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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Free Drawing Raffle! (Thank you for 3K watchers)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 5:32 PM
Wow today's pretty sweet because I finally finished a big commission that was dragging on and it seems that I finally reached 3000 watchers! I think I have extra time now to draw too!
jakjgkjgh, thank you everyone <: Haha so to commemorate this milestone I decided it's time for another free giveaway raffle yeey ~

This is to thank my watchers, so please if you're not one, refrain from entering sorry!

Rules are simple y'all. Just gotta:
:bulletwhite: Be a watcher
:bulletwhite: Favorite this journal so you get a number.
:bulletwhite: That's it! <: Raffle ends August 4, exactly one week from now.

A rendered bust drawing of any OC woo

Ex:C: Shion by Seo-JinC : Clair by Seo-JinC: Lunaria by Seo-JinC: Rosalyn by Seo-Jin


In my last journal I apparently touched a few people off by saying that I didn’t like rape jokes in Family Guy, and that I was upset that a digital mutant lizard was killed in the trailer for Mad Max. There were a number of people who didn’t find those things to be offensive and couldn’t seem to understand why I personally would get so upset. “Family Guy has ALWAYS had rape jokes” or “It’s not even a real animal” being the typical response. So let’s try to address this stuff...

Family Guy and Rape Culture
Before we begin we need to set some definitions so that we’re all on the same page.

Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality. Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, or refusing to acknowledge the harm of certain forms of sexual violence that do not conform to certain stereotypes of stranger or violent rape.

Unlike the idea that violent video games make people violent, there are actually a lot of scientific studies that show making jokes about rape DOES, in fact, result in society at large trivializing rape and can result in victim blaming and dismissing how harmful rape actually is.

A couple links to some scientific studies for you to peruse if you want:……

If you don’t think rape culture exists, think about how often rape is brought up as a casual synonym for “defeat” in video game competitions. For Example: When 10 year old kids are shouting “I raped you/your team” over X-Box Live, that’s normalizing/trivializing rape. Studies have shown that people who make light of rape, are more likely to dismiss rape claims and are also less likely to enforce harsh punishments on convicted rapists.

Family Guy relies a lot on shock/satirical humor. But if there’s one thing I think Family Guy often gets wrong, it’s how to pull off satire well. I personally do not think that Family Guy is a funny show. Often the jokes fall flat, or are just so extreme and shocking that they’re more of a turn-off for me. And rape humor, sadly, is an integral part of the show since one of the main characters has been known to (or implied to) force sex on women on numerous occasions.

Now I am not trying to make you feel bad, or “prove” to you that Family Guy is awful. If you find the show funny, by all means continue to watch it. However, the issue was that people didn’t understand why I personally had a problem with rape jokes, and this is my explanation. I’ve grown up knowing a lot of people who have been raped. It’s a terrible disgusting act that leaves long-standing psychological trauma to the victim. I do not personally feel that rape jokes should be made at all. I’m not saying they can’t be made, because of course all humor is subjective and open for anyone to tackle. But I am saying that if given the choice I don’t think they should be made. In my opinion they’re not funny, and in the long run they breed social acceptance of rape culture. And there are so many other jokes you could make, falling back on rape humor is just really low, unoriginal, and shows a severe lack of imagination.

I know a lot of people out there seem to think that rape jokes are like violence in video games. IE: violence in video games don't cause people to become more violent, therefor rape jokes don't make people actually rape. And in a certain sense they're right. However, rape jokes DO trivialize rape, and that can have longstanding damages on our culture. I don't think rape jokes cause people to rape more often, but I do think it causes people to look at rape as less of an issue. Likewise, pointing this out is NOT like the violence censorship problems video games have gone through. No one is trying to "censor" rape jokes through legal recourse. No one is advocating for LAWS to be written to regulate comedy or video games or movies involving rape jokes. There is a HUGE difference between trying to outright CENSOR something legally because you find it offensive, and actively asking that people be EMPATHETIC to those around them and not purposefully do things that might trigger or harm those around us out of consideration. Please bear that in mind while reading this.

Digital Animal Abuse
Now this one I can understand a lot of people not getting. I will admit that I am more sensitive than others when it comes to animal abuse in movies. OBVIOUSLY the animals aren’t really getting hurt. We have ethical programs and animal groups put in place to ensure that they aren’t harmed during the filming of a movie. And films are all abut make-believe.

