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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (28,366 votes) 705 comments
45,791 Deviants Online

:new: Raffle closed. Thanks for participating and support!
I'm sorry if you didn't won. But I hope you guys are having fun.
Until next time then!

3rd Pixel raffle - 17K WATCHERS

Thanks for for 17K watchers! As a thank you. I will made my 3rd pixel raffle. I hope I can give 
a better prize but I don't have much time to draw so I will give simple one only.
Hopefully this is enough.
Please read the rules below to enter.


1) Anyone can join. No need to watch me to enter.
2) FAVORITE this journal to get your number (I will use to pick the winner)
3) Share. Make a journal or poll to give other people opportunity (optional)


  • 1 pixel art of your character (2 winners)
  • Example;
[PRIZE] hei--mao by Hachiimi [PRIZE] Windfle by Hachiimi 
 [AT] Akashicchan by Hachiimi  [PRIZE] SakuraTenshi101 by Hachiimi


Congratulation to Fruwolf13 and ayakurri
Both of you won a single pixel from me!

1.11836bb75ff711ce5c26822bc8f2b81d by Hachiimi97fbf870162053925aadb4f86d39a4f8 by Hachiimi

2. 0384c248882705a5ee3df6bf1ae87722 by Hachiimi762cf95c9226d5b3a4b3514db76a1b81 by Hachiimi

Skin by SimplySilent


Sun Aug 24, 2014, 9:48 AM


1st WINNER IS :iconcagedbirdsinging:
2nd WINNER IS :iconorioniszeta:
3rd WINNER IS :iconutau:

WISH THEM CONGRATS////// :iconkissinguplz:

Will note you and the donators ASAP

HIIII! :iconasdfghplz:
First of all I want to thank you ALL so much for the support during this past week. It means a LOT for me! 
Also today I just reached my 16K watcher! :iconuhuhuhuplz: I`M SO HONOURED AND HAPPY
I DON´T DESERVE ALL THIS LOVE AHHH DISH FDIhdsjudhusj :iconifaintplz:

So I want to give something back to YOU! 

I´m holding a RAFFLE for you guys! 
So you get the chance to win some art by me and other wonderful people that wanted to donate!////


Also if you want to donate a prize for my lovely watchers feel free to do so and I will add your donation as a prize as well! 



FULLBODY by :iconpiouru:
HEAD SHOT by :iconsolanapple:
 BUST SHOT by :iconmimitea:
BUST SHOT :iconda-jenki: 
BUST SHOT :iconnemorafarraige:
Coloured sketch from :iconuyuuchii:
Pixel icon from :iconjunouji:

chibi from :iconinlinverst:

chibi from :iconotakuprincess132:
Chibi from :iconlunacy-sama:
Chibi from :iconwitchiecat:
Chibi from :iconmeaty-nosebleeds:
EMOFURI animation from :iconbooboobunni:
Commission from :iconiikuzo:
Request from :iconlusitaniaangel313:

2nd Winner

will get a SKETCH Chibi/Shoosh/critter/pony from me --> :iconyamio:
 Halfbody from :iconxlemonberryx:
Halfbody + watch from :icononlinerabbit0x0:
Halfbody from :iconswerville:
HEAD SHOT by :iconsolanapple:
HEAD SHOT by :icondusk-deerfluff:
Picture drawn by :iconno-pe:

Picture from :iconmiyuu1chan: 
Coloured sketch from :iconuyuuchii:
Chibi by :iconmiyukitakara1229:
chibi from :iconotakuprincess132:
Chibi from :iconlenkiyoumi:
Flat Chibi from :iconmeaty-nosebleeds:
Pagedoll by :iconunbrandedlaptop:
Pixel icon from :iconiikuzo:

3rd Winner

will get a SKETCH Chibi/Shoosh/critter/pony from me --> :iconyamio:
 chibi from :iconbamohcchi:
 Chibi from :iconchamomilatea:
chibi from :iconotakuprincess132:
Chibi from :iconchibii-chii:
Chibi from :iconlenkiyoumi:
Chibi from :iconizie--chan:
Sketch Chibi from :iconmeaty-nosebleeds:
Soft ANIMATION from :iconfiddlelid:

