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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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     Today, someone I've known for a while, was in a car wreck. Her name was Lindsey. Lindsey suffered seizures, and wasn't even supposed to be driving. But she was. The police think she had a seizure, which caused her to crash into a tree. Yes, she was wearing her seatbelt. She used to babysit me and my sister when my parents would go out. But hey, friends can come in all ages. She was fun, exciting, and an amazing beautiful woman. 
     She will definitely be missed. It's hard to believe something as beautiful as a tree, could take the life of something, just like that. I don't blame the tree. I don't blame the care. I don't blame the seatbelt or Lindsey. What I do blame, is fate. Having this experience completely opened my eyes to a world. The real world. This cruel, death covered place we call home. It's horrible having to go through the death of someone you loved.
     Especially when you're alone, you just want to raise your fist, scream at the wind, and kick and punch a tree until you pass out. Well, you're not alone. Look around you. Even if you think you're alone, you're not. You have people who love, and care about you. Your mom, dad, aunt, grandparent, cat, dog, anything. True love is always shown most through death. Even if you don't have any of that in the real world, you have me. You have us. You have DeviantART. When you have problems you don't want to talk about to someone's face, you could come here.
     Because we still care. We always will. Because we're family. We're closer than friends, all of us. And you know it. Even those who have more followers, or watchers, they care. We've all been in each others shoes at least once. Everything that happened today, changed my thoughts on everything. Sure, I'm sad, devasted. But that's something I know all of you can help me get through. Because I believe in every one of you.

Give this journal a fav, spread the word about it. Because some people really need to hear words like this. It could just save their lives. I love each and every one of you. <3

R.I.P. Lindsey
I'm sure you all know and are aware, as me, that in the last years there was a veritable explosion of CGI animated movies:
Dreamworks, Pixar and now Disney itself produced incredible masterpieces,
but what about the 2D?

the hand-made animation that decreed the undisputed success of Disney
and that fascinated all of us when we was children?
How many hand-made movies have been produced in the last times?

It's sad to realize that the 2D animation is going to disappear, maybe forever.

Then I found a super-duper project in Steampunk sauce the Disney veterans are working on: Hullabaloo

 but they need our help, I immediately gave my donations since this could be the last chance to see a hand-made animated movie!
please read more in the link Hullabaloo and, if you can or are interested, donate.

thank you for reading :thanks:

Getting involved with the Community and stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 10:21 PM

Heya. So as some of you know, my Community Volunteer work is almost done, expires in 2 days time, back to being a :iconheartless-plz:.
I realise that there are many people out there who ain't aware of the Community, be it the contests thats happening or the charity events that are going on, or even just Deviantart News. In fact before I became a CV, even I wasn't aware of what is going on in Deviantart land, I was just in my own little dark basement drawing alone in my underwear not realising there are life outside of my cave. So to keep it simple. Here are a few groups to get your going. Getting involved with the community also gives you an extra boost in exposure to your art by the way. Its great.

:icongetdailydeviations: Is a great group to follow, as you can submit art in the group for a possible chance of getting a Daily Deviation, and a DD REALLY helps in letting people see your art. I mean look, you can be Michelangelo uploading the Sistine Chapel on Deviantart, the people who see it would love it. But if you are new to Deviantart, it may take a while until your stuff gets noticed and spread around. A Daily Deviation however puts your masterpiece right on the front page for all to see. Definately helps.

:icondevnews: Is fantastic for getting in the know for whats going on, be it news about contests or charity events or even talented people to check out.

:iconcommunityrelations: is the place to go to meet friends and other people from the community. If you feel you wanna give something back and dedicate your time to help improve Deviantart, you may apply for a CV spot, like what I had. The DA staff are all pretty nice and very funny, friendly people to hang out with.

