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Free Request (Pixel ART)

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:15 PM

i will review all the oc and open for public to 29/4/2014 hk time,

and i will only select 2 oc..:)..

i did not decide any yet but thanks for shared:)

I am happy to have 465 watchers now^^
I would like to make some simple pixel art paper doll

it is free as i am learning pixel recently, not really not at animation,

i am still ok to draw  digital chibi:)

this is free request for drawing a pixel art paper doll

my oc:
Ali - Gif - First Try by angiewaiwaiOnion-pixel-gif by angiewaiwaiRed bean-pixel art-gif by angiewaiwaiAtsuko gif pixel art by angiewaiwaiOcean - pixel - icon by angiewaiwai

gift to my friends :

Tiratos oc  - lily + Lilium - gift :D by angiewaiwaiTodd-pixel-gif by angiewaiwai

2 free paper doll is available now,

but the time may not sure now,
i may not able to finish recently,
but i do want to see your oc details:3

if you miss the request last time,
feel free to send a request again..

this is not first come first serve..

i may select 2 slot , favor oc to draw... :3..

to get free request, you at least :

  • favor this journal.
  • watch me ( i dont mind is new watcher^^)
  • post a promotion journal and title is (angiewaiwai free request and please mention me, with link)
  • and comment back here ( post your journal and the oc you want)
  • this is not first come first serve,

  • but i m happy to know more about your oc.^^
  • 2 slot only , but i do enjoy know more about your oc^^

people did not read the rule and did not watch me..only give me the link and i did not know before,
just paste some message will make me disappointed..T.T

i will decide what character i draw after a week

this blog open from 23/4/2014 hk time 12:23pm

to 29/4/2014 9:00pm

Skin by SimplySilent

EDIT:  That story IS in fact fake and if you navigate through the link I sent and get to the profile of the person who made it up you can see their blog is full of nothing but stupid Nick Cage memes so they are a blatant troll.

So today I came across a recent post on Tumblr...
*collective gasp*
yeah, so it was some post about a person at Babscon who was helping a vendor and there was a little girl who was being chased by a big creepy guy who was trying to get her to come with him to his hotel and at the end of the post the person telling the story got all whiny and started ranting about how horrible bronies are but the funny thing is that they said at one point that they know there are good people in the fandom but they still hate all bronies or something.  You can find a link to the post below if you wanna see it all in better detail but the post I'm talking about is the FIRST one, not the reblog post below it.  The original one was deleted so I could only link a reblog.



Now here is my reaction to this post.

Being on Tumblr for over a year and on the internet for over 5 years, I see a lot of things like this spread like wildfire and I have got to say this needs to stop.

Now I will say first and foremost, if a little girl is being stalked by a man like that at a brony convention, yes I believe with all my heart it is a major concern to me and I hope that that man is arrested and punished if he gets caught one day.  I hear stories about these kinds of people on the news all the time and just the thought of young children being harassed/molested/raped by disgusting individuals like that makes my skin crawl.

However, using stories like this as an excuse to hate on ALL bronies is completely wrong.  I agree with what its-just-a-mod said in the reblog below the original post.  I just wold like to ask a question to those of you brony haters out there who think that you are doing the world a favor by saying that we are ALL evil child-molesters and perverts: 

  • Would you hate on all black people just because there are many black gangsters and drug dealers in major cities?
  • Would you hate on all Muslims or people of middle-eastern decent just because of what happened on 9-11?
  • Would you hate on all Christians just because of what goes on at the Westboro Baptist Church?

If you consider yourself a sane and intelligent individual, you had better say no to all of those and tons more examples I don’t have the time or patience to list.

Now think to yourself:  does one or several individuals like that from a fandom like the brony fandom really have that big of an influence on the rest of us, especially when the majority of bronies are against that kind of behavior?  Would you hate on all bronies just because of one story of a creepy guy chasing a little girl around in a convention? (a story which still has yet to be proven and there are rumors it is actually fake)  If you judge this entire fanbase by just this one individual yet you said no to those other examples I gave, you are the complete definition of a hypocrite.

For one thing, I’ve been in the brony fandom for over 3 years now and have witnessed a lot of decent and professional behavior and can say with confidence that we are a good fandom and we spread a lot of positivity.  Now, of course I have experienced rude and vile behavior from some members of this fandom but you know what guys?  If I went into another fandom or community, I would probably see it just as much as I do in the brony fandom.  It all boils down to who you expose yourself too.  If you hang out with the members of the negative side of the fandom, you are more likely to take that in more than the positive side and vice versa.  And if you see too much of the bad stuff, you shy away from the group because you let yourself get exposed to the bad.  This might sound rude but I personally consider such people to be weak-minded cowards.  I am sorry, I know that might hurt some people’s feelings, but really, if you can’t learn to not judge others so harshly, how do you expect yourself to get in a good marriage relationship, find a good job, raise good kids and basically be prepared for the world around you?

