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400 watchers small giveaway!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:48 PM
Student General Artist

CSS Skin

  • Add this journal to your favs
  • Be a watcher

There is no other rules <3

The winner will get 150 :points:!
And a drawing like this one --> It Doesn't Matter by TheDalmin

The winner will be randomly chosen by a random number generator <3


Good Luck <3

Icon by Iyd

Easter Raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:33 PM

♥ Hi everybody ♥

It's about time for another raffle! :la: As usual, this is my way of saying thank you for 395+ watchers and all the wonderful support! This raffle will be held starting today as well as the entire Easter weekend! Anyway, on with the raffle! :eager:
You have the chance to win a blinking pagedoll as well as other prizes! :D

A pagedoll like these:

PC:Minakomori by Luxiella Rogi Peji by Luxiella PC:Alfeddy by Luxiella
[Please click to view!]

And if more people join I will add more prizes! :dummy:

40+ I will add a chibi[without the motion blur]!

80+ I will add another chibi!

120+ I will add 2 cell-shaded headshots!

160+ ???

# of participants: 13

♥ How to enter ♥

You must follow these steps!
Sweet Red Bullet by JordyKatYou must watch me [this way you can be informed about updates and future raffles/giveaways!]
Sweet Red Bullet by JordyKatFave this journal

Sweet Red Bullet by JordyKatComment below with your OC ref and mention your friends! :D 

♥How to get more chances♥

These are optional!
Sweet Red Bullet by JordyKatAdvertise this raffle with a journal or poll! [+1 chance]

Sweet Red Bullet by JordyKatDonate! [1 :points: = +1 chance]
Please make sure you've complete all of the steps! Good luck to everyone!

This raffle will end on April 21st! I will be using to select the winners. ^^

Skin by SimplySilent

600 watchers raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:15 PM
Hover a question to see the answer

Skin by pjuk

* 7 * yup, it's finally here! 

i'm going to be giving away 600 :points: to one lucky person

if you wish to participate, FAVORITE THIS JOURNAL.
that's all you have to do (: 

you MUST be a watcher to participate!
i will give you guys some time and leave this up for 1 week before i choose a winner (: 

winner will be chosen April 23rd, at 3:00 pm CST!


Wed Apr 16, 2014, 5:27 PM
a mother says to her son
can you feel the world lodged
in your rib? do not tell
me you can't, it's right there
and let's not tell god
anything about this, let's give
him the silent treatment like
he's giving to us,
sometimes i wake up wanting
to shred myself into ribbons
tie me up in a bow and send myself
to your doorstep with no
return address and let you deal with it,
you're not listening and you're not
understanding, you're too busy
trying to read all the text, but
i can go days without speaking
one word, got a habit of holding my
breath diving into my own mind
for hours, blue bottomless pool
river veins with the bones of a dream
drifting through, some stuck on the
banks all dried up and thirsty, this
shark tooth reminds me of you so i
press it in hard, still not one single
drop, a baby raccoon floats by with
no life but wide eyes, i know you'll
pray the horned god sends him
straight to the sea, drown him out
with that voice that says maybe
next year when you search for
yourself, you won't just be
facing dead ends

(the gate at the end of the garden is barred)



suicide is never the answer
never the right choice
do u realize ur actions might lead to terrible things
so listen
if ur thinking of suicide
dont hurt your family
your friends
your loved ones
dont hurt them by taking your own life
taking you away from them
remember there is always someone who loves you
who will do anything for you
so dont do that to them
whatever you are going through
you have to be strong
you have to pull through
and the ones that love you will help you with it
dont give up
for them
for you

we love you

[Giveaway] Sugarpaca Adopt :: OPEN!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:10 PM

As mentioned in this work of mine that ill be doing a giveaway!
This giveaway will be very different from my usual giveaways.
Sugarpaca :: REF Shiro by UnderworldPuppet
Winner will get a something like above, maybe
more simplify? and with a different base/pose??

What you need to do to enter::
Watch me (all my giveaways/raffles are for my watchers ONLY).
✧ If you watch me here as well, youll have an extra chance!
✦ Fav this journal (so that youll be assigned with a number for the raffle part).
✧ Comment below with the follow information::
-----➲ [A simple shape]
-----➲ [A type of Candy!]
-----➲ [Hair style]
-----➲ [Set of Color palette (3-5 colors)]
If possible, provide an image ref?? (optional but encouraged!)
✦ Making journal/poll of this giveaway is optional.

This giveaway ends on April 19th @ 11:59 pm EST. Time now is!

Therell be 2 winners (if 6O+ people enters).
1 will be picked thru a number generator. 1 will be picked by how much i like the idea.
If less than 6O people enters, winner will only be picked by how much i like your idea.

Any questions, feel free to ask~
Specie/Base/Art © me/UnderworldPP.

Also while youre here, pls check out my open adopts?? Accept both paypal/pts!
ADPT O19 :: Auction { !OPEN!+Extra } 9hrs Left! by UnderworldPuppet
Ending in less than 8hrs!!

ADPT O15 :: { 2/4 OPEN | SALE } by UnderworldPuppet
#1 = 12$ / #4 = 14$ (also accept points).

Shamelessly advertise my own adopts! -shothard-

ADPT Gloavert Custom by UnderworldPuppetADPT O13 :: { CLOSED } by UnderworldPuppetADPT O16 :: { CLOSED } by UnderworldPuppet

Regalo 100 Puntos.

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 5:25 PM

Bueno,sí,solo a las primeras 10 personas que comenten les regalo 10 :points: eso sí,deben dar :+fav: a este journal,comentar amablemente y darme una llama ola k ase,ahc: y les donaría:D<3<3<3

Skin by SimplySilent

Beautiful Art

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 10:36 AM

I hope you enjoy these artist as I do! p0pc0rn 

:iconodilicious: Blind Musician by OdiliciousBeyond Orion Belt by OdiliciousLadybird by Odilicious

:iconkelrisa: The Raven by KelrisaThe words of music by KelrisaAngel and Devil by Kelrisa

:iconbrookegillette: The Girl With Emerald Eyes by BrookeGilletteThe Girl with Amethyst Eyes: Tears Won't Fade by BrookeGillettethe face under the skin by w0rk1npr0gre55

:iconescafan: Autumn Smoke by escafanAwakening by escafanCelaneo by escafan

:iconvampirekingdom: The Chosen by vampirekingdomMessenger by vampirekingdomNew Covenant - End Point by vampirekingdom

:iconplayart-psd: Good Morning! by playart-PSDCourse of slimming treatment by playart-PSDP. in the ruin - Part 2 by playart-PSD

:iconfallout99: Droplet Art by FallOut99Feng Shui by FallOut99Private Dining by FallOut99

:iconowel: Ephobria by owelFLY by owelSymphony of life by owel

:iconcanankk: The Great Gatsby by CanankkThe Muses Awaken by CanankkThe Light by Canankk

:icontrippy4u: Solace by Trippy4UFortuity by Trippy4UWatching Out For The Candy Bandit by Trippy4U

:icontricias: Lace Hydrangea.2..... by TriciaSOpen up your heart..... by TriciaSHmm...blackberries...... by TriciaS

Seriously I was at the gym today and some guy came up to me and was like "You're cute~"  Flynn: ... hi! 

And I was like *speechless*  Confused 
I mean the guy was H.O.T for crying out loud! Flynn: Smolder Jesus I promise I almost got a heart attack. 

Sadly he walked away to the men's showers before I could say somethingso done  >.< (Maybe I should write an Avengers insert about this? //hit with an iron//) 

But seriously though, how would you guys feel if I wrote about my past experiences into reader inserts? Tangled - Rapunzel Icon 

It could be about ANY character about ANY anime, cartoon, real-life actors/actresses, or practically anything (just no stupid comments plz, I would appreciate sincere comments) 

Love you all and peace out with I munch on a Red Delicious Apple~ making faces 

Like my new journal skin?

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 2:38 PM

It's ticket as a ghost, in her burning village. x"D
Pleasant isn't it? :v) what a calming background B)