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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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So yeah, I'm very sorry that it's been a really long time since I uploaded a new page from one of my comics.....
I've just been really tired and busy.... and most of all, I've been getting these headaches very frequently and I've also been really paranoid for the last few years and I kinda suffer from insomnia parents told me take these pills but they're not helping at all..... Anyway, back to the comic convo, I promise that the next page of 'Innocence and Violence', 'Pasta and Monsters' and 'Sketch' would be coming out pretty much soon but not too long... Plus, I'm also going to update some of the comic's features and a few of their character features because of some random unnecessary reasons but it'll still come out good.... I think.... maybe? Oh, who the hell cares anyway!? Anyway, thats all :3 DERP....
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Straight to the point... I have a shit load of commissions to do...

One person wants two, I have the chibi commissions to do, another full on type 4 commission, my patreon sketches to do, a couple of commissions to do that I got from BUCK.
I also have a trade I need to work on too. I don't want any of this to sound like I'm blaming anyone, heavens no. I'm just letting you guys know I have a shit ton to do and I'm quite stressed out about it all.

I have Uni starting at the end of this month. I'm hoping I'll have all these commissions done by then. When they are done, I'm going to keep commissions closed for a while. Maybe a couple months, maybe until Christmas. You see, I just desperately want to work on my own projects like Klausen and Loner Dash. Gosh, my poor Loner Dash blog has been a little abandoned lately because I've just been too busy and commissions have been stressing me out.

I know that I took on more commissions because I needed the money for BUCK and now I'm paying the price but still, I don't handle stress well at all. That's why I refuse to accept critiques from people because I've made myself ill before in the past from peoples unwanted criticisms but that's a completely different story.

So bottom line, don't worry. I will get these commissions done. But I just hope you guys understand that for a little while I want to take a break from commissions, concentrate on Uni and work on my own things like my comic and my ask blog.

Next time I open commissions I'll probably only have 4, maybe even just 3 slots open so that I won't feel like I have so much work to do.

Anyway that's all I really have to say :) Thank you for reading and understanding! :hug:

p.s. I want to also thank my commissioners for being lovely and not pressuring me to work on commissions. I greatly and sincerely appreciate that. :) :tighthug: videos I've seen a while. Thanks to Smosh Weekly making me know about it (even it was mentioned like several months, better late than never).

Sudden name change

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 2:30 AM
Morgen-roete --> Tinuvion
Please people don't forget about me just because of the different name. ;A;

Lame info bellow, because I feel like talking.

In case someone just clicks away these. :XD: I have wanted to change my name for quite a while since I heard even "Morgenröte" (the actual spelling) can be somehow brought together with politics and people are pretty fast to jump to conclusions. So here, have an elvish name which is the actual name of my dragon commonly known as Dawn and means son of the twilight. :) Because I like to imagine how in Dawn's world dragons used to have a good connection to the elves before they isolated themselves and even today tend to give their newborns elvish names. It's pretty stupid considering Dawn started to hatch at the beginning of sunrise, yet then again there really are some straight forward medieval names.
... too bad this name is pretty much gender assumption provoking. orz Then again, I hope it's more recognizable for non-German-speakers.
Changing all my watermarks over time will be so much fun... not!

Take care everyone!

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1. What do you aspire to be are the completion of Year 12/TAFE/University?

After Year 12 
A) Full Time 
B ) Part- Time (RMIT?) (Drawing but not in Graphics Design Restrictions, perhaps character design idk...)

I aspire to become in the area of illustration/drawings (preferably Graphics Design (Deciding to do The Gordon then RMIT? (applied on VTAC but since im in Geelong that's tricky))), as I am heavily inspired and find drawing entertaining.
HOWEVER I have discovered that Graphics Design is not really my speciality as I would like to allow my vivid and wild imagination to flow unrestricted.

2. How old are you?

Eighteen (since 2014)

3. Do you have any relationship/ Been in one (GF etc)
No. None :/

4. Do you have any hobbies?
My hobbies consist of drawing, gaming and yeah well thats it.

6. What is your style consist of?

I am uncertain, I believe I am a blend of cartoon and anime elements with cute appearances? 

