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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Fall Art Auction And Masquerade Ball

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 1:24 AM

What's this? A double feature? Ohyeswedid.

First, let's see the ponies.

ID 659
Nordanner Import 659 by evil-firewolf

ID 662
Nordanner Import 662 by ShadowRaven1

ID 663
Nordanner Import 663 by ShadowRaven1

ID 664
Nordanner Import #664 by sazzy-riza

ID 678
Nordanner Import 678 by SWC-arpg

ID 681
Nordanner import 681 by samuRAI-same

ID 1114
Nordanner Import 1114 by Cloudrunner64

ID 1116
Nordanner Import 1116 by Cloudrunner64

And, a special guest...
Nordanner Import 481 by Cloudrunner64
Please note, this horse has been redesigned. It has had foals that will no longer match its geno. The winner will be responsible for tracking down foals etc.

Want a horse listed above? Enter them in the show below.

Can you believe it's October already? Halloween is almost here! Which means it's time for candy. And fun. You do not have to be trying out for the art auction horses to enter the show. You can use your own, lease from someone, or borrow a group horse. Your choice! However, to win a horse from above, you must enter them into the show. The art auction rules are the same as the show rules. Read carefully!

The Masquerade Ball means fancy tack, masks and frippery. Go wild, have fun with this! Setting is up to you.


:bulletblue: Again, rules for the show are the same for the art auction. If you're wanting a horse from above, you need to enter them in the show. Fun + kaaring = yaaaaay!
:bulletblue: Tracing allowed, but not encouraged. Always credit your sources. Google is not a source. Remember to check to be sure your stock provider allows their work to be used for Nordanners.
:bulletblue: This show / art auction will be judged on effort against your gallery. Creativity and stories will be taken into account. Including your or someone else's Raelans will get you big fat bonus points. Please be patient when it comes to judging. Going through your work is a fun, but time-consuming process. And some of us are still working on RPG judging. >.>
:bulletblue: When you participate in art auctions held by Nordanner, remember that pieces should be left up and allowed to be used for kaaring even if you are not the winner. We do not chase people around and threaten them with burning pumpkins if work is removed, but it's the nice thing to do. After all, if you win, wouldn't you like other people to keep their work on display?
:bulletblue: Be a good sport. Losing doesn't mean we hate you, your art is stupid and you should stick to stick-figures. Chin up; keep at it!
:bulletblue: You can bid for more than one horse but will not win more than one.
:bulletblue: One image per person--extras won't improve your chances.
:bulletblue: Link your entries HERE. NOT on the horses' page! A folder will be made for Masquerade entries; please also be sure your picture is there to make judging run smoother.
:bulletblue: This auction is open to everyone. New, old as dirt, doesn't matter.

The auction and Ball will end Friday, October 21st at midnight MDT.
Handy Dandy Clock:…
This should hopefully give us enough time to wrap up judging and get everyone their horses by or before Halloween.


Oops! I may or may not have forgotten to add these. :shifty:

1st Place

1,000 :points:
+15 kaaring to the horse in your winning image (and Raelan, if applicable)
+ 1 breeding slot to any natural horse (may be sold or given away)
+ 1 mutation breeding slot to any horse you own (may not be sold or given away)
And a slot to any natural group horse of your choosing.

2nd Place

700 :points:
+10 kaaring to the horse in your image (and Raelan, if applicable)
+ 1 breeding slot to any natural horse (may be sold or given away)

3rd Place

500 :points:
+5 kaaring to the horse in your image (and Raelan, if applicable)

Prizes are being kept smaller for this show since it's an added bonus to the year--keep an eye out for the upcoming Dragon Hunt if you're after bigger things.

Any further questions please feel free to ask! We look forward to seeing all the gorgeous entries coming our way.

