite Animal_Sarilain's Art Challenge by MissingFirefly
Art Challenge: Owl (Free to use doll) by GhowlsFavorite Animal - Art Challenge by Waffle-Pies
Art Challenge - Day 1 by Kiwicide {Art Challenge} Day1 ~ Favorite Animal by CattyMcNuggets

Completed Entries:…

::Skin and CSS by Shattered-Earth::

Adoptables - Terms of Service

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 5:27 PM

By purchasing an adoptable, including closed species from me, such as Nekoi, you automatically agree to the following conditions. Please read this entirely and carefully. I will deny your request if I see you didn’t read this. If there are any questions or concerns, send me a private note over DeviantArt.

Blatantly breaking my Terms of Service will result in blacklisting from my closed species and banned from ever purchasing from me again. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Failing to pay me for an adoptable in either an auction or a trade/sale.
  • Attempting to scam by selling/trading an adoptable from my species that you do not own.
  • Filling a chargeback. The buyer is then forbidden from using the adoptable, and further use will be considered as a violation.

I have the right to repossess/redistribute ownership over an adoptable at any time if you blatantly break my Terms of Service.

By buying an adoptable, you’re purchasing a partial right to a design. I have the rights to repost and use the design and its original artwork again for promoting myself and my artwork. I will not reuse/resell the design again for personal and commercial projects.

Once the purchase is completed and you officially have ownership of a particular adoptable, you are allowed to;

  • Give the adoptable a name, gender, story, etc.
  • Upload the adoptable to your deviantART gallery or another website, giving credits.
  • Co-own the adoptable.
  • Gift, trade or sell the adoptable.

Small alterations to the design, such as minor change in color, markings, etc, are permitted. But I always recommend checking with me first. Larger or more noticeable alternations need to be discussed with me over notes. Adding rarer features onto a closed species adoptable that you did not pay for is absolutely prohibited.


All payments made through Paypal should be in USD.

Payment is required within three days of your request being accepted; failure to do so will result in your request for ownership of that particular adoptable to be dropped.
Let me know if you need more time.

No refund will be given once the purchase is completed. You however have the right to resell/trade the adoptable.


Last update: July 30, 2014

Okay, Serious Money/Terms Talk

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 12:46 PM
It is time we had a serious talk about money watchers. If you sell PLEASE take a moment to read this so you don't get colossally fucked over.  




If you sell and you do not keep your notes organized, do not have contracts, do not have agreements. You are going to get fucked over (unless your incredibly experienced and can smell fraud from a mile away). I say this over and over and over and people tell me they don't want to be too "serious" or they don't know what to say. It is your responsibility as a business owner to keep track of everything. Not just because it is good business but so when someone tries to rip you off after work is delivered by asking for a refund from their financial institution you can go. "no I have paperwork,their real name, and their signature" and send them a nice neat bundle of facts. You may still get screwed but at least you are prepared.

I went to the trouble of reading paypal's policy's. They do not insure or protect digital products. So again. This is your responsibility. Their POLICIES (ex. returns,refunds,payment) will always override ANY policies you yourself make. You cannot override this by refusing to take credit cards,you can still be paid via credit card and not know it. The only other means is DIRECT e transfer through your (seller) financial institution to the patron's institution (basically debit) through Interac E-Transfer. However, pay pal does not MAKE transfers to them so keep that in mind.

It is hysterical but the SAFEST means of collecting payment is through DA because there are no refund policy's to override your own. If you make the god awful mistake of showing work before payment though that is on you.

If you have ANY questions about money/selling/commissions/price lists/ pros and cons. PLEASE just ask me. Please for the love of god. xD I have poured hours of my life and experience into contracts and horrible looking price and terms sheets. I wrote all of that SHIT for a reason. *falls over*

It's Funny How People Do This

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 2:39 PM
"You have a problem? Sure, I'll listen."
-10 minutes later-
"Oh my God, that's all that's wrong with you? Quit being such a baby and suck it up. You have a mental disorder? Pfft, you're faking it. You haven't eaten anything today? You've been diagnosed with anorexia? Just eat a damn sandwich for Pete's sake! You'll be fine! You'll get over it. It's not as serious as you think, stop being weak. You're scared? Big baby. Grow up. Your parents are fighting and you're uncomfortable in your own house? Probably your fault for being such a freeloader. You're failing in school because of X, Y, and Z? Your fault. You're a self-harmer? Emo. You're just an emo looking to fit in with the trends. You were raped? With your looks, you should be thanking him. Stop doing this, that, and the other thing, and your life will be so much better! You should be more like me. I don't let things get to me! I don't get stressed out like you. Me, me, me.