A lot of these stories are actually fake and made up by haters just to get other people to believe that we are a horrible fanbase full of pedophiles and other avoidable people.  I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if this story was debunked.  Not that I’m not concerned, I am.  Like I said, child molesters and rapists make my skin crawl, but making up stories about it just so you can get other people to hate on others is completely wrong and is going to backfire on you one day.  If any of you see a story like that, I would suggest that you not take it to heart until you know for certain that it is true.

So I guess I’ve said enough, but I will end on this note:  the next time you find a good opportunity to hate on bronies using one example of a bad person, just consider the fact that the same kind of person is in the communities YOU are part of.  They are in your fandoms, your religion, your political party, your race, your gender, your sexuality, they are EVERYWHERE.  That still doesn’t mean those groups you are part of are all bad and if you still think that all bronies are evil just because there are some creepers in this group, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

The Artists In this Video:

Mikou The Pyrotte…
Saint The King
Lord Exile
Uni (Me):

Sorry, its a little dark...

Song: Mayhem(Renard Lapfox) - Better Day


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:57 PM
Because these are so much fun LOL

Alvar Pixel by SkyLandWarrior   Vito Pixel by SkyLandWarriorRand Pixel by SkyLandWarrior

20 :points: each~


1 AmyKiotsu DONE
2 Whitewolfdragon7  PAID
3 Herr-BunBun NOT PAID
4 LightningEffect PAID
5 Adolas PAID
6 n-orthwestern PAID
7 sldove PAID
8 KasumiNightmare  PAID
9 o0greypanda0o PAID
10 S-i-m-p-l-y PAID (3/5)
11 Mouseleaf PAID
12 MistyAthena12 PAID
13 PastelAlpacas PAID
14 Kierax PAID

Waiting List;

1 iKupe
2 Vania-k
3 DJ-Soundwave16899

Do's and Don't's

-Draw Male and Female characters
-OCs (I prefer them)
-Some animals

-Draw Yaoi/Yuri/anything else that falls under that category
-ANYTHING with a ridiculous amount of armor
-My Little Pony, Sonic... etc.

:PC: Prancing Rufus by Syao-samaAn Unexpected Acquaintance by RuckusRufusFrivolous by RuckusRufusRufus by High-Horizon

Life in China pt.1

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:26 PM

Becoming a Resident - Making it official!

As I am settling into some form of a consistent lifestyle in China, and it becomes less and less about traveling than documenting exactly what it is to LIVE here. Worry not, I can assure you that every day is still just as much of an adventure as my transport here – plenty of juicy bits to follow up on! 

So…I work late. I mean I work really late – most nights I don't get home until 3 or 4am at the very earliest. So it came as a bit of a shock that on this particular Wednesday night, we as a band were informed that we would be meeting at 9am that following morning to go get our residency papers completed and filed. That time doesn't even EXIST for us lol I catch myself saying "goodmorning" at 5pm with annoyingly predictable frequency haha. But apparently this was the only time it was going to actually work to go do this, and since our coordinator (who works our same hours) was going to have to go with us, it looks like we were all going to have to suck it up and take one for the team!

Featured here: Evens on the walk of shame, relocating his very manly bedding…and our destination the following morning.

The Walk Of Shame by tubbums32 Tianfu Square Statue by tubbums32

The process of getting the residency permits (or rather applying for them) was incredibly predictable. Show up, get a number, wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, and then wait some more as your number seems to be the last one in existence... Luckily, when CVL (Crazy Visa Lady for those not in the know) had us get our photobooth visa pictures done, we received multiple copies. So that means I didn't have to get any other pictures taken for this process – hallelujah! And so there we stood, aliens waiting to be accepted under China's wing.

Aliens by tubbums32

If I haven't mentioned it already, things tend to change rather quickly here, particularly at our club. For example, events are planned last minute and sprung on everyone at a moment's notice. The last I told you, Nuno had just joined us at MIU. Well we were supposed to have a rehearsal to get everyone on the same page, as it would be our first time performing together in the new venue. However, to everyone's surprise, when we arrived at the venue that afternoon, the entire place was packed for some special fund-raising event for which food, extra tables and dance instructors had been arranged and provided (yet we knew nothing about it)! 

Food by tubbums32Clubnight by tubbums32

So we performed that night with a completely new member of the band without even so much as a sound check – life's an adventure eh?? We're completely used to winging it at this point haha. Speaking of sound checks…that's a whole other adventure to which there will be several articulations within this journal and journals to come. Predictably, though, with a new instrument present where there previously was none, there was some disparity of sound for the first set and a half, but by set 3 we were up and running as a full ensemble! 