5. What type of video games do to enjoy?

A varity i guess First Person Shooters, Third Person Shooters, Racing? 
*EG Battlefield 3, Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, The Wolf Among Us (since 2014 June 30th) *

To Be Continued............?
Previous part

Eva made her way towards the elevator, in her casual pacing. Despite what Neil told her that perked her curiosity, she was not going to soil her dress in sweat on this day. As she hit the elevator button, she found that there was still a ways for it to go before it stopped at her floor. The building was not tall - it was only eight stories high, and she was at the fifth - but the recent investment of SigCorp went mainly towards more devices that helped with their jobs, rather than the renovation of the elevator. In fact, it looks like everything was pretty new and well kept except the elevator...

"... Let's take a look around this floor while I wait then... Maybe someone else is here, apart from Neil and I." Giving sideways glances, she peered out of the windows, noticing a crowd of people by the gates. Even on this day, they still clump there...

Trying her best to ignore them, she peered at the other offices, starting from the right and going to the left. She then noticed her door was still ajar.

"Cucumbers... better not leave my desk unattended while Neil is here," she absent-mindedly muttered to no one in particular while she headed in, thinking she heard a retort, diminished by the distance and walls.

Her office was as small as Neil's. In fact, everyone's office was this small. Or rather, it was extensively larger than other office jobs. Her desk stood slightly left of center in the irregular pentagonal room, and unlike Neil's room (or anyone else's that's facing southwards), there were steps leading up to an elevated platform, with three long vertical windows fitted in. Sunlight shone, with the occasional snowflake gliding by, as she went ahead to tidying her desk. It was mostly tidied up, except this one opened-up book.


Oh shoot, I better keep this somewhere safe, Eva silently muttered, as she closed it and slipped it inside a drawer, locking it up for added security. Glancing around her room, she made sure everything was in order : Two metal cupboards at the eastern side of the elevation displays various books and folders, either containing patients' information or psychological aspects of the brain, and various topics related to their work. Directly opposite to them on the platform is a large potted dumbcane plant, sitting silently next to an analog clock, surprisingly not ticking. The time reads 3 in the afternoon, and the skies displays it well. Across it are water pipes, protruding out from the wall and heading down to the lower floor. The occasional surge of liquids can be heard in the silent room.

A small table, holding but a few writing utensils and cellophane tape, stands still next to the pipes, directly in front of her desk. Her personal workspace contains several neatly-placed books in a makeshift shelfing of cardboard, and a large monitor and keyboard for working. These books seem more for casual reading - stories of mystery, horror and the occasional human-human romance. If she was working overtime, and the lights are too dim, a small remote set at the side would turn on the spotlight found on the floor to her right, if she sat. It shines comfortable white light, reducing eye strain from working in the dark. One last table was placed a few steps from the grey wooden doors, containing several small discs contained in hard plastic. Each one had a name on them, presumably virtual copies of old patients and new. It was made to fit with many kinds of phones now, including Neil's iProbable and Eva's iUnamused, since they are now fitted with disc readers.

Happy with how her room looks, she leaves the room, and closes the door. There's no lock on them, since all the rooms are shared among the employees.


The elevator has not arrived yet, so Rosalene decided to take a look around. It was mostly the offices on this floor, and each door came tagged with their names, pointing out who worked in which room. Ten rooms were around in total, reading (from up to down, right to left) 'Dr. Logan Boswell', 'Dr. Robert Lin', 'Dr. Roxanne Winters', 'Dr. Eva Rosalene', 'Dr. Neil Watts', 'Dr. Willis McMillan', 'Dr. Lisa Vazquez', 'Dr. Taima McMillan', and 'Dr. Eddy Doyle'...

Looking to the tenth room, at the far end of the corridor, she realizes there was also a tag there. "I don't recall there being a tag there," she thought, as she went over to examine it.

'Dr. Washroom'.

