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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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I got this really thoughtful question on my tumblr a week or two ago in regards to art/webcomics:

"Hello K-bo, I Have been aspiring to be a webcomic artist much like yourself for a long time. Viewing your artwork and your achievements inspire me to reach out for my dreams. I wasn't able to see you at Fan Expo this year so I wasn't able to ask you this in person. I feel like I'm at a point where I'm comfortable enough with my art and style to start a webcomic... but I have no idea where to start... Do you have any advice? Thank you!"

I wanted to share my answer with you guys since it might be relevant to your interests. I hope at least some of it is useful to you. Here goes...

"First off, that’s awesome and I’m honored to have inspired you in any way. You should be very proud of yourself for being ready and willing to start this journey.

Now this is a pretty broad question that’s a little difficult to answer as there are A LOT of ways to get started. Which one is right for you will depend on your situation, and there is no proven recipe for success. In my case, I was entirely self-taught and a lot of “getting started” for me was just throwing my work online wherever people would see it: conventions, livejournal, deviantArt, etc and just creating until people noticed. I often refer to this as the “Keep sending your troops running at the fortress wall until their bodies have piled up enough and you can climb over” method of artistic career pursuit. But plenty of folks also have success with more methodical, less masochistic approaches.

What I can say is there are a couple of universal truths no matter what course you choose to pursue…

1) If you update it, they will come. No matter the objective quality of your work, if you keep a regular and maintained schedule, you will build an audience. Now, it’s proven that the more you update, the faster you will build that audience. HOWEVER, if you choose an unrealistic schedule, you’ll end up burning out and going on massive hiatuses and you’ll be back to square one. *points to himself* Decide on a reasonable update schedule that fits your time and resources. Then build a backlog of work before you even post the first one (I always say that if you to get sick or take a vacation, your comic should still keep be able going in your absence and still have some backlog left by the time you’re drawing again.) I can tell you that the comics I did this with (Ensign Sue is good example) were a lot easier and less stressful than the ones that I did by the seat of my pants (Trigger Star, occasionally “I’m My Own Mascot.”) Get a grip on this early and you’ll thank yourself for it later on.

2) Draw all the time, whatever you can and whenever you can. You learn to draw by drawing. Do not be afraid to work outside your comfort zone and draw things you’re “bad” at. Pretty much everyone sucks when they first start but you’ll never get better if you don’t even try.

Also, learn and endeavor to master drawing basics like anatomy, form, composition, perspective, observation skills, etc. Style is not an excuse for shoddy fundamentals, so learn the rules before you break them. Never stop studying. Keep in mind that artistic prowess takes YEARS to develop and although talent helps, it is NOTHING without practice and hard work.

3) Don’t by shy about showing your work to as many people as possible and never tell yourself you’re “not ready” for one thing or another. Two of my personal favorite quotes on this subject:

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” - Napoleon Hill

“Jump and build your parachute on the way down.” -Walt Disney

4) Be polite and gracious to your audience, both the supporters and the critics. This is easy with the former and tough as hell with the latter, I know. I would be deluding myself if I tried to convince you that critics are only trying to help you. While this may be true of some of your colleagues and friends, a good chunk of the people who criticize your work are doing so out of some kind of justified personal issue on their part (as much as they try to convince you or themselves otherwise.)

But here’s the thing…their motivations do not automatically make their feedback invalid. You can learn a lot from those criticisms, IF you’re honest with yourself on whether their critiques are fair and applicable to what you want to do and you’re emotionally mature enough to not take it personally. Because regardless of whether their opinions are fair or cruel, you NEVER look good if you’re seen being rude or indignant to your critics. And no matter the quality of your work, there will always be someone who won’t like it. Be prepared for it, don’t take it personally when it happens, learn from it if it’s useful to you, and just keep on creating.

I am personally grateful to anyone who thinks my work is worth their time and feedback, positive or negative. You’ll be a happier and more well-rounded person if you develop that gratitude in yourself.

