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Tue Apr 15, 2014, 3:49 PM
i walk into the garden at
3am, find death digging
his own grave in the middle
of my lawn, he says he's
dead to me now, he can
just feel it in his bones,
points at the mud and says
dirt is dirt
it can't pretend that it's
anything else,
oh and i found that peg you lost,
it was under the conifer,
climbs in covers himself and leaves
me standing alone

(keeps sending me postcards, i wish you were here)

[OPEN] 30 USD Discount Raffle 06

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 9:00 AM
Hi :huggle: \;v;/

We think to do a raffle to thanks all kind people who support us ;///v///; Thanks a lot <3 <3 <3
If you think is a good idea we'll make other raffle like this >///v///< <3 <3

What can you win?

  • You can win a bonus discount to use if you want buy something from us in future ;v;

  • we put three bonus of 10 $ ( USD ) or 1000 :points: each for a total of 30 $ ;v; ( you can win one bonus ;v; ) to spend with an Adoptables or a Commission ( we have some commission price between 8-10 Usd , if you win you'll can order one for free when we are open for \;v;/ )

Required to win

  • Fav this Journal

  • PLEASE if you don't have the intention to buy something from us , don't fav this journal , don't steal the possibility to win to others people ;v; <3 but if you know someone who want buy something from us you can gift your bonus >v<

  • You don't have to ask if you can partecipate and you don't have to be our watchers , just fav this journal and you are in ;v;

NOT required to win but appreciated

  • Watch us or our main account Shatik if you like our works ;v; :hug: would be really appreciated >v<

General Rules

  • This raffle end in 48 hours

  • I'll choose the winner with between your fav number

Thanks again \;v;/ <3

Our main account : Shatik
Our sister Mimru

Skin by SimplySilent
Here is the first vid of the week! Hope you guys like it :0

I haven't done this since 2012 or so, but I will offer free custom OCs for fun again ♥
BUT PLEASE. Let me know if the design I make for you is not going to be used. 
I would rather keep the design rather than give it away and let it gather dust forever. That's what made me stop last was too sad. I will not be insulted if it is not to your tastes, so please let me know. ♥

If you would like to try, please comment with the following information:
1) male, female, or androgynous appearance
2) age range for the character
3) up to 4 themes for the character
4) an URL to a colour palette ( you can browse palettes on ) or list some colours that you like
5) extra info like personality, species, quirks, etc which can affect the design

I will try to draw as many as I can (in any order), but I will not be able to draw for everyone. This will be done in my free time, between work, commissions, and other obligations.

If you choose to participate by posting the info in a comment, then you MUST agree to this:

Any character that I design for you is only for non commercial use and not to be resold or traded. If a design is not to your liking, then kindly let me know and I will keep it for myself or for future use.

Here's some past designs 
design -- tea and flowers by onisuudesign -- jabberwocky by onisuudesign -- librarian by onisuu

design -- strawberry lolita by onisuudesign -- moonlight dragon by onisuudesign -- sailor by onisuu

reply to comments below: ahh you guys are so nice too! ; u ; )
it'll be a lot of fun for me to work on these! <33
And some of you are looking for designs characters in your stories -- it's really flattering that you would consider one from me! > 7 <)) ///
thank you for allowing me freedoms and also giving me guidelines! I feel inspired just by reading your requests <3 ^__^ *designs flashing in my mind*
curse these slow hands XD

Mrfarts seriously XD

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 6:40 AM
It was just another normal day,
         Suddenly a friend appeared in skype...
   Mrfarts, Do you wanna see bench i made?
- Adorable bench i never noticed a bench in my life XD

It was just another bad day,
Suddenly a friend appeared......
Hey mrfarts, do u wanna see my family?
- Entire family talks to me ,feels i am one of them ^^

It was just another happy day,
Suddenly a friend appeared and she started crying..
-Finally we both end up Crying, but she started smiling friendship was Born :D

It was just another day,
suddenly a friend appeared and told me to be with her...
I cant believe i was with her on her entire school Trip XD

Seriously dont know why.... you all take me atleast for a few seconds to be part of your life...I still feel so special my dears.. LOVE YOU ALL SERIOUSLY....

HAPPY,or anything  if u need
I will be there,
May be i cant solve ur problems
but atleast i can cry with you
Love you all

Mrfarts (seriously sorry for my bad english, i hope language is not even a problem when minds talk)

SKYPE ID - Raufda

  • Mood: Love
so of thinking of doing a little free art thing basically all you gotta do is favourite this journal and that will be your number which then i will put into a number generator thingy and if it is your number i'll contact you thru a note or sumthin

1. free art
2. favourite
3. numberzzz
4. yey?

doing to try and get me back into digital art n stuff. only doing five people tho.


126 points giveaway

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 7:46 PM

Lol idk but I felt like giving away my last points.

DUDE I really hate points atm xD lol

So yeah, just fav to enter, winner will be chosen tomorrow midnight ;o

Point giveaway raffle OPEN

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 4:36 PM

I decided to host another giveaway, seeing as I've got way too many points that I don't know what to do with!

Here are some simple rules:
  1. YOU MUST BE WATCHING ME. If you're not watching me and your number is drawn, I'll simply disregard you and draw another number.
  2. DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL if you don't win. I'll most likely host another giveaway in the future, just keep trying. 
How to enter (you can get a total of THREE numbers!):
  1. You can get ONE number by simply commenting on this journal. 
  2. You can get ONE number by sharing this journal in a journal of your own (no polls, sorry!) and LINKING IT BACK TO ME. Your journal must stay up until the giveaway is over (I WILL CHECK).
  3. You can get ONE number by favoriting this journal. It must stay in your favorites until the giveaway is over (I WILL CHECK).
  1. FIRST PLACE: 400 :points:
  2. SECOND PLACE: 300 :points:
  3. THIRD PLACE: 200 :points:
  4. RUNNERS UP will be added if this giveaway exceeds fifty entrees. 

That's it!!
PLEASE, if you're going to post a journal to get another number, link it in your fist comment! As well as telling me if you favorited this journal. 

I will be choosing three winners with on MAY 15th, 2014.

CONTEST! 300 points as a main prize!

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 10:23 AM
Hai thar guyssss,after all I decided to make a contest <3

This one will be special! It's about drawing my ocs,but with both fandoms! (Creepypasta & MLP-FIM!)

 Few Of My CreepyPasta/Slenderverse OCs That you need to draw

CREEPY PASTA OC REF- Skroll by GhostfaceNikol.:CREEPY-PASTA-OC:.-Amnesia.EXE:. by GhostfaceNikolCREEPY-PASTA/SPLENDOR-VERSE OC REF- Swan by GhostfaceNikol.:CREEPY PASTA-OC REF.-Deone:. by GhostfaceNikolCREEPY PASTA OC REF-Melting Radio! by GhostfaceNikolCREEPYPASTA OC REF- Soul Taker! by GhostfaceNikol

What will increase your winning chance~?
+If you are drawing Deone,adding Grossman gives you bigger chnace to win <w<
Poniessssssss (Only about Frozen Frost x Snow Spell <3)

If you cant draw humans,and you are more into the ponies?
Well then you can always draw my oc Frozen frost 
MLP-FIM OC REF- Frozen Frost by GhostfaceNikol & Snow spell (not my oc) Snow Spell Reference by SnowSpelll

Rules Here~!

+Yesss,you may draw them with canon characters/OCs

+Please NO sexual shit xD,but I accept gore uwu (not with ponies pls)

+And for sure,it can be digital/traditional stuff

+Yes,you are allowed to use bases,but it wont increase your chance to win.
(not reccomended)

+You don't have to be my watcher to join this <w>

+Anddd...Dont trace or redraw other peop's drawings pls <3

+Write a journal about this contest <3

+Credit me for owning characters

+ Make how many entries you want,but only one entry can win!

1st Place: 300 :points: & Digital drawing with shading from me uwu (watch & llama xD)

2nd Place: 150 :points: Sketch from me uwu

3rd Place: 50 :points:

4th Place: 20 :points:

5th,6th: 10 :points:

Deadline: May 31st <3

April 15th 


Please mention me or link me to your entry here! ^^


People who joins le contest~!


and etc.

:star: Have a nive day :star: