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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Update, August 15th, 2014

The final installment, pages 135 and 136, are here. Thank you all for sticking with me to the end.

P.S. Happy Birthday, sis! :icongoldeenherself:

If you are enjoying The Night the Magic Died, here are some other comics you might enjoy:
:icontheironwizard: A collaboration between myself and my sister, :icongoldeenherself:, that we started in 2,005, and finished in 2,010
:iconangeldevilmanga: A dark-fantasy comic by my sister, :icongoldeenherself:. It is absolutely amazing. Go check it out, now. Seriously.

Also, follow me on twitter! My handle is @Eroffie.

See you around the internet!

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Pictures drawn by some very sweet people. Go show them some love!

Nahmat vs. Villainous Psithought- for Arofatamahn by EB-the-GAMERDerpy Meets Namaht by LeylaMariasThe Night the Magic Died tribute by Silverweed91FIM TNtMD by KodaStudios

About this project (Original Entry Posted on August 2nd, 2012):

On a whim, sometime a little over a year ago, I discovered and watched an episode of a cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Finding it was to my liking, I started watching each episode as it came out. It was fun, some episodes I liked more than others, but never was there one that disappointed me.

Come the finale of Season 2, I was, to put it most sweetly, inspired. I wrote a fanfic, venting my rage expressing my excitement about the season finale and the events leading up to it. I talked about it with my friends, I even got the fanfic polished to a point where it was almost presentable.

That was about two months ago, and now, I present to you my webcomic adaptation of my fanfic: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Night the Magic Died! If you're a fan of FiM as well, Don't let the title frighten you. It all turns out okay, but there will be a trip through hell and back to take on the way.

I will be posting this on DeviantArt and Furaffinity, two pages a week, starting today!

I will be using this journal as a page index, and as a nook where I will try to answer any questions you may have, etc.

So, without further delay, enjoy!

[Friendship is magic: The Night the Magic Died Gallery!]

[Page 001: The Rulers of Equestria]
[Page 002: Crash Landing]
[Page 003: What's a ***?]
[Page 004: Read ALL the books!]
[Page 005: It's like not sneezing]
[Page 006: Now THIS is a train]
[Page 007: Nat, you're a jerk]
[Page 008: It's funny because XXX]
[Page 009: Gear up, everypony]
[Page 010: Teacups are awkward for him]
[Page 011: Got a problem with puns?]
[Page 012: 4th and 5th wall breakdown]
[Page 013: The Call to Adventure]
[Page 014: Psychic Disguise]
[Page 015: Leading The Wolf to The Nest]
[Page 016: This Just Got Real]
[Page 017: She can go about her business]
[Page 018: Little Miss Brass-Balls]
[Page 019: Sit down, girl]
[Page 020: The Table is Set]
[Page 021: Diplomatic Middle Finger]
[Page 022: An Amicable Arrangement?]
[Page 023: Why we don't intervene]
[Page 024: Daydreaming]
[Page 025: This mistrust is mutual]
[Page 026: Friendship Worth Fighting For]
[Page 027: Equestria's own Diagon Alley]
[Page 028: Technicolor Monstrosity]
[Page 029: Wand Lore]
[Page 030: Auto Didactics for the Win!]
[Page 031: Who is this Bro person?]
[Page 032: A level-up in Heart]
[Page 033: Entrapment]
[Page 034: Flight or Fight]
[Page 035: Fluttershy's Shadow]
[Page 036: Healthy Coping]
[Page 037: Breaking The Cycle]
[Page 038: I Art Thou, Thou Art I]
[Page 039: Kindness Reborn]
[Page 040: Sign of Doom]
[Page 041: A Shift of Balance]
[Page 042: Baa Ram Ewe]
[Page 043: Don't Give Her Coffee]
[Page 044: Getting What You Wished For]
[Page 045: A Hard Question]
[Page 046: All Shall Love Me and Despair]
[Page 047: Deaf Virtuosos]
[Page 048: Back to Basics]
[Page 049: A Disturbance in Canterlot]
[Page 050: Rite of Passage]
[Page 051: Bringing Down the System]
[Page 052: Eureka Effect]
[Page 053: Tastes Like Diabetes]
[Page 054: Ulterior Motives]
[Page 055: The Truth...]
[Page 056: ...And Reconciliation]
[Page 057: I See What You Did There]
[Page 058: The Audience Now Know All]
[Page 059: Your body is NOT ready]
[Page 060: Extraordinary Claims]
[Page 061: Unintentional Offense]
[Page 062: Prime Directive Defiance]
[Page 063: Well Founded Doubt]
[Page 064: Ordinary Proof]
[Page 065: Fear, Anger and Hate]
[Page 066: Psychic Hulk]
[Page 067: J'accuse!]
[Page 068: History With A Different Spin]
[Page 069: No White-Knighting Allowed]
[Page 070: The Tinker Bell Effect]
[Page 071: Twist The Knife!]
[Page 072: Violence Begets Violence]
[Page 073: Disillusion]
[Page 074: The Monster Rage-Quits]
[Page 075: Yes, This is Happening]
[Page 076: It's Not Swearing]
[Page 077: Suffering]
[Page 078: Everything'll be Fine--Right?]
[Page 079: Let Me See the Script]
[Page 080: Growth Pains]
[Page 081: Regret]
[Page 082: I'm a Cameo!]
[Page 083: Stain of Shame]
[Page 084: The Storm Rolls In]
[Page 085: Silence Will Fall]
[Page 086: The Question is Asked]
[Page 087: Meat Bicycle Built for Two]
[Page 088: The Mystery is Solved]
[Page 089: Evil Wins When Good Act Not]
[Page 090: Taste the Rainbow]
[Page 091: Hindsight]
[Page 092: Flickering Light of Will]
[Page 093: Running on Fumes]
[Page 094: Wait! It Gets Worse!]
[Page 095: The Magic Dies]
[Page 096: Supernatural Aid]
[Page 097: Escape?]
[Page 098: Accepting the Call]
[Page 099: Crisis Response]
[Page 100: Leaving Canterlot]
[Page 101: The Belly of The Beast]
[Page 102: Labored Cadance]
[Page 103: Celestia's Shadow]
[Page 104: Nadir]
[Page 105: Better Late than Never]
[Page 106: Huff, Puff and Bluff]
[Page 107: Atlas's Understudy]
[Page 108: The Heroes are Chosen]