But that’s just it... movies are DESIGNED to make you feel something towards characters and situations. Their whole purpose is to manipulate you through visuals and sound to feel happy or sad or angry at whatever is going on the screen. Growing up around animals all my life, I’ve become very empathetic towards them and it pains me when I see animals in movies getting hurt, abused, or killed off simply for “the sake of the plot.”

Remember Independence Day? There was a scene where a family was running away from the alien’s fire wall and left their dog in the car. In the original cut, the dog died. Test audiences were so upset about this that the filmmakers went back and added a heroic scene of the dog jumping over cars and escaping.

The thing is... animals don’t have our intelligence. Animals aren’t born vicious and malicious, they become that way due to external forces. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are not vicious by nature, they’re vicious because we (humans) make them vicious. Dogs and other animals don’t have the higher level critical thinking to understand WHY something is happening to them. They operate pretty much on a purely emotional level. And that’s why it bothers me when animals are abused or hurt in movies. I’m empathetic enough that I can put myself in their situation. They’re innocent. They don’t know WHY they’re being hurt. All they know is that they ARE being hurt. And often times, there’s no real good reason TO hurt an animal in a movie.

And I know that I am not alone in this. There’s even a website out there called “Does the Dog Die?” and the whole point of the site is to say YES or NO, without spoiling the movie, if an animal in the film is portrayed as being hurt or killed. I cannot stand when filmmakers resort to hurting an animal in films. It’s a cheap emotional crutch.

Am I personally more sensitive than other people? ABSOLUTELY. I know that I am. I’ve seen enough movies and witnessed enough actual animal death that I do not want to see any more of it, even if it’s fake. It doesn’t matter if it’s the digital dog from Vin Diesel’s 3rd Riddick film, or the 2 headed lizard from the Mad Max trailer. I don’t care if it shows that the T-1000 is cold-hearted, there’s no need to kill the dog in Terminator 2. Heck, even the troll from The Fellowship of the Ring is given that one suddenly humanizing moment when Legolas shoots an arrow through his throat and he realizes he’s going to die... there’s that low painful wail that is gut wrenching to listen to.

I understand that not everyone shares my views on these things. Some people can take stuff better than others. I freely acknowledge that I am more sensitive about animals in films than other people. But I hope at least this explains WHY I’m more sensitive.
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When have my Admirable or Atrocity reviews ever deviated from the public opinion? I don't mean like "x is worse than y." I mean "this is a good show or a bad show." Not your opinion mind you, but the general consensus.

For a recap

Atrocity reviews:
  • The Splinter is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • A Pal for Gary is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • Bubsy is a bad cartoon pilot
  • Johnny Test is a bad cartoon
  • Everyone Knows It's Bendy is a bad episode from a good cartoon, Foster's Home from Imaginary Friends
  • G3 My Little Pony is not a good series.
  • Stuck in the Wringer is a bad modern Spongebob episode; modern Spongebob is a far cry from what the show once was.
  • The Groovenians is an artist's terrible attempt to justify not taking responsibility "For the art"
  • It's a Wishful Life is a bad episode from a good cartoon, pre-poof Fairly Odd Parents
  • Madballs: Gross Jokes is the logical extreme of "it's just for kids"
  • Town and Out is a bad episode from a good cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls
  • One Coarse Meal is a horrible episode from modern Spongebob, and one of the worst to ever air.
  • Seahorse Seashell Party is one of the worst Family Guy episodes that gives life-destroying advice
  • Face Freeze! is a bad modern Spongebob episode with no substance.
  • Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain  was a corporate-pandering mistake that shouldn't have happened.
  • The hunchback of Notre Dame II is one of the worst Disney cheapquels out there.
  • Allen Gregory is one of the worst cartoons in existence.
  • MLP Tales was... trying at least.
  • CAD: The Animated Series is an embarrassment to all involved.
  • Squid's Visit is a creepy-bad episode from modern Spongebob.
  • Squid Baby is a bad episode from modern Spongebob
  • Arthur's Big Hit is a bad episode from a good series, Arthur.
  • Peggy Hill is a fucking egotistical idiot with a pitiful understanding of the world and an ego the size of Jupiter that the writers never let shrink.
  • Battletoads is a bad cartoon pilot with very bad production.
  • Ball of Revenge is a bad episode from a very good cartoon.
  • Tentacolino is the biggest WTF moment in animation from beginning to end.
  • Atlantis Squarepantis is very bad TV Movie that didn't need to be a musical and certainly didn't need to be kept hidden. And it was a stupid idea to have David Bowie and not have him sing.
  • Spongebob You're Fired is a special with no substance that showcases many of Nickelodeon's current practices.
  • Life of Brian was a manipulative ratings trap
  • The Night B4 Christmas is a shameful attempt to pander to minorities.
  • Lisa Goes Gaga is one of the most masturbatory cartoon episodes ever made.
  • Chicken Little is the worst movie in the Disney canon.
  • Wayside is a poor-man's version of the books they're based on that took too many liberties.
  • Flapjack frequently attempts to be gross. K'nuckles is an asshole. Both are reasons to not like the show.
  • Torturing Squidward for no reason is a very over-used plotline in modern Spongebob.
  • The Spongebob writers are willing to rip-off the most hated episodes of their show.
  • Sanjay and Craig is a show based on toilet humor that doesn't understand toilet humor.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum is one of the most annoying shows in existence.
  • Breadwinners has no reason to exist.
  • Cars 2 is the worst Pixar movie.
  • Uh-Oh, Canada couldn't have been made if the new neighbors were any other nationality.
  • Little Yellow Book is a bad episode from modern Spongebob.
  • Patrick Star has devolved into a complete monster.
  • Fresh Heir shows that Family Guy is willing to do anything to shock and disgust.
  • Demolition Doofus proves that Spongebob is a kid's show with attempted murder
  • Sorry, Wrong Ed is a bad episode from a good cartoon, Ed Edd N Eddy
  • Teen Titans Go! is a terrible follow-up to the original Teen Titans.
  • Teen Titans Go! is a terrible stand-alone comedy.

