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Tue Apr 15, 2014, 3:49 PM
i walk into the garden at
3am, find death digging
his own grave in the middle
of my lawn, he says he's
dead to me now, he can
just feel it in his bones,
points at the mud and says
dirt is dirt
it can't pretend that it's
anything else,
oh and i found that peg you lost,
it was under the conifer,
climbs in covers himself and leaves
me standing alone

(keeps sending me postcards, i wish you were here)

RAFFLE points and chibi

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 11, 2014, 8:17 PM

Ends 1ro de MAYO / 01/05


:bulletpink: FAV  a este journal. No se olviden por favor. o no podrán participar.  
:bulletpink: PUBLICIDAD, a este journal, por Poll O Journal. No será obligatorio esta vez, pero seria de gran ayuda si lo hicieran. 
:bulletpink: usare esta página para sortear al y mostrare capturas


serán DOS ganadores, el primero recibirá 600 :points: y el segundo un chibi 
Natsume by pily-sweet-angel


ART by LaDollBlanche


Wed Apr 16, 2014, 5:27 PM
a mother says to her son
can you feel the world lodged
in your rib? do not tell
me you can't, it's right there
and let's not tell god
anything about this, let's give
him the silent treatment like
he's giving to us,
sometimes i wake up wanting
to shred myself into ribbons
tie me up in a bow and send myself
to your doorstep with no
return address and let you deal with it,
you're not listening and you're not
understanding, you're too busy
trying to read all the text, but
i can go days without speaking
one word, got a habit of holding my
breath diving into my own mind
for hours, blue bottomless pool
river veins with the bones of a dream
drifting through, some stuck on the
banks all dried up and thirsty, this
shark tooth reminds me of you so i
press it in hard, still not one single
drop, a baby raccoon floats by with
no life but wide eyes, i know you'll
pray the horned god sends him
straight to the sea, drown him out
with that voice that says maybe
next year when you search for
yourself, you won't just be
facing dead ends

(the gate at the end of the garden is barred)


Sat Apr 12, 2014, 6:19 PM
i like to feed things in
through my mind and then pull them
right out of my chest when they're
put it on paper and call it
a poem, feed it
back into the brain
and repeat, but
anxiety says just
let this stuff go -
cough up those words
that you've got in your
chest and dust off the
shelf in your lungs, feel
them one last time if you want
but please, send them away in
their poems, and quick
i'm real
sorry but
i'm just not
done with them

there's no
poetry drip
i can rip
from the back
of my hand
and my neck,
discharge myself
from this one

(chew it up, spit it out)

Small Giveaway!(closed)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 3:10 AM
Thank you so much for those nice comments!! <33
i really appreciate every single one of them :love:
and now the winner...... Arvatzc:iconarvatzc: :la:

tq for reading and stay tune for more giveaways in the future! :heart:

Hello everyone!
Giving away 50:points: for 1 winner :)

:bulletpink: Fav this journal
:bulletpink: Thats it! :la:

Ends on 15/4 Tuesday (on my birthday :XD:)

tq for reading and you guys are awesome! :heart:

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

I haven't done this since 2012 or so, but I will offer free custom OCs for fun again ♥
BUT PLEASE. Let me know if the design I make for you is not going to be used. 
I would rather keep the design rather than give it away and let it gather dust forever. That's what made me stop last was too sad. I will not be insulted if it is not to your tastes, so please let me know. ♥

If you would like to try, please comment in this journal with the following information:
1) male, female, or androgynous appearance
2) age range for the character
3) up to 4 themes for the character
4) an URL to a colour palette ( you can browse palettes on ) or list some colours that you like
5) extra info like personality, species, quirks, etc which can affect the design

I will try to draw as many as I can (in any order), but I will not be able to draw for everyone. This will be done in my free time, between work, commissions, and other obligations.

If you choose to participate by posting the info in a comment, then you MUST agree to this:

Any character that I design for you is only for non commercial use and not to be resold or traded. If a design is not to your liking, then kindly let me know and I will keep it for myself or for future use.

Here's some past designs 
design -- tea and flowers by onisuudesign -- jabberwocky by onisuudesign -- librarian by onisuu

design -- strawberry lolita by onisuudesign -- moonlight dragon by onisuudesign -- sailor by onisuu

reply to comments below: ahh you guys are so nice too! ; u ; )
it'll be a lot of fun for me to work on these! <33
And some of you are looking for designs characters in your stories -- it's really flattering that you would consider one from me! > 7 <)) ///
thank you for allowing me freedoms and also giving me guidelines! I feel inspired just by reading your requests <3 ^__^ *designs flashing in my mind*
curse these slow hands XD
Here is the first vid of the week! Hope you guys like it :0

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 Valentine's day 2014- Makorra (chibi) by Jazmin-Jazz KORRA X NARUTO - Crossover by Koikii

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