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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (58,693 votes) 744 comments
73,213 Deviants Online
welp i'm starting the raffle now that i have some free time to judge the contest entry
the price list is:
P1.  monocolor headshots:  Elsa by Ex-Trident for 2 person
P2.  paint headshot: Raffle Prize: Hatsune Miku (Deep Sea Miku) by Ex-Trident for 2 person

How To Enter:

1. fave the journal
2. profit
(just fave and you're in the entry list :3)

and if you don't mind, do share


28 july 2014

11 PM +7UTC

Winner list:
usual for picking numbers
good luck peeps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I felt like doing a PM giveaway :heart:

You can choose between winning points or the PM!!


:bulletgreen:+fav Favorite the journal +fav 
:bulletgreen:You need to be at least 2 weeks on dA.
:bulletgreen:Create a journal entry or poll advising this giveaway and LINK it to me with your comment.
:bulletred:You can just participate if you don 't have a PM or it's about to expire (1 month at least ).
Example: I have 2 months of PM right now and 'till the deadline,I will have just 1 month,so it counts!
:bulletblue:Give me a llama badger :heart: It would be nice if you did...
:bulletblue:Write "Winchester" along with your comment if you read the rules.
:bulletblue:You don't need to be watching me,just if you enjoy my work :heart:

People who don't follow all the rules will be IGNORED!

The winner will be choosen with!

Deadline: 24th of August

Korku Doodle by WizzDono

Skin by jonarific

Hello :(

Please every one click on links :…………

Open Your Eyes What Happened ?

Following the events of the recent brutal killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza .
the led to the killing and injuring many man that thirty percent of them are women and children .

This requires that saw many people in the group will feel that they want their voices to convey to the people of Gaza

That s why I launched contest for all members of the art by any means want t share the grief of the people of Gaza.

Today your Fave on this Blog is Very Very  important .

Don't Forget Fave this blog to make this blog In What's Hot Page ,

Leave a comment to give relief to the people of Gaza .

Rules :

1-  Fave :+fave: This Blog ,

2-  Submit your Art to Folder  

" Gaza "


3-  Your Deviations sould be about Palestinian People ,

4-  Deadline 8/10/2014

  • The best Features:


  • Monthly Features:


*Old* Thanks for 1k comic

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 9:15 AM
So about Decemberish of last year I reached 1 thousand watchers. I was looking through my gallery and read it over again. Some of the jokes I may say are lost among 95% of you guys. So here enjoy, maybe now you guys will know why I talk about Tobies pie in join.mes XD
(pre)Thanks for 1000 watchers 1/4 by Chibi-Works

Thanks for my 1000 watchers part 2 by Chibi-WorksThanks for 1000 watchers Pt 3 by Chibi-Works

For those of you artists who don't follow every last Facebook update on dinosaurs, I thought I's pass along this link. It describes Kulindadromeus, a Jurassic ornithischian from Siberia that is covered in a combination of scales AND fuzz. While it will probably take a while to develop a proper scientific consensus as to whether these are truly feather-like structures, elaborate scales, or some other epidermal structure, the take home message for you is that dinofuzz can now be inferred to be possible in essentially all dinosaurs. And furthermore Kulindadromeus has a scaly, dare I say almost rat-like tail to go along with its fuzz. So apparently the idea that dinosaurs couldn't contain both scales and fuzz is also incorrect (whether this applies to true feathers is not yet known).



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 6:08 PM

news & updates.

I'm holding a contest to give away a years premium membership, along with some other cool art prizes.
The contest is super simple - just draw my characters Misa and Cahya together in a way that expresses their personalities well. They have very opposing personalities, but if you can draw them well together and draw them dynamically, you'll do fine!
Read below for a full set of rules and other tid bits.
Also if you want to donate some prizes, please let me know! There are 3 places with several prizes, it would be great to have multiple prizes~
Comment below telling me that you are entering so I can put you down on the entrants list!
If anything is confusing about what is written below please ask me! I'm a derp and sometimes write things wrong woops


For this contest, you will be drawing Misa and Cahya together.
As said above, they both have opposing personalities. 
- Misa is a shut in, very closeted and prefers to be on her lonesome. She loves to sleep a lot, she prefers not to speak unless it's necessary, and she just like to sit in one place for long periods of time. She avoids conflict, and basically avoids whatever she can. When she makes friends, it's often out of pity and it's very one-sided.
- Cahya is open, happy, gracious, loves being with her friends, and likes to be active and out there. She's loud, funny, a little bit crazy but still adores some relaxed down-time. She is the polar opposite of Misa and they both have conflicting personalities.
It is your job to create an image where you can somehow connect these two together and have them interacting dynamically and have it all make sense.
So for example, you could draw Misa and Cahya playing but Misa is a bit more sluggish and Cahya is overly excited. You just need to find something that works for you! But don't take that idea, come up with something fresh!
Here are the references for both of the girls.
misa reference by samiesaurus[reference] reginald and cahya by samiesaurus

- You can enter as many times as you want, but I will only choose one entry out of the ones you submit.
- The image must be in COLOR and you have the option to give it extra details like shading and backgrounds if you want to.
- Please don't draw my characters in a risque scenario.
- Don't copy other peoples work.
- Must be FULL BODY 
You can't use pre-made linearts or bases, must be done from scratch.
- The main prize of the premium cannot be awarded in points, its only the membership

These can be added to, write a comment offering some art or points or something if you want to.