I have some points left from the last contest I did, and I rarely use them to buy anything on DA (I preffer paypal commissions), so I decided to make a poinst giveaway.

The main prize of this giveaway is 1000 :points:

How can you get them? Here are the rules:

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via Random Numer Generator)
3. You need to link this giveaway in your journal
4. You need to comment here, and insert the link to your journal, containing info of this giveaway.

That's all :)

The deadline for this giveaway is

1st of September

Good luck :D

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a rant (not that I have ever posted those before :roll:) but bear with me because I just... I got to say something about this subject. 

  • "You have a lot of talent and you waste it on drawing stupid dogs!" 
  • "Don't you understand that series is for CHILDREN? You're too old!"
  • "If you want people to take your work seriously, stop drawing stupid animals!"
  • "All you draw is cats. Can't you draw anything else? I'm so done with your unoriginal bullshit art."
  • "Wolves, wolves, wolves. All you ever draw is wolves! BORING!" 
  • "Are we ever going to see anything but shitty cartoon dogs from you?"

I'm sure all of us at some point in our artistic lives have dealt with someone who decided it was a good idea to rag on your choice of artwork subject matter. If not yet, you will... trust me. We ALL go through it. 
It's hard enough to deal with it from strangers but it's another thing when it comes from people you know. Family, friends, idols, even teachers/professors! 
The words can cut deep and a lot of the time it can leave a mark of embarrassment and shame that is hard to suppress once it's manifested. 

I'e been on the the receiving end of that particular thing so I know how it feels to be beaten, battered, and harassed for drawing certain things. No matter how fun they were at the time someone had to come along and rain on the parade; dictate what I should and shouldn't be drawing. 

However, one day I had a moment of realization -- I started drawing because I wanted to and I keep drawing because I want to. 
Who in the hell has the say so to command what I draw and how I draw it? No one but me. 

My word of advice to anyone who is suffering under the dark cloud of discouragement would be draw whatever the hell you want. It's your art and it should be your hobby. 
Unless someone is paying you to draw something the way they want it drawn they don't have a say so in how or what you draw. 
You want to draw thin, raggedy, mangy looking dogs? Do it. 
Want to draw 'Warriors' fan art? Do it. 
Draw what you want. 

I draw animals because I want to. I draw wolves and cats because I like to. I draw robots and fan art because I can. 
There's no other reason for it than that. 
When I'm drawing as a hobby I draw what I want, and that's how it should be. 