  • Courage the Cowardly Dog is an amazing cartoon.
  • The original Teen Titans is an amazing cartoon.
  • Samurai Jack is an amazing cartoon.
  • Deadtime Stories should have been picked up for an actual cartoon.
  • Gravity Falls is an awesome cartoon.
  • The Powerpuff Girls is a good cartoon that got away with some creepy shit.
  • Gregory Horror Show is a very underrated anime.
  • Sand Castles in the Sand is one of the best episodes from modern Spongebob
  • Hey Arnold is an amazing cartoon.
  • Avatar is an amazing cartoon.
  • Noel is an underrated Christmas classic.
  • Dave the Barbarian is a very funny cartoon.
  • Futurama is one of the best cartoons for adults.
  • Zatch Bell is a very good anime, even if Zatch sounds like Jimmy Neutron.
  • Nickelodeon's practices are confusing at best.

Kay, now pick out the ones where my opinions don't line up with popular consensus. This isn't to say that I just regurgitate popular opinions. I don't, but keep in mind that it's exceedingly rare that only I think something is bad. In fact, I don't think that it's been done yet. 
<br wytiwyg="1"

You did it!
With your help and support, the campaign "Myre - The Beginning of a Journey", has reached 100% today!!!
Thank you so much! You are truly making dreams come true!

Since I keep receiving questions about how it will go on, as there are still 48 days left:
Yes! You can still claim all perks enlisted in the campaign. You can get your hands on exclusive and limited perks
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You can still become a part of this amazing project and have your name printed in the books!

Check out the campaign here:

Q. Will the items of your perks be available in your online shop afterwards?

No, all items included in this campaign, except for the graphic novel series of Myre, won't be available in my shop.
All prints, add ons, cards and special editions of the comics are available only through Indiegogo.

Q. Do I have to worry about shipping now?

Not at all; You can claim your perk and proceed with the amount you chose. Shipping payments will be made after
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We will be also adding stretch goals with nifty rewards to you in the next couple of days!
Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


For more than a year, I have been planning to give my dream a go but real life tied my hands,
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I wanted to walk, but you gave me wings to fly.

If you haven't seen the crowdfunding page of "Myre" yet, please take a look here:

I don't know how to express my gratitude towards you but all I can say for now is, you guys totally rock!
You make large dreams come true and you never cease to mezmerise the world.
Every little support, whether it is financial by claiming perks or sharing and spreading the word about this,
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You are a part of this dream and I will do everything to make you happy as your happiness makes me
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I will keep you updated on regular basis here as well now. The past few weeks have involved quite
a ton of work. But what wouldn't you do to take your ideas out of your mind to share them with the
world? :)

Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for helping me realise this dream!
All the love!

Gana 50 puntos!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 1:55 PM

Holaaa!!! Bienvenidos a este sexy sorteo(?!!

Bullet; Blue  Para participar 3 veces en el sorteo debes:

*Ser mi watcher (dar +watch)
*Donarme una llama (reviso y devuelvo)
*Añadir a :+fav: este journal:
*Crear un journal promocionando este sorteo y comentar el link y especificando lo que has hecho.

Bullet; Pink  Para Participar varías veces...

*Hacer que otra persona participe del sorteo
y que en el comentario diga ''Vengo de parte de :iconTUNOMBREDEUSUARIO:
*Comentar mis deviaciones (cada 2 recibes 1 entrada más)
*Donar puntos:
1 :points: = 2 entradas mas
2 :points: = 4 entradas mas
y asi...

* Añadir a :+fav: Mis deviaciones (cada 2 recibes 1 entrada mas)

Bullet; Blue El sorteo NO se hará en Sorteados!

*Si no que ganará la persona que tenga mas participación! ^u^
*Las entradas son acumulables... Es decir, una ves que comentas lo que hiciste, puedes seguir dando favs, llamas, comentarios, etc y volver a comentar!


:iconthisisme1313: x52
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:iconsolyl: x3

Has que mas personas participen diciendo que vienen de tu parte,añade mas favs y comentarios para poder ganar! :D

Mucha Suerte! ^u^

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Design a character for the comic

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:36 PM

Further into Chapter 5 of the comic I will introduce a new character and it´s a male Malay :dummy:
So to make it more interesting I decided to make a design contest.
The design should be simple yet unique, the character will be drawn multiple times so I can´t have a design that is a complicated panthera pattern for example.

Design as crazy as you like but the animals of Asmundr still follows the basic genetic rules, a dog with a liver nose will have liver pigment in the coat etc.

Deadline: 4th August.
Prize: 300 :points:

Malaysian Devil free lines by Kique7
If you want to use the panthera patterns you can just simplify it
Malay Panthera series by Kique7

Malay Designs for Kique by LionFangsKennelsEntry for Character Design by GreenCheeked

love yourself?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:37 PM

*listen to music that makes you happy
*you don't have a soul, you are a soul, you have a body
*eat healty, it'll make you feel better
*live in the moment, don't worry about the past
*ignore the uncomfortable feelings
*talk freely, don't overthink what you're saying
*be around people that makes you laugh
*realice that you are making things more complicated than they really are
*sleep well
*apriciate the life you have
*enjoy your food, don't eat because you think you need to
*be in peace with your body & soul
*don't let your mood fall to fast, you're only imagining the negative
*don't believe everything Your body says, you own it. it does not own you.

i needed somewhere to put inspiration for myself... it's getting better tough,,, fighing!! ; v ;

Raffle Time!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 5:37 PM

a raffle is going down for me passing 300 watchers
:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

So the setup is simple
Be a watcher and fav this journal!
I will use random number generator to choose the winners.
There will be THREE winners,
each getting a hundred :points:

You can earn an additional raffle ticket by advertising this raffle!
(Link me to your journal and I will add your name to the list again)

DEADLINE: August 10th

Good luck homies and thanks for all the love!

Skin by AimanStudio

Updates of saucery!

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:18 PM

woooo I am finishing writing this with a concussion xD I rammed my head into the metal door thingy at work when I were cleaning, woke up with an intense headache and naucia.  all the pain has finally gone but my head feels weird but its not to serious and I can focus just fine. I just need some rest and not to much laptop xD


8D Still ongoing! ->  Icon/other contest time 8DwOOOO nearly done with my todolist and Ihave gotten lots of points lately! So it is time with another contest, I want to add a design part this time for people who dont do icons.
SCROLL DOWN to find the other contests than the icon one!
Deadline for all contests will be August the 10th.
-----------ANIMAL ICON CONTEST-----------
:bulletpink: Has to be transparant, 50x50, Fullbody
Example of crisp pixels to be used
:bulletpink: One character per icon
:bulletpink:Submit to your gallery/Scraps.
:bulletpink: You can make as many icons as you want.
:bulletpink: Animation is also allowed
:bulletred: No bases sorry!