Of course, you can talk to me about anything! I don't judge!~"

Ever met anyone like that? Yeah. My philosophy is that if someone comes to you with a serious problem and you know for a fact they aren't bullshitting you for attention or to look oh so pitiable, help them. Yes, it is annoying as piss when someone starts whining about how they're mentally ill, depressed, abused, suicidal, sick, etc., when you know for a FACT that it's not true. No, I don't help people who are perfectly fine yet beg for problems and someone to kiss their ass because of said fake problems. That's pathetic. But I make a point to help someone who's actually troubled and needs advice, a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk to in order to relieve their pent-up sadness or anger. Just talking can help a bunch.

No, nobody supports everything or everyone. We're not expected to. I most certainly don't. But don't call yourself a supportive and non-judgmental person when all you do is tear someone down when they need help. Because if you do that, it's not tough love. It's being an asshole and you're most likely causing more problems than you're fixing.

  • Mood: Depressed
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Lets welcome in the ending of summer with a show! About time, huh?
This is the EB Summer Festival; there are tons of events and a deadline of a little over a month off so you have plenty of time!
Prizes will be offered from the High (and low) Lords for your Ballator's enjoyment!


You can enter up to 2 horses and each horse can enter 2 events.
To enter an event, you must fill out the form below after you draw the entry and comment on the journal:

Horse Name & ID:
Link to Horse:
Level (Explained Below):
Link to Entry:





The best event to enter your horses in will be the ones related to their Stat Levels. If your horse has more intelligence and strength and less Dressage and gait, he will be more suited for Wrestling, etc.
Unlike some of our other shows, this show will not be judged solely on Stats (Stat Journal). Instead, it will be effort-based, and you will compete against horses of your same level.
You MUST Link to your horses' stat list (a list of all the drawings done of it with the amount of points gained). You can eaither put this in the reference or in a separate journal.
You can see what level your horse is by visiting the Stat Journal linked above.
For this show, there will be 3 Levels:
Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced/Expert.
If you miscalculate your stats, or if we need to flesh out a certain level, we might move you up or down one.

Fullbody: +2 point
Extra Character (such as Opponent): +1 point
Headshot: + 0.5 point
Simple Background (grass, one jump, copy/pasted items, etc): 1 point
Complex backgrounds (very detailed, good composition, etc): 2 Points
Shading: +1 point
Tack/Event-Specific Clothing: +2 Points

For how many Effort Points you get, you get a higher change of placing 1st,m second, or 3rd.
It works this way:

Say I enter my horse E-056 Lucien, an Intermediate level EB, into Wrestling. I draw a Simple background of the ring, draw his opponent, and shade it. This gets me  6 effort points. The picture itself would get me 7 stat points. Then, I add up his overall stat count, which is 50, not including the 7 points listed earlier. So my total point count would be 63 Overall points.
Horses with more overall points are the horses who place well.

Placing of Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

The GRAND CHAMPION will be the horse that wins the most events. This horse will get the Highlord's Wish given by Aether Which will allow the horse to pick any prize from any of the High or Low Lords. The owner will get one free custom from Fargonon 
The RESERVE CHAMPION will be the horse to win the second to most events. This horse will get the Cornelius in stellis- Given by Lowlord Hannibal. It will allow the Reserve champion to pick any of Hannibal, Aether, or Ares' gits.



judged by Dressage + Gaits
Hosted by Fargonon's Iron Horse Stables

Requirements: One full body picture of the horse doing whatever it likes, in either IHS's INDOOR ( Reference 1 / Reference 2) or OUTDOOR Arena.
Gifted by the Highlord Aether
1st - Aetherian Mutation
2nd - 2 Extra Horn Sets of Your Design (Must be same color as others)
3rd - Hyalus
4th or lower: +3 Dressage stats, +2 Gait stats



judged by Strength + Stamina
Hosted by Fargonon's Iron Horse Stables
Requirements: One full body picture of the horse bucking as hard and high as it can go! Rider is optional. Flank Strap is optional. Tack is optional. Horse must be in IHS' OUTDOOR Arena.
Gifted by the Lowlord Hannibal
1st - You may pick between Internum and Fumo Decidens
2nd - Internum
3rd - Fumo Decidens
4th or lower: +2 Strength stats, +3 stamina stats



judged by Speed + Stamina 
Hosted by Fargonon's Iron Horse Stables
Requirements: One full body picture of the horse and optional rider preforming it's best fast-paced and fancy moves! Horse must be in IHS' OUTDOOR Arena.
Gifted by the Lowlord Hannibal and Highlord Aether
1st - You may pick between Aether's Aetherian Mutation and Hannibals Internum 
2nd - Fumo Decidens or Aetherian Mutation
3rd - Hyalus or 2 Extra Horn sets
4th or lower: +2 Speed stats, +3 stamina stats