5) Persistence is the key to victory. Be patient with yourself and understand that success never comes overnight…ESPECIALLY in self-starting creative fields. And when it does get hard, remember there are so many of us who currently are or have been where you are right now. You’re not alone and you’re only a failure if you stop trying.

To quote a wise lego “I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.”

Wow….that came out longer than I had intended. Oh well. I hope some of that is actually helpful to you. If you ever have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve been really bad at replying to folks in recent months because I was going through a lot of personal stuff and my schedule’s been insane, but I do try to get back to everyone who contacts me as best I can. Thank you again for the kind words and I’m super excited for you and your creative goals. Go forth and never stop drawing!"

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so im doing a giveaway again ^^
what you have to do to apply is: Be my watcher, fav this journal and comment below tagging 3 people!
this giveaway will last 2 weeks so it will end on 14th October!
there will be only one winner that the random number site will choose!
and the winner will be getting 600 points!

I am doing this events for my watchers and I will check every entry if they are watching me xD
Hey guys! It's been a while since I updated my journal so here  is a fresh tutorial to revive it :)

We also have some new content on so here is a trailer and a free chapter to check out!


Community Week

Did You Know...

  • ...DeviantART has a mass storage system of all your gallery deviations?
  • can manage all of your gallery deviations from one location?
  • can move deviations into "Storage" and essentially remove them from your gallery while preserving the page view, favorite, download, and other statistics?


Many of us have deviations in our galleries that you no longer have the computer file for and would be devastated if you lost them… Ever thought, "I really don't want to download each deviation to my computer or but I just don't want them in my gallery any longer! Then there's a handful of deviations I want to turn off comments for. I wonder if this can be done all at once?" If this is you... Keep Reading! :eager:

Okay, Show Me How!

I admit I stumbled across the Manage Deviations section of website by pure chance, several years ago- and it is quite the hidden gem! So let’s get started. How do you find this page? Mouse over the "Submit" menu and select "Manage Deviations" as shown below:

Screen1 by JenFruzz

So now you should be in a screen that looks a little something like below. Go ahead and pull down that menu as shown in this screenshot:

Screen2 by JenFruzz

Look at all of these options! You can select as many deviations as you want and immediately apply any of those options to them, IN BATCH! This is much easier than individually going through your pieces and changing things one-by-one. Now it may seem inconvenient to only show the titles of your pieces (I've taken so many photos that I could NEVER remember them by title), never fear! Just hover your mouse over the title and a thumbnail of the deviation will pop up after a second.

Now... What is that "Store" option? :eager:

This is what I mentioned at the beginning of the article. If you have a deviation that you want completely removed from your page, but not from deviantART, then this is the option for you. Selecting a deviation and clicking "Store" will move the deviation to Storage. Your comments, favs, deviation views, etc. will be preserved but the piece will no longer be displayed in your gallery. You can see any deviations you have in storage by selecting the "Storage" menu off to the left ;). In the storage menu you also have the option to "Unstore" a deviation. Go check it out!

Hopefully this article will be of use to you! A lot of deviants don't know about it but it's great for all of us overly-organized individuals ;P Feel free to leave a comment about the article or if you have any questions!

Happy Deviating!

Learning from Maleficent

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 10:47 AM

...Maleficent the rat, that is.

Maleficent is my pet rat. She was born without her top teeth, which are very important for a rat. Almost all of a rat's favorite activities involve their teeth! She can't bite and tear/break food, so I have to make her food into mush for her meals. She also can't bite other rats in play, to establish dominance (rats have hierarchies!) or in self-defense.

Because of her lack of teeth, she seemed to adapt very "grabby" hands. I have had one such grabby rat in the past, so it doesn't mean Mallie learned something new for her species, but I have a feeling she adapted to using her hands instead of her teeth since she had no option.

...And then came my dog. She grabbed for him through the cage, and he bit her and broke her arm. The vet told me she should be alright, but could possibly have a deformity in that arm.

So now this rat has no teeth, and a disabled arm.

...And yet, she continues to be one of the happiest, most energetic rats I have ever seen.
And, here's the kicker - she has a "dominant" personality, and despite her disabilities, she is the dominant rat of the cage, and even dominated SillydogTheGreat's rat, Cas.

