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How to make easy peasy animations

Tue Jul 1, 2014, 10:14 PM

a tutorial on how I made this....

Disclaimer: I don't speak an inch of Japanese. Everything here is 
based off my experiences, what I've learned from others, and my own 
intuition/common sense

System requirements: I don't have an official translation, so this is 
based off Google translate. 
- Windows Vista and up (including 7 and 8)
- DirectX9 (it's fine if you have a newer version of DirectX.)
If you don't know what DirectX is, you probably don't have it. You 
- Japanese system locale
Beyond this, I don't know what the specific requirements are. I will 
update this if I find them, though. 


What is Emofuri?: It's a free 2.5D animating software that makes 
animating EXTREMELY easy for artists to bring their drawings to life. 
I don't know how long it's been around... You can purchase a full 
not-so-easy version for 150,000 Yen (roughly $1,500USD). The free 
version is, as they claim, easier to use. There's a free trial for 
the full version if you want to see for yourself. 
Essentially, you draw a character, and it moves it as if it were a 3D 
model. There are tons of presets and body sliders!

You can NOT used EmoFuri for commercial purposes. However, they allow you to use E-Mote(full version) and the E-Mote 90 day free trial for commercial purposes. (correct me if I'm wrong here xD;; Google translate isn't 100% reliable) So if you want to do animated commissions or a commercial VN, check that out. Not everybody can afford $1,500, so it's nice that they allow you to do this with the trial version as well. 
I've downloaded the trial version of E-Mote myself, and there is really no difference between it and EmoFuri. They're essentially the same program O_O;;; Nothing is different. Weird. 

Let's get started!

Firstly, set your system locale to Japanese, or else the program will 
just crash. Locate your computer's control panel (Windows only. I do 
not know if Emofuri works with Macs or not...) And click the "Clock, 
Language, and Region" button. Then "Region and Language". A menu will 
pop up. There are four tabs on the top, click the tab that says 
"Administrative". The 2nd box is the setting for system locale. Click 
the "Change system locale..." button, and choose Japanese from the 
list. Your computer will automatically restart.

Okay, now you're ready to download and install EmoFuri! Take yourself 
to THIS page
Click the first pink download button for a direct download, or the 
2nd for a torrent download. 

When it's downloaded, you should be prompted for an installation. 
It's all in Japanese, so follow my instructions carefully! 
First slide: click next button. It's easily distinguished by the big 
(N)> on it. 
Second slide: Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the first 
radial button (it has a big (A) at the end of it), then click next.
Third slide: Click next
Fourth slide: Choose where you want to install the program if the 
default position is not good enough for you. There is not a next 
button here, but click the one in the middle. It should begin to 

At this time, you can open it. But I'll get to that later. For now, 
let's go over how to go about preparing your drawing for Emofuri!
I recommend Photoshop for this, but if you want to use SAI or GIMP 
(or whatever drawing tool you use...) it's fine. I say Photoshop 
because it will make things a lot easier.
With your art program of choice open, navigate to the installation 
folder where you saved Emofuri. 

Note: The template file has layer folders/groups. I've been warned that Photoshop Elements does not support this. 

m2tools CheeseWare > EmoteMovieMaker > template > E-mote3.0テンプレート > 

Now... You should have something that looks like this: 

This right here, is the template that you will use to create your 
character. There are two other templates that I know of, including 
two other samples (non templates)

What you'll want to do first is make a layer ABOVE all the other 
layers and bucket fill with white. 

You'll want to make another layer above the one you just made. Make 
your sketch so that it fits the template. From the top of the head to 
the waist. I'm not encouraging that you trace, but use it as a loose 

Once you finish your sketch, enable view on the SECOND folder(if it's 
not showing already). (Ignore the first folder for now) 
Disable view on every object in the folder one by one except the 
first layer in the folder.


Erase what's on the layer and draw according to the layer name. 
Eyelashes on the eyelash layer. If you need to use multiple layers, 
copy the layer name in case when you merge the layers it doesn't have 
the same name. 

After you're done with that folder, collapse it and disable view, 
then move onto the next folder. 

If your character has long fringes or just long strands of hair that 
goes in front of the body, put them in the "hair(front)" layer. 

If you hid the face folder, but noticed that the template character 
also has a nose on the body layer... Well... Don't do the same thing 
they did. Seriously. Don't. 

The reason there's a chest layer is because EmoFuri has boob physics. 
Whatever you put on the chest layer will jiggle. If you don't want 
jiggly boobs, just erase what's on the chest layer and leave it 
blank. (Though accessories would probably look cool, like scarves or 

Another important thing, say that your character's hair normally 
covers their ears. Draw the ears on the head layer anyways. The hair 
will move during the animation. 

Draw the body parts as shown in the template. Notice how they drew 
the whole head? Yeah. Do that. Even the ears if the hair normally 
hides them. 

Even if the back of the hair is hidden by the head, draw it like in 
the template because the hair will move, and you will see gaps during 
the animation. 

After you've finished the art part, close the folders and enable view 
on everything. 

Remember that first folder that I told you to ignore? Well you can 
stop ignoring it now. 

There are 6 red boxes. Move them in accordance to the eyebrows, eyes, 
nose, and mouth. If the boxes are too small, you can resize them. (I 
don't recommend making the boxes smaller to fit smaller eyes better, 
I've yet to test this.)

The blue pivot point needs to be moved to the mouth. The red to the 
neck, and the green to the waist. Make sure the lines are centered.

Save it somewhere (keep is as .psd) where you can find it. 

The hard part is done! Yay! Now close out of your art program and 
open up EmoFuri!

Here, I even attempted to click every box to see what it 
does translate for you!

Note about the "toggle background" option, when it's unchecked, the 
background will be a dark red. I don't know how to make it another 
color, or if it's even possible. 

If possible, open up the manuals and translate the pages with Google 
translate. You'll probably learn waaaaaay more from that. 

Now, click open! It should automatically take you to the template 

Open the one that I have circled. 
Your screen should look like this now:

There are a whole bunch of pretty tabs on the left. For now I'm only 
going to focus on the 2nd (red) tab. The fourth line down, there's a 
thing that you can open. Open it aaand... Look! New menu~

Okay, you want to see your character in action now, don't you?
Alright, alright. File > import .psd
Locate your .psd that you made earlier and open it. You'll get this 
big box with confusing buttons on it. Just ignore the contents of the 
Click the box that I circled. 

If you did everything right, you should get something like this: 

Click play and cry as you see your OC move~

As for exporting...
You are given the option to export as WMV, PNG, and GIF. I recomment 
you NOT export as GIF. Lots of people, including the people that 
could actually read Japanese, reported having issues with this (like 
crashing. Lots of crashing.) PNG results in saving every individual 
frame of the animation into your pictures folder.You should export as 

If you want to learn to turn WMV into GIF files... I will not explain 
There are tons of tutorials and videos that will help you with that. 

oh gosh this took so long to write x-x;;; I hope I was able to 
explain well enough! I don't know everything about this program so if 
you have a question, I might be able to answer it. This is news to 
English speaking people as of the past couple days. Hopefully a 
better tutorial will come out in time c: Thank you for reading!! 


Q: Some parts of the body/hair are cut off when I import them!

A: Ah, this has to do with the boundary boxes that are in the last layer group. You will have to expand them.
The first one (red) will needs to be over the whole body. the second one (purple) needs to cover the body (from the neck down), then the green one needs to cover the top of the head to the end of the hair. Hopefully that helps c:

Q: All I see are "????" !

A: Are you sure you changed your sysem locale? Double check here:…

Q: Is the free version only capable of portrait style animations?

A: No. You can make your own full bodies or chibis, it's just that you'll have to do some complicated settings. I will write an in-depth guide soon!

Art/CSS by c-chu

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100 Points Giveaway Everyday for a Week

I will be giving away 100 points Points everyday day for 7 days.
I will choose 2 winners per day with 50 points each.


Winners for today "Thursday"
:iconrussia-love: :iconlittlequeen456:

All the winners!

:iconrussia-love: :iconlittlequeen456:
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The Rules:

1 - You must be a existing or new watcher
2 - Add this journal to your favorite.
3-  Accounts must be a minimum of 1 month old.

This is the same journal from last time. If you already entered before, you do not have to do a thing. You are already in.
I will be using a random number generator to choose the winners.

Good luck!

2,500+ point give away (Closed + Winner)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 4, 2014, 3:31 AM

:new:Sorry, I didn't think it was completely necessary to say who the winner was but it was good ol' no.491
Plz do not spam her 
Our winner has been selected and she replied within seconds :y
all is done guys, thank you to everyone who participated and sorry but there could only be one winner
good day everyone <333

I've been hoarding 2,593 points on this account, waiting to commission someone but I never did, I don't like commissioning art anymore
That being said I wanna deactivate this account and just draw for myself over this summer. So here's my goodbye gift to everyone

  • This will be a raffle, no limit to how many people can join
  • To participate you must fav this journal and must make a journal promoting this raffle with the title being "2,500+ points give away" or something similar
  • You don't have to be a watcher of mine, cause well, I'm leaving
  • The winner gets it all, no 1st place gets half, 2nd and 3rd get the rest, it's either all or nothing
  • Do not fav this journal unless you actually participate fully and make a journal, helps me keep record of the numbers and I will be checking for journals 
  • The winner will be selected via and I will find the number in the favourties list, no need to comment or for me to give people numbers via comment, plus DA notificies you if somone mentions your name or does a thumb of one of your journals/art so I will have a list of who did the journal as required 
  • Winner will be selected on a week from now: 11th July, so be quick or you'll miss out
  • I will send a note to the winner and if they do not respond within 48 hours someone else will be chosen and sent the points, etc. So make sure you're around on the day
  • If I forgot to mention anything just ask below
Thanks bye

"Why do you artists always get so pissed off when someone uses your artwork? You should take it as a compliment!"


"You should take it as a Compliment --"
2579886-5567648625-incon by NinjaKato

A compliment would be admiring an artist's work where they post it, and if you really want to use it that badly, complimenting them would be you having enough respect for them to ask first. 
Most of us don't get mad because you use it, it's because you use it without asking or pretend you didn't know who/where it came from when there's a link to where you can find the original artist on the image. 
Taking someone's car to crash it in a derby isn't a compliment to them any more than taking someone's art to wreck it or claim it is a compliment. More so without asking. 