Judged by Jumping + Stamina
Hosted by Shinju-Tsukuda's Whispering Haven Stables
Requirments: 1 Full body picture of the horse making a jump from the fence before or after (can be drawn any angle you want to do it as.)
1st - You may pick any of Freyja's wishes or Breeding to 1 of my Dom Veneum Ballator + Ribbon
2nd - 10+ stat to any one category (gait,stamina,strength, etc ) or you may pick 1 of Freyja is Wish  + Ribbon
3rd - 5+ stat to any category = Ribbon
4th or lower: 2 Jumping Stats, 2 Stamina Stats



2  Miles on Turf (grass)
Judged by Speed + Gait
Hosted by Shinju-Tsukuda's Whispering Haven Stables
Requirements: 1 Full Body picture of the horse racing against another horses (least 1 or 2 other horses from your level. You will be assigned these when you sign up.)
Gifted by High Lordess Freyja
1st. Wings of Freedom + Ribbon
2nd. Golden Touch + Ribbon
3rd. Freyja's Mutation + Ribbon
4th or Lower: 2 Speed Stats, 2 Gait Stats



Judged by Dressage + Gaits
Hosted by Enharmonia's Yn Chashtal Stables' Dressage Arena:
Requirements: one fullbody drawing (background optional), showing the horse and the rider in correct dressage gear. Located in YCS' outdoor dressage arena
-Reference of places shall be posted later-
1st / Fullbody Drawing, Poecilia Breeding, 200 Points + ribbon
2nd / Fullbody, 15+ stats, no BG drawing, free custom import + ribbon
3rd/ Headshot, 10+ stats of your choosing, free import + ribbon



Judged by Strength + Intelligence
Hosted by Enharmonia's Yn Chashtal Stables' Wrestling Arena:

Okay, this will be slightly difficult and longer. There will be three rounds- one versus F-131 Marchio (easy), one versus Nemea (medium) and the Final versus E-150 Smaug.

Each round will be judged. In the first round, there will be three selected winners, which will pass over to the second stage. From these three, two will have to face Smaug in the final. The second place will be the one that 'loses' to Smaug, while 3rd place will be the remaining on the second phase.

Requirements: fullbody (optional background, but it boosts possibilities) drawing of the two horses prior or during the fight. 
Place: YCS' outdoor wrestling arena.
1st/ 1000 Points, Poecilia Breeding, RNG rolled Ares gift (Felix or Guardian, the latter is harder to get) + ribbon
2nd/ Fullbody (no BG) picture, 200 Points, Red Shimmer Ares Gift + ribbon
3rd/ Headshot, 100 Points, Devil's eye Ares Gift + ribbon
All participants: +10 Stats



Hosted By: ValiantShadow's Wild Oak's Stables

In this class, horses must clear a round of obstacles with as much speed and neatness as they can.  However, we all know horses misbehave, so if you draw a horse refusing or knocking down a jump, no points will be docked from your overall score.


Picture must be fullbody + background, with rider and proper tack.  At least one jump (of your design) must be shown, with two or more jumps preferable. 
Rider must be wearing a blue or black riding jacket, helmet, white jodhpurs (close-fitting riding pants) and brown or black show boots.  Horses must have an English saddle and bridle.

The arena: tree-lined outdoor arena with a white slat fence.  Weather and other conditions are up to you.

1st Place:  Any gift of choice from Highlord Umbras; a headshot of the winning horse; +10 stats for the horse
2nd Place: Vesti Fulgenti from Highlord Humbras; Headshot of the winning horse; +10 stats for the horse
3rd Place: Headshot of winning horse; +10 stats for the horse

I don't have time to make a second class, so I'm only doing one



Hosted By: TintedGreen's Redneckonize Stables
-Original Idea from Vexlovely

Two part event, You will be rolled, by me, a list of animals for one that your Equus-ballator must hunt. This will be RNG'd by the rarity of the animals chosen to hunt. This will take place on RNE grounds out in the desert. (…) Be careful of all sorts of Cactus! Prickly Pear, Cholla, Saguraos & Barrel cacti, will all bring general discomfort to those who get too close. 


This will be a drawing of your Horse catching the prey. Must be full body, background can be simple, or detailed. This will be effort based on your gallery, as well as a good story that goes with the image.

No rider. Horse only

NOTHING.  Just experience points. :I
Sorry guys, Just for fun <3

Hunting Competition #2
any un-judged pictures from any previous hunting competition shows, that have not been judged, may be entered. Will solely be based on effort from gallery & Story accompanied with picture.



Hi guys! :iconpixelated-nightmare: and I are going to be hosting a drawing contest!