No teeth, and one arm, and not only does it not bother her, she thrives.

No one ever told her, "you have a disability. Your life will be hard and you won't be as successful as others." And she certainly can't think that to herself - she's a rat. So, if she wants something, she just tries for it. Her lack of teeth and disabled arm don't even factor in. And look at how "successful" she's been! To be happy and the dominant female? That's the highest goal a rat can achieve!

So, maybe I (and you!) can learn from little Mallie. If you have something that stands between you and your goal - call its bluff. Don't think too much about it, just go for it. If someone's told you you have a disability and you will never be as good as everyone else, maybe it's best to ignore them and try anyway. Humans overthink things, and maybe THAT's our disability more than anything else.

And as I was thinking all of this over, I slammed my main art finger in my poorly-finished bathroom door and sliced it right open. It hurts so bad and throbs so much I don't know how I'll get anything done today. But once the pain subsides I'll take a tip from the Mal-pal and just go for it. If she can be the queen of the rats despite no teeth and one arm, I can art with a sliced open finger. Right? Right.

So, maybe Mallie's lesson applies to you, too.
If so, learn from my rodent - don't let your disabilities, faults, or perceived shortcomings stop you from doing what you want and being happy! Don't overthink things, just try!


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 10:05 AM
In 10 days, I will officially have been on deviantART for one year. As a thank you for all of your awesomeness, I'm going to draw four of your OCs! The OCs will be chosen via random number generator :)

1st place:

A traditional drawing with a fancy background :)
Petals by frostykat13

2nd place:
A paint splatter pony
Commission: MeeBeAndrew by frostykat13

3rd Place:
Digital OC with cutie mark
Festive Flags by frostykat13

4th place:
A sketch
Commission: Flying Buddies by frostykat13

To enter you must:

:bulletpink: Be a watcher
:bulletpink: Post a journal or poll linking to this journal
:bulletpink: Comment on this journal with a link to the journal/poll you posted
:bulletpink: Put the word "popcorn" in your comment so I know you read the rules :)
:bulletpink: Only one entry allowed

I'll reply to your comment with your raffle number!

I'll post the results journal on October 8, the anniversary of my joining dA :3

Thank you so much! Good luck!

Journal skin by BlackySpyro
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Community Week

The majority of us are members of groups, and while we might have different reasons to join, and different things expected of our membership in said groups, it is important to be a respectful addition to a group, and to our community. Here are a few tips on how to be a respectful member of your groups, even when you become frustrated by whichever situation might come up.

In regards to submitting your art:

Of course submitting your art is one of the main purposes of joining a group. However before you jump into things and start sending out a million art submissions to various groups, you should pay close attention to each individual group's rules and guidelines! There is no room for assuming things when it comes to groups, each group has its own set of guidelines, and they might wildly differ from what you expect! So read the info they provide, or send a note to ask a question, but don't just ignore it all and spam your art in places it might not even belong.

  • Before you submit, be sure you are sending your art to the proper gallery folder! Continuously submitting to the wrong folders makes you come off as careless and disrespectful.
  • Pay attention to the group's description!! If the group if focused on "horror/macabre" for example, don't send them pretty pictures of flowers. If the group is photography only, don't send photo-manips! Furthermore, follow their rules, don't waste their time.
  • Respect the fact that admins have a life too. If your submission has not been declined or accepted within 3 days, give it more time before you start asking them "are you ever gonna vote on this?!?!?". (and ultimately, don't ever phrase that question that way.)

In regards to your declined art:

When a group has declined your work, it is normal to be disappointed, and even a little bit mad! However, taking a deep breath before you leave a rude comment calling out the admins, can be quite useful.
Try to understand that everyone sees art and skill differently, also try to realize that as artists we should always be looking for ways to improve! So what are your options? How should you behave?