To those people who are the whiners, complainers, and all around jackasses who can't seem to understand their word isn't law (I feel like a hypocrite after saying what I just said but)... Shut. Up.
Bugger off and draw what you want if you don't like what someone else is drawing. Move on. Find things you like. If you can't then it's not something wrong with someone else, it's something wrong with you. 

That said... I'm going to go finish some work and then go to bed. 
Sorry if this was kind of snobbish and bitchy but man alive, if I don't read posts/journals about this stuff every day... it's sad. 
Leave people alone already, sheesh!
Let them draw their own thing. If you don't like it, find something you do. Don't waste time bitching about their work not being up to par with your expectations. 
Critique is one thing but being a whiny prat is another. 
Be considerate and logical. 

Thank you, 

EDIT: Uhhh, I think a lot of people are taking this as my personally yelling at my art critics or something.
While yes... this is a personal view and opinion on the matter and also, yes I have dealt with this kind of thing before... it's not really that personal.
Just more like a shout out if anything. 
I'm not really one to give a shit at this point. People will hate or dislike my art regardless -- you can't please everyone. So, it just boils down to the fact that unless they're paying me to draw for them (my job) what I draw on my own time is whatever I want to; stupid or ugly as it may be. 
Try not to take this as my personal address to any 'haters', haha! I wrote this after having read several journals and posts about this matter and thought to throw in my two cents.
As to how or even why this journal gained such traction is beyond me. What I wrote should be common sense, BUT... I guess in some way I'm glad others can see it in a similar way as I do. Those that don't? Well... that is their choice. 
“Dirty Bird”, a fried chicken vendor in Wales, has been forced to defend its choice in logo:…

Some rather prudish individuals have complained that it looks a mite dubious, while the owner of Dirty Bird has insisted that people are seeing what they want to see, and not what was intended.
It is claimed that the logo is simply the lower case initials of the company placed back to back in order to form the neck and wings of a cockerel.

Seeing one of Dirty Bird’s recent promotional images, however; one might be given cause to doubt their professed innocence.

And people ask why I like living on this spiteful little island :D

Help a small family suffering from war in Ukraine by ShimiArt


WE NOW HAVE A GOFUNDME PAGE huuuge thanks to Kreoko!

Hi everyone,

Life got really tough for my friend recently, and this is probably the last chance to help her small family. This girl means the world to me, and I'm trying my best to help her, but since I'm far away from them, I'm pretty powerless alone. Which is why I really, really need your help right now.

My friend and her mom live in Luhansk, Ukraine. Not so long ago a serious war begun there, putting their lives in danger. Now there's no water, no gas and no electricity in most parts of their city, half of the city is damaged and obviously it's not safe to stay there. The family went to Kharkov for a week, but now they can't stay there any longer as well yet can't go anywhere, 'cause the mother lost her job, and now they've almost ran out of money. They need to pay the bills, pay for their accommodation and transport, urgently repay the debts and simply some money for their basic daily needs, after all, and they don't have any - nor the opportunity to earn some in the nearest future. 


As soon as possible, we need to raise $1000 for them.

Raised ~$936 already ($696 + £95 + €60)

We only need $64 more to reach the goal!

- How do I donate?

Donate money to my PayPal. You'll need my e-mail for that, which is (lol, I know, that is one weird name for an email, but it's my side email I had to use for a side PayPal account). My name there has to be Ksenia, which is a name I'm not using anymore and planning to change later in life, but I'm telling you that just in case you get confused. Or you can use the gofundme page 

WONDERFUL people that donated!
:iconthereina: :iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconinu-hitori: :iconkh180: :iconsirkittenpaws: :iconkilioka: :icongriwi: :iconfelixcani: :iconmightyray: :iconagentwhitehawk: :iconscaleraegis: :iconkourukon: :iconthatdarkwolfy: :iconwindwo1f: :iconhydracarina: :iconhomura-chan: :iconwolf-king45: :iconkarmadash: :iconwolfgirl-catgirl: :iconfenhung: :iconcynpai: :iconyuuza: :iconsrarlight: :iconphoenixhba: :iconbogidream: :iconasakuramei: :iconsachi-pon: :iconredroronoa: :iconbtgfr: :iconspottedfeline: :iconrikae: :iconsketchride: :iconnyaasu: :iconagentsonic: :iconwanderer619: :iconcatfromdream: :iconnightrizer: :iconscanna: :iconvexnir: + Daniel Singzon, Neus Costa, Holly and Tamura + 4 anonymous donations <3
In case I accidentally missed your name here, just tell me!