The rules~~

:bulletred: Create a character or creature using the theme of ‘The Seasons.’
 (So winter, spring, summer or autumn/fall)
:bulletred: Your picture must include a tree, work it in however you see fit. 
:bulletred: No overly sexual or violent entries will be accepted! But otherwise feel free to be as creative as you like, the contest will be judged on originality and creativity ;) (Wink) This also means do not worry about your skill level! All can join and ALL have a fair chance!
:bulletred: 3 entries per person 
:bulletred: Please, only finished works- we don't want to see just sketches!
:bulletred: Contest entries are open until the 30th of September 2014.  
*Judging time may vary depending on amount of entries.

To enter simply comment on this journal to show you're interest and again with a link to your entry when finished (or the one on pixelated-nightmare s page  ) :) (Smile)

~~Anyone who enters will get a llama badge from one of us; you will get a llama from the other one of us if you also share the journal so DON'T FORGET TO SHARE!! ~~

The prizes are:

:star: 1st :star:
- 12 month premium membership
- A coloured fullbody drawing (or chibi if you prefer!) from each of us (Thats two drawings!)

:star: 2nd :star:
-3 month premium membership
-A full colour chibi from each of us

:star: 3rd  :star:
- 1 month premium membership
- A sketch from each of us

*Please note that there are some things which we are not comfortable drawing, for example, we will not draw anything we deem too violent or sexual and you will in that case be asked to make another request! 
:bulletred:A journal will be posted when the contest is judged and winners will also be sent a note :D (Big Grin) 

:bulletred::bulletred: ENTRANTS :bulletred::bulletred:
a full star means the participant has entered at least one image!

:icondapplefernart: :star: :bulletred: :iconumbrellascylla: :star-empty: :bulletred: :iconcrissyminty45: :star-empty: :bulletred: :iconclovis-thecutestcat: :star: :bulletred: :iconperfectmusic: :star: :bulletred: :iconshiyoma: :star-empty: :bulletred: :iconlike-an-ivy: :star: :bulletred: :iconhappymangamango: :star-empty: :bulletred: :iconapocalypticstar: :star-empty: :bulletred: :iconfeatherfromhel: :star-empty: :bulletred:

:bulletred::bulletred: SUBMISSIONS :bulletred::bulletred:
Nostalgia by Clovis-thecutestcat Autumn/Aki by perfectmusic  Winter/Fuyu by perfectmusic 4 seasons Treeline *contest entry* by dapplefernart :CE: by like-an-ivy

~Have fun Drawing!
:bulletyellow: DON'T FORGET TO SHARE! :bulletyellow:

Hello :3 its me. I'm in a weird mind-set at the moment cause I stayed up all night last night o.e (trying to reset my sleeping pattern) so I'm watching stuff so the flat isn't so dead silent :3

I'm watching a program about the internet :la: and I've just been given a whole different viewpoint towards internet trolls O.o

It turns out that one of the reasons that people troll is because they use it as a form of self-harm. As an alternative or addition to people cutting themselves. 
So the troll believes they are worthless, pathetic, etc and so goes onto the internet and trolls someone in order to get reactions. People usually think that they are doing it because they just want the attention but the program spoke about the fact that they want so badly for people to send them cruel messages in response to their trolling in order to (in their mind) confirm the negative feelings they already think of themselves.

So like "I'm such a waste of space and all these people believe that too and so it must be true".

Of course I still don't care for trolls, I find it very difficult to fathom why someone would spend so much of their limited time on Earth sending nasty messages to someone where in the vast majority of cases will make absolutely no different to their lives. (unless they're someone who is easily offended, I also find it very difficult to understand how people get so upset by the words of a person they'll probably never meet (excluding extreme cases), every site as a block button)

So next time you see an internet troll perhaps some sympathy or more likely pity is in order

Well, I'm off to watch the next episode :D I don't know why but omg I LOVE internet psychology! and the psychology of psychopaths, murderers and sociopaths If I wasn't doing Geology I probably would have done Criminology.

Philosophical Nai out~

If you take commissions or make adopts please do not let pixlett buy from you.
They will pay after a few days BUT 
They will issue a refund awhile later and fuck you up the ass. 
I checked my paypal transactions history to see if I do know the name 
And there they were so yea its them.
Plus I found this comment on their page so please beware !!…

I find this extremely rude and disrespectful and I wouldnt want any of you guys to have the same problem. 

A Free Verse Poem by.. My cat Willow

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 2:16 PM
Pony Artist

CSS Skin

(I found Willow on my keyboard a little while ago.. this is what she wrote)


Isn't that beautiful? :heart: xD omg

Sincerely, Panda