Contest :: Draw my Cinnas/Fumis ::

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 3:00 AM

No need to ask if you can enter! all I ask is that you advertise the contest by poll/Journal and link it to me below!

if you don't want to join but would like to advertise, I'll be holding a art/custom raffle in the comments below, just reply to my comment with a link to the journal/poll and I'll give you a # <3

Final deadline: 24, December 2014, Midnight EST

Autumn/Halloween/Christmas/ Valentines day

(donations would be very appreciated <3)

1st Place:
Permanent Page Feature from Me
Llama Badge from me
2 Free Commission from me
Comment/Critique on anything you like from me
+Watch from me

2nd Place:
Permanent Page Feature from Me
Llama Badge from me
1 Free Commission from me
Comment/Critique on anything you like from me
+Watch from me

3rd Place:
Permanent Page Feature from Me
Llama Badge from me
1 Free Commission from me
Comment/Critique on anything you like from me
+Watch from me

Everyone Who Enters:
journal feature

Please read the rules! If there's any confusion about anything, don't hesitate to ask for clarification.


Bullet; Black Entries will be judged on level of effort and effectiveness of the concept. I will judge the entries but may call upon friends for help if it's a difficult decision; these people I know to be fully impartial and fair in their choices, there will be no bias in this contest.

Bullet; Black You only need to draw one of them to qualify, but if you want to draw more than one in one piece that's fine too! You can draw your own OCs with them too but don't like... overcrowd them, my OCs don't have to be the main focus of the piece but a prominent part of it.

Bullet; Black No bases or tracing- using refs/stock is fine so long as you credit the original source and adhere to the rules of the stock provider.

Bullet; Black Any style is acceptable, both traditional and digital will be judged equally.

Bullet; Black You can enter anything from sketches to full paintings but bear in mind, level of effort is a big criteria point, and you're more likely to win the more effort that shows in your piece.

Bullet; Black Please upload the finished piece to dA and comment with a link- I must be able to fave the piece, so don't put it in!

Bullet; Black Any questions, please ask! Heart


Need any info? JUST ASK!

My Cinnadogs
Julius by CyborgTenguMYO Cinnadog - Angel by CyborgTenguCharon by CyborgTenguFusao Ref by CyborgTenguRaul Ref by CyborgTenguButters Ref by CyborgTenguNova Ref by CyborgTenguJericho by CyborgTengu

My Fumi Dragons
(I prefer their puffed out necks)
Snape by CyborgTenguRoy Lasher by CyborgTengu 

(for those who can't draw animals)
Persona update by CyborgTenguOutlast Oc Bio   Patient #1568496 by CyborgTenguHeinrich by CyborgTengu

(if you don't want to draw the others)
Adopt 9 Unwater Marked By Kinggrimm Adopts-d7yj1pz by CyborgTenguAzazel by CyborgTenguDanger by CyborgTengu

"Get up without my permission, I'll blast your ass so far through your head, it'll turn the moon cherry pie red."


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 6:18 AM
l tumblr l l *F.A.Q.* l l instagram l

:bulletpurple: !~ADOPTABLE WEEK~! :bulletpurple:


so. before I'll open my commissions, I want to make a little event.
the next week (since Monday 6/10) will be an adoptable week.
everyday you'll be able to win a character designed by me.
the auctions would last only ONE DAY. 24 hours for bidding.

what kind of character I'll put on auctions? well... random.
there will be some furries, some fantasy creatures, and maybe a human OC.
some of them will have a descriptions, some don't.

why am I doing this? well...
thanks to Vivial who offered me her help, I get a chance to make my very first fursuit >u<"
and the faux fur and the rest of materials cost a lot... really... so I'm trying to collect some money first. probably the money from addoptables won't cover everything... but at least it will cover the part.

so... I'm counting on you guys~! c:
the future of my fursuit (a fluffy Fuki~! <3 just imagine her!) depends of your bids
(I feel like a beggar... ^^; )

so. the nearest Character Auction will be at Monday 6/10.
I can tell you that it will be a furry character c;


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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 2:56 AM

NOTE 1 : This is only a generally reference, each ANTREE can have their own individual characteristic and story
Each Antree by Ruruchahas a different feature depends on their parents characteristic. You can see the difference in their tail and ear. (ex. antree with rabbit and cherry blossom parents will have rabbit shape tail and ear plus cherry blossom flower on their hair, ear, and tail instead of fur).


1 by Rurucha Mushroom growth from their head for emergency food purpose..(this mushroom is slowly growth, so if it eaten, ANTREE must wait for 5 weeks for it to growth fully). 
2 by RuruchaThere are leafs/flowers pop up from ANTREE's hair that make a gradations of color  on the hair and ears. 
3 by RuruchaThe shape of the ear is different in each ANTREE based on their parent characteristic.
4 by RuruchaLike the head, leafs/flower pop up from ANTRE's tail and make a gradations of color and it’s shape is different based on their parent characteristic.

Basically ANTREE devided into three types : carnivores, herbivores, and 1st Generation Antree (RARE).

Carnivores and herbivores is totally the same, the differences is only in their nature. Generally Carnivores have a tendencies to be more aggressive, arrogant, and bad temper than herbivores because they think they are the descendant of an upper class animal in food chain. While the herbivores is more into shy and cheerful personality

ANTREE likes to

 Sun-bathing by Rurucha  Bath by Rurucha  Swim by Rurucha
<They still need to get a nutrition from sun and water for their plant part>

 ANTREE favourit food :

Mushroom by Rurucha Sweet by Rurucha

NOTE 2 : THIS IS A CLOSED SPECIES SO PLEASE REFRAIN TO MAKE TOTALLY THE SAME IDEA (because I know that kemomimi and plant based design is not ultra mega original idea, but this is my version of that .

other similarity with others is purely coincidental, because this version is come out from my head, my imagination) 


::OPEN:: ANTREE SET 01 by Rurucha 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
WARNING: Contains some harsh language.

EVERYONE, is entitled to their opinion.

We support, who we support. We hate, who we want to hate.
But all this HATE over snuffbomb has GOT TO STOP.

I see all over deviantart people pointing out the “Suspicious Snuff-bomb” blog.
I’ve TRIED telling people the one on that blog ISN’T FUCKING HIM.
A MAJORITY of the comments I received, showed that people didn’t want to friggen believe me. So I’ve had to sit and watch an innocent person get accused of rape, and pedophilia because people BLINDLY believe the runner of that blog is snuffbomb himself.
WHICH IS WHY I’M SUPPORTING SNUFFBOMB IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not because I “Idolize” him- he’s an asshole and I’d probably try to hit him if he was ever around me drunk. But AS OF RIGHT NOW, there has been NO PROOF given to me that snuffbomb is 100%, without a doubt guilty of his alleged crimes.
BUT HIM BEING AN ASSHOLE DOESN’T MEAN HE DID IT, like so many of you people seem to think.

That’s just with the people who BELIEVE the runner of Snuff-bomb, to be Steve- the creator of Laughing Jack who everyone seems to hate right now.
What happens when people believe the blogger is just a supporter, is just as fucking bad.
They get lectured for “Idolizing” a rapist/pedophile, their way of living has been ridiculed, I’ve seen death threats.


Well, I hope it is to ALL you assholes who are out there sending these threats.
Because as far as I know, the runner of that blog might have just gone and done something stupid. I’ve already known that they’ve had suicidal tenancies in the past, and I’ve been keeping an eye on and trying to support them because I sure as hell don’t want to see them end their life OVER TRYING TO SUPPORT SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT.

And guess what?

So, this is my message to EVERYONE who sent Snuff-bomb ANON HATE.
I hope you can handle knowing that you played your part in ending a life, if they’ve done something to fatally harm themself.
I hope YOU can handle knowing that if they’ve done any LONG TERM DAMAGE, its YOUR fault.
Let that sink in.
People claim snuff has driven people to self harm, and commit suicide. That’s part of why you hate him right?

Let THAT sink in for a moment.

Go rethink your methods of talking to snuffbomb supporters. Lets see if any of you want to try driving his other followers to suicide- lets see if you start lashing out at ME for pointing out how fucking DEMENTED all of you sending the hate are.

they are hereee

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 6:18 AM

*excited screaming*
Untitled by Dead-Bite
look at them omg
Untitled by Dead-Bite  Untitled by Dead-Bite
Untitled by Dead-Bite  Untitled by Dead-Bite
my first time getting figmas aaaa
they are much smaller than i thought they would be?? but the quality is fuckn great so i don't mind omg
also i think i'll get one of Kurapika as well ; o ;
i didnt get one now because i thought that they are bigger and i wouldn't have anywhere to put him
but hey i guess they are not that big so i can get him anyway ; v ; <33

Untitled by Dead-Bite
so happyyyyyyy
also they arrived really fast wtf
usually when i buy stuff online its like two weeks before it arrives but these got here 3 days after i ordered them hhh

ohh and Gon is sitting down because i'm having a hard time putting his backpack on uvu''
does anyone know how to remove figmas arms? i'm so scared to do it i don't wanna break him omg