First Place
- 1 year premium membership 
- 1 full digital drawing by me
- 2 flats (can add shading) by me
- 2 100x100s by me
- 2 icons by me
- animated pixel by plexusdynasty

Second Place
- 3 months premium membership
- 2 flats (can add shading) by me
- 2 100x100s by me
- 1 icon by me
- pixel by plexusdynasty
- chibi by mossaroo

Third Place
- 1 month premium membership
- 1 flat (can add shading) by me
- 1 100x100 by me
- 1 icon by me
- 50x50 animated icon by plexusdynasty

Runner Ups
I may select some runner ups at the end of the contest to people who I think deserve a small little prize for participation or if I just liked their idea. Each person will get an icon from me.

The contest will go until the 1st of September - reason being is that I have my midsemester break then and it will be much easier for me to sort through the entries, award prizes and get all the owed work done ;u; 
So you have a decent month and a bit to get your entries in!

Rising-At-Midnight .:CE:. Setting Sun by Rising-At-Midnight

to-do list

to do list
:star-empty: - waiting on payment
:star-half: payment received
:star: working on

Lacrirosa - 2 100x100s of juliet & geode and 2 digital drawings, need refs :star-empty:
Frickinsweetshop - 6 flats :star-half:
hunniebuzz - single icon, 100x100 of hunter :star-half:
Clawstarz - single icon of claw :star-half:
Rising-At-Midnight - custom design, refer to note :star-half:
irishthorns - joint 100x100s of vintage and jace :star-half:
FourDirtyPaws - icon of guifford :star-half:

Toshiko-paws - 2 100x100 of hershey and amai in trade for reginald plushie, 1 of hershey, 1 of amai

my love

:heart: :icondas147: :heart:
you are amazing to me. you never fail to make me smile and everything you do can put a smile on my face. you're so funny and generous and handsome and i'm so blessed to have you in my life <3

i can't wait for the rest of our lives together, 3 years and counting <3

Journal CSS & Images comfykitty

- Thật may mắn nó không phải là số "7" định mệnh =)))))))) 

- Q: Phần quà sẽ là gì đây?????????
- R: Phần quà sẽ là một số renders Julie cut ^^ và 1 pack psd nhỏ nhỏ ^^ *cái này phải đợi đợt sau*


Bộ 1: 

Bộ 2: 

Bộ 3: 

Bộ 4: 

Bộ 5: 

Bộ 6: 

Bộ 7: 

Bộ 8: 

Bộ 9:
Bộ 10: 

End nhé, đọc tiếp đi rồi muốn lấy gì thì lấy nhá!!!

- Nãy h ngắm đã mà các bạn chưa thý quà đâu phải ko?

—› DOWN ĐI :

* Sau đây nhường phần cho "bạn Rule"
CREDIT ME IF USE nganbadao ( zing đây : Click đi)
đừng có nói vs tớ ko có DA nên xài ko credit đc, tớ mà phát hiện ai xài éo credit thì hiểu r đấy =)))))) tớ rất ít khi war ai nhưng đã war thì chỉ có nước sập wall
DON'T SELL OR SHARE (nhất là đừng đem share nếu chưa hỏi tớ)
ĐỪNG CHỈNH SỬA VÀ NHẬN LÀ CỦA BẠN (cái này gặp hoài)

* Profile of pack png
ALL STOCK BY ME ( tự cắt)
CUT ALL BY ME (này là đương nhiên)

Đây chỉ là phần quà cho 800 watcher, ko phải tự nhiên mà tớ rãnh thế đâu ^^
nhưng nếu lấy nó hãy: 

đừng nghĩ về việc tớ câu watch ở đây
dừng lại ý định ̶W̶̶a̶̶t̶̶c̶̶h̶  ̶f̶̶a̶̶v̶  ̶c̶̶m̶̶t̶

Lề: tớ đã lường trước đc những câu hỏi của các bạn
Đa số sẽ là "toàn là png, ko có stock à?" và tớ đã chuẩn bị 1 số bộ để share cho các bạn thích design theme hơn
Bấm vào từng ảnh nó sẽ tương ứng với liên kết của nó