HEAD SHOT by :iconsolanapple:
Bust shot from :iconkro406:
Bust shot from :iconthe-mad-saxony:
Fullbody from :iconbook-box:
Coloured sketch from :iconuyuuchii:



Kitty Paw [SPEEDPAINT] by Yamio


The only things that are MUST to enter this raffle, is of course to be an WATCHER of mine!
This is to thank my watchers after all ♥

And you need to fav this journal and write your own journal entry to spread the word! I don´t want people to miss it out! 
So I made it 3 days long! //////
The rest is optional! But the more you do, the more entries :iconkissinguplz:

HAVE FUN! :iconmoeblushplz:

Skin by SimplySilent
In the wake of some truly disgusting activity in the gaming industry right now, I’ve been grappling with a moral dilemma concerning what I would recommend young artists do with their chosen career paths.

Phil Fish Hacked
Phil Fish, the creator of FEZ, is pretty much universally hated by people online. Recently he spoke out in favor of Zoe Quinn, creator of Depression Quest, who was herself under fire from internet thought police for “corrupting” games journalism’s integrity by sleeping with journalists to get favorable reviews of her game (allegations which later proved to be untrue). Because he spoke out in favor of Zoe Quinn, Phil found himself under a massive internet attack, wherein hackers compromised his SSI, passwords, Polytron's PayPal account, and other sensitive data.

In the wake of the attack, Phil Fish is now selling off the rights to FEZ and to Polytron. He left with this rather depressing twitter message: “I am done. I want out. RUN AWAY. Just don't do it. Give up your dreams. They are actually nightmares. Nothing is worth this. To every aspiring game developer out there: Don't. give up. It's not worth it. This is your audience. This is videogames."

The Moral Dilemma
Which brings us to the moral dilemma I mentioned earlier... Why bother? Why would ANYONE want to work in an industry where THIS is the result? Phil Fish is just one of hundreds of industry professionals “bullied” out of the industry by gamers. Many more, mostly women interestingly enough, are sent death threats, rape threats, bomb threats, had their personal information stolen, posted, hacked, etc. simply for speaking their mind. Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist blogger who made YouTube videos criticizing gaming for the depictions of women. She wasn’t writing up laws to take games away. She’s not “censoring” video games. She’s not trying to lock video games up or take them away... and yet she’s THE figurehead right now for how vitriolic, vindictive, and violent gamers can be to criticism.

It's weird... gamers WANT to be taken seriously... until someone tries to take them seriously and point out potential flaws in the industry. Then they just wanna get rid of that person. And it’s not just gaming either, you see this sort of thing in many other mediums as well, including comics. I’ve been the subject of many hateful campaigns, including doxxing attacks (which are illegal by the way). All because I, a comics artist, made some cartoons and posted them FOR FREE on the internet about feminism or gaming culture.

So if this is the average result of “doing what you love” on the internet... why bother? Why should ANYONE want to put themselves in a position where they could risk having THIS level of shit and hate lobbied against them? How can I, in good conscience, recommend a new artist to put themselves willingly through this sort of nonsense?

That’s what I’m grappling with right now... I honestly don’t know if I could possibly recommend becoming a comic artist or a game designer in good faith anymore... because this is the norm now. Enduring shirt storms, flare ups, hacking attacks, and possible real life dangers of being attacked or harmed... just because you draw a comic or make a video game? That’s almost masochistic when you think about it.

What Can Be Done
Unfortunately the only solution to fixing this problem and making the environment safer for everyone is to have people endure the shitstorms and MAKE it safer for everyone eventually. By speaking out, and taking the risk of becoming a target, you can help effect change and make a difference. That’s the other side to this dilemma. If we don’t have people standing up and bearing the brunt of the storm, no one else will eventually come to their aid or take up the call. But to take up the call you have to be prepared to endure some really MASSIVE shit which can potentially ruin your life so again... is it worth it?