Since I was part of the fan art Volunteer group. If you wanna know whats happening in the fan art community. Below is a very recent informative Newsletter written by my ex co fan art volunteer angel TheCreativeJenn

Official Fan Art Newsletter [#01]------------------------------------------------
| Table of Contents |
- Official Community News -
- Community Projects & Interviews -
- Concerns of the Community -
- Ideas & Suggestions -
- Community Spotlight -
Official Community News
:star: A Tribute to Robin Williams by techgnotic
:star: Guardians of the Galaxy by madizzlee
:star: Fan Art Friday: Assassin's Creed by Lyricanna
:star: Fan Art Friday: Persona by Lyricanna

A very informative and thought provoking newsletter, I especially liked the part about referenced art and what it means, whether it is ok or not to reference something. And when is it pushing too far. TheCreativeJenn is a friend of mine and she put in a lot of time and effort writing that newsletter, please go and have a read and leave a comment to show her that her effort is worth it :)

So yes just letting you guys know of what is happening out there outside of the basement.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites!:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

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Tue Sep 2, 2014, 1:03 AM

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 11:19 PM

Deer everyone

pls stop bothering me with this comments: "why Fleury is an alicorn?"

just because her mother an unicorn and her father is a pegasus (logic)

and she's Fleur De Lis's young cousin >:c

i'm tired so staph dis please

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probably nobody gives a shit about what i say but can you please stop using my drawings as bases?? please it'd mean a lot to me if you didn't do that because i honestly don't like it. especially my snk oc, ida. she's been traced like 600 times already and i have no idea why?? people also use her for rp and change her name and story and stuff?? man my drawings aren't even that good why do people do this please, please don't do that anymore. well thanks a lot to the people who always tell me when someone is using my work. i received like 6 notes this week about different people using my stuff and i honestly can't believe it?? it means a lot to me when you guys do that for me so don't feel like you're annoying me when you're telling me because it's actually really important and i appreciate it a lot!!
Độ dê sồm của em đã lên đỉnh điểm rồi xin đừng lại gần hihi = )))))
Remember that guy in middle school who sucked the ink from his pen?

Well I hadn't seen him for awhile

Until recently

Because he's in my math class

I don't understand puberty

im sick and tired

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 10:31 PM
piece of shit

CSS Skin

of people saying they have depression and anxiety jsut to "fit it" or some shti
its fucking disgusting and extremely rude

being sad one day is not depression and being anxious doesnt mean you have anxiety (the disorder ofc)

these disorders arent just some adjectives to be thrown around 

Please remember to use he/they pronouns, as i am not female. (male preferred)

Unfortunately we do have to still give out punishments, and this journal is all of those who have lost their spot in the Clans.

BUT! READ THIS -- As a birthday present to TWG, the leaders decided to allow an EXTRA CHARACTER SLOT TO LONG-STANDING STANDING ACTIVE MEMBERS!
Yes you few can have 7 characters now. This seventh character can be either male or female--your choice!

That being said, I'll list them all here.

Those Who Lost their Spot in the Clan:
Your characters will be killed off :(


I'm really sorry guys ;A; I love you all but you haven't been turning in assignments.

Those Who Are Allowed an Extra Character Spot
Effective Immediately - If your name isn't on this list, dont worry; if you're active and stay with us you too can gain an extra character spot!



Those Who Lost their Spot in the Clan:
Your characters will be killed off :(

-Waiting for SnowQueenGoddess to update the list

Those Who Are Allowed an Extra Character Spot
Effective Immediately

-Waiting for SnowQueenGoddess to update the list


Those Who Lost their Spot in the Clan:
Your characters will be killed off :(


I haven't heard from most of you in months, if you want to re-try out for the clan there will be openings this month. That is all.

Those Who Are Allowed an Extra Character Spot
Effective Immediately



Those Who Lost their Spot in the Clan:
Your characters will be killed off :(

-Waiting for AlchemistKitsune to update the list

Those Who Are Allowed an Extra Character Spot
Effective Immediately

-Waiting for AlchemistKitsune to update the list


Those Who Lost their Spot in the Clan:
Your characters will be killed off :(


Those Who Are Allowed an Extra Character Spot
Effective Immediately

-Waiting for Furdora to update the list