"What about realism artists?! They copy from photographs all the time, no originality there but you don't yell at them for copying photos! What makes some one copying/tracing another artist's work so different?"

Thinking-cap1 by NinjaKato

Firstly -- When someone is referencing a photograph they are essentially looking at pure material. When you do this you are usually looking to draw something realistically and precisely enough to where it's recognizable and anatomically correct. 
Referencing is not the same as tracing. Copying? Yes, to a degree but there's a hook -- Copying a stock photo to ensure decent anatomy is different than taking another artist's work and copying/tracing it for anatomy practice. If their sense of anatomy is wrong you aren't learning anything at all. 
Photos can technically be someone's property but if they put it as stock or reference material they offer it for free license and use by others. They took the image with their camera but they forgo complete ownership in a way. 

Secondly -- Copying a photograph for anatomically correct proportions hardly renders an image 'not creative/original'. Creativity doesn't come from the references used, it comes from the artist's ability to use them in a creative and innovative fashion. Copying or closely referencing a photograph merely dictates whether or not the final outcome is either believable or properly proportioned. 

"If you didn't want it stolen, don't post it online."

Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF by NinjaKato

If I got money for every time I've heard this, I'd have a Ferrari by now... 
Look, just because it's there doesn't mean it's free to take. More so if it's got someone's name on it. My car being parked on the street doesn't mean someone can just hop in and take it for a spin -- "It was just sitting there, your name isn't on it!" 
"Online ≠ Mine" 
A store putting a plate of cookies out on the counter doesn't make them free unless they say 'free cookies!' and even then, you're better off asking in case it's not THOSE cookies that are free. Artists shouldn't have to be worried about their stuff getting ganked because people can't keep their hands to themselves online. It's called common sense. Use it. If you didn't make it or ask for it and get the 'okay', it's not yours. 

"I'm just using your character's likeness -- it's not like I'm claiming I drew it or created it!"

tumblr m4usxzWq5j1qezk6n by NinjaKato

And you can't create your own characters? I mean, you can write out everything about them so why not write out a description as well? 
I can't entirely speak for other artists on this one but creating a character is hard work enough let alone drawing it out to the specs you want. Many of us spend hours or even days-weeks-months trying to come up with decent characters and we put a lot of heart and soul into them. To you they may just be cool drawings but to us they're our creations; part of us. 
I think a lot of people are well aware that if you see someone with 20 different art styles in their list of characters chances are they didn't draw them. So it's not that people are claiming they drew them (not all the time anyway) -- it's again, using our IP for your RP without asking or respecting our rights and terms as the original creator.
You can't copyright ideas or even colours, markings, poses, and personality traits. However, images are something an artist CAN copyright. If you want to have a blue and orange wolf character that acts like Optimus Prime, fine. You can do that, but you can't take someone's wolf version of Optimus Prime and use it as a bio pic for your character without asking. Catch my drift?  
Write out a bio to describe your character, it works just as well if you're a good writer -- And if you're that hard up for a visual, ask or pay an artist to draw it for your personally. Then your character will be made up to specs you want instead of having to steal to get something close.

So you see, it's not that we're selfish whiny pissbabies... It's more because we love our work and we'd love you to enjoy our work as well. On OUR terms. If you respect an artist, respect their rights and terms. 
End of story.

Hi, I'm just another artist who started at zero like all of you. These are just the things I wish I knew before. Feel free to share this journal around if you think that someone needs help on this subject. This journal is dedicated to new artists or just aspiring artists that are not feeling motivated. Or probably any other artists that wants to improve, really.

We've all been there. Have you ever had these thoughts on the back of your mind?

"I'm not popular. My art is not popular." 

"I'm not improving." 
"My work is still shit compared to ___"
"I want to draw but I don't have time."
"I suck at drawing ___"
"I have an artblock."

"I want to improve, like, really fast."

"I can't fully draw what I already pictured in my head"

"I don't have my own style"

1) If they tell you that you can't draw, work twice as hard and prove them wrong.
Remember that those who told you that are not always right. Who says you can't draw? It is their own opinion and their standard. Well, don't draw to meet the world's standard. Draw because you want to draw. Draw what you want to draw. If they tell you that you can't draw even if you try, that's bullshit. Through effort, there will be result. All that matters is just how much effort you put into it.

2) Stop comparing your work with other people.
You see these idols on Pixiv, DA, or other websites that draws so beautifully that it looks effortless and just fucking amazing. Now you start comparing yourself with them. You started noticing these flaws. How to draw so amazingly like them? How do they even do color that good? Wow, even their sketch is better than my whole piece. Now flush away those thoughts from your mind. Let me tell you, they also started like you. If they're drawing digitally, I'm sure they also take time to adjust and improve. We don't just touch the tablet for the first time and use all the tools like a total pro. Your work is your work, theirs is theirs. You can idolize them, but you can also improve and try hard to be better. Believe me, nothing is really impossible if you set your mind to it. Your work is fucking amazing, you just have to try harder and takes more time. Don't underestimate yourself!

3) No matter that they say, you don't have to stay or be within the lines.
You don't have to draw what people draw. You don't need to draw mainstream stuffs just so people can look at your work. Draw, and make them appreciate your art just the way it is. What's wrong with drawing your original characters? Nothing. Draw what you want and someone, somewhere, somewhat will appreciate your work. You just need to find that someone.

4) Art is 10% talent and 90% work.
Not all of us are born with the talent. I personally have to admit that I have the ability to catch on things fast and have an undeniable spirit to improve, but that does not mean that I do not work for it. I don't draw like how I am right now immediately after I start. My works from last year are shitty, I'm not even going to lie about it. But I got through it. Not all of us are born with talent. We just have to work for it. Work, work, and work harder. Draw, draw, and draw so that you can exceed that limit or boundary.

5) When you're stuck on trying to draw something, chain yourself to do it.
Can't draw hands, feet, or anatomy? Instead of hiding your imperfections, fix it. I know it's easy being said than done, but really. Last year I told myself that I can't draw guys. I was so focused on drawing girls that I eventually gave up on the thought of being able to draw males. But here I am, this year, drawing males with open sixpacks and muscles. What the fuck happened? I chained myself to do it. Hate drawing anatomy because you're not good at it? Don't hate it, embrace it. Work to fix it. Don't coward away.

6) You can't finish something you don't start.
If you don't practice, nothing is going to magically happen. You can't gain skills overnight. You can't improve on a blank canvas.

7) If you want to improve, you'll make time for it.
Even just 10 minutes in a day is enough. If you can't draw the whole page of your sketchbook, just half is okay. A long journey begins with small steps. Instead of playing internet or browsing for 12 hours straight (like me LOL), why not just take 5 minutes out of it to draw? Time is there for you, you just don't use it wisely. Are you sure that you can't spend 10 minutes out of 24 hours (1440 minutes) -> 0.00694444444% a day to draw?

8) If you're tired, take timed breaks.
Let's say you did made some time to draw, but you're freaking tired. I suggest you take a rest or a break. Drawing for 2 hours straight without stretching or doing proper health routine is not the best thing. Take a break once in a while. Get fresh air or just visualize what you're going to draw next.

9) If you don't know how to do it, try doing what you can and learn.
This point is related to number 5. In order to improve, you have to try. You can't finish anything without trying. Remember that failure is not the end. Everyone starts with failure and proceeds.

10) Be patient with your work. Good works needs patience.
If you don't see your work improve, it's probably because you don't try hard enough. I'm sure all of us want to improve. Who doesn't? But improvement does not come in just a night, a day, a few days, a few months. I personally took a year to finally develop a style that I like.

11) You don't lose. Either you win or you learn.
Stay strong. Tell yourself that you can't give up. Failure is the key to success. Either you'll be a person that broke down and lose or you could be the person that fails but is willing to try again and win. Your choice.

12) Create something every single day even if you think that it's shit.
Like I said before, practice most on the things you don't usually do. Take risk! Creativity comes from taking risks and the will to overcome it. Try drawing more anatomy if you suck at it. Even if it looks like shit in the beginning, you will begin to improve as time goes.

13) What you create does not have to be perfect.
If you're a perfectionist like me, this is a very important point. Your work does not have to perfect. Don't draw on your sketchbook for the purpose of showing it around to everyone so they can praise you. Your sketchbook does not have to be filled with super neat and nicely done work. You can draw doodles and stupid sketches here and there if you like it that way. Stick figures as the base or even just a random tree beside a potrait. Do it. Have fun. It does not have to be perfect.

14) Don't think about making art. Just get it done.
15) Don't be afraid to fail.
16) Learn to trust your own talent.
17) You don't have to meet everyone's standards.

18) Do not self-doubt yourself. 
You can do this! I'm with you guys and will always be. I'm also learning, just like you guys. Let's do this and take risk together.

19) It's okay to idolize someone's style.
I personally have some favorite artists that I really, really, really love. To tell the truth, when I first started, I copied their style and went along with it. As time goes on, I began tweaking it and at the end, I got my own style. You don't need to stress yourself to be unique. Just draw how you want to.

20) Tutorials don't exist only as a feast to your eyes.
Yeah, you saw so many tutorials around the internet. They're useful. Well, they look useful. If that's what you thought, then start changing the way you see these tutorials. Practice these tutorials instead of just reading them. Reading tutorials and advice may help you but it's even more helpful if you put them unto work. Use those tutorials, read them, understand them, work on them.

21) Learn from the experienced artist.
Before that, you might need to read their FAQ before asking them some questions because FAQs exist for a reason. Like I said, you can idolize an artist and look up to them. But you can also learn from them. What tools do they use? How often do they draw? What did they do to improve? How do they ___? Feel free to explore, but be sure not to over-do it to the point of annoying them. Learn from them. They have experiences. If they're kind enough, they might even give you tips. Over this year, I've gotten many notes from my watchers asking about my brush settings, how to paint/color in one layer, how to ____, and all of those stuffs. And I'm willing to answer them, because I'll do anything if it could help someone. I'm personally not annoyed at all by these questions, it makes me feel honored to even be asked about these stuffs. I'm happy that my work is appreciated and I think all the other artists also would be happy if their works are appreciated.

22) Why wait for improvement when you can start now?
Yes I did said that improvement takes a lot of time and that you have to wait patiently for it. But that does not mean that you could just wait and do nothing. Improvement does not come by itself if you don't take initiative. If you keep drawing the same things over and over again without trying to improve for the better, then you're like waiting for Haru (from free!) to hate swimming. Not gonna happen, dude. It needs effort. And that can start now. Why wait for later when you can start now?

23) Be proud of your work. Don't just notice the flaws.
See your work. If you think it's lacking, find out what it's lacking and fix it. Remember that noticing your flaws means that you have moved to another level. You can see things that you don't normally see. Flaws? Why not? Just try again.Because like what they said; "no pain, no gain." You can't finish what you haven't started.

24) A ladder.
If you read until this point and you still feel hopeless, start thinking about these whole shiz as a ladder. What do you use ladder for? To reach the top, higher and higher. Do you just flew right to the top? No. You have to start from the floor, your feet is in the ground. You're starting from there. Still not good enough, still so lacking in skills or motivation. You're still in the ground. Now what do you do? Don't sulk there. Move that damn feet, climb one step at a time. Chances are if you hurry and do 3 steps at a time, you could slip off and fell. But really, move that hand, start your ladder. The ladder does not stop anywhere. It goes on and on, and all you have to do it see it to the end.

"A good artist is someone who is inventing, experimenting, trying, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, getting up, and having fun."

Lastly, thank you for those who read it until the end. I hope this journal is able to help somehow! If you have a personal opinion and so on, please be sure to comment below! I love, love, love reading comments from you guys. If you want to contact me personally, I am available on twitter and tumblr. I want to know what you guys think. I want to help, at least someone. Just know that I love you guys, and I'm here with you in this journey.

What are you waiting for?

Go take your first step!

Quickly, grab your pen and paper or your tablet and laptop or whatever that you use to draw! Just draw, don't think about anything. Don't think about how fucked up it would look like, just draw. And look back at it. See those flaws? Yes, you can fix them! You're just starting. Your journey is starting. Everyday and every steps, it's a new page. Before you regret it, take your first step!

You can rant on me if you want to, I'll listen and surely we can fix this if we try. We're all in this together. 

I added some quotes to motivate you guys! 

"The grass is not always greener on the other side. The grass is greener when you water it."
"When you see someone who does things flawlessly, it's often because they have spent many hours practicing."
"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good."
"There is no big success without big sacrifice."

"Everything big starts small. Start now."


1 month Premium Membership+500points Giveaway

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 9:37 PM
Hello~ :wave:
Its been quite awhile since I upload anything. Due to no Internet connection ><
So here I am. Fine, healthy,.. (like anyone would care :lol:)

So, the title says it all!
My first PM giveaway xp

1st- 1 Month PM 
2nd- 200:points:
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4th- 100:points:

:bulletpink: :+fav: this journal
:bulletpink: That's all!

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Winners will be announced by 10th of August using

Goodluck and tq  for reading! :heart:

So many artists underpricing...

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 6:24 AM

It makes me really sad.

When an artist you want to commission finally open their commissions back and all of their slots are taken in less than a minute.

And I'm sure all the slots would still be taken if the price was increased of x2-x10.

So many artists are still underpricing themselves. People make it a standard for art to sell for so cheap and whenever someone charge more than this standard, which is probably still underpriced, people complain.

By underpricing yourself, you are also contributing to keep the price standard of art low on this site. Charging low can be insulting to other artists, but also to yourself.

Please, don't ever feel like you need to underprice yourself, because of the fear of what other might think or say. You art is worth more than that. There will always be someone complaining, you cannot please everyone. Your time, the efforts, the skills you gained over years of hard work, is worth far way more than a few cents/points.

If you ever open your commissions and all slots are taken in less than 5 minutes or you got more than enough requests by that time, please consider this.

warning: This journal is my opinion and my view on things. I support open-mindedness and the possibility of anything.
The internet is full of it: People with strong opinions. Usually about 'how to do things' and 'how to absolutely not do things'.
Ask any given person this question: What is good art?
They will all give you a different answer and some of those answers are waaaay to specific for their own good.
Meaning they have a very specific view on what is good and see other work that does not meet up those qualifications as: bad, fake or cheating.
It is natural to have a preference toward certain topics or techniques when making art, but it's wrong to push those ideas upon others as a set of rules. (kinda like forcing someone into a religion)
Art should be a free medium for people to express themselves, even if this means their work goes against your standards or deems unpleasant for your taste.
(Child pornography, animal cruelty etc not included, there are limits to that extent.)
When people tell you, to tell your technique (yes you read it correctly when they TELL you, not ASK) Don't ever feel obligated to tell them any part of your process nor the amount of hours spend on it, or the mediums involved. Don't let people discredit your work by their eagerness to improve and/or find any mistakes they deem to see in you.

These are some very common sayings coming from artists with strong opinions that will not help you one bit, followed by what I think is the best mindset:

:bulletblue: ' You must PAINT everything in your painting. '

Who are they to tell you that you should paint and not use 3D, photo, textures, clay what ever.  It does not make you any less of an artist if you find shortcuts for your work.
The only thing that counts in the end is whether or not you're happy with it. Some people feel cheated when they find out you used other media to make your end result. If it looks good it looks good.