"..." Eva had no words.

Fluorescent lamps were fitted in between each door, giving a warm whitish-yellow glow to the room. As she headed to the elevator, it only stated it was at the fourth floor.

"... I still got time, let's see if Neil's done yet."


With no sense of knocking, she just swings open the door to Neils' office, and walks in. After all, it is a public facility. As soon as Neil heard the door, his hands tilted towards the door to where Eva stood. "Hey, it's not ready yet!" he exclaimed, his hands itself on two distinct keys - Left Alternate, and Tab.

Well, fine then, she thought, leaving the room. The distinct 'bing-bong' of the elevator then sung. The elevator finally arrived. Wasting no time, she walked into the empty elevator, and headed for the second floor.


Leaving the elevator, she now stood in a narrow corridor. It lead to the lounge, and in fact, it only lead to the lounge. Windows were at the far eastern and western sides of the walls, bringing sunlight as well. Trying her best to avoid looking out, she started towards the door to the party area. Her iUnamused started vibrating in her pocket, playing her new jingle she had set from their last patient. It was a call, from Neil. She tapped the green phone icon and brought it to her ear.


"I just remembered; could you also get me some cake with that drink?"

"How do you know there'd be cake?"

"There's always cake. And I want it." Tsk tsk tsk, Neil.

"Well, pick one. I'm not your waitress."


"Hey, so which is it?"

Even more silence. She checked her phone to see if Neil disconnected, but it clearly states it to still be in a call state with him.

"... Neil?" She could hear a soft swallowing and a faint gasp of relief before someone finally answered.

"I'm thinking!" Things sounded like it was being moved about on his desk, a slight hint of urgency in it.

"Look, I gotta go. I'll call you back."

The call abruptly stopped with Neil terminating his line.

While she slipped her phone back into her dress pocket, she pondered about what she heard in the background; but not for long, before the sound of the elevator approaching played faintly, and a person walked out.

"Oh! Hey Eva." A blonde lady with short hair walked up to Rosalene, sporting her blue scarf. She seemed to be a little shaky.

"Roxie? You alright?"

"Huh?" Ms. Winters' response was short, flustered and she slightly trembled. She was the second youngest, at the age of twenty, and the newest in SigCorp. It was her second year here, yet it still scared her.

"Oh... Well, we went outside to get something from the car, and..." her response trailed off as she looked aside, towards the window.

"Well... you know." Eva already knew what she was talking about, the moment she signaled to the outside of the building.

"... Them again, huh?" The response she got from Roxanne was her closing her eyes, a small tear sliding down from her left.

"Well, it is that time of the year..." Eva reasoned, whilst thinking of a solution.

"Look, don't tell the others, okay? ... I don't want everyone to be all tensed up about it." Well, Roxie beat her to it.

"Hm. Maybe it'll be all cleared by the time everyone leaves." Eva responded, in a way that points her approval and her trying to comfort Roxanne.

"I hope so..."

"C'mon, let's go see what the others are up to."

"Mmhmm..." She wiped her eyes with her scarf and nodded.

Eva checked her phone one last time. No call received. What was Neil doing...? Putting it aside, she decided looked back to Roxie, whom now presented a decently cheerful face. Well then, she pushed the door opened, and the two stepped into the lounge...


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2014, 2:29 AM

This song ;v;

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After living in the Hawaiian islands for the past 4 and half years. I find myself once again heading north to Alaska. While the calling has been there on a personal level, the professional life is the main reason Im heading back. I was given the choice. Go to Anchorage, or look for another job. Its not that I cant find another job out here, but do I want to go back to the lifestyle of working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet? There is a possibility of finding a full time job, but its a difficult, time consuming and frustrating process that doesnt have a guarantee. 

Living on Kauai, Lanai, and Big island has given me a glimpse to the reality for the state of Hawaii. This is a place that has a lot of physical beauty, as well as a lot of suffering and ugliness. Its very hard to get ahead out here. I see locals that have been working all their lives in dead end jobs just to try to pay the bills. I see a lot of homeless people. I dont want to end up in this situation. I got to visit Anchorage a couple of years ago. At that time I was in a very anti-city mentality. Even in that mindset I found myself saying " If I had to live in the big town, I could live here."