Singers by tubbums32Everyone by tubbums32

To our great despair, we were informed that night – after our last set – that our early morning residency adventures were not yet over. We were to wake again at 9am the following morning to follow our coordinator to some unknown location to do some unknown paperwork for some unknown governmental agency, and given its official nature, there was obviously no choice in the matter…Fortunately, our rehearsal the next day was canceled in favor of much needed sleep (thank you, Claudio!), and as if by cosmic empathy, we were each of us rewarded by a handsome tip at the club that night – not such a bad day after all :D

Residency Application by tubbums32 

And thusly, we begin to establish some form of a familiar rhythm in the day to day activities, even if it is broken up with unexpected twists and turns every now and then. Again, as always, they like to keep us ever ready for anything: "Constant vigilance!" 

More hours in a day

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 7:46 PM

don't you wish you had em?
I sure do
even just a couple more,
extend the day to 30 hours and you could really get things done~

Think of all the awesome things you could do in that time?
You could draw and cook and walk your dog and do anything you could imagine!
just think of the possibilities!

..But bad news, there are only 24 hours in a day, and you have a job and classes and a commute and just enough time to watch game of thrones and pass out in a hamburger for a few hours before the alarm goes off..

And then its back to work, back to school, back to business, back to whatever it is that takes up your day and keeps you from getting anywhere..

Your time is suuuuper limited. Most of us are selling hours of our life to someone else, hours that you can't buy back. No refunds or exchanges, your time has been purchased by Soul Crushers Inc.

And yet most of the day, you do see other artists around online who seem so busy yet are constantly updating and posting all day.
Early Morning Warm Up!
Lunch Time Sketches~
After Work color practice**
Late Night Doodle before bed!

and you are just like wha.. wait.. wh..

How the heck does anyone stay productive in their own creative goals while working for the man???
and SPOILER ALERT:: this journal doesn't end with a profound answer, i'm actually asking! XD

Short Answer is the ol "do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!"
fa la-lal-lalalala~~~~ rainbows and unicorns, tralala~~~~

Not so easy, its hard out there, and you got bills to pay any which way you can

But we can look for little moments here and there,  look for a break in the storm to take little steps toward your goals. At the end of the week, you'll be a little bit closer~ I spend most of my time at work, but here and there i find little pockets.  Pockets to model a 3D set, or paint some space backgrounds. Pockets to work on 88 whenever i can. It's slow going, but it's IS GOING~ thats the kicker

just keep it going~  doesn't matter how fast, right?   

Every brilliant fucking masterpiece painting was done one dab at a time.  Every epic ancient marble statue was chipped out of big fucking rock slabs one little grain at a time. Each step keeps moving forward. 

I do believe in hard work, and i know you will work twice as hard on something that MEANS something to you, than you will for a paycheck.  You can sell your time, but you can't sell your dreams. That shit belongs to you!

I guess I wrote this to motivate myself,  hopefully motivates you along with me..?
yeah?  yeah!

one foot in front of the other, we'll get there!