Characters you can make pixels of



 you can play around with her for

OMG PEOPLE so many AMAZING entries <3


8D happy to say I am soon done with todolist!!! I got to do so much work this summer without stressing! THOUGH I had that major artblock early on, it dissapeared after two months woot!! I have also been doing some design commissions through my widget to! and I am glad to see so many liking the designs! I will probably do some changes to my commission lists, since I tend to flux on things I like and no longer like to do, so I change out things on there a lot xD  Just to lessen stress on myself, no fun in doing art of things you no longer enjoy doing! IF you have any suggestions of things you would like to see me add/readd on my commission examples, let me know. When it comes to adoptables to, let me know what kinds of things you would like to see me do more of and I can see what I can do :3


KEEPS ADDING SO MUCH fun things I want to texturzie xD SO SORRY that my texture pack is taking so long omfg! but I have been playing and drawing on that for a long time and  POTATOE farm <3 :3


holymother of ovens its been extremely hot here for the last couple of weeks. I am no found of to warm weather, Ilike cool weather the best xD. I have had some awesome thunderstorms because of it though 8D so that was awesome, its actually one right now but its far away at the moment creeping closer. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE survive this heat without suffering. Its been around 30 degrees celcius with 20-50% humidity for to long.  I cant wait for it to rain for a whole week xD


OMFG I got a bike!!Mom gave me one, I tried to tell her that I could pay half but she insisted xD SO I am painting her something for the same price, she cant stop me hohoho! BUT I LOVE IT, it feels so nice being able to fly around on it and get to placeas fast! NOWAY I am locking that bike outside ever again xDD. My last one got stolen and I am not taking any chances with this bike theif town..

HTTYD 2 & Rise of the guardians

I went and saw how to train your dragon 2 at the movies and I have to say that its WAY better than the first. Amazing characters and animation *rolls around* AND MizAmy finally got me to check out rise of the guardians. I have not seen that movie, and with the intense fanart of jack it was not very tempting since I was certain this movie was about another emo little boy who had issues no one could fix and yadda yadda yadda and he would be a rebel that always did shit to others. Not to mention the stupid concept of santa and easter bunny and that colorfull werid fariy... I SWEAR to me this movie looked stupid xD......boy was I friggin wrong. I KNOW you should not judge something before you see it, but sometimes we all do and then get reminded we shouldnt over and over. WHAT I DONT understand, is WHY jack frost is the only person who gets lots of fanart? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ALL the characters are amazing wtf xD I am such a sucker for amazing characters and character interactions, I dont care what the movie is about as long as they nail that and they did! Wow I have to say its now one of my favourite movies and I have seen it 6 times already xD I am totally going to draw fanart from this movie so be prepared for that in the future. Ermegerd sandman and pitch <3 Best characters and drama ever.~


WELL there is some huge news in my work part of life. I have quit working with krillbite, it was an amazing experience, but I dont think I want to keep working with games forever ^^; I want to try new things and learn more in areas I have not tried! Its been some awesome years and they were an epic team to work with! SO as we speak I am looking for new full/part time jobs around my area that does not include art. I have finally saved up some backup money for this period of time to get a new job so I will have if I need it. I am still the cleaning lady there though :D  It is however exiting to see were the future will take me! Hopefully I will get up a steady commission plan or something.

I have been thinking about working out how much money I need to earn per week, and then each sunday open up commissions to fill that amount, and then use the week after to finish it all and open new on sunday again. I think maybe having something set like that could be easier for both me and my customers ^^ what do you think?


I have had way to much burn energy drinks this summer :C  I seriously need to stop! If anyone knows any good tricks to stop cravings let me knooooow! This goes for chocolate aswell xD

HOUSE'n lifu

8D EEEE I ALSO GOT TO BUY some new stuff for my appartment!!! I changed out the old dusty thingy on my lamp and replaced it with ricepaper! LOOKS SO COSY. And ofcourse I have way more plants 8I ytololrdfgd I cant help it, when I see them standing there in the stores all alone they are like puppies looking at me begging me to take them..... 8D I also GOT TO BUY CLOTHES for once holy coooooooooooow. Its been way to long and all my stuff started having holes and sheet. I havent had money to buy clothes since everything went to rent/bills and food xD SO I am happy I got to buy new stuff and not having to worry about that for another year or two, wooot!! 

Summer vacation Summarize 

Has been amazing! So much things have happened, and I also got money for once to use on myself and things I need without having to stress about how much stuff costs! I have also been able to visit lots of people which is awesome to! Living is friggin expensive, but I would say I have been able to survive pretty well living under poverty so I am not complaining :D Its nice to finally get something back from all the hard work 8D and its making me way more encouraged to keep working hard without having to stress!

IT GOT LONG but I bet there was more stuff to write about, but I have been taking breaks in just tyoing this and I think its time I go relax for the day! Thanks for reading ^^


Rullekake :3

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Amor eterno e inolvidable a todas estas personas que editan precioso

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