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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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I dont rant publicy very often but now I am putting my foot down.


Every week I have to deal with some stranger I havent talked to trying to use me for all the watchers that have come to my account. Let me just make one thing straight, this is not an account to feature, help spread stuff and all that, this is my gallery. IF that makes you mad or upset then go be friggin mad and upset I dont give a flappityhockeypuck. I dont care if you think I have an ego for not wanting to feature you, and help out. Jesus grow up there are hundreds of ways to feature yourself if you got of your lazy asses.

STOP ASKING ME. Stop trying to GUILT trip me by using your sick pets or sick family memebers. Dont come to me if all you care about is views.

What pisses me of the most is that 99% of the time I get asked some kind of version of this are from people who BARELY talk to me or have never talked to me at all.

yeah this is a big pet peeve of mine, so if you do not want to get on my bad side, dont do this please, no one likes to be used, I do a lot for my watchers and those who follow me, and I use many hours daily spent on this site.

If you are a close friend there is an exception, you can use me however you want :la: just sing it and ill do it. I dont mind being used by my lovebugs

This also brings me to another thing. Dont force friendship on me because you want free sheets. Go buy them !!11one
Forcing friendship is the most akward thing ever and will end in 100% unsucsessfull friendseets

Now if you are butthurt because I am strict for once, then good, time to learn that people arent cinderellas and princess rolemodels, they are people, with their own lives.

Yes believe me, people stop respecting me because I am strict, people even stop having me as an idol because I tell them to follow dA's rules xD I must be a real villian. omg I should have a costume! maybe Ill make a design contest for it. I already have a cat >8D

3k watchers raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 4:28 PM


EDIT: Added another prize for the first place and shortened the deadline because I won't be at home on Sunday. I hope I'll be able to give the results on Monday or Tuesday at most.

djasfdgfahdagjfdhjafa I reached 3000 watchers finally :'D
omg this is so incredible, I'm I'm I'm so happy and nervous and I'm almost goint to cry of happiness


I dunno how to describe all the feelings I'm having right now so I just thought making a raffle is a good way to show you how grateful I am to have you all following and supporting me <3


  • Fav this journal.
  • Comment on this journal saying something like "I want to join". I will give you a number.
  • Optional 1: make a poll/journal and leave the link on your comment. I will give you an extra number.
  • Optional 2: mention some of your friends on your comment (Minimum 3, Maximum 10). I will give you a second extra number.
So if you follow all the steps, even the optional ones, your comment should look like that:
I want to join! <3
Here's the link of my poll/journal: (link)
I tag: :iconhanni-bun::iconpastel-chuu::iconhowdoesonedothings:

No doble-accounts please! That's cheating! =P
And don't erase the journal/poll until the raffle is over, please XD


Saturday, August 30st
23:59 GTM+1


  • From 0 - 100 participants:
1st place: 150 :points: + Full body drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:

COM for yusoadorable by Neko-Rina  AT mellow-bun by Neko-Rina COM for yuzukipon by Neko-Rina

Blushing Beauty Icon from :iconflying-red-panda: like this:
Icon Gift - Himeko by Flying-Red-Panda

  • From 100 - 250 participants:
2nd place: 100 :points: + thigh up drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:

CE: Chou by Neko-Rina AT bunny-chiii by Neko-Rina

  • From 250 - 400 participants:
3rd place: 50 :points: + chibi drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:
Speedpaint - AT temeraire-sama by Neko-Rina Presenting new OC - Xoxo by Neko-Rina

  • Up to 400 participants:
(I don't think I will reach so much people so I will decide it later xD)

If anyone would like to donate a prize, please send me a note privately telling me what you'd offer <3


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 4:39 PM
Custom: Strawberry Fluff Angel Food Cake Sushi Cat by witchpaws

What’s been going on this week?

Phil Fish was DOXXED (for standing up for Zoe Quinn) and all his personal information was leaked onto the internet, including SSI info, home address, bank records, etc. As a result, Phil decided to leave gaming forever and is now selling off the IP rights to FEZ and Polytron. Link:…

Meanwhile 4chan/Reddit have decided that Phil Fish WASN’T hacked and that he faked the whole thing because... ? 4chan also called the FBI on Phil because they believe fake hacking your own account is a “federal offense.” Gotta love how 4channers are more willing to make up and believe a conspiracy theory than admit they made a mistake... Link (warning: conspiracy theory level nonsense):…

Zoe Quinn, a female independent game developer who made a game called Depression Quest, got harassed by an ex-boyfriend who decided to post nasty things about her and accuse her of using her influences in the “sacred” world of games journalism to get positive reviews through sexual favors with reviewers. An accusation that was later proved false (shocks of shocks!) since the reviewer for Kotaku in question never actually reviewed her game. Link:…

She was also accused of actively trying to take down “The Fine Young Capitalists” despite the fact that she’s using proceeds from her games to be donated to struggling women indi and queer devs and is trying to patch up her mistake with TFYC (though they haven’t responded to her e-mails yet).…

Both Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian were forced to flee their homes because their home addresses are publicly known now and assholes on the internet were threatening to break into their homes to rape/murder them. So... yeah. If you honestly think “it’s just the internet, ignore the haters, they can’t possibly do anything to you in real life” is still true, you’re just deluding yourself. Anita Story Link:… Zoe Quinn Story Link:…

And finally actor Adam Baldwin (currently starring in the new TNT tv-series “The Last Ship”) has fallen on the “I-hate-Zoe-Quinn” bandwagon and is actively spreading the leaked nude photos of her around online and is harassing her on twitter. Link:…

Meanwhile Joss Whedon (director of The Avengers) and Tim Schafer both took the side of Anita Sarkeesian on twitter. Link:…
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Watching: Atop The 4th Wall
  • Playing: Marvel Puzzle Quest
  • Drinking: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Sac Anime and Axent Wear update!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 11:52 AM

I’ll be at Sac Anime this weekend from August 29th to 31st! Come hang out at my booth in the artist alley table 107! See ya :D

More info here  

And in other news, we've just finished filming the Axent Wear Kickstarter video. We're still waiting for some post production video editing but the kickstarter should launch within a few weeks! Thanks for all the support! :heart:

The lady was super nice and really happy to meet me.

She wants me to be a storyboard revisionist as a starting job and says I’ve got some time to work around things if I want to start sooner or later… And to e-mail her with questions and stuff still and all but…

Yeah, I got the job p much.

Draw my OCs Contest (Premium Membership/Points)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 8:24 AM

Willow Banner by Willowbranwen

To enter: 
    1. Fave this Journal Entry
    2. Draw one or more of my OCs*
    3. Comment back here, include a link of your entry 

*You can change clothes but please stay true to character Styles/Personality, Colors are not determined (1-3) as these characters are from a Book I've been working on. Feel free to play around but let's not go crazy and have, I dunno, rainbow colors XD.
**Journal or Poll about this contest not necessary but appreciated
***Yes you may include your own OCs but no Canon additions please. 

Neptune Wink Icon Neptune Wink Icon Neptune Wink Icon 

    1.No traced, copied, or Stolen work (If I suspect it I will Check)*
    2.No Full on Nudity, Explicitly Sexual scenes, Gore (a little blood ok)
    3.Please pay attention to character relationships IE: Don't make lovers out of them...

*Bases are ok if you link & get permission from the original owner
**Colabs are fine but please credit everyone involved. Prize will be divided between participants
***Multiple entries are fine but only one will win

:iconwillowbranwen: :iconredwaterheart:

-Entries will be judged heavily on originality, not necessarily on art "level". That said, please do not submit WIPs (unfinished) or messy work

-I will comment on every entry and share my thoughts AFTER the contest is over

-Contest will be canceled if less than 10 entries are submitted: (Why?: this is a test run, I plan to start a contest in November with a total cash prize of $300)

Original Characters to Choose From:

           Vivian:                      Sicylie:                    Elda:
Vivian by Willowbranwen   Vivian by WillowbranwenSicylie by WillowbranwenElda by Willowbranwen

Primary Witch Primela: 
Draw This Again Meme- Primary Witch Primela by Willowbranwen 

Nucifera (My first adoptable yay)
Nucifera Kung Fu Bunny by Willowbranwen

Prizes (or point Equivalent) 
    1. 6 month premium membership Star!  + cake badgeHave your cake and eat it too 
    2. 3 month premium membership Star!  + cake badgeHave your cake and eat it too 
    3. 1 month premium membership Star! + Cake BadgeHave your cake and eat it too 

*8 random winners will get 50 pts from those who fave this Journal

**Please feel free to donate prizes in comments! Donations will be truly appreciated and featured on this journal and on my page (Donators can still participate)


Deadline: Oct 24th, 2014

Finally... Homura Bowing Icon  Thank you so much for reading my Contest info Page~ Please feel free to ask me questions and have a fantabulous day! 

Pagedoll Commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 1:50 PM
Unlimited Slots
○ Please DON'T PAY until I TELL YOU to
○ If using Paypal, please SEND AS FRIEND/FAMILY to avoid sending fee 
 I start after I receive payment 
☆ They'll be 35O points or $3.5O each ☆
I may simplify if design is too complex / cluttered

If interested please note or comment below with this form
Pagedoll Chibi
Ref :
Personality : 
Extra Info :  //optional 
Paypal or Points
I can't draw mecha or furries tho ; v ; 
If you have any questions feel free to comment below v u v

I was looking around the TMNT site and the first episode for season is up!!! It's called "Within the Woods" and it will air 10/3!!!…

It has been confirmed that The Creep will make his appearance in this episode and no description has been given. And those who don't know who the Creep is:

The Creep by Spyruto99

Thoughts, opinion, what do you will happen?