Bộ 1: đỏ toàn tập, nóng qá 
Bộ 2: hyeri khi còn tóc dài TvT xinh tóa
Bộ 3: dẹo của tớ <3 i love u


Bộ 4: cải này =)


Bộ 5: lại là dẹo cưng của ta 
Bộ 6: móm đấy 
Bộ 7: hím đấy
Bộ 8: siu hím lun, ai có chưa?
Bộ 9: rất tiếc khi share đấy TvT tự kím
Bộ 10: tớ chưa thấy ai bán hay share cả 

Bộ 11: Pặc min ngố nhà tờ, ngố nhưng đẹp
Bộ 12: siu hím lun đấy, chả ai có đâu

Bộ 13: suzy 
Bộ 14: hím đấy
Bộ 15: bora xinh xinh <3 
Bộ 16: cap đấy 
Bộ 17: 
Bộ 18: hạ anh
Bộ 19: sò đấy @@
Bộ 20: soyeon <3


Rule đâyyyyyyy:
CREDIT ME IF USE nganbadao ( zing đây : Click đi)
đừng có nói vs tớ ko có DA nên xài ko credit đc, tớ mà phát hiện ai xài éo credit thì hiểu r đấy =)))))) tớ rất ít khi war ai nhưng đã war thì chỉ có nước sập wall
DON'T SELL OR SHARE (nhất là đừng đem share nếu chưa hỏi tớ) 
có trường hợp mấy bạn lấy của tớ rồi sợt gg =)))) ra cả web, rồi đem bán sau đó nói của mình =))) vãi thật



Castellano International Event Week!

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 2:56 PM

Castellano International

CI is a historical farm established in 1857, in Siena, Italy. We specialize in Thoroughbreds, as well as racing and eventing. We also have a few scattered Andalusians and Iberian Warmbloods.

Main Stable
Ireland Stable
Breeding Info
Sales & Leases
Horse Records


Islander Stables
Triple Birch Farm
Coldbrook Plaza

Other Links


Hello and welcome to the first ever Castellano International Event Week! A week full of nothing but horses, fun and great competition. This event will be held at our main barn in Italy. Competitors needing stalls will have stalls available to them in our main training barn and will have full access to our lovely facilities here at CI. The competition will consist of a three day event, show jumping, pas de duex dressage! There will be 2 levels of competition for the three day event.


July 24th - September 30th

• Formal attire is a must, since the weather will be hot, a rider may ride in a formal show shirt without their coat. Helmets are required, even for dressage (#mindyourmelon ;) )
• Participants of the 3 day event must create an image for all 3 events or put all three entries together in one image.
• Horses may be shown refusing/knocking a rail/falling/ect.
• Extra images will earn more points in judging, as will rps and collabs. (trying to encourage ya'll to play together mkay?)
• Photobackgrounds are allowed but will not earn as many points.
• Tracing is allowed as long as you directly credit the image (no crediting google/facebook/flickr/tumblr)
• All entries must be at least 1/2 body and flat colored (will earn points for shading and fullbody)
• Extra images can be any portion as long as it is flat colored.
• Your countries flag must be shown either on rider coat/shirt or on the horses saddlepad!

• Our show arena #7 on our map, is made primarily of windows. There are grandstands at the north & south side and full windows at the east & west. (So you can see the barn where participants are stabled and you can see part of the cross country course).
• You CAN see the cross country course from the indoor arena (I say this because you'll be able to see other competitors while they are on course!)
• You CAN rp with me, my staff may not have references but if you ask I can talk to you about it.
• Monday: foggy in the morning, humid all day with cloudy sky's
• Tuesday: light drizzle in the morning with some fog but will clear up by the time events start, partly cloudy with moderate heat
• Wednesday: incredibly hot and humid all day, heat storm in the evening (lightening visible from show arena but no thunder)
• Thursday: foggy until the afternoon, hot and humid with scattered showers in the evening
Castellano International Italy by TomorrowFirst CI Italy Cross Country Map by TomorrowFirst


Beginner's 3-Day Event

*up to pre-lim level*
• Blue Course, # of jumps will vary depending on exact level.
• Will start the event with dressage on Monday, xc on Tuesday, and show jumping on Wednesday, all day event.
• Horses & ponies are welcome, all horses must be 4 years or older.
• Riders must be at least 8 years of age.

Advanced 3-Day Event

*preliminary level and up*
• Red course, # of jumps will vary depending on the exact level.
• Will start with dressage on Tuesday, xc on Wednesday and show jumping on Thursday, all day event.
• Horses & ponies are welcome, must be 5 years or older.
• Riders must be at least 15.