Gore Challenge

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 5:07 AM

Im gonna need me some tristan for this

1. Excessive Gashes/Lacerations
2. Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc
3. Surgery
4. Torture
5. Amputation
6. Cannibalism
7. Gut Spill
8. Ritualistic Sacrifice
9. Monster Form
10. Blood Bath
11. Skewered
12. Fire/Explosion Damage
13. Decay
14. Plant growth in body
15. Emanciation
16. Painful Transformation
17. Backstabbed (literally or figuratively)
18. Acid burn
19. Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics
20. Parasite
21. Manslaughter/Serial Killer
22. Animal/beast wounds
23. Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury
24. Post-Mortem examination
25. Skeletal/Bones showing
26. Crushed
27. Possession/Corruption
28. Sickness
29. Distorted Body/Broken Bone
30. Stitching
31. You made it! Combine any 2-3 above!

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
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Taken from :icondemonspirit101:

Ok... this is for all the watchers of mine that are creepypasta fans. 

As you all know in recent events. We all heard the rumors about the creator of the Laughing Jack, Snuffbomb, that he had done the unthinkable act apon some women. And shockingly, kids too. But im not here to talk about that shit. What im talking about is the horrible bullying that happens to innocent watchers just because they have the guts to say that they don't believe the rumors and think he is innocent until proven guilty.

Why are you bullying them? 

Did they say that they supported women getting viciously raped? Did they say that kids  deserved to be forced into sexual situations? Did they say girls are not to be shown respect? .... I THINK NOT... 

You small minded people, are so incredibly gullible and stupid. 

I thought it was pretty bad that people were leaving death threats at first on Snuffbombs page. They are so shocking.  But now im seeing that people that are trying to be kind to him are getting harassed, and being accused of being JUST AS BAD as him because of it. 

Have any of you actually thought of a few simple questions. Like this for example. What if the accusations are not true? What if they are lies? What if those screenshots are fake? (( and don't you dare comment saying "oh you can't fake screenshots coz it has the skype symbol on it" if you can do trick photography in your own home. If prefect supermodles have all their imperfections removed with just a click of a button. I'm pretty sure someone can make a fake skype chat screenshot -.- ) what if they are trying to get attention? THINK ABOUT IT

And what if later on in time we find out that the accusations are false and none were true? You all not only bullied an innocent man, but you also made his watchers feel like shit and made them become depressed and suicidal.  

So... you guys want that to hang over your head? Really? I thought this community was better than that. 

Now, I will make this VERY clear with you all. I do NOT support rape, pedophiles, women beaters, and over all, abuse. But what I don't support either is bullying.  

You guys that are bullying are becoming the very thing you hate. If Snuffbomb REALLY did do this to them. Then what he did was some of of the 5 bullying types. The five bullying types are
1. Physical.
2. Mental
3. Verbal
4. Cyber
5. Sexual

He apparently did sexual, physical, verbal and Cyber. And what you people are doing is CYBER bullying.  Your sending threating and unpleasant messages to people that had NOTHING to do with the incident.  

Do you guys think that this will help? Do you guys think that bullying someone that doesn't agree with you is right? Here's the answer, NO IT DOESN'T! 

I dont care if the rumors are true or not. These fellow watchers don't deserve this treatment.  NO ONE DOES!! 

Think before you act people! If you hate Snuffbomb because of these rumors, and decided to no longer watch him. Go ahead, be my guest. But LEAVE THE WATCHERS OUT OF THIS! They did not do anything to deserve this!! 

And another thing. Why the hell should you hate his creation LJ???? HE IS A FIGMENT OF OUR IMAGINATION. And besides, hes storyline is not based around him being a pedo. Hes nothing CLOSE to one. So leave this awesome character out of it 

But if the rumors are true. I do wish them good luck and I hope for the best for the victums

Ok guys. If you support in what this message says. Re post this. Put your say in it if you wish but don't remove this last part please.  Tag yourself in this.  Next to all the other tags that are within this. I am making the first step to try and get the message across. Every tag will be a count. To show how many people agree with me. I know im not the only one that agrees with this and neither are you. Dont be afraid. Show how strong you are by  re posting this. 


who will join me next?