Thank you all so very much! We really don't know how to express our gratitude anymore! That means so much to us, and we appreciate every single piece of support we got from you, you awesome people! <3


$1000 sounds pretty big, I understand, but if you do help, you won't get just a thank you. 

Here's what you can get in return if you wish so:

  • Spread the word: tell your subscribers, your friends or anyone you know, mention this journal in your journal, blog, site or anywhere else and get a mention here and in my thank-you-so-much journal after we reach our goal
  • Donate $1 and get a mention on my page for however long you want
  • Donate $10 and I'll draw you a portrait of your character with no bg/one colour bg/simple gradient bg (+about $7 for each additional character) Charity Commission: Shani for Thereina by ShimiArt
  • Donate $20 and I'll draw you a portrait of your character with a beautiful bg (+about  $15 for each additional character) Kiroho - Commission by ShimiArt
  • Donate $30 and I'll draw you a full body of your character with no bg/one colour bg/simple gradient bg (+about $20 for each additional character)Eany - Kiara and Kovu's Son by ShimiArt
  • Donate $40 and I'll draw you a full body picture of your character with a detailed bg  (+about $30 for each additional character) Sleepyhead by ShimiArt
  • You can also get some art from wonderful people: FlowerOfEden (details here) and Alexeina (details here).

Donated a lot more than that? Maybe want something else? Note me and we'll figure out what I can do for you.

There's no exact deadline, but we have to do this as soon as possible, maybe in a few days or in a week or so. Every single mention, every single dollar counts. Literally ANY help will be appreciated, and we will be so thankful for it.

  • Where do these money go? First to my PayPal, and then straight to the family's bank card so they can withdraw them. Obviously I won't keep a single cent to myself and not a single cent will be spent for anything other than the reasons stated above. We wanted to start a gofundme thing, but it turns out gofundme doesn't work with Russia and Ukraine, so we had to go another way, which is why you're reading this.
  • Okay, but I want some sort of a proof! Note me, and we'll find a way to prove you we're not lying. Also, if you think this really needs a better proof for everyone ('cause I'm not sure) and you have any ideas of possible safe proofs, write them in the comments below, it will be very appreciated.
  • When will I get the thing promised in return? I'll make a list and will do them one by one, trying to do my best to finish everything asap. It will take some time, but I'll make sure everyone gets everything promised to them. 
  • I have some other questions! Note me on dA, comment under this journal or write to if you have any questions or anything to say.


Thank you so so much! And please:
- If you spread a word somehow, if/when I make a journal of how we've reached our goal please please please make sure to delete your journal/post/tweet/whatever or make a new one saying we're done.
- If you donate something, please either add an annotation to your payment saying who you are, or comment here and tell me what you've donated or if you can, comment/note me on what your first name is on your Paypal account for me to make sure it's you so everything's fair for everyone. I'm sorry to ask for extra stuff to do, but there's no other way I can deal with donations and everything and don't get lost in it. I'll also make sure to ask you if you want something in return and what exactly it is.
- Know we're so very thankful. And you'll get a thank you of course. And then another thank you for everyone. And a thank you when we reach our goal. And probably one more thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you!