Character Illustration for Film Part 3 by tiger1313

:bulletblue: ' It looks ugly when you use photos in your paintings, so don't do it. '

Screw that! You must fail to learn right! I'd say make a dozen of those images and learn from them. Why does an image suddenly have to become define if you use photos in there? Because you used
a shortcut instead of painting it all? And the fact you might have done it wrongly only leads you to the search of discovering how to do it right. 

He Does Not Sleep by ricochet188

:bulletblue: 'You must give up everything in your life and completely focus on art or you wont stand a chance. '

Though hard work and sacrifice of luxuries are definitely part of the road to success, you DON'T have too. It is not a race. If others do work with this method (as I did myself) they could end up being successful sooner, but that doesn't mean you will not be successful too in a bit more time. Being hardcore has a lot of risks, from mental illnesses to physical ones. If it's not for you, you should be fine with taking the slower route. Just always try your best and never overstretch yourself too much. Work smart.

Monster by SpineBender

:bulletblue: 'Do not color pick your colors! '

Hereby I honestly confess that I've spend 2 years of my art life picking colors from photos and painting i love AND I LEARNED TONS!! Just be honest about it when people ask (if you feel the need to answer).
You will learn so much about hues and values if you color pick with a focused mindset, dissecting every piece of color and discovering why they look the way they look. (Why colors that seem to appear yellow are actually blue etc... usually because of the color next to it.) Just a tip though, don't set your color picker on 1 by1 pixel... but rather 4 by 4 to 8 by 8. 
After doing studies with that method you will be capable enough to work fast without the need to pick colors, gained by all that knowledge form those early years that you did. Tada! :D

The Unforgiven by Jiyu-Kaze

:bulletblue: 'Don't copy people's work.'
Sure you can!

Great painters in history did it all the time! It's a great way of learning from those who did it before you!  Just keep it to yourself... noone really cares for the end result though.. If anything, showing off a study you made of someone else's work only comes across as weird.It is okay to have influences as it's okay to be unique. 
(psst, I've done so many classical paint studies, as well as Craig Mullins paintings and copies of random painted faces from amazing artists... learned soo much! But it will never ever see daylight ^^ )  

:bulletred: At the end of the day I'd say. Always form your own opinion based on your own research. Don't just blindly follow people's opinion swithout questioning it and looking for counter proof. Experiment, play and be bold.

More journals for support and kicking your artistic butt into arting.
The 5 bullshit myths of concept art.Concept art is getting bigger and bigger. More people know what it is nowadays, it gets shown in the media more often and more books get released. This automatically results into more people wanting to become concept artists. So many artschools are now creating special courses all towards game art or concept art. (Game art can also include UI design, 3D modeling etc.).
Yet it is a fairly new thing to most people and the idea of "becoming a concept artist" has grown rapidly over such a short time that a lot of people who are new to it seem to get a lot of misguide info. I am going to try to list this misguided info and direct you to the correct info.
(Again I would always advise you to do your own research and form your own knowledge and not just simply agree with what you read online, not from anyone, not from me. Even though i'm right ;) .. ofcourse. :P *wink *wink )
  Are you on the right track? + Fuck Talent!Am I on the right track?
This is a thing people often wonder and think it's a complicated to find out, but it is actually pretty simple. It's a different question you need to ask yourself based on different topics.
As for: Fuck talent! You'll find it if you scroll down :P
:bulletblue: Topic 1: Am I on the right track to becoming a better artist?
Does your work from today, look closer to your initial goal than your work from last week? (this needs to be both in skill and idea.)
:bulletgreen: Good skills: Honing your technique, training you muscle memory, being more knowledgeable about your tools and art rules. With art rules I mean: Perspective, form, light, texture, composition.
:bulletgreen: Good ideas: Storytelling, characteristics, charm, emotion and design. Not just making things look polished but also convey something more, something that brings it to life and speaks to pe
How to win Art-contests! (+ Caldyra winners!)Let me start by saying how incredibly happy I am with all these amazing and inspiring entries! This definitely calls for doing another such contest soon!
Most of you have really tried their best and it shows! I couldn't have asked for better or more, choosing the winners among these was already aching my brains.
This journal will show the winners and the special mentions but also a bit about how to higher your changes on winning contests (maybe good for the next one).
This was my contest for those interested:

How to win contests?!
The change on winning a contest always gets smaller based on the amount of people joining in, however this doesn't mean that your work will be diminished by the numbers.
Here is a list of tips and tricks to make sure that your work gets into the top 10 !
:bulletblue: Triple read the contest's description. Make sure you got every detail right.
In this case it was pretty important that the Skyworm loo
A big black hole called: Procrastination.Procrastination is an infinite cycle that becomes bigger and bigger the longer it's there and the time wasted being sucked into it is a dark matter of nothing.
:P hahah I figured this was the most dramatic way to put it, but yeah, it's real and it sucks.
For those who don't know what it means: Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before the deadline.
We all suffer from procrastination. It is pretty innocent when you have it with household chores or packing your suitcase before you go on a holiday. 
But it becomes a serious problem when you do it with the important things in your life. I take it you're an artist if you're reading this and the biggest aim of being an artist is to be an even better one.
As shown in previous journals there are many
What do do as an artist in training.There are many ways to Rome they say. But I find most aspiring artists lost and asking me for guidance
and this is what I tell them.
Find out for yourself what you really want to do with art, there are so many different professions.
Graphic designer, Concept artist (mobile and high end), Illustrator of bookcovers, or card games.
Once you can make your pick, or at least pick 1 or 2 you must find the best work on the market in those fields. 
Find out what makes the best art of your favorite field the best art. What do they paint? How do they paint it? With knowing this you can find out about the things you need to study.
The most basic study aims are the following:
:bulletblue: Lighting.
What forms of light art there? And how does it influence things?
The book Color and Light by James Gurney will give you a lot of insight.
:bulletblue: Shapes.
How do you paint shapes? How do you light them the right way?
You will learn a l
Where to get started before you can apply for workThere is no such thing as suddenly knowing when you are ready to turn your
passion into your profession. But there is a way of measuring your chances on being
able to get work and eventually sustain a living from it.
Accepting commissions or freelance for low payment won't help you. You can think any penny counts, but it will lower the worth of your work and damage the market.
:bulletblue: How to measure that you are ready?
You probably have high goals, but they are usually not your first step. You must search out the clients who can be that first step. Often found in the card game industry, book cover illustrations and smaller game company's. 
Look at the artwork shown by a company such as the card game company: Fantasy Flight games. Compare your skills with the average of their artworks. If it matches yours, you will have a chance. However, keep in mind that those artworks had been done in a limited timeframe, usually within 12 hour
This is why you (and your art) get ignored.People often get the sense of being ignored in the art-scene, especially here online. We all try so hard to get our foot in the door, it's like trying to stuff yourself in an overfull bus like a sardine in a can.
Sometimes you just want to socialize with other artists you admire and you seem to be talking into a brick wall or perhaps you've send your portfolio to a company over a dozen times and still don't even seem to get the smallest response or feedback. I will try and tell you WHY you get ignored and HOW you can get noticed instead.
I will go through the following cases of being ignored:
:bulletgreen: Your comment.
:bulletgreen: Your art.
:bulletgreen: Your Portfolio.
:bulletyellow: Do know, that even though being ignored feels very personal it's hardly ever personal at all! 
:bulletblue: Your comment(s) gets ignored.
It happens ever so often. You notice an artwork or a discussion and you weigh in with your opinion or admiration, perhaps even some feedback? T
The problematic behavior of online artists.There is a bunch of things online artist do terribly wrong on a regular basis. Some of it might be directly aimed to you and some might be things you from others. 
:bulletblue: Way too little time spend on painting/practice.
:bulletblue: People making nit pick pointers.
:bulletblue: The extreme fuzz about labels and methods.
:bulletblue: Witch-hunting/ talking smack.
However I'd like to start with a totally opposite note:
This year I've also experienced great support from the art community for which I'm dearly grateful for.
:icontituslunter: got me an amazing birthday gift(video), made by him and fellow awesome artists:
And the support I've had this past week with the event of my sisters death has been incredibly helpful. (Thank you for all the donations, there are no more worries about money anymore thanks to you awesome people!)

:bulletred: (most of) You seem to spend way to li

The stuff that artists go through.There are so many pro's and con as to being an artist, professional or as a hobby. 
It feels nice to be able to express yourself through something you make and when that something turns out to be looking good we get this sense of accomplishment. 
Most of the time though there are bad feelings mixed with the good ones.
:bulletblue: Not being understood. Those moments where your friends or family does not understand that you have to desire to be alone and work on your art. Those copious amounts of hours you spend working and they wonder why you wouldn't rather be outside relaxing in the sun or hang out with your friends.
The only people who will ever fully understand this are other artists or simply very understandable people. It's important they they will eventually understand so there wont be any hurt feelings. Try to explain ti as calmly and rational as you can, perhaps with using examples in terms they  would understand.

  Overcome your unfair obstacles.We all have certain obstacles that gives us the feeling of: 'This is so unfair!.'
To me it's one of the most annoying feelings in the world because in general we don't really know how to deal with it. One little part of us says: 'Don't whine about it, you are just being jealous.' the other part of you tells you: 'If I didn't have this obstacle or disability I would rule the world!!'
So you bounce around  anger, sadness, hopelessness and envy. 
If you were just sad about something or simply angry it would be a lot easier to deal with, you cry or you just vent a bit towards a friend. 
But how to deal with he feeling of unfairness? 

:bulletblue: There are many things that can form this unfair obstacle for you.
Physical obstacles such as: MS, Lyme disease, Arthritis, Color blindness, missing fingers?
Mental obstacles such as: Depression, being a procrastinator (yes I'm naming it because it's a mental blockade that keeps y
Fast lane to becoming a better artist.I often get this very question: How did you get this good this fast?

Now as I consider myself not being as good as people tell me, even struggling quite often with being an artist in general. 
I do know how to get better and how to reach it fast. I'm still growing as I go and it's the main thing that keeps me going.
You need to get into the right mindset and the rest will follow. With the rest I mean:
1. Willpower.
2. Endurance.
3. Positive energy.
4. The NEED to draw.
:bulletblue: Seeing growth in your work gives you the courage to work harder. You know that feeling when you're just about done with an image
and feel like this image is better than your last one, that great feeling. Use it!
:bulletblue: Do studies! Lots of them!! Make film shot studies, live object studies, master-painting studies. They will teach you a lot about composition, lighting, colors, shapes storytelling etc. 
You will hardly notice that you are learning thing
Why it's so important to unite as artists.We are with many though yet we are with few. We're all divided over little subgroups such as, fantasy illustrators, concept artists, comic book pencilers, photomanipers, techartists, anime drawers, realism sketchers etc. You might even find your place at multiple sections.
I found that the biggest united groups on Deviant Art are mostly evolved around fan art, such as Sonic, or My little pony. 
Observations aside, I think the good thing about those groups is that they serve for companionship. Being an artist all by yourself with no one to share/talk about/discuss your work with can feel rather lonely. And that lonely feeling is not encouraging at all. Most of us  keep a lot of things taboo as well, like techniques or rates. If we were more openly with these the changes of being underpaid or missing out on a job because someone else does it for hardly any money at all will grow slimmer. People should know what they are worth and not be afraid to ask for it.
When I joined Devia
Are you being honest with yourself?As part of becoming good at something you need to be able to reflect upon yourself. Judge your own abilities and work and consider the possibility that what ever you have been doing it wrong all along. Or perhaps you're actually being to hard on yourself and you're better than your conscious is telling you. (This is bad too because it leads to insecurities.)

Signs that you might overestimate your current skills.
Do you often feel these things when you look upon work from good artists?:
I can totally do this too.
This is not so hard, I can do this faster.
My work is way more interesting.
It's not fair that this person gets way more attention than I do.
Why am I not being recognized for my skills.
This other technique is cheating! (photo-bashing, using reference, filters, effects etc)
I don't need to draw and learn all day to become this good.
I spend 2 hours on a painting, Masterpiece!!
Signs that you might underestimate your skills.
Do you ofte
When someone brings your art down...Putting our art out there makes us very vulnerable, especially when you've made something close to your heart. Perhaps something of your own fantasy, a story, a fan fiction your passionate about?
As much as most of us really want to improve, we also simply want to make art because we love it and when we share it there is a slight hope there is someone out there who will love it too.
There are all kinds of ways other people can bring you down by saying something about your art, or by doing nothing at all! Perhaps YOU are even part of making someone feel down and you're not realizing it!

:bulletblue: The harsh critique.
This person might want to help you or simply likes to bring you down. In either case this person will write in length about your lack of technique, uniqueness and/or skill. 
:bulletred: Respond option: Thanks but no thanks! Tell this person you appreciate the time spend on their post, but you rather hear constructive critique instead
How to deal with or get feedback.Getting feedback or critiques may be hard for people.
Some people want it really bad but can't seem to get it, at least not from the people he/she is hoping for.
And other get it all the time but feel a little attacked or bullied by it.
Pretty much anyone with eyes and some intelligence is able to spot mistakes or irregularities in someone's work. This person doesn't have to be more skilled than you. 
However, this person... might be wrong.... 
:bulletpurple: How do you judge a critique?
You initially made your artwork according to the knowledge you currently have. Leaving room for mistakes in the elements you're not trained or knowledgeable in. Or perhaps you think you know something and you are not aware that it's wrong.
When someone gives you feedback, even though it might feel incorrect. Take a little time to do some extra research on the matter. 
:bulletblue: You can ask others if they agree with someone's  feedback.
:bulletblue: You can search online (wit
So tired of not achieving what you want?So tired of not achieving what you want?

Everyone has something they really want dearly, a career, to have a certain loved one, to be able to make certain things...
The most common one among us artist are:
- I want to be able to draw better
- I want to be able to draw like "this"person.
- I want to earn money with my drawing.
- I want to be able to draw what I imagine in my head.
- I want more people to appreciate my art.
- I want more feedback from artists I admire.
- I want more..
- I want better....
All this wanting.. dreaming of... hoping for.
How about doing it!! With these sort of "wants", it's a matter of DOING IT!
How? You ask?
There are many ways, but the usual and only answers to those desires are: 
- Spend the most time you have on drawing/painting.
- Go and ask people for help, it is okay to do so!
- Look at that amazing artwork and try and figure out how this person made it, perhaps he/she will tell you? Perhaps this person has made a video or tutoria
Avoid getting ripped off by a client.As a freelancer most of your business takes place online, which makes it really easy
for people to rip you off. How many times have we seen the following scenario's:
1- Someone offers a descent payment for your artwork but wants you to do an art-test first.
after the art-test you're being told you're not good enough. Later you find out that other people
got to do different art-test topics and also weren't good enough. The client clearly ripped people off to get free artwork.
2- Someone offers good money for your artwork. The sketch gets approved so you continue working. Right when it's done the total image suddenly becomes a great disappointment and the client ends up not paying you.
These were just 2 examples of situations that happen a lot to freelancers. There are many more like it.
:bulletblue: How to detect if a client is a bit fishy...
Does their email address look professional? Some legit people may use their Gmail address, with their real name or nickname, those are questionabl
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