Which meaaaaans it's time for some awesome things! :la:



Spectre by orengel Ghoul by orengel  Howl by orengel

We have 3 awesome new spooky genes that have been discovered, and they will be available for custom ordering from now till the 31st!
((You may note the group for a custom order if you're interested in one ;D))

Ghouls, Spectres and Howl-coated Snjorrirs may be obtained at 1000 :points: OR 1 fullbody image with BG ((adding extra genes may cost more))
Howl Mancers can be obtained at 3000 :points: OR 3 fullbody images with BG.



A Ghost by orengel A Wolf Print by orengel A Crystal Ball by orengel

NOW, we also have 3 sneaky Halloween Snjorrirs that have escaped and gone into hiding >> Now to find them, you'll need to collect some objects that will attract them to you! The more, the better! :la:

This event will last until the 5th of October. You must compile screenshots of the objects you find (disregard their numbers but keep them in the screenshots). The first person to find the most objects will attract the Snjorrir to them <3




Ah... and last but not least... >u>

Shade's Ildvir by orengel

Changelings have a special attraction to All Hallow's Eve. Every year, on the 31st of October, the last Changeling to arrive on Earth will call one of it's fellows from Alderann to Earth with a hauntingly sad song - and the Changeling will direct it's companion to the human that most pleases him during the period of waiting.

Now Ildvir will be making his call soon, and as it happens he has not yet selected the human or stable who he favours the most.

So now you have the chance to try and make him look upon you kindly! If you're successful in your attempts, he will sing for you and call one of his brethren to your stable :la:

TO ENTER you must draw art of him! Art will be tallied in the way vp is usually counted; a headshot will be worth 1 point, a fullbody image worth 2, and the addition of a BG worth 1 ((though stories won't count)).

On Halloween, all entries will be rolled, and the one who Ildvir 'decides' he favours most will gain a special new Snjorrir ;D
The more art you do, the greater your chances!

So that's what happening this month! Don't forget to enter the Fall Show too!

Anyways, hope you guys are excited, coz the admins certainly are! :dummy:

raffle-time! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 2, 2014, 1:57 AM
I'm going to hit 2.5k watchers in a while so I thought I could celebrate this little milestone of my deviantArt journey in form of a raffle!

But first I want to thank everyone who stuck around with me on my way so far and everyone who recently decided my art was watch-worthy! I appreciate every single one of you (also the dead accounts and secondary accounts and plain stalkers ;'3 ) and be sure that every watch means a lot to me and is a great support to my motivation to keep arting around :D Be aware, the crimson bunny loves each and all of you! :heart: - there now, go my children, have a cookie and be happy! *throws digital cookies, 0 kalories, rainbow flavored* :heart:

sooo... now that you made it through my blathering, have the important news! Raffle-timez!!!

How it works:
:bulletyellow: there will be three winners, each can choose one of the possible prizes
:bulletyellow: each deviant has three votes but can only name one username once
:bulletyellow: each deviant can nominate themselves and/or other deviants
:bulletyellow: you have to give all your three votes, or your vote will not be considered
:bulletyellow: each name entered will get a number (there more entries you have, the more numbers you get, the higher your chance to win)
:bulletyellow: I'll use a random number generator to choose the winners
:bulletyellow: only watchers of mine can vote  (when you vote you need to be a watcher, but the people you nominate don't have to be)
:bulletyellow: due to recent activities on other accounts - if I catch somone cheating, that user will be banned from the raffle and any future free art possibilities
:bulletyellow: post your votes in the comments to this journal, other votes will not be considered

what you can win:
each winner may choose only one

1 chibi in this style
commissionGrovyle08 by crimson-nemesis
1 headshot in this style
Bluekite :3 by crimson-nemesiscommissionBhaal999_02 by crimson-nemesis
1 headshot in this style
Fin headshot by crimson-nemesis
1 full body character in this style
commissionTopkicker26 by crimson-nemesiscommissionNightmember03 by crimson-nemesis

the winners may choose every fandom and topic they like (except sonic or ponies)

I know my to-do-list is not small but I wish to return something once in a while to the people who stick around with me :) so please bear with me if my owed-art output is not that fast.

that's all for now, good luck in the raffle to everyone! :heart: