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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (26,745 votes) 653 comments
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How I've been doing the last few weeks?

*looks down*

I feel worthless...
I feel used...
I feel broken...
I feel remade...
I feel anger...
I feel calm...
I feel caged...
I feel free...
I feel sorrow...
I feel joy...
I feel pain...
I feel pleasure...
I feel warmth...
I feel cold...
I feel heartless...
I feel caring
I feel like a sinner...
I feel like a saint...
I feel like Death...
I feel like Life...
I feel like destruction...
I feel like creation......
I feel like Chaos...
I feel like existence...
I feel like the Light...
I feel like the Shadows...

... I feel heartless...

*Looks up*

... I am heartless...

Deer watercolor painting AUCTION! (open)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 11:22 AM
Hey everyone! You might have already read about this on my newest deviation, I'm going to try something new; I'm going to auction a drawing! In this case, I'm auctioning one of my newest watercolor paintings of a deer:
Oh my dear Deer by ICanReachTheStars
It's an original watercolor painting done on A4 200 gr white paper. Here's also a photo of the drawing:
Additional info about this drawing: The eyes and nose were done with copic, which can be seen at the back of the drawing. The drawing is also slightly bobbly due to the paint, but I've already straightened the drawing as much as possible and you barely notice it when you see the drawing (it doesn't cast any shadows). Although the paper is a bit thin for watercolors, it's still very decent and thick paper (about trice as thick as normal printing paper) so the overall thing is a good quality that won't rip easily. I have good confidence it will survive a trip to another home! UwU And I have my methods for savely shipping drawings too 8)

:star: About the auctioning :star:
I'm going to send this drawing to the person who ends up with the highest bid- or the auto bid! (meaning that if you bid the auto bid that is a set price, you can't be outbidded anymore and will receive this drawing). I'm going to start with a price of 8 euro since this will defenitely cover the sending costs for me, no matter where in the world the person who's going to receive this will live, and I also profite a liiiiitle bit from it. I've been thinking about what would be a good auto bid, and I decided to go for a prize which is higher than for which I would had sold this drawing, which would had been around 20 euros. The auto bid therefore is 40 euro. You can bid by commenting on my comment "Bid here". I am also going to post the information about this auction on other sites, namely my facebook page, instagram and PaigeeWorld! (Since these are all my main art accounts). So there will also be bidding from outside dA! (I'll notify you if the person who outbid you is from outside of dA). Now, lemma break this down into handy short lines! (+ more info) :

:bulletpurple: Starting bid is 8 euro
:bulletpurple: Auto buy is 40 euro
:bulletpurple: Payment is to be done via Paypal. However if you live in the Netherlands I will also accept snail mail or internet banking!
:bulletpurple: Bid by replying my comment "Bid here"! I will notify you if you've been outfit (by someone from outside dA)
:bulletpurple: The winner of the auction gets the original drawing send home as soon as I've received the payment. The payment deadline is 1 week from the moment the auction has been closed. If I haven't received the payment within that week the drawing will go to the 2nd highest bidder!
:bulletpurple: This auction will last 48 hours from now on, which means it will end on August 31, 20:00 / 8 PM Dutch time

That's all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! C: Also I hope this will be at least a little more succesfull than the time where I tried to do an adoptable xddd

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FC: 3969 5834 9237
TOWN: Azure
:iconlpshappy1427: WHY DID U LEEEAAAVVVVEEEE????????
WHERE DID YOU GO???!?!? OMG Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Romano (Cries) [V4] Romano (Cries) [V4] Romano (Cries) [V4] 


France (Crying) [V3] France (Crying) [V3] France (Crying) [V3] France (Crying) [V3] France (Crying) [V3]  I MISS YOU FFFRRRRRIIIIEEENNNDDDD!!!

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He escuchado sobre algo de las cuentas en DA y me da miedo que me suceda eso...asi que, estoy pensando en hacerme una cuenta de respaldo por cualquier cosa...aunque...siendo yo...dudo que me tomen en cuenta .-.
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Guys i want to say, that i won't be on till Thursday or Wednesday,  so please don't bug me about me not being on.

Also u can hate on me as much as u want because haters r haters and i don't have a care about ur comments, so understand if hate u on me i won't respond and there for u won't be heard, u can tell me how mad u are or how ur day went and i might respond but if ur just hating, well i won't hate back. All good little children that want to defend me from the mean haters, well just ignore them, they just want to make people feel down because that is what they feel, the same is with bullies, they make u feel bad because they feel bad. So any1 that gets bullyed or anything i'm here and i won't hate on u because u r different then other. EVERY1 IS SPEAICAL AND I DON'T GIVE A ****ING CARE ABOUT WHAT U OTHER PEOPLE THINK, JUST BE UR AWESOME SELF!!!!

Everyone i deeply love each and every one of u guys that secretly support me. Some watchers would make me so happy, thank you everyone that read this u guys r the best. Please share this with any1 u know that needs support or just wants to feel better about their self. I can most likely help, my sister went though bullying twice and she is a beautiful person that just gets hated on or being herself.

Last i might be doing mini stories along with A Vacation Team Crafted Style but as of now 15 Drunk Yogs and Sparkle* will be postponed, so sorry guys, should have spoken up. Sorry guys A Vacation Team Crafted Style won't be able to get another part yet because my laptop isn't cooping with long chapter and it keeps turning off.

And Finally, "People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine!" and if u can guess the quote then write it in the comments. (It's is from a song)
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I decided to upload some pictures of my pillows to my gallery for you guys to see. I hope you like them!
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Finally made that literature only account, which you can access here for the updated Witches and Heroines and a brand new chapter. I'm about to start working on Friend of the Dragon again too so stay tuned for the shortest journal entry I've ever written.
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Help, maybe?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 11:21 AM

So I'm about to write down the information of a new "species" I've made (don't worry, they'll be open).

But I don't know what to name them.
Here's a drawing I made of one: (it's very crappy and quickly drawn, sorry)
Spirits by Ehlinn

They are actually just dragon-like creatures, which can be based on anything (food, objects, locations, space, or just natural and based on nothing). I know themed species have been done a multiple times, but I've got a backstory for it, and they can also be none-themed xD hope that's okay.
They're commonly known as Spirits, I'll explain why in the species ref, but I want them to have a 'real' name. Oh! And they also don't always look like what I drew in the picture, this species will have a lot of variation and such. I'm also still working on them, so no hate please by saying that it's just a normal dragon! Thank you. (By the way, what point does it have to hate on it if it's open.)

A name I had in mind was Moiachin (from the greek word moiachoo (resemble)).
But I don't know. I really want something nice, cool and unique so, if you have any suggestions, please tell me! If I choose your suggestion I'll make you a free custom of one of these species. ;)

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