I think in the end it is... but I don’t know if I’m one of those people who can endure. I don’t want to discourage young artists from trying to make a living doing what they love... but at the same time I can’t honestly recommend putting them in a position that might possibly leave them mentally scarred for life due to ongoing harassment.

I honestly would like some opinions about this topic because I am very confused and worried about the future of... well... comics and gaming and all the things I hold so dear. I want them to improve and get better and be welcomed and inviting for everyone... but I don’t know anymore about how awful and nasty the internet is to some of these people.
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Journal Entry: Sat Aug 23, 2014, 10:45 AM

200 Points Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 11:04 AM
Hello everyone! I'm going to be starting my senior year of high school tomorrow CURSE YOU! 

And a little while ago I also hit 2k watchers, so thanks once again for that! I appreciate all the support I've been able to receive Huggle! 

Because of that I would like to give back to the community a little, so I'm hosting a giveaway!
200 points to one lucky winner!

In a sense, it's a back to school giveaway xD
Just a way to cheer everyone up in the face of impending doom OTL

How To Enter:

Animated Color Bullets Anyone can enter! You don't have to be a watcher. But I would greatly appreciate it if you checked out my gallery

Blue Square Bullet +fav Favorite this journal! (mandatory)

Blue Square Bullet Make a new journal advertising this giveaway and link it back in the comments below
(optional, +1 entry = better chances)

and that's it! Essentially, all you have to do is favorite the journal and you're good to go :)

I'll be using to pick a winner on
Sunday, August 31st.

P.S. You do not have to comment with "done" or "favorited" I already receive the notifications anyways

P.S.S. I've been stocking up stuff in my Redbubble Shop so I'm excited to be selling merch xD
(please check that out if you haven't, because I'm a desperately poor student :P )

S.I.N.S. Merch by Arbitrary-MeansS.I.N.S. Cross by Arbitrary-MeansEternal Koi by Arbitrary-MeansCharites by Arbitrary-MeansDream by Arbitrary-Means

prints, shirts, cards, pillows etc. Lots of options~

Also, Consider Donating <3

I would really like to hold a much bigger giveaway in the future! One that'll include art (don't have time right now) and way more points!

So please donate if you have any extra Pointss to spare! Just 1 point helps :)

  • Mood: dA Love

I dont rant publicy very often but now I am putting my foot down.


Every week I have to deal with some stranger I havent talked to trying to use me for all the watchers that have come to my account. Let me just make one thing straight, this is not an account to feature, help spread stuff and all that, this is my gallery. IF that makes you mad or upset then go be friggin mad and upset I dont give a flappityhockeypuck. I dont care if you think I have an ego for not wanting to feature you, and help out. Jesus grow up there are hundreds of ways to feature yourself if you got of your lazy asses.

STOP ASKING ME. Stop trying to GUILT trip me by using your sick pets or sick family memebers. Dont come to me if all you care about is views.

What pisses me of the most is that 99% of the time I get asked some kind of version of this are from people who BARELY talk to me or have never talked to me at all.

yeah this is a big pet peeve of mine, so if you do not want to get on my bad side, dont do this please, no one likes to be used, I do a lot for my watchers and those who follow me, and I use many hours daily spent on this site.

If you are a close friend there is an exception, you can use me however you want :la: just sing it and ill do it. I dont mind being used by my lovebugs

This also brings me to another thing. Dont force friendship on me because you want free sheets. Go buy them !!11one
Forcing friendship is the most akward thing ever and will end in 100% unsucsessfull friendseets

Now if you are butthurt because I am strict for once, then good, time to learn that people arent cinderellas and princess rolemodels, they are people, with their own lives.

Yes believe me, people stop respecting me because I am strict, people even stop having me as an idol because I tell them to follow dA's rules xD I must be a real villian. omg I should have a costume! maybe Ill make a design contest for it. I already have a cat >8D

3k watchers raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 4:28 PM


EDIT: Added another prize for the first place and shortened the deadline because I won't be at home on Sunday. I hope I'll be able to give the results on Monday or Tuesday at most.

djasfdgfahdagjfdhjafa I reached 3000 watchers finally :'D
omg this is so incredible, I'm I'm I'm so happy and nervous and I'm almost goint to cry of happiness


I dunno how to describe all the feelings I'm having right now so I just thought making a raffle is a good way to show you how grateful I am to have you all following and supporting me <3


  • Fav this journal.
  • Comment on this journal saying something like "I want to join". I will give you a number.
  • Optional 1: make a poll/journal and leave the link on your comment. I will give you an extra number.
  • Optional 2: mention some of your friends on your comment (Minimum 3, Maximum 10). I will give you a second extra number.
So if you follow all the steps, even the optional ones, your comment should look like that:
I want to join! <3
Here's the link of my poll/journal: (link)
I tag: :iconhanni-bun::iconpastel-chuu::iconhowdoesonedothings:

No doble-accounts please! That's cheating! =P
And don't erase the journal/poll until the raffle is over, please XD


Saturday, August 30st
15:00 GTM+1


  • From 0 - 100 participants:
1st place: 150 :points: + Full body drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:

COM for yusoadorable by Neko-Rina  AT mellow-bun by Neko-Rina COM for yuzukipon by Neko-Rina

Blushing Beauty Icon from :iconflying-red-panda: like this:
Icon Gift - Himeko by Flying-Red-Panda

  • From 100 - 250 participants:
2nd place: 100 :points: + thigh up drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:

CE: Chou by Neko-Rina AT bunny-chiii by Neko-Rina

  • From 250 - 400 participants:
3rd place: 50 :points: + chibi drawing (with simple or transparent BG) from me like these:
Speedpaint - AT temeraire-sama by Neko-Rina Presenting new OC - Xoxo by Neko-Rina

  • Up to 400 participants:
(I don't think I will reach so much people so I will decide it later xD)

If anyone would like to donate a prize, please send me a note privately telling me what you'd offer <3

I will draw:

Original character (I'm better doing girls)
Some Fanart (ask first)
Erotic content (ecchi, yuri)
Cute pets

I won't draw:

Animals - Furry (cat ears like kemonomimi are acceptable)
Very realistic illustrations
Yaoi (not yet)
Explicit pornography (I will not draw genitals)
Gore or extreme violence

Icon raffle CLOSED

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 1:54 AM
Closed, thanks everyone who participated ; u ; <333

ScreenShot013 by MiitsuneScreenShot014 by Miitsune
Congrats, Ai-Lii ! :glomp:

I'm working on the last batch of my cutie icons. I understand that not everyone can afford these icons, so I decided to give one icon to random watcher for free :la:
I'll give away icon of this style
Bottle Miku FREE ICON by MiitsuneFionna FREE ICON by Miitsunealice: madness returns FREE icon by Miitsune
To enter you should just fave this journal!
Tomorrow at the same time I'll pick one winner with random. org ^^
Good luck! :iconmoesnuggleplz:

(closed)Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 23, 2014, 7:58 AM
Time for the monthly pixel raffle 

Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal:) (Smile)

there will be 2 winners  and winners
get a pixel avatar of there choice

raffle will end in 2 days

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divider by Krissi001

We have 1002 Watchers! Yey!! :la: We are veeeery happy ^^

So, as we promised, we are doing a points giveaway/raffle. 

A lucky deviant will get 200 points Emote Cuddle Love 


Bullet; Pink  Fav this journal +fav 
Bullet; Pink  
An that's all :D  

Ends September 7th

I will choose the winner using

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  If the giveaway gets more than 250 participants, Cirno will be very happy and we will increase the prize ^^ So share with your friends so everyone can join! You talk too much!

alternative text 

Good luck to everyone!

También os animo a participar en el concurso de :iconadelfa3: Más de 1000 puntos en premios!
Entrad aquí ->