  • Politely ask in the comment area of your submission, why your work was declined. Once feedback is given, accept it, even if you disagree! Arguing and implying that the admins are wrong will not get you anywhere.
  • Accept the fact that perhaps your submission wasn't your best work, and keep trying until your work is finally accepted into those groups you love so much.
  • Take the admin's feedback into account when creating and submitting work in the future. Admins want you to succeed as much as you do.
  • Do not start a rampage of sending notes, leaving comments on the group's page, undermining the work of other members' that has been accepted, or anything like this. It will only make you seem resentful and rude.
  • Do not re-submit your already declined work! It is disrespectful and makes admins think you do not care about the fact that there are rules, and cannot even remember what you submit to which group.

In regards to your overall membership:

Being a part of groups is a great way to find opportunities to showcase your own art, however, don't forget that a group can be many more things than just that! You should be an active participant in the groups you submit your art to. After all, if they help promote you, shouldn't you help them succeed? And if their members comment and fav on your work, shouldn't you return that?

  • Respond to journals and polls to help the group gage decisions they want to make, and gage what you -the members- want from them. A group cannot improve without your input, help, and support!
  • Go through your deviation stacks for your groups, and support the art you find, that you love! It's not all about you at the end of the day.
  • If you particularly adore a specific group, consider applying to become an admin if the position becomes available, once again, a group cannot improve or even function without your help and support.
  • If you encounter issues within the group, or have a problem with the admins or the way the group functions, consider sending a polite NOTE to them to address your concerns privately.
  • Do not spam a group's frontpage comments with complaints about declined work, or anything else.
  • If one of the groups you're member of hosts contests, challenges, or other events, support them and join in on the fun if you can!
  • Consider getting to know the admins of a group, and even perhaps once in a while, thank them for all the work they do! :)

This is so fun, I've gotten tagged in this a few times, I wanna do it now! xD

Use  to randomise 13 of your friends (or fav artists) for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well.

1.) Sidekick-  :iconxbloodshadow:
2.) Sniper- :iconxkoday:
3.) The One who loses it-  :iconjurikoi:
4.) The brain- :iconvelkss:
5.) The Born leader who takes charge- :icongrypwolf:
6.) Medic- :iconsete-disangue:
7.) The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies-  :iconlinkaton:
8.) Weapon expert - :iconkilioka:
9.) Person who can't have the Molotov- :iconbanefulonaga:
10.) The car guy/gal - :iconriskikoi:
11.) Cheerleader - :iconthatdarkwolfy:
12.) Everything bad happens to this one, but they survive it all - :iconrott-rott:
13.) The idiot who somehow managed to survive - :iconcaesol:
Because I can't believe! *__*

Can you recognize who is that?

10620591 10202322918906999 7461529839174775632 N by Exileden

10647201 10202322918266983 7917991690993668199 N by Exileden

Can you believe how a beautiful dog Auri is?
And do you remember how she looked like a few months ago, at the edge of death?

Finally a decent update about husky named Auri that I've rescued a while time ago- from death.
Here is the previous journal:…

Now, after many months of her recovery at my friends Sled Dog Sanctuary (got to the best place for dogs ever!), Auri became a TOTALLY DIFFERENT dog. Even I couldn't recognize her! Recently she looks like a beautiful, pure breed husky with very solid and heathly look. Literally, even prettier than many purebreed (with papers) huskies I've seen!

On the day where we rescued her, she was in tragic health condition and starving really badly, and lived in a pure hell- we even couldn't tell what breed in type is, some of us thought that she could be possibly an Akita mix! Her recovery road wasn't easy. Besides that she was in a bad starvation shape, that caused issues with her blood circulation, her skin was literally rotting and was infected with many, many types of bacterias- including E. Coli.
Her weak body could not handle strong antibiotics used to eliminate bacterias, so we had times of doubts.
Also many thanks for the people who willingly to donate for Auri- in total we have collected 30 USD, which have helped a lot, like supplying with medicines for her. Now you can see the results for taking a little part of helping a dog :D
But at the end, everything has leaded to happy ending. She is now fully recovered and happy husky dog :) 
Right now, we have finished fixing her process- and now, she is looking for a new home!

Ready to be adopted!