AMAZING people that spread the word!
:icontunquen: :iconthesilverbells: :iconkrustyismyname1: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconthereina: :iconseryva: :iconshanilioness: :iconsah-adopts: :iconspottie-dots: :iconhomura-chan: :icondatbutterstho: :iconfrosstie: :iconlazycookiemookie: :iconemeraldsweets: :iconcarressa:  :icon1cecub: :iconshinyeevee1234: :iconfa773n-k1tty: :iconoosolareclipseoo: :iconthemightyelementyle: :iconkh180: :icondynasty-dawn: :iconmissaudi: :iconortheka: :iconkoolkatmlp: :iconblahben-turtle-pop: :iconskylisaurus: :iconkarmadash: :iconme0wcl0ud: :icondorizard: :iconyurikoschneide: :iconartificialmutt: :iconxchocolateheartx: :icondraumrlife: :icontheleadingoutcast: :iconthunderelectro: :iconday-dre-mer: :iconkreoko: :iconcaniyto: :iconmysticmcr: :iconacidneku: :iconenviouskitty: :icongriwi: :iconcougarhearted: :iconangelponyadopts: :icontonythunder: :iconsparklefox789: :iconcoffeebite: :icontorokou: :iconhydracarina: :iconmusicfan0406: :iconkovithewolf: :iconlunasia-the-dragon: :iconradiozap777: :iconflaming-cat: :iconeun-gi: :icontheblindicecat: :iconcammi0: :iconmalintra-shadowmoon: :iconscaleraegis: :iconbolt-the-kitty: :icondragonlord9531: :iconyesterday-torrey: :iconriva1lle: :icondoodiepaws: :icondogyjoe: :iconclara-lesedi: :iconarsfatalis: :iconjanelon: :iconpapiocutie: :iconstefanthehedgehog: :iconzipzap1313: :iconleahdragoness: :iconmaitrevoleur: :iconhtfcocoandluara: :iconeeveepikachuchan: :iconajflipflop: :iconlyricalxm0nst3r: :iconoshawott222: :iconpazlin: :iconwarriorblackwolf: :iconcatzrulebigtime: :iconfriieza: :iconuchuubranko: :iconsunnycatsplash: :iconthatdarkwolfy: :iconmayroon: :iconajiaa: :iconnewflutterpie: :icongizmo-the-apprentice: :iconbubbalar: :iconalisuuyori: :iconflowerofeden: :iconalexeina: :iconmiss-cinnamon: :iconshiningstella: :iconcynpai: :iconqueen-soulia: :iconskunkyfly: :iconvioletflare: :iconmidnightdawn0-0: :iconbogidream: :iconky-nae: :icongiovanni-palma: :iconkiyokimaus: :iconpoprock-poppy: :iconyoshidreamexplorer: :iconnyaasu: :iconyogfan: :iconnikkithedog3: and many others!
In case I accidentally missed your name here, just tell me!

And thank you very much as well! You're helping so much by spreading this, and your kind words and wishes are what helps us get through this! <3


I really hope we can do this. I'm sorry, I wouldn't ask if there was any other way, but unfortunately there isn't. Please help us.


Please read the species info pages! X X X

Yaaaas let's do this. Hello new followers!
I'm gonna do a little Make-Your-Own Chime event/contest? I'm gonna dive right into it;; please let me know if I'm missing any vital information!
Silverbell by burrdog

:star: Rules!
  • Draw your own Chime, submit it in the comments here!
  • Good-Luck Chimes only! Healthy Chimes only! Chimes in this contest can't show wear or abuse ;0;
  • I don't yet know how many winners there will be! I don't know how many entrants to expect, so I will decide a fraction at the end ;v;
  • I'll pick winners based on how interesting/appealing I find the design. Interesting doesn't necessarily mean complex! Just make something you like ;0; If you'd like to write up a personality for your Chime, you may, but that isn't going to count for anything in this contest! This is going just by design. (There will be future contests that focus more on character ;P)
  • Winners will have their Chimes made official, and those who are not chosen can still make (one of) their Chime/s official for $10/1000:points:
  • Make as many entries as you like, but know it is only possible for one of yours to win!
  • Please direct any questions to this journal, or to either of the -Species -Pages
  • PLEASE read the two pages linked above before asking questions! 
  • Try not to make a Chime design too similar to an existing one? "Similar" would entail both similar colors and marking or mane type

I think that's all for now eAe
Deadline is August 31st

If you miss this event, don't sweat it ;0; I know it's sort of short, but there will be more opportunities in the future!

(btw I'm going to try to avoid replying to entry posts, unless there is a question involved ;v; other posts are fair game tho!)

(in no particular order)

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I already talked a bit about it over at my twitter, but I want to elaborate a bit because it's something a lot of people don't seem to understand.

I've developed a fear of cats. It's not a phobia because I can function perfectly normally in a room with a cat. It's presence doesn't bother me one bit. I'll even pet it, but I don't particularly enjoy touching it and if it tries to stand on my lap we're going to have a problem.

The thing is, it's the cat's claws I don't like. Even if a cat enjoys what you're doing to it, it'll bore it's claws into you out of pure bliss. Holding a cat usually involves pain too unless you face it away from you. I'm aware that not every moment with a cat is filled with pain, I've owned cats and lives with one at the moment after all (though it's not mine) and we get along just fine, but I've got more scars from cats than anything else (including the one I live with) and none of those cats were angry with me. They were just doing cat stuff.