So it appears that once again I am to pack my life up, and blast off into another chapter of life. I expect a rough landing as usual but Im used to that. A ample supply of money always makes moving easier. Money in general makes life easier.

It's that time again. Let's just get this over with.

Love, Blacktually: Good

I Dream of Jesus: Good

Road to Germany: Good

Baby Not on Board: Meh

The Man with Two Brians: Debatable

Tales of a Third Grade Nothing: Meh

Ocean's 3 and a Half: Good

Family Gay: Bad

The Juice is Loose: Bad

Fox-y Lady: Good

Not all Dogs go to Heaven: Bad

420: Meh

Stew-Roids: Meh

We Love you, Conrad: Good

Three Kings: Good

Peter's Progress: Good

8 Good

4 Meh

3 Bad

1 Debatable

Once again, let's discuss the debatable first.

In The Man with Two brians, they get a new dog cuz Brian is getting old, and he turns out to be a perfect guy that everyone loves. Yep, it's that story. For that reason, i can't decide if i like it or not. It feels contrived and mean at time. Then, for no reason, new Brian turns out to be a dick as he tells Stewie he raped Rupert. Stewie kills him. The end, Bah.

Also, 420 wasn't debatble, but i had no room for it elsewhre, so let's talk about it, ignoring the cat scene, I love the song (despite the Rockeete slam), and i also love the title drop cutaway. However, the episode was weird with it's plot, Seth, i mean Brian, feels that pot should be legailzed because it's not bad. So he gets pot legalized but it makes everyone lazy, even Petr.

He can't set up a cutaway”

...He's a list of of celberites i don't like”

Said list does not include Adam Sandler, so it's invalid. (Which is odd, cuz there's a Sandler bashing cutaway later in the season. It was spot on_)Also, Chris Martin is listed, as well his parents...and anceroters. The hell is your problem with him, Seth?

Anyway, Carter's business is being hurt so he forces Brian to help make pot illegal again. He says no until Carter says he will get Brian's Novel published. At first, it seems the writers will take the high road and make him decline? Nope, he says yes after, okay, a lot of coaxing, and whioops, his book bombs.

I guess this ends up being a lesson, but i have no idea what Seth thinks of pot. It should be legal....but it makes people slow. Then the plot is derailed and it's just...meh.

Okay, let's move on.


(Saying least fave would imply they didn't 100 percent suck.

Full botom 3 this time, ranked by how much i disliked watching it.

  1. Not all Dogs go to Heavna: Yeah, bad epoisode is bad.

  1. The Juice is Loose: Why was it even made?

  1. Family Gay: Gays don't choose to be gay, except you can choose to become gay. Also, all gays are annoying, and girly.


I Dream of Jesus: The most consesitly enjoyable episode of the season. Keyword beijng consistent.

Love Blacktually: Almost had a bad brian episode, but nope we get nice moments with ihm. And wow, Cleveand can be atually interesting sometimes. I hope he never gets a whole show to be dull though..

Three Kings: I've never read these books/seen thse movies, but the spoofs were sitll funny. Best one was Misery.

To say htis season wasn't that great would be an understatement. We had 3 bad episodes, and honestly, the good ones weren't THAT good. I Dream of Jesus is the only one i may go back to, at least in terms of how memorable it was. Oh, i enjoyed the “good” ones okay ,and consider Road to Germany a runner up for fave, but they just weren't up to snff.

I know some may put Road to Germany as the best, but it just didn't make me laugh as much as the other Road to Episodes, but it wasn't bad, and for an episode set during the island of poland, it's not racist at all.

