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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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This Journal is currently Under Revision. 
Points have been brought to my attention that have caused me to need to revise this journal. 
I am still digging around on my free time to see if I can find a way around this. I will update daily. 

Please note that this is specifically for Artists who use Paypal to sell digital goods.

OK, so there has been many artists being scammed lately through Paypal with large chargebacks. If you have been hit by a chargeback recently please feel free to note me and I will try my best to help you out. 

The rest of this journal is information on how to better protect yourself against scams, fraud, and/or chargebacks.

What is a Chargeback, and How do I protect myself from one?

So first we need to understand what a Chargeback is. 
By filing a chargeback, buyers ask their credit card issuer to reverse an approved transaction.
Common reasons for chargebacks include:
  • An item was paid for but never received.
  • An item received was significantly different than described.
  • An item was damaged in shipping.
  • A credit card number was used fraudulently.

for further information on how to respond to a chargeback please read Paypal's simple tutorial:…

Now that we know what chargebacks are, let's go over Paypal's policy and how they handle the situation should it arise. 
A Chargeback cannot be stopped from occurring. Paypal does offer seller protection that will cover the costs of your goods should a chargeback happen, however, you will have to fight for it and if you are an artist selling your digital goods (services), you are not covered by that protection. In order to be eligible for the Paypal Seller Protection, what you are selling must meet certain guidelines. If you follow the guidelines then you will be covered by Paypal and you won't lose any funds if someone were to file a chargeback. Please take a moment to read Paypal's Seller Protection Policy:…

How do you Become Eligible for Seller Protection?

PP Seller protection 1 by MDizzle-Designssource

Now, as a digital artist, (or if you live outside of the US) you are out of luck if someone files a chargeback. 
I have talked with other artists and we believe we may have come up with a few helpful solutions.

Step one:
Take a look at your buyer. Look at their page, Have they been buying art for a long time? Are there any negative comments against them? Is it a new account or one that has been established for a while? Does their page look sketchy in any way?
If they seem like a legit, responsible buyer than it is up to you wether or not you need to take the following steps.  

Step Two:
Create an Invoice or Money Request.
I personally feel that you should always use an Invoice or Money Request when receiving payment through paypal. It gives you control over the whole transaction. You get to choose how the transaction is placed and what is said in the message of the transaction (which is especially good when you sell NSFW art. Paypal does not permit the sales of NSFW works or anything of the like. If you are selling NSFW art, then you will not be covered by Seller Protection, I haven't found a way around this.)
Fill out your Money Request, or Invoice to suit your needs. If you are selling digital works then select 'services' instead of 'goods', but note that this will not cover you against a chargeback. 
Add your ToS in the Message if you want, this may help you.

Step Three:
Now, if your buyer/commissioner seems sketchy or if you want the seller protection then we may have figured out a solution.
Take on your commission, but instead sell a full sized print and make it to where it looks like you are selling a print, not just your services.
When writing your policy, be sure to emphasize that they are buying the finalized print from you. This will weight the transaction towards 'goods' instead of 'services', since physical items are being transferred for the funds received. You can better improve your profit if you give the buyer an additional option to buy a frame for an extra fee -- inexpensive, $5-$10 at walmart. Not necessary but further emphasizes that they're buying a final, printed form, not just the service of drawing it. 

You must be able to provide proof of delivery and proof of shipment
PP Proof 1 by MDizzle-DesignsSource

I'm not sure if there is a time limit for when you have to have the Print shipped by. You might be able to add a time frame in the invoice/money request message on when you expect to have the print completed and shipped. If you have insight on this, please feel free to share. 
Respectively, we believe that this has to be one mass payment as well, not multiple payments. 

Personally, I would only use this method if the buyer was sketchy and/or the transaction was large enough to hurt me if a chargeback were ever filed. Also, if I were going to use this method I would charge an extra $10 for the extra time and money I will have to use to get the Print made, but that's all personal preference that I am just tossing out as a suggestion.  

Step Four:
Finish your art, make a print, pack it up, and ship it.
ONLY SHIP IT TO THE VERIFIED ADDRESS THROUGH PAYPAL, if you send it to a different address that they give you then you WILL NOT BE COVERED by Seller Protection.
Make sure you get your proof of shipment and proof of delivery. If you follow these steps and read and follow the Paypal Seller Protection Terms as well as the Paypal User Agreement carefully then you should be covered in case a chargeback were to happen. 

More Info on how to use Invoices and Money Requests 

Get the buyer's paypal email, go to paypal and click the Request Money tab, You can then click Request Money OR Create Invoice

- If you Click Request Money: 
  • Add the recipient's Paypal email. 
  • Add the amount of money you want them to pay you. 
  • if you are selling digital goods, then select 'Services' (no shipping is required), or if you are selling tangible goods then select 'goods'. 
  • Finally you can add your personal message and include your personal ToS if you want to. 
  • click send. 

- If you click Create Invoice:
It's much more detailed. You can create a professional reusable invoice that you can resend to multiple people multiple times. I have never used this tool myself but if you look at it, you can see just how detailed it gets.

:iconhyanna-natsu: "you can create templates, so when you make a new invoice you can choose which template to use, for example, you can have a template for sketch art, other for flat colors, etc.
The invoice will have a date and you can choose a due date if necessary.
And it comes with the part "Terms and Services" where you can put your ToS in the template, so always you create a new invoice the ToS will be there. Also you can add your "Logo" which make the document more official maybe?
Oh plus, you can choose don't show your real name, email, address, etc. in the invoices, just need go in invoice settings."
The invoice will have a date and you can choose a due date if necessary.
And it comes with the part "Terms and Services" where you can put your ToS in the template, so always you create a new invoice the ToS will be there. Also you can add your "Logo" which make the document more official maybe?
Oh plus, you can choose don't show your real name, email, address, etc. in the invoices, just need go in invoice settings."
So it's worth looking at. Go play with it.  :)

Other Safer Methods of Receiving Payment

If you feel that Paypal may not be the best choice for you, there is other ways to be paid. 
the safest method is a Money Order through the USPS or any Western Unions. These are can be insured in case of loss in the shipping process, they are easy to send, and all payments are final; no worries of scams or chargebacks. 
Just have your buyer go to the USPS or Western Union and buy a Money Order, have them ship it to your address, go cash it at a bank and then start drawing! Easy as that! It just takes a couple days to receive it, depending on how long it takes your buyer send it. 

How To Protect Yourself as a Buyer:

If you are buying art, don't ever send payment as a "gift"; this pretty much gives the artist the right to run off with your money.
If the artist insists on sending payment as a gift because they don't want to pay the 2% fee, offer to pay the extra 2%, or don't buy their art, or convince them otherwise. 
Make sure you carefully read the details of the transaction and the artist's Terms of Service (if they have one.)
Save all conversations between you and the artist in case you never get your art. 
If you never get your art and it seems like they have no intentions of giving art to you, then you should be able to file a chargeback through Paypal.

-This Buyer protection section will be revised shortly-

I apologize for the multiple revisions on this journal. I write these after I get home from a long night at work and I'm pretty work out and ready for sleep. I really hope that I didn't forget anything and I hope that you guys find this helpful. I know it's a lot of reading, but it's worth it if you plan on making large Paypal sales in the future. Best of wishes to you all! <3

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a rant (not that I have ever posted those before :roll:) but bear with me because I just... I got to say something about this subject. 

  • "You have a lot of talent and you waste it on drawing stupid dogs!" 
  • "Don't you understand that series is for CHILDREN? You're too old!"
  • "If you want people to take your work seriously, stop drawing stupid animals!"
  • "All you draw is cats. Can't you draw anything else? I'm so done with your unoriginal bullshit art."
  • "Wolves, wolves, wolves. All you ever draw is wolves! BORING!" 
  • "Are we ever going to see anything but shitty cartoon dogs from you?"

I'm sure all of us at some point in our artistic lives have dealt with someone who decided it was a good idea to rag on your choice of artwork subject matter. If not yet, you will... trust me. We ALL go through it. 
It's hard enough to deal with it from strangers but it's another thing when it comes from people you know. Family, friends, idols, even teachers/professors! 
The words can cut deep and a lot of the time it can leave a mark of embarrassment and shame that is hard to suppress once it's manifested. 

I'e been on the the receiving end of that particular thing so I know how it feels to be beaten, battered, and harassed for drawing certain things. No matter how fun they were at the time someone had to come along and rain on the parade; dictate what I should and shouldn't be drawing. 

However, one day I had a moment of realization -- I started drawing because I wanted to and I keep drawing because I want to. 
Who in the hell has the say so to command what I draw and how I draw it? No one but me. 

My word of advice to anyone who is suffering under the dark cloud of discouragement would be draw whatever the hell you want. It's your art and it should be your hobby. 
Unless someone is paying you to draw something the way they want it drawn they don't have a say so in how or what you draw. 
You want to draw thin, raggedy, mangy looking dogs? Do it. 
Want to draw 'Warriors' fan art? Do it. 
Draw what you want. 

I draw animals because I want to. I draw wolves and cats because I like to. I draw robots and fan art because I can. 
There's no other reason for it than that. 
When I'm drawing as a hobby I draw what I want, and that's how it should be. 

To those people who are the whiners, complainers, and all around jackasses who can't seem to understand their word isn't law (I feel like a hypocrite after saying what I just said but)... Shut. Up.
Bugger off and draw what you want if you don't like what someone else is drawing. Move on. Find things you like. If you can't then it's not something wrong with someone else, it's something wrong with you. 

That said... I'm going to go finish some work and then go to bed. 
Sorry if this was kind of snobbish and bitchy but man alive, if I don't read posts/journals about this stuff every day... it's sad. 
Leave people alone already, sheesh!
Let them draw their own thing. If you don't like it, find something you do. Don't waste time bitching about their work not being up to par with your expectations. 
Critique is one thing but being a whiny prat is another. 
Be considerate and logical. 

Thank you, 

EDIT: Uhhh, I think a lot of people are taking this as my personally yelling at my art critics or something.
While yes... this is a personal view and opinion on the matter and also, yes I have dealt with this kind of thing before... it's not really that personal.
Just more like a shout out if anything. 
I'm not really one to give a shit at this point. People will hate or dislike my art regardless -- you can't please everyone. So, it just boils down to the fact that unless they're paying me to draw for them (my job) what I draw on my own time is whatever I want to; stupid or ugly as it may be. 
Try not to take this as my personal address to any 'haters', haha! I wrote this after having read several journals and posts about this matter and thought to throw in my two cents.
As to how or even why this journal gained such traction is beyond me. What I wrote should be common sense, BUT... I guess in some way I'm glad others can see it in a similar way as I do. Those that don't? Well... that is their choice. 

400 points giveaway + more!! [open]

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 11:42 AM
edit: Wow! I woke up to almost 600 faves! So I'll add two more prizes!! 
And for some reason, I almost have 600 watchers too! :'O Wow I got like 80+ overnight!  Seriously, thank you all ;A;

Omigosh!! I just realized I reached +500 watchers! That's crazy!!!
Thank you all so much! ;w; ♥ 

The next giveaway will probably be when I reach 750 or 1000 watchers! (if I do of course). 

This giveaway will end Thursday September 4th 2014 ♥


♦All you have to do is fave this journal!!
♦ You don't have to be a watcher! But if you are or you decide to, thank you ;w; 
♦If you like, you could share this (pole, journal) but you don't have to c:


♦One winner will get 300:points:
♦ [new] A 2nd winner will get 100:points:
♦[new] A third winner will get a Pixel Background from me! Like this --> Lost in the forest by tea-hee

I'll be using a random generator!  probably

Again, thank you ALL for being so supportive ;w; <3 

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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 2, 2014, 6:41 PM
Giving out 2 free icons !!!
(your choice-excluding the custom icons)

sorry about picking only 2 winners
I got way too much to do haha




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Shamrocks CSS

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Hi!  Hello deviantART Hi! 

Since we made some points on this account we wanted to share some with a


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Deadline: 6.9.2014
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Wolf Adoptables - OPEN - 50 points by thesellersAdoption Batch 2 - Open - 75 points by thesellersCreature Adoptables - OPEN - 250 points by thesellers

:iconchaoticshan:ChaoticShan                         :iconforumsdackel:Forumsdackel                                  :iconkariotic:Kariotic                              :iconr0tii:R0TII
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:new: Raffle closed. Thanks for participating and support!
I'm sorry if you didn't won. But I hope you guys are having fun.
Until next time then!

3rd Pixel raffle - 17K WATCHERS

Thanks for for 17K watchers! As a thank you. I will made my 3rd pixel raffle. I hope I can give 
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Skin by SimplySilent
I honestly didn’t mean to come back so suddenly, but the news from earlier today just hit home very hard and I felt the need to say something to y’all.

Robin Williams Passes Away
Robin Williams passes away today at the relatively young age of 63. The earliest reports so far seem to confirm that it was a suicide by asphyxiation. He had been battling severe depression for quite some time now, and it seems that it ultimately did him in. Robin Williams was one of the first actors who’s career I began to follow as a kid, owing largely to his involvement in Disney’s Aladdin as the Genie.

I remember a story Stephen Spielberg told about when he was filming Schindler’s List. While over in Germany, Robin Williams would call Stephen up every night to tell him a joke because the story of Schindler’s List was so depressing and difficult to film Stephen needed the pick-me-ups.

It’s incredibly sad that Robin ultimately took his own life like this. Depression is, unfortunately, a chemical imbalance in the brain and requires constant treatment and help. The brain, like any other organ in your body, can get sick too, but because it’s not readily visible people often go without treatment for a long time.

Goodbye Robin Williams. You were a talented actor and an amazing comedian. You will be sorely missed.

My Own Battle with Depression
If you remember about 2 years back I took a 6 month hiatus. I mentioned at the time that my health was declining and that I was losing weight at a rapid and unhealthy rate. At the time I was dealing with some very severe mental health issues, which included depression.

Dealing with depression is so frustrating. Sometimes just getting out of bed is an accomplishment. And the stigma associated with it due to people not understanding it’s effects can be even more frustrating. “Just be happy” “Just get up and stop moping!” “You’ve got nothing to be depressed about!” As if it were just that easy...

I, however, was lucky in that I was able to seek out medial help. I eventually got better through medication and therapy. And while occasionally I will have a relapse every now and then, I know that I am ultimately much healthier and happier than I was during that time. I look back on where I was 2 years ago and it’s amazing how different things are now.

Thank You
And one of the things that helped me out were all of the thank you’s from fans. Anonymous people who sent me really sweet messages over the years saying how they were battling depression and that my comics (be it SYAC or brentalfloss or whatever) helped cheer them up and get them through their day. Like I said, sometimes just making it through the day is an amazing accomplishment, and it warms my heart to know that in some small way I was apart of that for some people.

So to any of my fans who either have depression or know someone who does, thank you so much for making it through one more day. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being the awesome and amazingly strong person you are. Depression and other mental health problems are not easy to fight, and they can often make you feel like you’re going it alone. But you are not. You can fight it. And we appreciate the fact that you do and are here with us now. So thank you once again.

If there’s one good thing to come out of Robin Williams’s death, it’s the spreading of awareness of depression and information on how to get help or treatment. Please, please PLEASE, if you have depression or you know someone who does, do whatever you can to seek help. There are a lot of non-profit groups who can assist you if you need help. Speak up to your parents, or your doctor, or your friends. Depression can make it feel like it’s you against the rest of the world, but it really does not have to be that way.
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New EDIT: The giveaway has reached more than 300 favs :la: So we have increased the prize to 250 points :Bummies:

We have 1002 Watchers! Yey!! :la: We are veeeery happy ^^

So, as we promised, we are doing a points giveaway/raffle. 

A lucky deviant will get 250 points Emote Cuddle Love 


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An that's all :D  

Ends September 7th

I will choose the winner using

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  If the giveaway gets more than 250 participants, Cirno will be very happy and we will increase the prize ^^ So share with your friends so everyone can join! You talk too much!


alternative text 

Good luck to everyone!

También os animo a participar en el concurso de :iconadelfa3: Más de 1000 puntos en premios!
Entrad aquí ->

It's finished. I will announce the winner this evening so stay tuned!

I have some points left from the last contest I did, and I rarely use them to buy anything on DA (I preffer paypal commissions), so I decided to make a poinst giveaway.

The main prize of this giveaway is 1000 :points:

How can you get them? Here are the rules:

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via Random Numer Generator)
3. You need to link this giveaway in your journal
4. You need to comment here, and insert the link to your journal, containing info of this giveaway.

That's all :)

The deadline for this giveaway is

1st of September

Good luck :D

Going away+25 Points Giveaway! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 7:10 AM

Hey guys!

I will be going on vacation to China this Friday (8/15/14)! I'm so excited! Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] Only for 2 weeks though, which sucks Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
DON'T WORRY I WILL STILL BE ON DA (maybe) I stuffed a bunch of art works in and I will be uploading them throughout the 2 weeks.....unless there is no internet O_o

*Winner will get 25 :points:*
Chosen using

How to enter?
-Fave this journal (It will be your number)
-Watch me ONLY IF YOU LIKE MY ART. If you don't like it then you don't have to watch.

Please don't say "Fave" or "entered" or "done." It's going to spam my inbox. I already got your messages when you faved! xD
Instead, maybe ask me a question or say what you would like to see from  me in the future >w<

Giveaway ends 9/2/14

In the last giveaway some of you complained that 25 :points: is too little. Well I do these giveaways every month so it's either that or nothing. You don't have to enter if it's too little for you :)

These adoptables need a home!
Paypal Fruit Adoptables (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiPaypal/Points Adoptables 1 (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiChibi Adopts 2 (OPEN) by mochatchiPaypal/Points Adopt Ref 1 (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiAdopt+Extra Icon (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiPaypal/Points Adopt Ref 2 (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiPagedoll Bouncy Adopts (OPEN) *UPDATE* by mochatchiLittle Dresses Adopts (OPEN) by mochatchiChibi Adopt Auction (OPEN) by mochatchi

Commission info