Cats' unpredictability scares me. I'm not blind to cat language. I know what the different tail movements and facial expressions mean, but sometimes they just randomly attack. Heck, if you pet them the wrong way you get your hand bitten/clawed the shit out of without warning. That's probably the main reason why I'm afraid of cats.

I've been bitten by dogs, but I always know why because dogs always give warning (I've had friends who didn't understand dog language so they understandably felt dogs were unpredictable, but if you know dogs you always see an attack coming a mile away) and all my dog injuries were because I knew a dog was aggressive but took hold of it anyway to get control of it, yet no dog has ever broken my skin.
Of course there are dogs that haven't been treated well and are straight up psychotic, but even that you can tell and know to stay the fuck away from.

So yeah, it's not a case of "I met this one crazy cat and now I'm afraid of all cats" It's a fear that has developed steadily over time because of cats' nature. I don't hate cats. I don't want to hurt them because they're just doing their cat thing and lots of people love them for it, but I don't feel comfortable touching them. 

As long as they don't expect me to pet them, cats and I are cool.

Pixlett strikes again.

Tue Aug 12, 2014, 9:40 PM
I didn't realize exactly how much art I had sold to Pixlett / ToxicMutagen and she filed another $2,000+ against me just now. /:

Ugh Omg by witchpaws

Oh my gosh, I am SO done. Fml. My patience has been tried and tested, but I'm at a loss.

This totals THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that Pixlett has robbed from me.
It's beyond stressful and I seriously can't afford this right now. I honestly don't think anyone could.

The following people have also been chargebacked by Pixlett as of today, August 13:



Interestingly enough, I believe I have found "Pixlett"'s personal Facebook.
At least, I am 99% sure this is her.

Pixlett was stupid enough to file chargebacks against people who shipped her PHYSICAL items, so we have an address that either she lives at or visits regularly. The address was then googled and traced to her "Hrach" relatives, and by simply going through her relatives Facebook accounts, we were able to track down the suspected Pixlett herself.

Please note that this information is 100% public (the address is on the town county records), anyone could have accessed it and I nor anyone else had to hack anything to obtain it.

I friend requested her, and she accepted. Turns out she lives in my state, 30 minutes away from me. (This is why I suspect she accepted my friend request...because we happen to live so close) Now, like I said, there's no way to prove this is her, but the evidence against her is undeniable.

Pixlett's second to last journal, before she deactivated, was that she was going to a 2 week camp and therefore would be on hiatus on July 19.

Screenshot (219) by witchpaws

On this girl's facebook, (remember, she is directly related to the Hrachs as shown evident by several Facebook relatives), I found a post made on July 17 of her packing for a camp that she would be attending at my state university's for 2 weeks Sounds familar?

Screenshot (212) by witchpaws

-She is 15 years old, a high school student, just as she had listed on her Pixlett account.

-She also is a member of many LGBTQ facebook groups, and she listed herself as gay on her dA page. She is also a member of Homestuck pages on facebook. Matches "Pixlett"'s interest in Homestuck.

Facebook likes: Untitled-4 by witchpaws      Likes by witchpaws

-She posts her poetry onto her facebook, which mirrors "Pixlett"'s interest in creative writing.

I have crossed out her last name because like I said, since there is no way to exactly prove this I don't want to give out too much info because I am a human and could most definitely be wrong.

But I will tell you that the investigation behind this was thorough and heavily points to this "Rebecca" girl. Not that there's even much we can do at this point, but I would like to at least speak to her about her motives behind this. /:


SimplySilent - Journal

J-Pop Summit and Comic Con! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 17, 2014, 4:14 PM

It's been a crazy busy summer with conventions and working on the Axent Wear headphones! I barely have time to work on anything else right now Q_Q

But anyway, I'll be at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco's Japan Town this weekend 7/19-7/20th :D You can find me in the Kinokunia mall, on the 2nd floor near the elevators with books, prints, and more!
Come by and hang out!

I'm also honored to be part of deviantART's annual panels at San Diego Comic Con this year :) I look forward to seeing everyone again!

In the mean time, I've been working hard on making the 2nd prototype for the headphones. We are eager to release the Kickstarter as soon as possible. Once the headphones are on their way to production, I'll finally have time to finish the next Fisheye Placebo strip. I'm about half way done with the strip, though headphones have been keeping me very busy orz. But here's a preview of the next part!

Thanks for the support!