There were more episodes i had issues with than ones i liked all the way through. You've seen my baby not on board notepage, Man with two brians was cliche, Tales of a third grade nothing was just not funny (despite WHO THE HELL CARES) , Oncean's 3 and a Half had a few bad jokes and just barley got a good mostly cuz i'm glad Bonnie finally had the damn baby, Family Gay insulted gays, Jucie is loose didn't need to exist, Fox-y Lady had more damn meh bashing for no reason and it had Brian being his usual preach yself, Stew-Riods was stupid AND the title lies (the stewie thing is only a subplot) , and Peter's Progress had incest jokes involving Carter.

A sign of things to come.

The rest, i liked more easily, even if they had small issues too. But first, let's talk about Fox-y Lady. Some people don't like, but honestly, i thought it was okay. For one, the Satire was spot on, and the subplot was brilliant. Handi-Quacks may be the best thing in the Season.

What i find interesting, is that the very start, and end of the season was strong but the middle kind of sucked. This season, a lot of the problems with the series came to a head. Peter was a dick, Meg was picked on for no reason, Stewie had a lot of gay moments and Brian...oh god, Brian.

He was..mixed. Yeah. He had some good moments in Love Blacktually and I love you Conrad, where he made up for his mistakes. Then we had Preachy Brian, like in 420, and worst of all, Asshole Preachy Brian, like know what. Brian was okay at best, horrible at worst.

Peter is still the worst waste of space on the show, though.

This season was kind of bad. The good episodes were worth watching but the bad episodes were not. While i actually consider certain episodes worse, thanks to cruel, cruel gags, these 3 are among the worst I've seen in awhile. When there episodes weren;'t bad, they had all the signs of Bad Family Guy episodes.

The reason i hate The Juice if loose more than NADGTH, is cuz it's every issue with modern Family guy in 22 minutes. Boring, pointless story? Yep. Unlikable characters? Yep. Pointless cutaways? Yep. Weird/bad, moral? Yep. Conway Twity? YES.

I can't muster up the hate that this season gets, but yeah, it's our first Bad Season. Well, it has enough bad stuff to get the rating, anyway.

Thankfully, there's much else to say. Well, I will say that we did have minor important thing, such as Jillian getting married, Bonnie having the baby, and oh yeah, this was the last season with Clevland in it. He left for a show no one watched. They never explain why he vanished in This SHOW, so , you'll be lost if you don't watch it.

And let's be honest, that's everyone. So yeah, i wish i could say more, but i gotta get started on Season 8. It will be easier, cuz, of it's 21 epoisodes, I've seen 4 of them. (Road to the Multierse, Peterassment, April in Quahog, and Brian Griffin's House of Payne). So i need to watch 17...or 16.

Yeah, theres' a banned episode called “Partial Terms of Endermeant”. Netflix does not have it, for obvious reasons, and i do not live where it actually aired, and there's no way in hell I'm picking up a DVD.

So it would be grat if someone found a way for me to watch it online. Sepaking of Season ,8 this is where we enter uncharted toerirtiy. I've seen plenty of the episodes back when they aired, but around halfway, i lost interest, so i haven't seen a lot of them at all. (Besides the ones already listed, i saw Spies Remmencist of us, Quagmire's Dad which i watched a couple months ago but i need to rewatch it makw sure i have some facts right, and Something Something Something dark side. That makes 14 I've never seen in full, though maybe some i will realize i've seen when i watch them).

This should be fun. So overall, Season 7 is a mixed bag where the bad episode drag it down. I'll be fair and not grade it as Bad, but..


There, Happy? Also, if you think I'm being too harsh on the show...wait until this is over. While we're talking about “when this is over', i will do a list of the best and worst Modern Episodes (which wll be 7 onward, to make it harder. I love a good challenge) , and i will also review the writers to find the biggest culprit for bad episodes. I may other stuff, but we'll see.

Also, of the Season 8 episodes, the ones I'm most interested to see are Brian and Stwie (for obvious reasons) and Hannah Banna. The latter is about Miley Cryus.

Yeah, good bye.

(Also, i should have said htis earleir, but if you want me to explain my thoughts on any episode i didn't discuss at all here, just ask)

Title says it
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