• All levels are welcome, horse can be shown performing or exiting/entering the arena.
• To be held on Tuesday evening/night, the show arena will be lit for this event.
• Horses & ponies must be at least 4 years of age or older.
• Riders must be at least 8 years of age or older.


• All levels are welcome, horse can be shown performing or exiting/entering the arena.
• To be held on Wednesday evening/night, the show arena will be lit for this event.
• Horses & ponies must be at least 4 years of age or older.
• Riders must be at least 8 years of age or older.

Show Jumping

• All levels are welcome, horse can be shown jumping/approaching a fence/misbehaving.
• To be held on Thursday evening/night, the show arena will be lit for this event.
• Horses & ponies must be at least 4 years of age or older.
• Riders must be at least 13 years of age or older.

PRE-REGISTRATION FORM!*note it to me. you can send them altogether and only need to fill in your stable name & country once*
Horse's Name:
Class Entering:
Stable Name:
Stable Country:

__/10 Effort (based on gallery)
__/10 Effort (based against other entries)
__/4 Visibility (half body = 2, 3/4 = 3, full = 4)
__/10 Creativity
__/10 Overall Look (based on flow, color scheme, does everything look like it fits together)
+ 2 for a story with your image
+ 2 for advertising the event
+ 1 for each extra image
+ 2 for each rping extra image


High Point Horse

1 Fullbody Drawing w/ BG
1 Fullbody Training Image w/o BG

High Point Stable

1 Fullbody Training Image of one horse w/ BG
1 Free Breeding to any horse


1 Fullbody Drawing w/ BG
1 Free Breeding to any horse


1 Fullbody Drawing w/ BG of the horse(s) in the entry


Headshot of horse w/ Ribbon
Training Image (at least partial) of horse w/ BG
4 Free Design Commissions
2 Free Breedings to any horse


Headshot of horse w/ Ribbon
2 Free Design Commissions
1 Free Breeding to any horse


Headshot of horse w/ Ribbon
1 Free Design Commissions
1 Free Breedings to any horse

I RARELY rant anymore but... I just have to rant about this because I have seen many of my favorite people say this. So many artists these past 2 or so months feel that drawing sonic art is a waste of time, it's an inferiority of art, it holds people back from achieving their dreams, all the excuses of the world. I have been drawing sonic art since I was what... 4 years old? I myself have been in the state where I said "I'M GONNA QUIT SONIC" because I let the bad side of the fandom get to me and I thought I had grown bored of it when really it was just.. me. Then I realised "I LOVE IT WHY DID I ABANDON YOUUUUU" .... Still today, there are so many people who bash on sonic artists but as a fellow member of the sonic fandom, I like to draw it and I like to look at it... No, I don't know anything past Sonic Unleashed, I don't even know Silver and Blaze's personality and I know jack about Mephiles. I don't know about any games on the Wii, I guess I am not what others to be considered a true fan but I assure you I am a true fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Just probably not as big as others obviously haha..! ... BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT. What I'm trying to say is... Don't let one fandom "hold you back" because it's not! Don't let someone who isn't a part of the fandom who look down on it be a reason to quit! There is always going to be a bad side of a fandom! This is coming from someone who had tried to give up on the fandom because I believed it was holding me back, it was a petty art form, when it wasn't! It was me! You're the one who is holding yourself back if you feel stuck (sorry if this offends)! Don't blame it on the fandom, expand your horizons and keep your interests close! Versatility is good for you and that is the ticket to achieving your dreams as a concept artist, animator, comic artist, anything, you name it! I don't draw just sonic either, I am still expanding what I can do slowly but surely. OF COURSE to each their own, I'm not stopping you from not wanting to draw it to those whom this may concern. Some people do just move on but goodness sake don't just blatantly say it. I will always be a sonic artist, it's not holding me back, and I am not a damn bit ashamed of it. //ends rant.
Hola *-* aquí les traigo un Sorteo de Points*nomedigas* 
va a ver 2° premios en el primer lugar son |100POINTS| y en el segundo lugar son |50POINTS| 

Los Requisitos son:

-Tenerme en +Watch 
-Añadir este Journal a sus Favoritos
-Hacer un Journal Promocionando este.
-Comentar "Yo Participo+LinkdelJournalquehiciste" 

Este Sorteo comienza hoy 24/07/14 y termina el 24/08/14 Espero que Participes ;-; Suerte!!!1

*Aquí se agregaran los Participantes* 

#1 :iconasianeditions:
#2 :iconilivinghappy:
#3 :iconlittle-charlott:
#4 :iconsuriheart16:
#5 :iconlyahreali:
#6 :iconkrystalchaser:
#7 :iconcejs94:
#8 :iconlilmirlonlil:
#9 :iconlalocadraw:
#10 :iconemesalvatore:
#11 :iconilusionfossis:
#12 :iconibeautifullife: