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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (56,736 votes) 1,190 comments
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Raffle number one. Since I got new samples AND found some things in my studio cupboards while searching for some things:
Prepare for raffles. Yay!

This week you can get one of these:

What you have to do:
Comment and fav the journal. That way you're "in". ;)

When's the deadline:
26th September

I will announce the winner on the 27th and post the new raffle.
You can participate in EVERY raffle like always.

Double your chances:
The other puzzle will be given away via Facebook. You can't miss the entry. Both winners will be drafted seperately.

As always and as most people know I will add a little extra to the package. Signing is optional.

All fingers and paws crossed. Good luck!

Anne :sun:
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it's not over yet though from what I've heard he's still here
and still able to prey on young women.
please if he confronts your fellow DA artist please send them to this tumblr archive

or this DA account which posts screen caps of his awful behavior :iconsnuffboob:

if he confronts you block him, immediately
This man is very dangerous. so please be wary.

thank you.
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24hr Raffle! | OPEN

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:55 PM
Digital Artist

CSS Skin

Hi everyone! ^0^)/
I've recently hit 111,111 PVs and I wanted to celebrate with a raffle!
I'm also approaching 4k watchers which is exciting! ~~

There will be one winner, and the winner will receive an experimental chibi, [fully coloured and shaded] OR a sleeping icon.
Sample: Sleeping Icon by Xipeu

1. Watchers only! (New watchers are welcome! Please only watch if you like my art and NOT just for free stuff!)
2. Fave this journal for your raffle number.
3. Make a NEW journal or poll to spread the word about this raffle (linking to this journal in a master list will NOT COUNT). Title the Journal/poll appropriately (ex. Xipeu's Holding a Raffle, Icon/Chibi Raffle, etc.).
4. Have a clear, full body, drawn reference of your character. I will not work with text descriptions, nor will I create a new outfit for your character.
5. Comment below with a link to your journal/poll UNDER THE "JOURNAL LINKS & REFERENCES HERE" comment, otherwise your entry will not be counted. This makes it much easier for me to go through the list of names when searching for the winner.…

There will be no reminders to follow the rules if they have not been carefully done the first time, and will disqualify your entry.
Have fun, and best of luck! The winner will be determined in 24 hours via (Sunday, Sept. 21st, 10PM EST).

On a side note my brother is still taking commissions on icons for only $2 USD/200 :points:!
Feel free to check it out! ^7^

F2U: Goten by michaelhosouleaterSkylar by michaelhosouleater SALE $2 USD/200 points Icon Commissions | OPENPayment Option: Points and Paypal, Paypal preferred.
$1 = 100 Points
A mix of paypal and points are fine.
If paying with points, please use the commission widget on my page!

Send me a note Note with all of the information filled out if you'd like a slot! I will reply to your note with my paypal email (if applicable), and the total.
Username: [Who does the character belong to?]
Character ref: Full body coloured refs only. State the designer if applicable.
Payment option: Points or PaypalSamples

$2 USD/200 :points:
$3 USD/300 :points:
Blinking animation included.
Additional animation can be discussed (simple only), they will be an extra $1 USD/100 :points:
Maximum two characters per slot. Meaning if you

Oops. Write your signature, Please!

In case you missed it

Hey, I warned you guys that this would be the angriest that I've been, if not ever, at least since Chicken Little. And why is that? I mean, I mean it doesn't do anything that Family Guy would do (give a baby herpes, play with the emotions for a ratings trap, tell abuse victims that they should stay in abusive relationships for the abuser's benefit, etc). Let's start with the fact that this was exceptionally hard to watch in its own right, even for me. I mean the character models are so off that it gives you constant cringe. I mean, this was a whole review where I had a hard time even looking at the screen. The whole time (unlike Ren Seeks Help, which at least had some dull and breather moments. Ren Seeks Help is still worse though).

I won't lie, a lot of anger probably came from reviewing the laziest animation ever made, while working on my own. They didn't try in any area. I'm not even going to bring up the story. But for the animation, I have to wonder how the people who were working on this didn't realize how uncanny each of the characters were. I mean, even if they fell under the "it's just for kids" mentality, kids can still tell what's in the uncanny valley. It's not a learned response or anything. It's ingrained in human psyche. Then there's the sound design. They used a cymbal or drum riff to make a thunder sound, but it's literally the easiest sound to make. Just clap your hands in front of the microphone. That's it. Every piece of this just shows that no one gave a fuck, and it's really painful whenever you care the slightest bit about good animation.
So yeah. 
Recently many people asked me (very carefully, maybe they were afraid I'd start levitating with satanic powers and curse them with a horrible grudge ^^;) if I'm a satanist due to the fact many of my works, including my comic, have Satan/Lucifer in them.
Also due to the fact I tend to say "OMS" (Oh My Satan), not OMG when I'm in a laughing mood :giggle:

The answer is: no.
I'm not a pseudo-satanist, who drinks blood and burns animals alive and sacrifices them, neither a true satanist who simply worships Satan like others worship God.
I do not worship God. Neither I worship Satan. I do not have a small shrine in my room where I pray to his dark majesty.
I simply deeply respect him as a being. Yes, I believe he exists and I believe he is powerful.
When someone asks me what would scare me the most, my answer is simple: pissing Satan off.
Because that is one and only thing that really would make me wet my pants ^^;

I respect him for being the only one to disagree with God and to point this out. For using his brain instead of blindly following someone's orders. For wanting to be free, not ruled by someone.
For keeping what is the most precious thing for me - his PRIDE.

As I said once, I agree with: "Better to be the ruler in Hell, than a servant in Heaven"

So yeah... 
I hope this will stop some of you panicking over the fact I may do some horrible satanic things to you :giggle:

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Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:44 PM
i can't sleep and the sky makes me sick
it can see you -
but what can i do? untie the limbs
and remove the gag
and let my poetry go,
feel the rivers start emptying
bursting their banks,
pay attention -

your heart was a foreign body, rejected
your hands, your hands had no shame,
greased with blood and losing their grip
on the world, but what could you do?
there was no sense in the way that they
hurt you, the way they poured salt
on the wounds

(the way they smothered one pain with another)

quieria hacer este concurso ya que por fin junte los 15O points y no creo utilizarlos y mejor hice este concurso :)
Para participar
-tenerme en +watch
-hacer un journal promocionando este sorteo
-agregar a +fav este journal

el sorteo se hara el 5 del 10 del 14 

solo 2 ganadores
1.- 100
2.- 50

Mas oportunidades
donarme points. si me donas 1 point tendras 1 oportunidad mas ejemp. si me donas 5 tendras 6 oportunidades

El sorteo de hara en sortea2 (yo no lo decido)


{ :star: EDIT 9/20/14: Ok. I've been seeing A LOT of death threats on Laughing Jack's creator's page. Please DONT send threats to kill himself. You will be labeled as a threat and bully as well!! 


So what's going on with the Creepypasta right now?

It has to do something with the creator of Laughing Jack.
I'd rather not say anything of what "HE" has done but listen to me.

I've been seeing some hate building up on the character, Laughing Jack. Why? Because of "HIM". What "HE" did to those poor beautiful girls was definitely not human. Sure, everyone is now hating on "him" for everything now but it doesn't mean we got to hate Laughing Jack as well.

Basically, Laughing Jack did nothing wrong. Only his "creator" is to be blamed for.

The creator has treated every lady with NO respect. 
I think some people who love drawing Laughing Jack, don't have the courage anymore to do so.

Maybe drawing Laughing Jack is like supporting the creator himself.


Whoever still wants to draw dear Laughing Jack, it does not mean we are supporting the creator, but rather, we are supporting the character. Trust me! I had an artwork of Laughing Jack coming soon but I would hold on to that for now.

We still love Laughing Jack, of course!
But we just can't like the creator anymore. 

Do you know what deviantART can do? They could ban you for bullying comments. Or worse...You could also be in jail too. Those comments saying "You piece of shit" or "I hope you die!" are making you look like a bully. And bullying is NEVER tolerated in ANY place around the world.

Just report this this guy if this all is true.
Don't flame the troll/villain/ ect, just do the most mature thing to do.

I swear, the Creepypasta fandom has gone downhill with all the judgement for original fan characters, scary ass fan girls, and Slender Man being a threat outside of the web.

If you are terrified of drawing Laughing Jack, don't be. 
Laughing Jack would still live on because he actually became a successful story. And everyone truly adores Laughing Jack. Don't be angry at the monochrome clown. Be angry at the creator himself. Please don't abandon Laughing Jack. He doesn't want to be left behind again. 



To those who's been a victim of Laughing Jack's creator, I'm truly deeply sorry for what you' ve been through. You have all my respect, my good luck, and my prayers. I hope you are dealing with the situation well. Please remember, victims, you are beautiful, loving, and truly amazing in any way I can describe. We all send our best regards to you.
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So, where is the Brian's a Bad Father video gonna be? It's gonna be on YouTube. Along with all of my other FOX reviews because I'm going to fight this shit. So, I've began uploading my FOX reviews, starting with that Allen Gregory review, and now two Family Guy reviews (Fresh Heir, and Seahorse Seashell Party). But isn't it like three strikes and you're out? Yeah. And the reason that I uploaded two Family Guy reviews is that for some bizarre reason my Fresh Heir review slipped past the computer. But the other two videos are under dispute. I don't know what's gonna happen to them. I can only tell you what I know.

The process goes like this. If your video gets matched with copyright ID, the company that did it has an opportunity to track it, gain ad revenue from it (which Hasbro does), or block it; either in one region (UMG, and it's usually Germany for some reason because I don't know), or worldwide (FOX). From there you can dispute it. They say that knowingly submitting false disputes will get your channel removed, but if you've got nothing to fear there really isn't any reason not to do this. The company has 30 days. Some companies will reinstate their claim within the next few days (Hasbro), and some will play fair and actually judge your video (Disney). Some will wait 30 days and do absolutely nothing (Viacom), and some will wait 30 days to screw you over and reinstate their claim.

When something is reinstated, provided you don't have a strike on your account, you can file an appeal. Basically the same thing happens again. They've got the same thirty day time limit. But here's the thing. If the company (not YouTube or a lawyer or whatever, the company) says no, you video goes down and you get a strike on your account. This is because this forces the company to file a DMCA report against your video. Keep in mind that someone can file a DMCA report against content on the internet, no matter where it is. I'd like to say that this discourages companies from abusing the system since it's illegal to knowingly file a false DMCA, but it's probably all done with computers and lawyers and shit.

Bottom line, from there you've got to file a counter notification (or wait six months and cut your losses, or actually get the copyright holder to submit a retraction [unless it's between two youtuber's, this most likely won't happen]). Once you file a counter notification, which can (but usually doesn't) take 10 days to process, the company has 14 days to either let your video go up or actually take you to court. Once your video goes back up, the strike is removed, and you're good... until you want to deal with this tedious process again. I usually only do this if the company is bogus (which does happen), or if the video has some sort of block. Although, I am tempted to do this to stop these companies from making ad revenue off of my videos, and Google taking a large segment of that (yes, there is some incentive for Google to support this system, especially since there's a chance that you can't monetize a video even if it's not claimed).

But, down to the point, here's a Google document with every little copyright spat that I'm going through right now, from videos that are just claimed where I haven't even begun to fight, to the battles that are down to the wire. Here you go:…
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Yui Hirasawa (High School Life) [V1]  Muchas gracias a los que dijeron que si <3 siento la demora

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! Buenoo~ ( ^ u ^ ) /
Como dice el titulo,Sorteare 50 puntitos

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! Para participar debes: Rainbow Bullet - F2U! 

Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! Tenerme en +watchAdded to my devWatch!  x1
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Buenoo~ eso seria todo,espero se animen a participar =3
Hare mas sorteos cuando pueda! y espero sean mas grande...

Oh! casi lo olvido...El concurso finaliza el : 30/09/14

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