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I am fire gasoline by Helixel by :iconhelixel:
mikasa -shingeki no kyonjin by uturo128 by :iconuturo128:
Paige by cooru58 by :iconcooru58:
Girl5 by Yu-Han by :iconyu-han:
[x] You have seen at least 5 episodes of Hetalia 
[x] You know Marukaite Chikyuu
[x] You can sing Marukaite Chikyuu by memory 
[x] You've read fanfiction for Hetalia 
[x] You've written fanfiction for Hetalia 
[x] You've made fanart for Hetalia 
[x] You've read doujinshi for Hetalia (Never again...)
[x] You belong to one or more Hetalia-themed groups on dA
[x] You've seen/made Hetalia yaoi (I don't make yaoi)
[x] You have an OTP or know the pairings you like (Fruk, Ameripan, RusPrus or whatever you call it)
[x] You can quote Hetalia
[x] You know Finland is Sweden's wife 
[x] World History / Geography classes make you laugh, cry, etc. (All them mudahfucking feels)
[x] The phrases 'vital regions', 'five meters', 'Russia is the biggest', or 'Canada is on top of America' make you laugh (SO MUCH)
[x] You've used "Ve~", "PASTAA~", "aru", "Aiyah", "da", "kolkolkol", etc. when speaking (Every time I hear the countries names I say it)
[x] You want to become One with Russia and/or have asked someone to (I have asked someone but never agreed to be.....Y̶e̶t̶.̶.̶.̶.̶.̶)
[x] You have watched 10 minute challenges of Hetalia clips (Yes. All the yes)
[x] You have commented on an unrelated video about Hetalia (Once....So much hate)
[x] You look at a map and automatically see the characters
[x] You refer to the countries as people 
[x] You correct people if they don't refer to a country with the right gender.
[x] You and your friends refer to each other as countries ((Sometimes referred to as Czech, or England))
[x] You've used Hetalia to study and/or remembered it on a test
[x] You named or wanted to name one of your possessions after a Hetalia character
[x] You've cosplayed before as a Hetalia character ((Twice))
[x] You've tried to have an ahoge ((I WANT A MOTHERFRUKING CURL SO BAD AND I DON'T KNOW WHY))
[] Your profile picture has a Hetalia character in it.
[x] You've accidentally referred to a country by its human name. ((My friend just looked at me weird because I did so))
[x] You freak out when someone forgets Canada. ((D:))
[x] You know what Liechtenstein, Seychelles, etc. are
[x] You can find them on a map
[x] You've wanted to or have pulled the curl, hair, etc. on someone's head. (My good friend Jenny has one. WHY JENNY, Y U HAVE CURL BUT I CAN'T :iconwhyyounoplz: )
[] You're afraid to visit France, Russia, etc. because of the characters ((Nope))
[x] You can name stereotypes of a country because of the characters ((SO MANY))
[x] You refer to East Germany strictly as Prussia and get sad when someone insists Prussia no longer exists ((He's my third fave character so yes....))
[x] You've used the phrase " ____ is almost as awesome as Prussia"
[x] You can find Texas and Nantucket in a picture of America. ((Yes))
[x] You know what APH stands for ((What kind of hetalia fan doesn't?))
[x] You purposefully look up AMV's, pictures, etc. of Hetalia 
[x] You can name everyone in the Axis and Allies and not forget Canada (No one forgets canada D:<)
[x] You own Hetalia merchandise or have decorated a possession to be Hetalia-themed ((Don't judge me))
[x] You like either USUK or FrUk ((Fruk all the way. In my opinion USUK kinda feels like incest to me ._.)
[] The only material you read is Hetalia fanfiction 
[x] You've sneaked Hetalia into a school assignment (YES)
[x] You believe Sealand is an independent country
[x] Whenever someone says "Marry me" you think of Belarus.
[x] You know the names of most Hetalia characters ((Most? How about ALL))
[x] You know the character songs of some Hetalia characters ((3....Only three..))
[x] People think you're a history buff because you know so much about foreign countries ((Well it WAS and still IS my favorite subject))
[x] You know who Hidekaz Himaruya is 
[/] You worship him ((I don't worship him like a god, but yeah. I praise his art style...and his imagination))
[/] You've read the strips and seen the anime ((I really need to read them))
[x] You wish you had a pet Flying Mint Bunny, Gilbird, etc. ((I already have a blush chick and I made a flying mint bunny doll...If only they were alive))
[x] You've RP'd (Role Played) as a Hetalia character either online or in person (Online, in person just makes people stare))
[x] You know Australia and Austria aren't the same thing.
[x] You'll freak out on anyone who doesn't ((I do...A lot))
[x] You have a Hetalia OC ((More than one....))
[x] You wish you were a nation. ((MORE THAN ANYTHING))
[x] You've had dreams about the nations ((I had a dream where I was in the world meeting))
[x] People have called you a fangirl/fanboy/otaku/weaboo ((Otaku and Fangirl, never been called a weeaboo))



0-10: Not a fangirl/fanboy. You're normal.
11-20: Slight fangirl/fanboy. You're one of those normal, slight fans that can't get into most Hetalia discussions.
21-30: Half fangirl/fanboy. Here people might look at you funny, but you're still pretty normal.
31-40: Fangirl/Fanboy. At this point people start to stare.
41-50: Crazed fangirl/fanboy. This is the stage where people start to hate you, but you'll always have your fellow fans.
51-60: Hetard. Welcome to the dark side. You have a freaking obsession, and it's never going away. Congratulations, have some pasta~

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Epiphany - Staind
  • Reading: Text, text from every inch of my screen to the end
  • Watching: The outside lights from my window.
  • Playing: nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water.
BIG NEWS: My manga drawing book will be called
"Manga Crash Course: Drawing Manga Characters and Scenes from Start to Finish"
and it will be available for pre-order soon . The book will tentatively be published in February of 2015.
The book will be available as a digital and printed book, Throughout USA and more 

So all my tips and tricks for beginners and intermediate manga drawing will be available to all of you!

Help--I Need Somebody--Help

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:01 PM
Not just anybody~

Sorry for The Beatles moment there. XD But I seriously do need a bit of help.

I've already posted a journal like this on my Marvelous Misfits' group page,…, but for those of you who aren't there and haven't seen it I need to ask again. XD

Okay, does anybody know how to make stamps or buttons or at least know anyone who can? If so, please read the journal from the link I've posted here and note me after you read it if you're up for the challenge.

Pleeeeeease? I'd be most grateful!