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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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1 năm là 1 năm
Đang phân vân là có nên tải cs5 về máy bàn, tiếp tục sự nhiệp onl chùa khi không có lap~
Nhưng mà 1 năm, chả làm dc cái gì, cũng chả có gì để share....
Ế, thế thì 1 năm để làm giề....
Các chú ý kiến tý coi....hay mở kho PSD ra share nhểy, khỏi làm cái mới chi cho cực....
Nói có lý *tuki*
Muốn gì thì nói a~
So I don't know what the deal has been lately but I just feel done with the whole furry fandom thing. Ever since Anthrocon ended I just feel completely burnt out on's almost like I beat it. 0_0 Anthrocon was the big furcon that i've always wanted to attend eventually and I finally did, and on top of that I happened to win the dance comp. I had a wonderful time, without a doubt, but i've just had the strangest feeling after I left that place. I don't want to put on fursuits, I don't want to make fursuit videos, I don't really want to make fursuits at the moment, I just feel....done. :B  I'm not a furry, and I never really have been, i'm just an artist who got caught up in the costumes and was sucked into the fandom it encompasses. I don't want to deal with the fandom, because I. Don't. Care. I don't care who said what, I don't care who's 'spirit animal' is who, I don't care what your problem is with that furry, i'm just an art student. That's it. I want to just get back to doing what this branched off of, which was costuming(without dealing with furries), working on my Graphic Novel and artwork. I mean hell, Tayerr's name came from my character's whom has nothing to do with the suit. I'm not attached to my suits and could honestly probably just sell Lamarr as much as I intend to sell Bieberr. I guess they're my "fursona's" but I don't feel any actual connection to them, i'm just acting in a costume. I guess the only suit I wouldn't get rid of is Tayerr but other than that.....hmmm :B. I've put myself in a situation where people have more passion into what i'm doing than I do, i'm getting furry attention or, I guess, "popufur" whatever the fuck you wanna call that stupid shit, when I reeeaaally don't care for it. I guess i'm honoured because i'm honestly just being myself and people like what i'm doing, there's alot of pride in that, but I feel like I have to entertain and not have my own opinion as to make everyone happy. I keep telling myself to stop paying attention to FA cause i'm just giving myself what I don't want, but I guess I just go on there out of habit. :P I just eyeaahhh I don't really know anymore, I almost cringe and feel upset everytime I think about Tayerr or fursuiting now. Who knows, i'm probably just blowing smoke and maybe this feeling will pass. But just from running off of the way i'm leaning at the moment, I could suffice fursuiting at the local conventions I love/ anime cons and whatnot. But I could really see myself not attending many more fursuit cons in the future, I just don't feel like I belong there.... sorry guys, and don't worry, I won't stop making costumes or wearing them, I just want to separate myself from the furry fandom like I once was. I feel like i'm doing wrong to others when I have people looking up to me as a "furry" when I certainly am not, almost like i'm cheating them out of something and it doesn't feel right. 
Though I want ya'll to know that i'm not putting down furries int he least, hell, my best friends today came from fursuiting and I have alot to owe to it for that. 

(I have 2 future suits planned, anyway)

Commission Info

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 8:34 PM

Status: closed

Thank you all for your interests!

I'll open again in the future 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。

This is my first time doing commission here at DA, feel free to ask question below if you have any (ノ>ω<)ノ
Do READ my policies at the bottom of this journal before ordering!!!

Chubby Chibi

Cutesy chubby chibis, recommend for simpler characters.
Adopt #43 bonus by Polka-PotR: raeinni by Polka-PotAdopt #44 bonus by Polka-PotR: taeHeee by Polka-PotRaffle: SweetGirlLand by Polka-Pot

Single chibi: $10/ 1000 points

Soft Chibi

Softer coloring as compared to chubby chibi, more suitable for complex characters.
Bonbon by Polka-PotR: Banana-Banshee by Polka-PotR: dianute33 by Polka-Pot

Single chibi: $15/ 1500 points

Chubby Headshot

Chubby chibi without body. BG is optional.
Hs5 by Polka-PotHs4 by Polka-PotHs1 by Polka-Pot

Single headshot: $7/ 700 points

Fluffy Headshot

Painted headshots that are so fluffy.
Bonus Headshots by Polka-PotFluffs by Polka-Pot

Single headshot: $7/ 700 points

Commission type:
Character info: personality,bio,hobby in brief
Others: anything you want to add, or suggest poses/expressions
Payment method: paypal or points?

Custom Adoptable

You can ask me to fix it twice after it is finished. 
If you are still not satisfied with how it came out, I'll refund you 100% and sell the adopt myself.
Adopt Auction #40 - 42 [CLOSED] by Polka-PotAdopt Auction #43 #44 [CLOSED] by Polka-PotAdopt Auction #24 [CLOSED] by Polka-Pot

Base: $10/ 1000 points
Non-base: $15/ 1500 points
Extra item drawings: $5/ 500 points
(existing bases: no.1 no.2 no.3 no.4)

Type: base or non-base?
Palette: do provide an actual palette, not just descriptions
Others: anything you want to add?
Payment method: paypal or points? (do include your DA username in payment if using paypal)


☞ Please credit or link me whenever you use my drawing or design. Likewise, please do not claim my art or design as your own creation.
☞ Do not use my commission for commercial purpose. It is for personal use only. 
☞ There are certain characteristics that I am unable to draw, please do not feel offended if I reject you. 
☞ This is not first come first serve. If there are more applicants than the slots, I'll choose what I feel most comfortable drawing.
☞ Payment is required before I start drawing. You can request wip (work in progress) from me as well.
☞ I'll finish within a month, if I do not, you can ask for a refund. Partial refund(50%~70%) if I have already started, full refund if I did not start.
☞ Drawing in original resolutions will be provided if asked beforehand.  Same goes with transparent bg.
☞ I respect my commissioner's privacy, so you can request me not to upload the commission to my gallery. 
☞ Currency: $1 USD = 100 points
☞ Please note me your form, with the title commission.

That's it, thanks for taking time reading all these (*‘ v`*)

Hey guys. The last few posts have been about me. And I have quiet a wide audience here on deviantart. But I almost dont know anything about you. So how about you tell me something interesting about yourselves. It could be anything. A secret.  Something you love/hate. Id love to hear :)
Hey everyone,

thank you very much for over 1000 Pageviews!!!
As a gift, the first 10 People to like this post, will get 10 Points!
Okay, so you may or may not remember this~… Where this guy that looked exactly like Eren was flirting with me, SO IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER, GO READ IT! But anyway, this happened... Saturday? Yeah, Saturday, and I just remembered to write about it hehe... So, here you go!

And by the way, every Saturday while I'm in PR, we volunteered at an animal shelter thing, so, that's where this takes place :3


Life on the run was filled with dreams, some at night during sleep, real dreams, and some when the mind was awake but drifting. Most were terrifying, the nightmares of the shadows growing bolder and larger. Others were pleasant wishes of a rosy future, free of the past. These were rare, Patrick had learned. Life on the run was life in the past. There was no closure

"Hey, you."

I looked up from my book for two reasons. One, to see who was interrupting me from reading my book, and two, because this person actually spoke English, nevermind sounded familiar. Then it hit me. Brown hair, green eyes. Holy shit it was him.

"Hey." I responded with a smile, trying my best to stay calm. I closed my book and set it on my lap. "What're you doing here?"

"I live in Puerto Rico, unlike you." He responded. I rolled my eyes and looked off to the side. He laughed lightly. "I thought you'd be gone by now. What're you doing here?"

"Volunteer work." I said bluntly.

"So you're an animal person?" He asked. I hummed in response. He smiled and sat in the empty seat next to me.

"Do you have a habit of sitting next to strangers?" I asked, slightly turning to face him.

He shrugged. "It's an addiction, I can't help it. Especially if the strangers are pretty, nerdy girls with green-yet-brown eyes and a cute smile." He said. I took a deep breath to control the blush that rose to my cheeks and looked away. He laughed at my reaction and brought his hand up to my cheek, turning my head so I was facing him again. "So when are you leaving?"

"Tuesday." I said. (Wow I kept all my answers short and to the point wtf me)

He raised an eyebrow. "Really?" I weakly nodded, trying SO HARD to ignore the fact that his hand was still on my cheek. Also trying to ignore that a bunch of people just happened to be walking by, and were whispering "Awwws" to each other. "What time?" He asked.

I leaned away a little and let out a small laugh. "Why do you care?"

He shrugged and set that hand that was on my cheek on top of my hand. "Why shouldn't I?" He responded.

"Hmm, I don't know, maybe because you met me for about fifteen minutes, and then just happened to see me two weeks later, when I don't even know your name. And I'm sure you do this to all the girls you meet, right? Tell them that they're pretty and then flirt a little, and then never see them again and move on to the next vulnerable face?" I asked, drawing my hand to my chest and slightly scooting away while looking forward.

He gave me a concerned look and leaned forward in attempt to catch my eyes. "You're really not used to this, are you?" He asked.

"What makes you think I would be?"

He sighed with a small smile. "Look at you. I mean, you have the pretty black hair, those stunning eyes, you're short and cute, and shy and quiet with your nose stuck in a book. And then you're strong and you've got that tongue of yours. I assumed that you would be used to guys trying to show some affection."

I mumbled something along the lines of, "You'd be surprised on how much I'm ignored." Before he grabbed my hand and pulled it away from my chest. Since I had it so tightly against myself, he basically dragged my body with him too, so I was face to face with him.

"Now tell me, what time is you flight?" He asked softly.

I was silent for a moment. "Two to three in the afternoon." I said.

He grinned and darted his gaze from my eyes to my lips. "Okay, then..." He whispered. I took in a breath and quickly drew away, setting my hands in my lap. He laughed and stood up. "Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you... what's your necklace?"

I raised my hand up to it and stroked it lightly to feel what it was. "A moon." I said.

"Why a moon?" He asked.

"Because you have to shoot for the stars. And if you miss, you'll land on the moon." I said. (That's like my life motto by the way... Yep)

He grinned and ran a hand through his hair while lightly shaking his head. "You really are somethin' aren't you, Bela?" He asked.

"I guess you could say that." I said with a soft smile.

He grinned before quickly bending down and kissing the top of my head. I blushed furiously and sat still. He chuckled at my reaction. "See you some other time, Bela!" He called as he walked away.

After about five minutes, I realized that I still didn't know his name.


Okay that's it. XD

Thanks For Reading! :iconrainbowsheepplz:

If I died...

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 11:57 PM
I've done this before but whatever XD

And no I totally did not steal this from Silent
Okai I just lied bad me


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Đây là thành quả đầu tiên = ))) Tởm nhờ >w<
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