Then we can really call it as fully fulfilled mission :dance:

10342891 10202322916626942 5861317646266672556 N by Exileden

10392328 10202316264380640 1015077394909208726 N by Exileden

I remember when I was holding her on car ride in such tragic conditions. Her expressions were somewhat... like entrusting her entire life in my hands, like she knew that we are going to give her a new life. As a sensetive person towards animals, I've hugged her so tightly. It was some kind of trust. 

10157270 10202322956987951 1256102231878454648 N by Exileden

Very friendly with children :)

Oh also,

If anybody is interested in adopting her, giving a GOOD and RESPONSIBLE, loving home where she would never experience trauma again - let me know! Though bear in your mind, we will help you to get her to your place but all transportantion will be at your cost.  
    Viliana :iconmi-eterna-primavera: started college this week, and I am so very proud of her. She has been a beacon of light in the darkness, as many of you have been this last month. Many extreme gratitude to my Deviantart family, and those who gave me a hand in the darkness. Perhaps because of mood and circumstances, the art of this feature is darker than usual, but as similar to my recent journey. LIGHT appears and leads the way.
     Look at me being all philosophical and stuff. Who knew?? Dreams of Geneva unveiled it's 15 month calendar to benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital this past month, all proceeds are going to this amazing charity. My thanks to all those who collaborated in the effort to bring this about. I want to thank Babette, :iconbabsartcreations: for assisting me on the project. The calendar features the talent of :iconkatarina-zirine: :iconmysticserenity: :iconmadmoisellemeli: :iconmi-eterna-primavera: :icondesignbykatt: :iconfairiegoodmother: :iconjackiedavenport: :iconescume: :iconcaochinhan: :iconcindysart: :iconleafbreeze7: :iconignisfatuusii: :iconenchantedwhispersart: :iconestherpuche-art.: :for their amazing images. The calendar can be purchased here…
     Dreams of Geneva is currently at 98!!!!!! artists, models, photographers, fine arts, etc. and cannot believe how much we have grown. You are all cordially invited (don't wait for an invite if interested, just message me) and the vision and integrity of the site makes me very proud. Please check us out at…  Enjoy the feature, and I always wish I could include more and more images, but even I realize that all good things must come to an end. (but this one is rather long) love you all the same. Heehee. I am including, in the beginning. some images that were in someway relevant to yours truly. Brownie points awarded (so much for loving you all the same.) Thanks to :iconfae-melie-melusine: for the new ID!!!! My dearest :iconignisfatuusii: for the roses.
                                                                                                                      Luna by mi-eterna-primavera 

                                                                                                                               A World of Light by Fae-Melie-Melusine
                                                                                                                                                 Babette's Cardbox by Jamie-Nicole  Roses for Jamie by IgnisFatuusII 
Storm in the Heart by EstherPuche-Art You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz  Atumn Queen by thelemadreams My Hidden Self by Tifareth Girl With Flower Tatoo by Manink Beauty of darkness by DiosaEMR 

Angel of the Night by CrystalClear-Art Beaute Automnale by Marjie79 Let Us Burn by Fae-Melie-Melusine Dark Tales by vampirekingdom Lullaby by Katarina-Zirine E n c h a n t e d by scared-princess Elven Princess by Cinnamoncandy

  Steampunk Adventure by CindysArt Smoke-and-Mirrors by EnchantedWhispersArt Dead Swamp... by Aeternum-Art Infest by J-u-d-a-s Black Widow Cordelia by AlexandraVBach I Offer Chaos by MirellaSantana Hydroponic by MarcelaBolivar 

A different kind of fairy tale by tamaraR Evening Dreaming by Lhianne Ignibus Doloris by Shades-Of-Lethe The Burning Peacock by Spiegellicht Flux by nova63 straighten up and fligh right by BlueAngel271183 Envy by Kryseis-Art Steampunk Aristrocrat Lady by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
 Dark Queen by MademoiselleKati My Immortal by Liancary-Stock I'm still waiting for you by S-BlackART Elf Portrait by KarahRobinson-Art Take Notice by CrystalClear-Art My Curse by shiny-shadows-Art Lady of the Lake by Heavenia La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt

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